Y&R Transcript Thursday 1/4/07

Y&R Transcript Thursday 1/4/07 -- Canada; Friday 1/5/07 -- U.S.A.


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Colleen: Hey.

J.T.: Colleen... if you can't talk to me about whatever's going on, talk to Lily. Talk to somebody.

Colleen: I can get over this myself. And I will, I promise.

Amber: Argh!

Korbel: You know, they frown on torturing the computers.

Amber: I hate pop-ups. I do. "Free laptop!" "No credit--no problem!" "Hot men wanna meet you now!" The last one I've got covered. Hey, did I tell you how much fun I had the other night?

Korbel: That's the champagne talking.

Amber: Oh, well, I won't really know unless we redo the experiment. I bring the bubbly, you bring the you.

Korbel: I have essays to grade. Back in serious professor mode.

Amber: Well, I am in serious research mode. But... when we're both finished...

Korbel: What are you researching?

Amber: A friend's past-- very mysterious.

Korbel: Ah.

Amber: Hmm. Kinda like you.

Korbel: Who's the friend?

Amber: Katherine Chancellor. The Katherine Chancellor. But I like to call her Kay.

Jill: Oh, what a glorious day! You know what I just did? I just took a walk. It's been a long time since I made the time to do that. That's gonna be my New Year's resolution-- to have more fun. To work less and play more. And I have the ideal playmate in mind. When's the last time you heard me say that? Questions? Comments? Funny stories?

Kay: Oh, I'm glad you're happy, Jill. You know, its amazing how one person-- one moment-- can change everything.

Nikki: Hello? Yes, this is the Newman residence. Uh, may I say who's calling? Well, I don't need to identify myself to you. Hold on just a minute. Somebody who wishes to remain nameless for you.

Victor: Yes? Oh, yes. Uh-huh. What did you learn? Mm-hmm. So no hit and runs that day? What about the next day? So then there are no emergency room admissions in that part of Ohio? Mm-hmm.

Nikki: Brad? Is this about Brad?

Victor: Well, then kindly check with the morgue. Of course, any unidentified bodies. And I wanna know their cause of death. All of them. You got it? Well, that's why you get paid the money you get paid. Thank you.

Victoria: Brad! What are you doing?!

Brad: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Victoria: What are you doing?

Brad: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Brad: I was just so sure that there was someone... where were you anyway?

Victoria: My office.

Brad: There was someone there, just like at the coffeehouse a few hours ago watching me.

Victoria: Brad... come on.

Brad: Abby's with Ashley tonight, right?

Victoria: Yes.

Brad: Okay, then she's safe.

Victoria: Yes.

Brad: We're gonna change our routine. We're not gonna stay at the house tonight. We're gonna stay at the athletic club.

Victoria: No, no, listen to me. There is no one in the hallway.

Brad: Yes, there was. We gotta pick up my mother before we go to the club.

Victoria: Brad--

Brad: Do you not think that I know the difference after all these years between an overactive imagination and reality?

Victoria: Of course, but it was hard for you to tell my father about your family and to listen to Rebecca talk about the holocaust. And I really think that the stress is starting to get to you. It's getting to me.

Brad: I can handle stress. This is real.

Victoria: So what should we do? Are we supposed to never come into the office? Just--just stay at home all the time? Have no life? Is that what you want? I'm gonna go back to my office and I'm gonna finish my quarterly reports. And it'll be fine.

Brad: You are not gonna work in your office alone.

Victoria: No, I am not working in here.

Brad: Victoria!

Victoria: I'm fine.

Brad: Humor me.

Victoria: Okay.

J.T.: Go deep!

Colleen: What?

J.T.: You were supposed to catch that.

Colleen: Oh. Well... here.

J.T.: I think I'm gonna put this on the bed.

Colleen: Why?

J.T.: So you'll quit hogging mine.

Colleen: I don't hog your pillow.

J.T.: Yes, you do.

Colleen: No,

J.T.: And you snore?

Colleen: I do not snore.

J.T.: No, you so snore.

Colleen: No, I don't..

J.T..: And now I got batteries for this little puppy, I am going to prove it.

Colleen: Don't even think about it.

J.T.: What, taping you? The truth hurts.

Colleen: Throwing out batteries-- do you know how bad that is for our environment? Come on! New Year's resolution for J.T. Hellstrom--recycle.

J.T.: I do recycle.

Colleen: Thank you.

J.T.: After you made me dumpster dive for my empty beer bottles, I realized the importance of recycling. And I do it for you.

Colleen: Really?

J.T.: Yeah.

Colleen: That's so touching.

J.T.: I know. I know. Now that you know my New Year's Resolution what's yours?

Colleen: Actually, I've been thinking about this a lot, and I know that I have to do it. So... I have to be honest with the people that I love, even if they could get hurt.

J.T.: Well, speaking of hurting, my stomach is killing me. I'm so hungry. It was your turn to shop. What did you buy? Let's see... great! Uh, cheese that looks like a science experiment, a half a bottle of ketchup and nothing. Nothing. Let's, uh, let's go get some food. And then afterwards, we can watch a movie or something, just to show you what an evolved boyfriend I am. "Sleepless In Her Shoes... Wearing Prada." I'll be right back.

Korbel: Here you go.

Amber: For me?

Korbel: Mm-hmm. And a Triple espresso top. How goes the research?

Amber: Oh, worse than useless. What does "motherhood," "gentleness" and "pregnancy" have in common? Oh, and also the word "violets?"

Korbel: Vowels.

Amber: Seriously. Oh, and the word "empress," "seven of swords" and "ace of cups." The tarot card reader said that those three cards had something to do with Kay's nightmares.

Korbel: Well, don't forget the scientific significance of the séance.

Amber: It wasn't a séance. It was a reading from Sylvia Browne, who just so happens to be an expert psychic.

Korbel: Oh, okay, expert pan right. Despite my cynicism about such things, I've been known to research everything from the sublime to the ridiculous. Maybe I can help.

Jill: I'm not really looking for one person to change everything. You look so tired.

Kay: I am tired.

Jill: Well, maybe you could get the doctor to get you something to help you sleep.

Kay: That's not what I need. Truly, it isn't what I need. I am... so glad that you're happy. I don't want to do or say anything that would change that, Jill, to burden you--

Jill: Stop. I promise you. Helping you through whatever this is... insomnia or bad dreams or a chemical imbalance-- whatever it turns out to be-- it's not a burden.

Kay: Well, then, um... come and--and sit. Please. I need you to listen to me, not interrupt-- (cell phone ringing)

Jill: That's probably-- yeah, it is. It's William. We talked about going out tonight. I'll be right back and we'll talk then, okay? Hi, William.

Nikki: You hired somebody to check out Brad's story?

Victor: I did indeed.

Nikki: After you told Michael to drop it?

Victor: Involving our attorney in this case is not a good idea.

Nikki: So you hired... mystery man?

Victor: Who already found something rather interesting involving Sharon's kidnapping.

Nikki: Really? What?

Victor: Mm-hmm. Remember when Brad Carlton told us that the kidnapper was killed in a hit and run?

Nikki: Yeah.

Victor: No police report, no witnesses, no body. Rather thin evidence, don't you think?

Nikki: Yes, I do.

Victor: In other words, maybe... this kidnapper wasn't killed accidentally at all.

Victoria: What?

Brad: Shh. Um, Honey, um, these expense reports aren't adding up. Would you mind taking a look for me?

Victoria: Yeah, uh, you need the figures from the fourth quarter. And I have them here somewhere.

Brad: Wait!

Victoria: Brad!

Brad: Who are you? Who sent you? I swear to God, I'm gonna kill you.

Victoria: Brad!

Brad: All right, Pal, you better start talking.

Man: Easy, Buddy!

Man: My name's Richie. Would you mind giving me a little breathing room here?

Brad: You've been following me all day, Richie.

Richie: I don't know what you think I am.

Victoria: I'll go call security.

Brad: No. Richie, I am not a man you wanna play games with. You got that?

Richie: I'm just trying to do my job.

Brad: Which is what?

Richie: Out of Madison.

Brad: Keep talking.

Richie: I was hired to follow you, Brad Carlton.

Victoria: Why?

Richie: And you're Victoria Newman?

Brad: I'll ask the questions.

Richie: I'm supposed to follow you.

Victoria: Who hired you?

Richie: If I give up a name, no one will ever use me.

Brad: Who hired you?

Richie: Victor Newman.

Victor: Brad Carlton is withholding the truth from me. And that, quite frankly, doesn't make me very happy.

Nikki: Well, I certainly can't keep his sties straight.

Victor: Right. That's why I hired someone to check into Sharon's kidnapping and into the murder of Brad Carlton's family all those years ago.

Nikki: In Cleveland?

Victor: Right.

Nikki: Well, that takes care of the past, but he's not in Ohio anymore.

Victor: I hired someone else to watch over them here.

Nikki: "Them?" What do you mean, "Them?"

Victor: I mean, them.

Nikki: Including Victoria?

Victor: You bet.

Nikki: Victor, I don't like that.

Victor: I didn't expect you to like it. (Telephone ringing)

Nikki: Newman residence.

Kay: Oh, Nikki, I'm so glad you're home.

Nikki: Oh, Katherine! Are you all right? Did you tell Jill?

Kay: I tried.

Nikki: Well, what happened?

Kay: Um... oh, what happened? Do you know that you're asking me to break her heart?

Nikki: You've got to tell her.

Kay: I-I know that.

Nikki: Tell me what I can do.

Kay: Help me. Please, God, Nikki... please, help me.

Korbel: Okay, step one... is to pick the right search engine.

Amber: I just used Google.

Korbel: Yeah, well, this one specializes in people.

Amber: Okay. You're the pro. Keep going.

Korbel: No, no, no, teacher teach, student do. Now enter your search terms. And you may wanna leave out the stuff about the tarot cards. Computers tend to be literal.

Amber: Okay. How about we start with "Genoa City"

Korbel: But in quotes. Otherwise, you'll end up with a map of a town in Italy.

Amber: Okay. "Genoa City" in quotes. And... "baby" and... "violets." Yeah?

Korbel: Give it a go.

Amber: "Genoa city Pee Wee Violets Soccer League."

Korbel: You know, I've been meaning to catch a game.

Amber: And Genoa City Garden Club. You knew this was the kind of stuff that was gonna pop up.

Korbel: It's a learning curve. You have to find your own answers.

Amber: Fine. I'll give you an answer then. The two of us could be doing so many better things with our time.

Korbel: Okay, look, you gave up too easily. You know, Michelangelo-- he spent four years on his back when the was painting the Sistine chapel.

Amber: Personally, I would've changed positions.

Korbel: Fine, okay. Now when you're doing internet research, if you're looking up something on say, Katherine Chancellor... it helps to input her name.

Amber: Ah.

Korbel: There you go.

Jill: He is the most interesting man. Did you know that the dastardly DA is also a gifted horticulturist? He was just taking a break, watering gardenias and violets at the Garden Club Greenhouse.

Kay: Well, William lived through his wife's death. Perhaps now he... he would like to nurture living things.

Jill: That's nice.

Kay: You know, tragedy... can bend you or it can break you. And sometimes, you learn things that are so terrible you don't know if you can go on.

Jill: What things?

Kay: Remember when Sylvia Browne gave me that reading? She said that Phillip wasn't at peace. I think I, uh... I finally understand.

Jill: That's what it is. I went through that with you. Do you know how much I wanted to believe that that was the spirit of my son?

Kay: See, I know that you think what I'm experiencing is nothing but bad dreams. They're memories! A memory.

Jill: Listen to me... I know it feels real.

Kay: It is real! This is not some hocus pocus! It's not something medical or me losing my mind! And what I have to tell you is the most horrible thing that I have ever had to do! Now will you just shut up and let me do it!

Jill: Mother... I will listen to whatever you have to say, but I don't think it's good for you to be getting this upset.

Kay: I'll get it.

Jill: I'm there.

Nikki: Oh, Jill, hi.

Jill: Nikki, it's lovely to see you, but we're right in the middle of something.

Kay: Let her in, Jill. I called her.

Nikki: Are you all right?

Kay: Terrible.

Nikki: Did you tell her?

Kay: Tell her? No, not yet. I haven't told her.

Jill: You didn't tell me what?

Nikki: Um... Katherine... has something... very difficult to tell you.

Jill: Oh, my God, are you ill? It's a brain tumor causing these hallucinations and visions?

Kay: Jill, please don't speak. Just listen.

J.T.: So I'm gonna get those nose strip things for your nose.

Colleen: Stop it!

J.T.: What? A friend of Paul's is working at this hotel in Milwaukee. And this guest had one of those sleep apnea machines, right? So he misses two wake-up calls, his wife freaks, wants security to check. So the security busts in the room, and there's this naked, hairy guy with a--with a sci-fi mask. Now, you, on the other hand, naked with a weird mask-- that, uh, that could be pretty--

J.T.: Him again? I got another New Year's resolution-- him, out of our lives.

Colleen: You know, I don't work for him anymore, but he's still my professor. And suddenly, I'm just remembering how much work I have to do on my research paper.

J.T.: That's fine. I'll get the order to go. We'll be outta here in a flash. Oh, uh, hey, do you want... you are so busted.

Brad: Next time...

Brad: Next time... trust my instincts.

Victoria: I'm sorry, all right? I should have. That, um, Detective is gonna call my dad.

Brad: I'm sure he has already. The only way to prevent that would've been killing him. And that seemed a little extreme. There has gotta be some way to make your father understand.

Victoria: There isn't. We told my dad that there could be people out there possibly still trying to kill us, and then we ask him to sit around and do nothing? Why I thought he would listen, I have no idea.

J.T.: Now he knows you're not home slaving away on your paper.

Colleen: Don't wanna disappoint him.

J.T.: I really don't give a damn what he thinks.

Colleen: I do, J.T..

J.T.: All right. All right, fine. Home to work. Cheese?

Colleen: Uh, no, thanks.

Korbel: Funny I should... run into you.

Colleen: Oh?

Korbel: Yeah, I was gonna mail this, but, uh... here.

Colleen: "Pocket guide to the Louvre"?

Korbel: Yeah, I picked it up at an antique bookstore downtown. More dust than books, but I thought there was some things you might enjoy. Page 58.

Colleen: Oh. "Woman bitten by a snake."

Korbel: Now rumor has it, the cast for it was taken from real life. It was quite the scandal at the salon of 1847 in Paris.

Colleen: It's beautiful.

Korbel: Beautiful. That's what Baudelaire called the young woman audacious enough to pose for it.

J.T.: Order's in. I got you an extra pickle. "Pocket guide to the Louvre"? Where'd you get this?

Colleen: It's Professor Korbel's.

Korbel: Yeah, I'm just loaning it to Colleen. There's some things I thought she might find interesting. Flip through it if you feel like it.

Amber: Hey, you two.

Colleen: Hi. We're just talking about art.

Korbel: And scandal.

Amber: Scandals? Like what?

Korbel: Like women challenging repressive mores. Posing nude in an era of hoop skirts and corsets.

Amber: I think corsets are hot, actually.

J.T.: Yeah, me, too.

Jill: Okay. Talk.

Kay: I used to be a drunk. Now you know that.

Jill: I know that. But aside from that one lapse a few years ago, you've been sober a long, long time.

Kay: Yeah, but it doesn't erase what I-I said or did when I wasn't. When my husband chose you over me--

Jill: That is ancient history. We didn't even know we were mother and daughter then.

Kay: No, when Phillip died, you had the only part of him left behind-- his son. And he even had his name. Oh, God, I hated you for that.

Jill: Is that what this is about? You're still trying to make amends?

Nikki: Jill, please, just listen.

Kay: I offered to buy your son.

Jill: And I very nearly took the money. What's that got to do with anything?

Nikki: She doesn't blame you.

Jill: I blamed her, Nikki. We have come such a long way since then. Please, I don't wanna go back to there.

Kay: You have to go back there, Jill. And I have to take you there.

Victoria: Hello, Dad. Detective Richie sends his regards, or whatever his name really is.

Brad: We had a close encounter.

Victor: Hmm.

Victoria: You know, I would ask you how you could do that to me, but I pretty much already know the answer from personal experience.

Brad: Victor, when my mother and I told you how my family was murdered, did you think that was for your entertainment?

Victor: You don't think I realize that... you and your mother suffered?

Brad: Then why this?

Victor: Because you told me of murders. And you told me there might be others who might come and try to murder your family again. By virtue of the fact that you're married to my daughter, you're part of my family. This was my concern as well. And I don't like half-truths.

Victoria: Brad knows what he's doing.

Victor: Do you think for one moment I could live with myself if something happened to you? Knowing full well that I could've prevented it?

Victoria: Brad is--

Brad: No, Victoria-- Victoria... you were right. Your father is who he is. It's a stalemate. All right, Victor... once and for all, I will tell you everything. Everything you wanna know. All that I've done. You asked me once if I was a murderer. I am. Twice. I killed two men. And for me, the holocaust never ended. Her family was slaughtered by the Nazis twice. World War II may have ended in 1945, but not for my mother and not for me. You know the expression "loose lips sink ships?"

Victor: How did this lead to the killing of two men?

Victoria: Well, you see, it happened during Sharon's kidnapping. And they thought that... Sharon was Brad's wife.

Victor: You said "they?"

Brad: There were two of them. No car accident. I killed them both.

Victoria: One of the men had a gun, Dad. And the other one came after Brad with a knife.

Victor: So it was self-defense?

Brad: Yes. The commandant from my mother's concentration camp-- it was his son. And he gleefully shared with me how he tortured and killed my family. You know, Victor, it is, uh... amazing what goes through your mind when you hold someone's life in your hands, or when they hold yours in theirs. You think about... everyone you love and all that you hold dear. And it was clear to me that none of that was safe or certain as long as those men were alive. They deserved to die. And if I had to do it all over again... I would. No regrets.

Colleen: Hey. That you would only be gone one minute.

J.T.: Well, I had to hit two video stores to find it.

Colleen: Find what?

J.T.: "Ghost." You ever seen it?

Colleen: No.

J.T.: Well, it came out when I was a kid. My mom dragged me to it-- the ultimate chick flick. So I thought when you get done studying, we could watch it. Demi Moore plays this-- this artist who... what?

Colleen: You are... the sweetest guy.

J.T.: Hey, don't let that get around.

Amber: Ah! You had to choose between books and caffeine, hmm?

Korbel: Books. Although, it would be a close call. How's pasta sound for dinner?

Amber: You're cooking? I'm impressed. Pasta sounds great.

Korbel: What kind of sauce you want?

Amber: Anything with vodka is fine with me. Hey, uh, about how long do you think it's gonna take?

Korbel: 20 minutes, give or take.

Amber: Mind if I use your laptop? Or if you need help, I'll...

Korbel: No, by all means. You know, the more you practice, the better you get at it.

Amber: Mmm, a man after my own heart.

Korbel: By "it," I mean "research" the wireless should be on.

Amber: Cool. So how was Colleen?

Korbel: I'm sorry?

Amber: As your research assistant?

Korbel: She was fine. She was good.

Amber: She and J.T. are so cute. They're totally into each other. So, I'm--I'm using this search engine you told me about. This time I'm just putting in "birth" and "violets." Oh... whoa.

Korbel: What, you found something interesting?

Amber: Maybe. There's one hit that looks promising. It's an adoption message board. Huh. Hey, check this out! This guy-- he calls himself "Mr. Searcher." His avatar is a magnifying glass. He says that... "My adoptive mother was named Violet, but she died before I could ever find out who my birth parents were. Everywhere I've looked, I've found nothing but dead ends."

Korbel: Hmm. Interesting. Orthography failed you and serendipity stepped right in.

Amber: Which in English means?

Korbel: You wrote "Violet," not "Violets." And now you may be onto something.

Victor: So you killed two men?

Brad: Yes.

Victoria: I hope you understand that Brad had no choice.

Victor: Everything we do is a result of a choice we make.

Victoria: You know, you've done a lot of things in your life. You've done a lot of things because you believed in your heart that they were for a greater good. And, yes, what Brad did was terrible. But he's a hero for having done it. And I think that you of all people should understand that.

Kay: I loved Phillip so much. But not enough to see him happy with you.

Jill: I was there. I... I remember what happened.

Kay: I hated you almost as much as I loved him. You having him... having his son... it should've been me. Because all of those things belong to me!

Jill: Look, Mother... we both loved him. We both lost him.

Kay: Oh... and his son.

Jill: And my son-- we both lost him. Let's just get past it.

Nikki: Jill, please, just--just be patient with her, please?

Kay: What if, um... oh... what if the boy we both lost... wasn't your son?

Jill: What?

Kay: What--what if-- what if it wasn't--

Jill: Stop it! Stop it! I'm calling a doctor!

Nikki: Jill! Jill! We're not calling anybody!

Kay: I don't need a doctor!

Jill: You're not well! You're delusional!

Kay: Jill, listen to me! Please, listen to me. The boy you raised... and the boy we both loved... it might not have been Phillip.

Colleen: I can't concentrate on this... Can you put an away Message on Google Talk for me? And I'll go change into something comfortable?

J.T.: Yeah, sure.

Colleen: Thanks.

Korbel: Any luck?

Amber: The board is linked to a chat room where adopted kids and birth parents trade information. Maybe even find each other. Wow.

Korbel: What? Were you adopted?

Amber: Um, no. Um... I'm gonna go into chat.

Amber: "I'm Amber. I'm looking for someone with an adoptive mother with the cool name of Violet."

Korbel: He on there?

Amber: Nothing. And I don't see his avatar. Just when I was starting to feel like that girl from "Without a Trace." Okay, let me check it out. Go taste the sauce-- heavy on the vodka in your honor.

[Korbel logs on to Google talk to see if Colleen is online and he sees she just signed off]

Amber: Are you plying me with liquor again or not?

Korbel: Not.

Amber: Yet.

Korbel: Go.

Victor: All right, I have listened to you carefully.

Victoria: Well, say something.

Victor: In your shoes, I would've done the same.

Brad: Victoria said more than once we should tell you everything.

Victoria: Thank you, Dad.

Brad: Allies, then.

Victor: That's right. We're allies now.

Jill: I don't know what you're talking about. Phillip was my son.

Kay: Jill... you raised a child.

Jill: I raised my son. Are you listening to her?

Nikki: Yes, I am, and you have to listen to her, too.

Jill: Are you on some kind of medication that's confusing you?

Kay: No, no, no.

Jill: You're drinking. Tell me you're not drinking.

Nikki: She is perfectly sober.

Kay: I was in a drunken rage! I was so alone. And I hated you so much. And just the thought-- the thought of you raising that child... no, that the whole world would think that you and that boy were the true loves of Phillip's life.

Jill: Enough! That's enough! That's enough!

Kay: I took him! I took Phillip's son!

Jill: No. No!

Kay: I took him from you! Yes, I did. And I switched him with another baby.

Jill: That's not possible.

Kay: God help me, Jill. I did. I gave your baby away. I gave him away!

Amber: Did you find the guy?

Korbel: Nope. I've been watching, but Mr. Searcher is not here.

Amber: Taste.

Korbel: It's good.

Amber: Uh-huh. Hungry?

Korbel: You?

Amber: I asked first.

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Sharon: Do you still love Phyllis?

Korbel: Feel free to call me at home later.

J.T.: You give all your students your number?

Colleen: J.T..

 Kay: Say something.

Jill: I think you need help.

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