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Y&R Transcript Friday 12/31/04--Canada; Monday 1/3/05--U.S.A.



By Boo
Proofread by Emma

[missing the first 6 minutes, sorry]

Nikki: Trust me, the worst thing you can do is overreact.

Brittany: You're obviously hiding something. What do you know that I don't?

Nikki: Nothing. All I know is your husband is a strong man and he loves you very much.

Brittany: Well, if you hear anything at all from Bobby, have him call my cell.

Nikki: Well, I'm sure you'll hear from him before I do. You're his wife.

Brittany: Was that a yes?

Nikki: If I hear from him, I will tell him to call you.

Brittany: Thank you.

Nikki: Oh, dear God, Victor, what have you done? What have you done?


Damon: I know what you're gettin' ready to say, Christine. It's not true. Phyllis has put her needs before mine since the day I told her about Elias. Now it's my turn. This is a woman I care about deeply. A woman with a teenage son who I care about as well, as do you, I might add. So I just need you to stop lawyering for five minutes and admit that helping Phyllis is the right thing to do.

Chris: Damon, you're a good man. But before you do this, there are a few things I need you to consider.

Damon: Fair enough.

Chris: I need to be the one to tell Michael before Phyllis does, otherwise, he will never trust me again.

Damon: Fine. So I'll make sure Phyllis waits awhile before she speaks to him.

Chris: You do realize that once Michael learns about this tape, he is ethically bound to go to the D.A.? Phyllis will be off the hook, and you will be looking like a man who was plotting to murder his son's killer for months.

Damon: I understand all that.

Chris: Do you? Damon, I need more time to strengthen your case. Can't you just hold off a little longer? I mean, is Phyllis' peace of mind in the short run worth more to you than the next 20 years of your life?

Damon: She has a right to know, Christine. And I have neglected my obligation to tell her.

Chris: Well, then all I can say is good luck.

Damon: Thank you.

Chris: 'Cause you are gonna need it.


Jack: So which version of the truth will you be telling Daniel?

Phyllis: (Giggles) the only version there is. We were going to go ice skating, we slid off the road, we got stuck in a snowbank for hours.

Jack: Gee, who'd a thunk being stuck in a car could be so much fun? Okay, so if Daniel asks you, uh, "why didn't Jack bring you home last night?"

Phyllis: Hmm. I'll say it was too dangerous to drive in that weather. We checked into a motel, separate rooms, of course. Perfectly innocent, right?

Jack: I'm not the one you have to convince. Unfortunately, it's the truth.

Phyllis: Do you want some coffee?

Jack: I'd love some coffee.

Jack: Do you want some help?

Phyllis: Oh, no. I can handle it.

Jack: Oh, I know you can.


Malcolm: Lily, I'm not worried about seeing your parents.

Lily: Well, I know there's a lot of tension between you and my dad. And Mom always acts kind of weird whenever your name is brought up.

Malcolm: Sweetheart, listen to me, all right?

Lily: Wait, stop, stop. Okay? I did not ask you over here to talk about that. Actually, I have something that I want to show you that I know will cheer you right up. Wait till you see this, 'cause you are gonna love it.


J.T.: Yeah, that sounds great, Colleen. I'll meet you there. (Knock on door)

J.T.: Um, hey, somebody's here. I gotta go, but I'll see you then. Bye.

J.T.: Hey, Britt.

Brittany: Is Mac here?

J.T.: No, she went to class.

Brittany: I need to talk to you about something.

J.T.: Okay. What's going on?

Brittany: Bobby didn't come home last night. He hasn't called. He's not answering his cell phone. I have no idea where he is, and I'm really starting to freak out, J.T.

J.T.: Slow down. Slow down, Brittany. When was the last time you saw him?

Brittany: Last night at Marilynís. He was all upset, wouldn't tell me what was bothering him. I shoulda made him talk to me. Why didn't I?

J.T.: Brittany, relax.

Brittany: I'm his wife! What was I thinking, letting him keep everything bottled up inside? I should've known something like this was gonna happen.

Brittany: Britt, stop. Stop, all right? This isn't your fault. He probably just needed some time alone to work through whatever's goin' on.

Brittany: Then why couldn't he tell me that? Why did he have to disappear without a word to anyone? I am really scared, J.T. Will you help me? Will help me find my husband?


Victor: What, you're just gonna sit there all morning, or what?

Nikki: Don't talk to me. I am still very upset with you. I just talked to Brittany. Bobby is very upset. He didn't come home last night. He didn't call. That poor girl is beside herself, and frankly, so am I. I hope you're happy.

Victor: You're laying this at my feet? What the hell do I have to do with any of this?

Nikki: Because you decided to tell Bobby all of this stuff. I told you he wasn't ready to hear it. But you couldn't wait to drop the bomb on him.

Victor: Now you listen to me. The reason I told him that whole damn story is because he was having questions about your rather over solicitous behavior towards him. That's why I told him the whole damn story.

Nikki: Yes, I know you did.

Victor: You got it?

Nikki: And what a fine job you did of it, too, with no padding, no compassion. You didn't try to protect him at all. Terrific. Very considerate. I am just so disappointed with you.


Jack: Anyway, the company practically runs itself. All the employees have been there forever. They're very loyal and very efficient.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Not innovators, right?

Jack: Mm.

Phyllis: More?

Jack: Uh, yeah. But the company is cash rich, debt free, poised for growth without too much risk.

Phyllis: Hmm.

Jack: Nice to have the financial wherewithal for a change.

Phyllis: Sounds like a dream job.

Jack: It is.

Phyllis: But it ain't Jabot, right?

Jack: No, it ain't Jabot. Nothing like having family watching your back.

Phyllis: Yeah. Family... family is the best.

Jack: We used to be family.

Phyllis: We're still family. I mean, you're still my family. An ex is always an honorary family member.

Jack: The truth is, I still think of you as mine. I mean, part of my family.

Phyllis: Yeah, you do.

Jack: So where do we go from here? Dinner and a movie one night or get a video and stay in?

Phyllis: You know, Jack, right now--

Jack: Yeah, I know, I know. You don't want to rock any boats.

Phyllis: No, it's just that my life is so nuts. I honestly am a little fragile right now. You know, Detective Weber is after me. I don't know how that's gonna turn out.

Jack: You do know, if you call, I'll come running?

Phyllis: I do know that.

Jack: Good. You know what? I better get outta here.

Phyllis: Well, thanks for being my date.

Jack: Thanks for taking me out of the office. I was lookin' at an evening of, uh, sherry and piles of quarterly reports from Chancellor Industries. Hey, listen, when things ease up, when your... when your life's your own again...

Phyllis: Dinner and a movie, right? Dinner and a movie.

Jack: You got a date.

Jack: I will always be there for you. Always.


"The Young and the Restless" will continue.


Lily: These pictures you took, you actually made me look hot.

Malcolm: Oh, get outta here. Hot. You're beautiful. It was a piece of cake. All I did was aim and shoot.

Lily: Oh, please. Don't be so modest. It was a digital camera, you barely knew how it worked, and look how great these turned out.

Malcolm: All right, half-pint, is this the part where we start talking about me and photography again?

Lily: No, no, no, I know you don't want to talk about that. I just had to show you these pictures because they're so amazing.

Malcolm: Okay, I got skills. They're good, they're good. Does that make you feel better?

Lily: Yes.

Malcolm: I just love that they put you in such a good mood.

Lily: Well, how could I not be in a good mood? It's a brand-new year. That's always exciting.

Malcolm: Yeah, it is.

Lily: So do you want copies of some of these? 'Cause I can print them out for you.

Malcolm: No. I want copies of all of 'em. How 'bout that?

Lily: Okay, you got it.

Malcolm: You know, pictures are the best way to remember someone.

Lily: Remember someone? What does that mean? You're not thinking of leaving again, are you? Uncle Malcolm... please, you wouldn't do that to me, would you?

Malcolm: Hey, hey, hey, Lily, no, no. I won't do that to you. I'm not goin' anywhere for awhile yet. My word.

Lily: (Sighs) okay. You scared me.

Malcolm: I'm sorry.

Lily: Look, I know that there is something that is bugging you, that's making you feel uncomfortable around your family. Which I don't understand because we all care about you so much.

Lily: You know, um... I heard something.

Malcolm: What'd you hear?

Lily: That you and my dad fought over a woman once.

Malcolm: You heard that, did you?

Lily: Well, is it true? Is that what all this is about?

Malcolm: Okay, you, little lady, have heard way too much for your own good. No, that's not what this is about.

Lily: Well, it's about sething, and I'm gonna find out. Then I'm gonna help you get past it.

Malcolm: Hey...

Lily: Yes?

Malcolm: I gotta go.

Lily: Okay. Well, I'll bring the pictures up to you at Aunt Livís.

Malcolm: Okay.

Lily: You're such a mystery.

Lily: A mystery I'm gonna solve.


Victor: I told Bobby Marsino the story because you couldnít. You were paralyzed by your concern for the man.

Nikki: Oh, is that so outrageous, that I would feel concern for somebody? You sure didn't feel concern when you told him.

Victor: That simply isn't true. I've always been concerned for you. You have been paralyzed by this story, all right? I had to do something.

Nikki: All right, I accept that you meant well. But once again, you went ahead and did what you thought was best without considering anybody else's feelings. Do you understand that Bobby has built his entire life on the possibility that his brother might still be alive? That he might be having a happy life somewhere and could walk in the door any minute? That has comforted him. That has given him hope.

Victor: In other words, you would rather have him live a lie? Could you have lived with yourself knowing that?

Nikki: I would have done my very best. I owe him that.

Victor: Then it was the right thing for me to do, to tell him the story.

Nikki: Oh, my God. When-- when will you ever learn that sometimes you don't always know the best way to handle something?

Victor: Now you listen to me one final time, I told Bobby Marsino the damn story because you couldnít. You were paralyzed by your concern for the man. It was my duty as your husband to tell him the truth.


Brittany: I talked to Nikki. She said it was too early to contact the police.

J.T.: She's right.

Brittany: So am I supposed to just stand around here, twiddling my thumbs while I pray that he's okay? There must be something you can do.

J.T.: Brittany, I know you're upset, but it hasn't been that long.

Brittany: That's not the point. This isn't like Bobby. He is so sweet and considerate. I know you don't believe me. You never liked him.

J.T.: I'll never understand what you see in Marsino, but I gotta say, the guy's got good taste.

Brittany: You really are my best friend.

J.T.: That's me, all right, buddy J.T. anyway, about, uh, Bobby...

Brittany: Right, Bobby. Any ideas?

J.T.: Have you checked the hospitals?

Brittany: Yes. There is no one matching Bobby's description. What?

J.T.: Nothin'.

Brittany: Tell me. What are you thinking?

J.T.: Well, before you met him, you know, Bobby was quite the ladies man.

Brittany: Yeah. So?

J.T.: So do you think he coulda... well, you know?

Brittany: You think he spent the night with a woman?

J.T.: Old habits die hard.

Brittany: No, J.T. no way.

J.T.: Look, I'm just say-- I'm just throwin' it out as a possibility, Brittany.

Brittany: No, it is not a possibility. Bobby is committed to me. He would never be unfaithful.

J.T.: Oh, relax. I j--

Brittany: I can't believe you would even suggest such a thing.

J.T.: I'm not trying to upset you, all right?

Brittany: Well, what did you expect that I would be, happy at the idea that my husband is cheating on me? He wouldn't do that. How could you even say that?

J.T.: Let's just stay focused on where Bobby might be, okay?

Brittany: What is your problem? Bobby is the most incredible man I've known. Why do you hate him so much?

J.T.: Just get off this, Brittany. I don't hate him. I donít. I just think he's the wrong man for you.

Brittany: Okay. Then tell me, wise guy, if he's not right for me, who is?


(Knock on door)

Phyllis: Who is it?

Damon: It's Damon.

Phyllis: Hey, Damon.

Damon: Hey.

Phyllis: Hey.

Damon: Jack.

Jack: Porter. Glad to see you're doin' better. Red, you want me to stick around?

Phyllis: No, I'm fine.

Phyllis: See ya.

Damon: Well, itís... you--you and Jack, um...

Phyllis: No, it's not me and Jack. It's just-- we sort of fell into the moment. It was one of those things.

Damon: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: I imagine, uh, it's like that with u and your ex. Am I right?

Damon: Oh, sometimes, um, sometimes you can't help being drawn back to where it was comfortable even though it didn't work the first time, you know?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Is that how it is between you and Adrienne?

Damon: No.

Phyllis: Is it comfortable? Do you fit?

Damon: Ah, sometimes. You know, we haven't seen each other in years. We've both been through a lot.

Phyllis: Yeah. It's good to see her again, I imagine.

Damon: We've got some things to work out.

Phyllis: Do you want some coffee?

Damon: No, thank you.

Phyllis: So why are you here? Is it a social call, or do you want to talk about the case?


Malcolm: Well, hey. Have a seat.

Adrienne: You look busy.

Malcolm: Nah, nah, this is just paperwork. I can do it later, trust me.

Adrienne: Oh, that's right. The last time I was here I remember you said something about finishing your shift.

Malcolm: Okay, please, just do me a favor. Don't even go there, okay?

Adrienne: What?

Malcolm: I know, this is a strange place for a guy like me to be working, right?

Adrienne: I don't know if it is or not. I mean, I don't really know you that well. But I have to assume if you're here, it's because you wanna be.

Malcolm: Wow. Well, I definitely appreciate that.

Adrienne: What?

Malcolm: Trust me, you're the only person who's not giving me any grief. I mean, how I'm wasting my talent, this place is so beneath me, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Adrienne: Just ignore them, Malcolm, seriously. No one has the right to tell you how to run your life except you.

Malcolm: Okay, where did you come from? Because you are a breath of fresh air.

Adrienne: I try. So what does a girl have to do to get a cup of tea around here?

Malcolm: Ooh. Well, you know, I hear you gotta get in good with the manager.

Adrienne: Oh, is that right?

Malcolm: Mm-hmm.

Adrienne: Hmm. So how does a girl do that?

Malcolm: He's a tough cookie, but I think you got it covered.

Adrienne: (Chuckles)

Malcolm: I'll be right back.

Adrienne: Okay. Finally met its match.

Malcolm: A little coffee for me and tea for you.

Adrienne: Thank you.

Malcolm: So how's your new year goin' so far?

Adrienne: So far, so good.

Malcolm: And, uh, your ex, you seen him?

Adrienne: Some.

Malcolm: You know, Adrienne, um, it's gotta be tough on you, to talk about everything you been through.

Adrienne: I understand a lot more now than I did before. How losing our son-- how it changed the man.

Malcolm: It had to have changed you, too.

Adrienne: Of course it did. But what happened to him, it-- it wound up haunting him to this very day. So how were your holidays?

Malcolm: My holidays were, uh, strange.

Adrienne: After being in Africa, you mean.

Malcolm: Yeah. It was really great to hang out with Lily, though.

Adrienne: Your niece?

Malcolm: Mm-hmm. That's right.

Adrienne: And her mother, your brother's wife, she's the one who wants you outta town.

Malcolm: Good memory.

Adrienne: Is it because of Lily for some reason?

Adrienne: I think you answered that question.

Malcolm: I don't know where you get that.

Adrienne: Why would your brother's wife be so anxious for you to leave town?

Malcolm: I guess she had her reasons. I...

Adrienne: Are you a threat to her somehow?

Malcolm: No. No, I'm not a threat to her or to anybody.

Adrienne: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry. I just can't help being curious. You seem so... conflicted.

Malcolm: Yeah.


Damon: Phyllis... I'm here because I wanted to tell you face-to-face that I have never been more aware... of how much I owe you for everything that you've done.

Phyllis: What does that mean?

Damon: It means a lot of things. When Elias died, I cut myself off from the world, from everything, everyone, including my wife. I shoulda been there for her. Instead, I just--I disappeared.

Phyllis: What does this have to do with me?

Damon: My feelings for you, uh... your determination to--to connect with me and understand about my past... you made it possible for me to... feel again... for me to live, for me to--to open myself up to the possibilities of life.

Phyllis: You're giving me a lot of credit.

Damon: Every once in awhile, I ask myself, would my life be any better had you never been a part of it? I can't say yes. It--it would've been worse, for that matter.

Phyllis: (Sighs) you've meant a lot to me.

Phyllis: Thank you for being a part of Danielís life. I know that was difficult. Thanks for being a part of my life.

Damon: I'm sure Jack cares about both of yours--

Phyllis: Shh. Come on. Thatís...

Phyllis: We don't know what the future holds, do we? Well, I hope you'll continue to, um, to be a part of Danielís life and-- and... I hope you'll continue to be a part of mine.


J.T.: Listen, if you want I can run a check on Bobby's credit cards, see if he's been charging anything. It might be a way to locate him.

Brittany: Can I tell you something weird?

J.T.: Why stop now?

Brittany: It's about Bobby and Nikki.

J.T.: Nikki Newman?

Brittany: I think there's something going on between the two of them.

J.T.: I thought you just said that he wasn't runnin' around on you.

Brittany: No, I don't think that they're having an affair. It's just-- when I see them together, the way they relate to one another, there's this closeness between them. It makes me feel like an outsider.

J.T.: Maybe you are.

Brittany: Well, when he comes home, I don't want him spending so much time with her. I should go. I'll call you with his credit card numbers.

J.T.: Yeah, let me know if you hear anything.

Brittany: I will. Thank you.


Nikki: Your duty? Your duty to completely disregard my wishes? I specifically asked you to let me handle things with Bobby.

Victor: And I repeat to you that you were obviously incapable of that.

Nikki: Oh, do you know how much I resent you saying things like that?

Victor: Listen to me. You're my wife. For months now, you have been on the verge of total dysfunction.

Nikki: Well, you have not been helping any.

Victor: When you step back and you have calmed down, you will realize that I'm right about this.

Nikki: Oh! Why does it always come down to you being right?

Victor: I am right when I tell you it's the best for Bobby Marsino and for you for him to know the truth.

Nikki: You just don't get any of this. You don't understand what it's like to feel responsible for somebody's suffering, and there's nothing that you can do about it.

Victor: You know that I'm sick and tired of this story. You were 5 years old when this happened. It was an accident! Why are you being so over solicitous with this man who is a stranger to you? It's ridiculous!


Malcolm: (Chuckles) oh, conflicted-- that's me, all right.

Adrienne: It's because of your sister-in-law that you were gonna leave.

Malcolm: Drucilla's got a lot of issues.

Adrienne: I still don't get why she wants you to take off. I'd think your family would be thrilled to have you back from the dead.

Malcolm: Yeah, well, it's complicated.

Adrienne: What is, the situation or your family?

Malcolm: Both.

Adrienne: So it's family that's driving you away, and its family that's keeping you here.

Malcolm: That's about it. Weird, huh?

Adrienne: No. That's your quest. It's about finding your way back home.

Malcolm: You know, Adrienne, it's all right in here, you know? Home, family, where you ought to be, only... you know, I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talkin' about. You know, tryin' to grab ahold of something when you feel like you been lost.

Adrienne: Yeah. I know about loss... about being all alone in the world. Malcolm... if there's any chance for you to reconnect with your family... don't throw it away. In the final analysis, family is all you got, no matter how bizarre or messed up or dysfunctional.

Malcolm: Love 'em or lose 'em, huh?

Adrienne: Your family's the only real tie you have. A tie that can't be broken.

Malcolm: (Whispers) yeah.

Adrienne: Even if you hate your family, you share their blood, you share their history. You can't change it.

Malcolm: (Normal voice) only--what if you're not sure?

Adrienne: About what?

Malcolm: I got so many questions.

Adrienne: Then you have to find answers.

Malcolm: And that's where I am. I'm looking for answers. And it's gonna happen. But you know what? Today is not that day, and this conversation is gettin' way, way too heavy, you know? So, hey, let's, uh, let's get up outta here, hmm? Let's go have some fun.

Adrienne: Hallelujah. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered. Just what I need.

Malcolm: Yeah, you and me both. All right, I'm gonna go check with Trevor, see if he can hold down the fort, all right?

Adrienne: Okay.

Malcolm: All right. Don't you go anywhere.

Adrienne: Don't worry.


Damon: You reckon your seeing me with Adrienne the other day had anything to do with you reconnecting with Jack?

Phyllis: What, you mean, like, I was trying to get back at you?

Damon: I just thought it might have freed you, you know, got you thinkin' about your past.

Phyllis: No, no. There's too much goin' on right now. The only thing I can think about is my present. So, um... what's going on with you and, um, oh, Adrienne?

Damon: It's like you said... everything's very much up in the air. I'm taking a leave of absence from Jabot until I'm completely recovered, and then, well, uh, who knows?

Phyllis: Who knows? We could be spending the next however many years behind bars.

Damon: Little tough to make plans, ain't it?

Phyllis: No matter what happens... I'm glad we resolved things.

Damon: So am I.

Phyllis: We've been through a lot together. We need each other right now. We have a mountain to climb, and we need to help each other get through this.

Damon: I'm about to alleviate a great many of your problems.

Phyllis: Really? You gonna dress up like a chick and go to jail?

Damon: I'm serious.

Phyllis: Oh, so am I. We don't have any proof to support to our case. Damon, it's a sweet sentiment that you have something to relieve my problems, but we have no proof to support our case.

Damon: I do. I got something real, something that will make you extremely happy.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Jack: I'm the new C.E.O. of Chancellor Industries.

Victor: Poor Katherine.

Phyllis: How did you get this?

Damon: Paul.

Michael: Why didn't you come to me?

Chris: Because Phyllis told Dominic that Damon intended to kill him.

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