Friday Y&R Transcript 12/24/04

Y&R Transcript Friday 12/24/04--Canada; Monday 12/27/04--U.S.A.



By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Phyllis: Oh, I'm cold. So did you enjoy Christmas?

Michael: I survived.

Phyllis: Yeah, you survived? That's it?

Michael: Okay, okay. I bought into it.

Phyllis: Yay.

Michael: I-I now believe in Santa Claus, the Christmas spirit, the whole 9 yards. Is that what you wanted to hear?

Phyllis: That's what I wanted to hear. Thank you very much.

Michael: Thank you. And how was yours?

Phyllis: It was great.

Michael: Yeah?

Phyllis: Yeah, I spent it with Daniel, of course. Just me and Daniel.

Michael: Oh, Paul, Christine, hello. Paul, uh, still playing favorites, huh?

Paul: What do you mean?

Michael: You're not taking me to breakfast.

Chris: Oh, Michael, be nice, be nice.

Paul: Oh, gosh.

Michael: Well, so much for priorities. I expected to hear from you by now. The phone call to Georgia, remember?

Paul: What do you expect me to accomplish between Christmas and New Yearís, Michael?

Michael: That excuse is as good as any, I guess. What about you, Christine?

Chris: What about me what?

Michael: Is there anything you'd like to tell us, any little tidbit of information with Phyllis

Chris: Michael, concerning what?

Phyllis: Concerning the case the D.A. has against me, Christine.

Paul: You know, if we come up with anything for your case, you two will be the first to know. I have you on speed dial. Come on. Let's get something to eat.

Michael: Enjoy.

Paul: Thank you. All right.

Phyllis: You know, honestly, I still can't imagine that Damon would keep anything from me.

Michael: On--on the advice of his attorney, he might.

Phyllis: So you don't trust Christine either?

Michael: At the moment, I donít. Look, those three are sitting on something that could be very important to your case. I can feel it. Paul, Chris, Damon-- an unholy trio. Oh, and number three just walked in.

Phyllis: Hey, Damon.

Damon: Hey.

Phyllis: Hi.

Michael: Care to join us?

Damon: I would love to, Michael, thank you, but I canít. I'm meeting someone.

Phyllis: Oh, your lawyer, of course.

Damon: No, no. We haven't spoke in a little while. Um, I'm meeting Adrienne, meeting my ex-wife. We'll talk in a bit, yeah?


Mac: Hey.

J.T.: Hi. That's your suitcase.

Mac: Very observant.

J.T.: What's going on?

Mac: Well, I thought about it, and I'm tired of staying at my grandma's house.

J.T.: So you're moving back here?

Mac: Yeah. Hope you don't mind.

J.T.: No. Hell, no. I don't know why you moved out in the first place.

J.T.: So how was your Christmas?

Mac: Um, it was pretty uneventful, but nice. What did you end up doing?

J.T.: Actually, I just stuck around here.

Mac: I wish you would've come out with us. I felt bad leaving you here on Christmas Eve.

J.T.: Well, I wasn't all by myself. Somebody stopped by.

Mac: Who?

J.T.: Colleen.


Colleen: Good morning.

Brad: Good morning, sweetheart. How'd you sleep?

Colleen: Good. It's so weird being back in my old room. It's like I never left.

Brad: You know, if I haven't said it enough-- come here-- it is so great, having you home. I wish you'd told me you were coming. I would've taken a few days off work.

Colleen: Well, I wanted to surprise you.

Brad: You certainly did that. It's the best Christmas present I could've asked for.

Colleen: Oh, did you tell Granddad I was here?

Brad: No, I didnít. I thought I'd let you do the honors.

Colleen: Oh, I just cannot wait to see the look on his face. Maybe I'll go over there right now and try to catch him before he leaves for the office.

Brad: Uh, honey, before you do that, there is something you should know.

Colleen: Is it about Granddad and his, uh, whirlwind romance?

Brad: Then you do know?

Colleen: I can't believe they actually got married already. It was pretty fast, huh?

Brad: Yeah. It was a surprise for all of us.

Colleen: Well, I'm really anxious to meet her. I mean, she must be a terrific lady.


Victor: Here we go.

Nikki: Thank you.

Victor: There you go, sweetheart. So...

Nikki: Thank you for making Christmas so special. When I think about how things were last year, you and Nicholas estranged...

Victor: I hope that's gone forever.

Nikki: Are you happy with how he's running things at Newman?

Victor: He's learning.

Nikki: He has big shoes to fill.

Victor: I just wish he would surround himself with people who know the company inside out.

Nikki: Like Neil Winters.

Victor: Yeah, like Neil Winters. I think it was a mistake to let him go. All I asked Nicholas is to reconsider that decision.

Nikki: Well, darling, Nicholas has spent most of his life fending off your tendency to take over and tell him how to do things. I think any suggestion you make is gonna come off as criticism.

Victor: In other words, you're asking me to not pay any attention to the company I built from the ground up anymore just because he now runs it? Can't do that.


Nick: Morning.

Sharon: Morning.

Nick: Where are the kids?

Sharon: Well, Cassie's sleeping in today, and I promised Noah that I would take him and his friends to Wilmot today.

Nick: Oh, skiing. Wow.

Sharon: Yeah.

Nick: We haven't gone this year.

Sharon: I know. Gosh, we've both just been so busy. Honey, why don't you go with us? You can play hooky one day, right?


Mac: Colleen's back?

J.T.: Yeah. Well, she showed up here on Christmas Eve. And the weird thing was I was sitting there thinkin' about her, and then I open the door and there she was. Crazy.

Mac: So how long is she in town?

J.T.: I don't know. We didn't talk about that. I assume she's on break from school, so she'll probably be heading back to New York in like a week. Hey, I was thinking, today is Colleen's birthday, and since she's in town, what if we threw her a birthday party?

Mac: "We"?

J.T.: Yeah, I mean, or me, I guess, unless you wanted to help.

Mac: Um, I'm not sure.

J.T.: Oh, look, Mac, I know you and I have talked about goin' out again sometime. And if you're worried that because Colleen's back that won't happen--

Mac: No, no, it's not that. Um, anyway, I guess I could help. So whatever you need, just let me know, okay?

J.T.: Great. Cool. Um, I'm gonna get movin' on this.

Mac: Where you goin'?

J.T.: I'm gonna go talk to Colleen's Dad, see if we can throw the party at his house.

Brittany: Hey, guys.

J.T.: Hey, princess. What, uh, Bobby let you outta your cage?


Brad: So when your granddad and Gloria got back from their cruise, they laid the big surprise on us-- they had gotten married.

Colleen: Wow. It just doesn't seem like Granddad. I mean, they haven't even known each other that long.

Brad: Yeah, I know, but I guess they figured why wait?

Colleen: Ah, it just seems kinda weird, you know? But... this Gloria, I mean, what's she like?

Brad: Um, sheís... interesting.

Colleen: You don't like her.

Brad: I'm gonna let you form your own opinion. You said you saw J.T. Christmas Eve.

Colleen: Yeah, yeah. We talked for awhile.

Brad: And was there still a spark?

Colleen: Definitely.

Brad: As far as I know, he's not seeing anyone.

Colleen: Dad.

Brad: I'm just sayin'.

Colleen: J.T. and I are not getting back together, okay? Too much has happened, and it's not like I can just push the reset button and start over.

Brad: You mentioned you didn't have to go back to New York right away. What about school?

Colleen: Well, I finished my senior year early.

Brad: You did? Wow. Well, I knew you were taking a heavy load, but I didn't know you were going to graduate early.

Colleen: Well, it just kinda happened, and guess what.

Brad: What?

Colleen: I got accepted to N.Y.U., starting next fall.

Brad: Are you serious? Oh, my God. Honey, I am so proud of you. Wow. That is amazing news. (Chuckles) so is that why you came back to Genoa City, to give me that big surprise, or to spend some time with J.T.?

Colleen: No. I came to spend time with my family, especially my wonderful father and my adorable little sister.


Nikki: No, I'm not saying that you should walk away from the company. I'm just saying, step back a little bit. Give Nicholas a chance to find his footing. I know you think he's going to, or you wouldn't have made him C.E.O.

Victor: Mm-hmm. In other words, you want me to keep an eye on the company from a distance?

Nikki: That sounds good. And there are a lot of advantages to that, you know?

Victor: Oh, yeah?

Nikki: Mm-hmm. You could have extra time to do things that were a little more fun. I think it's a great idea. Anyway, let's just agree to use this time wisely.

Victor: Good idea. Talking about advice, have you followed mine?

Nikki: About Bobby? No, I havenít.

Victor: Why not?

Nikki: I... it just seems like telling him isn't enough, you know? I mean, if I can't make it up to him, if I can't improve the quality of his life, why bother telling him? What's the point?

Victor: Why bother telling him? I'll tell you why. To get rid of that burden that's obviously weighing on you. I mean, this is torturing you, this secret. You told me you were gonna tell him about what happened to his brother.

Nikki: I know. And I know that I have to face that if I want to get past it. Maybe you're right. Maybe now is the right time.

Victor: Yeah. I'm glad to hear that. You gonna tell him?

Nikki: I'll tell him soon, maybe even today.

Victor: Well, I hope so.

Nikki: I thought you were gonna go riding this morning.

Victor: Talk to him about this, all right? Because you've been absentminded lately.

Nikki: I will.

Victor: 'Cause right now I'd love to ask you to come along.

Nikki: Thank you, darling. I think I should stay here, though. I'll wait for you.

Victor: I want you to deal with this.

Nikki: Yeah. Have fun.


Paul: Well, that was fun.

Chris: I know you're worried about Michael finding out about our little secret.

Paul: You know, Chris, I don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to stall the guy. I told him I'd get right on it.

Chris: We'll think of something. Have you heard back from your police contacts about Dominicís gun?

Paul: Yeah. It's a street piece.

Chris: Well, no surprise there.

Paul: Ballistics matched bullets from the gun to two crimes, a drive-by shooting and an armed robbery, I think, and both crimes were committed long before Hughes came to town.

Chris: So all we have is--

Paul: Hughes' claim that he bought the gun for self-defense. And unfortunately, Damon played right into it by showing up at Hughes' doorstep with a sword.

Chris: Right.

Paul: So, you know, it's Damonís word against Dominicís. What are we gonna do?

Chris: I think it's time we take it to the next step.


Michael: Stop staring at 'em, Phyllis. You're gonna bore holes through his head.

Phyllis: I can't believe this.

Michael: What, you had no idea his ex was in town?

Phyllis: No. He didn't say one word. I mean, not one word.


Damon: I'm glad you decided to stick around for awhile.

Adrienne: I'm not sure why you'd want me to... or why I did, for that matter.

Damon: Mm-hmm. Well, perhaps we have some unfinished business.

Adrienne: So tell me about this woman who's changed your life so much.

Damon: Phyllis.

Adrienne: What? Things aren't going well?

Damon: (Chuckles) I'm afraid it's a whole lot more complicated than that.


Nick: Look, babe, skiing sounds great, but I just can't do it.

Sharon: Oh. Pretty please. Look, it's just up to Wilmot. And you know Noahís looking forward to conquering that bunny hill this year. You're gonna miss it.

Nick: Look, you may not have to work today, but I do. The holidays were great, but things don't just stop between Christmas and New Yearís.

Sharon: You can take one day for yourself. Just this once.

Nick: Look, I'm C.E.O. now. What kind of example would that be setting? I mean, I'm dealing with this price gouging on winter fuel in the Midwest that I'm still not up to speed on. I'm desperately trying to save our plant in Kentucky because it's pretty much the only source of revenue for that entire town. And to top it all off, I gotta deal with--

Sharon: Okay, okay, okay, I get it. You're swamped. You poor thing.

Nick: And this is supposed to be our downtime. I've got a skeleton staff right now. It's very challenging.

Sharon: Made even more challenging, I'm sure, since losing Neil Winters, right?

Nick: Yes, I could definitely use Neilís help right now. But you know what? All his skill and savvy won't do me a damn bit of good if he's not on my team.

Sharon: I don't understand what you mean by "my team."

Nick: Isn't it obvious? Sharon, for all these years, Neil has worked for my old man. He's known me since I was a kid. Well, now that kid is his boss, and he's having a hard time accepting it. He needs to just get past it.

Sharon: Well, maybe you're the one who needs to get past it and just realize that Neil has something very valuable to offer that company. Honey, if you don't, you could end up isolating yourself around a bunch of yes-men, just like Victor did.

Nick: That is never gonna happen, Sharon, never.

Sharon: Okay. Look, I want you to succeed, more than anything, but not at the risk of losing you.

Nick: Sharon, after everything I went through with Dad, do you honestly think I would do that to you and the kids?

Sharon: You promised you'd be here for us. But every day, you leave a few minutes earlier and you come home a few minutes later.

Nick: This is a time of transition, okay? I'm just trying to get acclimated. There's a lot goin' on.

Sharon: There's always gonna be a lot goin' on, Nick.


Nikki: Hey, Bobby. Did you sleep well?

Bobby: Yeah, like a log. Listen, Brittany and I want to thank you for the present you gave us.

Nikki: Oh, you're welcome. Well, you seemed to enjoy that down comforter so much, I thought you should have your own. Listen, um, I've been thinking a lot about what you told me a few weeks ago about what you went through when you were young.

Bobby: Yeah, I'm sorry to bring you down with that.

Nikki: Oh, no. I just can't imagine what it must be like to not know what happened to your brother.

Bobby: Yeah, it was heavy.

Nikki: So... if there was some way to know, would you even want to now?

Bobby: You know what? I kinda figured at some point I'd find out.

Nikki: How could you do that? I mean, it was so long ago.

Bobby: Well, I've never told a soul this, but the truth is, I kinda already know what happened to him.


Colleen: Did I say something wrong?

Brad: No, no, sweetheart, not at all.

Colleen: You're thinking about Ashley, aren't you? It must be so hard for you guys, living in separate homes. You think there's any way you could work it out?

Brad: I'm not sure.

Colleen: But you guys spent Christmas Eve together. I mean, that's a good sign.

Brad: (Chuckles) well, we did that mostly for Abby, honey.

Colleen: Yeah, well, that's good. I mean, maybe she'll be the one to bring you guys back together. That is possible, right?

Brad: We'll see.

Colleen: Well, I was thinking of going back to New York after New Yearís, but, um, you know, maybe I could stay a little bit longer.

Brad: And why would you do that?

Colleen: I hate seeing you like this, Dad, and I don't want you to be alone.

Brad: I don't need you keeping an eye on me.

Colleen: Well, it's not like I have to get back right away. I've got all this free time.

Brad: Yeah, and you should be making the most of it-- I don't know, doing volunteer work or traveling, maybe getting back into your dancing again.

Colleen: And what about you?

Brad: You don't have to worry about me. Now if you want to stay for another reason, like, I don't know, um, J.T...

Colleen: Will you stop? This has nothing to do with him. I want to spend time with you. You have done so much for me. Now it's my turn.

Brad: And I appreciate that. It's not necessary. Look, if you want to stay, I'll leave it up to you. Just make sure you're doing it for the right reasons.

Colleen: I will. I promise.

Brad: Good. I have to go upstairs and do some paperwork.

Colleen: Okay.

Brad: Mmm. I love you.

Colleen: I love you, too, Daddy.


Brittany: Very funny, J.T. No, Bobby did not let me out of my cage.

J.T.: I was just kidding. What are you doing here?

Brittany: Thought I'd stop by, see how your Christmas was.

J.T.: Uh, mine was great.

Brittany: What'd you do?

J.T.: Um, Mac can fill you in. I need to get outta here. See you guys later.

Brittany: Well, he's sure in a good mood.

Mac: You can say that again. Wait till you hear why.


Adrienne: That's a pretty bizarre story.

Damon: Yeah. One of those stories you can't believe 'cause it's true.

Adrienne: So you're saying the new woman in your life is also your codefendant?

Damon: And if we are convicted, we both face years in prison.

Adrienne: I imagine going through something like this has brought you and your new lady closer than ever.

Damon: Well, you would think so, wouldn't you? Unfortunately, that has been hardly the case. And one of the reasons for that is because I have some information which could help her, but my attorney doesn't want me to say anything.

Adrienne: Why not?

Damon: She's afraid it would damage my case, make it difficult for her to defend me.

Adrienne: Then don't even think about it. Save yourself. Besides, I assume this Phyllis person has her own attorney.

Damon: Oh, yes, a good one.

Adrienne: Okay, then. I don't care how great this girlfriend of yours has been, you have to take care of yourself.

Damon: You know what? I'm not so sure you and I should even be talking about Phyllis.


Michael: So he's visiting with his ex-wife, it's not the end of the world.

Phyllis: That's not what's bothering me.

Michael: What is then?

Phyllis: The fact that, obviously, he didn't want me to know that she was here in town.

Michael: Well, maybe he hadn't had a chance to tell you.

Phyllis: Please. I talked to him before Christmas. He was acting weird on the ph-- I know why. She was obviously here.

Michael: Look, Phyllis, we both know that Damon is concealing a lot more than a former wife.

Phyllis: Why wouldn't he want to tell me she was here?

Michael: You're jealous of him. Is that what this is about?

Phyllis: No, this has nothing to do with that. This is unlike Damon.

Michael: What is?

Phyllis: Keeping something from me, lying, even a lie of omission, it's not his style. Coupled with the fact that he's obviously keeping something from me that could save my life...

Michael: Hold on. Look-- my napkin-- if you're thinking of going...


Phyllis: Excuse me. Can I interrupt?


Nikki: You know what happened? But Joshua disappeared.

Bobby: Well, I was, like, 3 years old when my brother disappeared. I don't remember much. I do remember being confused.

Nikki: Well, of course you must have been confused, to have your older brother disappear like that. What did your parents tell you?

Bobby: Well, they really couldn't tell me anything. The whole neighborhood was out searching for him. I remember seeing pictures of him on, like, trees, walls, everything. And then it was, like, three months, might have been longer, the police came by, and they told my parents he was probably dead.

Nikki: So there were no clues?

Bobby: Nothing.

Nikki: How sad for you.

Bobby: Oh, scary, too. Me and my brother, we shared a bedroom. You know, we had bunk beds, and he was in the top one. And just not having him at night, I couldn't take it. I would get into bed each night and I would just cry. So I made up this whole scenario in my mind where Joshua was still alive. He was just out there somewhere.

Nikki: So what kind of story did you make up?

Bobby: I imagined that he had been kidnapped by this circus family, and they made him clean the animal cages. But then he escaped when he got older, and he was taken in by this older couple, and they didn't have any kids of their own. They sent him to school, but he had an accident, he hit his head. That's why he couldn't remember his name. When my parents told me that they wanted to move, I really freaked out. 'Cause I was afraid Joshua would snap out of it and he wouldn't be able to find us.

Nikki: So you just kept this fantasy going to keep your brother alive.

Bobby: Yeah. I've kept it since I was a kid. I always felt that, you know, it would be like one of these separated-at-birth things. I would run into him somewhere, you know, I don't know where, but we'd notice that we both looked alike, and we'd start talking, and we have a lot of things in common, and then we'd realize who we were and have this big reunion.

Nikki: You've got it all figured out, huh?

Bobby: Yeah. Yeah. It's gonna happen. I got it all worked out.


Nick: All right, I'll tell you what. How about tonight, we grab dinner alone in town?

Sharon: I don't know. I don't know if that's gonna work, 'cause I don't know what time we'll be home from skiing.

Nick: Look, I told you that I was gonna be there for you and the kids. I meant that.

Sharon: I just don't understand why you had to provoke Neil into quitting?

Nick: That was never my intention.

Sharon: But you knew that if you pushed him too hard, he might react that way.

Nick: I honestly didn't think he'd walk out.

Sharon: Well, what about now? You two have both had time to cool off. You think he'd reconsider?

Nick: He might. And you know what? This could turn out to my advantage. If Neil does come back to work, it'll be on my terms. He won't be working for my father. He'll be working for me, and that'll give me more control. I may have to thank Neil for giving me this idea.

Sharon: Wow. I've never heard you talk that way.

Nick: It's not personal. This is business.

Sharon: Well, I'm sure Neil and his family are really upset by this. Losing your job over the holidays? That's really not a nice way to treat people.

Nick: Well, when you get to this level, that's the way things are done.

Sharon: Well, let me ask you this. Is that how you want Noah to treat his friends on the playground?

Nick: There's one big difference, babe. This isn't a playground.


Brittany: Colleen's in town?

Mac: That's what J.T. said.

Brittany: Why is she back?

Mac: Probably to visit her family during the holidays.

Brittany: And she came here on Christmas Eve to see J.T.?

Mac: You seem pretty upset about this.

Brittany: I'm not upset. I'm just--well, surprised.

Mac: What's the matter? If you can't have J.T., then you don't want anybody else to have him?

Brittany: That's stupid. I'm married, remember?

Mac: Do you remember?

Brittany: If anyone should be upset, it should be you. Oh, please. I know you have feelings for J. T.

Mac: I'm glad Colleen's in town. I am. She means a lot to J.T. And if they can work things out, that's great. I just want him to be happy. And as a friend, you should, too.

Brittany: Okay, fine. Let's pretend you don't have feelings for J.T. But just in case you do, you'd better move out of this apartment.

Mac: What are you talking about?

Brittany: Well, think about it. If J.T. and Colleen get back together, they'll be spending a lot of time here. Colleen will be 18 soon. She and J.T. will want to spend time alone. Do I have to paint you a picture?

Mac: As a matter of fact, Colleen turns 18 today.

Brittany: Really? Well, there you go. I strongly suspect it won't take much for that relationship to get to the next level. But you wouldn't know anything about that, would you?

Mac: Colleen's going back to New York soon.

Brittany: Oh, please. If she thinks there's even a chance she and J.T. could work things out... trust me, she's not going anywhere.

Mac: So? What do you care?

Brittany: I'm only thinking about you. You know, even if you and J.T. donít end up together, you really need to get yourself a boyfriend. You're turning into a bitter old maid.

Mac: I can't listen to any more of this.


(Doorbell rings)

Brad: J.T., Good morning.

J.T.: Hey, Mr. Carlton, how you doing?

Brad: Good. Come on in.

J.T.: Thanks.

Brad: How was your holiday?

J.T.: It was good, really good. I guess I don't have to ask how yours was.

Brad: Oh, it was great, Colleen surprising me the way she did.

J.T.: Is she around?

Brad: Yeah, she's upstairs. I'll get her for you.

J.T.: No, actually, hold on a second. I wanted to talk to you alone.

Brad: What's up?

J.T.: Well, I was wondering, you know, if you had any plans for Colleen's birthday.

Brad: Actually, I was giving that some thought.

J.T.: Yeah?

Brad: 18's a pretty significant birthday. I want to do something special for her.

J.T.: Well, I was thinking about throwing her a surprise party unless you wanted to do something small with just your family.

Brad: No, no, no, I like that. We could do it right here.

J.T.: Cool. Cool. I'll invite everybody--

Colleen: Hey, Dad, I got a hold of Mom. She wants you to call her back. Oh, J.T., Hi. I didn't know you were here.

Brad: Well, um, I'm gonna go upstairs and, uh, get dressed for work. I'll leave you two alone. J.T., good to see you.

J.T.: You too.


Bobby: Who knows? Maybe one of these days, Joshua will walk into the club. Nikki, relax. It's just a story.

Nikki: I know. It's just... but it's so important to you.

Bobby: You're right, it is. And telling you about it right now makes me realize how much I needed to believe it all these years. It's part of my life now. My brother Joshua-- yeah, he's out there somewhere. And to get back to your original question, before I started mouthin' off, no, I don't think I'd really wanna know what happened to him.

Nikki: I understand. You'd rather keep the fantasy going.

Bobby: Well, wouldn't you if you still had hope? Hey, there's no reason for you to get upset, is there?

Nikki: Oh, Bobby, I'm sorry. I just-- I have a terrible headache.

Bobby: Nikki, are you okay?

Nikki: I-I have to lie down.


Phyllis: Well, aren't you going to introduce us?

Damon: Yes. Sorry. Uh, Phyllis, Adrienne. Adrienne, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Hi. You're Damonís ex-wife.

Adrienne: And you're the woman in his life these days.

Phyllis: Yeah, these days. So obviously, I was right.

Damon: Right about what?

Phyllis: When I talked to you the other day, you were acting weird, and I thought you were trying to keep something from me.

Damon: What--Adrienne?

Adrienne: Look, um, I don't know what you're thinking, but I'm not after your man.

Phyllis: Oh, believe me, I have bigger-- bigger worries in my life right now than-- than competition.

Damon: Uh, Phyllis, may we address this at another time?

Phyllis: You know, actually, you seem to me like a pretty honest person. You do. So what has Damon told you about me or, honestly, about the case?

Adrienne: Not much.

Phyllis: Well, did he happen to tell you that, um, my entire life is at stake because I tried to prevent him from being a murderer?

Damon: Phyllis, you are embarrassing me.

Phyllis: Oh, am I embarrassing you? Gosh, I'm sorry. What did he tell you? Can you tell me anything that he said? Can you?

Adrienne: I have no idea what you're talkin' about.

Phyllis: I don't believe you. Listen, Adrienne, I'm sorry about your son. Honestly, I know what it's like to lose a child. And I understand you have allegiance to Damon, but that's not fair to me.

Adrienne: I really can't be the judge of that.

Phyllis: So you do know something.

Damon: Phyllis, please.

Adrienne: You know, um, we were having a private conversation until you came over here and interrupted, so--

Damon: Adrienne, Adrienne, Adrienne, it's--it's all right. Phyllis is upset and--and understandably so. Um, listen, the person you are being is not who you are. No, no, no, you listen to me. I know that you are frightened, but you don't have to act this way. Trust me. I would not do anything to hurt you.

Phyllis: Would you prevent something that could help me?

Damon: No, no, you're not listening. You know me better than that. I'll say it again. I will not hurt you.

Phyllis: Why are you keeping secrets from me, Damon? Hey, you know, let's not pretend here, all right? Let's not pretend. I know Damon confided in you.

Adrienne: He didnít.

Phyllis: Okay, well, you know, I came to Damonís defense one time, and maybe he should tell you how he happened to repay me.


Colleen: So, uh, what were you and my dad talking about?

J.T.: Ah, he was just sayin' how happy he was to see me again. No, no, he said you.

Colleen: Well, I was just saying how weird it is being back, you know? It's like I never even left.

J.T.: Yeah, I know what you mean. When you showed up Christmas Eve--I don't know, it was like old times. Or maybe that was just me.

Colleen: No, I-- I felt the same way.

J.T.: Well, anyway, I just, uh, I just wanted to say hi.

Colleen: Are you sure that's all, no other reason?

J.T.: Like what?

Colleen: Come on, J.T. You know exactly what I'm talking about.

J.T.: No, I don't, seriously. Is there somethin' goin' on I should know about?

Colleen: You mean you forgot? J.T., itís my birthday.

J.T.: Oh.


Bobby: Victor, you got a minute?

Victor: Bobby. Yes, what is it?

Bobby: There's something goin' on with Nikki. I don't know what it is, but she's goin' way overboard.

Victor: Are you talking about her offer to buy your club?

Bobby: Yeah, for a lot more than it's worth. And I was just trying to talk to her just now, and she started getting all emotional again.

Victor: Well, Christmastime, you know? She gets emotional during this time of year.

Bobby: Well, this thing that's goin' on with Nikki, it seems to involve me someway. I don't know why. I just don't get it. She seems determined to do all these things for me. Is there something I don't know about?


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Ashley: If you can't be here alert and contribute, maybe you should leave.

J.T.: Let's go do something to celebrate.

Colleen: What did you have in mind?

Victor: Nikki is indeed carrying something around with her that involves you.

Bobby: If there is something that I should know, maybe you should tell me.

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