Tuesday Y&R Transcript 12/21/04

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 12/21/04--Canada; Wednesday 12/22/04--USA



By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Brittany: Bobby, why did you drag me here? I need to get back to the boutique.

Bobby: Why did you lie to me?

Brittany: I didn't lie to you.

Bobby: Well, you weren't exactly being honest, were you? Why didn't you just tell me that you got this sales job? Any reasons?

Brittany: Itís okay.

Bobby: It's not okay. If you don't mind, I'd like to hear them.

Brittany: I thought it would be fun working over the holidays, selling cool clothes, hearing Christmas carols 24/7, get me into the spirit.

Bobby: Okay, now you're lying to me.

Brittany: I needed something to do with my free time.

Bobby: No, that's not it. You needed money, we do.

Brittany: I thought it might help if I earned a few dollars. Is that a crime?

Bobby: Okay, I'm the husband. I'm supposed to provide for you.

Brittany: Honey, that's kind of archaic.

Bobby: Well, not to me, it isnít. All of this just goes against nature. A man is supposed to provide for his wife. How do you think it makes me feel?


Nikki: Well...

Nikki: Hi.

Victor: Hi, my sweetheart. Look how beautiful. My, God.

Nikki: I know. Where have you been?

Victor: Well, I just came back from the Rec center. You know, the Christmas party's there tonight, and I just wanna make sure that everything is in order. They took care of everything.

Nikki: Wow. Well, you must be very proud of them.

Victor: I'm very proud of them. They have done a great job.

Nikki: You know, I was looking at all these presents under the tree-- I mean, not that material things are the most important, but we are so blessed.

Victor: This is so beautiful. Are we blessed, are we ever blessed? Let's sit down, darling. My God. You know, I bought something for everyone at the Rec center. Nothing extravagant, but something for them to open.

Nikki: Well, that was sweet. They'll appreciate that.

Victor: I didn't see the car of our houseguests outside.

Nikki: No, Bobby and Brittany aren't here. I feel so badly about them. I don't think they're gonna have a very merry Christmas.

Victor: Sweetheart, don't let their situation get you down. You have done so much for them-- given a roof over their heads, meals to eat. I mean, you have been extremely generous with them.

Nikki: I know. I'm just thinking about what it's gonna be like on Christmas Eve. We're all gonna be here, the family's gonna be opening gifts, and what are they supposed to do, just sit and watch us? That's not a very fun celebration.


Dru: Hey, Lily.

Lily: Hey, Mom. You wouldn't believe how crazy these people are out there.

Dru: That's what you get for waiting till the last minute.

Lily: Yeah, I know, and i still have to go back out, too. I need something for devon. He hasn't come back yet, has he?

Dru: No. I thought you were gonna keep your eye on him.

Lily: No, we split up.

Dru: Well, honey, he's new at this. I thought he could have used your help.

Lily: Well, he didn't want it, and then I ran into him again at the mall, and he seemed to be doing fine.

Dru: All right.

Lily: What, you think I should have stuck with him?

Dru: Well, I think that would have been nice.

Lily: Yeah, I guess I could have been more helpful, but I'm sure he'll be okay.

Dru: Okay, what's going on with you?

Lily: What?

Dru: You look like you're about to burst. What? What?

Lily: Stop it. Well, um, I guess it's not a surprise to you, right?

Dru: What's not a surprise to me?

Lily: Who I saw at the coffeehouse. Uncle Malcolm, he's back.

Dru: I know.

Lily: So why didn't you tell me?


Olivia: Um, can I get a black coffee to go? Make that a large-- Malcolm? What are you doing here?

Malcolm: I work here, Liv.

Olivia: I know that, but I thought you left.

Malcolm: I had some unfinished business. Liv, I'm glad you're here. I want to talk to you for a minute, if you have some time.

Olivia: Sure, absolutely. I'm free, yeah.

Malcolm: Good. Let's go in the back. It's a little more private, all right?


Michael: (Knocks on door)

Paul: Yeah?

Michael: Where's my law partner?

Paul: Out.

Michael: I can see that. Any idea where?

Paul: Can't say that I do. Sorry.

Michael: I hate to say this, but it appears that you are correct, Paul.

Paul: About?

Michael: Phyllis' entire defense hinges on that conversation she had with Dominic Hughes in the Georgia prison.

Paul: Well, I can't see that a jury would take the word of a convicted killer over Phyllis'. I mean, even though it appears that he is fully rehabilitated.

Michael: Doesn't seem fair, does it?

Paul: You think it's a possibility?

Michael: Well, without corroboration, it looks pretty grim.

Paul: Detective Weber told Chris that there is no recording of Phyllis' visit.

Michael: And you believe them?

Paul: What, Weber?

Michael: Or the prison authorities. Do you believe that there's actually no recording, audio or video, of that conversation?

Paul: Michael, why wouldn't I believe them? Why would they lie? What would they have to gain?


(Knock on door)

Glenn: Come in.

Chris: Glenn, you busy?

Glenn: Christine. Let me guess--you're here to wish your ex-boss a merry Christmas or you're here to discuss your case involving Damon Porter.

Chris: You're right on both counts.

Glenn: I would rather do this after the holidays.

Chris: I just need a minute of your time.

Glenn: I really was just on my way out.

Chris: My client is going to have a miserable Christmas because of what's going on, so I need to insist that we talk now.

Glenn: Okay. What is so urgent that it can't be tabled till after the New Year?

Chris: I want you to consider dropping all the charges against Damon.

Glenn: You can't be serious.

Chris: I'm very serious.

Glenn: I'm sorry, Christine, but that is not gonna happen.

Chris: Even if I tell you I have absolute proof there was no conspiracy?


Dru: Honey, I'm so sorry. Look at this place. I've been so busy, I completely forgot. I'm sorry.

Lily: No, don't worry about it. I know, I know. I'm just glad that I saw him. Actually, it was really funny because he sneaked up behind me and I almost jumped through the ceiling.

Dru: I bet you did.

Lily: And then we had this really great talk. You know, he's such a great uncle. I'm so glad that he's back, aren't you?

Dru: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Lily: I just wish I understood why he wanted to leave in the first place.

Dru: Well, sweetie, you know, people have agendas. They have to do what they have to do.

Lily: I know, but I have so many questions I wanna ask him.

Dru: Honey, listen--

Lily: Actually, before I forget, you didn't tell Dad, did you?

Dru: About Uncle Malcolm? No. Why?

Lily: Well, because I have an incredible idea. I'm gonna surprise dad with Uncle Malcolm for Christmas.

Dru: Ow. Well, I don't-- I don't know if Daddy would appreciate that.

Lily: Well, what are you talking about? Of course he will.

Dru: Well, sweetheart, I think you should have a plan "B." You know, I think you should think about this twice.

Lily: Um, okay, but I think that you're being kind of weird about this. Dad's been missing him so much. It'll make his Christmas.

Dru: Sweetheart, daddy and Uncle Malcolm, they haven't been seeing eye to eye lately.

Lily: Exactly, so can you think of a better way for them to patch things up than spending Christmas together?

Dru: Well, you don't wanna force the issue, honey. You should let something like that happen organically.

Lily: Mom, Uncle Malcolm agreed with me on this, okay? And seriously, I don't see what could possibly go wrong. So please don't tell dad, okay?

Dru: Baby--

Lily: Mom, please, all right? I am begging you. You will see. I guarantee you dad is gonna love this.

Dru: Sweet--

Lily: Please, Mom, please. Please. Please.

Dru: Okay.

Lily: Thank you. Trust me, this is gonna be amazing, okay? When we see the look on Dad's face, he's gonna be so excited. Well, anyway, I am going to wrap some presents. So please knock on my door before you wanna come in.

Dru: Yes, ma'am.

Lily: Thank you, and that's Santa ma'am to you. Bye.


Olivia: I'm really excited that you're here, but I hope you're not expecting something from me like me pulling Nate out of a hat.

Malcolm: Olivia, as much as I wish you would, I understand.

Olivia: It's just too soon, but if you stuck around...

Malcolm: Look, you know I can't make any promises right now.

Olivia: I'm not asking you to make any promises. I'm not expecting anything at all, well, except maybe a kiss when you come back from almost leaving.

Malcolm: Fair enough.

Malcolm: Mmm... mmm, woman, you are something else.

Olivia: So why are you staying? Or is it you couldn't bear the thought of leaving me?

Malcolm: I'll give it to you, you are a very tempting, tempting woman.

Olivia: 'Cause I do recall you saying something just before you left before about not being able to tear yourself away from me.

Malcolm: Well, obviously it's true. But you know, Liv, on a serious note, I'm done running away from my family.

Olivia: Well, my sister's gonna be thrilled to hear that.

Malcolm: No, she's furious, but you know what? Who cares? She's just gonna have to get used to me being around.

Olivia: Well, I'm glad you're back.


Brittany: Bobby, please don't be angry. I know you wanna provide for me, and I love you for that. I just thought I could help out a little.

Bobby: Come on, by working a dead-end job running around on your feet all day?

Brittany: Hey, money's money. If it makes you feel any better, I was gonna use my first paycheck to buy you a Christmas present.

Bobby: You like it at the boutique.

Brittany: How could I not? It's where we met. You remember that day, don't you?

Bobby: Like I could forget. You were the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen. The moment I laid eyes on you, I was a goner.

Brittany: I remember thinking, who is that drop-dead gorgeous hunk?

Bobby: Oh, please. Get out of here.

Brittany: You think I'm kidding? You were so handsome, I thought my knees would give out. And now here we are married.

Bobby: Yeah, and look how we started out.

Brittany: It's not your fault.

Bobby: Oh, yeah? Whose fault is it?

Brittany: It's nobody's fault. It's just circumstances. We'll get through this.

Bobby: You're just trying to make me feel better.

Brittany: Is it working?

Bobby: You gotta admit, I did screw up. I mean, if this club doesn't turn around soon--

Brittany: I wish you wouldn't be so down on yourself. You are doing the best you can. That's all anyone can ask.

Bobby: You know, baby, you're incredible. As bad as things get, you're still smiling.

Brittany: It's easy for me to smile. I'm married to you.


Victor: I'm not sure what you're getting at.

Nikki: Well, I want Bobby and Brittany to have a good Christmas. It's their first one as a married couple. It should be special. I don't think they have much money to buy gifts.

Victor: So what are you talking about?

Nikki: Well, I'd like to give them a little money-- not a lot, but just enough so they could buy each other something nice.

Victor: You wanna give them a little money? You don't think that's condescending?

Nikki: No. I want to, I need to.

Victor: Do you still feel guilty about what happened years ago?

Nikki: I cost Bobby so much.

Victor: And you think by giving him money you're gonna erase his past? That's not gonna happen. Bobby Marsino is who he is, nothing is gonna change that. If you want to unburden yourself with this guilt that you carry around with you because of what happened years ago, I suggest you do one thing.

Nikki: What?

Victor: Tell Bobby Marsino the truth.

Nikki: No. No.


Michael: Well, for starters, Detective Weberís had it in for Phyllis from day one. And don't you think it's possible that the prison authorities don't want anyone to know that they record visitors' conversations?

Paul: Why?

Michael: If word got out, nobody would say anything incriminating in the visitor's room. They'd lose a valuable resource for maintaining control, not to mention the uproar from the privacy rights contingent.

Paul: You know what? I still don't see how I could help.

Michael: Come on, Paul. You deal with these sorts of people all the time.

Paul: Come on, Michael, best case scenario, it's a long shot.

Michael: So what? There are no short cuts. Look, you would be helping Christine and me both. Damon Porter is in the same fix as Phyllis.

Paul: And what are you suggesting I do?

Michael: You call down to the prison in Georgia, you find out if there isn't some kind of tape down there.

Paul: Right, and they're just gonna hand it over to me because of my good looks?

Michael: Whatever. You bribe, you threaten, you do what it takes to find something to back up Phyllis' claim. That's it.

Paul: That she was warning Dominic Hughes to stay away from Porter?

Michael: Yes, and not luring him into some kind of trap.

Paul: This couldn't come at a worse time. You know how busy I am right now? You want to see my schedule?

Michael: What schedule? You work for us, right? At least part-time. Okay, you know what? I forgot. You only dance to Christineís tune. I just help pay the office rent and the phone bills out of the goodness of my heart.


Glenn: Christine, you can show me proof that no conspiracy exists?

Chris: That's what I said.

Glenn: Well, unless you have a recording of Miss Abbottís visit with Dominic Hughes, that's impossible. The people at the prison told Detective Weber no such recording exists.

Chris: So you're gonna have to trust me on this.

Glenn: I can't just take your word.

Chris: You think I'd lie to you?

Glenn: No, but you may be seeing proof because it's what you want to see.

Chris: I'm not.

Glenn: Look, Christine, fine, then show me your evidence.

Chris: While Damon might have had motive to see Dominic dead, he's shown no propensity toward violence.

Glenn: Really? What about that night at the motel when he sliced Hughes up with a samurai sword?

Chris: He was protecting his girlfriend from a known violent offender who was standing there with a gun. It certainly wasn't premeditated.

Glenn: Nice try. People are on record verifying Porter's extreme hatred for Hughes.

Chris: Yeah, of course he hates the man. He murdered his little boy, but that doesn't make Damon a killer.


Malcolm: So, um, your offer to stay at your place, is it still good?

Olivia: Of course it is, for as long as you want, and I mean it-- no strings attached. I'll just be so thrilled that we're all under the same roof.

Malcolm: Well, Liv, I appreciate it. I'm gonna have to call Phyllis because she offered me her couch, but since you've got the extra bedroom...

Olivia: And me.

Malcolm: I guess that seals the deal.

Olivia: Well, this certainly is turning into an interesting holiday.

Malcolm: Yeah. Liv, you have no idea. I'm gonna be Neilís number one gift under the tree this year.

Olivia: What? How did that happen?

Malcolm: Turns out I have a little niece that's very, very hard to say no to.

Olivia: Lily.

Malcolm: Mm-hmm. She invited me over for Christmas Eve. Well, no, no, no, check that. It was definitely a command performance.

Olivia: Does Dru know about this?

Malcolm: I don't know, but I don't care. To see the look on her face-- Olivia, Lily was so excited. That's enough for me. You know, that girl--

Dru: Where is he? I need to talk to you right now.

Olivia: Oh, my God. Can't I spend ten minutes alone with the man without you barging in all the time?

Dru: Would you shut up? This is between him and me.

Olivia: Oh!

Malcolm: Dru, I got nothing else to say to you.

Dru: Well, that's too bad, 'cause I'm not done talking to you. What were you thinking about, agreeing to be Lily's "gift" to Neil? That is not gonna happen. It won't work.

Malcolm: I don't know that.

Dru: Oh, well, I do. You're gonna pick up the phone and call Lily and tell her it's not gonna happen.

Olivia: Have you lost your mind? That's gonna break her heart.

Dru: She's gonna have to get over it, Liv.

Malcolm: I don't think she will. Drucilla, what's wrong with you? We're talking about Christmas here. I got serious issues with my brother, but I'm gonna put 'em down for one night. Why can't you do the same thing? We are family here, aren't we?

Dru: I know that you are Neilís brother. But I would like to spend Christmas with my immediate family. That includes my husband, my daughter and my foster son, not you in the middle of my living room, 'causing all kinds of tension.

Olivia: Listen to her. "You, you, you, you, you," it's always about you.

Dru: Would you stay outta this?

Olivia: No, I won't, because it's not right. I mean, what gives you the right to banish Malcolm outta Genoa City? And what you're doing right here, this is wrong.

Dru: I am trying to protect my family.

Olivia: From what? From them spending Christmas with someone they love? Come on, even for you, that's low. That's selfish.

Dru: Oh, you're calling me-- oh, isn't that calling the kettle black? You're selfish.

Olivia: What are you talking about?

Dru: What am I talking about? Why do you really want him in town? What do you really want from him, Liv?

Olivia: None of your business.

Dru: Well, I'm gonna make it my business right now.

Olivia: You're always making my business your business.

Malcolm: Okay, ladies, ladies, ladies, stop it! Enough with this. I'm not going through this again. The last time y'all did this, I walked out. Drucilla, I'm not leaving so get used to it, all right? You don't want me in your house? Fine, I won't come. You know, I need your attitude like I need a stick in my eye. And I'm pretty sure that goes for everybody else who has to listen to that mouth.

Dru: So are you gonna tell Lily--

Malcolm: No, I'm not gonna tell Lily. You'll tell Lily. And you're gonna tell her exactly why I'm not gonna be there, because her selfish mother is too wrapped up in her own stuff to let her family be together at Christmas. Drucilla, I told you I wasn't your enemy. But right about now, you're making me rethink that statement.

Olivia: Don't worry, Dru. I'll make sure Malcolm has a wonderful Christmas Eve with me, something that not even you can spoil.


Nikki: No, I can't do it. I can't tell Bobby that I shot his brother.

Victor: What do you mean, you can't do it? Instead, you're gonna let this secret eat away at you?

Nikki: Victor, he would never forgive me.

Victor: Darling, you were 5 years old when this happened. You didn't shoot his brother intentionally. If you explain the story to him, I'm sure he'll understand.

Nikki: I don't know.

Victor: Do you want me to talk to him?

Nikki: No! It's my responsibility. If anybody tells him, it will be me. But I'm not ready yet. I have to think about it, okay?

Victor: Think about it soon, all right?


Brittany: Bobby, I really need to get back to work.

Bobby: There's no way I can talk you outta this?

Brittany: I could see if I could get off a little early. We could go out to dinner. No, that's not good. Well, we can fix ourselves something at the ranch.

Bobby: All right, I'm definitely not liking this.

Brittany: Things will get better, just watch. The club will become a big success, you'll finish the work on your condo, it'll be great. Until then, we'll find a way to get by.

Brittany: I love you.

Bobby: I love you, too.


Malcolm: Olivia, let me-- let me get that for you.

Olivia: Thank you.

Adrienne: Well, I'll be. Hello, stranger. Fancy seeing you here.

Malcolm: Yeah, likewise. Uh, let me introduce you to an old friend of mine. This is Dr. Olivia Winters.

Olivia: Pleased to meet you.

Adrienne: Same here.

Malcolm: So I'll see you at home tonight, yeah, after I get off?

Olivia: Oh, okay. Yeah. Sure, see you then. Bye.

Adrienne: Bye. Care to join me?

Malcolm: Sure.

Adrienne: So old friend, huh? Seems, uh, I may have had some effect on you.

Malcolm: (Chuckles)

Adrienne: (Chuckles)

Malcolm: Yeah, I guess you could say that. I realized what I was walking away from.

Adrienne: And was that really an old friend?

Malcolm: That was my ex-wife. But she's still a friend.

Adrienne: Seemed like, um, maybe there's still something there.

Malcolm: I don't know, maybe. But right now, she's just got an extra bedroom.

Adrienne: Well, that's convenient.

Malcolm: You know what? Enough about me. What about you? Did you hook up with your ex yet?

Adrienne: Oh, I saw him, for all the good it did. The man spent eight years alone in his own world, totally cut off from anyone. Now all he can do is say he's sorry. Well... I don't think that's good enough. In fact, I know it isnít.


Nikki: Whoa, Bobby Marsino. Just who I'm looking for.

Bobby: What did I do?

Nikki: Nothing. It's something I did.

Bobby: What's this?

Nikki: Open it.

Bobby: (Chuckles) what is it?

Nikki: It's a pashmina.

Bobby: A scarf?

Nikki: Yeah, it's a shawl. I saw it in a store. I thought--thought you could give it to Brittany. I hope I didn't overstep.

Bobby: No, no, um... look, I-I appreciate it, but it's--

Nikki: Oh, you already bought her something.

Bobby: No, it's not that. Um, Brittany and I aren't gonna be buying each other gifts this year.

Nikki: Well, then this is perfect. You should take it.

Bobby: (Sighs) you know what? It's not just-- it's not right.

Nikki: Bobby, Brittany doesn't have to know where it came from.

Bobby: Right. I'll know. Thanks, though.

Nikki: Well, I was just trying to help.

Bobby: Nikki, I appreciate it, but you've already done more than enough.

Nikki: I just hate to see you struggle, that's all.

Bobby: Nikki, don't worry about me. I got a feeling things are gonna turn around real soon.

Nikki: Good. Well, I'm glad you're so upbeat about it.

Bobby: Well, actually, I wasn't until just a few minutes ago in the car.

Nikki: Really? What happened?

Bobby: Well, I made a decision. I'm gonna sell the club.


Brittany: Excuse me. Can I help you with something? Oh...

Victor: My goodness...

Brittany: Victor.

Victor: Brittany.

Brittany: I didn't recognize you.

Victor: I didn't know you worked here.

Brittany: I just started.

Victor: Yeah.

Brittany: Figured I'd earn some extra money over the holidays.

Victor: Good for you.

Brittany: Is there anything I can help you with?

Victor: You know, I came here with my granddaughter a few days ago, and she looked at this sweater and she loved it.

Brittany: It's an excellent choice.

Victor: Yeah?

Brittany: It's one of my favorites.

Victor: Is it?

Brittany: It'll look great on Cassie.

Victor: Yeah, I think I'll get it.

Brittany: Why don't i ring it up for you?

Victor: Yeah, that'd be nice.

Brittany: Unless there's something you need?

Victor: Nope, that's it.

Brittany: Would you like it gift wrapped? It's free.

Victor: Well, in that case, by all means. So how do you like it here?

Brittany: So far it's great.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Brittany: I've worked here before so I know the drill.

Victor: Are you still performing at the club or...

Brittany: Uh, a little.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Brittany: You know Bobby's trying to turn it into a cabaret?

Victor: Yes, I've heard that. Right.

Brittany: It hasn't been as successful as we hoped. Some nights only a few people come in. But things will pick up. We just have to be patient.

Victor: Yeah, well, patience is a virtue in business.

Brittany: Anyway, uh, that's why I came back to work here.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Brittany: I wanted to pitch in.

Victor: Your husband is very lucky to have a wife like you.

Brittany: Oh, well, thank you. We're trying. It's just hard. We should be focusing on our marriage, our future. Instead we're worrying about where we'll get the money to make ends meet.

Victor: I'm sorry to hear that.

Brittany: We even agreed that we wouldn't buy gifts.

Victor: Oh.

Brittany: Our first Christmas together, and we won't have any presents to unwrap.

Victor: Oh, my goodness. Yeah, well...

Brittany: Forgive me. I-I didn't mean to unload all my problems on you.

Victor: It's all right.

Brittany: Especially when you and Nikki have been so great to us. On your credit card?

Victor: Um, upon second thought, let me pay in cash, okay?

Brittany: Oh, wait. Before you do that, let me have this wrapped.

Victor: All right.

Brittany: You don't mind waiting a minute, do you?

Victor: Not at all, no.


Malcolm: You know, you never did say, uh, what came between you two.

Adrienne: Um... my son was murdered. He was only 8 years old.

Malcolm: Wow. Um, I'm sorry to hear that.

Adrienne: Ah...

Malcolm: That must have torn you both up.

Adrienne: It destroyed our marriage. No. Excuse me. He, um, he allowed it to destroy our marriage.

Malcolm: You're angry about that.

Adrienne: Yes, I am.

Malcolm: Is that why you went to Africa?

Adrienne: It was the only way I could let go of some of the pain, helping people get through some of theirs.

Malcolm: Yeah, lord knows, there's enough suffering out there to go around.

Adrienne: You can get lost in it.

Malcolm: Yeah, who you tellin'? I know I did. You know, it took everything in me to come back here.

Adrienne: So... are you staying true to yourself?

Malcolm: I'm here, right?

Adrienne: (Chuckles) I'm glad you stayed.

Malcolm: Yeah, so am I. I got tired of runnin'. What about you? You gonna stay in town?

Adrienne: Um, I might. It seems like a certain ex-husband, um, wants me to stick around. He's finally ready to talk.

Malcolm: You ready to listen?

Adrienne: So what about your niece? Is she, um-- was she pleased to see you?

Malcolm: Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah, she definitely was.

Adrienne: Good. Maybe that means there are still some happy endings after all, even for people like us.


Glenn: I know you want to believe that Porter's innocent. Who's to say he hasn't been planning his revenge for years, just biding his time until Hughes got paroled?

Chris: You honestly believe a jury is going to convict a man whose son died in his arms, a horrible, senseless death at the hands of a gangbanger?

Glenn: I wouldn't be trying this case if I didn't think I could win it.

Chris: When that group of 12 people hears my client's tragic story, there won't be a dry eye in the courtroom.

Glenn: Which I will counter with evidence that Hughes is a changed man.

Chris: Oh. Well, wait till the jury hears that this "changed man" had a gun, which he had purchased illegally just a few days after he was let out of prison, which is not only a clear violation of parole...

Glenn: Which he is being punished for.

Chris: It shows that he is not the saint he portrays himself to be. Instead, a convicted felon who had every intention of going back to a life of crime.

Glenn: And I will argue that Dominic got the gun after he went to see Porter to make amends and was viciously threatened.

Chris: So what are you saying? Under those circumstances, it was "okay" for him to carry a loaded pistol?

Glenn: Of course not.

Chris: You know, you know what it all boils down to, Glenn? You are basing your case on the testimony of cold-blooded murderer.

Glenn: When I am done with him, Porter will look like a vigilante, like a man who should be put away for the safety of society.

Chris: You are making such a big mistake.

Glenn: Come on, counselor, you were a prosecutor long enough to know what this is.

Chris: What do you mean?

Glenn: You're playing poker, Christine. This is a pretrial bluff. I'm disappointed in you, actually. I thought you would've come up with something just a bit better.

Glenn: Anyway, merry Christmas, Christine. I'll see you in court.


Paul: Office rent? For what office? I have been waiting months and I don't have a space I can call my own.

Michael: These things take time.

Paul: All right, so how about knocking some heads together and get this thing finished?

Michael: First things first. I have an innocent client to worry about.

Paul: All right, I'll take care of it.

Michael: When-- today, tomorrow, next week? I need a concrete timetable.

Paul: Look, Michael, I said I'd take care of it. I can't guarantee when.

Michael: Well, I can't wait any longer, and if you're not gonna get off the dime, I'll make the phone call myself.

Paul: Look, I will take care of it. I will make it my top priority.

Michael: Good. I'm counting on you, Paul. So is Phyllis.

Paul: Damn


Brittany: I'm sorry, Victor. There are so many things to wrap, they're a little backed up.

Victor: That's quite all right.

Brittany: Do you mind coming back later?

Victor: Not at all.

Brittany: Great.

Victor: Uh, this is for you.

Brittany: What is this?

Victor: Just consider that an early Christmas present. You have a nice day.


Nikki: You can't sell Marilynís. You love that club.

Bobby: I think I need to move on and do something new.

Nikki: No, Bobby, wait a minute now. Think about this. I-I know that things are a little tough right now, but they're gonna get better.

Bobby: Listen, I been telling myself that for months. Meanwhile, the crowds are getting smaller, and the stack of bills on my desk is getting higher and higher. I need to face the facts that Marilynís is a bust.

Nikki: Well, then you make it a success. You are not throwing in the towel, not after everything you've put into it.

Bobby: All right, listen to me, that's the whole point. I have put my whole life into this place, and I've got nothing to show for it.

Nikki: All right, well, I will give you some money.

Bobby: No, Nikki, I'm not taking handouts.

Nikki: It's not handouts. It's--it's an investment. That way you can pay off your bills, maybe you can do a little renovating. Hey, we're partners, remember?

Bobby: Okay. I appreciate the offer, but the answer's no.

Nikki: Will you please stop thinking about your pride? Let me help you.

Bobby: This is nothing about pride. I have crunched the numbers. Now there is no way that this club is gonna make it as a cabaret.

Nikki: All right. Well, what if you--

Bobby: No. I am not turning this back into a strip joint. I promised Brittany that I was outta that business, and I mean it. I mean, the cabaret was a nice idea. It's just not what the people want.

Nikki: I'm sorry that you feel you have to do this.

Bobby: Oh, yeah, me, too. Now I just gotta go and I gotta tell Brittany. I feel real stupid about this. I'm supposed to be a businessman, and I went and blew everything I have on some crazy fantasy.

Nikki: So when did you get this idea?

Bobby: I don't know. I've had it kickin' around in my head for awhile, but... it just clinched it right now.

Nikki: What? Why?

Bobby: Brittany got herself a job working as a salesclerk.

Nikki: Oh, for heaven sakes, so what? That bothers you?

Bobby: Yeah, it bothers me that my wife felt the need that she had to go out and get a job to help support us. Yeah, that's not right.

Nikki: Bobby, a lot of wives work, including me. There's nothing wrong with it.

Bobby: That's not the way we had it planned. I was gonna be the one bringing home the dough and she was gonna stay home and raise the kids.

Nikki: Okay, well, I think you have a little bit of time before you have to worry about that.

Bobby: Yeah, but, Nikki, you know what I mean. I want to be able to provide for my family, and I gotta stop wasting all my time and energy on this hopeless situation.

Nikki: Bobby, wait a minute. What if I told you I don't think it's hopeless?

Bobby: It wouldn't matter what you said. I'm still gonna sell the place.

Nikki: What's the asking price?

Bobby: What?

Nikki: Just tell me the price. I think you might have a buyer.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Boy: Hope you're working your new foster parents for everything you can. That ride won't last long.

Nikki: Can't you just accept my generosity without all these questions?

Bobby: Nobody throws around large sums of money for no reason.

Kevin: The Abbotts are gonna find out who we are eventually. Why not today?

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