Thursday Y&R Transcript 12/9/04

Y&R Transcript Thursday 12/9/04 -- Canada, Friday 12/10/04 -- U.S.A.



By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Ashley: Jabot is on the verge of disaster. We need Jack, so please remove your stipulation and let him come back and help us out of this crisis.

Victor: No.

Ashley: What do you mean no?

Victor: I will not allow Jack abbots to come back to your company. That was part of the settlement. Ere near Jabot I will simply withdraw my money.

Ashley: Haven't you had your revenge? You humiliated Jack so that we could have the money that you damn well owed us.

Victor: If you didn't like the terms, you shouldn't have agreed to them.

Ashley: You had us over a barrel, Victor, because of your illegal actions, and we did you a favor by not taking you to court. I'm simply asking you to return it. Please, won't you just lend us a hand?

Victor: Let me understand this. You're asking me to lend a hand to Brad Carlton, who refuses to let me see my daughter. You're asking me to lend a hand to your brother Jack, who has dedicated his life to making mine miserable. And you're asking me to lend a hand to you, who has manipulated me for your own selfish ends. It ain't gonna happen.


Dru: First you tell me that you've 86ed the beauty pageant, now you're telling me what?

Neil: Dru, I quit my job.

Dru: Neil Winters, you did not quit your job.

Neil: Yes, I did. Don't worry about it.

Dru: Don't worry about it?

Neil: Yeah, don't worry about it. I'll find something else. Hey, you know, I was thinking, maybe I'll take a little sabbatical first, see if I can get Malcolm to hang around. Maybe we could, you know, do stuff together. I might even brush up on my basketball skills.

Dru: Oh, basketball? Oh, you must be joking me now.

Neil: No, I'm not joking, Dru, and I gotta tell you something, it feels good.

Dru: How can you feel good about losing the second position in a major company like Newman Enterprises? You've lost your natural mind.


Malcolm: What's up, guys?

[Malcolm remembering]


Malcolm: But look at you. You still don't trust me.

Dru: Because it's dangerous. You're here searching for something. I'm not sure what it is, and neither are you, I think, but it's dangerous. It makes me very nervous.

Malcolm: You know, it seems like your life would have been a hell of a lot easier if I just died after all.

Dru: How can you say such a thing?

Malcolm: What am I supposed to say? That's basically what I'm hearing.

Dru: It's not the way I feel.

Malcolm: You just don't wanna be anywhere near me.

Dru: You still have not told me why you have come back to Genoa City.

Malcolm: You know, Dru, right now I'm wondering the same thing. I'm gonna give you your space, but you tell Lily that I'll see her again. I'm not leaving without saying good-bye to her. I made her that promise and I won't break it.


Daniel: Is, uh, is that a fresh pot?

Malcolm: Hey, what's up, Daniel? What's up, my man?

Daniel: How's it going, Malcolm?

Malcolm: Yeah, I just made it. You want a cup?

Daniel: Yeah, please.

Malcolm: All right, Daniel, what's going on, something with your mom?

Daniel: It's bad, it's really bad.


Phyllis: Wait a second. I can't believe you're mad at me.

Damon: I'm being arrested on account of your misguided little costume party with Dominic Hughes. I shouldn't be mad at you?

Officer: Sir, sit down.

Chris: Damon, do what he says. You don't wanna make this worse for yourself.

Michael: See, that's good advice, Phyllis, all right?

Phyllis: No, no, no. Wait a second. I did this for us so we could get out of this mess.

Damon: Yeah, well, you made us look guiltier than Dominic Hughes ever could have.

Phyllis: Whoa. Are you kidding? That is not true.

Chris: Can we continue this conversation later when we're not in the middle of a police station? Both of you, come on.

Phyllis: I can't believe you're blaming me for this.

Damon: That's your problem, Phyllis. You never could take responsibility for anything.

Phyllis: You know, we wouldn't be in this predicament if you didn't decide to come over with--

Michael: Phyllis, enough! Officer, please escort my client outside. Don't say a word. Don’t.

Michael: What a nightmare.

Chris: Tell me about it. I can only imagine what she was gonna say next.

Michael: Yeah, that little scene took approximately ten years off of my life, and with my luck, it was the ten years I was gonna spend on a tropical island sipping drinks out of a coconut surrounded by beautiful women.

Chris: I can honestly say that nothing in law school could have prepared me for this.

Michael: What, you didn't take bizarre clients 101? You know, cross-dressers and people who like to slice other people up with samurai swords.

Chris: And then they shout at each other in the middle of a police station.

Michael: Sounds like the very picture of why I went to law school.

Chris: You can have at it. I'd rather represent someone who's sane.

Michael: Look, it's not that Phyllis is insane. She just has no idea how to control her impulses.

Chris: Well, Michael, she should learn. You realize none of this would have happened if she hadn't felt the need to, and I quote, "do something really radical."

Michael: Oh, please, please, please. Phyllis... Phyllis may be reckless, but she's essentially harmless in this case, unlike your client.

Chris: What are you talking about?

Michael: He's the one who got this whole thing started-- Damon Porter. You know, the violent one with the weapon and the mile-high grudge.

Chris: Dominic Hughes killed his only child.

Michael: For which my heart goes out to Mr. Porter, but you have to admit in this case, at the very least, he was sorely tempted to circumvent the law.

Chris: All right, so maybe both of our clients are a little screwy, but Phyllis definitely destroyed any credibility they might have left.

Michael: Mm-hmm. So, uh, why was Damon Porter walking around with a samurai sword in the first place? Come on, Christine, face it. Being the father of a murdered child is only gonna get him so far with the jury. In fact, it may even make the D.A.'s job a little easier-- motive on a silver platter.

Chris: He still doesn't have Phyllis’s past.

Michael: Which, in this case, is totally irrelevant, unless you wanna consider Weber’s failed attempt to convict her on the Abbott pool house fire.

Chris: Oh, and you think a jury is gonna buy that Weber has a vendetta against Phyllis?

Michael: Well, you tell me. You've been in his sights before.

Chris: Yes, and it was a singularly unpleasant experience. He actually started to make me question whether or not I was innocent, but that is a defense that is not gonna work for Damon.

Michael: No. We're gonna have to come up with something else.

Chris: And in the meantime, keep our fingers crossed for both our clients.


Malcolm: All right, talk to me, man. What's going on?

Daniel: I don't know. For starters, my mom spent the night in jail.

Malcolm: They arrested her?

Daniel: Yeah, she decided to do something crazy and dress up like a man and get herself thrown in the drunk tank.

Malcolm: Hey, Daniel, I'm sorry. I don't mean to laugh, but that sounds like something your mom would do.

Daniel: Well, they also caught her trying to fake out the guy who shot Damon and get him to admit on tape that he's been lying, so now they're charging her with attempted murder and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Malcolm: Okay, hey, hey, take it easy, take it easy. Let me guess, this boyfriend Damon, he talked her into this, right?

Daniel: No, no, not exactly.

Malcolm: You know, Daniel, a real man protects his woman.

Daniel: Yeah, well, with my mom, it's not always that easy.

Malcolm: She's a big girl. She can take care of herself.

Daniel: Yeah, but this situation is already such a mess.

Malcolm: All right. She messed up. She picked the wrong guy.

Daniel: Why, do you think that you could help her?

Malcolm: I would do anything I could.

Daniel: Thanks, man.

Malcolm: Look, I gotta get back inside. Your mom's gonna be all right. You keep your head up, all right?

Lily: Hey. Lily Winters-- our moms work together, you remember?

Daniel: That's, uh, real funny.

Lily: What's wrong with you? You don't look too good.

Daniel: Thanks.

Lily: You know, you weren't in class second period.

Daniel: Are you checking up on me?

Lily: Okay, chill, all right? I'm sorry you're upset, but don't blame me.

Daniel: I'm sorry.

Lily: So have you seen my Uncle Malcolm around?

Daniel: He's in the other room.

Lily: Have you talked to him?

Daniel: A little.

Lily: Isn't he amazing? Do you know that he lived in Africa? I would love to go to Africa. I'm gonna get my parents to send me there next summer.

Daniel: That's great, Lily.

Lily: Well, don't let me interfere with your sulking. Bye.


Ashley: I hear what you say, but I still fail to understand why you won't do this. It doesn't cost you a thing. All I'm asking is for you to leave us alone.

Victor: But I'm leaving you alone. If I allowed your brother Jack to return to the company, I would be interfering.

Ashley: Well, you already interfered. You caused this crisis, you and your revenge.

Victor: Do you honestly think by insulting me you're gonna get anywhere?

Ashley: Could you just ever think of anybody else but yourself?

Victor: Don't give me that nonsense. Every single person that you just mentioned now has been thinking of their own selfish interests, including you. Now even if I were inclined to help your company, returning Jack Abbott to it is not the answer. He, like all of you, is too damn close to the company to recognize its massive problems.

Ashley: That's ridiculous. That's ridiculous. Jabot has been doing beautifully under Jack. We've grown by leaps and bounds. He's the only one that can turn us around.

Victor: Let me tell you something, you're deluding yourself. The crisis your company's in has been brewing for years. It's an organizational disease that family companies fall prey to. Jabot is no exception to that.


Neil: Drucilla, come on. Don't be so upset about it.

Dru: Don't be upset? How am I not supposed to be upset? How did this happen?

Neil: I told Nicholas again I think it's a mistake canceling the pageant, and again he told me to go jump in a lake.

Dru: He said that?

Neil: Not in so many words, but that was the general gist.

Dru: The gist--okay, so you got your feelings hurt, and you quit?

Neil: Drucilla, I can't work for a guy who doesn't know a good opportunity when he sees it. The pageant is a terrific idea. We both know that.

Dru: Yeah, we know that, and?

Neil: Victor promised that none of my projects would be cut, and what does Nicholas do the minute he takes over? He pulls the plug on just about every one of them.

Dru: Don't you think it's extreme that you're-- honey, listen, if you pick up the phone right now, I am sure we can get your job back.

Neil: No, it's not gonna happen. Nicholas is a lot like his father--he's stubborn. The difference is Victor is smart and shrewd. Nick is so obsessed with his macho image--

Dru: Never mind all that. What did he say when you said you quit?

Neil: At first, he thought I was bluffing.

Dru: Of course he did, because you're his number one guy. He can't afford to lose you.

Neil: Then let him ask me back. If he can admit he made a hurried, irrational decision, I might say yes. Otherwise, I'll go work somewhere else.

Dru: No, you're not working anywhere else. You're gonna work right here 'cause you gave these people your heart and soul.

Neil: All good things must come to an end.

Dru: But they don't have to. And why are you being so cavalier?

Neil: What's the big deal? It's just a job.

Dru: It's not just a job. Have you looked in the mirror lately? You have the number two spot in this major corporation-- Newman Enterprises. And what about me?


Lily: Ahem. Excuse me, sir.

Malcolm: Yeah, I'll be right with you. Well, hey, Shorty.

Lily: Hi.

Malcolm: Hey. Excuse me, young lady, but what are you doing here?

Lily: Well, aren't you glad to see me?

Malcolm: I am always glad to see your little face walk through that door, but aren't you supposed to be at school learning something?

Lily: Well, I had a free period, so I thought I'd come and spend it with my favorite uncle.

Malcolm: With who?

Lily: My favorite uncle.

Malcolm: Wait, wait, wait. One more time.

Lily: My favorite uncle.

Malcolm: Yeah, say it like you mean it. Well, you know what? I'm actually glad you're here, Lily. Um... here, come in the office with me. There's something I wanna talk to you about.

Lily: Yeah, sure. About what? Come on.


Phyllis: Hey, sweetheart!

Daniel: Mom.

Phyllis: Hi.

Daniel: When did you get out of jail? Why didn't you call me?

Phyllis: Oh, my gosh, what are you talking about? Hey, aren't you supposed to be in school?


Chris: Detective.

Hank: Yes, Miss Blair.

Chris: Are you almost through processing my client? I'd like to know when I can have a bail hearing set.

Hank: Soon, but I don't think you're gonna be too happy.

Chris: Why?

Hank: We're pushing to have Mr. Porter held without bond, or at least to, uh, set high enough to keep him in jail until he goes to trial.

Chris: What? You let Phyllis out, and she's the one with more serious charges leveled against her.

Hank: She's not the threat that Porter is. The fact is Porter went to that motel room with a deadly weapon.

Chris: Okay, it was self-defense. My client was shot and critically wounded, or have you forgotten about that?

Hank: Counselor, he's a bigger flight risk.

Chris: How? He was just released from the hospital. He's in no shape to go on the run or stay in jail, for that matter.

Hank: The bottom line, Porter owns substantial property in another state. Now there's nothing to keep him here unless we do it.

Chris: Well, you're right, I'm not happy about it. I'll see you at the hearing.


Neil: Honey, I'm relatively sure you have nothing to worry about.

Dru: Oh, yeah, right. Nothing to worry about. I won't last five seconds here, Neil, without you.

Neil: What, you think Nick's gonna fire you?

Dru: Oh, I don't think it, I know it. And why wouldn't he?

Neil: Because he knows how valuable you are to this company, that's why.

Dru: Oh, just like he yanked my very important beauty pageant project.

Neil: All right, Drucilla, would you stop?

Dru: No, no, no, no, don't "Dru" me. I know what time it is. That boy's been looking for a reason to get rid of me, and now he has it.

Neil: Can you just have a little bit of self-confidence?

Dru: Oh, I'm not lacking self-confidence, I'm lacking an M.B.A from Stanford. I realize I've carved out a nice niche for myself. I'm lucky, all right?

Neil: You want me to stick around here just for you?

Dru: Would that be so terrible?

Neil: Honey, I'm not gonna work someplace where I'm a flunky, where my opinion doesn't count for anything. I'm a smart businessman. Now if Nick doesn't see that, someone else will. All right, listen, I'm gonna go track down Malcolm, all right?

Dru: Mm-hmm.

Neil: Hey, wifey-of-mine, keep your chin up, all right? You'll be okay. We both will. I promise.

Dru: Hmm.


Lily: So what's goin' on? Wait. Don't tell me. I'm gonna read your mind, okay? Um... you are quitting your job at the coffeehouse.

Malcolm: Bravo. How'd you figure that one out?

Lily: Wait, are you?

Malcolm: Yeah. Yeah, I am.

Lily: Oh. Wow. So did you find another job or something? You know, you're a great photographer.

Malcolm: Uh, Lily, taking pictures just ain't in me anymore, no. Listen, uh... I'm leaving Genoa City.

Lily: What? But... why? I mean... you and I were just getting to know each other again. You know, I feel like we have something really special between us.

Malcolm: Lily, believe me, I feel the exact same way, I do.

Lily: Well, did I do something wrong?

Malcolm: No, hey, hey, no. Come here. You could never do anything wrong. What would make you say something like that?

Lily: I don't know. It's just... you know, when you first showed up, you and I were kinda close, and then all of a sudden you just started to pull away.

Malcolm: Lily... when I was stranded in Africa, I didn't know if I was ever gonna make it home. I was scared. But I would stop and I would think about Nate and I would think about you. And somehow, that just made me know that everything was gonna be all right.

Lily: Really?

Malcolm: Yes, really. Now granted, I remembered a scrawny little girl I used to carry on my shoulders and bounce on my knee, but look at you. You're all grown up. You're a beautiful little fast-talking little lady now. Hey, look at me. Don't you ever think that I don't adore you. You are such a shining little light in this family. I couldn't be more proud of you if you were my own daughter.


Ashley: You know, Victor, um, actually, I agree with you. There is something missing at Jabot.

Victor: Well, that's a good first step.

Ashley: But you forcing us to remove Jack was done out of hatred for him, and you know it.

Victor: Removing your brother is the best damn thing I ever could have done for you.

Ashley: Well, he hasn't been at the helm for months, and our company is far worse off, not better. Even you can see that with your own two eyes.

Victor: It is not up to me to solve your problems, all right?

Ashley: You're doing this out of spite, and you know it.

Victor: No, I'm not.

Ashley: Well, let me ask you this then...

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: Businessperson to Businessperson.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: What do you suggest we do?

Victor: There's a very simple solution. You give me custody of my daughter Abby, and you can do whatever the hell you please.

Ashley: I won't even dignify that with an answer, Victor.

Victor: Then why'd you come here? Why do you want to bargain with me when you have nothing to offer in return? How did you possibly expect to get anything?

Ashley: Good question.


Lily: I don't understand, though. Why would you leave? And don't you dare try to brush me off with some lame excuse about things being complicated.

Malcolm: Lily, you're just gonna have to trust me on this.

Lily: That is all you're gonna say?

Malcolm: Yeah.

Lily: Why won't you tell me?

Malcolm: Lily... I love you so very much. And one day, I will come back.

Lily: God, this is so stupid. We are your family. Why wouldn't you want to be with us?

Malcolm: Lily, look at me. I'm leaving you with a broken heart.

Lily: That is so unfair.

Malcolm: I promise, okay? I promise I will stay in touch with you.

Lily: It's not good enough.

Malcolm: Well, right now, sweetheart, it's gonna have to be. Come here.


Daniel: School? How am I supposed to focus in school when my mother's rotting away in jail?

Phyllis: Well, you're exaggerating, Daniel.

Daniel: Mom.

Phyllis: What? Frankly, I'm worried about you. You have finals next week. You should be in school.

Daniel: Now that's-- that's really funny that you were worried about me, because I-I was up all night last night worrying about you.

Phyllis: Well, I told you not to. I said Michael Baldwin’s gonna bail me out.

Daniel: Hey, Mom, look, I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I'm not used to having my mother call me in the middle of the night and ask me to find her a lawyer. I don't know, maybe-- maybe next time, I'll handle it a little bit better.

Phyllis: There's not gonna be a "next time."

Daniel: Come on, with your track record?

Phyllis: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You watch the way you talk to me. Do you hear me? This wasn't a cakewalk for me, either, especially when I-- when I looked up and I saw them bringing Damon in in handcuffs.

Daniel: Damon got arrested, too?

Phyllis: Yeah, and he's mad at me.

Daniel: Well, can you blame him? I mean, you made a real mess of this whole situation. Okay, I know that you meant well and that you were just trying to help out, but why'd you call me? Why didn't you call Christine?

Phyllis: She's not my lawyer anymore.

Daniel: Still, you could've called her. She didn't know that you had another lawyer.

Phyllis: Yeah, really? Have you been talking to Christine?

Daniel: Yeah, Mom, I've been freaking out here a little, okay?

Phyllis: Well, you know how the woman feels about me. Frankly, under these circumstances, I don't really feel comfortable putting my welfare in Christine’s hands. I'm happier with Michael Baldwin being my attorney any day.

Daniel: But she's still Damon’s lawyer, right?

Phyllis: Yeah, I'm sure they'll get along famously.

Daniel: You know, Christine says that you cause most of your own troubles.

Phyllis: Oh, really? Is that what Christine says? Oh, wow. I'll tell you something, none of this would've happened if Christine were doing her job.

Daniel: Wait a minute, so now this is her fault. You dressed up like a man and had to stalk this Dominic guy in jail because of Christine? Mom, how likely was that to work?

Phyllis: I was this close. Seriously, Daniel. I was this close to getting a confession from that guy. And if I would've, everybody would be singing my praises, saying "Phyllis is a genius." I have to do something.

Daniel: No, you have to do nothing. What you had to do was sit back and let your lawyer decide what's appropriate.

Phyllis: Oh, appropriate. Right. Appropriate. I'm sure you'd love it if your mother were appropriate.

Daniel: Yeah, you know what? I might like that.

Phyllis: Well, that's not gonna happen. My life is at stake. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Daniel: Look how far that's got you.


Chris: Thanks, Chantal. And will you hold my calls? I want a few minutes after that police station ordeal.

Paul: Ordeal? Does that mean it didn't go very well?

Chris: Oh, my gosh. I have never seen two people behave like that, not that when they have so much on the line.

Paul: You want to talk about it?

Chris: What's there to talk about? Phyllis and Damon decided to have an intense, personal argument in the middle of the squad room.

Paul: Oh, God. That is bad.

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: I have something that might just cheer you up. Do you remember the conversation she had with Dominic Hughes at the Georgia state prison before his parole?

Chris: Yeah.

Paul: What would you say if I told you that there is a very good possibility that that conversation was recorded?

Chris: Weber said that it wasn’t. That they didn't--

Paul: I don't care what Weber said. I just got off the phone with the warden, an Oscar J. Paulson. He inadvertently told me that he has a state-of-the-art surveillance system in the visitor's area.

Chris: You're a prince, you know that?

Paul: I am a prince. Now all we have to do is get the transcript. So this is what we're gonna do.

Chris: Thanks, Chantal. Put him through.

Paul: Warden Paulson, this is Paul Williams. We spoke earlier.

Paulson: Hello, Mr. Williams. What can I do for you now?

Paul: I have someone that would like to speak with you.

Chris: Is this Warden Oscar J. Paulson of the Georgia state penal system?

Paulson: Yeah, that's me.

Chris: My name is Christine Blair. I'm an attorney representing someone who was shot and almost killed by one of your recently paroled inmates Dominic Hughes.

Paulson: What does that have to do with me, counselor?

Chris: Well, I was originally told that you didn't have any recording equipment, but thanks to Mr. Williams, we now know that that's not the case. On October 14th of this year, Phyllis Summers Abbott from Genoa City, Wisconsin, visited Mr. Hughes. I want that tape, warden.

Paulson: Look, Ms. Blair, having surveillance systems doesn't mean we tape all visits.

Chris: Well, you better hope that you have this one, or I will go to the Atlanta media with the scoop on how you secretly record visits from friends and family of the inmates there.

Paulson: Now wait a minute there, counselor. Now if you did that, you'd deprive us of a very valuable tool. Having that surveillance system in place has cut down on a number of very serious problems-- escape planning, drug smuggling.

Chris: Warden, I understand that. That is why I would hate to have to reveal that information. So here is what I suggest-- you get your best secretary and you have her start typing. Because I want a transcript of that visit on my fax machine today.


Phyllis: Daniel, listen, I'm really no worse off than before. Damon and I would've been arrested anyway, okay? I just forced Weber’s hand.

Phyllis: Haven't you learned by now, I'm not a "do nothing" kinda gal. If I have a problem, I attack it. I go after it. I gotta do something about it. I don't just sit back and accept it. I mean, you--you know this about me, don't you? You're gonna have to deal with it.

Daniel: Am I also gonna have to deal with the possibility that my mom's gonna be convicted for attempted murder?

Phyllis: I'm innocent.

Daniel: They never convict innocent people, do they?

Phyllis: Listen to me. I have the best attorney in town. Possibly the best attorney in the whole Midwest. Michael Baldwin is gonna get me outta this. I want you to stop worrying.

Daniel: I have to worry, Mom. No, no, no, because from what everyone is saying, you and Damon look guilty as hell.

Phyllis: I don't care about everyone.

Daniel: You know what? I don't mean to sound selfish here, but you're all I have. And what's gonna happen to me if they come here and they throw you in jail for the next 20 years?


Victor: Hello, Drucilla.

Dru: Victor, I heard you were back in town.

Victor: Yes, I came back last night.

Dru: May I have a moment of your time, please.

Victor: Sure. Come in.

Dru: Thank you. I know I've come unannounced, so I'll get right to the point.

Victor: Please do.

Dru: I know this sounds absolutely crazy, but my husband has quit his job.

Victor: Why has Neil quit his job?

Dru: Because of your son.


Phyllis: Daniel. Daniel. I want you to look me in the eyes. Look me in the eyes right now. I'm not goin' to jail.

Daniel: Can you guarantee that? Because you are the only one that I can count on. You're the only one.

Phyllis: That's not true. Your dad's always been there for you.

Daniel: My so-called Dad is the one who dropped me off at boarding school so he could take off on tour. Now he's gone again. I don't even know where he is anymore.

Phyllis: I know, I know. (Whispers) I'm not gonna leave you.

Daniel: Everything you do gets you in deeper and deeper. Christine was right. You are your own worst enemy.

Phyllis: (Clears throat) (normal voice) can we have a conversation for five minutes without mentioning her name?

Daniel: Why? Because everything she says is true and right? When you take risks like you do, you don't even think about the consequences, and you know how that makes me feel? It makes me feel like you just don't even care about me.

Phyllis: That's not true.

Daniel: But still, its how I feel. Damon was scared to death when you took off, and both of us knew that you were gonna go do something stupid, and he would've stopped you if he could've.

Phyllis: Stop this.

Daniel: Why? Why do you do stuff like this?

Phyllis: Shh. Keep your voice down. Listen, I'm exhausted. Let's go home, all right? Let's go home and get some rest.

Phyllis: Don't worry. Come on.


Paul: Good job, fierce attorney.

Chris: Same to you, Mr. Brilliant private eye. If it hadn't been for your hunch, we never would've known about their surveillance system.

Paul: Well, we've got Warden Paulson exactly where we want him.

Chris: I just hope we can get what we need out of that transcript.

Paul: Well, if what your client said is accurate--

Chris: Actually, she's not my client anymore. Michael's representing her.

Paul: Really? What happened?

Chris: Phyllis told her son to call Michael when she was arrested.

Paul: So I guess that let's you off the hook.

Chris: And thank heaven. As much as I hate to let people down when they need me, there was gonna be very little I could do for that woman.

Paul: Well, that leaves you free to focus on Porter's defense.

Chris: Well, now Weber wants to have his bail denied, which is so unfair. If he's gonna let Phyllis out, then Damon should be out, too. Instead, he is tightening the screws on my client.

Paul: You know, Chris, I wouldn't worry about that. Once that fax machine starts humming, you are going to have all the proof you need to have those conspiracy charges dismissed.

Chris: Well, I have to admit, I kind of like the idea of Hank Weber eating crow.

Paul: Do I sense a little vindictive streak there?

Chris: Michael reminded me of the troubles I had with him. And now that he doesn't want to let Damon out before the trial...

Paul: You're right, he's got it coming. But you know what I think? I think you and Michael are going to miss the rush when the heavier charges go by the wayside.

Chris: Mnh-mnh. I can live with it.

Paul: Oh, come on. Fess up. Having Phyllis as a client is like a shot of pure adrenaline.

Chris: It's like my own personal circle of hell.

Paul: (Chuckles) methinks the lady lawyer doth protest too much.

Chris: Are you trying to get me to move you into the hallway?

Paul: Oh, you'd put me in the hallway? You are so cruel. There's a draft in the hallway. You know its cold and flu season. I'm keepin' my mouth shut.

Chris: I think that's a really smart idea, because the last time I checked, office space was at a premium.

Paul: Oh. (Fax machine humming)

Chris: That could be the transcript.

Chris: Oh, my God.

Paul: What?


Neil: Thanks. Appreciate it.

Neil: Lily, honey.

Lily: Daddy, not now, please.

Neil: You need a ride to school?

Lily: No, no, it's okay. You know, I'm just gonna go splash some water on my face, okay?

Neil: Hey, what's going on with her? Is she in some kind of trouble?

Malcolm: Nah, she's in no trouble. She's just a little upset.

Neil: Why?

Malcolm: I told her I was leaving.

Neil: Oh. You're gonna take off, huh? Walk away from the only family that you have.

Malcolm: You know, Neil, that's not exactly how I see it.

Neil: Then how do you see it? Can't we at least talk about it?

Malcolm: There's nothing left to talk about.

Neil: All right, fine. Just listen, don't talk. Malcolm... for almost three years, you been blaming me for what happened to you in Africa. You misunderstood about Alex. You even thought I maliciously left you behind. And you came back here carrying around a hell of a lot of resentment and anger. Did you ever stop to think about what I been carrying around?

Malcolm: What's your point, man?

Neil: Do you have any idea how many times I wished I had my brother back, blaming myself? How many times I thought, "If I had it to do all over again, what would I do differently so that my brother would be alive?" And yet now you're here. Suddenly, without warning, you're back in our lives. Malcolm, this is nothing short of a miracle. Don't you see that this is our chance? This is our chance to do things differently. Yet you want to split before you've even arrived. Malcolm, don't you get it? This is our opportunity to heal and be brothers ag-- don't you want that?

Malcolm: Nothing's ever that easy.

Neil: All right, I'm gonna tell you something that'll make it easier, all right? You ready for this? You're the guy who told me so many times that I should shed this old suit and tie, right? Live life to the fullest.

Malcolm: Yeah, so what?

Neil: Surprise. I did it.

Malcolm: You did what? What, walked away from Newman?

Neil: That's right. That's exactly what I did.

Malcolm: When?

Neil: This morning. You know something? It feels great. And you see, now I can spend more time with my family. I can reconnect with my only brother. And you can't walk out that door before we have a chance to put this thing back together.

Malcolm: Neil, I didn't ask you to quit your job. It doesn't change a thing.

Neil: This doesn't-- doesn't make any sense at all. I don't get this, man. All the people that love you are right here in Genoa City. What are you looking for that you can't find right here? I mean, Lily-- she wants you to stay.

Malcolm: Damn it, Neil. You have no idea what I'm giving up for you.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Victor: Would you mind coming out to the ranch?

Neil: Is everything okay?

J.T.: Are you interested in Mackenzie? Is that what this is all about?

Malcolm: Lovely, lovely Olivia. (Doorbell rings) Dru.

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