Wednesday Y&R Transcript 12/8/04

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 12/8/04 -- Canada, Thursday 12/9/04 -- U.S.A.



By Eric
Proofread by Emma

(Knock on door)

Ashley: Hi.

Nick: Hi.

Ashley: I'm sorry to bother you. May I speak with you for a moment?

Nick: If you're looking for Sharon, she's not here.

Ashley: No, this has nothing to do with Sharon. May I come in?

Nick: So what's up? You're about the last person I'd expect to see out here.

Ashley: Oh, well, your office told me where I could find you. I actually need a favor.

Nick: You got a lot of nerve asking for a favor from me after what you put my father through.

Ashley: Well, this isn't personal. It's business, Nicholas. I know your dad's out of town and I need to speak with him. It's urgent.

Nick: What makes you think I know anything?

Ashley: Come on, you must have an emergency number. There has to be some way I can contact him. It's imperative that I speak with him, please.


Sharon: All things considered, I think that my presentation went very well.

Brad: Why do you say all things considered?

Sharon: We had a hundred signed up, and only 68 showed.

Brad: Yeah, I was afraid of that.

Jack: That is always the trouble with scheduling things this time of year. Anyone that's in retail is in the thick of it.

Sharon: Well, I did manage to speak to a few of our buyers afterwards, and they're very positive about our winter offerings, and they can't wait for the spring rollout.

Brad: All right, well, that's good news. Nice to know all of our vendors didn't bail on us.

Sharon: It would have been nice, though, if there were more people to present to.

Brad: Yeah, I'm sorry about that, Sharon. I wish we could have thrown more money at the event, booked a bigger venue, offered more incentives for people to show up, but the fact is we can barely afford paper clips right now.

Jack: You have your father-in-law to thank for that. It's because of him that we're in these straits.

Sharon: Well, I'm probably not the best person to talk to about that, but if you wanna speak to Victor, he's back. He got back last night.


Dru: Um, well, I don't see him, honey. So I'll see you back at work.

Neil: Wait. Let's grab a table and wait, huh?

Dru: I don't wanna wait, honey, because I don't need to talk to Malcolm. He said he wanted to leave town, so...

Neil: Still makes me wonder, you know, this attitude you have toward my brother.

Dru: I'm not being attitudinal toward your brother. Why do you keep harping on this? You saw him last night, right? He told you it was his decision he wanted to leave, so...

Neil: Yeah, yeah, I guess so.

Dru: Stop making this into something it isnít. Look, baby, oh, I gotta go to.

Neil: Wait. No, wait. Just give it ten more minutes, all right?

Dru: I don't have one more second, honey. Did you forget I have a beauty pageant to conduct? And I have so much work to do on the pageant. Not enough time, really.

Neil: Yeah, listen, Dru, um, about that pageant--

Dru: I've worked so hard. I've worked so hard, honey. I've put in so many hours. It is gonna blow your mind, and I'm not just doing it just to get that piece of real estate. God knows that I deserve that office. I'm doing it because I think it's for the good of the company, for the good of the division.

Neil: Yeah, it would have been good for the company.

Dru: No, will be, will be.

Neil: Dru, why don't you come here, sit down?

Dru: What?

Neil: Just sit down.

Dru: I-I-I don't like what I think I'm about to hear.

Neil: Yeah, um... got some bad news. The beauty pageant, it's been canceled.


(Knock on door)

Chris: Hey, Chantal said you'd be in my office. What's that look for?

Daniel: What do you think? My mom got arrested last night.

Chris: What?

Daniel: Yeah, she called me from jail and told me she'd be spending the night there and to get in touch with Michael first thing. Christine, what's going on? I thought you were my mom's lawyer.

Chris: I was until it came obvious she's wasn't going to listen to me or take one word of my advice.

Daniel: So you just ditch her?

Chris: I suggested she find other representation, which she obviously did without even telling me. I'm sorry, Daniel, but your mother can't play by the rules.

Daniel: Yeah, but didn't you know that going into this? And didn't you promise to try and work with her?

Chris: I did try.

Daniel: Do you at least know why she got arrested?

Chris: She didn't tell you?

Daniel: I'm sure she didn't want me to worry. Look, all I know is that she told me to get ahold of Michael Baldwin.

Chris: All right, look, let me call the police station, see if I can find out what happened. Maybe I can get in touch with Detective Weber.


Officer: You know the rules, counselor.

Michael: Indeed, I do, officer.

Phyllis: What?

Michael: A sunny good morning to you, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Thanks for coming.

Michael: Do you know how badly I wanna reach through these bars and wring your neck right about now?

Phyllis: What time did my son get ahold of you?

Michael: Oh, yeah, and that's another thing. Why would you involve your teenage son when you could have reached me directly?

Phyllis: Oh, I don't, maybe because I didn't want him to worry when his mother didn't come home last night.

Michael: Oh, or maybe you were too busy here playing secret agent man. Uh, yeah, the nice sergeant up front, he filled me in. You're the talk of the squad room.

Phyllis: My only hope is if Dominic Hughes admits he's lying, and since that's not gonna happen, I had to take matters into my own hands.

Michael: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You thought you'd teach the cops a thing or two about interrogation techniques. I get it.


Dru: Neil, you did not just tell me that the beauty pageant has been canceled.

Neil: The pageant's been scrapped. Nick isn't interested.

Dru: Nick? C.E.O.-for-a-second Nick?

Neil: Okay, Nick's been C.E.O. for over a week now.

Dru: Hardly. He had no right to pull the plug.

Neil: He's the boss of the company. He can do whatever he wants.

Dru: You stop him.

Neil: I tried to stop him.

Dru: You try harder, Neil.

Neil: Believe me, I've done all I can do. Nicholas wants to put those resources elsewhere. I told him I think he's being shortsighted.

Dru: Well, I think he's being stupid. Does he realize how huge this pageant is? Does he understand the gravity of the situation here? I know what time it is. I'm gonna tell him, too.

Neil: Hey, no. Wait. Donít.

Dru: He needs to understand he's making a big mistake.

Neil: I think deep down he already knows that. Nick is trying to flex his muscles. He's trying to let everyone know that he's the man in charge.

Dru: Okay, and he's gonna use my project to prove that point.

Neil: Yeah, I'm sorry. What else can I say?

Dru: I thought you told me that Victor promised not to mess with any of your projects.

Neil: If Victor were here in town, I'm sure that he'd be putting his foot down. Honey, again, I'm sorry. I know you're disappointed. It's not your fault, but this kind of thing happens all the time in the business world.

Dru: Oh, that makes me feel really good.

Neil: Give me a break here. Give me something.

Dru: I'll see you back at the office.

Neil: What?

Dru: Excuse me.


Brad: Sharon, would you mind writing up a memo for the marketing department on this morning's event?

Sharon: Of course not. I'll get right on it.

Brad: Thank you. I appreciate it. And if I haven't said it enough, great work.

Sharon: Thank you.

Brad: You're welcome.

Jack: So the old buzzard's back in town.

Brad: Probably missing his ringside seat watching us go down.

Jack: Or he couldn't wait to rip the reins out of Nicholas' hands. It's a shame. I was on my way over to congratulate the lad, and now his dad's back in town to spoil the party.

Brad: Well, if only Newman were the worst of our problems, Jack.

Jack: I take it you're talking about Bakersfield?

Brad: You heard about the fire.

Jack: Yeah. Ash told me last night.

Brad: Really? Well, that would explain her mood.

Jack: Then she didn't tell you about it.

Brad: No, no. I didn't find out until I came in this morning. Thank God nobody was in the building when it happened. Having said that, losing that inventory is really going to hurt us, Jack, not to mention the loss of the facility.

Jack: Yeah, things are looking pretty grim, no doubt about it.

Brad: I don't mind telling you, we could really use your help around here right now.


Nick: Ashley, what are you trying to do to my family?

Ashley: I'm not trying to do anything to your family. If I could handle this without speaking with Victor, believe me, I would. Now, please, how can I contact him? (Knock on door)

Nick: Excuse me.

Victor: Hey, son.

Nick: Hey.

Ashley: I didn't know you were back.

Victor: I guess you didn't tell her.

Ashley: No, actually, he didnít.

Victor: Are you looking for me or...

Ashley: Yeah. I need to ask you a favor. May I speak with you alone?

Victor: Sure. Would you mind, son?

Nick: No problem.

Victor: Thank you.


Chris: Well, that pretty much says it all. All right, thanks. Well, your mother managed to dig herself into an even deeper hole than she was in before.

Daniel: What'd she do?

Chris: Something so incredibly stupid. She disguised herself as a man and got arrested for drunk driving.

Daniel: Why?

Chris: So she could get herself thrown into the lockup with Dominic Hughes and proceed to try and trick him into a confession.

Daniel: Oh, man.

Chris: Which didn't work, of course, so now she's being arrested for obstruction of justice as well as conspiracy and attempted murder.

Daniel: See, that's why you've gotta help her, Christine. You can't bail on her now.

Chris: I don't think I have a choice. She's instructed you to call Michael, which means she has obviously found herself another attorney.

Daniel: Which I still don't get why she did. I mean, you're supposed to stick by her, right? We had a deal, remember?

Chris: Okay, listen, try, try and understand this. Your mother and I weren't working well together at all, and you can't be at odds with your client in a criminal case.

Daniel: So are you just gonna let her rot in jail?

Chris: Michael's an excellent attorney. He'll do his best for Phyllis, and they're friends. Maybe he'll have better luck controlling her. God knows I couldnít. (Knock on door)

Chris: Come in.

Damon: Am I interrupting?

Chris: Damon, I didn't know you were out of the hospital.

Damon: Yeah, they released me last night. This young man was kind enough to see me home.

Chris: That was nice. So what can I do for you?

Damon: I was just curious as to how things were progressing. I've been trying to phone Phyllis, but I can't seem to reach her.

Chris: Uh, Daniel, would you excuse us? I think there are some things that Damon needs to know about.

Daniel: Good-bye.


Phyllis: Look at this face. Look--look at me.

Michael: Hmm, what?

Phyllis: This is the face of a desperate woman.

Michael: Oh, no, no, no. You see, desperate people have nothing to lose. You had everything to lose, and still you pulled a stunt like this.

Phyllis: Okay, maybe-- maybe I shouldn't have done it.

Michael: What, maybe? Maybe?

Phyllis: Well, Christine wasn't giving me a lot of confidence.

Michael: Oh, Christine, your lawyer, remember? Yes.

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, "my lawyer." I can't cope with her. I don't wanna hear that I'm stupid every time I turn around.

Michael: Oh, and you expect me to praise your intelligence? Look, why am I here?

Phyllis: Because she resigned or fired-- I don't know, whatever you wanna call it.

Michael: I can't say as I blame her.

Phyllis: You have to help me, please. You have to. This place isn't filled with the sweetest memories for me.

Michael: Not something you were worried about last night while you were scheming to get thrown in here.

Phyllis: I was trying to accomplish something.

Woman: Hey, do you mind? Some of us are trying to sleep over here.

Phyllis: Oh, hey, hey, no problem, no problem, girls. Look at that, look at that.

Michael: Yeah.

Phyllis: That's me, that's me if you don't get me out of here.

Michael: Oh, just like that, snap my fingers. Do you have any idea what you're charged with? And let me give you a hint. It ain't jaywalking.

Phyllis: Conspiracy.

Michael: Hmm, and first-degree attempted murder and obstruction of justice.

Phyllis: How quickly can you set a bail hearing?

Michael: You're assuming I'll represent you. I don't recall agreeing to something like that.


Nick: Dru.

Neil: Morning, Nicholas.

Nick: Good morning. I was looking for your wife. Have you seen her?

Neil: Actually, we drove in separate cars. I'm looking for her myself.

Nick: Well, when you see her, have her swing by my office.

Neil: Um, you're planning to tell her about the pageant that's been canceled? 'Cause if you are, don't bother. I already did.

Nick: I thought you wanted me to handle that.

Neil: I did, but I guess you had more important things on your mind.

Nick: Still a little upset with me?

Neil: I think you're acting too hastily.

Nick: Well, I think I'm doing what's best for this company.

Neil: I wonder what your father would say about that.

Nick: You know, I don't know, but you could ask him. He's back.

Neil: Really?

Nick: Yes, really, and he has no plans to reinvolve himself in this company, so that means I'm still running the show.

Neil: Uh-huh. So I guess there's no point in trying to talk you out of this then.

Nick: Well, we could talk about it, but my mind's made up.

Neil: Is this the way you're planning on running the company, throwing away opportunities because you're scared? 'Cause to me, that's just plain foolish.

Jack: How dare you say that Bradley, I cannot so much as lift a finger?

Brad: Because of Newman.

Jack: If he got wind that I was involved again...

Brad: Damn him. I knew we shouldn't have agreed to that stipulation.

Jack: Well, no sense in mulling over that now. You have no idea how much I would like to roll up my sleeves and dig in here. Do you have any idea what this feels like, watching my father's company go south? It's like standing on the shore watching man drown.

Brad: With Victor Newman keeping you from running in to save him.

Jack: Yeah, that's about the size of it. Now he's back in town, and the sun is behind a permanent dark cloud.

Brad: The man sucks the life out of everything everywhere he goes. How Ashleyís defended him all these years, I will never understand.

Jack: Yeah, that makes two of us.


Victor: So how's Abby?

Ashley: About as well as can be expected for a little girl who's coping with her parents being separated.

Victor: Is she living with Bradley now?

Ashley: Yeah, she is, though I had her last night.

Victor: Is that who you came to talk about--Abby?

Ashley: No, though I imagine you still want a relationship with her, right?

Victor: Of course I do. How could you even ask that question? So what do you wanna see me about?


Damon: Dressing up as a man trying to play spy with Dominic Hughes. I can't imagine how anybody in their right mind could have come up with something like that.

Chris: Well, that's one thing about Phyllis-- she never ceases to amaze.

Damon: So what does this mean for me, counselor, now that Phyllis has been charged?

Chris: That you'll probably be arrested soon, too. When there are conspiracy charges, the police don't arrest one party and let the other roam free. It wouldn't look good in court.

Damon: Do you suppose Detective Weber had planned to arrest me anyway?

Chris: I don't know. Obviously Phyllis pushed his buttons big time.

Damon: Putting him in a position of having to invite me to the party as well.

Chris: I'm afraid so.

Damon: Um, well, how much time would you figure-- no, no, no. More importantly, how do I convince anyone I'm innocent in the face of... what should we call them? Recent developments?

Chris: I'm not gonna lie to you. It's gonna be an uphill battle. It's not all bad news. Paul Williams is working on something.

Damon: Yeah? What?

Chris: All I can say is if it amounts to anything, he'll let us know soon. (Telephone rings)

Chris: Excuse me. (Ring)

Chris: Christine Blair.

Hank: Miss Blair, this is Hank Weber.

Chris: Hank, what can I do for you?

Hank: Damon Porter, is he still your client?

Chris: Yes, he is. He also happens to be standing in my office.

Hank: Okay, then I'll make it simple. We can either come there now and arrest him, or you can instruct him to come to the police station and turn himself in. The choice is his.


Phyllis: Listen, if you're trying to be funny, I just want you to know you're not, you know?

Michael: I'm not trying to be funny. See ya.

Phyllis: Michael, no, no! Listen, of course you're gonna represent me. Of course you are. I mean, the reason you didn't is 'cause you were too busy, and that's why I had to have Christine.

Michael: I'm still busy. I'm drowning in work here.

Phyllis: You're too busy for me? You're too busy for a friend? Listen, if I don't get bond in a hurry, they're gonna transfer me to county jail, all right? I can't go there. I can't go there. I know what it's like to be locked up.

Michael: Oh, no, Phyllis. Like I don't? You don't know how much I resent the fact that you get into a fix like this, and then you expect me to get you out just because "we're friends."

Phyllis: Michael, please. Please, I'm begging you--

Michael: I'm warning you, if you let one tear trickle down that cheek, I am so out of here. Donít. Phyllis...

Phyllis: Please.

Michael: Phyllis...

Phyllis: Please.

Michael: Oh! All right, listen, I'll see if I can get you a hearing this morning. There is no guarantee that bail will be granted. For some strange reason, the police seem to take it hard when you go out of your way to make them look like idiots.

Phyllis: Listen, I wasn't trying to do that. I was just trying--

Michael: Quiet, quiet, quiet. You will listen to someone else tell you something for once in your life, and that is you may have harmed yourself beyond the point where anyone can help you.


Nick: You know, it sounded like you just called me a fool.

Neil: Nicholas, you've always valued my advice, so I'm gonna give you some right now. I really think you ought to reassess your business philosophy.

Nick: You don't like the way I'm running things?

Neil: I don't think you understand or realize what you have here at Newman. This company is in one of its strongest positions in years. Profits are up, outlook is good. You're a young buck. You should be shaking things up around here, taking some real chances instead of sitting back and being afraid of doing anything.

Nick: You know, you keep saying I'm afraid. Let me tell you something. I'm not afraid of anything.

Neil: What do you call axing the beauty pageant, Nick?

Nick: I call that being smart. We don't know how that's gonna turn out. If it flops, it could be a huge disaster.

Neil: It wouldn't be a disaster.

Nick: You don't know that.

Neil: I do know that. We've done a lot of research on the pageant, we have a lot of talented and competent people working on it. That's how I know.

Nick: Like your wife. Isn't that what this is about, Neil? You're protecting your wife's pet project.

Neil: This pageant was my brainchild, which means even if Drucilla weren't involved, I'd be saying the same damn thing to you.

Nick: All right, I'm not saying no to this forever. Maybe sometime in the future.

Neil: In the future? So what does that mean? What, next year? Next week? When?

Nick: I can't answer that, just not now, and I don't wanna talk about this with you anymore. So if there's nothing else...

Neil: No, there's-- now wait a minute. I can't do this.

Nick: You can't do what?

Neil: My understanding is that you needed me to be your right-hand man, to help you out, show you the ropes, keep you from making bad business decisions. But it's obvious that you're determined to do things your way, and, buddy, I can't come along for that ride.

Nick: So what are you saying?

Neil: You're on your own, Nick. I quit.


(Knock on door)

Dru: Hello? Hi, Brad.

Brad: Dru.

Dru: Did I come at a bad time?

Brad: Just going over a couple of reports. What's up?

Dru: Oh, nothing. I was in the neighborhood, thought I'd stop by and say hi, you know. How's Abby? How's Ashley?

Brad: Let's talk about you.

Dru: Okay, I'm great. Really good, yeah. Um, just wanted to let you know that there's a small chance I might be leaving Newman Enterprises.

Brad: You got fired.

Dru: Did not, Brad. I've outgrown the company. You know how you give it all you got and you've gotta move on, and, um, you know, just wanted to see how things are here at Jabot.

Brad: You're sniffing around for your old spokesperson job, aren't you?

Dru: Is it still available?

Brad: Nope.

Dru: Stop teasing me, Bradley.

Brad: I wouldn't tease you. We already hired someone else.

Dru: Who?

Sharon: Oh, hi, Dru.

Dru: Sharon, what--

Sharon: Brad, here's that memo that you asked for. I thought that you might want to look it over before I sent it out.

Brad: I would love to. Thank you.

Dru: You're working here now?

Sharon: Excuse me? Oh, yeah, a couple of weeks now.

Dru: She's gonna be a good secretary for you, Brad.

Sharon: I'm sorry. I guess you didn't hear. No, see, I have been hired on as Jabot's new spokesperson.


Michael: So what fresh hell is this?

Chris: Hi.

Michael: Oh, oh, tell me you're not here for the reason I think you are.

Chris: You mean Damon? They're processing him now.

Michael: Oh, wow. Hank doesn't waste much time, does he?

Chris: Neither does your client. I think she set a new speed record deciding to completely and totally self-destruct.

Michael: For which I am very sorry. Still, if Hank had held off on a conspiracy charge, it might have been--

Chris: It was bound to happen sooner or later. It was only a matter of time before one or both of our clients were arrested.

Michael: Perhaps, but we still might have been able to prevent this. The truth might have come out. Dominic Hughes could have recanted.

Chris: Unfortunately, Phyllis' little ploy blew whatever chance we had of that happening.

Michael: Listen, I'm here to tell you... well, there's the man of the hour.

Hank: Mr. Baldwin, what can I do for you?

Michael: Oh, I was just wondering when my client was gonna be released. She did make bail, you know.

Hank: Ms. Abbott will be out in a minute now. Is that it?

Michael: No, there's one other thing. Uh, Damon Porter.

Hank: What about him? We arrested him because of your client's ill-advised attempt to take the law into her own hands.

Chris: So if Phyllis hadn't acted out...

Hank: Normally I like to wait until I have everything right where I want it, but I just couldn't arrest one of the conspirators.

Michael: Alleged conspirators, Detective. Nobody's been found guilty.

Hank: Yet, counselor. Yet.

Chris: Smart move on Weberís part.

Michael: Yeah, unfortunately now we have to prove in front of a jury that neither of our clients is guilty of conspiracy or anything else, and that is a task easier described than accomplished.

Chris: So we will be cooperating on this? You have to realize we will be representing them individually.

Michael: I think we can manage to come up with a joint strategy. It would probably be to our benefit to do so.

Officer: Sit tight.


Dru: Jabot's spokesperson, huh? You?

Brad: And she is doing one bang-up job.

Dru: I bet. You know, there are no words to describe my... congratulations, Sharon.

Sharon: Thank you. And, you know, that does mean a lot to me, Dru, coming from you with all of your years of experience.

Brad: Well, ladies, I would love to stay and chat, but I have an 11:00 meeting. Sharon, I will get back to you on your memo. Dru...

Dru: Yes, Brad?

Brad: Always good to see you.

Dru: You too.

Sharon: So...

Dru: So you enjoying yourself here? You like it?

Sharon: Oh, very much. The people are wonderful, and they seem to like me, too.

Dru: That's 'cause you're new, Sharon.

Sharon: Oh.

Dru: Yeah, they have to be nice to you. You see, I used to work here, and the minute you screw up, boy, do you know who your friends are, huh!

Sharon: Well, I don't intend to screw up, Dru.

Dru: Oh, but you will. Everyone does, but you especially, because you have absolutely no experience in this position, so...

Sharon: Well, you heard Brad. I'm doing a bang-up job.

Dru: Yeah, I heard him. I heard him, but you've only been working here for a couple of weeks. How much damage could you do in such a short period of time? That's a nice suit. It's tough.

Sharon: Well, thank you.

Dru: Yeah, you're really serving it up.

Sharon: Serving it up?

Dru: Oh, come on, Sharon... sexy, yuppie, kind of executive suit. They say don't hate the player, hate the game, so I don't blame you. No, you are married to the son of a billionaire. I have to ask you a question. What is your clothing allowance? It must be off the chain.

Sharon: I'm sorry. You know, I really hate to take the subject off of me and put it onto you, but what are you doing here?

Dru: Uh, it's none of your business, but I'll tell you. I was here with brad, and I was just discussing how things are going here at Jabot, so...

Sharon: Oh, I see. Well, now you know. The position's filled.

Dru: I find it curious that you're here when your husband is running things over at Newman.

Sharon: Well, you know, I tried to get a job over at Newman Enterprises, and what happened? Oh, you remember, Dru, right? You, uh... yeah, you sabotaged me.

Dru: I did not sabotage you, Sharon. You're being paranoid. I went to my husband--

Sharon: You went to your husband, and you made damn sure that I didn't get the job. You know, it puzzles me just a little bit, because here I thought you were happy working over at Newman Enterprises.

Dru: I am.

Sharon: Then what are you doing here? Oh, are you feeling a little restless and maybe underappreciated over at Newman?

Dru: No.

Sharon: Because, you know, I can talk to Nick for you about that.

Dru: No, no, don't do me any favors, Sharon, okay?

Sharon: Oh, I don't mind.

Dru: No, no, it's okay, all right? I have a very busy day, and obviously you do, too, so I'm going to see myself out. Yeah.


Nick: I can't believe you're thinking about quitting.

Neil: I don't see any other option. You and I can't work together, Nick.

Nick: Oh, come on. We are talking about a beauty pageant.

Neil: You know, you don't get it. It's more than that, you know? You've been handed this incredible opportunity in your life. You've been given a chance to do something huge, to make this company even greater than your father ever dreamed of. And what do you do? Your first major decision out of the gate is to cut and run from a project that you don't fully understand or appreciate. That's not leadership.

Nick: Sometimes doing the right thing isn't the popular thing.

Neil: Where'd you read that, in a fortune cookie?

Nick: All right, now you listen to me. I like you, and I respect the hell out of you, but let's not forget I am still your boss.

Neil: No, not anymore you're not.

Nick: You really gonna do this?

Neil: I really am.

Nick: If this is some kind of game to get me to reconsider this pageant thing, it's not gonna happen.

Neil: Nicholas Newman, I don't play those kind of games. You have every right to run this company how you see fit. You're a bright young guy with a lot to learn. I guess you'll have to learn the hard way.

Nick: Okay.


Ashley: Um, no, Victor, I'm not here for personal reasons. I'm sure you're aware that Jabot has been going through some difficult times.

Victor: Well, that's an understatement, isn't it? As far as I know, your company's teetering on bankruptcy.

Ashley: And I think we both know why Jabot's in that predicament. I mean, I don't have to remind you that it was your illegal actions that put us at a severe disadvantage.

Victor: Let's not rehash all that. Why are you here, to get more money out of me or what?

Ashley: Speaking of money, that $75 million was only a fraction of what we're entitled to, but, no, I'm not here to ask you for money. I'm here to ask you to do what's right.

Victor: And what would that be?

Ashley: Jabot's in trouble. Our distribution center in Bakersfield burned to the ground last night. We're on the verge of disaster. We need my brother Jack, so, please, just could you please just let him off the hook? Let him come back to Jabot and help us.


[Neil remembering]

Dru: What are you talking about?

Neil: Hey, baby. You ready for this?

Dru: What?

Neil: You are looking at the acting C.E.O. Of Newman Enterprises.

Dru: Oh, honey! Oh, oh, oh, my God!

Neil: Oh, yes, baby, yes!

Dru: Oh, my God! Oh, when, when, when, when?

Neil: When? Victor came by a little while ago.

Dru: Oh, I knew that man was gonna see reason. You are going to run Newman Enterprises?

Neil: Well, no, no, slow down, slow down. It's temporary.

Dru: Honey, I don't care if it's for one day. You are C.E.O. are there three sweeter letters?

Neil: Yeah, how about D-R-U?

Dru: Wow, huh? (Laughs) oh, honey, I'm so proud of you, and you should be proud of yourself.

Neil: Thanks, baby. You know, I am very grateful for this opportunity. A year ago, I wouldn't have believed this was a possibility.

Dru: Because you weren't sure that Victor was gonna forgive you.

Neil: That's because I let Victor down. I let the whole company down.

Dru: Baby, that's water under the bridge, okay? You got off track for a hot second. That's never gonna happen again.

Neil: Yeah, well, a lot of people are gonna wonder if I'm up to this challenge.

Dru: Oh, let them wonder. Let them wonder. Baby, you are a strong, smart, intelligent, sober man. Your daughter knows that. I know it. Victor knows that. You've proved that to us, and now you're gonna prove it to the world. And what they're going to witness is gonna blow them away.


Dru: Hey.

Neil: Hey, where have you been?

Dru: I needed to take care of something. Did you see Nick?

Neil: Why?

Dru: Why? To tell him not to pull the plug on my beauty pageant project.

Neil: I told you, Drucilla. He's not interested in that.

Dru: Baby, you are one of the most persuasive people I know. It's only gonna take that much to get Nick to change his mind.

Neil: Dru, come on. Stop bugging me about this.

Dru: Neil, no, you can do this. Listen, you pump Nick up, right? You make him feel like the big guy, right? And then you just stretch it out, figure out a way to work with him until papa bear gets back.

Neil: Victor's already back. According to Nicholas, he stands behind whatever decisions junior makes.

Dru: Oh, now I know Nick is lying through his teeth, because Victor would never go back on a promise, not the Victor I know.

Neil: Well, to hear Nicholas tell it, it wasn't a promise, just something that victor said to placate me while he was installing his son as C.E.O.

Dru: Nick is lying. Victor would never lead you on like this.

Neil: Well, I don't know what to tell you.

Dru: I know what to tell you. You need to get back in that ring, honey, and you need to fight for me and for the project.

Neil: No, I can't do that. I'm sorry.

Dru: Why? Why not?

Neil: Why? Because I quit.


Paul: Warden Paulson, this is Paul Williams.

Warden Paulson: Mr. Williams, what can I do for you?

Paul: Well, first of all, I want to tell you straight away that this is a sales call, but that's absolutely no reason to hang up. I'm a licensed private investigator and a security expert, and I have something that just might interest you.

Warden Paulson: Go on.

Paul: I sell the finest surveillance system in the country, and this system would be ideal for your visitors' area. The visitors would have no idea they're being recorded, and this system provides you with a clear, neat transcript by computer. We use state-of-the-art voice recognition technology.

Warden Paulson: We installed a system like that last year. We're very happy with it.

Paul: Oh, you did?

Warden Paulson: Mm-hmm.

Paul: Well, this is a brand-new system. Um, it would provide certain upgrades that your current system doesn't have.

Warden Paulson: Fine. Send us a brochure then.

Paul: You know what? I would be more than happy to do that, and it has been a pleasure talking with you, sir.

Warden Paulson: Mm-hmm.

Paul: Hot damn.


Damon: Phyllis.

Phyllis: Damon, what are you doing here?

Damon: What would you suppose I'm doing here?

Officer: Ma'am, you can't talk to him. He's being processed.

Phyllis: Processed for what?

Michael: Phyllis, come on.

Phyllis: Why is he handcuffed?

Officer: Because he's been arrested.

Phyllis: For what?

Michael: Phyllis, Phyllis--

Phyllis: Why? Damn it, for what?

Michael: Phyllis, you don't--

Damon: For conspiracy to commit murder.

Phyllis: What? What? I'm sorry.

Damon: Oh, you're sorry? I can't tell you how much that helps. Thank you. I did beg you not to go out and do something stupid, didn't I? Didn't I do that, Phyllis? And here we are. But I'm glad. I'm glad you're sorry. We may all be very sorry for quite some time.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Lily: I feel like we have something really special between us.

Malcolm: I couldn't be more proud of you if you were my own daughter.

Ashley: There is something missing at Jabot.

Victor: It's not up to me to solve your problems.

Phyllis: My life is at stake.

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