Tuesday Y&R Transcript 12/7/04

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 12/7/04--Canada; Wednesday 12/8/04--USA



By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Dominic: Bar fight, huh?

Phyllis: (Deep voice) yeah, so what?

Dominic: That's all you're in here for?

Phyllis: This time.

Dominic: What about that jewelry store you knocked off?

Phyllis: What about it?

Dominic: Did you carry a piece?

Phyllis: Yeah, I carried a piece. What do you think, I knocked it off with a knife?

Phyllis: About ten years-- good lawyer, out in two.

Dominic: Where?

Phyllis: Where what?

Dominic: Was the jewelry store.

Phyllis: Chicago. Why the hell does it matter where the jewelry store was?

Dominic: Where'd you go to prison?

Phyllis: Walworth.

Dominic: Really? You run into a lifer there name of Santini?

Phyllis: All them cons look alike. I did my time and I left. Why don't we talk about what you done?

Dominic: Why do you care?

Phyllis: Because I've been talking about myself too much.

Dominic: And you think I'm a snitch.

Phyllis: Yeah, you could be.

Dominic: I ain'T.

Phyllis: Well, then you prove it to me. You tell me about you, you tell me about that couple who wants to waste you.

Dominic: How about this? I'll tell it to you and I'll tell it to somebody else at the same time.

Phyllis: Why do you wanna do that?

Dominic: Hey, guard. Guard, come here.

Officer: What?

Dominic: Is Detective Weber still in the building?

Officer: Yeah, I think so. Why?

Dominic: Get him over here pronto. I got something I gotta tell him.


Daniel: Okay, Mom, look, wherever you are, this isn't funny, okay? I really need to talk to you, so can you please call me as soon as you get this message? Good, you're still here.

Kevin: No. I left and came back.

Daniel: Well, have you seen my mom?

Kevin: No. Why, is she here?

Daniel: No. I don't know. I don't know where she is. I can't get a hold of her, and I'm really starting to freak out here.

Kevin: Daniel, get a grip. Have a seat and, I don't know, breathe or something.

Daniel: I'm just worried, okay?

Kevin: Well, where did you see her last?

Daniel: At the hospital with Damon, and I think she was about to go do something crazy.

Kevin: Well, your mom's an adult. You can tell her she's making a mistake, but--

Daniel: You don't understand. I mean, I think she's about to get herself in a whole lot of trouble that nobody's gonna be able to get her out of.


Nick: Hey, you're home.

Sharon: Oh. Uh, I thought that you would have gone to bed.

Nick: Nah, it's not that late. I was just getting myself something to drink and I also have some work to do tonight.

Sharon: What about the kids?

Nick: I put them to bed a little while ago.

Sharon: But were they okay? I mean, they weren't upset or anything that I wasn't here for them, were they?

Nick: No, I think they realize their mom's a big shot now and some nights she's gonna have to work late. Besides, they were happy to see my dad.

Sharon: Oh, well, that's good, right? I mean, well, I wouldn't want them to miss me too much.

Nick: Sounds like it's the other way around.

Sharon: Yeah, I do feel kind of bad that I wasn't here tonight.

Nick: Well, if you want a career, you can't have it both ways. You have to realize that.

Sharon: No, I know, I know. I just hope that they understand.

Nick: Babe, relax. I was here to pick up the slack tonight. We're a team, okay? And we're gonna be an even better team once you start working at Newman Enterprises.


John: A fire? I can't believe that.

Ashley: I know, Daddy. The timing couldn't have been worse.

John: Well, can we salvage anything?

Ashley: It doesn't look good.

John: Ashley, do you realize that that distribution center was gonna get us through the holidays and this could destroy us? Oh, my God. Spend a lifetime building a company so that I can pass it on to my kids, and thanks to Newman, my son can't even be a part of it, and now this. Ashley, this could be the final nail in our coffin.


Gloria: There you are.

Michael: Hello, Gloria.

Gloria: You turncoat, you, pretending you wanna talk to John about estate planning.

Michael: Who was pretending? The man needs to be careful with his money.

Gloria: You mean now that he's married to me.

Michael: You said it.

Gloria: That is insulting. I married him for love.

Michael: Yes, for love of his bank account.

Gloria: Oh, you are so jaded. John is kind, considerate--

Michael: Don't forget generous.

Gloria: I know I don't deserve a saint like him after all the mistakes I made, but we make each other happy. He positively lights up when I walk into the room.

Michael: Yeah, I'll just bet he does. And what about his children, do they light up every time they see their new step Mommy?

Gloria: Well, who cares what they think?

Michael: Look, if Jack or Ashley even get a whiff that you're after their father's loot, we'll just see how long you last over there.

Gloria: He's not getting rid of me. I keep him very satisfied.

Michael: Yeah, well, whatever. Look, if this blows up in your face, it blows up in mine, too.

Gloria: Michael, think about this. I am married to the founder of Jabot Cosmetics. You are part of the Abbott family now thanks to me. It's time you get off your high horse and work with me and not against me.


Daniel: Still no answer.

Kevin: Will you relax? We're talking about your mom. From what I've seen, she can take care of herself.

Daniel: Yeah, let's hope so. So how did it go?

Kevin: How'd what go?

Daniel: With Mackenzie. Didn't you talk to her?

Kevin: Uh, yeah, yeah, we talked.

Daniel: That's the whole reason I left here, Kevin, so you could talk me up a little to Mac, tell her what a great guy I am.

Kevin: Mm-hmm. Yeah, I did that.

Daniel: And?

Kevin: Well, I did my best, but I couldn't get through to her.

Daniel: What do you mean you couldn't get through to her? I mean, it's not that hard. You're older than she is, even. If you told her that I'm way more mature than other guys my age, why wouldn't she believe you?

Kevin: Well, see, it wasn't like that.

Daniel: Okay, then what was it like?

Kevin: She, um, she just had other stuff on her mind that she wanted to talk about.

Daniel: Like what?

Kevin: Just stuff. Well, it was kind of personal.

Daniel: What are you telling me here, that you guys sat here over coffee and discussed her personal life?

Kevin: No. I mean, yeah, yeah. Well, sort of, but not in the way you're thinking.

Daniel: I don't think you wanna know what I'm thinking, dude.

J.T.: You two think? That's a switch.

Kevin: We're talking here. Do you mind?

J.T.: I'm looking for Mac. Have you seen her? Have you seen her? Hey, hey, not everybody at once, you know. Just asked you a question.

Daniel: No, I haven't seen Mac.

J.T.: How about you, Fisher? Have you seen her?

Kevin: Do I look like 411?

J.T.: All right, I don't like you, you don't like me, that's cool, but I need to find Mac and it needs to be now.

Kevin: Okay.


Mac: So it's really over with Arthur. There won't be a wedding. Grandma, I'm so sorry.

Kay: Yes, I'm sorry, too, Mackenzie. I'm certainly gonna miss the man, but I'm gonna have to find a way to get on with my life without him.

Mac: Well, hey, I guess it's good that I'm moving back here then. I can help you through this.

Kay: Moving back? Mackenzie, no, darling. You're going to college. I mean, you should be out having fun with your friends. You don't need to baby-sit your grandmother.

Mac: Oh, come on. You are much more important to me than any of that stuff.

Kay: Oh, if you are worried that I'm gonna start drinking again, please don’t. I haven't had the slightest craving for a double vodka martini, very dry, with the olives and pearl onions--

Mac: Grandma, it's great that you can still have a sense of humor about all this stuff.

Kay: Oh, well, it's great that I have such a lovely and caring Granddaughter like you. So reassuring to know that you will always be there for me if I need you. But for right now, you know what I want?

Mac: Hmm?

Kay: I want you to move back into that apartment with your good friends.

Kay: Darling, what is it?

Mac: That's just it. That's not my home anymore.

Kay: Not your home anymore?

Mac: As of tonight, I don't have a place to live.


Sharon: Nick, I don't wanna talk about working at Newman tonight. I just have too much on my mind right now.

Nick: Yeah, I know. You wanna focus on your presentation, and by all means, knock them dead. Leave Jabot on a good note.

Sharon: Um, see, I'm not so sure I should leave Jabot. I mean, Brad took on a huge risk hiring me, and I'm not so sure that's the right way to pay him back.

Nick: I'm sure he'll understand. He also works in a family-owned business.

Sharon: Which raises another good point, Nick. I mean, how's it gonna look if you hire me now? And not just for me, but for you. You're brand new there as the C.E.O., and I'm not sure this is something that you should force through because people might not like it.

Nick: Maybe you're right.

Sharon: You see? It's just bad timing.

Nick: Well, you have to admit it'd be pretty cool, us working together, and I know Newman Enterprises was your first choice.

Sharon: Yeah, but that was before I got the job at Jabot, honey, and, you know, I kind of like doing something totally on my own because when I get my paycheck, I know that I really earned it.


Michael: You're delusional.

Gloria: Oh, really?

Michael: Yes. The moment John finds out who your sons are, he will have that marriage annulled and you won't see a dime.

Gloria: John wouldn't do that. Marriage is a commitment for life.

Michael: Which one of your ex-husbands told you that one?

Gloria: Oh, you are such a downer. If John does learn the truth about you boys...

Michael: If? You mean when.

Gloria: I will make him understand.

Michael: What are you gonna do? Are you gonna hold a gun to his head?

Gloria: No. We have a great relationship. He really loves me. You know, this could make things even better for you.

Michael: Oh, yeah, yeah. We could Kevin a job at Jabot-- chief financial officer.

Gloria: Well, why not? It could happen.

Michael: When pigs fly.

Gloria: Must you be so negative all the time?

Michael: Listen to me, Gloria.

Gloria: What?

Michael: Even if you convince John not to dump you because of all of the lies, the Abbotts aren't about to invite Kevin and me over for one of their grotesque family breakfasts.

Gloria: You never know. Can't you just imagine the look on Ashley’s face?


Ashley: I feel like everything in my life is falling apart-- my marriage, Jabot.

John: Ashley, you are not responsible for the fire.

Ashley: It happened on my watch, Dad.

John: Oh, come on, honey. It was an accident.

Ashley: I never should have cut down the insurance coverage.

John: Blaming yourself is a waste of time right now. What we have to do is figure out how to keep Jabot out of bankruptcy.

Ashley: I spoke to Jack.

John: Well, if we ever needed his talent...

Ashley: And you know what he said.

John: Yeah, his hands are tied.

Ashley: If he did help us, we'd be in breach of our contract with Victor.

John: Oh, at a time like this, we can't even think about that risk. Newman--Newman would destroy us. I have no doubt about that. You know, if it wasn't for that man, Jack-- Jack can't even help his family. You know, I have never hated him as I do right now. Never!

Ashley: Well, Jack's moved on.

John: Yeah, I know. He told you about the offer.

Ashley: C.E.O. of Chancellor Industries. Did he take it?

John: He's leaning that way.

Ashley: How do you feel about that?

John: That's a good question. A man like your brother shouldn't be sitting around idle, not with his talent. If he's gotta work for somebody, I'm glad it's Katherine.

Ashley: If not Jack, I don't know who to turn to. What do I do, Dad? How do I save this company?


Officer: Give it a rest, Hughes. You'll have plenty of time to talk to Weber in the morning.

Dominic: Look, I need to see him right now. You tell him I got new information about my case. He'll see me.

Officer: Yeah, right.

Phyllis: Why do you wanna call a cop? You're crazy.

Dominic: That's right, like a fox. Now you're pretty skinny for an ex-con.

Phyllis: I take care of myself.

Dominic: How much do you weigh?

Phyllis: What does it freakin' matter?

Dominic: Hey there, likes like you're spoiling for a fight, little man.

Phyllis: I swear to you, if you hit me, you're going down just like that guy at the bar.

Dominic: I gotta hand it to you, you had me going. That disguise, it's a lot more creative than your doctor's outfit.

Phyllis: You're nuts, talking crazy. Let go of me.

Dominic: You and Porter, you and Porter, ah, you thought you had me. You wait till Weber gets here. Might as well take off that little disguise right now 'cause your game's over.

Phyllis: You're a bastard.

Man: Deck him, dude.

Phyllis: Let go of me.

Dominic: Forget about it. I don't fight chicks.

Phyllis: Let go of me. Let go of me.


Daniel: We don't know where Mackenzie is.

J.T.: Look, Fisher, I have some information for her, okay? It's really important, and I don't know if you think you're protecting her or what, but this is news that's gonna make her really happy, and if I can't get it to her because you feel like being a big man, then that's gonna be a problem.

Kevin: You know what? You know what? Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you.

J.T.: See, that's exactly the kind of asinine statement that makes me think you're lying to me.

Kevin: Think what you want.

J.T.: Then you don't know.

Daniel: Isn't that what he just said?

Kevin: Hey, hey, hey, I can handle this guy. I'm not telling you a damn thing.

J.T.: Fine, don't tell me. I'm sure as hell not wasting any more time here with fish and sea bass.

Kevin: Good one.


Kay: Darling, I don't understand. You've been evicted.

Mac: No. It's J.T. I just can't stand living with him anymore.

Kay: Mm-hmm.

Mac: And I don't even know why I'm so upset about this or surprised. People have always warned me about what a jerk he is. I just--I guess I was stupid. I thought we were friends, but friends do not act that way toward each other.

Kay: Well, why don't you tell me what he has done that has you feeling this way?

Mac: I thought he changed, but he hasn’t. He's still the same selfish guy that I met years ago, bringing his one-night stands back to the loft, not that it's any of my business, but still.

Kay: Well, that certainly isn't too unusual for a college boy, is it?

Mac: You wanna know the worst thing? He wants to let Brittany and Bobby Marsino move in with us even though I hate the idea. He can't seem to wrap his mind around why I wouldn't wanna live with a guy that owns a strip club.

Kay: Now if that is your main concern for wanting to move out, it is moot.

Mac: Why?

Kay: Well, Bobby and his wife are staying at the ranch at Nikki’s invitation. The only reason I know, I happened to be there when they arrived with all their suitcases.

Mac: Oh.

Kay: So while I can really understand your concern about not wanting--

Mac: But, see, Grandma that still doesn't change the way he treated me, like I didn't have a say, like my feelings don't even matter. But whatever Brittany wants will always come first... and the way that he just lets her walk all over him is pathetic. He's insensitive, and I don't want any part of it. Now do you see why I don't wanna go back there?

Kay: Uh, Mackenzie, are you sure that's all it is?

Mac: What do you mean?

Kay: Well, perhaps there's a reason for you being angry. You might have some feelings for this young man yourself.

Mac: Feelings?

Kay: Hmm?

Mac: No.

Kay: No?

Mac: No way. We're friends, Grandma, except not even if he's gonna act like this.

Kay: Well, just know this is your home, it always will be and you can stay as long as you like. You're always welcome, you know that.

Mac: Thanks.

Kay: Would you like some tea?

Mac: No, no, I'm fine.

Kay: Well, then, I think I'll retire, and if there's anything you want, just knock.

Mac: Grandma, I feel so dumb. You're going through so much, and I'm just blabbing on about all my little problems.

Kay: No, please, if they cause you pain, they're certainly not little. I know. Oh, how about a hug for Grandmother? Oh, I love you. I love you so much.


John: Now, Ashley, listen to me. I don't know exactly what we're going to do, but we will figure this out and we will survive.

Ashley: Well, I hope you're--

Abby: Mommy?

Ashley: Yeah. Why are you awake, honey?

Ashley: I woke up.

Ashley: Yeah, what happened?

Abby: I feel strange being in a different bed.

Ashley: Oh, you've been here before.

Abby: Can you read me a story so I can fall asleep?

Ashley: Of course I will.

John: Hey, you know, Abby, baby, this is Granddaddy's home, Mommy's home and your home.

Abby: What about Daddy? We live in our home.

Ashley: Well, you know what? You're really lucky 'cause you have two homes.

John: Yeah, and you know, when you are all grown up, this will always be your home, and I promise to always make you comfortable here. Is that a deal? Good. I love you, honey.

Abby: I love you, too, Grandpa.

Ashley: Okay, let's get you tucked in. I'm gonna read you a nice story.


Gloria: You should be very happy for me. I've married a very successful man. Now you won't get stuck taking care of me in my old age.

Michael: What makes you think I would have?

Gloria: Because in spite of everything, you've always come through for me. Now you won't have to.

Michael: One down, one to go.

Gloria: Well...

Michael: Oh, I have an idea.

Gloria: What?

Michael: We can marry Kevin off to John's granddaughter Colleen, the young lady he tried to incinerate.

Gloria: Michael, that is not funny. Living with the Abbotts, I've seen just how good people with money have it. You and Kevin could benefit if you play your cards right.

Michael: I don't want your money, such that it is. I don't want John's money. I just wanna get back to work so I'm not here all night.

Gloria: Fine, but maybe one day you won't have to work so hard. Just don't pull any more funny stuff with John, okay?

Michael: Next time I'll call before I come over.

Gloria: Michael...

Michael: Fine, I promise.

Gloria: Thank you. Ciao, baby. I'm off.

Michael: Ciao, baby.


Dominic: You're a real piece of work, redhead.

Phyllis: (Normal voice) get your hands off me. Ah!

Man: He's a chick!

Hank: Why is this woman here?

Officer: I thought she was a man, I swear. She was brought in D.U.I., drunk as a skunk.

Hank: You mind telling me what the hell you're doing here, Ms. Abbott?

Phyllis: I'm trying to do your job, Detective.

Hank: Meaning this is some sort of crazy stunt you cooked up to get closer to Hughes.

Dominic: She was trying to entrap me. She attacked me, Detective. All I was doing was trying to defend myself.

Phyllis: No, an innocent man doesn't have to worry about being entrapped. You hear that?

Hank: Was she frisked?

Officer: No, sir. I had no idea, and she was acting so drunk.

Hank: Turn around, Ms. Abbott.

Phyllis: What?

Hank: Ms. Abbott.

Phyllis: What?

Hank: The recorder.

Phyllis: What recorder?

Dominic: Ain't nothing on it that's gonna hurt me, just this chick rambling on about her phony jobs that she pulled.

Hank: You just get yourself in deeper and deeper. Take her to the ladies' cell and lock her up.

Phyllis: Unh-unh, no, no.

Hank: I'm charging her with obstruction of justice.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, right.

Hank: And get that madness off her face.


Nick: Look, baby, Jabot's a great company, but you know the kind of shape they're in. This job could be a dead end for you before you know it.

Sharon: Look, Nick, I'm not interested in climbing the corporate ladder or anything. I'm happy doing what I'm doing, and I'm not sure I want anything more.

Nick: Okay, all right. Well, how's it gonna make you feel when that company goes down in flames? 'Cause it's gonna happen.

Sharon: Well, if that happens, if, then I will just feel like I gave it my best shot.

Nick: I'm just trying to save you the heartache of going through it.

Sharon: Well, don’t. Please, Nick, okay? I like doing this on my own, and you know what that feels like, right?

Nick: Yes, I do, that's why I opened the coffeehouse, but, Sharon, Newman Enterprises is very important to me.

Sharon: And you don't want me working for the competition.

Nick: This family is finally starting to pull together, and that means everyone should be working for the same team, and that means you.

Sharon: Nick, are you asking me to come to work at Newman, or are you ordering me?


Mac: You're right, Grandma. I do have feelings for him. There was a time when he had feelings for me, too.

[Mac remembering]

J.T.: There you are.

Mac: What, have you been looking for me?

J.T.: Yeah. I wanted to give you this.

Mac: A cd.

J.T.: It's just something for you to listen to on your flight.

Mac: I love this band.

J.T.: Yeah, you mentioned that the other day.

Mac: And you remembered? And then you went out and got it for me? That is so sweet.

J.T.: Yeah, yeah, that's me, all right, Mr. Sweetness.

Mac: Oh, this is awesome.

J.T.: Have a good trip, okay?

Mac: I will.


(Doorbell rings)

J.T.: I had a hunch you'd be here. Can I come in? Come on, Mac, its cold out here.

Mac: What are you doing here, J.T.? Didn't you diss me enough back at the loft?

J.T.: Yeah, see, that's what I don't understand. Why are you-- why did you get so upset about that? I mean, it's almost like, I don't know, like you had some weird jealousy thing going on. Mac, does seeing Brittany with Bobby make you think of, like, you and Billy?

Mac: That's the last thing it reminds me of. Like you said, you don't understand.

J.T.: Well, anyway, it doesn't matter. I got great news for you. Brittany called me, and she was saying that--

Mac: She said that she and Bobby are moving in with the Newman’s?

J.T.: Yeah. How did you know that?

Mac: My grandma told me. She's friends with Nikki.

J.T.: Well, whatever. Problem solved. It's back to just being the two of us, all right? So why don't you grab your stuff? We'll head home. If we're lucky, we can catch Letterman's monologue.

Mac: See, that's the thing. I don't know if I'm ready to go back there.


Gloria: Oh... oh! What a beautiful night. There's a million stars in the sky. Maybe if you feel like it, we could take a drive. Oh, wait till you see the gorgeous cashmere sweater I bought at Fenmore's today. Oh... John, sweetheart, is something wrong?

John: Yeah.

Gloria: What?

John: I'm worried about Jabot. We had a fire in one of our distribution centers.

Gloria: Well, so you rebuild.

John: I wish. We were under-insured, and it could have some dire financial consequences. The company could go bankrupt.

Gloria: What? So what does that mean? Will we be okay?

John: Oh, yes. I've always taken care of myself and my family with my investments. You don't have to worry.

Gloria: Well, I'm not worried about me. I just know how much Jabot means to you, my darling. Is there a chance that everything could turn out all right if we all think positive thoughts, hmm?

John: Unfortunately, this is a problem that can't be solved by a chipper attitude. It's a lot more serious than that.


Gloria: You must really be hurting.

John: This is really bad.

Gloria: You might think I sound like a corny self-help book, but I've learned that the best way to get through difficult times is to count your blessings.

John: Like what, canceled orders and burned out inventory? Please.

Gloria: John Abbott, you have so much to be grateful for. You have a wonderful family, a gorgeous home and a new wife who's crazy about you. Even if the worst happens, you're still better off than 99% of the world.

John: You are something, you know that? Thank you. I needed to hear that. You know, I'm really glad I've got you in my life, boy, especially right now.


Kevin: Feeling any better, sea bass? About your mom, I mean.

Daniel: Way to change the subject.

Kevin: I didn't know there was one.

Daniel: Uh, yeah, there is, and her name's Mackenzie. So were you just faking out J.T.?

Kevin: Man, that guy's so obnoxious-- just assumes I was lying.

Daniel: Were you?

Kevin: Man, he is such a pain. No wonder Mac is so upset with him.

Daniel: Wait a minute. She told you that?

Kevin: Yeah, get this. She is so ticked off at the guy, she's moving out of their apartment. That's good news for you, right?

Daniel: How do you mean?

Kevin: Well, if she hates J.T., then he isn't a threat to you.

Daniel: Oh, yeah. You know what? Think again. Look, the opposite of love isn't hate. It's indifference. Did J.T. seem indifferent just now?

Kevin: No.

Daniel: And Mac was hardly indifferent earlier, right?

Kevin: Look, if you're talking about that whole thin line between love and hate theory--

Daniel: It's not a theory, Kev. Trust me. I mean, people don't get that riled up unless they have, like, strong, passionate feelings. It almost sounds like a lover's spat or something.

Kevin: You know, I'm pretty sure they're just friends, Daniel.

Daniel: Yeah, for now, but they live together. I mean, it's only a matter of time until... I don't know. Unless we could, like, just come up with some kind of creative way just to get him out of the picture altogether.

Kevin: We? Unh-unh. No way. Count me out. I'm still sweating the last time you got creative.

Daniel: Yeah, but I did that for you, remember?

Kevin: Look, just be careful, all right? Don't screw up. I mean, you came in here all freaked out about your mom getting herself into trouble, and here you are thinking about doing the same thing.

Daniel: Look, it doesn't have to be anything crazy or illegal. I just want to make something happen with Mac, and you're gonna help me because you still owe me.

Kevin: Wait a minute. I just--

Daniel: I'm counting on you, Kevin. Don't you dare think about letting me down?


J.T.: Not ready?

Mac: Yeah, that's what I said.

J.T.: Yeah, but why, Mac? No one's even gonna be there.

Mac: So now that Brittany’s gone, I can come back?

J.T.: Yeah, exactly.

Mac: See, to me, letting her move back in was a favor. But to you, it was a dream come true, living with the woman that you love again.

J.T.: Brittany is married, all right?

Mac: That doesn't seem to have changed your feelings.

J.T.: Yeah, it did. Look, Brittany made a choice, all right? I'm not sitting around pining away for her. I got better things to do. Ask Robin.

Mac: You're in such denial.

J.T.: No, see, that's what all you girls say when a guy doesn't say what you wanna hear.

Mac: And in your case, that's never.

J.T.: So you're really not coming home with me.

Mac: I think I'm gonna stay here tonight, maybe for good.

J.T.: Well, all right. Fine, whatever you wanna do.


Nick: Babe, I'm not ordering you to do anything. I wouldn't do that. You know that. I'm just trying to figure out why you're so against this idea. Why don't you want to work with me?

Sharon: Sweetheart, of course I do. I want to work with you. It's just that the timing is all wrong right now. You know that as well as I do.

Nick: Well, I think we could make it work if we wanted it bad enough.

Sharon: Okay, well, I guess we're just gonna have to agree to disagree on that one, because I'm not ready to jump ship yet.

Nick: Well, I can't say I'm happy about this. We're supposed to be a team.

Sharon: We are a team, no matter where I work.

Sharon: Well, I guess I better just go to bed. See you in the morning.

Nick: Good night.


Gloria: You know what?

John: What?

Gloria: I have a feeling that Jabot will survive.

John: Oh, goodness, goodness. Well, let's hope you're right.

Gloria: And I will do whatever I can to help.

John: Well, just being here with me, you've already helped.

Gloria: If you wanna talk your ideas through, I'll always listen. And if Ashley needs help, well, I'd love to baby-sit that adorable little grandchild of yours. Ashley may not think I'm an Abbott, but I'd like to think I am.

John: Oh, you are definitely an Abbott.

Gloria: Well, then that means that Jabot is my family business, too, and I want it to thrive just as much as the rest of you do.

John: Oh, goodness. Come here.

Gloria: What?

John: You know something? I am so glad I married you. I was sitting here feeling so defeated, and now I'm beginning to feel like I can conquer the world. Because you know what, my lovely?

Gloria: Hmm?

John: I got me a company to save.

Gloria: My handsome husband can accomplish anything he sets his mind to. And nothing is gonna happen to Jabot... not if I have anything to say about it.

John: How I love you.

Gloria: I love you.


Phyllis: I want you to call Christine Blair right now. She's my lawyer. She's gonna get me outta here.

Hank: I don't think so, Ms. Abbott. I'm formally charging you with the attempted murder of Dominic Hughes.

Dominic: 'Bout damn time.

Hank: Shut up, Hughes!

Phyllis: You listen to me, you wanna do that? Because last time you tried to hang an attempted murder charge on me, you ended up looking like a moron.

Hank: Yeah, well, second time's the charm.

Phyllis: Detective, you have less evidence this time, just the words of a convicted child killer.

Hank: And the fact that you went to Georgia to lure Hughes to Genoa City. Whether or not by Damon Porter's request, we're still trying to determine.

Phyllis: Wh--I'm not-- I'm not going.

Hank: Go ahead. Go ahead. Take her outta here.

Phyllis: No, no.

Hank: Yes.

Officer: Let's go, ma'am.

Phyllis: You know what? In a couple of more seconds, you woulda spilled the beans.

Hank: That's enough, Ms. Abbott. That's enough.

Dominic: Sayonara.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Nick: I think I'm doing what's best for this company.

Neil: I wonder what your father would say about that.

Michael: Do you have any idea what you're charged with?

Daniel: My mom got arrested last night.

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