Friday Y&R Transcript 11/17/04

Y&R Transcript Friday 11/26/04 -- Canada, Monday 11/29/04 -- U.S.A.


By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Bobby: The deal is, I lost a brother. He just disappeared without a trace.

Nikki: How awful. Was this recently?

Bobby: No, it was years ago.

Nikki: So what happened?

Bobby: I don't really remember much. He was a couple of years older than me. The way I heard it, he disappeared after a birthday party. Guess they weren't keeping an eye on him. I don't know. He wandered away. The cops never solved the case.

Nikki: How horrible for you and your family.

Bobby: Yeah, it was. My parents really wigged out. I kept thinking that it was all my fault. I remember I asked God once if he coulda switched us. I mean, maybe if my parents got my brother back, they'd be happy again.

Nikki: Oh, Bobby.


Kay: Oh, my. Such a long face on the eve of the happiest day of my life.

Jill: Katherine.

Kay: What?

Jill: Read this.

Kay: All right. "My darling daughter Jill, I'm sorry, but I can't go on this way, with a cloud of suspicion hanging over my head. I feel terrible I've brought my past into your lives. I'm going away. Please don't try to find me. All my love, your dad Arthur." I'm sorry. I don't understand.

Jill: This one's for you.

Kay: For me?

Kay: "I'm sorry, my beautiful Katherine. I never meant to hurt you. I will love you forever. Good-- bye and God bless you. Arthur."


Dru: Malcolm, don't get me wrong. I mean, I am so happy that you're alive, but when someone tells you that a person is dead, you just have to put certain issues behind you and move on.

Malcolm: Issues? Dru, what are you trying to say?

Dru: Well, I don't know where to begin. Um, so much has happened. Neil and I are foster parents, and Lily's a teenager now, and that's a roller coaster that's far from over.

Malcolm: What is this roller coaster? Dru, Lily's grown up to be a beautiful, grounded young lady. Look, I get it. As her mother, you worry, and you focus on the problems, but from where I'm sitting, she's a normal teenage girl.

Dru: You think so?

Malcolm: Yeah. And I'll tell you, to come back to Genoa City and get to spend quality time with my niece, it means the world to me. What, what? I say something wrong?

Dru: No, no, no, just forget it.

Malcolm: Dru, I want to ask you something.

Dru: Sure.

Malcolm: How solid are you and Neil?

Dru: Why are you asking me a question like that?

Malcolm: Hey, look, the last time I was here, you were running around Paris doing your modeling thing, and Neil, he was right here trying to make moves on my fiancée. Now unless things have dramatically changed between the two of you, I get the feeling you're still kidding yourselves.

Dru: My marriage is rock solid, Malcolm.

Malcolm: You gave up your modeling career in Paris to come back to the life that Neil wanted for you?

Dru: I gave up my career in Paris because I wanted to. Can we change the subject?


Lily: It must be so weird for my parents.

Devon: You mean finding out that your uncle's alive?

Lily: Yeah. I mean, I was little when my mom and I moved to Paris, so I didn't know him that well, but my parents, I mean, that's a whole another story.

Devon: Yeah, yeah, I picked up some vibes from your dad at the dinner table when his name was mentioned, too.

Lily: Yeah, I know. I just--I don't understand what's going on between them. What I do know is that I hope my Uncle Malcolm sticks around.


Kevin: I'm telling you, man, it was the freakiest thing. I'm in the boxing ring with my brother, and I'm looking right at him, only I don't see him. I see my dad, terrible tom. Man, I still get the chills thinking about it. And he looked exactly the way he did when I was a kid, and he was... (Taps table)

Kevin: Hey, Daniel.

Daniel: Hmm?

Kevin: What's the matter? Am I boring you?

Daniel: No, no, no, I'm just thinking about something.

Kevin: You mean someone?

Daniel: I can't get her out of my head, man.

Kevin: Mackenzie, Mackenzie, Mackenzie.

Daniel: Yeah. You know, I usually don't go for chicks like that, but maybe that's why I'm so attracted to her. She's just not like any of the other girls my age.

Kevin: Well, that's because she's not your age.

Daniel: So she's a few years older than me. Who cares?

Kevin: Mac cares. That's who. I hate to burst your bubble, man, but you're wasting your time pining away. It isn't going to happen.

Daniel: We'll see.

Kevin: Take it from me. Older women, they're great, but they'll break your heart. It's not worth the trouble.

Daniel: Look, just because you struck out with Lauren, doesn't mean that I can't make things between me and Mackenzie work. I just need a little time.


Malcolm: Dru, when did you get back together with Neil? To me, you guys are like oil and water.

Dru: What do you mean?

Malcolm: Come on now. You're a woman who thrives for life. You love the unpredictable. You love the spontaneous. But Neil, he's about as uptight as they come. The man wouldn't know how to have a good time if it bit him on the butt.

Dru: It was much more complicated that that, okay? It was more than just my career. Lily was spinning out of control in Paris. She was running with the wrong crowd, getting in all kinds of trouble, and I thought I could lean on your brother for some help, for some stability for our daughter. But I came home to find out that he was a raging alcoholic.

Malcolm: Let me guess. That's my fault because I didn't call, right?

Dru: That's not what I'm saying, okay? He took responsibility for what he thought was your death. It hit him hard.

Malcolm: Yeah, he laid the guilt trip on me. Don't worry about it.

Dru: You know, you were a big part of what went down here, a very big part. A lot of people cared about you.

Malcolm: Were you one of those people?

Dru: Yes, I was. Yes, I was. I cried, and I cried some more. And then I prayed, because I thought we had lost you forever.

Malcolm: Do you remember when I came to Paris?

Dru: Mm-hmm.

Malcolm: Do you remember why?

Dru: Yes, you wanted me to go back with you.

Malcolm: Only you turned me down.

Dru: Why are we talking about this?

Malcolm: Drucilla, when I drowned, did you regret that decision?

Dru: It wouldn't make any difference. Why are we talking about this?

Malcolm: Hey, hey, maybe it makes no difference, but me, I can't help thinking about how good you and I were together. And if you had said yes to me back then, I just wonder how different our lives might be right now.

Dru: Please, stop it, please.

Malcolm: Stop what?

Dru: Talking about the past. We have to get on with what is.

Malcolm: Yeah, what is?

Dru: You know, one thing's for sure. You still have such a beautiful spirit. And we can't talk about this anymore, you know. Mnh-mnh. Regardless of what happened in the past, we have to move on. I have a beautiful family, and I love them very much. And they're perfect, and I want it to remain that way. Do you understand?


Daniel: Hey, Fisher, anybody home? Is it your turn to space out or something? What are you looking at? Oh.

Kevin: I'm gonna go say hi.

Daniel: No, dude, don't do it.

Kevin: Why not?

Daniel: You just dodged a major bullet.

Kevin: No, we dodged a bullet, Daniel. This was your idea, remember?

Daniel: All I'm saying is you should steer clear of Lily. You say one thing that she doesn't like, and she could run straight to her parents with what you told her.

Kevin: You worry too much.

Mac: Hey, Daniel. What's happening?

Daniel: Good things now that you're here.

Kevin: Hey, guys. Mind if I join you?

Devon: Actually--

Kevin: Oh, come on. It's just gonna be for a minute.

Devon: Yeah, I don't really...


Daniel: So what have you been up to?

Mac: Oh, you know, the usual-- school, school and more school. (Chuckles) what's new with you?

Daniel: Oh, not much. If I'm not at Walnut Grove, I'm either stuck at home or hanging out with Kevin.

Mac: You two are close, huh?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. I don't know. Why, is that a bad thing?

Mac: No, I didn't say that. It's just surprising. You two are so different, you know?

Daniel: Well, what can I say? He comes to me for advice, especially with the ladies.

Mac: He talks to you about lily?

Daniel: Yeah, a little.

Mac: So you know then, don't you?

Daniel: Know what?

Mac: About Kevin, what he did to Lily last summer at the Rec center.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, he told me about that. Listen, do you want a coffee or something?

Mac: Uh, sure.

Daniel: I'll go get it. I'll be right back.


Kay: But your father was here, you know. Didn't you see him when you came in?

Jill: No, he must have left.

Kay: But he was saying all these romantic things. We were having a lovely conversation.

Jill: What happened?

Kay: What happened? I went upstairs to change, and I was making arrangements for the Chancellor company jet to fly us to Las Vegas so we could be married tonight, and it was just going to be this wonder--

Jill: Oh, Katherine! Are you all right? Katherine, Katherine.

Kay: It was going to be a surprise.

Jill: Back up, back up.

Kay: I just wanted it to be a surprise.

Jill: Sit down, sit down. Breathe. Breathe, mother.

Kay: A surprise.

Jill: Let me get you some water. Here, here. Drink it. Are you better?

Kay: Thank you. It doesn't make any sense. No, it doesn't make any sense at all. Because he was standing right there where you stood, and he told me how much he loved me. And he didn't say anything about leaving. Oh, my God.

Jill: What?

Kay: I just realized all those things that he was saying to me, there was this real sadness in his eyes. He was saying good-bye to me then. I mean, how could that be, Jill? I mean, how... what possible reason could there be for him leaving me now so suddenly? What?

Kay: Oh, my God. (Chuckles) oh, you do know, though, don't you, Jill? Why--why did Arthur leave?

Jill: No, I don't know, Katherine.

Kay: Oh, yes, you do. What did you do? What did you say to Arthur?

Jill: I didn't do anything. I didn't think he'd really leave! I was trying to protect you!

Kay: Oh, come on. I mean, my God. I mean, you couldn't let it go, could you? No matter the pain that you caused this dear man with your suspicions, you just couldn't drop it.

Jill: No, I swear to God, it wasn't like that. I talked to Dad, and then I talked to Harrison.

Kay: You talked to Harrison, and you took his word over your own father's?

Jill: No, I didn't! You don't understand!

Kay: Oh, I understand perfectly! You cannot bear... you cannot bear for me to be happy, can you? And you try to destroy any kind of happiness--

Jill: Oh, my God!

Kay: ...Any kind of love that I could have with this man.

Jill: Don't! You're being crazy, Katherine!

Kay: Forget it!

Jill: Come back here!

Kay: Go to hell! (Door slams)


Nikki: What a terrible thing for a family to go through.

Bobby: My father just buried himself in work, and my mother focused on me. She wouldn't let me out of her sight. I wasn't allowed to go play with the other kids. She was just so scared something would happen to me.

Nikki: God, I don't know what I would do if I had to live with something like that.

Bobby: Yeah. My Aunt Betty said that my mother really went off the deep end. I gotta tell you, I-- I think it's better just to know your kid's dead. (Sighs) I haven't talked about this in a long time.

Nikki: So what happened to your parents?

Bobby: My mother just went deeper and deeper inside herself.

Nikki: Depression.

Bobby: Oh, it was major depression. There were weeks she didn't even get out of bed. And my old man, he... just started drinking.

Nikki: Did they split up?

Bobby: No, they never did.

Nikki: Well, where are they now?

Bobby: They're dead.


J.T.: Hey, Mac.

Mac: Oh, hey, guys. How was the club?

Brittany: It was okay.

J.T.: Oh, she's being modest. She knocked 'em dead.

Brittany: Knocked who dead? There was hardly anybody there.

Mac: Cabaret's not a hit?

Brittany: Not yet, but we've only been open a few nights. We just need to be patient.

Mac: So what are you guys doing here?

Brittany: Same thing you are, getting coffee.

Mac: Oh, figured you'd be with your new husband.

Brittany: He's still at the club. He's been so focused on business lately, there's hardly any point talking to him. And now he's got this new partner.

J.T.: Oh, what's his name? Let me guess--Sal or Vinnie or something like that?

Brittany: Try Nikki, as in Nikki Newman.

J.T.: Oh, yeah. That's right. I heard about that. Huh. Well, I don't know, Britt...

Brittany: What's wrong?

J.T.: Haven't you noticed? She's a pretty hot lady.

Brittany: So what?

J.T.: So you should keep an eye on your man.

Brittany: Don't be such a jerk.

J.T.: Hey, I'm just saying, stuff happens.

Brittany: Maybe to other couples. Believe me, I have nothing to worry about. I keep bobby very satisfied, if you know what I mean.

J.T.: All right, that's good to know. Thanks.

Daniel: Sorry it took so long. I got your latte. Hope its okay.

J.T.: That's perfect, dude. Thank you very much. You're the best.

Mac: Hey, that's mine. Come on.

J.T.: Don't worry. I'm sure Daniel will get you another one. You don't mind, do you, buddy?

Daniel: Uh, yeah, I do mind. I got that for Mac. So why don't you give it to her?

J.T.: Hey, easy, sea bass, it's cool. Don't worry. All right? Take it easy.


Nikki: So both of your parents are gone?

Bobby: Yeah.

Nikki: I'm so sorry.

Bobby: Well, they died a long time ago. I really don't remember much about 'em. Hey, get this one. My father, he taught college.

Nikki: He did?

Bobby: Yeah. I don't look like a professor's kid, do I?

Nikki: Well, no, you don’t. What about your mother?

Bobby: My mother, she taught grade school. But like I said, she got really depressed. She stopped teaching. I remember walking in to my mother's room one time-- I couldn't have been more than 4-- and I went to open the drapes. It was a really beautiful day out... and I thought that the light, you know, would cheer her up. I crawled up on the bed next to her. There were just tears running down her face.

Nikki: Oh, how sad for you.

Bobby: Yeah. That's my last real memory of her. Last one.


Kay: Oh.

Gina: Aw, Katherine, I'm afraid we're closed.

Kay: No, it's all right. I-I am so desperate.

Gina: What's the problem?

Kay: Is Arthur still in his room?

Gina: Yes, as far as I know, but he is checking out tonight.

Kay: I don't want him to leave. (Footsteps approach)

Kay: Arthur... we got your notes.

Arthur: I'm sorry, Katherine. I just didn't have the courage to face you. It would've been too painful.

Kay: Damn the pain! It's nonsense. Nonsense!

Gina: Look--

Kay: I don't want you to leave, Arthur.

Gina: I'm gonna leave the two of you alone. Um, if you need me, I'll be back in the kitchen.


Kevin: (Chuckles) uh, so, Lily, can I, uh, talk to you for a sec?

Lily: You are talking to me.

Kevin: I mean, uh-- no offense--in private.

Lily: Well, whatever you have to say to me, I think you can say in front of Devon.

Kevin: Okay. I, um, I was wondering how, uh, how your parents were.

Lily: They're fine so far.

Kevin: Hmm.

Lily: Oh, um, guess what. Devon is my new foster brother.

Kevin: Oh, that's great. You know, when I was a kid, I was, uh, I was so miserable at home that I used to dream that another family would adopt me, you know, nice people who sat around the table at dinner and actually liked each other.

Lily: Pretty much describes our house, huh?

Kevin: Well, you're lucky, Devon. I hope you realize that.


Malcolm: Dru, why are you so worried about me all of a sudden? I'm just Lily's uncle, who likes to tell wild and crazy stories. What is the problem?

Dru: I don't know. I'm sorry. I have to go.

Malcolm: What? What's wrong?

Dru: Trouble sitting with Lily and Devon.

Malcolm: Dru, what's goin' on? Lily tells me she's had trouble in the past, you said the same thing, now you're worried about some kid. What gives?

Dru: Lily told you all that?

Malcolm: No, she didn't get into it. I was teasing her about boys, and she got emotional. What's the problem, Dru?

Dru: I don't want to talk about it. It's over and done with.

Malcolm: No, I don't think so. Somethin' is botherin' Lily. What is it?

Dru: Let it go, Malcolm.

Malcolm: What, you'd rather Lily keep secrets from me?

Dru: You're her uncle. I'm her mother. And Neil and I are raising her our way, with our values. And as for Devon, he's very sensitive and he's very fragile, and we're at the beginning of a process, and we don't need you getting involved.


Kay: Please, Arthur... don't go.

Arthur: Katherine, I have to.

Kay: What about all those things you said to me?

Arthur: I thought you could read between the lines.

Kay: Then you were saying good-bye.

Arthur: And then, when you went upstairs so excited, talking about a surprise, I knew then that I couldn't bring myself to say what had to be said. I thought the notes would do it for me.

Kay: They didn't help. They were so cruel.

Arthur: I didn't mean them to be, Katherine.

Kay: Oh, Arthur, please. We've spent so many years finding one another, and we're together again. Why? Why would you want to leave?

Arthur: It's best for everyone that I do leave.

Kay: It's not best for me, Arthur, because I love you.

Arthur: And I love you, too, my sweet Katherine. But our marriage would never work, not now. There would be too much distrust.

Kay: Don't do this. Please don't do this. Don't you understand? We can't worry about what people are going to say or what they're going to think. The only thing that matters... the only thing that really matters is you and me.

Arthur: Jill matters, too, and what she thinks, what she believes would always come between us.

Kay: So this is Jill’s doing.

Kay: What did she say, Arthur? No... what did she do to turn the best moment of my life into the worst?!


Mac: So how are the renovations coming at Bobby's condo?

Brittany: Actually, they're not.

Mac: What do you mean?

Brittany: I went by there this morning. The workmen weren't there.

J.T.: Maybe they took the day off.

Brittany: That's what I thought at first. But now I'm not so sure.

J.T.: Did you talk to Bobby about it?

Brittany: No.

J.T.: Why not?

Brittany: I think he put things on hold.

Mac: Without telling you?

Brittany: Well, he doesn't have a lot of money right now, and you know how proud Bobby is. It's hard for him to talk about stuff like that.

J.T.: Oh, come on. You guys are married now. You're a team.

Brittany: I know.

Mac: So what are you gonna do, stay at the hotel?

Brittany: We can't afford it anymore. We're supposed to move someplace a lot cheaper, a motel near the club.

Mac: Doesn't really sound like your style, Britt.

Brittany: Huh, tell me about it. Anyway, I have a better idea. I wasn't planning on getting into it now, but... how would you feel if Bobby and I stayed at the loft?


Bobby: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I didn't mean to get you going.

Nikki: Oh, no, I'm sorry. I-I can't help it.

Bobby: It's not your fault. It happened a long time ago.

Nikki: Thanks.

Bobby: It's kinda strange, it coming back like this. I never even told Brittany about it. It musta been all that talk of the past.

Nikki: So... your mother basically died of depression?

Bobby: My Aunt Betty always said that she died of a broken heart. And I could never really understand as a kid because I knew what really killed them.

Nikki: What?

Bobby: My parents died in a car crash.

Nikki: Oh, my God. After losing your brother... both of your parents were killed in a car accident?

Bobby: I don't know how much of an accident it was. Like I said, my father had been drinking a lot. He was driving my mother to a doctor's appointment, and they slammed head-on into a median, were both killed instantly.

Nikki: Where did this happen?


Brittany: Don't everybody speak at once.

Mac: You want to move back into the loft?

Brittany: Yeah.

J.T.: With Bobby?

Brittany: Of course with Bobby. What's the matter? You didn't find another roommate, did you?

Brittany: No, that's not it, but I can't imagine this is what he'd want.

Brittany: Well, I haven't talked to him yet, but we don't have a lot of options. I mean, if we stay at the hotel, we'll blow through all that money my dad gave us. That means that we'll have to live off credit cards. I don't want to do that.

J.T.: Oh, I don't know, Brittany.

Brittany: Just think about it, okay?

Brittany: I gotta go. Bobby's probably back at the hotel by now. I'll see you guys later.

J.T.: All right.

Brittany: It was nice seeing you again, Dan.

Daniel: Daniel.

Brittany: Right, Daniel.

Mac: We're not really gonna let this happen, are we?

J.T.: You think I want Marsino living with me?

Mac: Well, then why didn't you say no?

J.T.: Why didn't you say no?

Mac: I was waiting for you to say no.

J.T.: I was waiting for you to say...

Mac: You are such a chicken.

J.T.: No, I'm not a chicken.

Mac: Yes, yes, you are a chicken. I can prove it. See? See? Uh, this right here, this would be your chicken line, and it's really long.

J.T.: What? That's, like, the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life.

Mac: (Laughs)

J.T.: You know what? You are one strange girl, Mac.

Mac: Okay, so let's figure this out. What are we going to tell Brittany?

Daniel: Why don't you guys just tell her no and be done with it? She's a married woman. You guys are college students. You know, tell her you're sorry to disappoint her, but it's just not a good idea.

Mac: He does have a point.

J.T.: Yeah, well, her name is still on the lease.

Daniel: So talk to the landlord. You guys could figure something out.

Mac: Okay, Brittany doesn't like to be told she can't do something.

Daniel: So I'll do it.

Mac: You?

Daniel: Yeah. She seems like kind of a bitch anyway. I'm pretty sure I can handle her.

J.T.: What-- what'd you just call her?

Daniel: You gotta admit, she's a little--

J.T.: Man, who are you to judge? You don't even know her.

Daniel: I don't have to know her. I went to boarding school with hundreds of girls just like Brittany, and they were all really stuck-up and high on themselves.

J.T.: I'll tell you what, Romalotti, why don't you keep your mouth shut?

Daniel: What did I say that was so terrible?

Mac: Uh, J.T. here has a little soft spot for Brittany.

J.T.: You know what? I'm goin' home. You want a ride?

Mac: Yeah. Do you need a ride or anything?

Daniel: No, I'm--I'm cool.

Mac: Okay. Well, uh, see you around.

Daniel: Mm-hmm.


Malcolm: All right, you two, gotta go.

Lily: Already?

Malcolm: Hey, Lily, you heard your mom. You're not gonna make me the bad guy.

Lily: Yeah.

Malcolm: She went out the back way to get the car. She'll meet you at the front.

Lily: Oh, okay.

Malcolm: Lily, who's your friend?

Lily: Oh, um, this is Kevin Fisher. Kevin, this is my Uncle Malcolm.

Kevin: Hi. Nice to meet you, sir.

Malcolm: All right, hit the streets.

Lily: Oh, okay. Bye.

Malcolm: Bye.

Lily: Thank you.

Devon: See you later, man. Be good, man.

Trevor: Hey, how can I help you?

Malcolm: Um, I saw a "help wanted" sign on the window.

Trevor: Yeah. Let me get you an application.


Arthur: Please, please don't cry, Katherine. I want to remember you as you were earlier-- happy, dancing, your eyes glowing with--

Kay: Stop it! Stop it! Just tell me, Arthur. What did Jill say?

Kay: What did Jill do?

Arthur: (Sighs) there were some papers.

Kay: What kind of papers?

Arthur: Insurance brochures. An application for a life insurance policy on you, intended to look like evidence that I was planning your death.

Kay: Where did she get them from?

Arthur: I don't know. Harrison probably. But the point is Jill wanted to find that evidence. It's never going to stop, darling. I've seen it before, the way suspicion gnaws away at people. And even if Jill believes me now, that mistrust will-- will surface again. We'd all suffer.

Kay: No. No, Arthur. I promise you, we can work this out. I promise you we will work it out.

Arthur: Darling, I don't want us to become a family only to see it torn apart. I would live each day, this sword hanging over my head, wondering when it was going to destroy us.

Kay: Oh, darling, please. I'm begging you. Do you understand? I am begging you. I mean, right now, everything seems very, very dark, but I promise you, we will do everything we possibly can to make our lives light and fun and--

Arthur: Katherine, it's too late.

Kay: No, don't say that.

Arthur: Yes.

Kay: Don't you ever say it's too late. Don't you ever say it's too late! I'll tell you what I'll do. I will liquidate my stock, I'll sell the company, and we'll just spend every penny that I have, and if--well, if you'd like to live extravagantly, then that's what we will do.

Arthur: My god, my god, is that what you think? Is that what you think, that I want your money? That I want it badly enough to kill for it?

Kay: Oh, I never meant to--

Arthur: No, I-I know what you meant, katherine. That even for my denials, the thoughts are still festering there in the back of your mind. You're playing right into harrison's accusations. I'm telling you, it's never going to stop.

Kay: That's not true. That is not true at all. It has stopped. I'm making it stop this instant. Making it stop.

Arthur: Katherine, I meant what I said in that note. I do love you. And I'll carry my love for you to my grave.

Kay: Please don't go. Oh, God, please don't go.

Arthur: Darling, please. Please.

Kay: Arthur, please don't--

Arthur: Come, come, come.

Kay: Arthur, don't go, please. I'm begging you. Please--

Arthur: No, no.

Kay: Please don't go.

Arthur: Shh. Shh.

Kay: Please don't go.

Arthur: Good-bye...

Kay: Arthur, please don't go.

Arthur: My darling.

Kay: Arthur. Arthur.

Kay: Oh, Arthur.

Kay: Oh... damn you, Jill! Yes! Damn you, Jill!

Kay: Damn you. Damn you. Damn you. Damn you. Oh, God.


Bobby: What difference does it make where it happened?

Nikki: Bobby, I'm just curious.

Bobby: It was in Ohio. After my brother disappeared, my father got a teaching job in Cleveland. And my mother certainly didn't want to be around here anymore.

Nikki: Here?

Bobby: Yeah. You didn't know that. I was born right here in Genoa City.

Bobby: After my parents died, I got shipped off to New York to live with my aunt and uncle. It was my mother's sister-- Aunt Betty. I mean, she was actually the only mother I've ever known. She's the one that raised me. I still call her mom. The woman's got a great heart.

Nikki: At least you had somebody.

Bobby: Yeah. But my Uncle Al, man, he was tough. He... resented the fact that he had to raise someone else's kid. He didn't hit me or nothin', but he was cold as ice, and he let me know from day one that I was not welcome there.

Nikki: That's just awful. I mean, after everything you had been through.

Bobby: Yeah. I did whatever I could to get out of the house whenever he was around. Then I started hanging out with the wrong sort of guys. I thought that they had this glamorous life.

Nikki: Well, you craved attention.

Bobby: Yeah, that. Plus, it put some extra cash in my pocket. Once I got enough money together, I moved back here to Genoa City. My wild ways was kinda taking its toll on my aunt. And my uncle-- big Al Marsino-- you know I still remember him looking at me, chewing on that rotten cigar of his and telling me, "you know what, kid? You ain't never gonna amount to nothin'."

Nikki: Marsino? Your uncle's name was Marsino?

Bobby: Yeah. I started using their name when I--when I lived with them. It was just easier, you know? It was kinda like what happened to you. I just wanted to forget about my past. You just can't imagine what it's like, just wondering if there was something that you coulda done and some way that your parents wouldn't have been killed.

Bobby: I just wanted to disappear and start all over again, and my aunt said that I could use their name. So I became Bobby Marsino.

Nikki: That little boy that you wanted to have disappear, what was his name?

Bobby: It was Charles. I don't even look like a Charles.

Nikki: Charles?

Bobby: Yeah. Charles Robert Cassen.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Dru: My husband and I have a rock-solid marriage.

J.T.: We should help her out.

Mac: She was in such a rush to experience real life. I say we let her.

Paul: It was an accident.

Nikki: I am responsible for his unhappiness.

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