Friday Y&R Transcript 11/19/04

Y&R Transcript Friday 11/19/04--Canada; Monday 11/22/04--U.S.A.


By Amanda
Proofread by Emma

 Phyllis: Daniel? Can you help me bring the groceries in from the car?

 Chris: Your son's not here.

 Phyllis: Christine. What are you doing here?

 Chris: Daniel called me earlier, asked me to come by.

 Phyllis: Where is he?

 Chris: He went back to school. He needed a book.

 Phyllis: Why did he call you?

 Chris: Because he's upset.

 Phyllis: About what?

 Chris: The fact that you could be charged with a horrific crime.

 Phyllis: (Sighs) did you happen to tell him that you refused to represent me?

 Chris: Yeah, I told him. And then he pleaded with me to reconsider. The poor kid is terrified.

 Phyllis: Is that why you're here--to make me feel guilty?

 Chris: No, I'm here because I have changed my mind. If you still want me, I'll be your attorney.


 Hank: So, Mr. Hughes, you still insist that Phyllis Abbott visited you in Georgia to, uh...

 Dominic: Beg me to come to this burg, yeah.

 Hank: She give a valid reason?

 Dominic: She claims Damon Porter just had to see me.

 Hank: Did she say why?

 Dominic: Somethin' about helping me get back on my feet. Said he was gonna hook me up with some cash.

 Hank: And you believed her?

 Dominic: I had been locked up for eight years. This dude Porter wants to help me out, who was I to turn him down?

 Hank: Ms. Abbott claims that she begged you to stay away.

 Dominic: Come on, detective. Why would the broad go all the way to Georgia to tell me somethin' I already knew? Seriously. I mean, only a crazy man would look up the guy that hates him most in the world the first day outta the joint.

 Hank: Yet that's exactly what you did.

 Dominic: 'Cause she snowed me. How was I supposed to know this whole thing was a setup?

 Damon: Detective Weber... pardon the intrusion. Just how long do you expect to-- to listen to this man's lies?


 Dru: (Dials telephone) (rings) (ring) (ring)

 Olivia: Oh!


 Dru: (Hangs up)

 Neil: Lily, Devon-- dinnertime! Couldn't get ahold of Liv?

 Dru: Nope, which means I'll have to go upstairs after dinner. I do not want her to find out about Malcolm a different way.


 Olivia: No... (Doorbell rings)

 Olivia: Now what?

 Malcolm: I gotcha. I gotcha. (Sighs)

 Malcolm: Olivia... you're still such a beautiful woman.


 Jill: Well? Say something.

 Arthur: Like what?

 Jill: Dad, why would you take out a large life insurance policy on mother when we both know she has enough money to keep you two living lavishly for the rest of your lives?

 Arthur: Why should I have to explain, Jill? You've obviously tried and convicted me.

 Jill: No, I have not! If you can give me a reason why you have these papers that doesn't fit in so neatly with Harrison’s claim...

 Arthur: That I murdered my first wife and that I'm only marrying Katherine for her money, and then--and then-- I'm going to do away with her?

 Jill: Oh, Dad, if only you knew how desperately I don't want to believe you're capable of something like that.

 Arthur: Jill, I am so hurt that you found it necessary to sneak behind my back, search through my things.

 Jill: I know. I feel terrible about that, too.

 Arthur: Well, so do I. But not for the reason you're thinking.

 Jill: Then why?

 Arthur: I've never seen any of this stuff before in my life!


 Nikki: Hey, Bobby, did you order that extra case of Merlot?

 Bobby: Yeah. It already came in. I signed for it--whoa!

 Nikki: What?

 Bobby: Damn, you look incredible.

 Nikki: Well, thank you. It is cabaret night. I had to do something.

 Bobby: Yeah. Well, maybe I should just fire all the strippers and turn this place into a cabaret full-time. What do you think?

 Nikki: I think you better watch it. You're a married man.

 Bobby: Hey, look, I have a ring on my finger, but I'm not blind.


 Olivia: Oh, God... oh...

 Malcolm: How are you feelin'?

 Malcolm: Olivia. Olivia, come on now. Olivia, it's okay. It's me.

 Olivia: No! No! No... Malcolm’s dead! Malcolm's dead, Malcolm’s dead.

 Malcolm: Hey, hey. Look, look, I didn't mean to scare you. I figured Drucilla would've told you by now.

 Olivia: Drucilla? (Gasps) Malcolm, is that really you?

 Malcolm: Yeah, it's me.

 Olivia: Oh, my God! Oh, my God. I can't believe this.

 Malcolm: Believe it, Olivia. I'm right here.

 Olivia: I... oh, Malcolm!


 Lily: So, mother, are you still going to Aunt Liv's after dinner?

 Dru: Oh, yes. You know, Auntie Liv still doesn't know that Malcolm is back in town. May I have your plate?

 Devon: Yeah. All right, can you please pass the gravy?

 Neil: Sure. You know, Liv’s gonna get the shock of her life when she sees Malcolm. When I think about what Nate has been through all--

 Dru: Sweet, can we not discuss that right now? May I have the rolls?

 Neil: Certainly, sweetie. Would you like some butter?

 Dru: Yes.

 Neil: Devon, would you mind passing Mrs. Winters the butter?

 Devon: Yes, sir.

 Lily: Oh, my God.

 Dru: Thank you.

 Lily: I'm sorry, but where are my parents? You two are like pod people.

 Dru: Excuse me?

 Neil: What are you talkin' about?

 Lily: Why are you guys acting so polite and proper? Devon's seen us argue before. Right?

 Devon: Well, I don't know.

 Dru: Well, we don't argue to just argue, honey. You know that.

 Lily: Oh, right, because we rarely ever fight.

 Neil: So what's wrong with acting like the Cosby family from time to time, you know? A little bit of family unity and manners never hurt anybody. Isn't that right, Devon?

 Devon: Yeah, sure.

 Lily: Ha ha ha. Um, may I have the butter--please?

 Devon: Yep-- oh, jeez, I'm sorry, guys.

 Dru: Don't worry, honey. I'll clean it up.

 Devon: No, I got it.

 Dru: No, sit down, darling--

 Devon: No, I got it, okay? I made the mess, okay? I'll clean it up.

 Neil: All right, why don't you just cool it, Devon, all right? Every family member has spilled something at this table at one point or another.

 Devon: Yeah, well, you know what? I'm not a family member, okay? You guys keep saying that, but it's not true.

 Neil: Um, I know you're feeling a little--

 Lily: Uh, may I have the-- oops! Spilled my milk, too.

 Dru: Lily! Lily, what are you doing?

 Lily: Mom, everyone has accidents.

 Dru: Accidents? Milk costs money! Quit it!

 Lily: You're not upset, are you? There's no use crying over spilled milk.

 Dru: I can't believe her.

 All: (Laughing)

 Neil: Come on, guys, let's dig in.


 Bobby: So how's it lookin' out there?

 Nikki: Um, could be better.

 Bobby: Pretty empty, huh?

 Nikki: Got about eight or ten people.

 Bobby: Damn.

 Nikki: Well, be patient. I mean, it's gonna take some time. Everybody still thinks of us as a gentlemen's club. If you're gonna reinvent yourself, you have to be patient.

 Bobby: Mm. It's just tough on Brittany. She's used to, like, a much bigger crowd.

 Nikki: Oh. Is she complaining?

 Bobby: Well, she's an artist. What do you expect?

 Nikki: I expect her to perform her little heart out. And if people like what they see, they will tell their friends and then we will be packing them in. That's what I expect.

 Bobby: Speaking of friends, when are you gonna ask those people in that little hoity-toity circle of yours to start comin' down here?

 Nikki: Who do you think half of those people are out there?

 Bobby: That's my girl. Now how about gettin' your husband down here with some of his hotshot friends so we can sell 'em some of the expensive stuff? Did I say something wrong?

 Nikki: No. No, it's just...

 Bobby: You haven't heard from him yet?

 Nikki: Not yet.

 Bobby: Is he gonna be home for Thanksgiving?

 Nikki: I don't know. I'm not sure. I'm not sure of very much these days.


 Phyllis: I know you won't do me any favors. Ahem. Obviously, you're doing this for Daniel.

 Chris: How astute.

 Phyllis: You enjoy this, don't you--making me feel like a terrible person?

 Chris: I just keep thinking about your son. It isn't fair to lay something this heavy on a boy his age.

 Phyllis: I didn't want him to know, Christine-- all right?-- Unless he absolutely had to,

 Chris: Then why'd you tell him?

 Phyllis: Because he knew something was up. He wouldn't let it drop until I told him. I tried to sidestep best I could.

 Chris: Well, apparently, you didn't do a very good job.

 Phyllis: He's a very smart kid. You can't put a lot past him.

 Chris: So now he's carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, when he should be concentrating on his schoolwork and enjoying life. He is not a grownup. He's a kid!

 Phyllis: He's my son. Don't you think I know that?

 Chris: So do you want me to help you or not?

 Phyllis: I don't see any alternative... so, yes. At least I'm dealing with the devil I know.

 Chris: Oh, let's not overdo the flattery.

 Phyllis: Luckily for us, this won't take long.

 Chris: Why do you say that?

 Phyllis: Because Dominic Hughes is lying.

 Chris: You're not even really sure what he's telling the police, are you?

 Phyllis: I have a pretty good idea after what Weber told me.

 Chris: As I recall, you and Detective Weber aren't exactly the best of friends.

 Phyllis: Oh, no, we're not-- not after he tried to railroad me for that pool house fire. I was practically convicted of attempted murder and arson, so he's not really on my Christmas card list.

 Chris: Well, apparently, Hughes is relating a pretty convincing story.

 Phyllis: Well, it's his word against mine and Damon’s. You said so yourself.

 Chris: Technically.

 Phyllis: Well, there you go. That won't stand up in court. It probably won't even make it to trial.

 Chris: We certainly hope it won’t... don't we?


 Hank: Mr. Porter, I planned to come to your room.

 Damon: Did you?

 Damon: I thought I'd save you the trouble.

 Damon: This fella here-- he's a parole violator, a convicted felon. He murdered a child. And I was just wonderin' how long you plan on listening to what he has to say.

 Hank: I'm only trying to sort out the facts here, Mr. Porter.

 Damon: Phyllis and I told you exactly what went down at that motel.

 Hank: It's what led up to it that I'm most interested in, sir.

 Dominic: I told you, this dude and his girlfriend lured me to town to shove a sword through my gut. Samurai Sam here damn near killed me.

 Damon: Only after he attempted to rape Phyllis-- at gunpoint.

 Dominic: I'm a lover, Porter, not a rapist.

 Damon: You're a murderer. We know that much. Don't we, Detective?

 Hank: Mr. Porter, you're in no condition to have a confrontation with this man.

 Dominic: That's right. You got somethin' to say, you're gonna have plenty of time to tell it to a jury.

 Damon: You actually believe this is going to go to court? You're a paroled felon caught with a piece. Who they gonna listen to?

 Dominic: Tell him, Detective. Tell him he's gonna be charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Tell him.

 Damon: Is that right, Detective? Are you plannin' on chargin' Phyllis and me?

 Hank: (Clears throat)


 Jill: Wait a minute. You are telling me that these papers are not yours?

 Arthur: That's right.

 Jill: Then why is this application form filled out in your handwriting?

 Arthur: I didn't realize you were a graphology expert.

 Jill: Well, it looks like your handwriting.

 Arthur: It isn't!

 Jill: Dad, now you're scaring me. I found these in your room-- in your desk behind some other things.

 Arthur: And that's what's breaking my heart, Jill-- that you went searching for evidence to condemn me!

 Jill: No! No, I don't-- I don't know exactly what I was looking for.

 Arthur: Oh, no, no, no, no. You were looking for some way to prove that I killed Harrison’s mother.

 Jill: Or maybe some way to prove to myself, once and for all, that you didn't! That it's just some stupid story concocted by your stepson to get back at you.

 Arthur: Unfortunately, you'll never prove that.

 Jill: Well, I can try, can't I?

 Arthur: Oh, yes, yes, you can try for the next 50 years, but you'll only be spinning your wheels. I can't even prove that I didn't murder Eleanor!

 Jill: Dad, come on, there's gotta be some way...

 Arthur: There isn’t. You can either believe me or not. The choice is yours, Jill. It's that simple.


 Bobby: I don't like what Victor's doin'. It's not right-- a husband walkin' out on his wife?

 Nikki: He didn't walk out. He just needed time alone. I don't want to talk about this.

 Bobby: Yeah, well, I guess I wouldn't wanna talk about it, either, if I married the wrong guy and stayed with him as long as you did.

 Nikki: I have an idea. Why don't we wait until you and Brittany have been together longer than 20 minutes before we discuss marriage, Marsino?

 Bobby: Oh, whatever. All I'm tryin' to say-- fine. You know what? I'll just shut up.

 Nikki: Thank you.

 Bobby: So you been keepin' yourself busy while your husband's been gone?

 Nikki: Well, um... yeah. This place and Jabot keeps me very busy. I don't really have spare time.

 Bobby: So you haven't been havin' any fun?

 Nikki: What do you mean by fun?

 Bobby: Well, you know what they say-- when the cat's away...

 Nikki: (Sighs)


 Malcolm: After that, I just looked at my life. I knew I had to come back here.

 Olivia: It's-- it's just so amazing that you survived. And these people took you into their home and helped you through the long recuperation?

 Malcolm: They were good to me. They took me in as if I was one of their own.

 Olivia: Oh, God... what an incredible journey.

 Malcolm: Changed my life, Olivia.

 Olivia: I never thought I would ever see you again.

 Olivia: Will you go back?

 Malcolm: I don't know. I'd really like to take Nate there someday. I wanna show him just how different the world can be.

 Malcolm: How's he doin', Olivia?

 Olivia: He's good. He's--he's fine. In fact, I just saw him. He's going to a new school in England.

 Malcolm: I wanna see him. Olivia, I owe him so much.

 Olivia: You bet you do. You have no idea what you put my son through.


 Dru: You got that, honey?

 Neil: I got it. I got it, I got it. Perfect. Hey, Devon, don't think this is gonna happen every night now, all right?

 Devon: Oh, I know, I know. I remember from before.

 Dru: And you should remember this family has a good sense of humor.

 Devon: Yeah, well, you know, if I would've done somethin' like that back at the group home and some kid copied me, I would've got in all kinds of trouble.

 Dru: Yeah, well, you're not at the group home, you're here.

 Lily: Well, he knows that. Devon's been with other families where they would send him back as soon as things got tough. Right?

 Devon: Yeah, that's right.

 Neil: I'm sure that's true, and I wasn't there, but I have a distinct feeling that "when things got tough" translates into "when Devon was causin' trouble."

 Devon: Yeah, well, you know, when lily causes a little trouble, you don't get rid of her.

 Neil: Well, no. That's because she's family. She's our daughter.

 Devon: Exactly.

 Dru: Exactly what?

 Devon: She's your daughter and I'm the foster kid.

 Dru: Devon, you can drive yourself crazy wondering why you're the foster child, or you can start working at making this your family and have fun doing this. We're not gonna kick you out.

 Lily: But, you know, he has a point, though. I mean, I'm not perfect and you guys still cut me slack. So why not do the same for him?

 Dru: Oh-ho-ho. This is gonna be a challenge, honey--two instead of one.

 Neil: Yeah, but we gonna get through it together. Hey, listen, um, I'd like to think that I'm a fair man, and I promise that we will try and give consideration to every situation. Just remember one thing.

 Devon: What's that?

 Neil: We're not perfect, either. Hey, on a lighter note-- isn't there some apple pie that's waiting for us in the kitchen?

 Dru: Yes, there is.

 Neil: Well, let's get crackin' on it. Be right back.

 Dru: I'm gonna help.

 Devon: Thanks, Lily.

 Lily: Don't worry about it.


 Hank: Thank you. Look, you two, at the moment, I'm still investigating. I think it might be best if I question you separately.

 Dominic: Suits me just fine.

 Damon: I've got nothin' to hide. I'm certainly not afraid to speak in front of him.

 Hank: Maybe it's time you had yourself legal representation. I'm gonna want to record your statement.

 Dominic: I don't need a lawyer.

 Hank: What about you, Mr. Porter?

 Damon: Really doesn't matter one way or the other. I know what happened in that motel room. I know why and I know how it happened. Now if you choose not to believe me, I suppose that's your problem.

 Hank: Hardly. I'd say you're the one with the problem, Mr. Porter, 'cause, quite frankly, the story that Mr. Hughes is tellin' seems to fly. But the way you and Ms. Abbott claim things went down is illogical, inconsistent and pretty hard to swallow. (Footsteps approach)

 Chris: Detective Weber, what's going on here?


 Hank: Ms. Blair, if you need to speak with me, it'll have to wait. I'm right in the middle of something.

 Chris: I can see that, and I want it to stop immediately.

 Hank: You want what to stop?

 Chris: Any further interrogation of my client. I assume that's what you're doing.

 Hank: Your client?

 Chris: Yes. I'm representing Damon Porter and Phyllis Abbott. I don't want you talking to either of them without me present.

 Hank: I asked Mr. Porter if he wanted an attorney. He declined.

 Chris: All right. Well, nevertheless, this interview is over. And if you'll excuse me, I'd like to talk to Damon alone.

 Hank: Suit yourself. Take Mr. Hughes back to his room and post by the door. Thank you.

 Dominic: See ya in court, pal. You too, redhead.

 Damon: Client, Christine?

 Chris: You're not. I just said that for Weber’s benefit.

 Damon: I don't understand.

 Phyllis: Yeah, I called Christine.

 Chris: You know what? Let me do the talking. Phyllis explained your situation. I'm going to be representing her. You can definitely retain your own attorney, but--

 Damon: And you feel there's a chance that this thing could actually happen?

 Chris: We have to look at it that way.

 Damon: All right then. If you're... if you're comfortable handling both cases, I would appreciate it if you took on mine as well. The last thing I want is for Phyllis and I to be working opposite each other.

 Chris: Okay. In the very near future, I'm gonna need to sit both of you down and get your statements on record, but first I need to research this case-- dig into the files and transcripts on the Hughes murder trial, read over the police reports on the motel confrontation. In the meantime, I don't want either of you talking to Detective Weber or any other cop unless I'm with you. Is that understood? Okay. I'll be in touch.


 Dru: Do the dishes. Ha ha!

 Neil: That was a great dinner tonight.

 Dru: Thanks.

 Neil: Thanks, baby.

 Dru: Well, we just got through our first family dinner.

 Lily: Yes, we did. Went pretty well, don't you think? In spite of all the spilled milk.

 Dru: I thought it was so sweet how you tried to make Devon feel comfortable.

 Lily: Ha ha. Yeah. I really want things to work out.

 Dru: Don't worry, they will.

 Lily: I know. And Dad's trying really hard, too.

 Dru: Yes, he is.

 Lily: Um, Mom, can I ask you something? And will you be completely honest with me?

 Dru: Yeah. What is it?

 Lily: Well, what's going on with Dad and Uncle Malcolm?

 Dru: What do you mean?

 Lily: I don't know. It's just... the other night at dinner, I just felt a lot of tension between them.

 Dru: Well, honey, they're brothers. They're like night and day.

 Lily: No, but it was-- there was more than that. You know? There was something else there.

 Dru: Well, Daddy and Uncle Malcolm have been through a lot together, honey. They've helped each other, they've given each other a lot of grief. It's natural. They're brothers.

 Lily: What about you? I mean, how do you feel about Uncle Malcolm?


 Malcolm: Olivia, I expected you were gonna have some attitude.

 Olivia: Attitude?!

 Malcolm: Okay, whoa. Wait a minute. It's not gonna do any good to get angry. Please believe me when I say I had my reasons for stayin' in Africa.

 Olivia: You should've contacted us the minute you recuperated.

 Malcolm: Okay, maybe I should've.

 Olivia: Maybe? Are you kidding? Nate's heart was shattered into a million pieces, and you could've prevented that. You made a commitment to that boy. Do you remember what a commitment is? It's when you stand by someone through hell or high water!

 Malcolm: But it's not that simple.

 Olivia: It never is for you, is it? And when it's difficult, when there's things you can't deal with, you just go and hide. Did you consider, for even one minute, what your death might have meant to Nate? Well, I'll tell you. He was depressed. He was so depressed, I didn't think he was ever gonna snap out of it.

 Malcolm: And I'm sorry.

 Olivia: Sorry? Sorry doesn't cut it, Malcolm. Oh! I just... I don't get you. I don't--I don't get you! You fought me tooth and nail for visitation rights, and then you just up and disappear?

 Malcolm: Olivia, I had no way of knowing that my life was gonna go the way that it did.

 Olivia: Oh, right, right. It's just however the wind blows you, right? You wanna live in Africa, you just live in Africa, and to hell with everybody else!

 Malcolm: Okay, please, listen to me. By the time I had the strength to come back, the family that took care of me--they needed me. What was I supposed to do? I can't just walk away from them. They saved my life! And besides, I figured Nate-- he'd done his grievin'. What good would it would've done for me to come back into his world only to leave again?

 Olivia: I don't want you to see him.

 Malcolm: Olivia, please--

 Olivia: No, no! Look, I wasn't in your shoes and I'm not judging what you did but I know how Nate was affected by it, and I will do everything in my power to make sure that doesn't happen again.

 Malcolm: Look, I understand your position--

 Olivia: No, you don't! You don't understand! Nate's in a school-- a new school. This is an important scholastic year for him. I don't want you turning up there. It's just gonna be a distraction he doesn't need.

 Malcolm: Olivia, be honest with yourself. You know how happy he would be to see me again.

 Olivia: For how long? Hmm? A couple of years, and then you'll take off again-- disappear? I don't think so. Look, I'm gonna have to insist that you not go and see Nate until his semester is finished. I mean it, Malcolm. Promise me you're not gonna see him till after that.


 Nikki: Are you suggesting that I do something stupid while Victor's away?

 Bobby: No, no, no. That's not what I'm saying. What I meant was, now that you have a little bit of time to kick back and maybe do somethin' you wanna do.

 Nikki: I am doing what I want to do. I like being here.

 Bobby: Really. So I'm gonna see you around a little more often?

 Nikki: I don't know. Is that what you want?

 Bobby: I want you to do whatever makes you happy. I'll tell you, when you're down here mingling with the guests, you're like a different person. You are so good at making people feel welcome. And when you're good at what you do, it's not like its work.

 Nikki: I get it. I know what you're saying. You're telling--well, no. You're ordering me to enjoy myself.

 Bobby: Hey, life's too short not to have fun whenever you can. Well... I gotta get out there and see Brittany sing. Aren't you comin' with me?

 Nikki: No, not this set. I think I'm gonna lie down on the sofa for a little bit.

 Bobby: Really. You feelin' okay?

 Nikki: No, I'm fine. I just--I didn't sleep very well last night.

 Bobby: Bad dreams?

 Nikki: Yeah--bad dreams. Go! Go on. You're gonna miss the show.

 Nikki: What are you doing?

 Bobby: Just wanted to scare away the bad dreams.

 Nikki: Hi, Paul. It's Nikki. No, I'm fine. What are you doing? Do you think you can make some time for an old friend?


 Phyllis: I have a real bad feeling of déjà vu right now.

 Damon: Being accused of something you didn't do?

 Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Contrary to popular belief, being innocent doesn't always guarantee you'll go free.

 Damon: Well, don't panic. You told me Christine is a fine attorney.

 Phyllis: That's the general consensus, yes.

 Damon: All right, then, we haven't been formally charged with anything.

 Phyllis: Yet.

 Damon: Look, listening to you tell Weber the exact opposite of what truly happened...

 Damon: It's frustrating.

 Phyllis: Sit down. Hey.

 Damon: Hold up.

 Phyllis: Oh, god, just the thought of that... just the thought of that makes me want to strangle that guy.

 Damon: I don't suppose that'd help our cause much.

 Phyllis: I don't wanna laugh about this.

 Damon: I'm beginning to see what you mean about Weber.

 Phyllis: Oh, I'm telling you, Damon, I'm telling you, he will pound away at you and pound away at you, and then when he sees you waver, he'll go in right for the throat when you least expect it.

 Damon: I think I'll be all right.

 Phyllis: I'm really scared.

 Damon: It's gonna be okay. We're gonna be okay.

 Phyllis: I hope we are.

 Damon: I know it's been traumatic.

 Phyllis: Traumatic? I had a gun pointed at my head. This guy was gonna rape me. We could both be dead.

 Damon: But we're not. We're both alive, Phyllis. We're lucky.

 Phyllis: You--Damon, you're--you're recovering from having your insides shredded, and we have a cop that--that's coming after us and wants to put us away for a million years. We're not lucky.

 Damon: Just so you know, I meant what I said.

 Phyllis: What? What are you talking about?

 Damon: When this is all behind us-- and it will be-- you and Daniel and me, we'll be in a family.

 Phyllis: I want you to listen to something. If we don't get a break real soon, the only family we're gonna have are our cellmates.


 Arthur: Why don't you just admit it, Jill?

 Jill: Admit what?

 Arthur: That you put this little poison package together to see if you could shake me up.

 Jill: What?! I did not. How could you even think such a thing?

 Arthur: Then it must be Harrison’s work. Somehow he got into my room and planted the papers in that desk.

 Jill: Dad, that is impossible. He couldn't get into the house.

 Arthur: He could have picked the lock.

 Jill: No, I don't think he could have.

 Arthur: In other words, you're giving him the benefit of the doubt but not your own father.

 Jill: No, it's just that Katherine has a state-of-the-art security system, and nobody can gain access to the house.

 Arthur: You think I'm paranoid, don't you?

 Jill: I don't know what I think.

 Arthur: Look, Jill, I'm only going to say this one more time. Either you find it in your heart to dismiss these baseless, outrageous accusations from your mind, or I'm leaving.

 Jill: Leaving?

 Arthur: Yes. I will not live under this cloud of suspicion any longer. Can you do that, Jill? Can you really do it and mean it and mean it forever, or is it too late?

 Arthur: That's what I thought.


 Dru: Honey, what kind of a question is that? Of course I love Malcolm. He's my brother-in-law.

 Lily: And that's all?

 Dru: What are you fishing for?

 Lily: Nothing, nothing. I don't know. It's just... that day when I saw you two together...

 Dru: Well, what did you see? Spit it out.

 Lily: Mom! No, I don't mean that you and Uncle Malcolm... come on, don't be ridiculous.

 Dru: No, no, no, just, let's nip--

 Devon: Okay, we can still catch the last ten minutes of that game.

 Neil: We're gonna be watching the game, ladies.

 Dru: Okay.

 Lily: Okay so were you ever?

 Dru: Ever what?

 Lily: You know, was there ever anything between you two?

 Dru: Oh, boy, your imagination is working overtime. Did you do your homework?

 Lily: Go on. Don't change the subject now. Do not do that. Just tell me. Come on.

 Dru: Oh, my goodness. Um... okay, back in the day, a long time ago... (whispering) I had an itty-bitty crush on Malcolm, that's it.

 Lily: Um, okay. I knew it. I knew it.

 Dru: (Chuckles)

 Lily: Well, thank you for being honest with me.

 Dru: Sure.

 Lily: All right. Thank you for dinner, Mom.

 Dru: You're welcome, honey.


 Olivia: Well, what's it gonna be? Will you leave Nate alone till after the semester?

 Olivia: Malcolm, after what you put that boy through, you owe him that. Do I have your word?

 Malcolm: Yes, if that's what you want.

 Olivia: It is. Thank you.

 Malcolm: All right, I'll-- I'll be in touch with you.

 Olivia: Where are you staying?

 Malcolm: Around.

 Olivia: Malcolm? Look, I... I just want you to know that I am-- I am so grateful and happy that you're alive.

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