Wednesday Y&R Transcript 11/17/04

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 11/17/04 -- Canada, Thursday 11/18/04 -- U.S.A.


By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Jill: All right, uh, Mother...

Kay: Hmm?

Jill: Let's talk about it.

Kay: What? Oh, the wedding.

Jill: Yeah, the wedding. So what's your rush?

Kay: Jill, it's been on my agenda for some time here.

Jill: I know, but that was before Harrison Bartlett got into town.

Kay: Harrison is out to destroy Arthur with his horrible lies. And now I'm not going to stand for it, do you hear me?

Jill: I know. And I hope to God they are lies, all right? He's my father. Arthur's my father. But what if they're not? What if he really did kill his first wife?

Kay: Oh, God, God, God. Please, I wish I'd have never heard those ridiculous allegations.

Jill: Well, I wish I hadn't either. But you can't just turn a blind eye because it feels better.

Kay: Oh, I can. I can. And I will. Now I told you at the club, and I mean it, I am going to marry Arthur come hell or high water, Jill.


Jack: I'll just set 'em right here for now.

Jack: Home, sweet home.

Ashley: Yeah. I sure didn't think I'd be moving back here.

Jack: Hey, what about me? I never left.

Ashley: (Laughs) I know.

Jack: Look, I know this is a very difficult time for you. I've been there myself. But you came to the right place. Dad and I are gonna be there to support you in every way we can, do anything we can to help you get back on your feet.

Ashley: Thanks. I think I just need some time, you know?

Jack: I'm sure that's all Brad needs right now, too. Hey, he told me he's still very much in love with you. I think that is good reason to hope.

Ashley: Not from the way he's talking.

Jack: He's hurting right now. So are you. After you've had time to sit and think, you'll realize that dreaming about Victor is a waste of time, that Brad is the man for you.

Ashley: Jackie, the real question is whether or not he'll ever feel that way about me, and I just don't think he will.

Jack: Oh, I think you'd be surprised what love and a little bit of time can do to heal a wound. It's important that you remember, though, Victor Newman is a black hole. Stay away from him, Ash, or he'll suck the energy right out of you.

Ashley: Okay, okay. Are you finished with the sermon, reverend?

Jack: I'm just tryin' to help.

Ashley: I know. And I appreciate it. Believe it or not, I'm very grateful that you're my big brother.

Jack: The feeling's mutual.

Ashley: And you know what? I think this is the perfect place for me to be to heal. I'm starting to feel better than I have in a long time.

Jack: Good. (Indistinct voices speaking)

John: Wait, wait, I have--

Gloria: What?

John: I want to carry you.

Gloria: No! Come on. You can't possibly with all these ba-- hello, anybody here?

John: It looks like we're alone.

Gloria: We're home!

John: We're home.

Gloria: Oh! Hi.

John: Hi. Hi.


Neil: Hey, Dru, it's me. Uh, just checkin' in to see how things are going with Devon, how he's settling in. I guess you guys are out and about. Um, when you get this message, give me a call back, okay? Otherwise, I'll see you at home tonight. I love you, baby. Bye.

Phyllis: Hey.

Neil: Hey.

Phyllis: You wanted to see me?

Neil: Yeah, Phyllis. Um, thanks for coming by.

Phyllis: Sure. What's with the boxes?

Neil: You didn't get the memo?

Phyllis: No. What memo?

Neil: I am no longer acting C.E.O. of Newman Enterprises. Victor wants me back in my old job, which also means my old office.

Phyllis: Wow. So this means Victor's coming back.

Neil: No.

Phyllis: Who's gonna be the new C.E.O.?

Neil: You ready for this? It's Nicholas.


Woman: Then at noon you have a lunch meeting with Roger Maloney from R&D. Did you look over the projections he sent up?

Nick: Yeah, I did. And I have some concerns. Can you call him and tell him I need to move that meeting up a half an hour? I have a feeling it might run a little long. And was there anything else?

Woman: I think that's it.

Nick: Okay.

Woman: Oh, I'm sorry. I almost forgot. Security called. There's a Jerry Gunderson waiting downstairs for you.

Nick: Who?

Woman: He's from the Waukesha county board of supervisors.

Nick: Waukesha. Yeah, okay. Um, did he say what he wants?

Woman: Something about the land permit for the new distribution center.

Nick: Right. Well, tell him I'll talk to him, but he needs to make an appointment first.

Woman: Uh, I already did. He said it has to be today.

Nick: Well, then I guess he's out of luck. I just don't have time today.

Woman: I'll give him the message. Oh, hi, may I help you?

Michael: I'm, uh, looking for...

Nick: Connie, it's all right. I'll take care of it. Thank you.

Connie: Sure. Come on in.

Michael: Thanks.

Nick: Baldwin... what are you doing here?


Lauren: What are you doing here?

Kevin: You haven't returned any of my phone calls.

Lauren: No, I haven't, because I don't want to talk to you.

Kevin: You're not happy with me.

Lauren: No, I'm not.

Kevin: Michael says you're mad at him, too.

Lauren: Yes.

Kevin: Well, you shouldn't be.

Lauren: I don't think you're in a position to tell me how I should or how I shouldn't feel. So did you go through with the fight?

Kevin: Yep.

Lauren: All right, then, still mad at the two of you. So if you would kindly leave...

Kevin: You gotta hear me out, please. It's not like you think. This fight was a real eye-opener for me. You may not understand this, Lauren, but my life has been changed forever.


Jack: So tell us, how was the cruise?

John: Well, the islands were absolutely magnificent.

Gloria: We had a wonderful time. It's the best trip I've ever had in my life.

Jack: Just great.

Gloria: Yeah.

John: Hey, you know what? I'm a little confused. Those aren't our suitcases.

Ashley: Those are mine, Dad.

John: Yours? What are your suitcases doing here?

Ashley: Um, it's kind of a long story, but Brad and I are no longer together.

John: What? What do you mean? You and Brad are-- are going to get a divorce?

Ashley: Yeah. And I'm gonna be staying here for awhile if it's okay with you. I think it's the best thing for me, you know, to be in a familiar place, surrounded by people I love, if it's okay with you.

John: Oh, my beauty, you know you can stay here as long as you like. This is your home. I'm so sorry.

Ashley: Thank you.

Jack: Hey, what do you say you and I go to the kitchen?

Gloria: Oh, but, Jack, we just got here.

Jack: Dad would probably love a cup of coffee. Come on. I'll help you.

Gloria: Uh, well--

Jack: You can tell me all about the islands. I haven't been there in so long.

Gloria: Oh, well, I mean, the sunsets are to die...


Michael: Where's your father?

Nick: Not here. What the hell happened to your face? Somebody finally give you what you deserve?

Michael: Ha ha ha. Ah, good one. Look, I need to talk to Victor. He's not at the Rec center, I couldn't reach him at the ranch. Do you know where he is?

Nick: Nope.

Michael: Do you know how I can get in touch with him?

Nick: Why don't you try his cell? I'm assuming he took that with him when he left town.

Michael: Left town? Where'd he go?

Nick: I don't know. He, uh, had some stuff to sort out, so he took off for awhile. That's pretty much all the information I have.

Michael: And youíre being so comfortable in his office means...

Nick: I'm C.E.O. of Newman Enterprises.

Michael: Pro tem.

Nick: Nothing temporary about it.

Michael: Wow. Really? That's big news. It's a funny thing. I was talking to your father the other day. I could tell there was a lot on his mind, but... he never mentioned anything about leaving town. Was that spur-of-the-moment?

Nick: You'd have to ask him.

Michael: Hmm. Yeah, well, um, uh, that's exciting news about your promotions. Congratulations. I'm sure you'll do a good job.

Nick: Thank you.

Michael: And I hope you know that if you need any legal advice, uh, I would be happy-- your father has enlisted my services.

Nick: Yeah, I'm aware of that. But I'm not gonna be bribing anyone anytime soon. So if I were you, I wouldn't wait by the phone.


Jill: Mother, I'm not asking you to cancel your wedding.

Kay: Good.

Jill: I just think that you should wait.

Kay: And I think you should back off. Because, you see, it's none of your business.

Jill: You're my mother and Arthurís my father. If it isn't my business, whose business is it?

Kay: Fine, fine, but that's no reason that you think you have the right to run my life.

Jill: You don't get it, do you? I'm trying to protect you.

Kay: I do not need protection. I will marry whomever I choose to marry when I choose to marry them. Now just butt out!

Jill: Why are you being so pigheaded about this?

Kay: Because I love Arthur and Arthur loves me, and that is a very rare gift at any age.

Jill: I know it is. But do you really want to go ahead with this wedding when there is this dark shadow looming over us?

Kay: I do not feel the presence of this shadow.

Jill: So you're just gonna dismiss everything that was in that report that Paul Williams gave you? Katherine, for God's sake, use your head.

Kay: That was my biggest mistake.

Jill: What was?

Kay: Using my head instead of my heart. But no longer. No. Trust me, Jill, please. I do know what I am doing.

Jill: And are you willing to bet your life on it?

Kay: I do not want to hear that kind of talk anymore. And, uh, nor will I listen to your negativity about my fiancť.

Jill: Katherine--

Kay: No. You will be supportive, or you don't come to the wedding, you don't live in this house.

Jill: Do you want me to leave here?

Kay: No, no. I want you and Arthur and me to live happily as a family. And if that isn't in the cards, I'll just have to learn to accept it. Now if you will excuse me, I'm going upstairs and have a nice, hot tub.


Phyllis: Oh, great. Great. So Victor puts his "son" in charge of the company, and then he splits town. That's great. That's terrific.

Neil: Yeah. That's about the size of it.

Phyllis: So what about you?

Neil: Well, I'm back to being chief operating officer. Hey, it's not the worst gig.

Phyllis: Still, Neil, you have so much more experience than Nicholas. I mean, what was Victor thinking?

Neil: I have no idea, but I'm not gonna sit around feeling sorry for myself. Victor made his decision, and I have to abide by it.

Phyllis: Yeah? You're taking this a lot better than I would.

Neil: Oh, trust me, I've had my moments. Anyway, you know something? Um, this isn't exactly what I wanted to talk to you about. I, uh, actually wanted to ask you, how are things going? How's Damon?

Phyllis: Oh. He's--he's doing great, actually. Um, he's recovering nicely, the doctors say.

Neil: Wow. That's terrific. Why don't you seem that happy about it?

Phyllis: Oh, I'm happy about it. Believe me, I'm-- I'm happy about that. So when did you find out?

Neil: Oh, about the, uh, the old heave-ho?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Neil: The other day.

Phyllis: Yeah. So it just came outta the blue?

Neil: Ah, yes and no. I always knew this gig was gonna be temporary. Um, it wasn't like Victor promised me something and then went back on his word.

Phyllis: I know, still-- you're being very nice, but you've worked very hard, and to be replaced by Nicholas, I mean...

Neil: Tell me about it. You're not the biggest fan of Nick's, huh?

Phyllis: No, I'm not. And he's not a big fan of mine, either. I mean, he never wanted me working here. And, well...

Neil: Well what?

Phyllis: Well, now that Nick's C.E.O., He's in charge of everything, right? Including my department. You know what that means. How soon do you think I'm going to be pink slipped?


Michael: That was a cheap shot, don't you think?

Nick: You are the one who did my father's dirty work.

Michael: I'm also the one who busted his hump to get your wife out of hot water during that whole Cameron Kirsten debacle. I was her only friend for awhile. So you might wanna lighten up a little bit.

Nick: Look, believe me, I appreciate everything you did for Sharon and me. If it weren't for you, I don't know what would've happened. But this is corporate business. We have a whole floor of attorneys working for us. We just don't need any outside legal help right now. And I gotta say this, we're still fighting image problems because of the underhanded tactics of you and my father.

Michael: All right, all right, Nicholas, I can't deny, that was a huge error in judgment. But generally, I did good work for your father. And aside from that one glaring exception, I found it quite rewarding.

Nick: Well, good for you. I just don't think it's a good idea, having you around here anymore.

Michael: Your father trusted me. We both know Victor doesn't trust many people. I helped him out of a lot of difficult situations.

Nick: Yeah, if you're talking about breaking the law.

Michael: No, I might have bent the rules a little.

Nick: Yeah, well, we don't play that game around here anymore, not while I'm in charge.

Michael: Well, I admire your ethical principles. But I wouldn't turn down my help so quickly. You never know when you might need a helping hand.

Nick: I am not my father. I doubt that I'll ever need your type of help.

Michael: Spoken like a true neophyte.

Nick: Yeah. Look, uh, I'm a busy man, so...

Michael: Yeah, okay, fine, I'll go. You know, but I'll tell you one last thing, one day, inevitably, you will need someone like me, someone who can get things done outside of the system.

Nick: Don't come back, okay?

Michael: Are you barring me from the building?

Nick: I don't want to see you walking around these halls. I think it's a bad reminder for people.

Michael: Oh, Nicholas, I--

Nick: It's not open for discussion. Your services are no longer needed by Newman Enterprises.

Michael: I'm sorry, Nick. You can't fire me.

Nick: I'm C.E.O. I can do whatever I want.

Michael: Well, how lovely for you. What I mean is I don't work for Newman Enterprises, I work for your father. We renewed that contract a couple of days ago.

Nick: Oh, okay. Well, I tell you what, why don't you go find my father, have him set you up with an office around here somewhere? I don't appreciate you nosing around on his behalf.

Michael: Oh, come on, Nick, I didn't even know he'd left town. I'm here to let you know that my services are available. You're not interested? Fine, you're not interested.

Nick: Michael, I think you're a brilliant attorney. But your tactics aren't consistent with the type of company I intend to run.

Michael: Okay, fine. Just let me know next time you need someone to save your wife. Oh, and by the way, good luck.

Nick: Baldwin... no hard feelings, all right? I'm just doing what I have to do.

Michael: Mm-hmm.


Lauren: Here's what I can't believe, that someone who has been as physically abused as you have would resort to using your fists to settle your issues.

Kevin: Well, I'm not making excuses, but it--it makes sense, doesn't it? It's what I learned to do to hurt people. This time was different, though.

Lauren: How?

Kevin: Well, I was hitting Mikey, right? And then all of a sudden, it's like I was hitting my dad. You know, pounding away on terrible Tom, making up for all those times when I was a little kid when I couldn't hit him back. I felt powerful for the first time ever, like I had control over my own life. Ah, man, I got so much out of my system. I feel like--I feel like a totally different person.

Lauren: And I hear you, but you are never going to convince me that violence is a way to settle your problems.

Kevin: Yeah, but, Lauren, it's like you said--

Lauren: You have horrible scars. And frankly, that's the one reason I have been able to forgive things that you've done in the past. Now how am I supposed to know that you're not gonna go back to your old ways?

Kevin: Lauren, I swear to you, I'm a changed man.

Lauren: And you've said that before. And I know you want it to be true. But that doesn't mean that it will be. Can you understand what I'm saying?


Jill: Thank you for coming over, Mr. Bartlett.

Harrison: Well, you sounded pretty wound up on the phone.

Jill: Yes, I am. I am. I have been having quite a few sleepless nights lately.

Harrison: Are you startin' to believe I'm not such a crackpot?

Jill: Well, let's just say that some of the things you told me had me pretty worried.

Harrison: You should be. That's a start.

Jill: Plus, I'm running out of time.

Harrison: For what?

Jill: I have to make a decision about whether to believe your story or Arthurís story.

Harrison: Why the rush to judgment?

Jill: 'Cause my parents just announced that they're definitely getting married and very soon.


John: (Sighs) Ash, how on earth did this happen? I mean, I always thought that you and Brad were so solid.

Ashley: Well, things change, Daddy. Feelings changed, I guess.

John: Well, that doesn't tell me an awful lot.

Ashley: I know. It's just-- it's too much for me to get into right now.

John: I understand, but I swear, if he did anything to you...

Ashley: No, no. That's sweet, but no, he didnít. He's been a complete gentleman.

John: Well, whose fault is it then?

Ashley: It was mine. I brought my own world crashing down.

John: You did? Well, sweetheart, how?

Ashley: Daddy, please, it's so complicated. I just made a lot of really stupid mistakes. I don't want to get into it right now. Just don't be mad at me, okay?

John: (Sighs) how on earth could I be mad? Seeing you like this, it just... breaks my heart.

Ashley: Mine too. It's just... there's nothing I can do to change it, Dad. Just have to make the best of the situation.


Neil: Excuse me. I really don't think that you have anything to worry about, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Did Nick say there were going to be layoffs?

Neil: No, but why would he fire one of his best employees?

Phyllis: Because he can, that's why.

Neil: All I know is that I was told to move back down the hall, and when I'm asked to switch offices, I do it, unlike some people.

Phyllis: And what people would you be talking about?

Neil: Oh, I don't know, maybe a redhead named Phyllis... (Mumbles) something like that. Listen, there is a lesson to be learned here.

Phyllis: Oh, what's that?

Neil: Enjoy what you have while you still have it.

Phyllis: Yeah, there's also another lesson to be learned-- the only way to secure your place in this company is to have the last name Newman.

Neil: Hey, Nick.

Nick: Neil. Hey, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Hey, we were just talking about you. What a coincidence.

Nick: Really?

Phyllis: I hear congratulations are in order.


Lauren: I don't understand. You surprise me that you think that all your problems just magically vanish over a stupid fight with Michael.

Kevin: It wasn't stupid.

Lauren: I'm afraid for you, Kevin, because what happens when something sets you off and you turn back into the old person?

Kevin: No, that isn't going to happen.

Lauren: But it could. And it probably will if you don't get professional help. Now I realize you're riding on a high here because you think all your problems are gone. But they're not, and you cannot afford another mistake.

Kevin: You don't have to worry, honest.

Lauren: (Sighs) you just promise me that you're not gonna turn into Lennox Lewis and show everyone how powerful you are?

Kevin: Promise you won't tell?

Lauren: What?

Kevin: I'm not God's gift to boxing. I'm pretty sure Michael let me win.

Michael: Why would I do something like that?

Lauren: Michael.

Michael: And I see my brother found you first.

Lauren: Look at your face. Ow, I'm gonna get you some ice, okay?

Michael: No, no, no.

Lauren: Let me call the waiter or Gina or--

Michael: Look, you're all the medicine I need, beautiful.


John: Oh, my beauty, I am so sorry to see you go through this.

Ashley: Yeah, me too. I guess it was a long time coming.

John: You know, I had no idea that you and Brad had problems of this magnitude.

Ashley: It's ever since I lost the baby, Daddy. Ever since we lost Robert, it's just been one thing after another. I mean, we tried to keep Abby out of it as much as we could.

John: Well, I'm sure you both had Abbyís best interests at heart. You know, speaking of Abby, since you're going to be staying here, I'll have Mrs. Martinez fix up a room for her.

Ashley: That's not gonna be necessary, Dad. She's gonna be staying with Brad for awhile.

John: What? Well, for goodness sakes, why?

Ashley: Well, because it's the only home she's ever known. And it's gonna be traumatic enough for her to see her parents split up, we don't want the added stress of having to move her or shuffle her back and forth between us.

John: Was this your idea?

Ashley: We agreed on it mutually. It's best for her.

John: Ashley, there's something you're not telling me. Did Brad push this?

Ashley: He was firm about it.

John: Oh, honey, no--

Ashley: Daddy, there's no point in arguing with him. He's trying to make this whole process as painless as possible, and truth be told, for now, she's better off with him, okay? Just till I get my head on straight.

John: You keep saying that. What does that mean?

Ashley: I'm a mess. I'm a mess right now.

John: (Sighs)

Ashley: No, don't worry, I don't mean it that way. I'm not gonna fall apart. I can handle it, I promise.

John: Oh, sure, I'm sure you will.

Ashley: I can.

John: You will, you will. (Sighs) well, there's one thing I'm grateful for...

Ashley: Hmm?

John: In a time of crisis, that my kids feel like they can come back home and feel safe. You know, a place to heal.

Ashley: Oh, Jackie and I were just talking about that when you and Gloria walked in.

John: You just know that you're always welcome here. This is your home.

Ashley: Thanks, Daddy.

Jack: Well, I hope everyone's in the mood for some coffee. Gloria's making enough in there for an army.

Ashley: Oh.

John: Yeah, Gloriaís a bit over-zealous. Jackie, I'm glad you're here.

John: (Sighs) my baby.


Nick: So I guess you've heard the news.

Phyllis: Yeah, you're C.E.O. again. That's wonderful. You must be thrilled.

Nick: You know, I'm flattered that my father has such confidence in me.

Phyllis: I'll bet. Who'd have thought he'd do this?

Nick: So I guess you're not thrilled that I'm back?

Phyllis: Uh, I didn't say that. I-- I don't recall saying that.

Nick: Well, there's obviously something on your mind.

Phyllis: I hope you-- I hope you understand the contribution I've made to this company.

Nick: Of course I do.

Phyllis: Really? You know, 'cause I've been working my butt off, and you've been away. I hope you don't think that I haven't been pulling my weight around here, because I have.

Nick: I donít. My father has several nice things to say about you.

Neil: Ah, Victor is right. Phyllis is one of the best employees this company has. I've had the opportunity to work with her. She's a great asset, Nick.

Nick: What are you, her agent?

Neil: No, I'm just saying, you'd be wise to keep this one.

Nick: Well, I intend to.

Phyllis: Really?

Nick: Yes, really. Phyllis, I never questioned your abilities. What I questioned was your loyalties. But I don't want you to worry about a thing. You're not going anywhere.

Phyllis: Well, okay. Well, that's nice to know. (Cell phone rings)

Phyllis: Oh, excuse me. (Ring)

Phyllis: Yeah. Daniel, listen, it's not the greatest time. Listen, relax. Daniel, relax. All right. Ah, oh-- I'll be right there.

Neil: Phyllis, is everything okay?

Phyllis: Yeah, um... (sighs) my son, he's freakin' out, and he needs to talk to me right away.

Nick: Phyllis, why don't you get out of here? Go make sure your son's okay.

Phyllis: Yeah? Okay, thanks. Um...

Neil: Take care.

Phyllis: Okay, thanks.


Harrison: So the old con-man really turned up the charm, huh?

Jill: Look, the bottom line is I want to celebrate my parents' wedding. I want to be part of their joyous day. So you have got to be straight with me.

Harrison: I am being straight with you.

Jill: God, I wish I knew what to believe. You tell such a convincing story, and yet-- yet so does my father.

Harrison: What do you want me to say?

Jill: I want you to be honest with me. Tell me the truth. Is this part of a plan to get back at a man who did something to you?

Harrison: Yeah, I know what you think-- that I'm out for revenge because of my personal hatred, huh?

Jill: I won't tell anybody. Please, I just need to know for my own peace of mind.

Harrison: I can't tell you what you want to hear. I came to town to warn your mother. I've done everything I can to avoid tragedy. So now it's time for you to step up and do something.

Jill: We've already hired a private investigator.

Harrison: I'm talkin' about something different. Now this may not prove anything, but it'll give you an indication that I'm tellin' the truth.

Jill: What are you talking about?

Harrison: Well, I've been giving it a lot of thought, and I think I have the answer to your question here.

Harrison: I realize that, when Arthur killed my mother, they had been married for some time.

Jill: Meaning what?

Harrison: Well, the surviving spouse in a long-running marriage is entitled to the assets, but when he marries your mother, that's a whole different ball game.

Jill: I'm not sure I'm following you here.

Harrison: Because at their age, they can't really count on a long marriage...

Jill: Ahh.

Harrison: So he's either thinking about or already has taken out an insurance policy.

Jill: So when she dies...

Harrison: Exactly. He'll get the money.

Jill: You really think he's that cold and calculating?

Harrison: Well, it's a long-shot, but if you find any evidence, he'd have a tough time talking his way out of it, since your mother has enough money for them to live a very comfortable life. So only a man with murder and money on his mind would take out an insurance policy. Don't you agree?

Jill: No, no, I don't, because I don't believe my father would do anything that monstrous.

Harrison: Well, think about it. It might put your mind at rest here. I gotta get back to work. I'll let myself out.

Jill: (Sighs) what if he's right? Oh, my God, what if he's right?


Lauren: Okay, Michael, you have to promise me this.

Michael: What?

Lauren: No more fighting.

Michael: Rats, there go my plans for the next Olympics.

Lauren: Michael.

Michael: Oww! Oh, oh, oh.

Lauren: Oh, my God. I didn't realize--right there?

Michael: All right, I'm fine right now.

Lauren: Are you in that much pain? I can't believe that.

Michael: All right, okay, just, you know, all right. Give me your best shot. I'm ready, baby.

Lauren: Ohh.

Kevin: You know, this is, this is really, really hard for me to say, but, uh, you guys are kinda great together. I mean it. Lauren, I mean, I wish that it could have been me, but, um... but you look happy. And you--and you, I've never seen you with that dopey look on your face.

Michael: Well, you should have seen him fight.

Lauren: No, I shouldn't have.

Michael: Well, he trained hard. He looked like a real champ out there.

Kevin: Right. Thanks, mike. All right, I gotta-- I'm gonna go. I'll see you guys later.

Lauren: Bye, kevin.

Michael: See you back at the apartment?

Kevin: Yeah.

Michael: All right.

Lauren: You really do look like hell.

Michael: Well, for the record, I did let him win, you know?

Lauren: Yeah, sure, losers always say that.

Michael: Hmm.

Lauren: Will it hurt you if I kiss you right there?

Michael: It's okay.

Lauren: Hmm? Yeah?

Michael: Mm-hmm. That's good, too.

Lauren: Yeah? How about right here?


Neil: So how you settling in?

Nick: Yeah, so far, so good. Just busy getting myself up to speed.

Neil: Yeah, it's a lot to take in. I'm sure you'll get it all down.

Nick: Yeah, I will. Listen, the reason I'm here-- I understand you're thinking of selling the factory in Flagstaff. Is that true?

Neil: Yeah, yeah. The details are almost finalized.

Nick: I'm gonna hold off on that for awhile.

Neil: May I ask why?

Nick: I still think that place could be a moneymaker.

Neil: That place has been operating in the red for years.

Nick: Well, I think it's too soon to cut our losses. I'd like to keep it online for a little while longer and see if we can turn it around.

Neil: That's exactly what we've been trying to do. Nothing's worked.

Nick: Well, I have a few new ideas.

Neil: Really? What kind of ideas? Because I've already crunched the numbers. I know that place like I know the back of my hand. I've been down there a few times. It doesn't make sense to hang onto it, especially when we could build a new plant with new technology for a fraction of the cost.

Nick: Or we could upgrade the facility we currently have. It'd be a lot less expensive, and we wouldn't have to train a new workforce.

Neil: Well, see, the kind of upgrade you're talking about, we'd have to shut down the plant for months, maybe longer. Production would go idle for quite some time. It would slow down-- it would slow down our supply chain.

Nick: Right. Well, that's why I'm thinking of renting a nearby factory. It's empty, and it's perfect. We could set up shop there temporarily.

Neil: Renting a-- Nick, do you have any idea what that'll cost us?

Nick: Yes, I do. In the end, it'll be worthwhile.

Nick: Is there something you'd like to say?

Neil: I think you're making a big mistake. You see, I had this whole thing worked out. This is my baby, my project. Selling off that plant is the right thing to do.

Nick: Not for the people who work there. Neil, some of those people have worked for us for 20 years. They have bills to pay. They have families to feed.

Neil: Oh, I see. So all of a sudden, now Neil is a heartless corporate bastard, is that it?

Nick: I'm not saying that at all.

Neil: Well, it sounds like it to me. You know, your father guaranteed that you wouldn't second-guess my decision-making, and yet, here you are, on the very first day as C.E.O., doing exactly that.


Nick: Neil, I am not trying to undermine you. That's not what this is about.

Neil: Then why couldn't you leave this situation alone, hmm? I had everything worked out. This is what's best for the company.

Nick: In your eyes. But I'm C.E.O. now and that means we're gonna do things my way. And I'm sorry if you have a problem with that.

Neil: This about your father?

Nick: What's that mean?

Neil: Trying to make a statement? Prove you're your own man? 'Cause I gotta warn you, your dad's not gonna like that.

Nick: Well, that's too bad, because my dad's not in charge anymore. I am. So I want you to call your buyer and tell him the deal's off.

Connie: Mr. Newman, good, I found you.

Nick: What's up, Connie?

Connie: Mr. Gunderson is waiting downstairs. He refuses to leave without speaking to you. Should I have security escort him out?

Nick: You know, I just don't want to deal with this right now, Connie. Can you please handle it?

Connie: Oh...

Nick: Thank you.

Nick: You'll call your buyer?

Neil: I'll do it right now.

Nick: Thank you.

Neil: You're not welcome.


Harrison voice: Only a man with murder and money on his mind would take out an insurance policy, don't you agree?

Kay: Jill... what are you looking at?


Ashley: I just want you both to know how happy I am that I have the two of you to lean on. And I feel so lucky that I can still come home and take the time that I so desperately need.

Jack: You know what? We wouldn't have it any other way.

John: (Chuckles) here, here.

Ashley: Thank you. And, Daddy, as for Gloria, I know she makes you happy, so I'm gonna try really hard to see her the way you see her, okay? I'm gonna make an effort to get along.

John: Thank you.

Gloria: Okay, okay, okay. Coffee all around. Now enough with all this sadness and bad news. I just can't hold it in any longer.

John: Don't you think we ought to wait a moment?

Gloria: But, John, we have such wonderful news. While we were away, your father and I got married.

Gloria: Yes. Oh. (Chuckles)


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Nick: Situation's come up. Not sure how to deal with it.

Michael: One day back and you're already in hot water.

Ashley: The more I think about the two of them together, the more I'm convinced I need to do something about it.

Chris: To put it bluntly, your mother is the client from hell.

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