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Y&R Transcript Thursday 11/11/04 -- Canada, Friday 11/12/04 -- U.S.A.


By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Dru: No, it's no problem, we'll see you at seven.

Lily: Mom?

Dru: Lily, um, I'm so glad you're home.

Lily: Are you sure, 'cause it looked like I was interrupting.

Malcolm: How you doin', Lily?

Lily: Um, who are you?

Dru: Uh...

Malcolm: You don't recognize me, huh?

Lily: No, I donít. Should I?

Malcolm: No, I guess not. You were just an itty bitty thing last time I saw you.

Dru: Lily, this is your Uncle Malcolm.

Lily: Uh... no.

Dru: Yes, honey, I'm serious. He didn't die in that accident. He's come home to us.


Nikki: You're going away? Why? Why now?

Victor: There's something that's going on inside of me that I need to... I need to deal with.

Nikki: Well, why can't you do that here with me?

Victor: There's something I have to tell you that I think will make you very happy.

Nikki: Victor, are you trying to soften the blow?

Victor: (Sighs) I have reinstated Nicholas as C.E.O. of Newman Enterprises.

Nikki: Really?

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: Oh, my God, that's fantastic. I've been praying for this. Victor, you couldn't have told me anything that would mean more.


Sharon: C.E.O.? Oh, my gosh, Nicholas. This is so incredible.

Nick: I know. It's the last thing I expected when I walked into Dad's office.

Sharon: And Victor didn't even hint at this when you saw him earlier?

Nick: No, and he promised that he wouldn't interfere or try and control things from the sidelines.

Sharon: Wow. So Newman Enterprises is all yours?

Nick: It's all mine to run as I see fit. It's mind-blowing, isn't it?


Kevin: Come on, what's takin' you so long, man?

Michael: Something wrong with this glove.

Kevin: What?

Michael: It's not fitting right.

Kevin: Quit stalling.

Michael: I'm serious. It's too small.

Kevin: I checked it myself. The glove is fine.

Michael: Well, it might have been fine for you, but I can't get my hand into this.

Kevin: Fine, we'll take the gloves off. We'll do it bare knuckles style.

Michael: What do you know? It fits after all.

Kevin: Well, look at that.


Damon: We'll do our best to answer your questions.

Phyllis: No, no. Damon, you need your rest. Listen, Detective, can't you just fill out your paperwork and allow Damon to recuperate in peace?

Hank: I really don't think you want me to do that, Ms. Abbott. Answer my questions now, it may save you both a lot of grief later, depending on the answers I get.


Lily: I can't believe this. I mean, this is amazing. You're here in our living room.

Malcolm: Well, it's nice to be missed, Lily.

Lily: Oh, my God, you have no idea. Mom and I were in Paris when we got the news, and Mom cried and cried and cried.

Dru: I was upset, okay.

Lily: You know, I only remember you from pictures. Where have you been all this time?

Malcolm: Africa, mostly. It's a pretty different world out there.

Lily: Yeah, I'm sure. I've only been there once, 'cause Mom had a photo shoot out there, but I'm sure it was nothing like where you were. (Sighs) it is so good to see you.

Malcolm: It is so good to see you, half-pint.

Lily: "Half-pint"? You used to call me that when I was, like, this... yeah.

Malcolm: Little munchkin.

Lily: I can't believe you remembered.

Malcolm: Oh, I remember a lot of things, Lily. You'd be surprised.

Dru: Yeah, um, Lily, how come you came home? I thought you were going to have dinner with Daddy.

Lily: Yeah, I thought so, too, but Dad called and said that he was stuck at the office, so...

Dru: All right. Well, you must be hungry. Get yourself something in the kitchen, hmm?

Malcolm: Hey, you know what? I've got a better idea.

Dru: What?

Malcolm: Why don't I take her for a bite? Give us a chance to get reacquainted. What do you think?

Lily: Yeah, yeah, Mom, please, can we, please?

Dru: Honey...

Malcolm: You got a problem with that, Drucilla?

Lily: Mom, come on, okay? Until five minutes ago, I thought uncle Malcolm was dead. Please, Mom. Please, please, please, please.

Dru: Okay.

Lily: Yay. Thank you. Okay, let me just plug my phone in, 'cause my battery is dead. And do not worry, Mom. We won't be late, I promise. Right, Uncle Malcolm?

Malcolm: That's right, Lily. Relax, she's in good hands.

Dru: I know.

Malcolm: All right, let's get you bundled up.

Lily: Thank you.

Malcolm: Let's do it.

Lily: Bye, Mom.

Dru: Bye, honey.

Lily: I can't believe this. I mean, you're here and you're alive and you're here.

Malcolm: In the flesh.


Victor: Did this news make you happy?

Nikki: Yes, of course, but I don't understand. If you were able to make things better with Nicholas, why do you still feel the need to leave? I mean, you have responsibilities here. You have the Rec center, your probation.

Victor: Both of those things have been taken care of, okay? Ms. Davis has given me permission to leave, and as far as the Rec center's concerned, I think it's time to hand it back over to the community. Jamal is gonna run it.

Nikki: So there's nothing keeping you here in Genoa City?

Victor: I wish I could stay. I just feel that there's something fundamentally wrong in my life.

Victor: I don't know what the hell it is. It's not you, it's not our marriage. It isn't, but I feel this emptiness, you know? I just feel empty, and I think my grasping for Abby is symptomatic of what's wrong.

Nikki: Are you saying this has something to do with the kids?

Victor: Well, as far as Nicholas is concerned, yeah. You know, he feels that my running Newman Enterprises has put a wedge between him and me, so I tried to rectify that by handing him the company.

Victor: As for Victoria...

Nikki: You're not going to look for her, are you?

Victor: Sweetheart, I miss her so terribly.

Nikki: Well, so do I, but she made it very clear. She does not want us coming after her.

Victor: Let's face it. You and I haven't seen her in a year. In a whole year. It breaks my heart every day. With every fiber in my body, I want to find her.

Nikki: I know.

Victor: I want to make sure that she's safe. Maybe if I find her, I can convince her to come back.

Nikki: Well, I guess there's nothing I can say to stop you.

Victor: Sweetheart, I've no intention of hurting you. I really donít. This is something I've got to do. Okay?

Nikki: I understand. I do. I'm just wondering... how I fit into this whole scheme of yours.


 Dru: Hey, Neil. What's wrong? Honey? Sweetheart, what's got you so upset? Let me take your coat.

Neil: Drucilla, do you know how bad I want a scotch right about now?

Dru: Oh, baby, now you know you cannot drink. What's wrong?

Neil: Um, you're standing next to the ex-interim C.E.O. of Newman Enterprises.

Dru: What?

Neil: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Daddy Newman decided today was the right day to anoint his son Nicholas.

Dru: Oh, honey, you got fired?

Neil: Oh, no, no, demoted, you know? Back to my old job. Second in command, executive vice president of buttering Nick's bagel in the morning.

Dru: Oh, no, Neil. Now come on.

Neil: I know, I know, I know, I know, it isn't that bad. Guess I'm just feeling a little bit sorry for myself.

Dru: Yeah.

Neil: Oh, but, baby, what a kick in the pants this is, you know? (Sighs)

Dru: I understand, baby. It sure is. They don't know what's right.

Neil: Well, I should have known it wasn't gonna last forever, you know? But a little part of me, a little tiny part, kept prayin' and hopin' that if I stayed in that job long enough, that one day, I would earn the right to keep it and... I guess that doesn't happen unless your name is on the building, right?

Dru: That's nepotism for you.

Neil: Yeah, sure is.

Dru: Mm-hmm.

Neil: But, baby, let me tell you something, okay? I'm gonna live.

Dru: Yes, you are, honey. Yes, you are. You're my hero.

Neil: Thanks, baby.

Dru: Yeah.

Neil: I surely didn't mean to come home and start dumpin' all this on you.

Dru: That's okay. We'll work at Newman together. We'll work for junior together.

Neil: Yeah, right, um, lucky us.

Dru: There's still gonna be an us at Newman, right?

Neil: Hmm, you worried about your job, aren't you?

Dru: Heck, yeah, I'm worried about my job. Yes, I am.

Neil: Well, don't get so paranoid, you know? You just keep doing the good job that you're doing, and everything ought to be just fine.

Dru: All right, fine. I just don't want to get demoted to something beneath me, that's all. Yeah.

Neil: (Chuckles)

Dru: What's so funny?

Neil: Who else could I could I come home to who'd have me comforting her after my bad day?

Dru: Oh, honey, I'm so sorry. I can be so insensitive sometimes.

Neil: No, no, no, no, no. Actually, you gave me a chance to vent. And on the brighter side, I am still C.O.O. of a multi-national conglomerate, yeah.

Dru: C.O.O. of a national conglomerate, yes, you are. Let's not minimize the situation.

Neil: No, we shouldn't do that.

Dru: No.

Neil: Hey, um, where's Lily? I wanted to apologize to her for skipping out on dinner.

Dru: Yeah, um, yeah, she had to...

Neil: She had to what? What?

Dru: Um, well, she went out.

Neil: She went out?

Dru: Yeah.

Neil: So she went out by herself or what?

Dru: Yeah, I mean, well, no.

Neil: No? Then who is she with?

Dru: Your brother Malcolm.


Phyllis: Wow, almost sounds like you're accusing us of something.

Hank: Are you sayin' uh, neither of you did anything wrong?

Phyllis: Dominic Hughes deserved what he got. It was self-defense, plain and simple.

Hank: I'm afraid there's nothing plain and simple about this case, ma'am.

Phyllis: The man was going to shoot me. Damon stepped in front of me and took a bullet to the stomach. If he hadn't done that, we would both be dead. Is that plain and simple enough for you, Detective?


Michael: So are we gonna do this?

Kevin: What? What do you mean?

Michael: We need some ground rules.

Kevin: Why?

Michael: Just humor me, all right?

Kevin: All right, whatever. Make it quick.

Michael: Let's see, obviously nothing below the waist.

Kevin: Okay, fine, let's do it.

Michael: Wait. Should we set a clock or something?

Kevin: For what?

Michael: We're just supposed to go at each other until one of us collapses?

Kevin: Or begs for mercy.

Michael: I really think we should have some type of cutoff point.

Kevin: Screw it, Michael, let's just do this, come on.

Michael: Hold on, there's got to be a stop watch--

Michael: Uhh!

Kevin: Ha.

Michael: What the hell are you doing?

Kevin: Shutting you up! Now come on!


Dru: Neil, you know, they haven't seen each other in so long. I really didn't see the harm in them breaking bread together tonight.

Neil: So Malcolm didn't leave town, huh? Did he say how much longer he'll be here?

Dru: I don't think he's made any firm plans yet.

Neil: Well, hallelujah. Maybe he's home for good.

Dru: He doesn't really consider Genoa City home anymore.

Neil: Dru, come on. That's ridiculous.

Dru: I know it hurts, but don't kill the messenger, honey. I'm just telling you what he told me.

Neil: And he's still avoiding me, too, I suppose, huh?

Dru: I guess so.

Neil: I realize that he's been to hell and back, at least from what you've told me, but I have to see him. I have to cut through all that anger and hostility that he evidently feels for me.

Dru: Honey, I know, but just give him some time, okay?

Neil: Give him some time? Do you realize how much time has gone by since I've seen Malcolm? It's been two years and nine months almost to the day that I left Malcolm dead in Africa. And like some kind of dream, like a miracle, I find out that he's alive. And now you want me to wait? How much longer should I wait to see him?

Dru: Honey, it's just that he's so filled with rage, I don't know what he would do if he did see you.

Neil: Well, that's the chance that I'm gonna have to take, because I am gonna see him. Now where are they? Where they gonna be?

Dru: I don't know.

Neil: You didn't ask them?

Dru: Well, they didn't make up their mind before they left the apartment.

Neil: Okay, well, I guess I'm just gonna have to go out there and track 'em down.

Dru: No, I really don't think that that's a good idea, honey.

Neil: Drucilla, listen, I know that you mean well, but don't you see that this is something that I... I have to do this.

Dru: (Sighs)


Malcolm: Lily.

Lily: Yeah?

Malcolm: Who are you breaking your neck trying to see?

Lily: No one. I was just wondering if Ginaís here. I forgot to ask the waiter.

Malcolm: Oh, wow, Gina.

Lily: Yeah, this is her place now. She's, like, the manager. She's gonna die when she sees you. Sorry, I...

Malcolm: Hey, hey, don't worry about it. I've been surprising a lot of people lately.

Lily: Well, it's the best surprise in the universe.


Victor: Can't you see? You are the one that has kept me grounded all these years. I love you as I've loved no other.

Nikki: It means so much to me to hear you say that. I wish you didn't have to leave.

Victor: I know.

Nikki: I guess it's something that you have to do alone.

Victor: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Nikki: How long you gonna be gone?

Victor: I don't know, sweetheart, but please understand that I have to do this. I need this time to myself.

Nikki: Okay, I understand. I'm not gonna get in your way. Darling, just know that no matter what, you're the only man who makes me feel complete. I love you so much.

Nikki: I'm gonna miss you.


Nick: Do you think maybe my father's going through something?

Sharon: After everything he's been through recently, he could be.

Nick: Hmm, you know, it would be just like him to...

Sharon: To what?

Nick: To take off without saying anything.

Sharon: It wouldn't be the first time.

Nick: No, it wouldnít.

Sharon: Hey, where are you going?

Nick: I'm going up to the main house.

Sharon: I'm gonna go with you.


Michael: I just wish Lauren could see you now being such a tough guy! I am sure she would be real impressed!

Kevin: I'm not doing this for Lauren. I'm doing it for me. I'm tired.

Michael: You're tired of what?

Kevin: Of being treated like a victim!

Michael: Who is treating you like a victim, me?

Kevin: Everyone, everyone! It's gone on long enough, Michael!

Michael: Oh!

Kevin: I am not gonna let anyone walk all over me! Do you understand me?

Michael: That is such bu-- oh! Okay, thatís... that is two you got out of your system. You satisfied now?

Kevin: Not even close!

Michael: Oh! All right, I think you've had enough.

Kevin: No.

Michael: We're done.

Kevin: No, no, no, we're not!

Michael: Oh, you can stay here if you want. I'm out. Oh, oh! (Groaning)

Kevin: Get up.

Michael: Aah!

Kevin: Get up, Michael! Get up!


Malcolm: No, I mean, I'm telling you right there in front of me, three little cubs as cute as they could be just falling all over themselves trying to get at their mother. Most amazing thing I ever saw.

Lily: Wow, I can't even imagine what that was like, watching a mother lioness out in the wild. I mean, weren't you scared that the male lion would just come up and attack you or something?

Malcolm: I don't know. I guess I never thought about it at the time. But, you know, Lily, where I was, people didn't really worry about being afraid. They just tried to survive.

Lily: Some bad things happened to you there, didn't they?

Lily: So, um, this is your first time here? Well, yeah, duh. Well, anyway, the third floor is all windows, and there is this gorgeous view where you can see all the lights around Lake Delaney. So we can go look at it while we're waiting for our food if you want.

Malcolm: Cool, sounds good. Lead the way.

Lily: Okay.


Hank: Ms. Abbott, why are you so defensive?

Phyllis: We haven't done anything wrong.

Hank: Unfortunately, I just can't take your word for it, ma'am. I have to investigate.

Phyllis: Okay, ask your questions. We don't mind. We have nothing to hide.

Hank: All right, let's talk about the night at the motel. So, uh, you were standing there with a sword, and Mr. Hughes has a gun.

Damon: Mm-hmm. What's your question?

Hank: Who made the first move?

Phyllis: Dominic Hughes did.

Hank: What were you doing there?

Phyllis: What difference does it make?

Hank: Look, I checked out Hughes. He'd just been released from a prison in Georgia.

Phyllis: Yes, which was a huge mistake by the parole board, by the way.

Hank: Apparently he was serving time for the murder of a little boy.

Damon: Yeah, my little boy.

Hank: So you and Mr. Hughes weren't strangers. You two had a beef.

Damon: He murdered my son, detective.

Hank: Did he come to Genoa City to kill you, Mr. Porter?

Phyllis: No, he did not.

Hank: Then Mr. Porter wanted to kill him.

Phyllis: No, no. You're twisting our words around.

Hank: All right, all right. Let me see if I've got this straight. You two show up to Hughes' motel room together.

Phyllis: No, no, not together. I showed up. Then Damon came after. Listen, none of that matters. What matters here is that Dominic Hughes was pointing a gun at us.

Hank: How do I know he wasn't trying to protect himself?

Phyllis: He wasnít. He wanted to shoot me and then Damon.

Hank: Now isn't it possible that Mr. Hughes was afraid for his life?

Phyllis: Yeah. No, no!

Hank: Which is it, Ms. Abbott, please.

Phyllis: Listen, I don't know what you're getting at here. I mean, honestly, a sword is no match for a gun. I'm pretty sure he was confident that he had the upper hand.

Hank: Mr. Porter, do you, uh, always carry a samurai sword when making social calls?

Damon: It was hardly a social call.

Hank: Then what was it, sir?

Damon: I was concerned that Phyllis might be in danger.

Hank: There's one thing I don't understand. A man's finally free after all those years behind bars. Knowing how you felt about him, Mr. Porter, why would he come straight to Genoa City? I mean, don't you find that a little odd?


Neil: Uh, Dru, I'm gonna take a quick look around the club. Maybe they're in the gym or something like that, all right? Honey, don't be upset with me.

Dru: Oh, I'm concerned.

Neil: Yeah, I know you are. Baby, I need to find Malcolm. It's driving me absolutely crazy. I'll see you later. Wish me luck.

Lily: So was I right? Was that a gorgeous view or what?

Malcolm: Yes, it was. I forgot how spread out this town was.

Lily: Oh, you have no idea. On a clear night, you can see all the way over to twin lakes, and at Christmastime they light up their water tower with these red and green lights. It's beautiful. I mean, it's miles away from here, but yet you can still see it. It's crazy.

Lily: You don't like talking about it, do you?

Malcolm: What's that?

Lily: Africa. You've been a little distracted since I brought it up before.

Malcolm: Oh, Lily, I'm sorry. I don't mean to be a downer.

Lily: No, you're not, you're not, you're not. It's just... well, can I ask you something?

Malcolm: Go for it.

Lily: Well, you've been alive all this time, but, I mean, you never called home. Why? Or do you not want to talk about what it was like there?

Malcolm: No, no, I donít.

Lily: Yeah, but how come?

Malcolm: Lily, sometimes things happen in a person's life they just don't want to talk about.

Lily: Was it something really bad?

Malcolm: Okay, you know what? We really need to turn the page. Now you are my favorite most beautiful little niece in the whole wide world, and I think we should be talking about silly, fun stuff.

Lily: Silly, fun stuff?

Malcolm: Yes, ma'am.

Lily: Like what?

Malcolm: I don't know, like you.

Lily: Me?

Malcolm: Yeah. I mean, look at you, all grown up and ladylike. What, are you in high school now?

Lily: Yes, yeah, I'm a junior.

Malcolm: A junior, wow.

Lily: You know, I really hated moving here from Paris at first, but I made some really good friends, so it turned out okay.

Malcolm: Friends, huh?

Lily: Yeah.

Malcolm: Would that mean friends who just so happen to be hot, studly boys, hmm? Oh, come on. I was a teenager once. I know what goes on in high school. Let me guess. You need bodyguards just to walk down the hall, right?


Gina: Oh, Neil, would you believe it? My ice machine decided to breathe its last breath.

Neil: I'm sorry. Tough night, huh?

Gina: Yeah, I feel like I'm in the middle of a whirling dervish.

Neil: Yeah, me, too. Gina, I have been all over town looking for Lily.

Gina: Is there a problem?

Neil: Oh, no, it's a long story.

Gina: Well, why don't you go sit down? Can I get you something?

Neil: Uh, Gina, how about a cup of coffee? That would be great.

Gina: Okay.

Neil: Thanks.


Nick: Mom. Have you been crying?

Nikki: It's nothing.

Sharon: Really, nothing? It looks like something's wrong.

Nick: We were right. Dad's leaving. There's bags by the door.

Nikki: Nicholas, he's upstairs.

Nick: But he is leaving without saying good-bye.

Victor: Now that you're here, I wonít.

Nick: What's going on? Why are you leaving?

Victor: There's something I have to do.

Nick: What could be so important that you have to leave Mom alone?

Nikki: Honey, I'll tell you later, okay?

Sharon: So there's no way we can convince you to stay?

Victor: No, Sharon. This is long overdue.

Nick: Well, then I guess this is good-bye for now.

Victor: Yep, son, it is.

Nick: I think I know why you're leaving. I'm just concerned for Mom.

Victor: I want you to take care of her for me. Can you do that?

Nick: You know I will.

Victor: All right.

Nick: The company, too. It's in good hands.

Victor: I know it's in good hands. That's why I made you C.E.O. of the company. I'm more proud of you than you realize.

Victor: I love you more than I've ever loved anyone. You're the love of my life.

Nikki: I love you. I'll miss you so much.

Nikki: Please hurry. Hurry back.


Phyllis: Ahem, ahem. Okay, Dominic came to apologize to Damon for the pain he caused, or so he said. He said that he'd seen the light that he wanted to spend the rest of his life atoning for his mistakes.

Hank: According to my notes, you visited him in prison before he was released.

Phyllis: Yes, I begged him not to come.

Hank: Then he wasn't here at your invitation.

Phyllis: No, 'cause that would be nuts.

Damon: What are you suggesting, Detective?

Hank: Can anyone verify this? Did you tell anyone the reason why you went to Georgia?

Phyllis: No, I didnít.

Hank: What about the prison authorities? Was there someone present when you talked to Mr. Hughes? Anyone overhear your conversation?

Phyllis: No, nobody was in the the room at the time of the conversation.

Hank: Okay. By the way, one of the nurses here at the hospital overheard you tell Mr. Hughes you hope he dies.

Phyllis: Yeah, I did say that. I was angry. My boyfriend was fighting for his life at the time.

Damon: Detective Weber, what is this interrogation really about?

Hank: Conspiracy, Mr. Porter. Conspiracy to commit murder.


Malcolm: Thanks, man. Okay, so what's this, the shy routine? What, you don't want to tell your old uncle about all your boyfriends? Hey, hey, whoa, whoa. Lily, I'm sorry. I was just goofing with you.

Lily: No, no, no, it's not you. I just... I've had some really bad experiences.

Malcolm: All right, well, you want to talk about it?

Lily: No, you know, I'm just gonna go to the ladies' room.

Malcolm: All right, well, let me walk with you.

Lily: No, it's okay.

Malcolm: Lily.


Kevin: Come on, get up! Get up!

Michael: Calm down.

Kevin: What are you being such a baby for? Get on your feet.

Michael: Back off! I will, all right?

Kevin: All right, come on, it's your turn. Hit me.

Michael: I'm not gonna do it.

Kevin: Come on, I want you to. Go ahead, take your best shot.

Michael: Forget it.

Kevin: What's the matter, huh? Are you scared? Are you gonna start cryin'? Want to call your mommy? Answer me. Answer me, you little cockroach!

Tom: Answer me, you little cockroach!

Kevin: Answer me.

Tom: You want to play escape artist, huh? Fine, you're gonna live in this closet for a long time, sonny.

Michael: Don't make me do that again. Now let's stop.

Kevin: Did that make you feel good, beating up on a little kid? That make you feel like a big, strong man?

Michael: Little kid?

Michael: Kevin...

Kevin: I remember every horrible thing that you did to me. You beat me with your belt. You locked me in that closet for hours! I remember thinking, "what if he doesn't come back?" What if I died in there? I was a little kid. I was a little kid! What kind of man does that, huh? What kind of man treats his own son worse that some dog that he finds on the street?

Michael: You're talking to Michael.

Kevin: I spent my whole life being so afraid of you, and guess what. I'm not afraid of you anymore. Do you hear me? Do you hear me? I said I'm not afraid of you anymore!

Michael: It's me! It's Michael!

Kevin: Hit me back, come on! Huh? How come you can punch a little kid, but you can't punch a grown man?

Michael: Michael! Michael, Kevin!

Kevin: Answer me, you son of a bitch! How do you like being a punching bag? How do you like it? 'Cause that's how you make me feel! That's why I hate you! That's why... what's why I hate you! That's why I hate you. (Sobbing)

Michael: It's okay. It's okay. Let it out.

Young Kevin: (Sobbing)

Young Michael: Hey.

Young Kevin: (Crying)

Young Michael: That's right. It's okay. It's okay.

Michael: It's okay. I've got you now. You're safe. It's okay.


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