Thursday Y&R Transcript 11/4/04

Y&R Transcript Thursday 11/4/04 -- Canada, Friday 11/5/04 -- U.S.A.


By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Dru: (Breathing rapidly)

Malcolm: I didn't mean to hurt you.

Dru: I-I know. I must--oh, I must be hallucinating, lord, 'cause this man is--he's dead. You are dead.

Malcolm: Obviously, I'm not, Dru.

Dru: Where have you been? I never thought I'd see you again. I-I don't understand this.

Malcolm: It's a long story.

Dru: Well, I ain't in a rush.

Malcolm: I was alive. Layin' on the side of that river in Kenya, I was alive, Dru. Helicopters flyin' around, but they never found me. Yeah, they searched for awhile, and then they left. I remember it like it was yesterday, when they took off and never came back.

Dru: Well, everyone thought you drowned.

Malcolm: Right. Right. End of story. End of Malcolm.

Dru: I never wanted to believe it was true.

Malcolm: All I know is Neil was there. He sent out a search party, but then he called it off. You know, it didn't really surprise me since he was after my woman at the time.

Dru: Your woman? What are you talking about?

Malcolm: Drucilla, you're a smart girl. Figure it out. Neil didn't want me found. Oh, his life suddenly got a hell of a lot easier without me in it. My being dead solved all his problems.


Damon: I love you.

Phyllis: Get some rest.

Daniel: Hey, Mom.

Phyllis: Daniel, unh, why are you not in school?

Daniel: I, uh, called a friend of ours to tell him what happened, and he thought that we should be here with you, and I agreed.

Phyllis: (Sighs)

Phyllis: Jack.

Jack: Hey. Hear you've been through a pretty rough time.

Phyllis: Yeah. I got through without a scratch, thanks to Damon.

Daniel: Uh, do you think it would be all right if I went to see him?

Phyllis: Yeah, ask the nurse.

Daniel: What do I say to him?

Phyllis: I don't know. Start with hello. See where it goes from there. And there's no reason to be awkward.

Daniel: Okay.

Jack: He's a good kid.

Phyllis: He's a work in progress.

Jack: Aren't we all?

Jack: I hate the idea of you being in that kind of danger.

Phyllis: You do?

Jack: You know I do. How can you even ask that? Tell me about it. Tell--tell me what happened. Tell me the whole story.


Mac: Did you have something to do with Lily's being attacked?

Kevin: Listen, Mackenzie, you need to understand, I've made a lot of mistakes in my past, but I've changed. I really--I really have. The problem is nobody would believe me.

Mac: Well, that kinda thing takes time.

Kevin: Well, I wanted people to know that I wasn't such a bad guy, so I came up with this plan.

Mac: To look like a hero.

Kevin: And I swear, I swear to you, Lily was never supposed to get hurt. It was that jerk Alex that put something in her juice, and then the whole thing went to hell. I saw Lily this morning, and she-- she's all twisted up inside. She thinks that every guy is out to get her now.


Boy: Don't push me, man.

Sierra: I can't come with you guys. I'm so broke. I saw these shoes at Fenmoreís. Lily, you would have died. They were so cool.

Lily: You mean the ones with the polka dots?

Sierra: Yeah, how'd you know?

Lily: You've been talking about them all week.

Sierra: Well, they totally match the shirt you got me for my birthday. The salesman told me they didn't have them in my size--

Lily: Well, excuse me. (Sound becomes distorted)

Sierra: I was so bummed, but I tried them on anyways. He said they ran small. Half-size up fit perfectly.


Daniel: Damon?

Damon: What you got to say, slick? Come on in.

Daniel: Uh... the nurse said, if you weren't sleeping--

Damon: I can sleep all the time. Painkillers, you know? How you doin'?

Daniel: I'm fine. How are you?

Damon: Nothin' to do but lie here and get better.

Daniel: Yeah. Man, you almost died.

Damon: So they say.

Daniel: What was that like? I mean, were you, like, floatin' around on the ceiling or anything?


Dru: Do you actually think that your brother would be happy leaving you dead?

Malcolm: I don't "think" anything. I gotta go.

Dru: No! No, no, no, listen.

Malcolm: Dru...

Dru: No, no, listen. You can't come back three years later and just leave. Why'd you come, anyway?

Malcolm: Nate.

Dru: Nate. He's in London, going to school. Liv just left to visit him.

Malcolm: Where in London?

Dru: Oh, I can't tell you that. See, when Liv gets back, you have to see her, because you can't go anywhere near Nate. You have no idea what that boy went through over you.

Malcolm: Drucilla, what's the name of the school?

Dru: I'm not gonna tell you. Mnh-mnh. And what's the rush? Neil's here, your sister-in-law's here.

Malcolm: He did it. Neil married Alex.

Dru: Y-yeah. No, no. He--he remarried me. I-I'm your new sister-in-law.

Malcolm: What are you talkin' about? You weren't even arou-- what happened to Alex?

Dru: I don't know. Why are we talkin' about her? I can't believe you're still mad about that. It was some stupid misunderstanding.

Malcolm: Well, that stupid misunderstanding damn near cost me my life. Months, I laid up in a hut in the middle of Africa, replaying their little conversation over and over again in my head. My brother and my fiancťe, sharin' their little secret-- how much they care for each other.

Malcolm: Drucilla, a true brother doesn't do that. So as far as I'm concerned, I'm not the one who died. My brother did.


Devon: What are you doing here?

Neil: Hi, Devon. I came to see you.

Devon: Yeah, well, I can't talk right now. I'm busy, all right?


Damon: It's funny you should mention that, man. I did have an experience. It was glorious.

Daniel: Well, if you don't want to talk about it...

Damon: Oh, let--no. I'm gonna set you down and give you the whole story. Soon. I'm just a little wiped out at the moment.

Daniel: I understand.

Damon: Listen, I do want to tell you about your mother.

Damon: She risked-- risked her life for me.

Daniel: But she couldn't stop that guy from shooting you.

Damon: That's not what I mean. She kept me from becoming a killer.

Damon: I will always be grateful to her for that.

Daniel: I-I just want you to know... I'm real glad you didn't die.

Damon: Why, Daniel, that means a great deal to me.

Damon: I bet you can't imagine how much.


Jack: It sounds like you barely got out in one piece.

Phyllis: Damon pushed me aside just as the gun went off.

Jack: And he took the bullet?

Phyllis: Yeah, he managed to put Dominic out of commission. So he-- he essentially saved me twice.

Jack: You do realize, don't you, you would never have been in that situation if...

Phyllis: Yeah, I know that. I know--I know that, Jack. I've been trying to wrap my head around this. I mean... what was it worth? All of it? I mean, it helped him get over his hatred, but... at what cost?

Jack: The fact that you're okay, in my book, means it cost nothing.

Phyllis: He's a very complicated man.

Jack: Yeah, or maybe, just a confused man.

Phyllis: His son was murdered. It wasn't just an accident. When he saw his son shot in cold-blood by this man Dominic--

Jack: I'm not saying he didn't have a motive. I'm saying different people handle the situation in different ways. He's not the first person to lose a loved one because of gun violence.

Phyllis: I know.

Jack: This time, he almost cost you your life.

Phyllis: I'm exhausted.

Jack: I'm sorry, I... I came here to be a shoulder to lean on and... no more lessons. No more sermons.

Phyllis: Okay.

Phyllis: (Sighs) Damon thinks this experience has bonded us for life.

Jack: What do you think about that?

Phyllis: I don't know.

Jack: I'm not sure I'm the right man to talk to about other--other men and your feelings for them. I... maybe ten years from now, I'll be a little more over you than I am right now.

Phyllis: Except... except you're the only person in my life that I can share my-- my personal thoughts with.

Jack: I can't help you. I'm not objective.

Phyllis: I know.

Phyllis: You know me better than anybody.

Jack: Better than the back of m-- better than the back of your hand.

Phyllis: (Giggles)

Phyllis: How do you tell a man who's-- who's died, who almost lost his life, that... how do you...

Phyllis: I won't talk to you about this. You're right.

Jack: Yeah. No more talk about Damon porter.

Phyllis: Okay.

Phyllis: Oh, can I have that shoulder? (Sighs)

Jack: Come to Papa.

Jack: Hey, time's up?

Daniel: He was getting tired. I could tell.

Jack: So what do you say we get you home?

Phyllis: Oh, no, no, no, no, I have to see Damon again, and I have to go to the office.

Daniel: Mom.

Jack: What, are you kidding me?

Phyllis: Oh, come--I have... the world doesn't stop because people get hurt, guys. Neil's counting on me. You have to get to school, right? So thank you for coming by. I really appreciate it. Your timing is impeccable, as always. I love you.

Jack: I love you.

Daniel: I'll see you, Mom.

Phyllis: Bye.

Jack: Go to the office. Go home. Get some rest.

Phyllis: Get some rest. I will. I promise.


Dru: You can't be serious.

Malcolm: I know what I heard that night.

Dru: What you heard you misunderstood.

Malcolm: Good-bye, Dru.

Dru: No, no, no, you stay right here. I'm gonna call Neil, and he's gonna come and he's gonna explain everything.

Malcolm: I got nothin' to say to that man.

Dru: He was devastated behind thinkin' that you were dead. He--he blamed himself. He--he lived the better part of a year in a bottle, nearly drank himself to death.

Malcolm: Yeah, well, I lived what I lived, and I feel what I feel. There is nothing you can say to make a difference, so save your breath. If I never see Neil again, it'll be too soon.

Dru: Please don't turn something that should be a joyous occasion into something filled with anger and hatred.

Malcolm: It is what it is.

Dru: "It is what it is"? Malcolm, if you're going to be pointing the finger and blaming people, then you need to look to yourself.

Dru: Do you have any idea how we--we grieved you? And Olivia and I, we never thought that Nate was gonna come out of his depression. He'd cry night and day, thinkin' about you. I don't care how much you hated this world. The least you could have done was to let your family know that you were alive on the face of this earth.

Malcolm: You don't know a damn thing about what I've been through. You don't have a clue.


Sierra: So now Eliís going out with Madison, and guess who Staceyís with?

Boy: I hate school, man.

Lily: Sean?

Boy #2: So do I.

Sierra: No, Brian Dougherty. Can you believe that?

Boy: It's in here somewhere.

Lily: The, uh... I thought Brian was seeing Makayla.

Sierra: No, that was last year. Makayla was with Carlos, but then... (Sound becomes distorted)

Boys: (Laughing)

Sierra: Don't you remember? Jeremy asked me to go to homecoming with him, and I said yes, and Adam asked me. I really wanted to go with Adam. I already told Jeremy that I'd go with him, and if he finds out-- (sound distortion ends)

Lily: I-I have to go. (Gasps)

Boy: Sorry.

Lily: It's okay.

Boy: Are you okay?

Lily: Don't touch me.

Sierra: Lily, what's wrong?

Lily: Look, I have to go.

Sierra: Lily, wait.

Boy #2: What was that, man?

Boy: I don't know.


Mac: If I were Lily, I'd be freaking out, too. Kevin, she almost died.

Kevin: I swear, it wasn't supposed to go down like that. If I ever see that bastard Alex again, I will--

Mac: But even if he hadn't drugged her, it was still wrong. You have no idea what it's like to be a girl and to think you're about to get raped. I've been there, okay? I know. So even without the drugs, Lily still would have been traumatized by your scheme. It would have left a mark on her that might never go away.

Kevin: I guess I didn't think about that.

Mac: No, I guess you didnít. So what are you gonna do about it?

Kevin: I keep asking myself the same question, you know? I-I feel so bad, you know? And Lily thinks that she's got this terrible karma thing going on, like she brought this on herself and... I don't know what to do.

Mac: Well, I can think of one thing.

Kevin: Tell me. Anything.

Mac: You have to tell Lily the truth.


Damon: Am I dreaming? Must be the drugs, because I see the most beautiful woman in the world.

Phyllis: I'm going to the office.

Damon: Oh, you are not.

Phyllis: Yes, I am. I'm going to the office. I don't want to talk about it. Now listen, I want you to do exactly what they tell you and think good thoughts.

Damon: I'll do that. I'll think about you.

Phyllis: All right, you do that.

Damon: Hey. You saved me, Phyllis. This tremendous burden has been lifted off of me. You did that, and I thank you.

Phyllis: You're welcome. I gotta head out now.


Kevin: Unh-unh, no, no way. I'm never gonna tell Lily. I canít.

Mac: I thought you wanted to help her.

Kevin: If I tell her, she's gonna freak out, and I'm gonna go to jail.

Mac: Well, I really think it would help Lily if she knew why that Alex guy picked her in the first place, not because she looked like easy prey, but because you wanted to be the hero so you set her up.

Kevin: Well, you're not gonna tell her that, are you?

Mac: I think it'd be better if you told her. Look, Kevin, if you want people to respect you, you need to behave like somebody that they can respect, somebody that they can trust. Not because you're a hero, but because you do the right thing.

Kevin: But I finally got people to think that I'm not such a bad guy, and you're telling me just to chuck that and go back to being the town leper. No, no, no, I'm not ready to do that, no.

Mac: Yes, yes, Kevin, you are, and I think that's why you talked to me in the first place, because you needed a push in the right direction. So tell her the truth.


Devon: You still here?

Neil: Devon, I was waiting for you to finish whatever you were doing.

Devon: I was emptying the trash. What's it to you?

Neil: I told you. I came to see you.

Devon: All right, well, you've seen me. Is there anything else I could do for you?

Neil: You know what would be really nice? If you and I could actually have a normal conversation without all this attitude.

Devon: Yeah, well, life sucks sometimes, you know?

Neil: Yes, it does. I agree with you on that. Call me crazy, but I was kind of hoping that maybe, you know, you and me, we could-- we could be friends.

Devon: Yeah, like that's gonna happen.

Neil: All right, man. I know why you're so angry with me.

Devon: So you know. So what?

Neil: You've had one too many people let you down in your life. I'm just another on a long list, starting with your father, right? You never really told me too much about your dad.

Devon: Yeah, well, there's nothing to tell.

Neil: Ms. Davis tells me he's not the kind of person that a boy would want for a dad.

Devon: Ah, well, poor me. But it ain't your problem, is it?

Neil: Devon, holding a grudge for things that you don't have or wish you had is pointless. It's just another distraction from the important things in life.

Devon: Like what? Becoming a brain surgeon or something? Come on, man, give me a break.

Neil: You do realize that you can be anything you want to be in life.

Devon: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Blah, blah, blah. It's more talk from you.

Neil: In spite of the way you may feel about me, I'm not gonna turn my back on you. I'm gonna prove to you that not everybody walks away in life.

Devon: Yeah, well, you know what? I'll believe it when I see it.

Neil: Well, then you'd better be prepared to be a believer, 'cause I can be just as stubborn as you can.

Devon: Whatever, man. Only one person I can count on, and that's number one, all right? Now if you don't mind, I got some stuff to do, okay?

Neil: Hey, wait a minute, number one, think about what I said, huh?

Devon: Yeah, sure thing.


Kevin: Lily, hey.

Lily: Hi.

Kevin: It's okay. I'm not gonna hurt you.

Lily: I'm sorry. (Sobbing)

Kevin: You are really messed up over this Alex thing.

Lily: I'm just having... I'm having a really bad day.

Kevin: Okay. Okay, come here. Have a seat. Let me get you something to drink.

Lily: No, no, no, no, no, no. No, that's okay. I'll get something later.

Kevin: You must be really messed up if you were willing to ditch school.

Lily: Yes, I needed... I needed to get out of there.

Kevin: Why? Why? What happened? What happened?


Dru: Phyllis, what are you doing here?

Phyllis: I work here.

Dru: I know that, but why aren't you at the hospital with Damon?

Phyllis: I can't concentrate. I mean, I feel like I'm in a dream. I don't know the difference between what's real and what isnít.

Dru: I know the feeling. 24 hours ago I thought I had everything under control, and now I don't know which way is up.

Phyllis: Why do I have the feeling that this has to do a lot more with just Damon?

Dru: Oh, it does, big time.

Phyllis: Okay, I'll bite. Tell me.

Dru: No, you know, your plate's full. Okay, I'm gonna tell you, but, um, this is the craziest thing you're ever gonna hear. I mean, I could barely believe it myself.

Phyllis: Stop! Tell me, Drucilla, okay?

Dru: Malcolm's alive.


Jamal: Can I help you?

Malcolm: Maybe. What's the deal around here? I was looking for a place to work out.

Jamal: Oh, okay. Well, it's free. I mean, but there's some rules.

Malcolm: Anything free usually has rules.

Jamal: All right, well, you can use whatever you want as long as you put it back. Uh, don't make a mess and don't hog the equipment.

Malcolm: I can live with that.

Jamal: Okay, well, enjoy.

Devon: You looking at me, man?

Malcolm: Is that a problem?

Devon: Well, I'm just wondering why you're over there giving me the evil eye.

Malcolm: I think you're paranoid, kid. I wasn't looking at you. I was just checking this place out.

Devon: Well, look, I saw you here the other night, but I don't even know who the heck you are.

Malcolm: Well, that makes us even. I don't know you.

Devon: What, you trying to be a wise guy with me?

Malcolm: No. Are you?


Dru: Did you hear what I said?

Phyllis: Yeah. You said Malcolmís alive.

Dru: Here in Genoa City.

Phyllis: How do you know this?

Dru: I saw him with my own two eyes, Phyllis.

Phyllis: What?

Dru: I went up to my sister's apartment to bring her mail, and he was there, nearly scared me half to death. I swear to god I am not making this up.

Phyllis: I... I'm so baffled. I thought... I thought that they definitely knew that...

Dru: That he died in Kenya, but he obviously survived the accident.

Phyllis: Where has he been all this time?

Dru: He didn't tell me anything. I don't know, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Is he okay?

Dru: Yes. Physically, yes, but...

Phyllis: But what?

Dru: He's just changed from inside. He's filled with bitterness, and he's angry. He doesn't even want to see his brother.

Phyllis: Why did he come back?

Dru: Phyllis, are you asking me? Maybe because of Nate. All I know is that he's been through something horrific. It's like he's gone to hell and back.

Phyllis: Uh, what are you gonna do?

Dru: I don't know.

Phyllis: Are you gonna tell Neil?

Dru: Well, shouldn't I?

Phyllis: No.

Dru: Why not?

Phyllis: You know what happened when Neil came back from Africa. He blamed himself for his brother's death. You know that. It took him months to recover. But, Drucilla, if you tell him that... if you tell him... I can't even say it. If you tell him that his brother is... alive and doesn't want to see him, it's gonna send him right back to the bottle. You know this.

Dru: Yeah, I know.

Phyllis: Yeah. So you're not gonna tell him, not yet anyway.

Neil: Hey, ladies. Hard at work, I see. Am I interrupting?

Phyllis: No, I was just on my way out.

Neil: Hi, honey. Phyllis, I think that's terrific news about Damon.

Phyllis: Yeah, it is, isn't it?

Neil: Yeah, would you give him my regards?

Phyllis: I will.

Neil: Tell him we're thinking about him.

Phyllis: Thank you. I'll do that.

Neil: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Bye-bye.


Devon: Hey, look, if you're just here to give me a hard time, man...

Malcolm: Hey, hey, hey, take it easy, tough guy. Like I said, you're paranoid.

Devon: All right, all right, just forget it, all right? I'm having a weird day, that's all.

Malcolm: Yeah, you and me both.

Devon: I'm Devon, in case you care.

Malcolm: You live around here?

Devon: Yeah, as a matter of fact, you're standing in my house.

Malcolm: You live here?

Devon: Today I do.

Malcolm: No family?

Devon: Well, my caseworker's trying to find me a permanent place to crash right now.

Malcolm: What like a foster home?

Devon: Yeah, only till I'm 18, though. Then I'm free as a bird. And you can believe me, I'm gonna fly like one, too.

Malcolm: How long you been living here?

Devon: Not that long. I had a real cool place, but, uh, things didn't work out.

Malcolm: I saw you talking to that guy earlier. What was that about?

Devon: You know, man, you ask a lot of questions, you know?

Malcolm: So?

Devon: I barely know that guy.

Malcolm: It looked pretty heated to me. You don't talk like that to somebody you hardly know.

Devon: All right, so I know him. His name is Neil Winters. He's the guy who totally messed up my life.


Man: Hey.

Kevin: Okay, okay, here we go. See, it's sealed. Here, sit down. Here, have a seat.

Lily: Thank you.

Kevin: Let me get that for you. Okay, so what happened? What's going on?

Lily: I don't know. I just... I feel like I'm being watched all the time, you know, like someone is stalking me. Like you see that guy over there?

Kevin: Yeah.

Lily: He was looking at me while you were gone.

Kevin: Hello! Lily, that's because you're beautiful.

Lily: Well, what if he comes after me when I leave? And what if he tries to rape me? Oh, God. I'm turning into such-- into a total head case.

Kevin: You are not a head case, okay?

Lily: Yes, I am. My whole life is screwed up. I don't know what is wrong with me.

Kevin: Listen, there's nothing wrong with you. There's nothing wrong with you! Listen to me! Listen to me! The thing with Alex, Lily, it wasn't your fault, okay?

Lily: Yes, it was.

Kevin: No, it wasnít. It was mine.


Phyllis: What are you guys doing here? You following me?

Daniel: Mom, this is crazy. You should be home by now. You have no business being here.

Phyllis: I want to keep busy, you know? What else am I gonna do?

Daniel: Let's just get you out of here, okay? If you want, I'll stay with Christine awhile longer, so you can be alone.

Phyllis: I don't want to be alone.

Jack: You won't be alone. You'll be with me.

Phyllis: What?

Jack: Come on, I'm taking you home.


Malcolm: How'd this Winters guy mess up your life?

Devon: Where do I start with it? His wife, she's really cool. She took me in, into their home. And their daughter's real cool, too--Lily. We got along great. For me, it was like being a part of a real family. But this Winters guy, I guess he didn't want me living in his fancy apartment, you know, a kid off the streets.

Malcolm: And why do you think he felt that way?

Devon: Probably figured I'd start tagging on his walls or something, be a bad influence on his kid. You know, the guy is just really uptight.

Malcolm: But you wanted to live there?

Devon: Hell, yeah, I wanted to live there. It was the best place I'd ever stayed. I mean, you wouldn't believe the stuff that they had there, the food that they ate every day. They had me learning manners while I was there, but I didn't mind that. Mrs. Winters even got me into reading books. But you know something? They all act like they're this big, happy Cosby-like family that sits around the table saying stuff like, "hi, honey. How was your day?" "Fine, sweetheart. How was yours?" You know what I'm talking about, stuff like that?

Malcolm: Yeah, yeah, I feel you.

Devon: But that Winters guy and his wife, they don't see anything the same way. But why are you so interested?

Malcolm: No reason.

Devon: Well, I gotta get some homework done. My tutor's on his way.

Malcolm: All right. Handle your business. See you around.

Devon: See you, man.


Neil: Now I liked your last report on the pageant, especially your ideas about the tie-ins. What I was wondering is if you could make some changes, maybe alter a cou-- Dru, are you with me on this?

Dru: I canít.

Neil: I'm sorry. I can't-- I can't what?

Dru: I can't do this. I have something to tell you.

Neil: Well, girl, you'd better spit it out. What do you have to tell me?

Dru: Maybe you should have a seat.

Neil: No, no, no, no, I'm fine standing up right here. This sounds kind of serious. Did something happen with Devon? What's wrong?

Dru: No, it's not Devon. It's about Malcolm.

Neil: Mal-- what about him? What?

Dru: He's alive. Your brother's alive.


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Lily: That how it is!

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