Wednesday Y&R Transcript 11/3/04

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 11/3/04 -- Canada, Thursday 11/4/04 -- U.S.A.


By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Michael: Thought I'd find you here.

Kevin: What do you want?

Michael: You were up early this morning. That's kind of unusual for you. Where did you go?

Kevin: Why?

Michael: Can't a guy be curious about his own brother?

Kevin: I was at the Athletic Club working out.

Michael: Wow. Really? 2 workouts in 24 hours? Are you training for something?

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, I'm gonna beat the hell out of a certain backstabber.


J.T.: Oh... God.

Mac: How's it going?

J.T.: Hey, Mac.

Mac: Rough night?

J.T.: I'm all right except for this damn headache.

Mac: So where did you disappear to after the wedding?

J.T.: A buddy of mine had a party on campus.

Mac: You have a good time?

J.T.: Oh, ow. Yeah. Yeah, I had a great time.

Mac: What's her name?

J.T.: Who? Mm, mm. It's, uh, Cindy. No. I don't know. Honestly, I can't remember.

Mac: J.T., that's horrible.

J.T.: I knew it last night. I did. I just--I forgot.

Mac: Well, does she go to G.C.U.?

J.T.: I think so. I-I-I don't know. Look, I'm sorry I didn't get her life story, all right? To tell you the truth, we didn't really do that much talking.

Mac: Oh, spare me the details.

J.T.: You asked.

Mac: So this is your strategy, huh? You think a couple of one-night stands is gonna help you forget about Brittany? It's not gonna work, J.T.

J.T.: No, no, that's not what last night was about. I met a girl, we hit it off, one thing led to another, and... this had nothing to do with Brittany.


Chris: Morning.

Daniel: Hi.

Chris: You didn't sleep too well?

Daniel: Barely slept at all.

Chris: I can understand.

Daniel: Oh, jeez. Did Mom call you?

Chris: Was she supposed to?

Daniel: You don't know then. It looks like Damonís gonna make it after all.

Chris: Oh, that is great news.

Daniel: Yeah, she called me late last night. Man, you know, they were so sure that he was gonna die.

Chris: Phyllis must be thrilled. This is wonderful.

Daniel: Yeah.

Chris: You seem a little subdued. You are glad that Damonís still alive, aren't you?


Dru: Are you serious? Wow. All right, well, yeah, thanks for calling me. Neil, you will not believe this. Ha! If I never believed in miracles, I do now.

Neil: What are you telling me?

Dru: Damon Porter was dead. All right, he was dead. I guess it wasn't his time.

Neil: You mean he actually pulled through?

Dru: He was in such bad shape. I swear, that bullet did some serious damage.

Neil: Well, guess the doctors worked their magic, didn't they?

Dru: Well, nothing against Memorial doctors, God knows they're good, but I think a higher power had its hand in this one.

Neil: Maybe Damon knew he had something worth living for, something he had yet to accomplish-- maybe someone he wasn't ready to leave yet?

Dru: Okay, okay. Are you talking about Phyllis?

Neil: Well, baby, is that so hard to believe?

Dru: No, not after what I witnessed last night. She was beside her man. I think I was wrong about them. I believe that there is something special between them. Yes, I do.


Damon: I'm not asleep.

Phyllis: The doctors told me that they put enough painkillers in you to knock out a horse.

Damon: They must be working. I feel like I'm floating.

Phyllis: Well, the entire hospital is abuzz. They're all saying it was a miracle they saved you.

Damon: It was. I know. I had an experience last night, Phyllis. While everyone was trying to revive me... I'm not even sure I should try and tell you about it.

Phyllis: What are you talking about?

Damon: A visitor...

Damon: One that I can't explain...

Damon: But I think he saved my life.


(Knock on door)

Victor: Come in.

Devon: Hey there, Mr. Newman. I thought you might like some breakfast.

Victor: Well, Devon, that's very nice of you. Thank you. Before you go, let me, uh, let me ask you something.

Devon: What's that?

Victor: About doing me a favor.

Devon: Really? How?

Victor: Um... you know that the social worker asked me to watch over you.

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Victor: And last time we asked you if you would want to stay out at the ranch, and you didn't like the idea very much. I just was wondering if you would do me a favor and reconsider.


Dru: Baby, do you know how late it is?

Neil: Hey, Lily.

Lily: Mom, relax. I don't have a class till second period.

Dru: You look tired.

Lily: I just didn't sleep well last night.

Dru: Are you sure that's all, honey?

Lily: Yes.

Dru: Okay.

Neil: Honey, there's some muffins over here if you want one.

Lily: Oh, no, thanks. Not hungry. I'm just gonna drink this and go. I'll get something at the coffeehouse on my way to school.

Dru: Okay, coffeehouse, school and home. No other plans, okay?

Lily: Mom, don't worry. I'm not gonna be abducted by aliens or anything.

Dru: That's not what I'm worried about, all right?

Lily: Look, I'll call you if my plans change, okay?

Dru: Okay.

Lily: Bye.

Dru: Bye.

Lily: Bye, Dad.

Neil: Bye, baby girl. Have a good day at school.

Lily: Mrs. Davis.

Lorena: Good morning, Lily.

Lily: What are you doing here?

Dru: Honey, don't you have school?

Lily: What's going on?

Neil: We'll explain everything later. Go on, go to school, baby.

Dru: Yeah, go to school, baby, all right? Take care.

Neil: I love you.

Lily: All right.

Dru: Ms. Davis.

Neil: Good morning.

Lorena: Good morning.


Mac: So what are you gonna do?

J.T.: About what?

Mac: About Brittany. Are you ever gonna tell her how you feel about her?

J.T.: That would be a no.

Mac: But, J.T., you guys--

J.T.: No, Mac, Mac, we talked about this, all right? However I felt or feel about Brittany, it doesn't matter anymore. She's married to Bobby, okay? It's over.

Mac: All right, if you say so.

J.T.: What?

Mac: I didn't say anything.

J.T.: No, I know, I know, but you're dying to, so let's hear it. Come on.

Mac: I'm worried about you.

J.T.: Here we go.

Mac: You know its okay to admit that you're hurting.

J.T.: Mm-hmm.

Mac: It must have been torture standing there next to Brittany watching her and Bobby say their vows. Just know that you can talk to me, okay?

J.T.: Mac, I know, I know. You're there for me. I know that and I appreciate that, really, I do, but you gotta let it go. Honestly. Look, I'm not gonna mope around and cry because I lost Brittany, especially because it's my fault.

Mac: What do you mean?

J.T.: I didn't realize how I felt about her until it was too late.

Mac: Do you really think that you can be friends with her now?

J.T.: Yeah, sure. I mean, she's not gonna be living with us anymore. It's not gonna be that hard. It's not like I'll see her every day.

Mac: Yeah, I know, but--

J.T.: Mac, I'm running so late for class. I gotta get home and change and clean up, so...

J.T.: Hey, I'll see you later.


Daniel: Of course I'm glad Damonís alive.

Chris: I know he hasn't been your favorite person.

Daniel: I never wanted to see him dead.

Chris: So maybe you're starting to feel differently about him now.

Daniel: Why would I?

Chris: I don't know. Sometimes it happens when you think you're gonna lose someone. You start seeing them in a different light.

Daniel: So that's normal, huh?

Chris: Yeah.

Daniel: Did you know that he had a son that died?

Chris: No.

Daniel: He'd be about my age now. I guess that's why Damon was in such a big hurry to act like my father.

Chris: That might not be the only reason.

Daniel: You mean 'cause I'm such a big pain in the butt, that he was trying to help my mother straighten me out?

Chris: Yeah, those are your words, not mine.

Daniel: And you know, I was mad at first, and then last night when I thought he was gonna die, I found out about his kid, and I just started thinking, Damonís just older. He saw that I needed a little advice, and he knew what it was. So he let me have it, not trying to be mean or anything.

Chris: I can pretty much guarantee that he wasn't trying to be mean.

Daniel: Yeah. If anyone did that, it was definitely me. You know, I gave him a pretty hard time, and... I just kept thinking I wasn't gonna get a chance to say I was sorry for everything, and I think that bugged me the most.


Damon: I'm not sure that I can make you understand this. I'm not--I'm not sure I understand it myself. Um, I was right there... watching the doctors work on me, and Elias was there, too.

Phyllis: Your son.

Damon: We talked. It was real, Phyllis. He, uh... he told me to go back. I was all set to leave, just leave, to leave this world and be with him forever. He said I wasn't finished. The next thing I know, I'm waking up and I got these tubes running out of me.

Phyllis: Well, however it happened, I'm glad you're alive.

Damon: I really did see him.

Phyllis: I believe you.

Damon: I held his hand. I felt it-- I felt it right here in my hand. You think I'm crazy?

Phyllis: No, I don't think you're crazy.

Damon: Tell me something.

Phyllis: I'll tell you anything.

Damon: Dominic--I seem to recall you telling me he was dead. Was that the truth?


Michael: Thank you.

Michael: So where were we?

Kevin: You were about to tell me all the reasons I shouldn't tear you apart.

Michael: Ah, right. Well, first of all, can we stop with all the Clint Eastwood macho talk, 'cause it's really embarrassing?

Kevin: Yeah? Wonder if you'll still feel the same way after you're missing a couple of teeth?

Michael: Are you kidding me with this? Kevin, be serious. You're upset, I get that, but you and I are not gonna have a fistfight.

Kevin: What's the matter? Are you scared?

Michael: No, I'm a grownup, and I thought you were one, too.

Kevin: I am, but sometimes a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Don't laugh at me.

Michael: I'm sorry. I'm not.

Kevin: Yeah? Then what's so funny?

Michael: All right, okay, tell me this much. Say we do it, and we have this duel at high noon, where are we gonna duke it out, my living room?

Kevin: I'll find a place. You just be there.

Michael: Kevin, wouldn't it be easier if we just sat down and we tried to work this out?

Kevin: Are you willing to stop seeing Lauren?

Michael: No.

Kevin: Then trying to work it out is going to be a waste of time.

Michael: You really think you can take me?

Kevin: Definitely.

Michael: I'm bigger than you.

Kevin: So what?

Michael: I'm stronger than you.

Kevin: Means nothing. I'm smaller and I'm quicker.

Michael: You can trash talk all you want, Kevin. It doesn't make it so.

Kevin: You're not talking me out of this, Michael. You did a really lousy thing and you're gonna get what you deserve, and I'm gonna give it to you.

Michael: I gotta go.

Kevin: I don't care.

Michael: Good-bye, Kevin.

Kevin: I'm not kidding around, Michael.


Lorena: There is an opening at a level 12 group home here in Genoa City. Devon is going there.

Neil: When?

Lorena: Next week.

Dru: Wait a minute. I knew that this was gonna happen very soon, but I never imagined this soon.

Lorena: I'm sorry, Mrs. Winters, it's just the way it is. Unless you two have changed your minds about mentoring the boy? Quite frankly, if you have, I will pull out all the stops to make that happen.

Neil: Have you heard anything, anything at all, from Devonís father?

Lorena: I checked into that, as you asked.

Dru: And...

Lorena: The man is gone, missing.

Neil: Missing? How long?

Lorena: At least four years. He hasn't been seen in Genoa City. Simply put, he's not an option.

Dru: Neil? Now would be the time to say somethin'.

Neil: Drucilla...

Dru: Neil?

Neil: We really shouldn't be discussing this in front of Ms. Davis, but since you're forcing me to, I'm sorry. I feel for Devon. But we have a daughter who's been through so much, who needs to get back up on her feet. We need to focus on her.

Lorena: I understand. As Devonís caseworker, I'll break it to him and arrange for his transfer to the new group home.

Dru: Ms. Davis, would you please keep us posted?

Lorena: Of course I will, Mrs. Winters, but what I would like to say to the two of you, and I want you to understand when you hear me, this is not the first time Devon has heard "no," not the first time he's been made to feel unworthy, uncared for, so of course, I will keep you posted. I best be leaving.

Neil: I'll show you to the door.

Lorena: Thank you.

Neil: Mm-hmm.


Dru: Good-bye.

Dru: Well, I guess Devonís run out of options, Neil. I just never imagined it would be because of us.

Victor: So what do you say? I think you might really enjoy yourself out there.

Devon: Yeah, well, I really think I might feel kind of weird being there with your family and everything.

Victor: You don't have to socialize with any of us if you don't want to. Devon, there are a lot of people willing to help you, if you make the effort to help yourself.

Devon: Yeah, yeah. I've heard that line before, right about the time when people say good-bye. You're not about to cut out of my life, are you?

Victor: I have no intention of doing that, all right? No one does. So what do you say? Will you do me a favor? Because if you move out there, I can spend some more time with my wife.

Devon: Yeah, sure.

Victor: I appreciate that.

Devon: But let me tell you something-- I don't want you to think that I'm gonna be actin' like it's my home or anything, okay? I know better than that. All right, this is my life. It's not gonna change.

Victor: All right, Devon, I understand your feeling. But now let me tell you something, and listen to what I'm going to tell you-- you can be whatever you want to be. I started with nothing. You get that? Don't sell yourself short. You're a very bright kid. I know you can be anything you want to. Remember that.

Devon: Whatever you say, Mr. Newman.

Victor: Thank you for the breakfast.


Lily: Hey, can I just get some coffee to go?

Kevin: Hey, Lily.

Lily: Hey.

Kevin: Are you on your way to school?

Lily: Yeah. I'm just getting some coffee, uh, to wake me up.

Kevin: Are you feeling any better?

Lily: Yeah, I guess.

Kevin: 'Cause you look a little tired. I don't mean that as a put-down. You look good.

Lily: No, no, don't worry about it. I didn't get much sleep last night.

Kevin: You still thinking about what happened at the Rec center?

Lily: That's all I ever think about. And plus, I had another nightmare.

Kevin: Do you want to talk about it? I mean, you don't have to tell me--

Lily: No, it's okay. I'll tell you. Uh, I'm just-- I'm at this party, talking to this guy, and he's cute and being really nice. I'm just so scared that I can't move. So I just stand there, frozen, and eventually he just gives up and walks away. Well, then I see him whispering to all his friends, and they're laughing at me.

Kevin: Well, it's just a stupid nightmare. Don't let it get to you.

Lily: No, but it's not, though. It's how I really feel. If I'm at school or here at the coffeehouse, I look around and feel like people are just staring at me. Like they can tell that something is wrong with me.

Kevin: There's nothing wrong with you. Don't say that.

Lily: Then why do I feel so paranoid? And why can't I just put everything behind me and just get on with my life? When is that gonna happen?


Neil: Come on, Drucilla, let's not go through this again, all right? Don't be that way.

Dru: Don't be what way, Neil? The boy is going to a group home, much like a prison. How should I be?

Neil: I don't like the idea of Devon goin' to that place any more than you do, but our hands are tied. We need to think about Lily here. Our own child has to be our priority.

Dru: All I know is that time is tickin', and I wish you didn't feel the way that you do.

Neil: Would you just try to understand where I'm comin' from?

Dru: See, that's just it. That's just it. I can't understand why you, who says that you-- you like this child, that you sympathize with Devon, you don't even want him in our house.

Neil: You know, and see, I don't understand why you don't see where I'm comin' from on this. You know, Lily is my flesh and blood, our flesh and blood. She comes from-- how many times do I have to say this to you?

Kevin: You gotta hang in there, Lily. I know that things are rough right now, but they're gonna get better. They have to, right?

Lily: Yeah, that's what I tell myself.

Kevin: Good, good, keep doin' that.

Lily: I just-- I wanna feel normal again. I mean, sometimes it gets so bad that I'm almost afraid to leave my house. I'm always wondering who's waiting for me around the corner. I... (Sighs) I'm such a mess.

Kevin: You're not.

Lily: I am. I'm a total basket case, and I don't know what to do about it.

Kevin: Well, maybe, I-- maybe you should see someone.

Lily: What, like a shrink?

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, I've heard that it can really help. My brother tried to get me to see one when things weren't going that well for me.

Lily: Yeah, I-I don't know. Look, I have to go.

Kevin: Okay, Lily, hey, I really am sorry about everything you're going through. I know that sympathy from me is probably worthless, but, um, I wanted to say it anyway.

Lily: Thanks.


Michael: Wow. (Chuckles)

Victor: Michael Baldwin.

Michael: This place is pretty empty. Where is everybody?

Victor: Well, you should have been here half an hour ago. We just fed 5 dozen kids before they went off to school.

Michael: No kiddin'.

Victor: Yeah, now we have a little time to ourselves, and then they all come back, and we start all over again-- school activities and tutoring and all that stuff.

Michael: And you're funding all this.

Victor: You bet, but not anymore, because we got some contributions coming in and a little help from the government.

Michael: Hmm. Place is ready to run itself, then.

Victor: So what brings you by? You look a little troubled.

Michael: All right, this may sound a little off-the-wall...

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Michael: But my brother, my little brother, has challenged me to a fistfight.

Victor: (Chuckles) really? To a fistfight? No kidding?

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Victor: Oh, bad blood between the two of you or what?

Michael: Yeah, ain't that the truth?

Victor: Uh-huh. So what is this about?

Michael: A woman by the name of, uh, Lauren.

Victor: Huh? It doesn't mean anything to me.

Michael: As in Lauren Fenmore.

Victor: You can't be serious?

Michael: Lauren was, uh, was kind to Kevin. She was sensitive to his feelings, and in his confused mind, he mistook that for something entirely different, and, uh, now he feels that I've stolen his one true love. It's just all very messed up.

Victor: (Chuckles) confused? Yes. Your young brother and Lauren Fenmore? I'll be damned. No kidding?

Michael: Now it's to the point he's obsessed with this fight. You know, he wants me to pay for what I've done.

Victor: So what are you gonna do?

Michael: I'm gonna prevent it, if I can, uh, tryin' to talk some sense into his thick skull.

Victor: But to no avail?

Michael: Unfortunately, no.

Victor: So what now?

Michael: I know I have no right to ask this, and I don't want to put you in an awkward position. Um, I know the Rec center's a special place to you, and I'm sure you don't want it used for any, uh, unsavory activities.

Victor: In other words, you're asking me if I could make this rec center available, so that you and your brother Kevin can have a fight. Isn't that about the gist of it?


Mac: Hey.

Kevin: Oh, hey, Mackenzie.

Mac: Is this seat taken?

Kevin: Sure--I mean, no. Yeah. Here, sit down.

Mac: Thanks. Saw you talkin' to Lily. How's she doin'?

Kevin: Uh, she's not so great.

Mac: Is she still shook up about what happened with that Alex guy?

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, it's really got her spooked. I thought she'd be doing better by now, but she seems to be getting worse. I wish that, um...

Mac: What?

Kevin: I-I just wish there was something I could do to help.

Mac: You okay?

Kevin: Sure.

Mac: It just seems like something's on your mind. Want to talk about it?


Chris: So are you going back to the hospital?

Daniel: No, mom said there's no point. She was gonna spend the night there so she could see how he is this morning. (Sighs) maybe I'll go back there later.

Chris: Like, after school?

Daniel: I was, uh, gonna take a pass today.

Chris: Oh, I know this has been a heavy experience, but so is missing school when they're explaining quadratic equations.

Daniel: Everyone around here just loves tellin' me what to do.

Chris: I'm not tellin' you what to do. I'm just concerned about you.

Daniel: Well, Christine, there's no need to be concerned.

Chris: Exactly, because you're going to school.


Phyllis: I lied. I thought that's what you'd want to hear, since you were dying. Are you okay with that?

Damon: I don't suppose I have much choice.

Phyllis: Its better this way, you know it is.

Damon: I cut him up some, didn't I?

Phyllis: Yes, you did. He bled a lot. He has all kind of scars to remember you by.

Damon: It's so hard gettin' used to the feeling of not wantin' him dead.

Phyllis: Well, I'd rather get used to that than get used to you being a killer.

Damon: Did you speak to him?

Phyllis: Mnh-mnh.

Damon: You saved his life.

Phyllis: I don't know what I did. I don't care.

Phyllis: He's on his way back to prison. Um... listen, I'm gonna let you rest. The doctor told me to keep the visits short. I'm gonna go back out to the waiting room.

Damon: I love you.

Phyllis: Get some rest. (Doorknob rattles) (key turning in lock)


Michael: Don't get me wrong. I feel terrible about the whole idea of being drawn into this moronic fistfight scenario, but Kevin getting beaten up isn't going to do him any good. But he's so damned determined. I mean, for some bizarre reason, he actually thinks that he will feel better if we have this out, physically.

Victor: Well, you know, sometimes, getting knocked on your ass is a very sobering experience. It clears the cobwebs out of your head, you know?

Michael: I told him flat out, it wasn't gonna happen. I'm just afraid if I walk away from this thing, it's just gonna feed into his whole tendency to do something dangerous or underhanded, when he's angry or upset or if there's a full moon. That's the last thing I want. He thinks this is all open and above-board-- you know, fighting it out like real men.

Victor: So you want the fight to take place right here in the Rec center?

Michael: That's about the size of it.

Victor: Uh-huh. Tell you what. If you come here after hours and security lets you in, then you have your fight, and there are no tell-tale signs the next morning, no one will know the better, now will they?

Michael: (Chuckles) I guess not. Thank you, Victor.

Victor: I think it's a very funny story, Michael, but don't hurt yourselves, okay? Good luck. Don't leave any blood, no traces. This joint has to be clean. (Telephone rings)

Victor: Excuse me. (Telephone rings) (Telephone rings)

Victor: (Closes door)


Kevin: Are you always this nosey?

Mac: Sorry, sometimes I ask too many questions. I'll shut up now.

Kevin: Hey, can I ask your advice about something?

Mac: Sure. What's up?

Kevin: Well, um, I have this friend, and he kinda got himself into a sticky situation.

Mac: Okay.

Kevin: He did something that he's not proud of, and, uh, and he didn't mean to-- well, what I mean is, um, his intensions were good. But, uh, this thing just kinda spun outta control, and now he doesn't think he can handle it. You know, if he could, he would just go back and undo this whole thing. But--but he can't, so, uh, well, maybe not the whole thing, just--just the part where somebody got hurt.

Mac: Kevin, Kevin, be honest. This "friend" we're talking about, that is you, right?

Kevin: Well, yeah.

Mac: And the situation-- does it have to do with lily?

Kevin: What? No, I- I didn't say that.

Mac: Well, I know. We were just talking about her, so there's kind of this... assumed...

Kevin: What?

Mac: Does this have to do with what happened at the rec center? Kevin, did you have something to do with that?


Dru: Call 9-1-1. Aah! Aah! Aah! Stop it! No! (Muffled screams) oh, my God! (Breathes heavily)

Dru: Malcolm!


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Jack: I'm not sure I'm the right man to talk to about other men and your feelings for them.

Neil: I'm not gonna turn my back on you.

Devon: I'll believe it when I see it.

Dru: Do you have any idea how we grieved you?

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