Tuesday Y&R Transcript 10/19/04

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 10/19/04--Canada; Wednesday 10/20/04--USA


By Eric

Jack: I'm not sure I ordered the right thing here. Let me try the ice cream, just a little bit.

Kyle: Dad!

Jack: Just a little bit. A little bit. Ohh. Oh, that's good.

Ashley's voice: Did you mean

what you said earlier

about being happy

that abby was yours?

Victor's voice: Mm-hmm.

Because you and I were deprived

of raising our own child,

weren't we?

Do you know how much

I was in love with you?

Ashley's voice: We were

in love with each other.

Victor's voice: You and i

should share

that joy of a child.

But it wasn't to be.

Kyle: Abby, tell me what happened with the horse.

Jack: Earth to ashley. Come in, please.

Ashley: What? What's going on?

Jack: Wow, you were a million miles away.

Ashley: I'm right here.

Jack: Well, abby was just about to tell us how she fell off her horse out at the ranch.

Ashley: Jack, don't encourage her.

Abby: He's not, mommy. Kyle wants to know. He's scared of horses, too.

Devon: I'll be back in a minute. Jamal said you wanted to see me.

Victor: Yes, devon. Come in.

Devon: So you gonna yell at me about something?

Victor: Why do you think that?

Devon: Well, why else would you have me come in here? I must have done something you didn't like or...

Victor: Devon, I just noticed that you left some blankets and sheets behind this morning. You didn't put them away. And you also left some dirty dishes in the sink.

Devon: Well, I knew you were gonna get on me about something.

Victor: Well, the point is unless you learn how to straighten up after yourself, other people have to do the work for you. That's not very nice. I just wanna remind you, it's a privilege to live in this rec center here. It's not a right. Am I making myself clear?

Devon: Mr. Newman, I don't get you... at all. You're not my old man, okay? So why do you keep acting like you are?

Bobby: No, no, no, that room's gonna be too small. Can you move that group and give us the bigger room? No, huh? All right, thanks. Thanks for nothin'.

Angelo: Hey, what's the matter, big guy?

Bobby: Get this one. Now we can't have the wedding at brittany's church.

Angelo: Yeah? You know, why not?

Bobby: Well, the minister will marry us, just not there.

Angelo: Yeah, don't tell me. He's afraid a bunch of strippers are gonna show up and start dancing around the altar.

Bobby: Evidently, he's got some straightlaced people that he's gotta keep happy.

Angelo: Ahh, so we go someplace else-- look, someplace where, you know, you and me are less likely to get struck by lightning.

Bobby: Very funny. But not on short notice. Listen, I've checked every restaurant and hotel in town. Either the room's not big enough, or they're booked up.

Angelo: Well, you know, there's always vegas.

Bobby: Again with the vegas?

Angelo: Hey, I like the action. You can get married, I can throw the bones a little bit. What's wrong with that?

Bobby: One thing-- it's not gonna happen. I mean, just help me here. Just think. There's gotta be someplace in town here that we can have this wedding.

Bobby: You know what? I got an idea. It's a long shot, but it just might work.

Angelo: Hey, what long shot?

Bobby: I'll be back.

Brad: Nikki, what is this? You think I'm someone named charles?

Nikki: Charles robert cassen. Are you? Are you charlie cassen?

Brad: I've never heard that name before in my life.

Nikki: Are you telling me the truth?

Brad: Nikki, my name is bradley carlton. Always has been.

Nikki: No. No. You changed your name once years ago, when you were living in cleveland.

Brad: How the hell would you know that?

Nikki: I just do, okay?

Brad: How?!

Nikki: I had paul williams look into it.

Brad: You what?

Nikki: I'm sorry if that upsets you. Look, I don't even need to know the details on this name change. I just need to know if I'm right... if you truly are who I think you are.

Nick: Neil, glad i caught you on the cell phone.

Neil: Hey, I had a meeting here, so your timing was perfect. Have a seat. What's up?

Nick: We'll get to that in a minute. How are things going?

Neil: Fine. Newman enterprises, I guess I can say with some pride, is running like a well-oiled machine these days.

Nick: Cool. Very cool.

Neil: So you miss it?

Nick: Sometimes. I miss the game, but other times I'm glad to be out of the rat race.

Neil: How glad are you?

Nick: Why do you ask?

Neil: Well, I'm getting a vibe here that you might be sniffing around to see if there's a chance you can get your old job back at the salt mines.

Nick: Well, i am sniffing around, but it's not for me. I'd like my wife to start working at newman enterprises.

Dru: What's up? Oh, cute office.

Sharon: Thank you. I just thought that maybe we ought to talk in private.

Dru: Yeah, yeah. Oh, I have so much to tell you, sharon.

Sharon: Well, I hope you're gonna like this.

Dru: What?

Sharon: I might be coming to work at newman enterprises in the cosmetics division.

Dru: Really?

Sharon: Mm-hmm.

Dru: That's wonderful. Doing what?

Sharon: Well, I really am not sure. Nick and I just talked about ways I could represent the company somehow.

Dru: You and nicholas.

Sharon: Yeah, and so I was hoping maybe you could, you know, give me some idea of where I might fit in there.

Dru: Yeah, let me just think about how you could fit in. Let's just think about this for a second. You know, everything is so tight in the corporate world. Of course, I'm integral to the company. I run the whole cosmetics division. Right now how you could fit in, how you could fit in-- not right now, sharon. Not right now.

Sharon: Well, I was just thinking about maybe something in sales or marketing. I mean, I could even start out as a goodwill ambassador.

Dru: Goodwill ambassador. That is flawless, that idea. But right now we don't need the person waving and smiling--

Sharon: No, no, of course not.

Dru: We need a representation for newman cosmetics-- you know, someone who has a lot of experience, savvy, understands the complexity of the chemistry, the ingredients in the product, the packaging, the distribution, the price points, the margin quotes, all of those things. And then we have a huge online piece, not to mention the big "P." That's the politics within the company as well as that whole retail diaspora out there. Of course, I would know about that because I was an international model--

Sharon: Look, dru, I understand that there's a lot I have to learn.

Dru: Yeah, and I've already learned those things. So has phyllis. It's just not a good fit right now, sharon.

Sharon: Hey, hey, I'm not talking about taking over or anything.

Dru: No, no, no, I understand that. It's just that, um, we have covered that whole division of labor issue. Yeah.

Sharon: Let me just tell you where I'm coming from, okay?

Dru: Go ahead.

Sharon: I-I love being a mother, you know.

Dru: Yes.

Sharon: I mean, my kids bring me tremendous joy and satisfaction, and this is really just-- it's something for me.

Dru: I got ya. Oh, do I understand that one. I gotta tell you, sharon. This isn't something you just walk into. That's why I've worked so hard, so long to be so successful. I really gained the experience. I've earned it hour upon hour of labor--

Sharon: And I am going to have to put in those hours, too. I realize that.

Dru: All right.

Sharon: Tell me something. Um... are you threatened by the idea of me coming to work at newman?

J.T.: So how was class this morning?

Mac: It was good, actually. We had this guest speaker that was talking about schizophrenia and--

J.T.: Really?

Brittany: Did bobby call?

J.T.: Brittany, we were kind of in the middle of a conversation here.

Brittany: Oh. Sorry. But did he call?

J.T.: No, he didn't call.

Mac: Is something wrong?

Brittany: Try everything. My wedding's in less than two weeks, and I don't even know where we're getting married. (Doorbell rings)

Kay: Esther? (Doorbell rings)

Kay: Esther! Oh, god.

Kay: Oh, mr. Marsino.

Bobby: Hello, mrs. Chancellor. How are you today?

Kay: I'm fine, I'm fine. I assume you're here to see jill.

Bobby: Well, actually, I was hoping that I could talk to you.

Kay: Me?

Bobby: I mean, if you're busy, I can come back.

Kay: No, no, no. I'm so sorry. Come in. Come in, please. Straight ahead to the living room. Will you care for some coffee or, um...

Bobby: Thanks, but I really can't stay that long.

Kay: Uh, well, then, uh, sit down. Sit down, please.

Bobby: Thank you.

Kay: So tell me, what is on your mind?

Bobby: (Sighs) I need a favor. Now I hate having to come to you and I know it's a lot to ask, but I'm really in a jam here. I didn't know where I could turn, and then, bam, it hit me. Mrs. Chancellor, you could be the answer to my problem.

Kay: I'm touched. But I haven't the foggiest idea what you're talking about.

Bobby: Well, here's the deal. You like a good wedding, don't you? In a country like ours, the future is full of possibilities.

Phyllis: Don't you understand? That's why I went to georgia. I went there to warn dominic hughes that if he gets let out, that you will kill him, that if he gets paroled, he is a dead man.

Damon: Why? Phyllis, why-- why are you robbing me of the opportunity to avenge my son's death? Why won't you let me make him pay for what he did to elias?

Phyllis: He already has! Listen to yourself! My god, you're so hell-bent on seeking revenge, that you're willing to lose your life for it.

Damon: I have... I don't have a life.

Abby: And then starfire went like this.

Ashley: Careful.

Abby: And I fell off.

Jack: Wow.

Kyle: Was it scary?

Abby: Real scary, and it hurt, too, bad. I think victor wasn't being very careful.

Ashley: Honey, that's not very nice. Remember, we talked about this. The horse was probably stung. It wasn't victor's fault.

Abby: He was supposed to make sure nothing happened.

Ashley: No matter what anyone says, he only wants what's best for you. You know, he loves you. He would never hurt you.

Abby: Then why do I have to wear this sling?

Ashley: Sweetie, the fall was an accident. You can't blame victor. Okay?

Kyle: Daddy, can I go to the playroom?

Jack: Yeah, yeah. You know what? I think the storyteller's still up there. Go ahead, buddy.

Abby: Mommy, can I go, too?

Ashley: It's "may I," and, yes, you may. Remember, that fall you had was an accident, okay? Go ahead. Watch your arm.

Jack: Well, that was quite a lecture you gave your daughter.

Ashley: It wasn't a lecture.

Jack: Could've fooled me. Seemed to be you were selling her on the idea that victor can do no wrong.

Ashley: Do you have a point?

Jack: Yeah. She's a bright kid, ash, and she's not buying it.

Victor: You're right. I'm not your father. However, I'm your caretaker for the time being, and I happen to run this joint.

Devon: And what you say around here goes, right?

Victor: You got it.

Devon: Well, just so you know, I'm not real big on people telling what to do.

Victor: Well, devon, I don't give a damn. You're gonna have to get used to it until you are able to make decisions-- proper decisions--on your own, all right?

Devon: So, like, I'm the soldier, and you're the general type thing, right?

Victor: That's not the point. What is important is that you learn that we are all in this together. We need to learn to respect one another. Get my drift?

Devon: Yeah.

Victor: All right. Then we'll get along.

Devon: All right, well, is that all?

Victor: Are you in a rush or what?

Devon: Not really.

Victor: Well, then why don't you sit down?

Victor: Tell me something about your background.

Devon: Like what?

Victor: I don't know anything about your father. What's the story about your father?

Brad: Why the hell should I tell you anything? What you did goes way beyond the pale, a complete betrayal of trust.

Nikki: I'm sorry. I understand why you feel this way.

Brad: Do you? Seems to me you did this without any regard for my feelings whatsoever.

Nikki: Brad, that was not my intent.

Brad: Well, what was your intent? Because I can't figure out what would possibly possess you to go sleuthing around, digging up dirt on me. Who the hell do you think you are, nikki?

Nikki: I am somebody who has a lot of questions, questions from my past, and I feel that you are involved in them, so it would be very helpful to me if you could just be honest.

Brad: Well, it would help if you gave me a straight answer.

Nikki: All right. Sit down.

Nikki: Charles robert cassen had an older brother named joshua, and I know that he just vanished without a trace after going to a birthday party. Brad, it was my birthday party, my 5th birthday. Nobody had any idea what happened to him, not even his parents. That's when you moved to cleveland-- to give your family a chance to start over, but I know that you didn't stop thinking about him. I'm sure you wondered if he was still alive somewhere. But, brad, you don't have to wonder anymore... because of me. Because of my father's gun and me. I shot your brother. I killed him.

Jeff: Next time on "survivor".

I will not.

Jeff: Rory makes a daring move. wow, 25 by 11.

Justine: Oh my gosh!

Neil: Thanks.

Nick: Thank you.

Neil: So sharon is looking to get outta the house, huh?

Nick: Yeah. She's a great wife and mother, but she's starting to feel like she needs something more in her life, and I can understand that. I'm sure you can, too. Your wife has a great career.

Neil: Mm. Drucilla's always had a job. It's very important to her. At one point, it even became a problem. She became so involved, it tore apart our home life. Her modeling--that's what broke up our first marriage.

Nick: Yeah, but you guys ended up together.

Neil: Do you really think that sharon is ready for this commit-- better yet, are you ready for this commitment? It's gonna change your whole life.

Neil: Neil, come on, man. We're just talking about a job. What's the big deal?

Neil: What department?

Nick: Cosmetics-- marketing, publicity. Sharon's a beautiful woman. She's smart, she's talented, she's motivated.

Neil: She has no experience. It takes a long time to train someone to where they're even beginning to pull their own weight.

Nick: I know that.

Neil: I'm just saying that it might be tougher--

Nick: Look, I know what you're "just saying." You think that sharon's not gonna stick it out. But look at me, man. I worked hard when I was there. And victoria-- did you ever see anyone bust their hump the way she did?

Neil: Okay, all right, listen, don't-- don't get defensive on me.

Nick: I'm not gettin' defensive, but when you start giving me all this management 101 stuff... look, I'm just trying to get my wife a job.

Neil: Yeah, in cosmetics. Maybe she'd be better off in another area. Something let's say, um, more entry-level.

Nick: You talkin' about the mail room?

Neil: I just don't see sharon starting off in marketing or publicity.

Nick: I know what you're trying to do. You're trying to protect drucilla's turf.

Neil: No, that's not it at all. In fact, she and phyllis are only spending a small fraction of the ad/pub budget.

Nick: Okay, then what's the big deal?

Neil: There is no big deal. We don't need sharon right now. Tell you what. Why don't you go talk to your wife? Um, maybe she should go back to school for awhile. Maybe get a job somewhere where it doesn't say "newman" on the outside of the building, build a rsum.

Nick: You know, I really didn't want to have to go to my father with this. Sharon just happens to be one of victor's favorite people. Are you sure you want him involved?

Neil: You do what you have to do.

Nick: All right.

Sharon: Drucilla, you are threatened, aren't you? You're threatened because I'm a newman.

Dru: Sharon, need I remind you my husband is the interim C.E.O. Of newman enterprises. I am not threatened. I just earned what I have.

Sharon: And I will have to earn my way, too, okay? Look... I was hoping to learn from you. I'm not trying to steal your job away or climb up your shoulders on the way up some corporate ladder. I-I wouldn't have even brought this up to you if I were trying to be sneaky.

Dru: Well, some may find it to be passive-aggressive. I'm simply saying that there's no room at the inn. It's not a good fit.

Sharon: Okay, well, if it doesn't work out, after awhile, we'll talk about it.

Dru: I can hear it now. "Dru, it's getting a little crowded around here. Why don't you take an early retirement?" Right? Yeah.

Sharon: What? No. Absolutely not.

Dru: Sharon, there's nothing I can do about it. If you come into my office, I'll greet you with a smile. But just know this, it's every woman for herself.

Sharon: Only if you want it to be.

Dru: Thanks for the heads up, ms. Newman.

Kay: You want to have your wedding here?

Bobby: Yeah. I mean, I understand if it's completely out of the question.

Kay: I--no, no, no, I-I did not say that.

Bobby: Listen, you would really help me out big time. You don't even know.

Kay: Well, yes, the estate, uh, has served as a great background for weddings.

Bobby: You've done weddings here before?

Kay: Oh, my, yes. Many. (Chuckles)

Bobby: Well, this is what I was thinking. That we could have the ceremony right here in the living room. Set some chairs and bring in some flowers-- I think it'd be really nice.

Kay: Mr. Marsino, have you run this by your fiance?

Bobby: No, I haven't run it by her yet. But I know that she would love to get married here. I mean, she wants her wedding to be special and beautiful, and let's face it, there's no place more beautiful than your home.

Kay: I believe you're buttering me up.

Bobby: (Chuckles) is it working?

Kay: (Laughs)

Bobby: Look, uh, brittany means the world to me, and I love her m-more than anything. I want to give her the wedding that she deserves.

Kay: Mm-hmm. Uh, tell me, mr. Marsino, if I agree to this, what's in it for me?

Bobby: Only the satisfaction of knowing that you helped a new couple start their life together.

Kay: Well, that's a good answer. And, uh, fortunately, my answer is, uh, yes, yes.

Bobby: We can have the wedding here?

Kay: Be honored.

Bobby: Mrs. Chancellor, I don't know how to thank you. You--you are the greatest. Come here. Thank you so much.

Kay: You're most welcome.

Brittany: So that's the situation. As if I didn't already have enough to deal with, now bobby and I have to find a new place to get married.

Mac: Sorry, brittany.

J.T.: That really sucks.

Brittany: It just makes me so angry. I've been going to this church all my life. I was christened there. Apparently that doesn't count for anything.

J.T.: Well, at least reverend palmer is still gonna perform the ceremony. That's good news. You said you really liked the guy.

Brittany: Yeah, he's the best. He even stood up to the church elders. But it didn't do any good. Apparently we're not respectable enough for them.

Mac: So what are you gonna do?

Brittany: Well, bobby said he'd figure something out. I have to trust him.

J.T.: I don't know how you can be so mellow about this.

Brittany: Well, what else can I do, freak out? That's not gonna solve anything.

Mac: I have an idea.

Brittany: What?

Mac: Well, maybe you should consider postponing your wedding. Gg!Wqya Shortcomings. I pretty much -- like i said is I'm a realist.

Damon: Please tell me what hughes said to you.

Phyllis: He's not the same person.

Damon: What does that mean, phyllis?

Phyllis: He's very aware of what he's done. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it with my own eyes.

Damon: It's a game he's playing for the parole board.

Phyllis: It's not a game. His anguish is real.

Damon: He's got you snowed.

Phyllis: No, he doesn'T. This man is suffering.

Damon: He has no idea what suffering is. And apparently, neither do you.

Phyllis: This is a man who realizes what he did was wrong and he can never take it back, damon. And he wants to atone for his sins. He wants to do good in the world. He wants to go to cities and get kids out of gangs and--and tell them-- tell them how--how-- the harm they'll be doing to their lives and the lives of others.

Damon: You know what? You know what? That animal can scream from morning till night that he wants to help kids. Nothing he ever does-- nothing he ever does will make up for the death of my son, nothing!

Phyllis: Damon, you're not going to georgia, okay? You're not doing it.

Damon: You can't talk me out of it.

Phyllis: Why do you want to put yourself through that? Why do you want to see him? He's gonna go free. And then he told me he wants to come here and see you.

Damon: To genoa city?

Phyllis: Yeah. He wants to make amends. He wants to tell you how sorry he is.

Damon: Good. Let him come.

Phyllis: Yeah. Well, I told him not to. I don't think he's gonna listen to me.

Damon: Well, I hope you're right. I hope he does come, the sooner the better.

Phyllis: Okay, I want you to listen to yourself right now. You listen to yourself. You're going down a path, and you're never coming back. Do you understand that? I'm gonna lose you. And I'm afraid. I'm afraid for us.

Damon: Oh, what us? There is no us, phyllis, not now.

Brad: Nikki, I don't know what to say.

Nikki: Don't say anything. There's nothing to say. I would understand if you never wanted to see me again. I am so, so sorry.

Brad: You don't have to apologize to me.

Nikki: I don't know what else to do, brad. I mean, I repressed this for so long, and now it's just exploding in my brain. A-all I do is think about it, night and day.

Nikki: God, I know his disappearance must have destroyed you. But at least now you know the truth.

Brad: Nikki, that was a terrible, heartbreaking story. But it isn't me. I am not charles robert cassen. And I never was.

Jack: You finally have a chance to ease the black knight out of your life, and you're ragging on your daughter for not being fair to victor?

Ashley: She's not being fair. And frankly, I don't want her to develop an attitude because she happened to take a fall at the ranch.

Jack: I can't understand why you'd want to have this messy situation around you anymore. Abby finally wants to make a break from victor--

Ashley: You don't understand.

Jack: I do understand. Brad doesn't like victor, victor doesn't like him.

Ashley: You know what? That's mostly brad's fault. He's done nothing to ease the tension between the two of them.

Jack: Wow. Who's not being fair now?

Ashley: Look, I'm-- I'm not saying that brad is entirely to blame for this. I know that victor rubs him the wrong way.

Jack: Go ahead. Hey... ash, what's really going on here?

Ashley: It's just my own stuff, jack. I'm--I'm gonna work it out.

Jack: Come on. Open up. I know you and junior are not having an easy time of it right--

Ashley: That's none of your business.

Jack: I'm your brother. I'm making it my business.

Ashley: Well, then you better get used to disappointment. I'm gonna go check on the kids.

Devon: My father? My father's dead.

Victor: Hmm. How did he die?

Devon: He was hit by a truck. What's the difference?

Victor: Why do i get the feeling you're not telling me the truth?

Devon: All right, so he's not dead, okay? But he might as well be.

Victor: Do you know where he is?

Devon: Who cares where he is? He was never around. And I don't even remember what the guy looks like.

Victor: Uh-huh. Then you and I have something in common, devon.

Devon: Yeah, right.

Victor: Yeah, right. I never really knew my father. He abandoned his family when I was 7 years old.

Devon: You're kidding.

Victor: I wish I were. And my mother was too poor to raise two kids, so one of us ended up in an orphanage.

Devon: You did?

Victor: Mm-hmm. Waited for years for her to come back. She never did. So when I was your age, I got the hell outta there, as far away as I could. Been on my own ever since.

Devon: Come on. You're making this all up, man.

Victor: I wish I were making it up, devon.

Devon: So an orphanage, huh?

Victor: Mm-hmm. In those days, orphanages were cold places, state-run institutions. Hated that joint. I have a feeling worse than the group homes that you are in and out of.

Devon: Well, I bet. But I still don't get what this all has to do with me.

Victor: What this has to do with you is that I want you to understand that I can relate to your bitterness and your anger. I know where you're coming from.

Devon: Oh, I see. So since you and i are so much alike, I can go out and become a zillionaire, too, right? Is that what you're telling me?

Victor: (Laughs) that's a good question. Let me tell you something about that, devon. You're a bright kid. You can be anything you set your mind to. Anything. All right.

Devon: Anything. Well, you know, mr. Newman, what, uh, I really want right now is to be outta this office.

Victor: Well, then right now you set your mind to helping jamal in the kitchen and washing dishes. How's that?

Dru: Devon, how ar--

Dru: Hi.

Victor: Hi.

Dru: I can see he's still mad at me.

Victor: I have a feeling he's mad at the whole world.

Dru: I guess I'm glad he's with you, victor. Are you getting through to him or...

Victor: Let's just say we are coping.

Dru: I know that devon still feels that neil and I betrayed him.

Victor: Well, if I were you, I wouldn't beat myself up over it.

Dru: Yeah, I just wish that I had more time with him, you know? He was showing so much promise.

Victor: Well, you and I both know, to deal with him takes a lot of patience.

Dru: You're right. You're right. Well, not to change the subject, I understand that your daughter-in-law is gonna be working for newman enterprises. Is that true?

Victor: I didn't know that.

Dru: Huh.

Victor: But then, I don't make those kind of decisions so... hmm. That's neil's department now. By the way, what do you know about that boy's father?

Dru: Nothing. I spoke to lorena davis, you know, his social worker, and she's shrouded in secrecy and confidentiality clauses. I just assumed the boy's father was dead or never met him. Why?

Victor: I don't think the father's dead. Something is not right. I think the truth is somewhere else.

Brittany: I am not postponing my wedding.

Mac: I don't mean indefinitely, just a few weeks.

Brittany: No way. Bobby and I set a date, and we're sticking to it.

J.T.: Mac has a point. It's something to think about.

Brittany: Well, thanks a lot. You're supposed to be on my side, remember?

Mac: Look, brittany, I know you're anxious to get married, but this is your wedding day. Why not give yourself a little extra time to pull it together?

Brittany: I don't need extra time. Bobby and i will figure this out.

Mac: Okay.

Brittany: And another thing, if I want your opinion, I'm gonna ask for it.

J.T.: Brittany, relax.

Brittany: You stay outta this.

J.T.: She's just trying to help. Why are you getting so defensive?

Brittany: Because I'm tired of people sticking their noses in my business. Ever since bobby and I got engaged, all I've heard is that I'm making a mistake, that he's all wrong for me. Well, that's tough. Bobby and I are in love, and we want to do this. So if people don't like it, I don't care.

Mac: I'm not saying that you shouldn't get married.

J.T.: Mac, let it go.

Brittany: Why are you looking at me like that?

Mac: You seem really determined to go through with this wedding.

Brittany: Is there something wrong with that?

Mac: It's almost like you're trying to prove something.

Brittany: What's that supposed to mean? Wh-what would i be trying to prove? (Knock on door)

J.T.: I'll get it. (Knock on door)

J.T.: Yeah.

Bobby: Hey. Now have I got some fantastic news for you.

Brittany: Good. I could use some.

Bobby: I found the place to have our wedding. // dollar prize. 39 keep moving get close are you to crisis mode in terms of not having water?

We're on boys got a man.

We just lost.

Losing there's nine of us. We're all brute str

Brittany: So you found another church?

Bobby: No, it's not a church. But I know you're gonna love this place.

Brittany: See, mac? I told you it would work out.

Bobby: What's going on here?

Brittany: Mac wanted us to call off the wedding.

Mac: That's not what I said.

Brittany: You might as well have. You've been so negative about this wedding. I'm starting to wonder if I even want you there.

J.T.: Oh, brittany, come on. Lighten up.

Bobby: All right, listen, we're not calling off anything, okay? Honey, sit down.

Brittany: So where is this place? Somewhere really romantic?

Bobby: Oh, you bet it is. We are gonna get married at the chancellor estate.

Nikki: Brad...

Brad: Nikki, I'm not the man you're looking for. Joshua cassen is no relation of mine.

Nikki: I was wrong.

Brad: That's what I'm telling you.

Nikki: Oh, my god. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to cause you any pain. I really thought I had solved this mystery.

Brad: But you hadn't, nikki.

Brad: Look, um, this is the last thing I need right now. My life is goin' to hell. And with all that I have going on... I really shouldn't be looking back.

Nikki: Please forgive me. Please forgive me. I-I didn't mean to open up old wounds. I really thought that I knew what they were. I was trying to do the best thing. I'm sorry. Brad, don't go. Brad.

Phyllis: So you're just walking away? What is this? Why, because I tried to help you?

Damon: Phyllis, please. There--there can't be any "us" with this that I have to do.

Phyllis: You have to... no, you're not just throwing me over like this.

Damon: I'm not gonna have you involved in this.

Phyllis: I'm involved in this. We're together. We're--we're a team. We're connected.

Damon: No, see, me and my son are connected. You and I, we're--we're nothing.

Phyllis: What, are you just dumping me? Just like that? I-I need to seek revenge so that's it, phyllis, good-bye?

Damon: This is my son. This is my grief. It's my debt.

Phyllis: I'm begging you. Please don't go. Please don't do this thing.

Damon: I owe it to elias.

Phyllis: What do you owe? So you can be old and gray in some jail cell somewhere? What's the purpose of that?

Damon: You don't understand.

Phyllis: No, I don't understand. You're right. I'll never understand this.

Next on

"the young and the restless"...

Neil: If I'm not gonna allow nicholas newman to tell me how to run the business, I'm certainly not gonna allow my wife to do it. No.

Dru: Honey, honey, I just wanted to suggest--

Neil: No, no, case closed.

Victor: What can I do?

Sharon: I want a job.

Bobby: It's too bad you're taken.

Nikki: What?

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