Monday Y&R Transcript 10/18/04

Y&R Transcript Monday 10/18/04--Canada; Tuesday 10/19/04--USA


By Eric

(Telephone rings) (ring)

Phyllis: Come on, damon. Please pick up. (Ring)

Phyllis: Pick up. (Answering machine clicks)

Damon's voice: You've

reached the home

of damon porter."

Daniel: Christine, have you seen my... mom, you're home. I... where's christine?

Phyllis: Christine is gone. I am here now. I came home late last night. How'd it go?

Daniel: I-it went fine. Uh, you know, that was kind of a trip. You two aren't exactly best friends.

Phyllis: No, no, we're not. I don't think we'll be, you know, hanging out at the mall anytime soon, but, you know, it doesn't matter how I feel about christine. What matters is she cares for you, and I knew she'd keep an eye out.

Daniel: You mean keep me out of trouble?

Phyllis: Well, yeah, frankly, I do mean that. Because I have a lot to worry about. (Doorbell rings)

Nikki: Okay. Coming.

Nikki: Brad.

Brad: Hello, nikki.

Nikki: Hi. What are you doing here?

Brad: I'm here to see you. Is it a bad time?

Nikki: No, it's fine.

Brad: You sure? You don't seem in any hurry to invite me in.

Nikki: I'm sorry. I-I don't mean to be rude. You caught me by surprise. Come on in.

Brad: That's been happening a lot lately.

Nikki: What, what do you mean?

Brad: Come on, nikki. Let's not beat around the bush, okay? I'm concerned.

Nikki: About what?

Brad: About you. There have been several days recently when you haven't come into work. When you do come in, you're late and you don't get much accomplished. And frankly, your work has been slipping.

Nikki: I can't believe you're saying this to me.

Brad: When I heard that you called in again this morning, I had to come and talk to you. Not as your boss-- as your colleague, as your friend. Nikki, what's going on? Where's your head these days?

Jack: Mind if I join ya?

Victor: Do I need to answer that question?

Jack: Not really. I'll have what he's having.

J.T.: Brittany, what are you doing?

Brittany: You promised you'd help with this wedding stuff.

J.T.: I get so tired of helping with this wedding stuff.

Brittany: Oh, stop complaining. This wedding isn't gonna plan itself. We still have a ton of work to do and not much time to do it.

J.T.: Oh, correction, correction--

you have a ton of work to do.

Brittany: Oh, please, J.T. Look. I poured you a cup of coffee.

J.T.: What the hell else is there to talk about?

Brittany: That's the problem. All we've done is talk. Hardly anything's been finalized, which is where you come in-- my wonderful and trusty best man of honor. I made up a list.

J.T.: Oh, no, no, no. Not another list. I'm tired of looking at those things.

Brittany: Relax. It won't kill you.

J.T.: You're right, it won't kill me. I'm not that lucky.

Angelo: (Humming) oh, ho, ho, whoa.

Bobby: Don't even start.

Angelo: Bobby marsino in a tie again. Whoa. (Chuckles)

Bobby: You just gotta go there, don't you?

Angelo: Hey, it's the shock, man. I'm sorry.

Bobby: Listen, you better get yourself a tuxedo because they're gonna have to do some alterations. That's gonna take awhile.

Angelo: You mean I really gotta wear one of those things, huh? I feel like a head waiter in some snooty restaurant.

Bobby: It's gonna get pretty snooty around here, so you might as well get used to it.

Angelo: Okay, so look, where's this wedding? I gotta drive way out to the, uh, the country club?

Bobby: No, what are you, nuts? We're getting married in a church.

Angelo: Oh, no.

Bobby: Ange, I ordered some pens. Where are the pens?

Angelo: Hey, bobby, forget the pens. Can we talk about this church thing? Look, uh, bob, I was raised right, you know. I was even, you know, an alter boy once a long time ago. But, uh, I got a little nervous about going back into the church later on. Some of the things I did-- you know, sins I didn't think I could just, uh, confess and be done with...

Bobby: Well, ange, get over it 'cause you're goin' back and you're standing up for me. Now if you get struck by lightning, that's your own problem. (Chuckles)

Angelo: Oh, yeah? I'm gonna standing next to you with blondie right there. You sure you wanna risk it?

Nick: Well, when you said you were restless, I didn't know that meant you were gonna come in here early and do, um... what are you doing?

Sharon: I'm just making sure that our suppliers are not gouging us.

Nick: Yeah, you gotta watch those bad boys.

Sharon: Nick, I know I said this before, but--

Nick: Yeah, and you don't have to say it again.

Sharon: I just feel like I was being such an ingrate, sounding like I have this terrible life or something.

Nick: Nah, you weren't saying that. You know, just because you're comfortable, it doesn't mean that you're fulfilled, I guess.

Sharon: And no one can be fulfilled all the time.

Nick: Well, I guess it would get old eventually, wouldn't it?

Sharon: Maybe. I wouldn't mind finding out.

Nick: So I guess that's why this stripping thing kind of turns you on, huh?

Sharon: Well, I... it wasn't a sexual thing. Honestly. I mean that.

Nick: I believe you, I think.

Sharon: No. I mean, it was more like, um, and this might sound strange, but, you know, I like the way I look. I'm--I'm lucky.

Nick: You're beautiful, every square inch of you. There's nothing wrong with that.

Sharon: Unless I'm planning on sharing it all with a roomful of strangers.

Nick: Do you feel like you have to? Seriously, do you? doing just fine. Sh meet her. Go on a little date.

Dana: Don't do it.

Brenda: Thing i got to do i you something. I got the ball some guy try to grab me.

With a massive hole in the side.

Johy: He had toLucas: Babey who?I don't want to talk about it!

Dana: Great.


Brenda: She's lovely.

Seymour: I'm not going out with her.

Brenda: What's the saying you fall off the cheerleaders out to pasture and let the


Angelo: Church. Wow. I ain't been in one of those since, uh, four-finger louie snuffed it. Man, that guy hated my guts. You know, I only went to the funeral so I could look into the casket to make sure he was really dead.

Bobby: Well, ange, this isn't a funeral. This is gonna be a wedding. And you are gonna be smiling and lookin' like there's no other place in the world you'd rather be. You got that?

Angelo: Right. In my monkey suit, right? With my face turning all red and... (choked voice) you know, it's just too tight.

Bobby: Yeah, just like that.

Angelo: (Normal voice) the truth is, I'm glad you asked me, bob, you know, to be your best man and all.

Bobby: Come on, ange, who else was I gonna ask?

Angelo: You know, I'm not too happy about standing up there in front of all these people I don't know.

Bobby: Yeah? Well, I'll introduce you to everybody at the rehearsal dinner the night before.

Angelo: Hey, you know, don't you think, uh, vegas would be a lot simpler?

Bobby: What's with you and vegas?

Angelo: I like vegas.

Bobby: Ange, I wanna marry brittany right. Not some quickie marriage outta state, nothing that says that we're ashamed or that we don't have any friends. You understand? I want it to be something that she's always gonna remember.

Angelo: Man, you got it bad, huh?

Bobby: Yeah, I got it good. I got it real good.

Angelo: (Chuckles)

Brittany: That takes care of the music. What else? Mm, oh! I need you to call the florist about the centerpieces for the reception. Tell them the red rose scheme is out 'cause I want softer colors instead.

J.T.: You know, dealing with florists really isn't my thing.

Brittany: Oh, please, J.T. I've got too much to handle.

J.T.: I'm not calling the damn florist, all right? I'm not calling him.

Brittany: All right. I'll do it myself.

J.T.: And F.Y.I.-- I'm putting my foot down, all right? No more of this. I can't do it.

Brittany: Oh, come on. You're having the time of your life. Admit it.

J.T.: Oh, trust me. I got better things to do then play wedding planner.

Brittany: Well, if I haven't told you lately, I appreciate everything you're doing for me. It really means a lot.

J.T.: Yeah?

Brittany: Yeah, you know, I'm sort of on my own here. Bobby's always so busy with the club, and my parents don't want to have anything to do with this wedding.

Brittany: You're the only one who's really been there to help me out. I know a lot of times, I've been obnoxious.

J.T.: Yeah. But what else is new?

Brittany: Anyway, I wanted you to know that I'm grateful. And just think, when you get married, you'll be an old pro at all this wedding stuff.

J.T.: You know, when I get married, it's gonna be at city hall with a justice of the peace all the way.

Brittany: Oh, lord, here we go again.

J.T.: Either that, or I'll just hire somebody to handle all the details.

Brittany: But you have such a flair.

J.T.: You did not just say that.

Brittany: I think you have a real eye.

J.T.: All right, all right. That's it. I'm outta here.

Brittany: Where are you goin'?

J.T.: I'm gonna go do something not-so-girlie for awhile--work on my car, play some hoops with the fellas. I don't know, something.

Brittany: Oh, you starting to feel a little insecure?

J.T.: Don't even go there.

Brittany: Well, that sounds like fun. I need a break. I'll come with you.

J.T.: You don't even like basketball.

Brittany: You could teach me to like it.

J.T.: Hey, what are-- give me ball back, brittany.

Brittany: This is how you dribble, right?

J.T.: Oh, lord. Brittany, just give me the ball. Give me the ball back.

Brittany: No. No!

Mac: What's going on out here?

Sharon: No. I thought it was settled. I'm not gonna strip for anyone but you. End of conversation.

Nick: Okay, well, then why does it keep coming up?

Sharon: Mm-mnh-mm. You brought it up.

Nick: All right, it's not that I'm worried. I mean, I'm a little worried, but it's just that you're not happy.

Sharon: I am.

Nick: But is there any way I can make you happier?

Sharon: There's no need.

Nick: But I want to.

Sharon: Okay, well, you know, there was this one thing that I was thinking about, but I didn't want to say anything until I really thought it through, and I know that it's a long shot but--

Nick: Well, great. Great. Then let's hear it. Because if there's any way that I can make it happen, then I will move heaven and earth.

Daniel: You know, I know that I messed up big time, but do you have to keep throwing it in my face every five minutes?

Phyllis: Well, I'm not in a very good mood this morning, okay?

Daniel: Your trip didn't go so hot?

Phyllis: I'm exhausted.

Daniel: So what was in georgia anyway?

Phyllis: Georgia. How'd you find o--christine. Did christine tell you I went to georgia?

Daniel: Yeah. Why? Was she not supposed to?

Phyllis: Well, I guess it doesn't matter that much anymore, does it?

Daniel: What was so important that you had to take off like that? I mean, you said it had something to do with damon, right?

Phyllis: I'm not at liberty to discuss it.

Daniel: Do you have any idea how unfair that is? I mean, something's wrong, I can see you're upset, but you don't want to tell me what it is, and--and I have to disclose every little detail of my existence to you.

Phyllis: Aren't you late for school?

Daniel: Yeah, I am! I can't find my math book.

Phyllis: Isn't that your math book, by the door? (Knock on door)

Daniel: Huh. Well, christine must've put it here so I wouldn't forget it.

Phyllis: And--

Damon: Hey. It doesn't take an expert to figure out.

J.T.: Hey, mac, we were, uh, we were just messin' around.

Brittany: Yeah. J.T. Was just showin' me how to play basketball.

Mac: Oh, well, you better knock it off. Neighbors downstairs are gonna start complaining.

J.T.: Yeah, she's right. You better give me the ball.

Brittany: I'm gonna go to my room and make some calls.

J.T.: What?

Mac: I didn't say anything.

J.T.: I thought you had class this morning.

Mac: I do. I'm on my way.

J.T.: Well, don't let me keep you.

Mac: What's that?

J.T.: Um, this is a stupid list of stuff that brittany keeps adding for me to do for this-- you want to do it?

Mac: Ha! You're a glutton for punishment, hellstrom. Can I see it?

J.T.: Yeah, sure.

Mac: Wow. You do have a lot to do.

J.T.: Tell me about it. It's the list that won't die.

Mac: (Chuckles) what does this mean-- "wedding vows"?

J.T.: Oh, brittany wants me to help her write hers.

Mac: She wants you to help her?

J.T.: Yeah, don't start, all right? Give it back. Come on.

Mac: I'm surprised they're writing their own.

J.T.: What, you didn't think that bobby knew how to read or write?

Mac: That's mean.

J.T.: Yeah, it's not far from the truth. But don't worry, I'm sure he'll hire whoever writes those flyers for the strip club. It'll be, like, the raunchiest vows ever, and I'm sure the minister will probably pass out.

Mac: You're such a mystery to me sometimes.

J.T.: Me?

Mac: Yeah, you-- the way you can laugh at this, when you're totally against the wedding.

J.T.: What else am I supposed to do? Bobby's a jerk, but brittany's gonna marry him no matter what I think.

Mac: Well, I think it's great that you're helping her out.

J.T.: Yeah, I'm a real prince.

Mac: I gotta go. Oh, you should really get going on those vows. The wedding's on november 1st. That's right around the corner.

J.T.: Tell me about it.

Jack: So I heard what happened out at the ranch the other day. Lucky for you, that little girl wasn't seriously hurt when she fell off the horse. If that were my kid, I'd have slapped a lawsuit on you so fast it'd make your head spin.

Victor: I'm sure you would have, jack. Your sister happens to have too much class for that. But sometimes, it's very difficult to conceive of the fact that the two of you are siblings.

Jack: There I have to agree with you. Ashley and I are very different. She buys your act, I don'T.

Victor: Mm-hmm. This is becoming rather tedious, jack. I don't give a damn what you think.

Jack: What is it they say? "What goes around, comes around." Looks like this time, it's come around and landed with a vengeance. Thing's didn't go exactly as you'd planned them, did they?

Nikki: Jack told me you were upset with me.

Brad: I'm not upset with you. I'm worried about you. You haven't been performing the way you normally do. Now I know you've had a lot on your mind.

Nikki: Brad, you have no idea.

Brad: Then explain it to me. I mean, come on, nikki, my own life's been one complication after another lately.

Victor: I think it's best you tell him nothing.

Nikki: I don't know if I can do that. The truth has been struggling to get out of me for all these years.

Victor: Well, you may feel better. I don't think brad carlton will when he finds out the truth.

Brad: Nikki? Nikki, hello. That's what I'm talking about. It--it's like, you know, you go off into never-never land. I don't think you heard a word I said. Whatever this is, it's eating you alive. Talk to me. W I can trust

Daniel: Damon, how's it going?

Damon: It's goin'. Hey.

Phyllis: Hey, damon. I-I was worried about you. I mean, you haven't been answering your phone all night.

Damon: No, I haven't, have I?

Phyllis: I mean, I-- can you excuse us?

Daniel: Okay, you know, you guys are kinda freakin' me out here, 'cause I can tell something's wrong, but nobody's letting me know what's goin' on.

Phyllis: You know, it doesn't concern you.

Daniel: But--but, mom, I--

Phyllis: Did you call a taxi?

Daniel: No, not yet.

Phyllis: You're gonna be late for school.

Daniel: Can you at least just tell me what's up?

Damon: Hey, it's all right, man. Why don't you, uh, just listen to your mom?

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, listen to your mom. Here, here, take my car. No problem. Here's some money. Now get, before you're late. You don't want to be late.

Daniel: All right.

Phyllis: See ya.

Daniel: Later.

Phyllis: Bye, honey. Have a good day. Bye, sweetie. (Door closes)

Damon: So let's talk.

Brittany: Mmm.

Bobby: Guess you're happy to see me, huh?

Brittany: I'm always happy to see you.

Bobby: I like having that effect on my women.

Brittany: Your "women"?

Bobby: Well, I mean, woman.

Brittany: That's better. So what are you doin' here?

Bobby: Come on, I need an excuse? I came down to see your gorgeous face. It's been, like, 12 hours.

Brittany: You're so sweet.

Bobby: Your roommates home?

Brittany: No, mac's at school, and J.T.'S off rediscovering his manhood.

Bobby: He's doing what?

Brittany: Never mind. So how you doin' with the wedding vows?

Bobby: Oh, yeah, they're comin' along.

Brittany: You haven't started yet, have you?

Bobby: No, not at all.

Brittany: (Chuckles)

Bobby: I told you, I'm not very good with that.

Brittany: Oh, don't feel bad. I haven't started yet either. But that's okay. We can work on it together. I have that packet the minister gave us. (Knock at door)

Brittany: We could-- hmm.

Brittany: Oh, reverend palmer.

Reverend palmer: Hi, brittany. I hope I haven't come at a bad time.

Brittany: No, please come in. Bobby and I were just talking about you.

Reverend palmer: Hello, bobby.

Bobby: Hello, reverend.

Reverend palmer: I'm, uh, glad you're both here together.

Brittany: Is there a problem?

Reverend palmer: I'm afraid so.

Sharon: Well, you know what I was saying about stripping. I guess it's more about showing off, and that's kind of an awful thing, isn't it? I mean, a grown-up talking about showing off.

Nick: Babe, who you kidding? I mean, what do you think athletes, and models and movie stars are doing? Trust me, anybody who has anything worth looking at is showing it off.

Sharon: True, and I have a nice body and... you say the rest.

Nick: And you have a beautiful face, nice hair, good skin. And I see where this is going.

Sharon: You do?

Nick: Yeah. I just happen to have a family that owns a company that sells glamour-- beautiful faces, nice hair, good skin.

Sharon: Or at least the products that can help you get those things.

Nick: Exactly.

Sharon: And to sell that dream, you need?

Nick: People who look like... babe, if you're telling me you want to be a model, I think that's kind of a tough life--

Sharon: No, no, no, not at all, nick. I mean, come on. I'm not 17 anymore. I'm the mother of two. I don't have any illusions, and besides, there are girls out there who... never mind, I don't want to talk about them. But anyway, I think it would be boring, sitting around and waiting for some guy to load his camera, set the lights. You know, I want to do something that really uses my mind. You know, I mean I--

Nick: Babe, I get it, okay? You want to work in the cosmetics division of newman enterprises.

Sharon: Yes, representing the company somehow, like--like in sales or marketing or public relations. What do you think? I mean, is that a possibility?

Nick: No.

Sharon: Oh. Really?

Nick: Yeah, it's more like, uh, a probability, almost a certainty.

Sharon: Oh, okay. Don't make promises that you can't keep.

Nick: You know, I'm--I'm not 100% sure, but it's only because I don't work there anymore, and I know neil's watching things while my dad does his community service. But, sharon, you're a newman. Your name's on the building. Plus you're gorgeous and you're great with people. I really don't see how this would be a problem.

Sharon: Nick, oh, my gosh, you are the most wonderful husband.

Nick: Well, just, you know, let me try and work some magic first--

Sharon: No way. I'm gonna kiss you first.

Nick: Well, you can kiss me now--

will get through those months, posted in a letter to her fans on her popular canadian bands of the 1980s has died.

Brittany: Should we be sitting down for this?

Bobby: Hey, no kidding. You look pretty serious.

Reverend palmer: There's an issue with the church.

Brittany: What kind of issue?

Reverend palmer: Well, unfortunately, you can't have your wedding there.

Brittany: What?!

Reverend palmer: I'm very sorry.

Brittany: I don't understand. You said that the church was available.

Reverend palmer: I know I did.

Brittany: Then what happened?

Reverend palmer: I'm afraid that I-I can't tell you much more.

Bobby: You know what? You're gonna have to do better than that. Brittany's had her heart set on gettin' married in that church since she was a kid. Now you're gonna have to give us some kind of explanation.

Brittany: It's okay, bobby. I know what happened. My mother is behind this, isn't she?

Brad: Nikki, you've been acting like this for months now. I know part of it has to do with abby.

Nikki: Brad, I would rather not talk about it.

Brad: Well, I'm not giving you a choice anymore, certainly not when it's compromising your work.

Brad: If anybody knows how this abby situation can drive you crazy, it's me. But given our previous conversations, I know there's more to this.

Nikki: Will you just please drop it?

Brad: Whatever it is, I'm here for you.

Nikki: I told you I don't want to discuss it.

Brad: I'm just trying to help.

Nikki: Brad, you can't help. You're the last person on earth who could help, so please, just stop and leave it alone.

Jack: So after you royally screw things up with your own kids, you-- you figure you can use my niece as your last chance to redeem yourself as a parent, huh?

Victor: Is that how you see it?

Jack: Well, yeah. By the way, how are things with your firstborn? What do you hear from victoria these d--oh, gee, that's right. She's not speaking to you, is she?

Victor: That is none of your business, jack.

Jack: You mess with my family, you make it my business. You swoop in, you disrupt brad and ashley's family life by insisting that abby treat you like a father. You shower her with gifts, you bribe her with a pony of her own. You do everything you can to tie that little girl to you like a nice neat little package. Only you know what? Life isn't like that. It's not neat, it's messy, and no matter how much you plan, no matter how much you spend, sometimes things don't work out quite the way you planned.

Victor: It's amazing the philosophical depths your mind plummets to. But I think you have too much time on your hands-- you're becoming too introspective.

Jack: True, I am off the treadmill. In an odd way, I have you to thank for that. Finally, I have time to stop and smell the roses.

Victor: Then do me a favor-- keep on smelling them, jack.

Jack: Also gives me time to see the poetic justice in all this. You force yourself on that little girl, buy her gifts, try to win her over, and at the end of the day, when all is said and done, she goes home to her mom and her dad, her real dad. She doesn't even want to see you.

Jack: Just like victoria. She wants nothing to do with you.

Victor: Would you mind getting the hell out of here now and spreading your poison somewhere else?


Jeff: Next time on "survivor".

I will not.

Jeff: Rory makes a daring move.

Phyllis: So christine told you I went to georgia?

Damon: Was she mistaken?

Phyllis: No. It was my mistake for telling her.

Damon: Because you didn't want me to find out?

Phyllis: Of course not. I was going to tell you. I just didn't want you to hear it that way.

Damon: I'm not so sure I believe you, phyllis. Didn't you tell me you were going away on business?

Phyllis: Uh... I don't know what I said. I can't remember.

Damon: What on earth could have possessed you? What could have possessed you?!

Phyllis: I had to do something.

Damon: You had no right to interfere.

Phyllis: I had no right?! What are you talking about? I have every right. I'm not gonna just sit back and watch you destroy yourself. I mean, my god, when you care about someone and you see them heading for an oncoming train, you don't just sit back and do nothing. You help them. So if that's interfering, okay, so be it, that's what I'm doing. I'm interfering.

Nick: All right, I'm gonna go talk to neil.

Sharon: No, wait. You're gonna go talk to him right now?

Nick: Why wait?

Sharon: No reason, just-- I don't want him to think--

Nick: What? That we're asking for a little nepotism?

Sharon: I guess it wouldn't be the first time, would it?

Nick: Oh, you could ask me or victoria.

Sharon: And that worked out well for her.

Nick: Yeah, but my sister worked very hard. She may have gotten in the door because of dad, but she built brash & sassy from the ground up.

Sharon: Well, I don't know if I'll create a whole new division of the company, but I-I just, I want to be involved somehow.

Nick: And you think that'll deal with these feelings of restlessness?

Sharon: Absolutely.

Nick: What about the kids?

Sharon: Nick.

Nick: You're right. There are millions of women who are in the work force, and they, uh, are able to raise their children.

Sharon: Yes, with a little help from daddy.

Nick: And you'll have it.

Sharon: Okay.

Nick: Okay, I'll talk to neil and get this thing going.

Sharon: Oh, thank you. Thank you so much. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Nick: You do that. I'll see you later.

Damon: You shouldn't have gone to georgia without discussing it with me first.

Phyllis: Why? So you could talk me out of it?

Damon: How-- how could you do that?

Phyllis: How could I not?

Damon: It's my life! It's my life you're intruding in, my life, my choices! I'm going to be leaving for that hearing soon.

Phyllis: No, you can't go. I'm begging you. Please don't go.

Damon: If I don't speak on behalf of that boy, who's gonna-- who's gonna speak for him?

Damon: I-- I don't understand you. And... yo-- you persuaded me to go down there in the first place. You insisted on-- why the 180?

Phyllis: I know, listen. Listen to me. You believe that I have your best interests at heart, don't you?

Damon: I believe that you think that you do.

Phyllis: I do. I do. So why don't you just trust me on this?

Damon: Because it's late for that, phyllis. You had no reason to make that trip.

Phyllis: I have every reason. Damon, I have every reason. I care about you and I don't want to lose you.

Damon: Why did you go to georgia? You know something about that hearing, don't ya? What? What is it?

Dominic: I've changed. That's what I'm tryin' to tell you. I'm not gonna touch damon porter.

Dominic: I took the life of a little boy. I have to tell porter how sorry I am. I won't be able to live with myself if I don't do this.

Phyllis: Oh, I do know something.

Phyllis: In all probability, whether you show up at the hearing or not, dominic hughes will probably be released, and there's very little you could do about it.

Damon: How can that be?

Phyllis: Apparently your testimony, no matter how heartfelt, it's not gonna sway the decision of the parole board.

Damon: Uh, if it's-- that don't make no sense. If it's a done deal, why hold a hearing at all? What, so the families can feel like they have a say, even though they don't? Is that the way the system works? If that's how it works, then I have no recourse, do I?

Phyllis: Please, don't do that. Please, please, don'T. Please don'T. I'm begging you. Do not throw your life away for the sake of revenge. Don't do it.

Damon: My life is worth nothin' if dominic hughes is released from prison. Do you not-- do you not understand what he took from me?

Phyllis: I have to tell you something--

Damon: Do you know that revenge may be all I have left?

Phyllis: Listen, listen. While I was there, I met with him.

Phyllis: I met with the man who killed elias. //

Brittany: I'm right, aren't I? My mother is the reason we can't get married in the church. What, did she threaten to withhold her annual contribution? She only does that so she could get the tax write-off. And to make up for the fact she hasn't set foot in the place in years.

Bobby: Do you really think your mother would play that dirty?

Brittany: To stop this marriage? You bet she would.

Reverend palmer: It wasn't your mother.

Brittany: It wasn't?

Reverend palmer: No.

Brittany: Then why can't we get married in the church?

Bobby: I bet I know. It's because of me.

Brittany: You?

Bobby: Yeah. I think the reverend here got in trouble with his flock. They don't approve of the way that I make a living.

Brittany: Is that true?

Reverend palmer: There are a number of concerns among the church's elders. The two of you have been rather highly publicized, and, uh, they feel that it would be better if you found another venue for your ceremony.

Bobby: Oh, that's just beautiful, you know that?

Reverend palmer: Well, for the record, I disagreed with the decision, which I told them.

Bobby: You should've told 'em that they were a bunch of hypocrites, and they oughta read that bible that they carry around that says that the church is supposed to be a haven for sinners. The welcome mat's supposed to be out for everybody, right?

Reverend palmer: I'm sorry.

Brittany: Well, I'm sure you did everything you could, reverend.

Reverend palmer: And I, uh, need to go.

Brittany: Well, you'll still be performing the ceremony, right?

Reverend palmer: Absolutely. I wouldn't miss it. Just, uh, tell me as soon as you find another location. And, uh, both of you, take care.

Bobby: All right. Thank you.

Bobby: So now what are we gonna do, huh?

Brittany: We'll figure it out.

Bobby: I'm real sorry about this.

Brittany: Don't be. It's not your fault.

Bobby: Yeah, but all your life, you've wanted to get married in this church. If it wasn't for me, you'd be having the wedding of your dreams.

Brittany: If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be marrying the man of my dreams. We'll just have to find another place for the wedding.

Bobby: All right. That's what we're gonna do. But we got less than two weeks.

Damon: You spoke to the man who killed my son?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. In the prison.

Damon: What were you thinking?

Phyllis: I was thinking I want to save your life.

Damon: That doesn't make any sense, phyllis.

Phyllis: I know that I was the one who told you to go to georgia. And I thought that what you had to say would guarantee that elias' murderer would stay behind bars, but I think I was wrong.

Damon: How were you wrong?

Phyllis: Whether or not you go to the hearing, damon, he's probably gonna get paroled.

Damon: How would you know this?

Phyllis: I talked to the administrator. I got the impression that they feel that dominic hughes is somebody who should be reintegrated into society.

Damon: Behind my back, you did this?

Phyllis: I did this to help you.

Damon: Well, it doesn't really matter, does it? If dominic hughes is released, he won't be breathing free air for long.

Nikki: Brad, it's time for you to go now.

Brad: Nikki, whatever this is, it's obviously stressing you out.

Nikki: But I don't wanna talk about it, so go.

Brad: Are you sure you're gonna be all right?

Nikki: Brad!

Brad: How many times do I have to say it? I'm concerned about you. I don't like seeing you like this.

Nikki: Do you remember how upset you were the last time we talked?

Brad: When you asked me all those questions about my past.

Nikki: Yeah, questions that you didn't want to answer.

Brad: Because it was something very personal and private, not to mention painful.

Nikki: Well, what do you think I'm going through?

Brad: I don't know. But you had no right to expect answers to those questions if that's what you're getting at.

Nikki: No right? I had no right? I have every right. I have a responsibility. I have a lot of questions I need answers to. Damn it, brad, are you charlie cassen?

Brad: What?

Nikki: I need to know. I need to know. Please tell me. Was your name ever charles robert cassen?

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