Friday Y&R Transcript 10/15/04

Y&R Transcript Friday 10/15/04--Canada; Monday 10/18/04--U.S.A.


By Eric

Dominic: You might as well know, I've already decided. The first thing I'm gonna do when I get out of the e parole city to find your boyfriend.

Phyllis: No, you're not. No, you're not.

Dominic: You have no idea where I'm comin' from. You don't understand.

Phyllis: Yes, I do understand. You killed an innocent boy, and now you're going after his father. It is not damon who put you behind bars. You are the one who committed the crime.

Dominic: Don't you think I know that, huh? I'm not looking for revenge.

Phyllis: What are you looking for?

Dominic: Nothing. I've changed. That's what I'm trying to tell you. I'm not gonna touch damon porter.

Phyllis: W-well, what are you saying? You've been reading the bible? You found god? I mean, do you expect me to believe that?

Dominic: This has nothing to do with religion.

Dominic: I took the life of a little boy. I have to tell porter how sorry I am.

Dominic: I-I won't be able to live with myself if I don't do this. Now do you get why I have to go to genoa city? Do you?

Phyllis: You can't go, mr. Hughes. You can't go there.

Jill: Thanks for not saying "I told you so."

Jack: Oh, I wouldn't do that.

Jill: Isn't it amazing?

Jack: What, that a perfectly reasonable woman would fall for the B.S. Of that guy?

Jill: I wanted to, jack. I wanted him.

Jack: You know, I could understand why you might be vulnerable to elliot's particular brand of snake oil. Robin hood meets the travel channel. My god, who wouldn't want to live that way?

Jill: Oh, if only he'd--

Jack: If--if only? What, if only he wasn't a crook? A small detail.

Jill: All right, what am i gonna tell katherine now? You know, I mean, I convinced her to let me be more involved in this company, with the idea that I would look into elliot's management style.

Jack: Instead you looked into his bedroom eyes.

Jill: And he made off with millions of her money. I should have dug deeper into those books. She's gonna kill me.

Kay: Well, hello, you two.

Jack: Well, hello, katherine, we were just talkin' about you.

Kay: Really? Well, it's been a long day. Tell me some good news. Please, god, tell me some good news.

Ashley: I called the rec center and they said you were here.

Victor: I was on the way back. I just came home to touch base with my wife.

Ashley: It looks like you're packing.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: You sleeping at the rec center?

Victor: Just a few days.

Ashley: Oh, well, I should probably go, then.

Victor: No, no, I have a few minutes. Please sit down.

Ashley: Okay. Where's nikki?

Victor: Can I take your coat?

Ashley: Yeah.

Victor: Wl, your timing is rather fortuitous. Nikki isn't here. So... what gives me the honor of your visit?

Ashley: Well, I spoke to brad.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: I tried to make him understand your feelings.

Victor: To no avail, I'm sure.

Ashley: I tried to explain to him that you feel you have something to offer abby, but he can't-- he just won't see it.

Victor: Don't you realize that he is guilty of what he accuses me of? This is not about abby. This is about brad carlton and his continued rivalry with me. I tried to get through that wall, but to no avail.

Sharon: Thank you.

Man: Is this nonfat?

Sharon: You didn't order nonfat.

Man: Yes, I did.

Sharon: Um, no, you didn'T.

Man: I always order nonfat.

Sharon: Okay. Fine. I'll make you another.

Man: How hard is it to get a drink order right?

Sharon: Excuse me?

Man: I'm just sayin', it ain't rocket science, blondie.

Sharon: What?!

Man: Decaf, nonfat, cappuccino--ooh, three words.

Sharon: Well, I've got three words for you, buddy.

Man: Whoa! I don't like your attitude. Who's in charge here?

Sharon: Um, you're lookin' at her.

Man: (Chuckles) no wonder this place is goin' downhill.

Sharon: Yeah, well, I'm sure things'll pick up a lot as soon as you head out that door.

Man: I'm not goin' anywhere until I get my drink.

Sharon: Fine. Tell you what... take your money, sport, and get the hell out.

Nick: Hey, what's going on here?

Sharon: Nick, did you hear what this guy said to me?

Nick: Here. Here's a couple of coupons, good for any drink of your choice.

Man: She's whacked. Thanks, man.

Sharon: He called me a dumb blond.

Nick: Babe, let's go talk about this in the office, all right?

Trevor: Okay, I'm back.

Sharon: No, I can't leave the counter.

Nick: Trevor's back. Come on. Come on.

Kevin: What are you doing here?

Michael: I'm lookin' for you. You got a sec?

Kevin: Shouldn't you be getting ready for your date with lauren?

Michael: I have time. Come on, let's sit down.

Kevin: You really shouldn't keep a woman like lauren waiting.

Michael: It's okay. I told her I'd be a little late. Have a seat. Come on, have a seat.

Kevin: Well, this must be important.

Michael: We need to talk about lauren and me.

Kevin: Look, michael, if you want to start taking lauren out, I'm not gonna stop you.

Michael: Look, I know you know, okay?

Kevin: I know what?

Michael: That lauren and i have been seeing each other for awhile. Look at me, kevin. Kevin, please, just look at me. Come on.

Michael: Why didn't you say anything?

Kevin: Why didn't you?

Michael: Yeah, I know I should have. I realize that now. The whole thing just got so complicated. I wasn't sure how to handle it.

Kevin: So you decided to lie to me?

Michael: No, I didn't decide to lie to you--

Kevin: Look, you know what? I don't want to hear your excuses. I don't want anything from you.

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Sharon: Nick, I'm sorry. I just could not deal with that guy.

Nick: All right, what's goin' on with you? Was that guy even that much of a jerk?

Sharon: Let's just say I'm in no mood to be talked down to. I know I could have handled it a little better, but I didn'T.

Nick: No, you didn'T.

Sharon: I feel, I don't know, restless lately. And I keep waiting for it to go away. I mean, I try to keep myself busy.

Nick: Babe--

Sharon: You know, there are plenty of things for me to do in my life, right? I take cassie to her field hockey, and--and noah has his soccer. I have this place. And it's all good. It's just--

Nick: It's not enough.

Ashley: I'm starting to wonder, victor, if I'll ever be able to get through to brad. He refuses to even accept the possibility that you might be able to enrich abby's life somehow.

Victor: Well, the problem is that he continues to see me as his adversary. He wants to win at all costs.

Ashley: Well, I was hoping to bring you good news anyway.

Victor: I don't want you to intercede on my behalf. I don't want to put you in that position.

Ashley: Well, I did it for our daughter.

Victor: And I have a feeling brad is thinking that what he does is best for her as well.

Ashley: How? By denying abby somebody who should actually be in her life?

Victor: Unfortunately, yeah.

Ashley: Did you mean what you said earlier, about being happy that abby was yours?

Victor: You and I were deprived of that, weren't we?

Victor: Do you know how much I was in love with you?

Ashley: We were in love with each other.

Victor: You and I should have shared that joy of a child, but it wasn't to be.

Phyllis: Mr. Hughes, you can apologize to damon for the next 20 years, he's never gonna forgive you.

Dominic: I don't expect him to.

Phyllis: Then be smart. Keep away from him.

Dominic: I just can't hide from what I did.

Phyllis: Listen, this is not about you. It is about a man who is decent and kind and had to suffer the loss of his child.

Dominic: I am sure that he was full of grief.

Phyllis: He still is. Oh, my god, he still is, and he's done everything to move on with his life.

Dominic: Oh, yeah? Except the part about hating me, right?

Phyllis: Yeah. Listen, if he sees you anywhere besides the jail cell, you're dead.

Dominic: Yeah. Well, I can't worry about that now, can I?

Phyllis: What, you think, if you just go to him, and tell him how guilty you are and how sorry you are, he's gonna forget about the whole thing?

Dominic: No, I'm sure he's never gonna forget, but neither will I.

Dominic: For the rest of my life, every time I close my eyes-- every time-- I'll have a mental picture of that little boy, bleeding to death in his daddy's arms, all because of me. Listen, I am sorry, okay? I would give anything in this world if I could just go back and undo that horrible--

Phyllis: You can't go back.

Dominic: I know I can'T.

Phyllis: Listen, you can't ever undo it. It's over. So I'm warning you-- don't go to damon. It's only gonna make things worse for him and for yourself.

Dominic: All right, maybe. Maybe I can't go back.

Phyllis: Right.

Dominic: But I can try to help make sure other kids don't make the same stupid mistakes I did.

Phyllis: What are you talking about?

Dominic: I'm talking about going out there on the streets and tellin' my story to teens and gangbangers, being an example of what not to be, and making them see that guns and gangs destroy lives.

Dominic: It's too late for that little boy. Doesn't have to be too late for them.

Phyllis: You mean this?

Dominic: More than anything I ever meant in my life.

Phyllis: Oh, my god. I believe you.

Phyllis: I believe you're sincere.

Phyllis: Let me tell you something, all the kind words and good intentions are never going to convince damon. You will never convince damon.

Phyllis: I have to catch a flight.

Dominic: Guess you better go.

Phyllis: I just want to tell you one thing. For the last time, I implore you, don't come looking for damon, okay? If you get out of here, move somewhere. Go do all these things somewhere else. But I'm warning you, leave damon alone. I'm warning you. Shortcomings. I pretty much -- like i said is I'm a realist.

Dru: Man, that spinning class was good, golly! Can I have a bottle of water? No gas, room temp. Ooh, nothin' like a spinning class. Gets the endorphins goin'. Hey, okay... thank you. Damon? Is that apple juice or are you drownin' your sorrows again? Just kiddin'. Just kiddin'. (Chuckles) mm-hmm.

Damon: I ain't much in a kiddin' mood.

Dru: I can see that. Mind if I join you?

Damon: Yeah, I do.

Dru: Oh. Oh?

Damon: I'm sorry, I do.

Dru: Well, I wouldn't want to start a rumor, so I'll go to the other end of the bar, okay?

Damon: All right, whatever you need to, dru. Just leave me alone.

Dru: Okay, I don't know why you have to be so ornery. Always have a chip on your shoulder. You know what? I'm just gonna drink my water over here and be quiet as a church mouse. But whatever has gotten your goat, it sure must be serious.

Damon: Can I get another?

Dru: Phew.

Michael: You have every right to be upset.

Kevin: Well, gee, now I feel better.

Michael: We weren't trying to hurt you. Look, lauren and I both wanted to tell you about us, but... (sighs) you were doing so well. You were finally pulling your life together. We didn't want to ruin that.

Kevin: Oh, oh, (imitates child) poor little kevin, we better be careful or he might break.

Michael: What would you have done if you were me?

Kevin: (Normal voice) for starters? I wouldn't have gotten involved with a woman that you cared about, a woman that you were in love with.

Michael: She was never in love with you.

Michael: I'm sorry. I-I know you hate hearing it, but it's the truth. She never thought of you as anything more than a friend. Ever. Ever.

Kevin: I don't even know why we're talkin' about this, michael. What you and lauren do is none of my business. If you're the man that she wants, that's fine.

Michael: I'm worried about you.

Kevin: Well, don't be, all right, I'm a big boy. I can handle some rejection.

Michael: Then what's this?

Nick: You know, babe, I kinda thought things were goin' really well for us.

Sharon: Nick, don't take this personally.

Nick: It's kinda hard not to when you keep sayin' that our life together isn't enough for you. I don't know what else to do.

Sharon: Well, there's nothin' you can do. This is my problem.

Nick: Well, I want to help.

Sharon: Well, I know you do, but it's just something I have to figure out on my own. You know, the--the kids are doing good in school. They--they have their friends, they have their after school activities, and you like working at the rec center with victor. What do I have?

Nick: Well, come work there with us.

Sharon: I could, but... how do I explain this? I just need something that is all my own, you know? Something that I feel passionate about.

Nick: Is this your way of tellin' me that there isn't enough passion anymore?

Sharon: Between us? How can you ask that after last night? Honey, I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. I-I love being your wife. I love being "mom" to cassie and noah. I'm not--I'm not trying to take away from any of that. I just want to add something to it.

Nick: You're not gonna, like, run off and do anything crazy, are ya?

Sharon: Am I freaking you out with this?

Nick: Little bit.

Sharon: Okay. Listen, I promise I will not do anything crazy. I promise.

Jill: Oh, here. Here you go, mother.

Kay: Well, what have I done to deserve this service?

Jack: You haven't done a thing. She's buttering you up.

Jill: Jack! I will handle this.

Kay: "Handle this"? What? All right, all right, you two, what, uh, what is going on here?

Jack: Jill has a confession to make.

Jill: Oh...

Jack: Well, come on. Let's get this over with.

Jill: Thank you so much.

Jill: Okay. Okay! I do have some news for you, but it isn't very good.

Nick: So sharon just starts arguing with the guy. It wasn't even over that big of a deal.

Nikki: Well, honey, in case you haven't noticed it, sharon has been a little edgy lately.

Nick: Yeah, well, I wish I knew what to do. Sharon doesn't even know. She just feels like she needs something more.

Nikki: Well, sometimes we all feel that way.

Nick: Is there somethin' on your mind?

Nikki: I talked with your father. It was a pretty intense conversation. I've just been driving around ever since, trying to get my thoughts together.

Nick: What were you guys talkin' about?

Nikki: Well, he's put me in an awkward position with brad.

Nick: And I'm betting this has something to do with abby.

Nikki: Part of it. But I need to talk to brad about something, and... victor's just making it very complicated.

Nick: What did dad do this time?

Nikki: It's not so much what he did. It's what he's asked me not to do.

Nick: He asked you not to talk to brad, right?

Nikki: He doesn't want anything getting in the way of his chance of winning abby over again.

Nick: Well, that sounds like dad. I will never understand his obsession with this little girl.

Nikki: Well, nicholas, he has a lot of guilt. He feels like he missed many opportunities to be a good father with his children.

Nick: Okay, so that's it. He screws up with us, so he feels like he has to grab this other man's child so he can feel better about himself?

Nikki: I wouldn't say that that's fair.

Nick: Mom, this guy can't fathom failure. What's more, he's doing it at your expense. Well, then again, what else is new?

Ashley: Well, I know it's not the way we imagined it would be... I am so happy you're a part of abby's life. And she's so fortunate to have you, you know that.

Victor: Nikki thinks that my attempt to connect with abby is hurting your marriage.

Ashley: It's been difficult. Brad's not making it any easier. I guess he's trying, but...

Victor: It always comes down to the same thing though, doesn't it? He's living with the mistaken notion that I'm trying to take abby's affection away from him.

Ashley: I know you're upset because abby doesn't want to go riding anymore after that fall she took. And you know, it was so sweet of you to give her that horse. I mean, really.

Victor: Thank you for saying that. But I must tell you, I feel terrible about that incident.

Ashley: Just give her a little time. Kids bounce back.

Victor: Well, I wonder. I wonder if she won't always connect me to that injury.

Ashley: Well, let's just hope that the opportunity will present itself to change that.

Victor: Yeah, let's hope.

Kevin: Give me that.

Michael: Why won't you admit you're having a rough time here?

Kevin: If I do, will you stop seeing lauren?! That's what I thought.

Kevin: So what, did mom tell you?

Michael: Yeah. Her and her big mouth.

Kevin: God, that woman cannot keep her mouth shut for anything.

Michael: Well, don't blame gloria too much. I more or less forced it out of her.

Michael: So, uh... when did you first realize, about lauren and me?

Kevin: The other night. I saw the two of you together.

Michael: Where?

Kevin: The athletic club. Couldn't hear what you were saying, but, uh, I didn't have to. The way you were looking at each other and-- and holding hands pretty much said it all.

Michael: I'm sorry.

Kevin: Stop saying that! I don't want your pity.

Kevin: I thought that I had a real shot with lauren. You know, I felt like we had this--this special connection. And I confided in you, and I told you things that I would never tell anyone. And now I feel like an idiot.

Michael: Well, you're not an idiot.

Kevin: I must be, because I trusted you. I bet you and lauren got a real kick out of it. Probably had a good laugh over how stupid I am.

Michael: If it makes you feel any better, we didn't plan on this happening.

Kevin: Well, there's a line, and no, it doesn'T.

Michael: Look, the only reason we started spending time together is because we were both worried about you. And... before we knew it, we just started having feelings for each other, one thing led to another. That's it.

Kevin: Well, then, you know what? I guess you owe me a thank you. Say it! Say thank you! Since I'm the reason you guys are together. You know, it's ironic, isn't it?

Kay: (Chuckles) oh, my poor darling. It must have been awful for you.

Jill: It's not funny.

Kay: No, no, no, I know it's not. But, jill, I'm so happy that you found elliot out to be the scum he really is before he talked you into running away with him.

Jill: I still feel like such a fool.

Kay: You do? I mean, I am the one who hired elliot in the first place. Then I started drinking and stopped paying attention to what was happening to chancellor. And, uh, and this nelson-- why didn't he come forward right away and say the company had a problem? No, we start spreading the blame around, my dears, and it will never end.

Jack: You know what? I should've acted quicker. I should've called the accountant myself.

Kay: Don't you put yourself there, jack. Now when you've got someone at the top who is a crook like elliot, he can bring down a whole company. Yes, we can--we can write off millions of dollars. But it was a very expensive lesson in not letting go of the reins.

Jack: Katherine chancellor, you are a great woman.

Kay: Oh, well... and, jill, if you want to blame yourself for anything... why would you ever let a con man like elliot convince you, in such a short time, this was some grand romance?

Jill: Because it felt like a grand romance.

Jack: You know what? I think we all miscalculated. I think, despite his faults, elliot hampton was in love with jill. I saw it in his eyes, the way he talked to her.

Jill: Damn. I wish there was just something that could be done about the money he stole. It galls me so much.

Jack: Well, actually, that's where the good news comes in. There is something that could be done. In fact, it's already been done.

Dru: You know what they say, pride before the fall. I know you wanna talk to me, so just talk, just talk, just talk.

Damon: Whatever happened to "quiet as a mouse"?

Dru: It's about phyllis, huh?

Damon: What?

Dru: (Scoffs) don't act like you didn't hear me. Trouble in paradise? You don't even have to tell me. I can relate. I've been trying to share an office with her for weeks, damon. She's driven me crazy. I can't even imagine trying to share a life with her. I hear she's outta town. Hallelujah.

Damon: Yeah, she is.

Dru: You know, if anyone could be irritating, it is phyllis. I bet she's blowing up your phone, 24--

Damon: Why do you have something to say about everybody, hmm? Is your life so dull that you have to comment on everybody's business? Who asked you? Tell me that. Whoever--whoever asked you?!

Phyllis: No, please keep the change. Thanks a lot.

Chris: You're back early.

Phyllis: Yeah, my trip ended up being shorter than I expected.

Chris: So I see.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Chris: You never really did exactly say why you left.

Phyllis: No, I didn'T.

Chris: It seemed important.

Phyllis: Yeah, it was.

Chris: Did you accomplish what you hoped to?

Phyllis: I'm afraid not.

Chris: I'm sorry.

Phyllis: Me too. I just wish I knew what I was gonna do now.

Victor: I want you to know that I respect bradley's connection with abby. And as much as it hurt me to see that, I was very moved when she obviously went to him after she fell from the horse and, you know, he comforted her. But that doesn't mean that it has to be an either/or situation. I mean, she obviously loves the rec center, she loves the horses. Why should we deprive her of all that just because two adults don't get along? I just don't want to lose her.

Ashley: You're gonna have to trust me on this. I'm not going to let that happen. I know how much this relationship means to you. I know how much it could mean to abby. I promise you, from the bottom of my heart, victor, I'm not gonna let that happen.

Nikki: Nicholas, please understand that your father loves his children.

Nick: I know he does, mom. But look at his track record. Dad is who he is, and he's not gonna do anything different with abby.

Nikki: He believes he is.

Nick: Well, he's not, not in the long run. And besides, is this about dad's relationship with abby, or is it about something you need to do?

Nikki: I just wish he hadn't asked me to not talk to brad.

Nick: It is unfair of him to put you in that position. You shouldn't have to choose between your marriage and your friendship with brad.

Nikki: Well, unfortunately, I do.

Nick: No, actually, mom, you don'T. You don't always need to be the one compromising. Sometimes you need to look out for yourself. You know that's what dad would do.

Nikki: Nicholas, you don't--

Nick: Mom, whatever dad is going through will work itself out. But for now, trust me, just take care of yourself, all right?

Chris: You seem troubled.

Phyllis: Oh, really, do I?

Chris: You want to talk about it?

Phyllis: Not really.

Phyllis: (Clears throat) so is daniel asleep?

Chris: He is.

Phyllis: Did he behave himself?

Chris: Yes, he did. He, uh, cleaned up after dinner and did his homework. So when he asked for a break to go to the coffeehouse, I okayed it. I hope you don't mind.

Phyllis: How long was he gone?

Chris: An hour. He came back right when he said he would.

Phyllis: Good.

Chris: Oh, before I forget, while daniel was gone your friend damon stopped by.

Dru: That was embarrassing.

Damon: Why can't you get it through your head that I'm not interested in discussing this or anything with you? Don't you have a family you need to go home to?

Dru: Yes, I do. I have that in check, thank you very much. I don't have all day. You wanna talk or not?

Damon: No! Words are meaningless. And it truly, truly is none of your business.

Dru: You're just tryin' to shake me. You are tryin' to shake me, but you can't shake a friend, friend.

Damon: Well, it doesn't really matter. The only thing that's important now... is justice.

Dru: What a strange thing to say. Where did that come from?

Damon: You're right, dru, you're a friend. You've been a-- you've been a good one. I want you to know that.

Dru: Um, wow. This is sounding--

Damon: What?

Dru: Well, it sounds like you're saying good-bye or something.

Damon: Maybe I am.

Dru: Okay, you're scaring me. Give me that glass.

Damon: No, forget about it. It's--look... go on home to neil and your beautiful daughter.

Damon: Hold on to her. You know, hold on to her real, real tight and don't let her go.

Dru: Damon...

Damon: Go on. Go on. Get outta here. I'm okay. //

Michael: Please tell me how I can fix this.

Kevin: You can'T.

Michael: And what you said before, that you wanted me to be happy, were those just words? You mean that, what?

Kevin: Look, michael, if you're gonna date lauren, I can't stop you.

Michael: You really hate me.

Kevin: I'm trying to deal with this, all right? But for now, that is the most that I can give you.

Michael: Okay. I think I should go.

Michael: Look, I know it hurts like hell. But you will get through this.

Kevin: I know.

Kevin: What?

Michael: Nothing.

Kevin: What, you don't believe me? What, do you think I'm gonna flip out?

Michael: I didn't say that.

Kevin: What are you afraid of, michael? Think you're gonna come home one day and I'll have taken a swan dive out of your apartment window?

Michael: Don't even joke about that.

Kevin: Yeah, well, so much for having faith in me.

Michael: I do have faith in you. I just want you to realize that you don't have to go through this by yourself. I'm here for you.

Kevin: (Scoffs)

Michael: I'm here for you, and lauren's here for you.

Kevin: (Chuckles) oh, jeez. Well, thanks. Thanks a lot, but... you know, I think... what I think is that I have had just about all the "help" from you and lauren that I can take, so...

Kevin: Just go. Go enjoy your date together. Tell lauren I said hi.

Kay: You did what?

Jack: A couple of weeks ago I contacted the bahamian authorities. These people pride themselves on offering offshore security for tax cheats, so it wasn't easy, but I convinced them to freeze elliot's accounts pending a lawsuit from chancellor industries to have the money repatriated.

Kay: A lawsuit we, no doubt, will win.

Jack: How could we not? The guy doesn't have a legal leg to stand on.

Jill: So he's gonna arrive in nassau and end up with--

Jack: With the shirt on his back and whatever he's got left on his credit cards.

Kay: We can call the bank who issues his cards.

Jack: I love the way you think, katherine. No, I thought of that. Let's let him eat a couple of meals. Maybe he can find somebody else to scam.

Jill: You are the most amazing friend.

Kay: All right. Well, then all is well and good, and the good guys won. But I find myself in quite a pickle. Well, chancellor industries is desperate for a chief executive officer, and, uh, well, jack, you haven't been doing a lot lately--

Jack: Oh, I've been doing quite a lot, thank you. And I've been enjoying every minute of it. Thank you for your offer. I'll pass.

Kay: Well, some friend you are.

Phyllis: Damon was here? What'd he want?

Chris: He came to check up on daniel.

Phyllis: Did he want anything else?

Chris: He was curious about your trip. He was anxious to get in touch with you.

Phyllis: Is that all he said?

Chris: He said something about leaving town himself, so he wanted to talk to you before he left. Look, all I could tell him was that you were in georgia.

Phyllis: Wh--you told him-- you told him I was in georgia. Okay. Oh, my god. I can't believe this.

Chris: That was a secret?

Phyllis: I-I-- he's--he's leaving? He said he's leaving town? Oh, my god.

Chris: What is it? What is going on?

Phyllis: I just-- I'm so flipped out right now. Listen, christine, thank you very much for helping me out and staying with daniel, but right now, I-I just can't deal. I can't deal. I have to do damage control, you know.

Chris: Okay, okay, fine.

Phyllis: Oh, my god. Christine, thank you. Thank you. Oh, my god. I appreciate it.

Chris: Uh-huh. (Cell phone rings) (ring) (ring)

Damon: You're home.

Phyllis: Hey. Are you still in town? Please tell me you're still in town.

Damon: I'm still in town.

Phyllis: Okay, good. We need to talk.

Damon: What could you have been thinking, going to georgia? What--what did you think you'd accomplish?

Phyllis: Okay, listen, that's why I want to talk to you. Just let me explain.

Damon: You shoulda spoken before. I'm in no frame of mind to have this conversation right now.

Phyllis: Damon, please, okay, listen--just listen to me. Don't hang up. Don't hang up.

Damon: I'm goin'. Bye.

Phyllis: Damon.

Next on

"the young and the restless"...

Bobby: Do you really think your mother would play that dirty?

Brittany: You bet she would.

Phyllis: Do not throw your life away for the sake of revenge.

Damon: My life is worth nothing if dominic hughes is released from prison.

Jack: Mind if I join you?

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