Wednesday Y&R Transcript 10/13/04

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 10/13/04 -- Canada, Thursday 10/14/04 -- U.S.A.


By Boo
Proofread by Emma

Phyllis: Hey. Hey, thanks for coming.

Damon: Absolutely, darling. Can we make this quick? I have an extremely busy afternoon.

Phyllis: Okay. Um, nice to see you, too.

Damon: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's not you. I'm just tryin' to clear my schedule.

Phyllis: I know. 'Cause you're going to Georgia, right?

Damon: That's right. I wanna be at that hearing when my son's killer comes up for parole.

Phyllis: Right, right, and I--and I talked you into doing this.

Damon: Well, no. No, not completely, but there was weight to what you had to say.

Phyllis: Then I'm hoping you'll seriously consider what I'm about to tell you.

Damon: And that would be?

Phyllis: I don't think going to Georgia is a good idea.

Damon: Why would you think that now?

Phyllis: Because I see the toll it's taking on you. And imagine how difficult it's gonna be when you're at that hearing.

Damon: No, no, no, no, no. No, who's gonna tell them how that animal killed my son? No, no matter what I have to do, that--that creature will not be free to walk the streets.


Nikki: Hi, J.T.

J.T.: Hey, Nikki.

Nikki: Is Paul here?

J.T.: Yeah, he's right here. Come on in.

Nikki: Thanks. Well... you're working here, huh?

Paul: Well, I am at the moment, as you can see. Apparently, Chris had a very important meeting with a client this afternoon so she gave me the old heave-ho.

Nikki: Well, when is your office gonna be ready?

Paul: Well, you know, that is a very good question. I'm beginning to get the feeling that Michael Baldwin is paying off the construction workers to drag their feet.

J.T.: He and Michael don't get along that well.

Nikki: Yeah, I've heard that.

Paul: So anyway, um... you wanted to see me? What brings you by?

Nikki: Paul, I don't mean to be impatient, but have you heard anything? Was I right about Brad? Is he Joshua Cassen’s brother?


Jack: No rest for the weary, huh?

Brad: Hope you didn't come by to be old chitchat Jack.

Jack: Well, if I did, I've changed my mind by now. Tough times?

Brad: It's not getting any easier. I spend half my days trying to figure out where else we can cut corners.

Jack: Gee, who'd a thunk you'd ever miss me?

Brad: Don't get me started.

Jack: Hey, look, I'd love to help, but--

Brad: Oh, yeah. All we need is Newman getting wind of that.

Jack: Yeah, we'd be in even deeper financial doo-doo than we are now.

Brad: I hate being at the mercy of that S.O.B.

Jack: Hey, for what it's worth, I know you're paying a heavier toll than anyone else.

Brad: There may be a little light at the end of that tunnel.

Jack: Oh? Tell me about that.

Brad: You haven't heard?

Jack: No. Heard what?

Brad: What happened at Newman’s little horseback riding party, where Abby was the star performer.

Jack: Tell me what happened.

Brad: The star performer took a fall.

Jack: Abby fell off a horse?

Brad: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Is she okay?

Brad: Is she okay? She dislocated her shoulder. She's still wearing a sling.

Jack: Oh, my gosh. You must have gone ballistic.

Brad: Oh, you bet I did.

Jack: So wait, wait, I thought you said this was light at the end of a tunnel.

Brad: Abby was pretty freaked out by the fall.

Jack: And that's good because...

Brad: Because she doesn't want to see Newman anymore. She doesn't care about riding his horses. She couldn't care less if she ever sees his ranch again.


Ashley: Hopefully, we can do this quickly. I've got to get to the office at some point today.

Victor: I understand. Thank you for coming. I wanted to see you away from Abby and you know who.

Ashley: Brad.

Victor: I went to see him this morning before he went to work.

Ashley: You came by our house?

Victor: I wanted to meet him on his own turf. And for your information, I was very conciliatory, to no avail.

Ashley: What were you hoping he would do?

Victor: I was hoping to convince him not to shut the door on Abby’s riding and her coming out to the ranch.

Ashley: Well, I bet that went over real well.


Harrison: I could see by your expression, I'm right. Hendricks is pressuring you to get married.

Kay: So? He's a man in love. And you are obviously a man who would like to spoil all of that because you have some resentment you're carrying around from something you want me to believe happened.

Harrison: I don't care what you believe, all right? It's not my mission to save your life. I will-- I mean, if I can-- but if you think I'm a crackpot and I'm some kind of a liar, then there's not really much I can do.

Kay: Um, now you say, uh, Arthur-- Arthur murdered your mother, his wife, because he wanted her money?

Harrison: He wanted his freedom, and, of course, he wanted her money.

Kay: He didn't love her?

Harrison: You don't usually kill people you love.

Kay: Well, I believe he loves me.

Harrison: My mother-- she thought that, too.

Kay: Now I do not want to hear another word. Harrison, I am going to take you home with me, and you are gonna say these things to Arthur’s face.

Harrison: The hell I will.


Jill: What do you mean, there's something very bad going on at Chancellor Industries?

Nelson: There are irregularities in the underlying financials of the company.

Jill: Well, that's your job, isn't it, to iron out things like that?

Nelson: Well, normally, yes. But I have to have clean numbers to work with. And I have to have everything, all the numbers. I just can't make things up to fill in the blanks.

Jill: What blanks?

Nelson: Um, I'd be so much more comfortable talking to Mrs. Chancellor.

Jill: That's not going to happen, Mr. Gregory. Now I've been taking a larger and larger role in the running of the company, all right? Just to prevent my mother from having to worry about things like this.

Nelson: Yes, um, well, there's a lot to be worried about at the moment.

Jill: Okay. You said there were some irregularities. What exactly are we talking about? Because, frankly, I went over a huge number of those documents, and yes, I found some things that raised questions in me, but Mr. Hampton has assured me that there are answers to those questions.

Nelson: Uh, Ms. Abbott, I don't know how well you know Mr. Hampton, but I don't think you should be listening to him. I'm afraid Mr. Hampton is the problem.


Phyllis: Damon, I hate to see you do this to yourself.

Damon: I'm lost here, Phyllis. I mean, just awhile ago, you were pushing pretty hard for me to testify at that hearing.

Phyllis: I-I know I was. I know. But look what it's doing to you.

Damon: Suppose I didn't go and then they set him free. How could I live with that?

Phyllis: Damon--

Damon: No, no, no. You imagine if he destroyed another child's life. How could I even look at myself in the mirror, knowing I didn't do everything in my power to prevent it? No, I have to go. I have to make sure he is not sent back out into society where he can tear apart another family. The board will listen to what I have to say. I believe I can influence their decision, I do.

Phyllis: Okay. But is there any way that you can make this work without letting it destroy you?

Damon: What do you mean?

Phyllis: Well, maybe you can send somebody there on your behalf, like a lawyer or--or someone. A lawyer can prepare a deposition--

Damon: No, wait, wait, wait. You--you can't possibly believe a lawyer can say what needs to be said with the same sort of passion.

Phyllis: I've seen some pretty amazing lawyers.

Damon: Well, I don't care. This is not a matter to be handled by lawyers, not even the brilliant Michael Baldwin, if that's what you're thinkin'. Look, no one can build a case to keep that monster behind bars the way I can. That's that.

Phyllis: At what cost to yourself?

Damon: It doesn't matter. I owe this to Elias, plain and simple.

Phyllis: You won't consider what I have to say?

Damon: The bullet was meant for me, Phyllis. It cost my son his life. Now there's nothing that I can do to bring him back. But I intend to do everything humanly possible to avenge that senseless death, whatever it takes.


Victor: Would you sit down?

Ashley: Thank you.

Victor: I simply told your husband that I thought Abby had a natural affinity for riding, and it would be a pity to destroy that.

Ashley: Well, I don't necessarily disagree with you, but she's very frightened.

Victor: I understand that, but don't let that fear take over her life.

Ashley: So you think she should get back up on a horse as soon as possible?

Victor: Absolutely.

Ashley: Well, I'm not gonna pressure her.

Victor: Ashley... talk to her. Make her understand this was an accident. Most likely it will never happen again. If I were guiding her, I would not allow this trauma to take over her life.


Jack: I have to ask this, are you sure Abby’s okay?

Brad: Well, is she okay? I mean, her shoulder still hurts sometimes. She has to do exercises to strengthen it every day.

Jack: But she will be good as new?

Brad: So the doctors say.

Jack: Falling from a horse like that, I mean, she's gotta be traumatized.

Brad: Well, yeah, you bet she is. And I'm hoping she'll get over it someday.

Jack: But you're not gonna push her.

Brad: No, I'm not gonna push her. Listen, Newman gave me the whole speech about-- (imitates Victor) "you've got to put her right back up on that horse."

Jack: That had to be an interesting conversation.

Brad: (Normal voice) oh, yeah, real fascinating.

Jack: So what'd you tell him?

Brad: I told him I thought he was out of his mind. And this had nothing to do with Abby’s love of horses, anyway.

Jack: Trust me, this has nothing to do with Abby’s love of horses. This is about him losing his last hold that he has on Abby. I almost hate to ask. What was Ashley’s reaction to all this?

Brad: She feels bad that he feels bad. But she's not gonna force Abby to do anything she doesn't want to do.

Jack: Wow. Had to be quite a hit to his colossal ego, the little girl wants nothing to do with him.

Brad: Especially when he thought he had her so mesmerized by his magnificence.

Jack: Well, hallelujah. Maybe this is the beginning of the end.

Brad: What do you mean?

Jack: Well, I've been waiting for something to happen to show Ashley the truth about this guy's intentions where Abby’s concerned. Maybe she'll finally tell him to back off and stay the hell outta your lives.

Brad: Yeah, well, that would be a minor miracle.

Jack: Well, I believe in miracles.

Brad: You really think it's possible this would open up Ashley’s eyes?

Jack: I think this may be an opportunity that you cannot afford to let slip through your fingers. Hey, the honeymoon's over. She's lost her infatuation for him. She's had her fill of Daddy number two, and all you have to do is keep loving her the way you always have.

Brad: You're quite the optimist, Jack.

Jack: Word of advice-- I know you've always been there for Abby. Try to make some more time for her and for Ashley.

Brad: That's exactly my plan, every available moment.

Jack: No, I mean more than that. You make time. This is your chance to save your family, Brad.


Harrison: I'm not going anywhere with you, and I'm certainly not gonna talk to Hendricks about anything.

Kay: Well, why not? You're the one who's making all the accusations. Doesn't Arthur have a right to know what you're saying?

Harrison: I don't give a damn about his rights! What about my mothers? What about mine? You know, there was this inheritance. It was coming my way, you know? And I was gonna open up a little business, I was gonna--

Kay: Oh, what, what?

Harrison: You know what? It doesn't make a difference, all right? Because he stole it from me, and he spent it on fast cars and the highlife. And when the money ran out, guess what. He went hunting, and he found you, Mrs. Chancellor.

Kay: Oh, I never heard such slander in my life.

Harrison: Oh, yeah? Well, I'm tellin' you, call it what you want. I lived it. I was there. I know what I'm talking about.

Kay: Well, that's certainly not the Arthur that I know. He doesn't care a whit for fast cars or high-living, and God knows, if he did, I would provide him with it. He doesn't have to kill me to get anything he wants.

Harrison: I don't think you know him the way you think you do.

Kay: Well, then you come with me. You reveal him. You confront him with your accusations. Let us hear what he has to say.

Harrison: I can’t.

Kay: You can't?

Harrison: No.

Kay: Or you won't? Because for some twisted reason... I mean, you want to terrorize me as long as you can without having to prove what you're saying to me is true. Well, you are a miserable, miserable coward, Mr. Bartlett. And I intend to put an end to your little game.


Nikki: I'm right, aren't I? Brad is Joshua Cassen’s brother.

Paul: Nikki, we're gonna have to look at this step-by-step.

Nikki: All right, just stop with all of that and tell me what you found out.

Nikki: What? What is this look about? You know something, don't you?

Paul: Yes, but it's not something you want to hear.


Phyllis: Okay, well, I hope things go the way you want 'em to. Either way, I'm here for you.

Damon: That why you wanted to see me, talk about my trip to Georgia?

Phyllis: No, actually, I wanted to talk about my trip.

Damon: You goin' somewhere?

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, you know, business trip.

Damon: Came up awful sudden.

Phyllis: Yeah, you know how it is.

Damon: How long you gonna be gone?

Phyllis: Um, I don't know. Maybe a couple days. Maybe I'll be back tonight. I'm not sure.

Damon: And Daniel, you're not plannin' on leavin' him on his own, are ya?

Phyllis: No, a friend is going to stay at the house and--and watch him. Well, she, you know, she's not actually a friend, to be honest with you. But, ironically, she--she cares for my son, so...

Damon: Then where's the irony in that?

Phyllis: Well, we don't always see eye to eye.

Damon: Well, so long as this person cares about Daniel, I imagine that's the important thing, isn't it?

Phyllis: Yeah, it's the important thing.

Damon: Call me when you get back. I don't know, call me while you're there, if you want.

Phyllis: All right. W-when are you--when are you planning on going to Georgia?

Damon: The hearing's not till next week, but I'm gonna leave in the next couple of days. I want to get the lay of the place beforehand. You know, I'm not, uh, I'm not leavin' anything up to chance.

Phyllis: Right. Well, I have a plane to catch. So, um, I gotta go.

Damon: You have a safe trip.

Phyllis: I will. Oh, I care so much for you. I-I just want to make sure everything turns out right. (Chuckles) I have to go. Take care of yourself.

Damon: Phyllis?

Phyllis: What?

Damon: You mean so much to me, too. I know I don't tell you that nearly often enough.

Phyllis: Thank you. It means a lot to me.


Jill: Mr. Hampton is the problem? What do you mean by that? I mean, yes, Mr. Hampton is the C.E.O. of Chancellor Industries. So, in that sense, I guess you could lay anything at his feet.

Nelson: No, th-that's not what I meant. I'm talking about-- look, Miss Abbott, I hate to use this word-- embezzlement.

Jill: Embezzlement?

Nelson: I can't find any other explanation. Money is missing, large amounts of it, and that's just on this side of the ledger. On the other side are tricks and evasions that are an attempt to return the money, creating profits where there aren't any, creating assets carried on the books that are nothing more than routine expenses. You know, you buy a building, that's an asset. You buy a truckload of computer paper and you use it, that's not an asset.

Jill: Yes, I realize that.

Nelson: Someone with Mr. Hampton's knowledge has been doctoring or--

Jill: How do you know that? You are in charge of the books. How do I know that you're not blaming Mr. Hampton for your own mistakes?

Nelson: Look, Miss Abbott, I've been with Chancellor Industries for a long time. Mrs. Chancellor is an incredible woman, and I owe her a great deal. Please, I know my job, and I'm telling you the truth. Mr. Hampton is playing games with company finances, and money is disappearing.

Jill: Do you, uh... do you know anything about accounts in--in--in... in the--the Cayman Islands, for example?

Nelson: Then you do know.

Jill: Yeah, I looked over a whole lot of documents. I mean, there were many accounts all over the Caribbean. There were the Cayman Islands, there was et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, and he's just newly consolidated an account in Nassau. But he told me that that was for foreign currency reserves, right?

Nelson: That's what he says, but there are no reserves. The money just disappears into the offshore account. When we need foreign currencies, we have to go out and buy them on the spot market.

Jill: How much?

Nelson: Several million. Mr. Hampton sees to it that there's no clear trail. He keeps records that he won't show the accounting department. He--he says he'll show them to us before tax time. Well, tax time is here. The fiscal year is over, and I have nothing to work with. I've asked and I've asked, but he won't show us his files. I can't do the taxes. If I did them with what I have, the I.R.S. will be all over us.

Jill: Stop. Stop! I believe you, okay? But just for now, I don't want you to say anything about this. I want you to keep this under your hat.

Nelson: But I-I have to do the tax--

Jill: No! No. My mother isn't, uh, this isn't a good time for her. I will straighten this out, okay? You will have your files.

Nelson: Great. Soon.

Jill: Soon. Just as soon as I can--

Elliot: Oh, hello, Nelson. What are you doing here?


"The Young and the Restless" will continue.

Nelson: Mr. Hampton.

Jill: Mr. Gregory was just leaving.

Elliot: No, I'd like to talk to him.

Jill: No, he's leaving. Go. I will be in touch with you.

Elliot: Well, I brought you a turkey sandwich, in case you changed your mind.

Jill: That was very thoughtful of you.

Elliot: You like turkey, don't you?

Jill: I do.

Elliot: I know what you like, don't I?

Jill: You certainly seem to.

Elliot: So our little church mouse, the number cruncher, he must have had some interesting things to say.

Jill: Yeah, he did. Elliot, tell me-- and no rationalizations, no dressing it up to look like something else-- have you stolen millions from Chancellor Industries?


Nikki: Paul, whatever you have found out, will you just tell me?

Paul: J.T., why don't you fill Nikki in?

J.T.: All right. We did a computer search, entered Brad's name in a few databases. Turns out, he did live in Cleveland.

Nikki: Well, uh, that's nothing new. He told me that himself.

Paul: Nikki, let him finish.

Nikki: All right, I'm sorry. Go ahead.

J.T.: The weird thing is, there's more information out there, a lot more, but we can't get to it.

Nikki: Why not?

J.T.: Well, we searched Cuyahoga County records and found a sealed court order under Brad's name. Something, uh, what's it called again?

Paul: A chancery record.

J.T.: Right.

Nikki: I've never heard of that. What is that?

Paul: Odds are, it's a name change.

Nikki: Really? So that means that Brad changed his name before he came back to Genoa City?

Paul: I think it's very possible.

Nikki: Okay, well, that's it. There's our proof.

Paul: Nikki, we don't know anything for certain.

Nikki: Well, how can we find out?

J.T.: We can’t.

Nikki: Why not?

J.T.: Because the record is sealed. It's gonna take a court order to open it.

Paul: And in this case, it's highly unlikely that the judge will grant one.

Nikki: What are you telling me?

J.T.: Basically, we're stuck.

Nikki: But you believe me now, don't you?

Paul: Nikki, we can't jump to conclusions.

Nikki: Admit it, Paul, we're on to something. I know you feel it, too.

Paul: And I know you want to clear up this mystery.

Nikki: I have to. I killed a 5-year-old boy.

Paul: Nikki, you were no more than a child yourself at the time.

Nikki: Well, that doesn't change what happened. More than ever, I need to know the truth, and I have to tell Brad what happened to his brother.

Paul: We are not sure that it is Brad. Now look, right now, there is really nothing we can do about it.

Nikki: Don't tell me that there's nothing more that we can do. I don't accept that. There has to be something, Paul. There has to be.

Paul: All right, fine. You are right. There may be one thing.


Ashley: This is about more than just horseback riding, isn't it? I mean, it's about your relationship with Abby.

Victor: Yeah. I think your husband would rather make it about his contempt for me. I'm not the ogre that he thinks I am. I'm not out to destroy that little girl's life. I love her. She's my flesh and blood.

Victor: Can you see that?

Ashley: Yeah. I see that you really do love her. I don't think I realized how deeply you felt.

Victor: You know how I feel about you... that I've always felt about you. When I found out that Abby was my child, deep down, I was very happy that you and I shared a child.


Harrison: You can't do anything to me.

Kay: I have a private investigator working on this.

Harrison: Fine. Investigate away.

Kay: Oh, I will. And when you're exposed as the, uh, slanderer and, uh, liar that you are, I will prosecute to the full extent of the law.

Harrison: I'm not breakin' any law.

Kay: Oh, we'll see about that.

Harrison: You know, I-- I hope you do investigate. I hope you do get to the truth. I mean, the real truth. But you know what? I think you want to hear what you want to hear.

Kay: You do not know me, Mr. Bartlett, you miserable coward.

Harrison: You're right, I am a coward. I'm afraid of Hendricks. He had me wrapped around his finger for years, and then I found out that he was a liar, he was a con, he was a two-bit hustler, is what he was, okay?

Kay: I don't want to hear another word. I don't want to hear--

Harrison: I don't think you want to hear--no, you don’t.

Kay: I have a doctor's appointment.

Harrison: Good.

Kay: Oh, by the way, I suggest you take your medical training and... work somewhere else. Good day, Mr. Bartlett.


Daniel: What are you doing here?

Chris: Daniel, what? Didn't your mom tell you that I'd be here?

Daniel: Yeah, she told me someone would be staying with me, but I never thought, in a million years, that--

Chris: That it would be me. Uh, believe me, no one was more surprised than i when she asked me to do this.

Daniel: I'll bet. So, uh, you're my official, uh, babysitter, huh?

Chris: (Chuckles) I wouldn't call it babysitting. I'd call it, hmm--

Daniel: Babysitting?

Chris: I am curious, though.

Daniel: About what?

Chris: What in the world did you do to have your mom watch dogging you this way?


Nikki: What is it?

Paul: I don't want you getting your hopes up, okay? But there might be a way that we can take a look and see what's inside that court file.

Nikki: How?

Paul: I have a contact in Cleveland who works for a newspaper, and it's possible, as a journalist, that a judge might let him look inside the court record.

Nikki: That's great.

Paul: Nikki, I said it's possible. It's still a long shot.

Nikki: Well, it's worth a try.

Paul: It is worth a try. He's gonna call me as soon as he finds out. But I am warning you, it may take awhile before we can find a judge to go along with this.

Nikki: Well, how long is awhile?

Paul: It's hard to say. It could take a couple of months.

Nikki: I can't wait that long. Don't you understand what this is doing to me? It's eating me up inside.

Paul: Nikki, I know this isn't easy on you. But I know you. You will get through this. You are one of the strongest people I know.

Nikki: Why did it have to be Brad, of all people? He is one of my dearest friends. We work together. How am I gonna handle this? How am I gonna tell him that I'm the reason his brother is dead and why his family went through this tragedy?

Paul: I know I sound like a broken record, but we don't know anything for sure. Nikki, until we have solid proof, let's just take it one step at a time.

Nikki: I don't know if I can do that. He knows me so well. I don't know how I can keep this from him. He's already going through something horrible right now. I-I don't know how I'm going to have the strength to tell him this.

Paul: You don’t. Not now. Not until we know more.

Nikki: Paul, I--

Paul: I mean it! You said yourself, the man is going through a very difficult time now. It's not fair to lay this on him until we know all the facts.

Nikki: All right, I have to be going. Let me know if there are any more developments. Bye, J.T.

J.T.: Bye.

J.T.: Think she heard you?

Paul: Oh, I know she heard me. I'm just not sure if she listened.


Elliot: Yes. The answer is yes.

Jill: You stole millions.

Elliot: I don't like the word "stole."

Jill: All right, what word do you prefer?

Elliot: "Liberated."

Jill: That's a handy little euphemism.

Elliot: Now wait a minute, before you get righteous on me, this doesn't change anything.

Jill: This doesn't change anything?

Elliot: No, it doesn't, baby, because you and i are gonna be together. It's gonna be a wonderful adventure. So what if it's your mother's money? She's gonna leave the company to you anyway. We're just making an advanced withdrawal on your inheritance so that you and I can have a wonderful life together.

Jill: You still expect me to go with you?

Elliot: Yes.

Jill: Are you insane?

Elliot: What about jumping off the cliff? You agreed how exciting that would be.

Jill: Elliot... we would be on the run. We would be criminals.


Daniel: You know how parents are, they just like to make a big deal outta everything.

Chris: No, no. Knowing how Phyllis feels about me, she wouldn't have asked me to be here if it weren't a big deal. Phyllis was determined to keep the peace between the two of you at any cost, and now all of a sudden, she's got you on a short leash.

Daniel: So?

Chris: So there must have been a pretty major screw up.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. I'll give you that. I did something that was pretty stupid and got in way over my head trying to help out a friend. But you know what? My mom really came through for me. She, uh, she really kinda blew me away.

Chris: Well, Phyllis loves you. That's one thing I know she's sincere about.

Daniel: Yeah, if I had any doubts before, I definitely don't now. She was awesome.

Chris: And that's all you're gonna give me?

Daniel: Mm-hmm. You can tie me to the railroad tracks, but, uh, that's all you're gettin' outta me.

Chris: All right. Whatever it was, I hope you learned something from it.

Daniel: Yeah, trust me, I won't be doing anything like that ever again. But it's enough about me. How about you? How have you been?

Chris: Uh, well, nothing earth-shattering has been going on.

Daniel: What about Danny?

Chris: Do you really care?

Daniel: I bet I kinda deserve that. But yeah... I do care.

Chris: You know he's in Canada.

Daniel: Still? I thought he just went there for a concert.

Chris: It expanded into a tour. Smaller venues.

Daniel: Well, good for him. I know how much he missed touring.

Chris: He did.

Daniel: You know, I bet there's something else that he misses.

Chris: What's that?

Daniel: You.

Chris: Oh.

Daniel: Are you guys okay?

Chris: Yeah. I mean, what happened between you and your father, it hurt Danny a lot.

Daniel: Are you telling me that's why he left?

Chris: No, I'm not saying that. I'm just saying he has a lot of things to sort out-- his feelings for you, his--his feelings for me, what he's gonna do with his life.

Daniel: Okay, so are you and dad just kinda putting things on hold just for the time being?

Chris: I have some things to sort out, too.

Daniel: Well, I hope that things do work out for you guys.

Chris: Thanks.

Daniel: So you know what? Did my mom say anything about this trip she was going on?

Chris: No, not much.

Daniel: Did she tell you where she was going?

Chris: She mentioned something about Georgia.

Daniel: Georgia? What the heck's in Georgia?


Phyllis: Hello. You're Warden Paulson?

Paulson: That's right, ma'am.

Phyllis: Hi.

Paulson: Oscar J. Paulson...

Phyllis: Right.

Paulson: Georgia state penal system.

Phyllis: Nice to meet you.

Paulson: What can I do for you?

Phyllis: Well, as I said to your assistant, I need to see one of your inmates. It's very important I talk to him.


[Victor remembering]

Ashley: Well, hi.

Abby: Hi. It's a horsey.

Victor: Whoa. What a beautiful horsey. Did you make it?

Abby: I made it for you, Victor.

Victor: You did?

Abby: Uh-huh.

Victor: Wow. That's nice. Look at that. You have talent.

Abby: (Giggles)

Victor: You know where I'm gonna put it?

Abby: Where?

Victor: Right here on my desk. Right here.

Abby: (Giggles)

Victor: There.

Abby: I was just thinking about the day at the ranch when I rided a horsey. The one you gave me?

Victor: Uh-huh. Well, we can do that again one day.

Abby: Uh-huh. I want to go again.

Victor: Yeah.

Ashley: Oh, sweetie.

Abby: Maybe this time, you could come, Mommy, and Daddy, too. You could take the day off and we can all ride horses together.

Ashley: Well, you never know, it might happen.

Victor: It could happen, that's right.

Ashley: I would love that, you know. If all of us could just have peace and harmony in our lives. Sweetie, I think we gotta go.

Abby: Oh! Okay.

Victor: (Laughs)

Ashley: Come here, doodles.

Abby: Bye, Victor.

Victor: Bye, sweetheart.

Abby: I hope you like the horse I made.


(Door opens) (Door closes)

Nikki: Well, I'm surprised to see you here. I thought you'd still be at the Rec Center.

Victor: Yeah. After you left, I went to see Brad Carlton.

Nikki: Why would you do that?

Victor: I wanted to talk to him man-to-man, try to find some way to work out what's in Abby’s best interests. All I got from him, though, were caustic remarks.

Nikki: I don't know why you would think otherwise.

Victor: I don't know why, either... except to see that my relationship with Abby slip through my fingers. A distance is growing, more and more. And Brad Carlton is not only aware of that, he is actively encouraging it.

Nikki: Victor, don't you understand that Brad feels his little girl is being ripped away from him?

Victor: Darling, that's preposterous. Recent events have shown that will not happen. I, on the other, might lose Abby.

Nikki: He is just trying to keep his family together. Doesn't he deserve that?

Victor: Of course he deserves that. But he's going about it the completely wrong way.

Nikki: You don't know where he's coming from. You have no idea how much he has lost in life. Can't you just leave him alone?

Victor: Why are you suddenly so protective of Brad Carlton?

Nikki: Because he's been through enough. Just--just leave it at that.

Victor: What do you mean, "he's been through enough”? What are you not telling me?

Nikki: I can't get into it. I'm sorry.

Victor: You can't get into what? Why are you suddenly so protective of Brad Carlton? And what is so tragic in his life that you can't talk about it?

Nikki: All right, I'll tell you. I am almost positive that he is the brother of the boy I killed. Are you satisfied?


Elliot: Criminals? Us? You really think your mother would press charges if she knew that it would hurt you?

Jill: That's what I am-- oh, God-- an insurance policy to prevent you from being pursued.

Elliot: Why do you keep trying to find something ugly and dishonest about my feelings for you?

Jill: 'Cause there's something ugly and dishonest about stealing.

Elliot: Baby, it's all stealing-- corporate profits, private ownership of land, pork-barrel politics.

Jill: Now that you have your millions in the Bahamas, you're suddenly a communist, aren't you? Oh, god.

Elliot: I love you. I want to spend my life with you. We're not hurting anybody, not really. I want you to come with me, Jill. Please come with me.


Man: I'm Dominic Hughes. Warden says you want to talk to me.

Phyllis: Yes, Mr. Hughes, I have a lot to say to you. And you'd be wise to listen.

Dominic: I don't know what a broad like you wants with me, but you got my attention.

Guard: I'll be right outside the door if you need anything.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Michael: I've already taken your advice. I've asked Lauren to dinner.

Elliot: You realize I have to leave.

Jill: Because you're about to be exposed as an embezzler.

Dominic: You're here to save my life?

Phyllis: Yeah, I have a proposition for you, one I hope you'll consider.

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