Tuesday Y&R Transcript 10/12/04

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 10/12/04--Canada; Wednesday 10/13/04--USA


By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Bobby: It's open.

Nikki: Hi.

Bobby: (Chuckles) I wasn't expecting to see you this early.

Nikki: Is it a bad time?

Bobby: Nah, I was just going over some receipts. Aren't you supposed to be at Jabot?

Nikki: Ah, I decided not to go in today.

Bobby: Oh, playin' a little hooky, are ya?

Nikki: Yeah.

Bobby: Well, that's good, because I've been wantin' to thank you.

Nikki: For what?

Bobby: The other night, when I went out and you ran the place by yourself. Angelo said you did a hell of a job.

Nikki: Oh, that seems so long ago. That was the night Victor was here.

Bobby: Victor was here?

Nikki: Don't worry. He didn't cause a scene. I didn't even know he was here until I got home later. He said the strangest thing. He said that seeing me up on stage, introducing acts, reminded him of the night we met.

Bobby: (Chuckles) back when this was the Bayou?

Nikki: He said it transported him to that magical time.

Bobby: That's a good thing, right?

Nikki: Yeah, well, it didn't last very long. By the next morning, that had dissipated.

Bobby: What? Somethin' happened?

Nikki: Someone, by the name of Abby.


John: Ashley, I don't want to hear it.

Ashley: You don't even know what I was going to say.

John: I can tell by the look on your face, you are not gonna give Gloria a chance.

Ashley: I already have, many times, and I didn't like what I saw. Daddy, I understand that you're lonely.

John: Do you really? Ashley, let me tell you something, I am very lonely. You know, when we work together, you don't see it. No, you leave, you go home to your family and a full life. I leave and I go home to an empty house. The moment I walk in that door, I am alone, with nothing to look forward to but an empty night, an empty life.

Ashley: I'm sorry.

John: I mean, Colleen is gone now, Mamie's away most of the time, Jack is off doing his thing. Don't you understand? Gloria has changed all that. She's brought so much to my life. The moment I walk through that door and find her waiting there with a smile on her face, I'm not alone anymore. My life has meaning. And you have no right to begrudge me that. No right.


Phyllis: (Thinking) "Dear Mr. Porter, this is to inform you that Mr. Dominic Hughes, convicted and sentenced in the fatal shooting of Elias Porter, has petitioned the state of Georgia board of pardons and paroles for pardon from the sentence and immediate parole."

Damon: They might let him go free.

Phyllis: It's not gonna happen.

Damon: You don't know that.

Phyllis: Right. You're right, I don't know that.

Phyllis: Are-- are you gonna go?

Damon: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: You're goin'? That's the best thing to do, Damon. You know that. To work within the law, it's the best thing to do.

Damon: I'm gonna go down there, I'm gonna testify for one reason-- and that is to make sure that that creature that horror show stays behind bars.


Gina: Phyllis? Here's your iced tea.

Phyllis: Okay.

Gina: What's the matter? You look like you just lost your best friend.

Phyllis: Wh-- what are you, a mind reader?

Gina: Can I help?

Phyllis: Um... yeah. Actually, Daniel will be here any minute and, um... I'm going to have lunch with him. Can you fix him something quick?

Gina: Well, you know I'd love to. He's such a sweetie. He always orders the same thing-- grilled Swiss, bacon, tomato, on white. And, uh, you, a Cobb salad.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, I do. I guess you are a mind reader, aren't you?

Gina: Sometimes.


Paul: So please, Katherine, sit down.

Kay: Oh, thank you.

J.T.: You want Paul to investigate your fiancť?

Paul: You're talking about Judge Hendricks.

Kay: You know him?

Paul: No, but I read about your engagement in the newspaper.

J.T.: Yeah, and I heard it from Mac.

Paul: So is there something that worries you about Hendricks?

J.T.: Mac said you two reconnected after a lot of years had gone by.

Kay: No, it's rather like a miracle, J.T. I mean, one day, I was at my lowest ebb, struggling to accept Jill as my daughter, and her father walks back into my life.

Paul: So the Judge is Jillís father?

Kay: Uh, he is a man that I had loved as a young woman. But he is also a man that I thought I had lost forever.

Paul: Kismet.

Kay: Well, fate, destiny, call it what you like. However it happened... Paul, I never expected, at this age, to fall in love again.

Paul: You know, it is amazing how sometimes, suddenly, the past becomes the present.

J.T.: So Judge Hendricks is Billyís grandfather?

Kay: Yes, the man is different things to different people. Uh, that's why I want to sort all this out before I marry him. I want to put all the suspicions to rest. One way or the other, I've got to know the truth, Paul.


(Doorbell rings)

Jill: Who is it?

Elliot: It's me.

Jill: Oh. Oh, Elliot, I am so glad to see you.

Elliot: (Moans) well, if this is the welcome I'm gonna get every time I come home...

Jill: Oh, it is, I promise you.

Elliot: Then I can't wait to get started.

Elliot: Are you all right?

Jill: I am now that you're here. You know something? I forget, I forget, and then I see that face and I see that smile...

Elliot: Yeah, don't tell me. Jack Abbott has just given you another earful.

Jill: Oh, he pushes my buttons. I just got so mad at him.

Elliot: Forget him, Jill. This guy is not your friend.

Jill: Yes, he's my friend. Jack and I go back--

Elliot: Jack and you nothing. I don't care how long you've know this guy, he's bad news. He's bitter and jealous, and he can't stand the fact that I make you happy.

Jill: Oh, you make me so happy. I feel so good when I'm with you.


Kay: God forgive me if my doubts go unfounded.

Paul: Yet, there must be some reason you want the man investigated.


Daniel: Hey, what's up?

Phyllis: Hey, good. I needed to see you. I know you're in a rush. Gina's fixing you something to eat. I'll drive you back to school.

Daniel: Cool so, uh, what's so important that it can't wait until later?

Phyllis: Um, I'm going out of town.

Daniel: Okay. On a business trip?

Phyllis: Mm, no, it's not business. Uh, it's hard to explain. I-I just need to handle something.

Daniel: Mom, you know, you're acting a little mysterious here. Is this something that I should be worried about?

Phyllis: No, no, it has nothing to do with you.

Daniel: Okay, so how long are you gonna be gone for?

Phyllis: Mm, maybe a couple of days. Don't get too excited. I've arranged someone to stay with you.

Daniel: Three guesses why. You still don't trust me?


Kay: Paul, this could possibly be the last chance that I will have for any true happiness in my life.

J.T.: You don't want to make a mistake.

Kay: Oh, please. I've made enough of those in my time, but when-- when Arthur showed up at the doorstep, I just threw caution to the wind, and I fell head over heels, just like the first time when... the first time when we were so young.

Paul: Sounds like he's made quite an impact since his return.

Kay: He was partial motivation for me to quit drinking, and I-I was so happy, so happy, until...

J.T.: Until what, Mrs. Chancellor?

Kay: Until another stranger showed up at my doorstep and made me question everything that I ever believed.

Paul: Who is this stranger?

Kay: Harrison Bartlett. He claimed to be Arthurís stepson.

Paul: And-- and Judge Hendricks never mentioned him?

Kay: Only that he was estranged from his--his son, nothing else.

Paul: Yeah, but you said "stepson." He never said anything about not being biologically related?

Kay: Paul, I know so... I know so little about Arthur since he left Genoa City all those years ago.

Paul: Right, okay, so wait a minute. This--this Bartlett fellow, what exactly did he say that has you so concerned now?

Kay: Why, his accusations were so ludicrous, I can't repeat them.

Paul: Katherine, please, I think it's pretty obvious you're not gonna have any peace of mind whatsoever until you know the truth.

J.T.: I think you better tell us what he said, Mrs. Chancellor.

Kay: Well, according to Harrison Bartlett, Arthur, this kind, loving, gentle man, the man that I would like to spend the rest of my life with... is a cold-blooded murderer.


Ashley: Daddy, I don't blame you for wanting to fill that empty place in your life. But I do question if Gloriaís the right way to go about doing that.

John: Ashley, Ashley, your concern is totally unnecessary.

Ashley: Well, if that's true, then why is it every time I talk to her, I do not feel like she's on the up-and-up? I had a conversation with her earlier--

John: Will you please, please just drop this? If you cannot hear what I have to say, then let's not discuss it anymore.

Ashley: I'm sorry, but I... I just know that your affections are misplaced, and you cannot trust her.

John: Well, Ashley, I do trust her, regardless of what you say. And this conversation is over.


Bobby: So Victor didn't know Abby was his until this year?

Nikki: Right.

Bobby: And that was the little girl that he was with at the Colonnade Room.

Nikki: That would be her.

Bobby: Huh, she's a good-lookin' kid.

Nikki: She's adorable, but that's not the point. The point is she already has a father, a wonderful man named Brad Carlton, but Victor couldn't care less about that. Ever since he found out the truth about her paternity, he is obsessed with her. Everybody else comes second.

Bobby: Including you.

Nikki: Most of the time.

Bobby: How's this Brad guy feel?

Nikki: He's terrified of losing his little girl.

Bobby: What? He tell you that?

Nikki: Brad and I are very good friends. Although lately, there's been some complications between us.

Bobby: Because of the situation with Abby.

Nikki: No, no, something else. Something that I want to talk to Victor about, but I-I can't even mention Brad's name without him getting upset. He won't even listen to me.

Bobby: Well, that's not right. A husband should always be there for his wife.

Nikki: On the other hand, I understand why he wants to get to know her better. It's natural. She is his daughter.

Bobby: But still, it doesn't give him the right to ignore you.

Bobby: How does Abby feel about him?

Nikki: She's been very comfortable with him, until he decided to take her horseback riding, and she fell. I mean, she's fine now, but she doesn't want to get back on a horse, and Victor is taking that as her rejection of him.

Bobby: Oh, well, I can understand that. When Brittany got hurt, I was doing everything I could to make it up to her.

Nikki: Oh, Bobby, this is completely different. I think that Victor is trying to use Abby as a substitute for his other children. I mean, things are still tense between him and Nicholas, our daughter Victoria hasn't been heard from in almost a year, and a lot of people don't know this, but Victor has another son living in Kansas, and his mother specifically requested that Victor have nothing to do with him.

Bobby: (Chuckles) oh.

Nikki: I think that he is hoping Abby will fill that void.

Bobby: Poor kid. (Chuckles)

Nikki: What are you laughing for? This isn't funny.

Bobby: Well, you gotta admit that Victor's got a way of alienating people.

Nikki: Maybe, but he has other wonderful qualities-- he's very loving, he's very generous, he would do anything he had to do to protect people he loved.

Bobby: Why are you getting so defensive?

Nikki: I just don't think you should judge somebody that you barely know.

Bobby: All right, you've got a point. Nobody knows Victor better than you, right? Answer me a question. If Victor's so great, why are you here with me?


Paul: So this Harrison Bartlett claims that Judge Hendricks killed his mother?

Kay: His first wife, yes.

J.T.: Did he say how?

Kay: I didn't give the man a chance.

Paul: Why? What do you mean?

Kay: He came on as a lunatic, and I told him I would call the police if he did not leave the premises.

Paul: Okay. Have you confronted Arthur with Bartlettís accusations?

Kay: I couldn't bear to do that. I, uh... I feel that, already, my relationship with Arthur is tainted--I'm searching every word he says, looking at every action, looking for all the hidden meanings, and more and more, he's beginning to suspect something is bothering me, and I no longer can pretend that is not the case.

Paul: Well, I think it's pretty obvious we need to investigate Bartlettís claims.

Kay: Well, if there's nothing to them, then we-- we don't have to tell Arthur anything about this, right?

Paul: No. Katherine, I promise you we'll get right on this.

Kay: Thank you, thank you. It's just that my wedding date is very near, and I don't want to be caught at the altar, having all these terrible, nagging doubts. I need to know, and I need to know the truth, Paul.

Paul: I understand.

Kay: (Sighs) thank you. J.T.


Jill: Oh, what a lovely morning.

Elliot: Mm-hmm. It's beautiful, isn't it?

Jill: Yeah, it is.

Elliot: There's a lot more than just sitting here, being comfortable.

Jill: Oh, Elliot, you are so anxious to get rolling, aren't you?

Elliot: Why not? I have a beautiful, smart, sexy woman who wants to be my wife, and together, we can see-- we can see the world in a way that very few people ever will.

Elliot: Let's go.

Jill: Go?

Elliot: Yeah. What are we waiting for?

Jill: Well, I can't, Elliot. I can't just take off into the wild blue yonder. I mean, it sounds wonderful, okay, but it is totally unrealistic.


J.T.: Wow. It blows my mind.

Paul: What's that?

J.T.: I always used to think of Katherine Chancellor as this rich, society lady without any problems. Never would've thought she'd be caught up in some sort of murder mystery.

Paul: Hey, listen. You're not to say a word about this to Mackenzie.

J.T.: No, no. Of course not. Confidentiality, that's, like, rule number one, right?

Paul: Hey, the kid's turning into quite a private investigator.

J.T.: Thanks to the guy who's teaching me.

Paul: Let's hope for Katherineís sake that Arthur Hendricks turns out to be innocent.

J.T.: Yeah. I used to think this town was boring. How wrong can a guy be? Hey, thanks for the juice.

Paul: Yeah, you're welcome. Talk to you later.

J.T.: All right.


Gloria: There you are. I haven't seen you all morning.

John: I could say the same about you. Hi there, sleepyhead.

Gloria: Hi. I don't know why I was so tired this morning. Well, actually, yes, I do. As hard as you make me work, John Abbott. What's wrong? You're all tense.

John: Nothing. Nothing I care to get into.

Gloria: Sure?

John: Yeah. There isn't anything I could do about it.

Gloria: I could listen. I saw Ashley here earlier when I came down for breakfast, and I have a very strong suspicion that this mood of yours has something to do with her. Am I right?


Elliot: Jill, don't do this.

Jill: Do what? Darling, I want to be with you. I want to be married, and I want to travel and see the world with you--

Elliot: And be totally free?

Jill: Free? Of course, free. But totally free? Come on. We can't be totally free.

Elliot: Why not?

Jill: Oh, Elliot.

Elliot: Why not? Who says? All of the things that weigh us down-- those people, jobs, appointments--they're like stones in our pockets. Why don't we just get rid of them, hmm? Lighten the load.

Jill: Elliott, what you say sounds wonderful, okay? But we've got relationships. We've got people we care about.

Elliot: That tie us down. They're only important because we've made them important. But are they really? No. I don't think so. Once you get rid of them, you'll realize how unimportant it is. You will be so glad

Jill: Wait, wait. Wait a second. You're talking about taking off and never coming back?

Elliot: Well, "never" is too big a word. I never use it.

Jill: Okay, you have given me a lot to think about here.

Elliot: I'm asking you to jump with me into a future that hasn't been plotted, planned or blueprinted and let it be whatever it wants to be.

Jill: No, you're asking me to jump off a cliff.

Elliot: Well, that's the adventure, isn't it? That's the choice-- life as a packaged deal or as a free fall.

Jill: Ooh, I'm getting butterflies.

Elliot: Well, that's a good sign.

Jill: All right, this is a lot to think about.

Elliot: Mm-hmm. Don't overthink it.

Jill: No.

Elliot: I hear your stomach growling. Are you hungry?

Jill: No, I'm not hungry. I've had lunch.

Elliot: Oh. I am hungry. I'm going to go get something to eat.

Jill: I'll fix you something here.

Elliot: No, no, no. I'll go out, grab a sandwich. I'll be right back.

Jill: Are you sure?

Elliot: Yeah. I want you to think about what I've said. Look around. I want you to know that everything that we need, everything that we want is right here. That's all we need. Everything else...

Elliot: I love you.

Jill: I love you, too.

Elliot: I'll be right back.

Jill: Okay.


Phyllis: Trust you? Trust you? The answer to that question, my darling boy, is sometimes yes, other times no.

Daniel: Well, I gotta hand it to you, Ma-- at least you're honest.

Phyllis: Yeah. Come here. Come here a second. Come here. Word to the wise-- trust is something you earn, and when you break that trust with somebody, it takes a long time to earn it back.

Daniel: Fair enough.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. This way you don't have any more opportunities to make stupid mistakes.

Daniel: Wow, this conversation is just full of positivity.

Phyllis: I know it is. I call it like I see it.

Gina: Here you go.

Phyllis: Oh, thank you.

Gina: Enjoy your sandwich, sweetheart, and by the way, there is a big piece of chocolate cake in the back with your name written on it if you're interested.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. Cool. Can I get it to go, though?

Gina: No problem.

Daniel: So, uh, this trip, you still haven't told me what it's all about.

Phyllis: Don't worry. It has nothing to do with you. I'm trying to save someone from himself.

Daniel: Well, that someone can only be one person. So what's up with Damon?  There's this little voice inside my head that says...


Brittany: Well, what about the steak? How much is that? Per plate? You've got to be kidding. Oh, I'll have to think about that. Let me get back to you.

J.T.: Hey.

Brittany: Hey.

J.T.: Who was that on the phone?

Brittany: The caterer. You wouldn't believe how much it's gonna cost to have steak at my reception. Maybe I should just serve hot dogs and potato chips.

J.T.: Well, that sounds good to me.

Brittany: You would say that.

J.T.: Hey, are you still mad at me?

Brittany: I haven't decided.

J.T.: Look, I had no idea your mom was gonna rush all the way over here and interrupt the meeting with the minister. If I'd known that, I never would have said anything. Honestly.

Brittany: Okay.

J.T.: "Okay" as in "I'm forgiven"?

Brittany: Yes, J.T., I forgive you. The person I am furious with is my mother. I can't believe she tried to get the Reverend not to perform the ceremony. Makes me wonder what she's gonna try to pull next.

J.T.: Well, if you're that worried about it, why don't you and Bobby head to Vegas?

Brittany: Oh, don't you start with that, too. Believe me, Bobby would like nothing more. Oh, before I forget, I got something for ya.

J.T.: You did?

Brittany: I hope you like it.


John: I just don't want to talk about my daughter.

Gloria: Why not?

John: It's awkward.

Gloria: John, I'm totally aware that she doesn't like me.

John: Well, listen, I don't want you worrying about that.

Gloria: That's a little difficult, don't you think, considering how close you are to your family and how much your children mean to you?

John: All right, look, Ashley is concerned. She thinks we're moving too fast, and I don't know you very well.

Gloria: She's not the only one, is she? That woman who lives here, Mamie--I don't think she's too crazy about me, either.

John: Why? Has she said anything to you?

Gloria: No, not exactly, but I can tell. In fact, the only person in your life who seems to tolerate me is Jack, and even he's not doing backward somersaults.

John: Yeah, I just don't understand this. I thought my family would be so much more supportive.

Gloria: Well, you know what I think? I think that we need to get away for awhile and spend some time on our own without everybody putting their two cents in.

John: It's getting kind of tiresome, isn't it?

Gloria: Yeah.

John: The idea of getting away is kind of tempting.

Gloria: Are you kidding? You and me alone somewhere? (Chuckles) that would be wonderful.

John: You know what? You just--you really have a way of making me forget my problems.

Gloria: Well, same here. You've made me a much happier person, too. And that's special.

John: I agree. It is.

Gloria: Well, then we should do everything we can to hold onto it. What do you say?


Nikki: To be honest, I'm not sure why I'm here. Maybe it's because...

Bobby: Because what? Come on, tell me what you were gonna say.

Nikki: It just seems like the only times I'm happy with my life are when I'm here. My whole life is falling apart, but when I'm at the club, I feel happy. I feel confident. I don't know any other way to explain it. It just feels right to me.

Bobby: Well, I think that that's good, seeing that we're business partners.

Nikki: Oh, is that what we are?

Bobby: What are you asking me?

Nikki: Nothing. I just was hoping that you would consider us friends.

Bobby: Friends, huh? I can live with that. But as a friend, I gotta give you some advice.

Nikki: Sure.

Bobby: I think that it's very telling that the only time you're happy is when you're away from your husband.

Nikki: Bobby, will you--

Bobby: No, no, no, no. Let me finish. Now I can understand the attraction of a guy like Victor. He's rich. He's powerful. He's a self-made guy. Hell, I wouldn't mind being in his shoes.

Nikki: No, that's not it.

Bobby: I'm not done. Now from everything that you're telling me, he makes you miserable, and it doesn't seem like he's gonna change.

Nikki: He is trying to be there for me.

Bobby: Yeah, yeah, right. He's trying. I think you need to ask yourself, is the life that you have now the one that you want, or might you be happier someplace else?

Nikki: Well, I guess time will tell, won't it? Thanks for the chat.


Kay: I think I'll go to the cafeteria and have a cup of tea while I wait.

Nurse: I'm sorry about the delay. As soon as Dr. Furney is done with his emergency patient, he'll give you your test results.

Kay: Thank you very much.

Kay: Mr. Bartlett.

Harrison: Hello, Mrs. Chancellor. It's good to see you're still alive.

Kay: What are you doing here?

Harrison: Well, since my stepfather ran off with my inheritance, I gotta work for a living.

Kay: Really? I had no idea you had medical training.

Harrison: I donít. I just like working in hospitals.

Kay: Still doesn't answer my question. Why are you still in Genoa City?


J.T.: Well, it's a suit.

Brittany: Do you like it?

J.T.: Why did you get me a suit?

Brittany: Well, I figured since you're gonna be my best man, your image is a reflection of me.

J.T.: Oh.

Brittany: And I didn't want you lookin' like a bum.

J.T.: You're dressing me now? That's great.

Brittany: Every man should own one good suit. There are times when jeans and a t-shirt just won't cut it.

J.T.: Mm-hmm. I already own a couple of suits.

Brittany: Not like this one, you donít.

J.T.: You know, you shouldn't have done this. You got a wedding to pay for. You shouldn't be spending money on clothes and suits for me.

Brittany: Well, technically, I didnít. I talked to Lauren the other day and persuaded her to give this to you as a thank you for catching that thief at the store.

J.T.: Oh, and, uh, this--this is a thank you? Could you talk her into giving me something cool, like a TV or something?

Brittany: J.T., you have a real job now. Aren't you embarrassed, walking into an office at a law firm looking like... looking like this?

J.T.: What? No! No. And Paul doesn't care.

Brittany: Well, I do. Trust me, you're gonna love the way you look in this.

J.T.: No, I hate it.

Brittany: You have to try it on.

J.T.: Maybe later.

Brittany: J.T., Will you stop stalling and put on the damn suit?

J.T.: Okay, if I say yes, what are you gonna do for me?

Brittany: What do you want me to do for you?

J.T.: Well, it's gonna involve a lot less clothes than you're wearing now.

Brittany: You are a pig. Go and get changed.

J.T.: Fine.

Brittany: And don't forget to put on that tie.

J.T.: You gonna help me with that?

Brittany: And then he woke up.

J.T.: Yeah, whatever.


Phyllis: Yes, I'm talking about Damon.

Daniel: This isn't gonna be one of those, uh, "you're too young to understand" kinda things, is it?

Phyllis: No, it's gonna be one of those, uh, "mind your own business" things.

Daniel: Touchť. I still think the guy's a little weird, though.

Phyllis: Uh, Daniel, you know, I've told you time and time again--

Daniel: I know, I know, I know-- he's going through something. Aren't we all?

Phyllis: No. He's really going through something, okay? Cut him some slack, please, for my sake.

Daniel: Mom, I'm just worried this guy's off getting himself into some kind of big mess of trouble, and, what, you're gonna go to save the day? You know, did you ever think that maybe you're the one that's about to make a stupid mistake?

Phyllis: Did you ever think maybe you should respect your mother? I don't know. Damon's not in any kind of trouble, not yet. As far as mistakes go, I'm trying to rectify one myself.

Daniel: Okay, now you completely lost me.

Phyllis: Doesn't matter. Eat your sandwich, please. I'll take you back to school.


John: I don't know, leaving at this time... no, I just have so many issues with my company.

Gloria: But, John, isn't that why you have a family business, so you can leave your children in charge while you live your life?

John: You know what? You always bring a fresh perspective.

Gloria: (Giggles)

John: That's what I love about you so much.

Gloria: Why, John Abbott, did you just say what I think you said?

John: So what if I did? You know, lady, a man could really fall for someone like you.

Gloria: So are we on? Doesn't matter where we go, I just want to be with you... alone.

John: Hmm. (Chuckles) okay, my lovely, I will call my travel agent.

Gloria: Oh, John! Thank you. Oh, it's gonna be fabulous.

John: Yeah.

Gloria: You won't regret this, I promise. I promise.


J.T.: Okay. What's the verdict?

Brittany: Wow. J.T... I don't know what to say.

J.T.: I feel like a geek.

Brittany: Well, you look fantastic.

J.T.: Yeah, well, it's not really me.

Brittany: Trust me, it's you. This look definitely works for ya.

J.T.: Yeah? Well, what about the, uh, what about the tie and stuff?

Brittany: I love the tie.

J.T.: Yeah?

Brittany: Yeah. It really brings out your eyes. You just have to fix this one little thing.

Brittany: There.

J.T.: What do you think Bobby's gonna think about you picking out clothes for me?

Brittany: Bobby won't care. He hates it when I buy him clothes.

J.T.: Why?

Brittany: He always uses the same tailor for all of his stuff. No point trying to expand his horizons. I found that out the other night. I practically had to beg him to try this new Asian restaurant by Lake Geneva.

J.T.: Well, you know how old people are. They're so set in their ways.

Brittany: So do you like the suit or not?

J.T.: Um, yeah, its okay, I guess.

Brittany: Because if you really hate the thing, you know, you don't have to keep it.

J.T.: I don't hate it.

Brittany: Promise?

J.T.: I can't believe you got me a suit. What is this, step one of a makeover?

Brittany: No. I like you just the way you are. I just want you to look better.


Harrison: I just decided to stay in town. Is that a problem?

Kay: I think so.

Harrison: Well, it is a free country. So how is the Honorable Judge Hendricks?

Kay: He's just fine.

Harrison: Of course he's fine. He's always fine. Everybody else may not be okay, but he always is.

Kay: Tell me something, are you some sort of lunatic or are you just a mean, an--

Harrison: Let me ask you something, okay? Has he tried to hurry up the process? Would he rather get married sooner than later? Has he suggested going to Vegas for, like, a quickie wedding? Am I right? I thought so. You see, I-I've had experience with this man. So when I tell you that you're in danger, you are.


(Doorbell rings)

Jill: Elliot, guess what--

Man: Ah.

Jill: Who are you?

Man: Is Mrs. Chancellor here?

Jill: Not at the moment. Who are you?

Man: Uh, Nelson Gregory. I'm the Chief Accountant for Chancellor Industries.

Jill: Oh, yes, come in.

Nelson: Thank you.

Jill: Mr. Gregory, you seem upset. Is something wrong?

Nelson: Um, I need to talk to Mrs. Chancellor.

Jill: She's not here. I'm her daughter. I've been sitting in on the Chancellor Industries board meetings on her behalf. You can say whatever you have to say to me.

Nelson: Oh, I'd rather talk to Mrs. Chancellor.

Jill: I don't want her upset. Now if you have something to say, please say it.

Nelson: It's a mess.

Jill: What? What's a mess?

Nelson: Everything's a mess-- the company, the books. I can't make sense of it anymore. I'm afraid something very bad is going on.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Nikki: Was I right about Brad? Is he Joshua Cassenís brother?

Jill: What do you mean, there's something very bad going on at Chancellor Industries?

Nelson: I'm afraid Mr. Hampton is the problem.

Kay: I intend to put an end to your little game.

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