Friday Y&R Transcript 10/1/04

Y&R Transcript Friday 10/1/04--Canada; Monday 10/4/04--U.S.A.



By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Michael: So... that's it, I guess.

Lauren: It's just temporary. Don't look so sad.

Michael: (Sighs) I never thought that Kevin, of all people, would come between me and...

Lauren: Mmm. Say it. Go on.

Michael: Yeah? You can handle it?

Lauren: I think I can. Say it.

Michael: I never thought he'd come between me and the first woman that I've really cared about in a long, long time.


Gina: It's nice to see you. How's this table?

Chris: This table is perfect. Thank you.

Gina: Great. So what can I get you to start?

Chris: I would love a glass of Chardonnay.

Paul: Yeah, make that two.

Gina: I'll send over a list of the specials.

Paul: Oh, great. But we're in no hurry, though. It feels good just to relax a little bit.

Gina: Well, before you start relaxing, I guess I should warn you. A couple of your friends are here.

Paul: Oh, really?

Chris: Oh

Paul: (Sighs)

Chris: Think we should stay?

Paul: Sure. Why not? In fact, Gina, why don't you send them a couple of glasses of wine on us? Nothing too expensive, though.

Gina: My pleasure.

Paul: Hmm.

Chris: Oh, you're living dangerously.

Paul: What, because we're sending them wine?

Chris: No, I meant because you are sticking it out in the same room with your ex. Hmm. But then again, we're both your exes, aren't we?

Paul: Exactly.


(Doorbell rings)

Nikki: Brad!

Brad: Surprise. The flight to Cleveland was canceled. I'll have to reschedule.

Nikki: Well, that's a good thing. Um, I need to tell you something.

Brad: What's wrong?

Nikki: Abby had a little accident. She's at Genoa City Memorial.

Brad: An accident?


Olivia: Victor.

Victor: How's she doing?

Olivia: Abby is going to be fine. Her arm wasn't broken, but her shoulder was dislocated, and we've managed to set it without any problems.

Victor: Ohh. Poor girl. Shoulder was dislocated? No wonder she was in so much pain.

Olivia: Yeah, but she's a real trooper. You should be proud of her.

Victor: I'm very proud of her. Is anyone with her right now?

Olivia: Ashley's with her. Abby's having a sling put on her arm. She's gonna have to wear it for a couple of days, and then she should be as good as new.

Victor: I feel so badly about this, you have no idea. Anyway, thank you. Thank you for being here.

Olivia: You're welcome. Look, you know what? I really need to go back and check on my little patient.

Victor: I understand. Okay. Thank you, Olivia.

Olivia: You're welcome.


Diane: Is it safe to come in the war zone?

Neil: This isn't a war zone anymore. Phyllis and Dru are gone.

Diane: Those two-- talk about oil and water.

Neil: More like gasoline and fire. Speaking of which, I fired them both.

Diane: You what?

Neil: Diane, this is a serious place of business. Victor put me in charge. Can you imagine Victor Newman tolerating two employees who interact the way Phyllis and Dru do?

Diane: No, you're absolutely right. So when you said they're gone, then what did you mean-- they just cleared out, left everything as is?

Neil: Everything here, all the work that they did, is property of Newman Enterprises. My problem is, I don't even know where to start to pull it all together. I need to know whether or not this beauty pageant is gonna fly.

Diane: Well, have you thought about rehiring just one of them?

Neil: Not exactly playing fair now, is it?

Diane: Well, so what? Like you said, you have a job to do.

Neil: I know. I really can't make that fly. I mean, they're both equally responsible or equally irresponsible.

Diane: Well then, what about me? I mean, I'm not fired, am I?


Phyllis: Open! Work! Work!

Dru: Okay, Phyllis. Phyllis, stop it.

Phyllis: Ow!

Dru: Now you stop it, and you be quiet.

Phyllis: It's not working.

Dru: Relax.

Phyllis: It's not working. Do you hear anything?

Dru: How can I hear anything with you yammering and behaving like this?

Phyllis: Shh!

Dru: What?

Phyllis: It's creepy. Oh, my God!

Dru: You know, Phyllis, you behaving this way isn't gonna help a doggone thing.

Phyllis: Ohh!

Dru: Just, like, "help!" Just do that. Help!

Phyllis: Oh, shh!

Dru: We're here!

Phyllis: Shh! You're hurting my ears! You are hurting my ears. There's an alarm here or something. Oh, here. There.

Dru: Is it working?

Phyllis: Shh. Do you hear it?

Dru: No.

Phyllis: Oh, my God. It's not working. Oh, my God, it's not working.

Dru: You know what? Okay. All right. Okay. Let's not-- okay, look, we are 12 floors up, Phyllis, 12 floors.

Phyllis: I have claustrophobia.

Dru: You know what? If this thing goes down-- if this thing goes--

Phyllis: Don't say that!

Dru: Well, well, I'm just-- you know what? You know what? I heard, Phyllis, really, if you jump at the same time the elevator lands, you're good.

Phyllis: Yeah?

Dru: Yeah.

Phyllis: Yeah?

Dru: Yeah, if you--

Phyllis: That's nuts. That's nuts. That's nuts. See, how do you know when to jump, Drucilla, all right? And even if you jump when it lands, you're still, like, a puddle of goo on the floor.

Dru: That's disgusting.

Phyllis: It's true.

Dru: Help!

Phyllis: Help!

Dru: Help!

Phyllis: Somebody, we're in here!

Dru: We are in here!


Brad: Abby's at the hospital? What happened?

Nikki: Brad, Brad, she fell off her horse. She hurt her arm.

Brad: She what?

Nikki: Don't worry. She was wearing a helmet.

Brad: Was she by herself?

Nikki: No, Victor was with her.

Brad: Why wasn't he watching her?

Nikki: He was watching her. He was right there. It was an accident. I'm sure her injuries are not that serious.

Brad: Did she break anything?

Nikki: I don't know. They're finding that out right now.

Brad: Great. All right. I'm going to the hospital.

Nikki: Okay. Listen, Brad, don't do anything crazy. She's gonna be fine.

Brad: No thanks to Victor.

Nikki: Come on.

Brad: I'm not gonna argue with you, Nikki. I'm going to the hospital.


Michael: We're not talking about cutting off all contact, are we?

Lauren: Hell no. We have our trusty cell phones.

Michael: Because I have suddenly become very aware of what a bright light you've become in my life.

Lauren: I feel the same way.

Michael: The thought of giving you up even for a short time is extremely difficult to contemplate.

Lauren: I know. I mean, I hate it, and I-- but we have to remember it's for a good cause.

Michael: Yeah, right. We wouldn't want to send Kevin off the deep end.

Lauren: Uh, what's this?

Gina: Compliments of Paul and Christine.

Lauren: What?

Michael: They're here?

Gina: Right over there. Enjoy.

Lauren: Hmm. So should we go over there and say hello?

Michael: Mmm, no. Let's just drink the free booze.

Michael: (Chuckles)

Lauren: Mmm.

Michael: Where were we?

Lauren: Um, we were trying to figure out a way not to break your brother's heart, or mine, for that matter.


Chris: Oh, well, I have to admit they kind of make a cute couple.

Paul: Not as cute as us.

Chris: You know what I think?

Paul: What do you think? (Cell phone rings)

Chris: That there's a small part of you that is missing Lauren a little more than you care to admit. (Ring)

Paul: Shouldn't you answer that? (Ring)

Chris: If you insist. (Ring)

Chris: Christine Blair. They did? Where? Are they sure that it's him? All right, hold on a second.

Paul: Problems?

Chris: It's about Devon. Will you grab a check?

Paul: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah, I'm back. Tell me everything you know.


Michael: Ironic, isn't it?

Lauren: What?

Michael: My brother's probably never been happier in his life.

Lauren: Yeah. He's completely different from when I first met him.

Michael: Unfortunately, I wonder if our not seeing each other is gonna help him get over his, uh, unrealistic attachment to you.

Lauren: What are you saying?

Michael: Look, at some point, my brother's gonna have to deal with it. He's going to have to accept our relationship. I think my first instincts were right.

Lauren: To tell him the truth?

Michael: It won't be easy. In fact, it will be tough. But it's the only choice that makes sense.

Lauren: Huh. So when are you gonna drop this little bomb?

Michael: Well, there is no reason to put it off any longer. I'm gonna talk to him tonight.


Neil: You?

Diane: Now, Neil, I don't want you to think I'm trying to take advantage of someone else's misfortune, but when one person gets fired, another one usually gets the job, right? Especially when there's major project underway, and I have been working very closely with Drucilla on aspects of the beauty pageant.

Neil: Aren't you an architect?

Diane: Which means I'm smart, and I was also a model, so I still have some contacts left, and even if they're not good anymore, I know how to work the phones. Now I know, I'm not a computer whiz on Phyllis' level, but I know what we want the web site to look like, s- okay, maybe that's one area that I might have to bring some people in, but besides that, I'm complete--

Neil: Whoa. Slow down. You're moving way too fast for me.

Diane: Are you having second thoughts about firing your wife and Phyllis?

Neil: Ah, damn it, Diane, if those two could just get along, they'd make one hell of a team.

Diane: Well, we both know that's not going to happen, and in the meantime, you have a beauty pageant to put on.

Neil: Yeah. I need to think about it.

Diane: Okay. Take your time.

Neil: Time is a luxury that I don't have.

Diane: Well, whatever. It's your decision.

Neil: Okay, Diane, I got a lot of phone calls to make, things to do. Thank you very much for your offer, though.

Diane: You know where to find me.

Neil: Now if I only knew where to find...


Dru: Somebody!

Phyllis: Help!

Dru: Someone help! Hey, hey, hey. I have my cell phone.

Phyllis: Oh, I have mine, too. That's right, that's right, the cell phone.

Dru: Uh-oh, no signal.

Phyllis: Me neither. Try anyway.

Dru: I'm trying. I'm trying, Phyllis, okay? There aren't those little bars here. Come on. Come on, man.

Phyllis: You know what? Someone's gonna figure this out, because they're gonna call for the elevator, and it's not gonna come down, right?

Dru: If we don't go down firs.

Phyllis: Shh! Be quiet. Listen to me. Listen to me. I read in a magazine one time that when these boxes go down, that the brakes come out. They come out. Do you know? They just stop in mid-air.

Dru: Really?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Dru: That's good.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Phyllis: How did I get stuck here with you?

Dru: How did I get stuck here with you? And you got me fired. You got me fired. I don't have Diane now holding me back.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah? Like you need Diane holding you back? Listen to me, you want a piece of me? Is that what you want?

Dru: Bring it on. Bring it on. Bring it on.

Phyllis: Well, maybe it's good that this worked out like this, isn't it? Because I'm gonna show you who the alpha female is.

Dru: Oh, yeah? I'm gonna show you who the omega female is, all right?

Phyllis: The omega female. There's not an omega female, okay? You got me fired. You got me fired, so if anything happens, the only one who's gonna be omega-ing is you.

Dru: You know what? You're not even qualified.

Phyllis: I'm not qualified?

Dru: No.

Phyllis: You got hired by your husband, Drucilla-- by your husband. Victor didn't even hire you, all right? Victor hired me. I earned my position, and now I don't have it because of you.

Dru: Everything you're saying is monumentally imbecilic. How about you not eat up my half of the air here, and let's not talk?

Phyllis: How 'bout it?

Dru: How 'bout it?

Phyllis: How 'bout that?

Dru: How 'bout that? What's taking these technicians so long? I wish they'd come on. (Sighs) oh, man.

Dru: Oh, man.

Phyllis: What the hell? You got a knife?

Dru: I always have a knife. I'm not letting you use it, though.

Phyllis: Suits me. Ow!


Victor: Where's Abby?

Ashley: With Olivia. They're putting her arm in a sling.

Victor: I heard. At least it wasn't broken.

Ashley: Yeah, we have that to be grateful for, for sure

Victor: Are you all right?

Ashley: Yeah, I'm fine-- a little weird seeing my little girl in so much pain. When they popped her arm back into the socket, I thought I was gonna faint.

Victor: Oh! Makes me cringe to think about that. The pain that poor little girl must have felt.

Ashley: It could have been a lot worse.

Victor: Um... I feel sick about this.

Ashley: No, don't blame yourself.

Victor: She was sitting straight and tall in the saddle, and before I knew it, the horse had thrown her off.

Ashley: Did something startle the horse?

Victor: There were a lot of wasps around. I guess Starfire got stung by one of them, and...

Ashley: Well, the important thing is that Abbyís gonna be fine. Olivia's gonna bring her out when they're finished, and we can take her home.

Victor: Well, I hope this doesn't scare her away from horses. She was doing very well, you know. I hope she comes back to riding.

Ashley: Abby's a tough little girl. I think she's gonna be out at the ranch and back on a horse before you know it.

Brad: Not if I have anything to say about it.


Neil: Come on, Phyllis. Where'd you put that number? Got it. Thank goodness. (Knock on door)

Paul: Neil?

Neil: Yeah? Hey! Paul, Christine, what are you two doing here?

Paul: Well, your assistant told us where we could find you. Do you have a minute?

Neil: What's going on?

Chris: I heard from my contact in Chicago.

Neil: This is about Devon?

Chris: Yes, it is.

Neil: Did someone find him?


Phyllis: Hmm.

Dru: (Sighs)

Phyllis: Mmm. Ah. Ohh! Oh, no, no, no, no, no. I need lime.

Dru: You're gonna make a mess, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Well, give me your knife then.

Dru: You know what? I'm gonna let you use my knife-- to save the company carpet, not for you.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Dru: What are you doing with all that libation, anyway-- all that stuff?

Phyllis: Well, I was going over to Damonís place to make him fresh Mexican food and margaritas.

Dru: (Chuckles) okay, now I get it. You gotta get him drunk first before he can stand you.

Phyllis: Oh, hardly. Hard-ly. "Get him drunk." I don't need to do that.

Phyllis: Ah! Oh.

Dru: Now I have seen everything.


Ashley: What happened to your meeting?

Brad: My flight was cancelled. I went out to the ranch, and Nikki told me you were here. How's Abby?

Ashley: She's okay.

Brad: She fell off a horse?

Ashley: Yeah. She dislocated her shoulder, but there's no broken bones, thank God.

Brad: She must have been in a lot of pain.

Ashley: It was pretty bad at first, but she's doing okay now.

Brad: I want to see her.

Ashley: Olivia will be bringing her out any minute.

Brad: I understand she was alone with you when this happened?

Victor: I was giving her a riding lesson. Something startled the horse.

Brad: Why weren't you keeping a closer eye on her?

Ashley: Brad.

Brad: I'm talking to Victor.

Victor: I'm telling you the same thing I told Ashley. The horse apparently got stung by a wasp, suddenly reared up, and before I knew it, Abby was thrown off the horse.

Brad: I knew something like this would happen. The day you gave her own horse, I knew it was asking for trouble, and I was right.

Victor: For your information, she loves that horse.

Brad: She's 6 years old. She's too young to be on an animal that size.

Victor: For your information, both Victoria and Nicholas learned how to ride much younger than that. You're using a very unfortunate accident to blame me, and that's rather unreasonable.

Brad: Unreasonable, huh? Take a look around, Victor. This is called a hospital. What if she'd been more seriously hurt? What if she'd broken her neck or worse?

Ashley: Brad, Brad. Wait a second. Wait a second. I'm not gonna let you blame Victor for this. It's really not fair. The important thing is that Abby is fine. Can't you be grateful for that?


(Knock on door)

Lauren: Kevin, what are you doing back here?

Kevin: Well, I, uh, I thought about everything you said before, Lauren, and I just wanted to talk a little more.

Lauren: What's left to talk about?

Kevin: I just wanna understand why...

Lauren: People feel the way they feel. It just is.

Kevin: Yeah, I know. I know. I came by the boutique a little earlier before you closed. You weren't here.

Lauren: Yeah, I was out running errands.

Kevin: Errands? That's it?

Lauren: Have you been home?

Kevin: No, no. I, uh, I just went for a walk and, uh, did some thinking, and, uh... oh, and I bought you something-- a surprise. Surprise.


Phyllis: (Laughing)

Phyllis: You know what?

Dru: What?

Phyllis: Suddenly the thought of dying, it ain't too bad. It ain't too bad. I get to sit here relaxed and watch you go down and just check out with a big smile on my face.

Dru: You know, why the hate? Why--talking about people dying, it's not correct, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Oh, Drucilla, you're so... you're always so uptight. You're uptight. You need to get yourself one of these. You need to go down to the corner store and get yourself one of these to kill the bug that you have up-- oh, you can't go to the corner store because we're in an elevator, right?

Dru: Okay, all right, you know what? You know what, Phyllis? I will buy a drink off of you. How much?

Phyllis: Not for sale.

Dru: Now don't be ridiculous. Name your price.

Phyllis: You got to kiss me.

Dru: Oh, oh.

Phyllis: But not here. Right here, Drucilla.

Dru: Oh, I know you're drunk.

Phyllis: You got to kiss that.

Dru: I know you're drunk. Help! Help!

Phyllis: Shh!

Dru: Help!

Phyllis: Ow! My head.

Dru: Hello! (Bangs on door)

Phyllis: Shh! Okay, all right, all right. Right, right. I'll give you-- I'll give you a drink if you just shut up. Shut up. All right. All right?

Dru: Okay. All right.

Phyllis: Okay.

Dru: All right, all right.

Phyllis: Here, here

Dru: No, no, no, no, no. I'll fix my own drink. I'll fix my own.

Phyllis: No, no, no. You have to let me do it. You got to let me do it. You got to do it right, okay? So, just--here, open up. You do that first, okay? Open up. Just put your head back. Here you go. Now take that out. Take that out. Take that out. Put your head back, all the way back. I want-- hey, you don't wanna get it on your pretty clothes. All the way back. Hey, how about that? Swish it around. Swish it around, all right? You got it? That should be easy. You got a mouth like a-- like--like, you know, one of those blender things. You okay? Swallow. Swallow.

Dru: (Groans)

Phyllis: Hey.

Dru: That's terrible.


Neil: The news isn't good, is it?

Paul: Well, Devonís been found. One of Christineís contacts called. He's in Chicago.

Chris: They picked him up in a raid on a house.

Neil: What? Why? Was he selling drugs?

Paul: Um, no, not drugs.

Neil: Then what was he doing? Guys, what happened?

Chris: Neil, they hauled him in on a sweep-- some sort of teen prostitution ring.

Neil: Oh, dear God. That poor kid. So, um... was he arrested? I mean, is he being held?

Chris: Well, he's in custody. No charges are pending.

Neil: What happens now?

Paul: Well, they're transporting him back to Genoa City tomorrow. He will most likely be in some lockdown group home or maybe juvenile detention.

Chris: Lorena Davis is his caseworker. He'll be released over to her. What happens after that is up to child services.

Neil: And there's no-- what, um, appeals process? No way to plead extenuating circumstances?

Chris: Neil, maybe if this were a first-time offense, I could do something, but after everything that's happened, given Devonís track record within the system, I'm afraid there aren't too many options.


Lauren: Kevin, I thought I made it perfectly clear-- no more gifts.

Kevin: This isn't anything romantic. It's just--well, look.

Lauren: Is that--

Kevin: Yeah, your favorite-- stuffed spinach pizza. I got it from that really good place down the street.

Lauren: How-- how on earth did you know?

Kevin: Well, you said it one time when we were talking, so...

Lauren: I can't believe you remembered a thing like that.

Kevin: I remember everything-- the way you drink your coffee-- light with, uh, light with sweetener-- your favorite movie is "the way we were," the way you touch your napkin to your lips after you've eaten so that you don't smudge your lipstick. That's how it is, Lauren, when you're in love. You remember everything.

Lauren: Kevin, I...

Kevin: I'm not coming on to you, I swear. It's a peace offering. It's still really hot, so the cheese is nice and gooey. Here, sit down. I'll cut you a slice.

Kevin: There you go.

Lauren: Thank you.

Kevin: You're welcome. Here.

Kevin: Go on. Eat it while it's hot.

Lauren: You know, uh, I'm not that hungry. I'll just--I'll put it in the fridge for later.

Kevin: It isn't about the food at all, is it? It's like you said before-- you're never gonna love me.


Victor: Nikki tried to reach me. Would you kindly get her on the phone? Thank you, Miguel.

Brad: How are you doing?

Ashley: I'm fine. It was a little scary for a little bit there.

Brad: I'll bet it was. I wish I would have been there.

Ashley: Well, you're here now. Abby's going to be so happy to see you.

Victor: Thank you.

Ashley: Well, look who's all fixed up and ready to go home?

Abby: Daddy!

Brad: Hi, baby. Come here. Careful, careful, careful.


Lauren: You'll always have a very special place in my heart. You know that.

Kevin: But...

Lauren: It'll never be romantic.

Kevin: You've tried to tell me this before-- not even just today either. You've always, always been totally upfront with me. Guess I didn't wanna accept it.

Kevin: It just took awhile to get it through my thick head, I guess.

Lauren: Maybe I could have been clearer, you know, more direct. It would have been easier if I didn't care about you.

Kevin: Care, but not love. I get it.

Lauren: You know, I-- I really think you do this time. It was so hard for me to have to push you away, 'cause I didn't wanna do that.

Lauren: I'm hoping we can be friends now.

Kevin: Friends? (Laughs) friends--unreal.

Lauren: Well, why do you say it like that?

Kevin: Because, you know, the more that I tried to give you things, you know, to make you feel beautiful and special, you know, the faster you pushed me away. And now that I'm gonna stop, you wanna be friends. Well, thanks for being straight with me, Lauren. You really are the best thing that ever happened to me, whether or not you believe it. You changed my life. I'll always be grateful for that. And even though-- even though you'll never feel this way, I will always-- always love you.

Lauren: I promise you that one day you're gonna find a woman who loves you just like you love her.

Kevin: Never.

Lauren: Oh, yeah. Your feelings for me will fade.

Kevin: I'll cherish every minute I spent with you till the day I die.


Abby: I didn't know you'd be here, Daddy.

Brad: I wanted to surprise you.

Abby: What about your business trip?

Brad: Well, it sort of got canceled, but that's a great thing because that means I get to hang out with you. How does your shoulder feel, baby?

Abby: It's still a little sore but before, it hurt really, really bad.

Brad: Yeah, I'll bet it did. But you know what? I heard you were super brave. Did you do everything Dr. Liv told you to do? That's my big girl.

Abby: I have to wear this thing on my arm for a few days.

Brad: Yeah, that's called a sling. You know, I had to wear one of those once.

Abby: Did you fall off a horse, too?

Brad: No. I hurt it playing baseball.

Abby: My story's better.

Brad: (Laughs) your story's a lot better.

Abby: Daddy?

Brad: What?

Abby: Would you please take me home now?

Brad: Yeah, you bet I can. Are there any forms we need to sign?

Ashley: I'll go check with Liv.

Victor: I'll take care of that, Ashley. You stay here with your family, okay?


Neil: What do you mean there aren't any options?

Chris: Devon's a ward of the state. For better or worse, there's a system in place.

Neil: No. No, no, no. I do not accept that. There must be something that we can do here.

Chris: Neil, we'll know more when he gets here tomorrow. In the meantime, I'll put a call into Lorena Davis.

Neil: I don't get this. I don't understand. Why would he do something like this?

Paul: You know, Neil, maybe Devon felt as though he didn't have a choice.

Neil: It didn't have to happen this way.

Paul: I know it doesn't make it any easier, but a lot of kids on the street turn to prostitution to survive.

Neil: He didn't have to run away.

Chris: When kids feel desperate, they do desperate things.

Neil: If this is true... my God, what a sad, sad thing.

Neil: Dru tried to tell me, but I wouldn't listen. What is this gonna do to Lily... or to my family? I'll never forgive myself. They'll never forgive me.


Kevin: Mikey, good. I'm glad you're here. We need to talk.

Michael: Definitely. I need to talk to you, too.

Kevin: I hope this isn't about that thing with Daniel and his mother again.

Michael: This has nothing to do with them.

Kevin: Then what?

Michael: You first.

Kevin: Okay. I want t to talk to you man to man about Lauren.


Dru: Just trying to help--

Phyllis: Hey.

Dru: Huh?

Phyllis: Hey, this is like jail. Jail. Do you know what? I've been in jail.

Dru: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: I was in jail, and it's like four walls around you, and you can't see, you can't get out. And there are people doing life, Drucilla.

Dru: Life.

Phyllis: Life, and they're motoring around in their life, and you're not part of it.

Dru: Mnh-mnh.

Phyllis: No, you're not part of it, and you wonder what's going on out there. And you can--you can think of what's going on, but you can't see.

Dru: Yeah.

Phyllis: You can't see what's going on with people.

Dru: Mnh-mnh.

Phyllis: It's like--like-- like--ow. Ow. Like claustrophobia, like a feeling in the pit of your stomach, and you can't-- but--but--but it is a little better with a little of this here.

Dru: (Laughs)

Phyllis: Ahah!

Dru: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Oh, wow. You were a little heavy-handed on this.

Dru: Was I? Oh, I'm sorry. Sometimes I don't know when too much is too much.

Phyllis: Yeah, too much. I-I know because it's all in the wrists. I know. I got experience with wrists.

Dru: I can't debate that though, Phyl.

Phyllis: No, I can't debate that either.

Dru: Whoo!

Phyllis: You know, I'm a little party girl, you know? Oh, man. Oh, man, the times I had in New York. Oh, Ne Yo York-- I couldn't sleep. I mean, it was like-- let me tell you, girl...

Both: Girl! All right!

Dru: Whoo!

Phyllis: Hi! Girl.

Dru: You know, Phlilis, I had such a hard time sleeping on those park benches. Whoa.

Phyllis: I know, I know. You told me, you told me, you told me about your humble roots and how you didn't have anything and you were illiterate and you came from nothing. I know the story.

Dru: Phyllis, what's your story? Wh-what's your story? I mean, college and then rich husband, and now you live in a stable. (Laughs) a stable! (Laughs)

Phyllis: Shh. Ow. Can we not talk, please?

Dru: Pass me the spices. Okay, just pass me the spice there.

Dru: Phyllis?

Phyllis: Yeah, I know.

Dru: Phyllis, what's that?

Phyllis: Oh, my God. What--what--what--what's that?

Dru: Oh, we're moving.

Phyllis: Yeah?

Dru: Yeah.

Phyllis: Yeah, we are. Oh, my god, but not how we're supposed to be moving.

Dru: Where are those brakes?

Phyllis: I don't know. I just--I read about it. I didn't hear about it.

Dru: (Screams)

Phyllis: Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Dru: Oh, we're going down!

Phyllis: We're going down?

Dru: We're going down!

Phyllis: We are! We're moving! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! We're dying! We're gonna die! We're gonna die!


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Nick: Your fascination with Abby is pushing Mom out of your life.

Sharon: How is anyone supposed to help you with that attitude?

Nikki: I don't want your help.

Kevin: Are you saying that Lauren deserves someone better than me?

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