Wednesday Y&R Transcript 9/29/04

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 9/29/04 -- Canada, Thursday 9/30/04 -- U.S.A.


By Eric

Jill: Aha. There you are.

Jack: Nobody says "aha" anymore, especially not first thing in the morning. Sit down. Have some coffee.

Jill: I've already had breakfast, thank you. So this is where jack abbott holds court these days?

Jack: This is where I'm reading my paper right now.

Jill: This is where you were talking to elliot hampton last night.

Jack: You're spying on me? Shame on you.

Jill: No, I was having dinner with my mother.

Jack: Well, yes, I did have a little chat with mr. Smooth. What's it to you?

Jill: I want to know what the two of you talked about.

Jack: You. Why didn't you come over and join us?

Jill: Bec-- are you being difficult on purpose?

Jack: I just have a gift.

Jill: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Look, I've already shared with you my opinion of elliot hampton-- about the sincerity of his feelings for you in particular, about his honesty in general. And yet, you still allow yourself to be snowed, blowed and buffaloed by this shark. I'm not gonna waste my breath anymore.

Jill: For your information, I have cooled things off with elliot.

Jack: Oh, playing hard to get?

Jill: No, jack. Mostly because I keep hearing your voice in my head, telling me that he's a crook, when my heart is telling me that he is this considerate, fantastic, terrific man who thinks I'm terrific, too. Now you tell me right now what the two of you talked about last night.

Elliot: Jill. Oh, jill, what am I gonna do about you?

Nikki: Sometimes I think about what my life would've been like if I hadn't met you. I was so young, I knew nothing, I didn't know anything about the world. I could never have imagined the life that we have had.

Victor: Been a great ride, hasn't it?

Nikki: Not very many people get to live it.

Victor: That's right. And I wouldn't have wanted to miss one moment of it.

Nikki: I've missed you so much.

Nikki: Just hold me. Hold me.

Nikki: Morning.

Victor: You look beautiful.

Nikki: Thanks. Mmm. You know how good you make me feel? Last night was wonderful.

Victor: It was beautiful. I'm so happy that we were able to reconnect.

Nikki: Yeah. We've let too many things get in the way of that lately.

Victor: I know. So if erere are any problems in the future, you and I will work through them together.

Nikki: I hope so.

Victor: Like a cup of coffee?

Nikki: Oh, I would love to, but I can'T. I've got to go to the office. I have a report. It's already overdue.

Victor: All right. Um, would you be able to come home a little earlier today? You know, today is the day that abby is visiting.

Nikki: Yeah, I-I know. I haven't forgotten that.

V victor: Does that mean you'll come home earlier?

Nikki: I don't know. Um, I don't think so. I have so much to do.

Victor: Well, perhaps you could just drop by for awhile.

Nikki: You know, to be honest, I think it will be much better if I don't come. I mean, ashley is not my favorite person these days, and I'm sure that's mutual.

Victor: It would mean a great deal to me if you could come by. You know that I'm hoping that abby will become part of both of our lives.

Nikki: I know, darling. I know you do. I'm just not gonna be able to do it today. I'm sorry.

Neil: Ah, voilą.

Dru: See ya!

Neil: Whoa, whoa,ononey. Wait, wait. Where you going?

Dru: Work.

Neil: Come back in. Come here. Don't you want to take a look at the nice family breakfast I made first? Come on in.

Dru: Yeah, and we would be having that because our family lunch was so successful yesterday?

Neil: All the more reason for us to sit down this morning and try to find some common ground.

Dru: Okay, every time I look at the fourth chair that's empty, it just makes me feel worse, okay, neil?

Neil: Honey.

Dru: What?

Neil: Please, do this for me, okay? Just breakfast.

Dru: Okay.

Neil: Okay, good. Lily, come on, honey. Chow time. Here, mama.

Dru: Thanks.

Neil: Morning, sweetie.

Dru: Morning, honey.

Lily: I'm not hungry at all. I really do not feel good.

Dru: And I bet I know why you feel sick.

Lily: Is it okay if i stay home from school today?

Neil: Maybe you're stll feeling the effects of that G.H.B. Drug in your system.

Lily: No, no, it's-- it's not that. I was tossing and turning all night. All I could think about is devon, worrying about where he is. (Knock on door)

Kevin: Daniel. Daniel, open up. It's kevin.

Daniel: How'd you get past the gate?

Kevin: Snuck in through the woods. I was worried that your mom may have told the guards not to let me in.

Daniel: Good thinking.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah. I guess I'm persona non grata around here, huh?

Daniel: Hmm. So what's up?

Kevin: Nothing. Nothing. I, uh, I just wanted to make sure we were still cool.

Daniel: Yeah. Absolutely, dude.

Kevin: You sure? Because your mom didn't seem too happy with us, you know.

Daniel: My mother doesn't get to choose who I hang out with.

Kevin: Well, she could be pretty scary. I wouldn't want to be on her bad side. Well, I guess I already am, but, uh, you know...

Daniel: Well, you know, just because my mom helped us out withlelex, that doesn't mean she gets to run my life. (Telephone rings)

Kevin: Okay.

Daniel: Hang on a second. Hello.

Phyllis: Hey, daniel.

Daniel: Mom, hi. Uh... what's up?

Phyllis: I have a feeling you're about to get in trouble.

Phyllis: Yeah, I got a feeling. I got a feeling you're gonna be late for school. Did you call a taxi?

Daniel: Uh, yeah. I was just about to do that.

Phyllis: Were you really?

Daniel: You know, you don't have to check up on me every minute. I can get to school by myself.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Did you do your homework?

Daniel: It's all done except for trig. I'll--I'll just finish it on the way.

Phyllis: You'll finish it on the way? Wh--listen, I don't want to see any incompletes on your report card.

Daniel: Mom, would u u stop? You're driving me nuts.

Phyllis: Whoa. Whoa. Listen to this attitude. You know, I don't really deserve this considering I did so much to get you out of trouble, daniel. You know what I mean? Get to school now.

Daniel: Okay, okay. So hang up and let me call a cab 'cause, you know, it's kind of hard to do with you hassling me.

Phyllis: Daniel, um, just a second. I wanted to tell you I'm gonna be at damon's tonight. I'm cooking him dinner. So if he calls, don't tell him that. It's a surprise. And I won't be home till late.

Daniel: Uh, yeah. Ifif you come home at all.

Phyllis: That's right.

Daniel: Good-bye, mother.

Jack: I'll have my coffee over there.

Jill: You answer me.

Jack: Sweetheart, will you get a grip? You are a terrific woman, and you don't need elliot hampton to tell you so.

Jill: Thank you very much. Now what was said last night?

Jack: He insisted on having a drink with me, and then he did exactly what I expected he would do.

Jill: What, he tried to get friendly with you?

Jack: No, that's what a smart guy would do-- show me what a regular guy he is, how he worships the ground you walk on, how he loves the twinkle in your eyes, loves the wiggle in your walk.

Jill: Okay. All right. I get it. I get it. What did he say?

Jack: He kept it mostly to insults.

Jill: Of?

Jack: Me. He says I'm jealous of him, not only of his romantic ties to you, but of his success as a businessman. And then he threw jabot's failings in my face.

Jill: Oh, my god. He didn't?

Jack: Yeah, he did. He says I'm green with envy over his corporate jet and his bahamian bank accounts. And what do I do to seek my revenge? I thwart his amorous intentions towards you.

Jill: All right, all right, that is pretty outrageous.

Jack: Pretty outrage? Try very outrageous. Sweetheart, do you know what he's doing? He's trying to distract attention-- yours and mine-- away from what he's really doing at chancellor industries. That is looting the place for his own personal gain.

Jill: No, I cannot let myself believe that.

Jack: I know you don't want to believe that. Nobody wants to believe they're being used. But, honey, you can't stick your head in the sand.

Jill: I'm not. I'm not sticking my head in the sand. Elliot is the most dynamic man. You don't know how alive he makes me feel. And, yes, it confuses me sometimes, but only when I'm around you.

Neil: Lily, you simply can't skip school because you're worried about devon.

Lily: Mom, please. Okay? I really do not feel good.

Dru: Sweetheart, I understand. But if you're physically able, I can't have you stay home from school as an option.

Lily: Mom, I thought you would understand, unlike some people.

Dru: I do understand. I-I do understand. Now I want you to sit down and eat the beautiful breakfast that your father's prepared. I'm gonna eat, too. Please sit.

Dru: Thank you.

Neil: Now that's my girl. Besides, how's walnut grove gonna survive without one of its star students for the day, huh?

Lily: I wonder where devon is right now.

Dru: Yeah, I wonder, too.

Brad: I needed this yesterday.

Nikki: I know. I'm sorry. I took a little longer because I wanted to be thorough.

Brad: At a glance, you succeeded.

Nikki: Thank you.

Brad: But that doesn't mean you're off the hook. I still have a bone to pick with you.

Nikki: What?

Brad: Do you remember what you said to ash at the harvest dance?

Nikki: I may have some recollection.

Brad: Well, let me refresh your memory. You told her she was still in love with victor. Nikki, for god's sake, what were you thinking?

Nikki: Brad, you have said the same thing.

Brad: You had no business bringing it up.

Nikki: Oh, come on. She is not the little misunderstood creature she wants everybody to think she is.

Brad: Do you understand the position you put me in? That is not a conversation any man wants to have with his wife.

Nikki: Well, that is what happens when he's married to a woman who continues to be in love with another man.

Brad: Ash is not in love with victor.

Nikki: Brad, open your eyes.

Brad: They're open. Yes, there is an emotional connection bebetween the two of them. Ash has admitted as much. But it isn't love.

Nikki: Well, then what is it? Look, I know it's not easy to do this. Nobody wants to admit that they're clinging to a failing marriage.

Brad: My marriage isn't failing. And you better believe I'm going to do whatever I have to to keep my family together.

Nikki: Brad, how are you gonna do that, by living in denial?

Brad: I admit that there are problems in my marriage. Butatalking about them doesn't always help.

Nikki: Well, what are you saying, that it's better to keep it hidden?

Brad: What am i supposed to do with it?

Nikki: Face it. Deal with it. But don't run away from it. Look, you and I have had many discussions about the connection between victor and ashley. Why are you so afraid to admit it now?

Brad: Because this time I think she may be slipping away from me.

Nikki: Well, I'm sorry that you're upset with me.

Brad: I'm not. I'momore upset with myself, nikki.

Nikki: Come sit down. Sit down. You need to relax.

Nikki: Oh. You are so tense although considering this upcoming family gathering, I don't blame you. I'm not gonna have anything to do with it. Victor is very upset about that.

Brad: Well, good for him. I'm not gonna be there, either. I have to be out of town on business.

Nikki: What? You're not gonna be there?

Brad: It's a last-minute trip. I have no choice. We're having a problem with one of our suppliers.

Nikki: Brad! You're gonna let your wife and my husband spend time together alone with their child? Are you insane?

Daniel: Sorry about that. It was, uh, my mom.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, I heard. Don't worry about a thing, man, 'cause your trig homework is done.

Daniel: Really?

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah. Now it's all good for both of us.

Daniel: What do you mean?

Kevin: Well, now you're gonna get an "a," because I rock in math.

Daniel: (Chuckles)

Kevin: And I am well on my way to winning over lauren.

Daniel: You still think you got a chance with her, huh?

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah, totally. See, a woman like lauren needs to btrtreated in a very special way. I dedicated a song to her on the radio. I even wrote her a love poem. See, now what woman wouldn't be impressed by that?

Daniel: You know what impresses me is how you create your own reality.

Kevin: Hey, what-- what lauren and I have is real.

Daniel: I'm not criticizing you.

Kevin: You should see the bouquet of flowers I got her. It was the biggest one the florist had. It even had balloons on it.

Daniel: Balloons?

Kevin: Yeah, balloons.

Daniel: Sounds real classy, kevin.

Kevin: Yeah, it was. And what I have planned for her today-- man, I wish I could be there to see the look on her face.

Lauren: Hmm, spam. Spam. Enlarge my wh-- oh, spam. Hmm. Who sent me an e-card?

Lauren: "Hello, beautif.. don't forget to water the flowers." (Sighs) "check out the dressing room and I'll see you soon. Your not-so-secret admirer." Kevin. "Check out the dressing room"?

Lauren: (Gasps) ww

Jack: Look, I'm not saying there are any easy answers. But I do know what elliot was trying to do last night. He was taking all of the issues I have with him and the way he's running your mother's company and trying to turn them into some school yard rivalry, where he, the winner, was going after me, the loser. I'm sure he was hoping I'd bust him in the chops.

Jill: I don't want you beating elliot up.

Jack: Did you hear what I just said? That's what he wanted. Only I saw right through it.

Jill: Of course you did.

Jack: Hey, if I'm boring you, I was enjoying my newspaper.

Jill: No, you are enjoying trashing elliot.

Jack: Sweetheart, he's the one that invited me, toots. He's the one that was doing a number on ol' smilin' jack.

Jill: I don't want to talk about this anymore. My mother's not worried about the company. I'm not worried about the company. I love being with him. And if you don't stop getting on me about this, I'm gonna start to believe that maybe you are jealous.

Jack: Okay, that's it. End of conversation. (Chuckles) boy, no good deed goes unpunished. (Cell phone rings)

Jack: Gee. Wonder who that is.

Jill: Yes. Oh, hi. I'm in the athletic club dining room. Yeah, I have a meeting later, but sure, I'll wait. (Whispers) okay.

Jack: You know what? I'm gonna relocate. The idea of watching one of the brightest women I know act like a naive schoolgirl is not entertaining to me. You be careful.

Neil: All right. Listen to me, uh, I don't need this attitude every time we sit down and eat a family meal here. I know you both blame me, but it's just not right.

Lily: Oh, come on, dad. If it wasn't for you, devon would be sitting here with us right this minute.

Dru: Sure would be.

Neil: How many times do I have to say it? Devon knew what time of day it was right from jump. Right now, all I'm concerned about is finding him.

Lily: I don't think he wants to be found. He'd rather live on the streets than be shipped off to some group home that's like a prison.

Neil: Okay, listen. I wasn't gonna say anything about this, but I think that you two should know this information. It'll make you feel better.

Dru: Uh, what, that weber found a lead?

Neil: No, this has nothing to do with the police. Yesterday, I hired paul williams to locate devon.

Dru: You did?

Neil: I never said I wanted to see him on the streets. Dru, he's a good kid. You know, he deserves better.

Dru: Well, neil, that's wonderful news, coming from you.

Lily: Yeah, it is.

Neil: You feel better?

Lily: I guess.

Dru: Um, lily, if you're feeling better, I suppose you should go to school now.

Lily: Well, no. I mean, shouldn't I hang around here in case mr. Williams calls?

Dru: No, honey. You should go to school if you're finished. Please.

Lily: Okay. Fine. Bye, guys.

Dru: Bye, sweetheart.

Neil: Lily, come here. I I love you.

Lily: I love you, too.

Neil: Have a good day.

Lily: Bye.

Dru: Bye, sweet.

Michael: (Chuckles) well, it looks like everything's coming up roses for you this morning.

Lauren: Oh, yeah, baby june. Kevin's been hard at work. How do you think he got in here?

Michael: Well, one thing you can always say about my brother-- he's resourceful.

Lauren: You think I need a locksmith?

Michael: It's not a bad idea.

Lauren: Here. Take a look at this.

Michael: Uh, "hello, beautiful." Uh... wow. If only he'd put this much effort into getting his life in order. This obsession with you is not gonna lead to anything good, you know?

Lauren: I've done everything humanly possible to discourage him.

Michael: I know. I know you have.

Lauren: He's so damn persistent. I mean, he just keeps showing up places and will not take no for an answer.

Michael: Well, he's deluded himself into thinking that he can win you over.

Lauren: You said you'd talk to him. What happened?

Michael: I started. He walked out on me before I could finish.

Lauren: Michael, I need help here. What am I going to do?

Brad: Nikki, it really isn't my choice. I have to go there today. There's no way around it.

Nikki: Well, can you change the day at the ranch?

Brad: Oh, you think victor's gonna let that happen? Good luck.

Nikki: Maybe if ashley asked him.

Brad: She won'T. She insists it happens today.

Nikki: Well, doesn't she understand that this trip of yours is business related?

Brad: Ash sees it as a golden opportunity to build on the progress we've made. And we did promise abby.

Nikki: Maybe you could stop by at the ranch before you leave?

Brad: Can't do it. I'm leaving straight from the office. I'm on the first flight out to cleveland.

Nikki: Great.

Brad: Man, I haven't been back there in forever.

Nikki: Back to cleveland, huh?

Brad: Yeah. I spent some time there years ago.

Nikki: Well, maybe you're lucky this trip came up when it did. You could get a little break.

Ashley: Am i interrupting something?

Nikki: Well, that would be my cue to go. Have a good trip, brad.

Brad: Thank you.

Ashley: Gee, brad. If I had known you were so hard up for a shoulder rub...

Brad: Don't even start. I've walked in on you and newman in far more compromising positions.

Ashley: Really? Well, then I guess I should be grateful I only walked in on a shoulder rub, especially since I brought your daughter here to say good-bye.

Brad: Where is she?

Ashley: Your secretary is entertaining her.

Brad: Is she still excited about her day at the ranch?

Ashley: Mm-hmm. She's been on cloud nine since she woke up. She doesn't want to talk about anything other than horseback riding.

Brad: I hope it lives up to her expectations.

Ashley: I wish you could come with us.

Brad: Just keep an eye on my little girl.

Ashley: Oh, what? You think I'm gonna be so mesmerized by victor, I'm gonna foetet all about her?

Brad: I think it's probably a good idea that I'm not gonna be out there today.

Ashley: I guess we'll never know. I think you're missing out on an important moment in your daughter's life, personally.

Abby: Daddy, can I come in now?

Brad: You bet you can. Come over here. Come here. Oh! What do you got there?

Abby: I drew this for you.

Brad: What is it?

Abby: It's me riding starfire.

Brad: Oh, it's beautiful.

Abby: I wish you could see me ride him for real.

Brad: Yeah. I'm sorry I'm not gonna be there today, sweetheart.

Ashley: Your daddy has an important business trip.

Brad: And I am gonna miss you a whole lot.

Abby: But you're only gonna be gone for a day.

Brad: It doesn't matter. I always miss you when I'm away.

Abby: Can we go to the ranch some other time?

Brad: Sure.

Abby: And visit starfire together?

Brad: Yeah, one day. I promise.

Ashley: Come on, honey. Let's go. Give daddy a hug.

Brad: Mmm-mnh. Love you.

Abby: Love you, too, daddy.

Brad: (Chuckles) okay.

Brad: Have a good afternoon.

Ashley: Thank you. Have a good trip.

Brad: Thanks.

Ashley: Bye. Come on, sweetie.

Elliot: I'm real. I want to make you happy. I want you to make me happy. We can have a great life together.

Jill: I can see that. I just... I-I think that I need to take a deep breath here, that's all.

Elliot: Well, don't let me stop you.

Jill: No, no, no, alone.

Elliot: Hmm. Well, I can't promise I'll still be here.

Jill: Don't do that. Don't threaten me like that. I get it, okay? I get that you have other options, and you're damn well gonna exercise them if I don't fully commit to this relationship with my eyes closed.

Elliot: You don't let anybody push you around, do you? Well, you take your time and when you open your eyes, you'll like what you see. And we'll take it from there.

Elliot: Hello.

Jill: Hello.

Elliot: You're lookin' pretty lost in thought there.

Jill: Well, I have good reason. I just talked to jack abbott.

Elliot: Mm-hmm. And he told you about our conversation last night.

Jill: Jack is a really close friend of mine, elliot, and his intentions are good. He doesn't deserve to be insulted that way.

Elliot: Yeah, well, he rubbed me the wrong way. I'm sorry. I didn't mean for it to cause a problem between the two of you.

Jill: It's okay. Jack and I squabble more than we do anything else. Don't worry about it.

Elliot: The only thing I care about is what you think of me.

Jill: I want to dive right into you with my eyes shut. I want to throw caution to the winds.

Elliot: Why be cautious in the first place?

Jill: Because I don't want to pay the price for being wrong.

Elliot: Who does?

Jill: On the other hand, I cannot stand the thought of...

Elliot: What, walking away from what we have? Then don'T.

Jill: Why me?

Elliot: What?

Jill: Why me? Of all the women in the world, you decide that you can't get enough of the one woman, the only woman, who's the daughter of the major shareholder in the company you run? I want to believe that's not a coincidence. I want to believe it so bad.

Dru: Neil.

Neil: Yep.

Dru: Since you hired paul williams, does this mean that you've had a change of heart?

Neil: About bringing devon back here to live with us?

Dru: Yeah?

Neil: I'm sorry, dru. I still feel the same way. Lily's running away made me even more certain that his presence is a disruption here.

Dru: I see. So you just want to find him so you can put him in a group home, is that it? That's great.

Neil: No, drucilla, I want to find him because I happen to care about the boy. I like him a lot.

Dru: Do you mean that?

Neil: What are you doin'? Of course. Why don't you cut me a littlelalack here? Show me a little bit of love, all right? I want to see devon succeed just like you and lily do.

Dru: Okay. That's not gonna happen while the boy's living on the streets, neil.

Neil: I know that, dru, and I hate it that because of our mixed signals, that may be exactly what's gonna happen.

Dru: Honey, I-I believe that we want the same thing, and if you could just open your heart a little for this kid, it would make all the difference.

Neil: You know what, dru? I wish, just for once, you could see things from my perspective. Listen, let's table this for now, all right? I gotta get to work. I got a long day.

Dru: Right. Okay.

Michael: I just can't seem to break through that desperate euphoria of his. Kevin's not listening to me. It's the right words from the wrong person.

Lauren: Well, he's not listening to me, either.

Michael: Well, knowing you, you tried to spare his feelings.

Lauren: Michael, I-I'm tortured about this. I mean, the last time he claimed I broke his heart, he put a gun to his head and threatened to kill himself. I don't want him to hurt like that again.

Michael: I know, I know, I know, I know. The kid's seen more than his share. And now it's just... well, it's even more delicate because...

Lauren: Of you and me.

Michael: Yeah.

Lauren: I'm just gonna have to tell him in no uncertain terms that I'm not attracted to him, and no matter what he says or does, it's just not gonna change anything.

Michael: And I'll do my part. I'll try to see him through his disappointment, make sure he doesn't do anything too drastic.

Lauren: Thank you.

Michael: (Sigh) you know what?

Lauren: Hmm?

Michael: You are the best thing that's happened to me in a long, long time. And nothing is gonna get in the way of that, not even kevin.

Victor: Well, I'm so glad you could make it.

Abby: Me too, victor. I can't wait to see starfire.

Victor: You will see starfire in a minute. But first, why don't you go with miguel into the kitchen? Because he has a surprise for you.

Abby: Really? You do?

Miguel: I sure do. Why don't you come with me?

Victor: She makes me happy. Would you like some coffee?

Ashley: Sure.

Victor: So where's that husband of yours? I'm surprised he's not here.

Ashley: Yeah, well, he had an out-of-town business meeting, and considering the conversation we had last night, it's probably a good thing.

Victor: It's funny. Those are the same words nikki used to explain her absence.

Ashley: She isn't here, either?

Victo n no, she claimed she had too much work to do.

Ashley: Oh. Well, given all the tension between nikki and me lately, I'm kind of relieved it's just the three of us, you know? Hey, wait a second. I heard nikki tell brad to have a good trip when I saw him just now. He must have told her he was going to cleveland.

Victor: What does that have to do with anything?

Ashley: Don't you see? She knows that brad's not gonna be here. Which means she's gonna walk through that door any second...

Victor: Oh, I don't think so.

Ashley: Because she's so certain that you and i can't be left alone. (Door opens)

Victor: I don't think so.

Ashley: Okay. (Dr r closes)

Victor: You're back so soon?

Dru: Anyway, diane, I had this most amazing eaea. I was just laying in bed and it just came to me just like that.

Diane: Oh, I know. Some of my best thoughts come to me in bed.

Dru: Neil is gonna be blown away. This is gonna be the best pageant ever. Best ever! Hi, phyllis.

Phyllis: Hi, dru. Continue. Don't let me stop you.

Dru: I'd rather not. Ye, , if you don't mind.

Phyllis: Oh, what are you waiting for, armageddon?

Dru: Actually, I'm waiting for you to leave. You know, um, diane and I, we have some strategies to go over, and three's a crowd.

Phyllis: Oh. Oh, I understand. Well, uh, you see, I'm not leaving. This is my office, too. Besides, I can't imagine what kind of help diane's gonna give you. Being a model during the jurassic period hardly makes her an expert on pageants.

Dru: Never mind her, diane. Actually, diane and i were professional models. Internationally so. Therefore, we know what the cosmetic companies need.

Phyllis: Yeah, right. Let me tell you something, y'all are has-beens, okay?

Dru: (Laughs)

Diane: (Laughs)

Phyllis: (Laughs) oh, yeah. Besides, this project requires skill and imagination, um, not--how should I say this? Faded beauty.

Dru: Okay. Now it's time for you to leave.

Phyllis: I'm not going anywhere. Can't you see I'm very busy?

Diane: Look, phyllis, it's two against one.

Dru: Yeah.

Diane: You should leave.

Phyllis: I don't care if it's ten against one. I'm not leaving.

Dru: Well, um, ha ha, neither am I.

Phyllis: Um, drucilla...

Dru: Yes?

Phyllis: Get your... booty off of my folders.

Dru: Make me.

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Victor: I'm very glad you came back.

Nikki: Well, you told me this morning how important you thought it was that I be here when abby's here. I thought about it, and you're right.

Victor: Glad you changed your mind.

Nikki: Not only that, I brought her a present.

Victor: Oh, what did you get her?

Nikki: Well, why don't you bring her out and we'll see it together?

Victor: All right. Miguel, would you kindly bring abby out here to the living room for a moment?

Abby: What is it?

Ashley: Hi, sweetie. Nikki brought you a present.

Abby: You did? Another surprise?

Nikki: Yes, I did, and it's just for you.

Abby: What is it?

Nikki: Well, this is something that my own daughter victorianjnjoyed very much when she was your age, and I realized nobody had bothered to get it for you, so you have your very own set or riding clothes and boots. How about that?

Ashley: Wow. What a gift. What do you say?

Abby: Thank you, kkkki.

Nikki: You are very welcome. I'm so looking forward to getting to know you better. I'm going to be here every time you come to the ranch.

Abby: Mommy, can I put these on today?

Ashley: You bet you can. Right now if you want.

Victor: Miguel, would you kindly take abby and show her where she can change?

Miguel: Sure. Come on, abby. Let's go upstairs, shall we? And you can make a grand entrance. Come on.

Victor: Well, I guess I better saddle the horses.

Nikki: Okay.

Victor: Um... are you two gonna be all right?

Nikki: Of course. We're fine. I'm a gracious hostess. We're fine.

Ashley: Nice touch with the gift.

Nikki: I'm glad you liked it, considering it's still early in the day and you've already had quite a big disappointment.

Ashley: I have? What was that?

Nikki: Me, when I walked through the door.

Elliot: Well, jill, sometimes you just have to believe because it's the only option.

Jill: Sounds good, but...

Elliot: Look at me. What do you see?

Jill: A very handsome face.

Ellt:T: No, somebody who sees you for what you really are-- a beautiful, smart, sexy, funny, adventurous woman.

Jill: See, elliot, you say all the right things, but...

Elliot: But you think that I'm going to take advantage of you, that I'm going to exploit chancellor industries and that I'm going to just disappear, that at the end of the day, I'll just be gone. That's your fear.

Jill: In a nutshell, that's it.

Elliot: Marry me.

Jill: What did you just say?

Elliot: I'm not going anywhere. I want you to marry me.

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"the young and the restless"...

Michael: I don't want to stop seeing you.

Lauren: Well, I don't want to stop, either.

Neil: What the hell is going on here?

Phyllis: Hey.

Dru: Hey.

Nikki: How would you feel if I were chasing after your husband like you're chasing after mine?

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