Friday Y&R Transcript 9/24/04

Y&R Transcript Friday 9/24/04--Canada; Monday 9/27/04--U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Sharon: Victor, I feel awful. I can't believe this. I shouldn't have told you.

Victor: It's all right. Obviously, my wife is making some very bad choices.

Sharon: Well, maybe if you looked at it from her perspective...

Victor: Don't you think I've tried, darling? But why did she choose to run a strip joint? How can I help things along?

Sharon: Maybe she's trying to fulfill some need in her life? Something she feels is missing?

Victor: Sharon, think about it. Nikki has all the money in the world. Why choose something that will obviously upset me?

Sharon: You think maybe she's doing this to get back at you, because of the Abby/Ashley situation? I know she's not comfortable with that.

Victor: I think that's part of it. But something else is weighing heavily on her. But why the hell we have drifted so far apart is beyond me.

Sharon: Yeah, I don't know. I can't begin to understand it.

Victor: By the way, what's going on with you and Nicholas?

Sharon: What? Did he tell you that I said I was feeling restless?

Victor: Yeah.

Sharon: I can't believe you two talk about that stuff.

Victor: Well, why wouldn't he talk to me about that? He loves you. He's very concerned about it.

Sharon: And I love him, too, very much. I hope you don't ever doubt that.

Victor: I donít.

Sharon: Just as Nikki loves you, and I know you love her.

Victor: How can she possibly think that running a strip joint is going to do anything for our relationship? I don't get it. I just don't get it.

Nikki: Something tells me that I shouldn't stay.


Bobby: You think I'm gonna ravage you right here?

Nikki: I don't know, are you?

Bobby: What kind of guy do you think I am?

Nikki: The kind that would do just that.

Bobby: (Chuckles) yeah, I just might, if I was gettin' the right signals.

Nikki: Ah, but you're not getting the signals.

Bobby: I think we should just talk. You got a lot on your mind.

Nikki: No, you promised me that we wouldn't discuss anything serious.

Bobby: We're not gonna have a discussion. You're gonna talk, and I'm gonna listen.

Nikki: (Sighs) no, I should go.

Bobby: All right, you do whatever you need to do, but from where I'm sittin', you look like a woman who's not in any rush to get anywhere.

Nikki: Yeah, you're right. In fact, I really can't think of any place I would rather be.


[Lily remembering]

Lily: I'm coming with you, Devon, okay? I have to.

Devon: No, you don't have to, Lily.

Lily: Yes, I do. I'm too upset to go back to that apartment.

Devon: Listen, they're sending me to the group home, okay? They're not sending you anywhere. You have a family.

Lily: Yeah, a family that obviously doesn't practice what they preach. They turned their backs on you.

Devon: Look, will you please quit makin' this all about me?

Lily: But it is about you! Don't you get that? Look, Devon, you deserve to have a family, too. My parents may not be standing by you, but that does not mean that I'm gonna walk away from you, too. I'm not like that.

Devon: No, you're just some little rich girl who's tryin' to play runaway, okay? You can go home anytime you want, Lily, so why don't you do it now?

Lily: (Sighs) I want you to understand that not everyone is like my parents. Some of us are actually loyal to the people that we care about.

Devon: Why don't you go be loyal someplace else?


Kevin: Hi. Penny for your thoughts.

Kevin: I guess it would be more like $1.50 with inflation. Then again, these are your thoughts, so I'd be willing to pay, like, 10 bucks, but I don't--I don't-- I don't have any money, so... is anyone sitting with you?

Lily: No.

Kevin: You mind if I join you?


Phyllis: (Whispers) oh, God.

Damon: Hey.

Phyllis: (Normal voice) hey. You startled me.

Damon: Yeah, sorry. I, uh... I just needed to make sure you and Daniel were safe.

Phyllis: We're fine, thanks. How are you doin'?

Phyllis: Right, I don't need to ask that, do I? I have green tea. Do you want some green tea?

Damon: Sure.

Phyllis: All right. Um, Danielís at school, so...

Damon: Did you call the police? You never really told me before.

Phyllis: Um, the situation with Alex is handled.

Damon: You didn't call 'em, did you?


Paul: So this guy has me tailing his wife, and I run into Eddie Praether. We start comparing notes, and it turns out the wife has Eddie tailing the husband.

Chris: You are kidding me!

Paul: Yeah, and the kicker is-- neither one is cheating.

Chris: Oh, my gosh. You should start moonlighting as a marriage counselor.

Paul: Oh, right. After the mess I made of our relationship? You gotta be kidding.

Chris: You didn't make it by yourself. Besides, it's funny, lately, I only seem to remember the good times. (Knock on door)

Neil: Hi, Chris, Paul. If you two are busy, I can come back.

Paul: Hi, Neil. No, it's all right. Come on in.

Neil: I should have called first, but I just assumed that you'd have the time to see me right now.

Paul: We do. What's going on?

Chris: Yeah, I'll get out of your hair.

Neil: No, Chris, actually I'd like you to stay, too. Um, you might be able to help.

Paul: Help with what?

Neil: Well, I don't know if you've heard or not, but Drucilla and I-- we took in a foster child into our home-- a boy around Lily's age.

Paul: Is there a problem?

Neil: Yeah, there's a big problem. He's run away.


Olivia: Well?

Dru: Well, what?

Olivia: Well, I've been here a little over 20 minutes and so far all you've done is freshen up my coffee twice. Are you gonna tell me why you're so upset?

Dru: Liv, Devon has run away. That's why I'm upset.

Olivia: That much I've gathered, but I sense there's something more.

Dru: My marriage, you know, it's in turmoil.

Olivia: Because of Devon?

Dru: Liv, I--you know what? For the life of me, I never would have thought bringing this foster youth into our home would have torn my family apart instead of bringing it together. Do you know that Lily is not even talking to her father?

Olivia: And you're blaming Neil for that, too?

Dru: I don't understand Neil. He has a heart of gold, Liv, and, for some reason, he's resisting being this boy's foster parent. He's even accused me of betrayal and lying and all kinds of--

Olivia: It's true, isn't it?

Dru: You know what, Liv? Maybe I haven't been forthcoming because I was afraid of losing Devon, and I've lost him anyway. He's out on the street somewhere, only God knows where. I'm tellin' you right now, if something happens to that boy, nothing is going to be the same between Neil and me. Neil was wrong!


Lily: Sure, go ahead. Have a seat.

Kevin: Thanks.

Kevin: Homework troubles?

Lily: No. Actually, uh, parent troubles.

Kevin: Hmm.

Lily: I'm still really upset for what they did to Devon. It's their fault that he ran away.

Kevin: So he really took off?

Lily: Yep. You and I are the last people to see him.

Kevin: Whoa. Well, I'm really glad you didn't go with him. The streets are no place for a girl like you.

Lily: Yeah.

Kevin: Did I, uh-- did I have anything to do with convincing you to go home?

Lily: Devon made me go.

Kevin: Oh. Well, I wish he'd listened to me. I know what it's like to be out there all alone without any support.

Lily: I'll bet you do.


Sharon: Is it really impossible that this could be something good in Nikkiís life?

Victor: Well, her history in that building would persuade me otherwise.

Sharon: You mean, because she once used to dance there herself, years ago?

Victor: Yeah. Sure.

Sharon: Well, maybe she's looking to regain something from the time when you two first met? You know, when her life was much more simple and carefree.

Victor: Sweetheart, whatever the case may be, what does that say about the present state of our relationship?

Sharon: I don't know what to say about it. I'm only sorry I brought it up.

Victor: Well, don't be, okay?

Sharon: All I've done is upset you.

Victor: You did the right thing. Its better that I should know.

Sharon: Okay. Well, I'm gonna get going. Will you tell Nick I was looking for him, if you see him?

Victor: Of course I will.

Sharon: Okay.

Victor: And by the way, I appreciate your candor, okay?

Sharon: Okay.

Victor: Bye.

Sharon: Bye.


Nikki: You know, I used to look forward to spending time with Victor. Now we're just so far apart.

Bobby: Oh, what can I say? It happens.

Nikki: But we have had a lifelong love affair. It's not supposed to end th-- what am I saying, "end"? It--it's not ending. We love each other. He has given me so much.

Bobby: And now? Nikki, you're an incredible woman. Can't he see that?

Nikki: I don't know. He's just so damn controlling. If he's not busy questioning my decisions, he's making them for me.

Bobby: Did you ever think that maybe you two weren't meant to be together anymore?

Nikki: No.

Bobby: All right, look, maybe I shouldn't have gone there. But what I do want to say is that I owe you. You brought life back into my club and that means a lot to me.

Nikki: Well, the club means a lot to me, too. I like being here.

Bobby: You know what? Why don't we do something to cheer each other up? Let's go to dinner.

Nikki: What do you mean, tonight?

Bobby: What, you have plans? Come on, it'll be fun. We'll go out, live a little.

Nikki: Wow. Um... wow, going to dinner. Dinner? Dinner with Mr. Marsino. Okay. All right.

Bobby: Not with Mr. Marsino.

Nikki: Sorry, Bobby.

Bobby: Well, what do you say we just go right now? You hungry yet?

Nikki: Okay.

Nikki: Oh.


Bobby: Hey, babe.

Brittany: Hi. Look, I'm sorry about before. I shouldn't have gotten so upset.

Bobby: Oh, forget it.

Brittany: And I'm sorry for almost mowing you down, Mrs. Newman.

Nikki: Oh, please don't worry about it. Although, if you want my advice, I would--

Bobby: You know what? Don't give her any ideas, hmm?

Brittany: Any ideas? I'll have you know I came down here to invite you to dinner.

Bobby: Oh, I don't know.

Nikki: Oh, I think that's a great idea.

Brittany: See? Now you have to say yes. That is, if you're done talking business?

Nikki: Oh, yes, yes. We've, uh, talked shop enough for today. I'm going to go home and change. I'll be back before we open, so you guys have fun, right? Don't feel like you have to rush through dinner. See you later.

Bobby: Yeah, bye-bye.


Paul: So your wife wanted to make this boy a permanent part of your family, is that right?

Neil: That's right, Paul. And I couldn't live with that. I mean, my daughter has been going through such a rough time lately. I think right now it's critical that we give her our undivided attention.

Chris: But now Devon has taken off?

Neil: Yeah. Dru and Lily both blame me. Um, you have no idea the amount of tension it's caused in my home.

Chris: So the fact that the state would want to send him to a stricter group home-- I take it he has discipline problems?

Neil: Although, I have to admit, he behaved very respectfully while he was with us. And I have to give credit to my wife, because she's really worked with him. She actually told me that she saw a lot of herself in him.

Paul: Dru spent quite a bit of time on the street herself way back when, didn't she?

Neil: Yes, she did. Only she was lucky enough to find someone who took an interest in her-- you know, got her back on the right path.

Chris: Yeah, and now she wants to return the favor.

Neil: Well, her heart's definitely in the right place.

Paul: All right, Neil, I take it you want us to find the kid, huh?

Neil: Exactly right, Paul.

Paul: No leads from the police?

Neil: No, nothing yet.

Chris: All right. Well, let me talk to some people I know at legal aid. They have a lot of contacts with shelters, places where runaways hang out.

Paul: Well, I'll put out the word myself, but I gotta warn you, this is not gonna be easy.


Olivia: I'm sorry, Dru, but I'm afraid I'm gonna have to take Neilís side on this.

Dru: Neil's side? So I drove Devon out?

Olivia: Indirectly, yes. You must have known that something like this was going to happen eventually.

Dru: How would I know?

Olivia: Because your husband was less than enthusiastic about having the boy here in the first place, even while waiting for a spot to open up for him.

Dru: Liv, I thought you, of all people, would understand. Oh, my God.

Olivia: Honey, I understand. I understand why you want Devon to be here with you. What I don't understand is how you could be oblivious to your husband's point of view.

Dru: My husband's point of view was selfish.

Olivia: Okay, look, after everything you've gone through with Lily, do you blame Neil for wanting to protect his family first?

Dru: Devon is no threat to this family, Liv.

Olivia: Nevertheless, it's the way you went about it. Dru, it's how you go about it, time and time again. You just jump into things, without thinking of the consequences first.

Dru: All I did was bring a foster child into this house and try to give him some love and guidance. That's all.

Olivia: But you should have told Devon that the situation was temporary, like Neil agreed.

Dru: Until he was 18 years old.

Olivia: Look, you're splitting hairs here. Why don't you admit it? The person you have to blame is yourself.


Phyllis: Um... I didn't-- I didn't call the police. It's fine. I took care of it myself, okay?

Damon: I'd--I'd asked you to call the police.

Phyllis: I know. I know you did. But everything's under control.

Damon: I don't believe that. I realize you're trying to protect Daniel, but this delinquent kid is not someone you can control. He is outside the law. Why won't you understand that?

Phyllis: I had to do this. Damon, you don't under-- you don't understand. I did what was right for my son. I did what was right for him. Alex is gone.

Damon: What if he comes back?

Phyllis: He's not comin' back.

Damon: Maybe you're right. Hmm? Who knows? Hey, and even if they did put Alex in jail, what good would that do? And he'd just learn be a-a bigger, badder criminal. Am I right? And then, when they decided to let him out, in, say, like, a week, he could do it all over again, only worse.

Phyllis: (Sighs) you're--you're painting a pretty dark picture here.

Damon: Oh, am I? It's a dark picture? Yeah, well, that's life, Phyllis, that's real life, all right? There's no justice.

Phyllis: You're not talkin' about my son. You're not talkin' about Alex.


Lily: I was doing it, but I couldn't really, like, figure out what I was supposed to be doing.

Michael: I thought I'd find you here.

Kevin: Michael, hi.

Michael: Don't give me that innocent look. Phyllis told me the whole sick story. She coulda been killed by that maniac.

Kevin: All right. Shh. Not here. (Whispers) this is the coffeehouse.

Michael: I knew you were up to something. Do you have any idea how much damage you've caused, any idea at all?

Kevin: All right. Can we talk about this later? I'm with someone.

Michael: Whoever she is, she had better be eligible to vote.

Kevin: Why would you just assume that she's not? And it's not like that. We're just having coffee.

Lily: Guess what. I'm saved.

Kevin: What did she say?

Lily: Uh, our papers aren't due until Wednesday.

Kevin: Good, good. That's so good.

Lily: Yeah.

Michael: Hello, Lily.

Lily: Hi.

Kevin: Uh, Lily, my brother was just leaving. Right, weren't you, Mikey?

Michael: You know lawyers, there's always someone else to look out for.

Lily: (Laughs nervously)

Michael: I want to talk to you at home.

Kevin: Later.

Michael: Ten minutes.

Kevin: I said later.

Michael: Ten minutes.

Kevin: Uh, so, um--

Lily: Wow, he's mad about something, isn't he?

Kevin: Well, you know how older brothers are. They, uh, they're always on your case for something.

Lily: Well, I wouldn't know 'cause I don't have any brothers. But, you know, that's how Devon was starting to be with me. You know, acting all protective and stuff. It was kind of cool. Even if I did give him a hard time about it.

Kevin: Yeah.

Lily: Yeah.

Kevin: Yeah.

Lily: And I keep thinking that, you know, what if something happens to him? I mean, he has no friends and no money. He's all alone.

Kevin: Well, you know-- I mean, you know what they say. No news is good news, right? So thereís...

Lily: Yeah, I guess. I mean, I know he tries to act so tough, but he's still only a kid.

Kevin: Yeah. Well, hey, you know what? I bet if he gets into trouble, he will-- he'll definitely call you. Yeah.

Lily: You think?

Kevin: Definitely. But listen, um, I should-- I should go. So, uh, but if I hear anything, I will, um, I'll call you.

Lily: Okay. Thank you.

Kevin: So, uh, I'll see you later?

Lily: Sure.

Kevin: Great.

Lily: Bye.


Brittany: So how are things going with Nikki? Seems like the club's been doing a lot better since she came on board.

Bobby: Oh, you can say that again. In fact, we were just talking about that.

Brittany: She's doing an awesome job-- the way she gets the audience so fired up.

Bobby: Oh, yeah. She's the real deal, all right.

Brittany: And it doesn't hurt that she looks great. I mean, for someone her age.

Bobby: Oh, yeah. You could say that, yeah.

Brittany: Bobby, I came over here to make up. Are you gonna let me?

Bobby: Well, that depends. I mean, I really didn't expect you back here tonight.

Brittany: Look, I'm not proud of the way I walked outta here, okay? I was upset. What can I say? I'm a passionate person. That's what you love about me, right?

Bobby: I don't like the idea of J.T. running around pretending he's your fiancť.

Brittany: I don't either. But you should know where my heart is.

Bobby: Yeah? Well, so should everybody else.

Brittany: They will when I become Mrs. Bobby Marsino. But for now, could you just let it go? Please.

Bobby: All right, I'm gonna let g go. So what's this about dinner?

Brittany: I thought you'd never ask.


Nikki: Well, here I am, reporting as ordered.

Victor: Well, I'm glad you're still responding to my call.

Nikki: Victor, what else would I do? You said you wanted to see me.

Victor: Are you aware that you did not tell me a damn thing about where you were till the wee hours of the morning?

Nikki: Yes, I am very aware of that.

Victor: Little did I know that you were emceeing a striptease at that punk's nightclub.

Nikki: Oh, dear. Who told you? Sharon?

Victor: What do you mean, "oh, dear"? This town is full of eyes and ears. You don't think for a moment that I wouldn't I find out about it, did you?

Nikki: Well, I don't know. You've been so involved in your own life lately, who knows?

Victor: Have you considered the effect this has on your family? Have you considered your standing in the community?

Nikki: I know you don't approve.

Victor: I don't approve? You're damn right, I don't approve. Do you realize how upsetting it is to watch you waste your life in this strip joint?

Nikki: Well, it's probably as upsetting as you trying to dictate my every move. But those days are over, Victor. You're not gonna be doing that anymore.


Damon: I got a call yesterday from Ben Pearson, my old friend from Georgia. Um... the gangbanger who killed Elias has filed a petition for pardon and parole.

Phyllis: I'm sorry. I'm sure it opens up a lot of old wounds.

Damon: These wounds never got old. And now Ben says the murderer might actually go free.

Phyllis: No, Damon. How could that be? It's not gonna happen. He's only been in prison a couple of years, right?

Damon: I don't know. There's gonna be a hearing. Don't know when. Um, Benís trying to find out.

Damon: I gotta go down there. I gotta stop them. They can't-- they can't let him out. I-I have to stop 'em.


Victor: Why are you saying that I'm trying to dictate your life?

Nikki: Well, for one thing, you're interfering in my business relationships.

Victor: If you're talking about your business relationship with that sleazeball of a nightclub owner, you're damn right I disapprove.

Nikki: I'm talking about more than that. You have interfered in Jabot countless times, and right now you're meddling in the investigation that I hired Paul Williams to conduct.

Victor: Trying to find Joshua Cassenís brother obviously weighs heavily on you. It's depressing you. It's overwhelming you.

Nikki: Well, Victor, your concern is very touching. But you cannot protect me from the big, bad world, and I don't want you to.

Victor: I'm your husband.

Nikki: I know. And for years, I have molded my entire life around you. But I have to be my own person, Victor. I can't be in your shadow anymore.

Victor: And that's why you're throwing in with that strip club?

Nikki: It was a chance to do something new, something exciting.

Victor: You could've helped out here instead.

Nikki: No, no, no, no, no. The Rec Center is your thing. Getting Bobby's club back on its feet is my thing, and I'm going to do it

Victor: And I just have to live with the embarrassment, right?

Nikki: (Sighs) my God. Since when have you become so prim and proper? You know what? If you are so convinced that I'm doing something heinous at the club, why don't you come down there tonight? I'll be there. You can watch me in action. And I'm quite sure you will see that there is nothing to be concerned about. In fact--

Victor: Stop it right there.

Nikki: I think you'll have a good time.

Victor: Stop it. I'm not gonna come down there and watch you make a spectacle of yourself.

Nikki: All right. Well, then I guess you'll have to get used to it because I'm not giving it up.

Victor: Why are you doing this? Have I not been supportive of you? Have I not always helped you in any endeavor you have ever tried? I mean, I don't get it.

Nikki: It's all about you, all the time, isn't it? You donít. You don't understand this. Victor, I am doing something for myself for once in my life. For me.


Brittany: So first, I thought we could try that new Asian fusion place over in Lake Geneva.

Bobby: I don't know. You know, I'm a meat and pasta guy.

Brittany: So? This is your chance to try something different. Hey, I tried watching baseball for you. And I hear the food is to die for. Besides, it was really hard getting a reservation.

Bobby: Eh...

Brittany: Please. For me?

Bobby: All right, all right, I'll try it for you. But don't be upset if I go out and get some pasta e fagioli after.

Brittany: Bobby.

Bobby: Come on, that's why you love me. I'm a simple guy, remember?

Brittany: Like I could forget.

Bobby: All right. So what about after dinner, hmm?

Brittany: Then we turn it up a notch. Remember that old warehouse by the highway?

Bobby: Yeah. What about it?

Brittany: Well, they've turned it into a club now. And they're bringing in all these djay's from Ibiza, which is, like, the ultimate party island.

Bobby: Yeah, I've heard of that place. So?

Brittany: So, Bobby, it's the party of the year. We have to be there.

Bobby: Oh, no, no, no. No, we donít. Listen, hanging around with a bunch of Euro trash club kids isn't really my idea of a good time.


Dru: You know, uh, you know, Liv, I-I told Lorena Davis that Neil and I would commit to being Devonís foster parents because, you know, she was gonna put him in that horrible group home.

Olivia: You know, you can rationalize it all you want, Dru. But because you weren't up front with your husband, a troubled boy is out on the streets, and you and Lily are blaming the wrong person.

Dru: You don't understand. You don't understand, Liv.

Olivia: I'm sorry, honey, but you need a reality check. I mean, you're telling me this is threatening your marriage.

Dru: It is. It is.

Olivia: Well, then I gotta ask you. I mean, what are your priorities, a boy you just met or your own family?

Dru: Liv... you know, I know I've made mistakes in my life, but I wouldn't change me for nothin', because I've got a heart. And I wish that were a priority in other people's lives. And I'm sorry if I don't do things the way you think I should. I'm sorry!


Neil: Paul, I assumed with your experience at tracking people that--

Paul: That finding this kid would be a snap? The thing is, Neil, a case like this with Devon much more difficult. He doesn't have any credit cards so we can't trace him that way. He doesn't have a cell phone either, does he?

Neil: No. No, he doesnít.

Paul: So there's really no way to track him.

Chris: And sadly, Neil, it's not that hard for a kid like Devon to just disappear, become another homeless runaway.

Neil: This is sounding pretty grim. I mean, come on, people, there must be some way to find him.

Paul: Well, I'll certainly do my best.

Neil: I mean, the thing is, you know, Devonís basically, uh, he's a good kid. He just needs the right guidance and a few breaks, and I think he could make something of himself.

Chris: Guidance Drucilla doesn't feel he'll get from a group home.

Neil: Well, now don't get me wrong. I have no intention of turning my back on the boy. And short of him living with us, I'm willing to support him however he needs me to. And I have no problem with Drucilla if he wants to mentor him in her spare time.

Chris: Is it possible that he would come home on his own?

Neil: Well, I thought so at first. But, you know, honestly, he feels like we kicked him out, and he feels abandoned.

Paul: And Dru and Lily think this is all your fault.

Neil: Yeah, that's about the size of it. Hey, listen, Paul, if you can, I need you to drop what you're doing, and please make this a top priority. Because if something happens to that kid because of me... I'll never forgive myself.


Michael: Oh, oh, oh, oh, all hail the conquering hero.

Kevin: Let me-- all right, Mikey, fine, let me have it. Just say what you got to say, and then let me get outta here. I have stuff to do.

Michael: Oh, what, you got to save the world from pestilence? Stage manage your own second coming? What?

Kevin: That's good. That's funny. Very funny.

Michael: All right. So are you going to admit to me now that this whole Lily thing was a setup?

Kevin: Yeah. Okay? Yeah. But look how well it turned out.

Michael: You're joking, right?

Kevin: No. You just saw us together. I can sit across the table from her now and have a civil conversation. That's pretty amazing. The Winters family respects me now. So does Lauren and everyone else in this town.

Michael: Not for long!

Kevin: Look, Mikey, I'll admit I screwed up. But it's all okay now.

Michael: Okay?

Kevin: Yeah.

Michael: Okay?

Kevin: Yeah.

Michael: Lily almost dying from an overdose and Phyllis being attacked by some sociopath with a baseball bat is okay?!

Kevin: I didn't say that, but cut me some slack, all right? Giving Lily G.H.B. was not my idea.

Michael: How am I even supposed to know if you're telling the t-- it's a moot point anyway, because you know what? Everyone's gonna know after Phyllis tells the police.

Kevin: She isn't going to. I was there when she got rid of the guy. And she told me to tell you that the plan worked.

Michael: Really?

Kevin: Yeah, yeah. She's, uh, she's really something.

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Kevin: Alex won't be a problem anymore. She had that guy running so scared, he will never show his face in Genoa City again.

Michael: You seem to be banking a whole lot on that-- you, Daniel and Phyllis. I have to wonder if you've got blinders on. This was not a permanent solution. This man was a criminal. He could turn up any minute looking for revenge. I mean, I hope he doesnít. But the world being an uncertain place--

Kevin: Thank you. Thank you for cheering me up, Michael. I really appreciate it.

Michael: Look, look, Kevin, Kevin, when you were arrested for the assault on Brittany Hodges, you would've done anything not to be behind bars. I mean, you set yourself on fire so you wouldn't have to go back there. For God's sakes, why would you ever jeopardize your freedom again? Why? Just, you know, explain it to me. I just want to know!

Kevin: Are you finished? Are you done? Because--because I'm done. Are you finished?


Phyllis: You know, Damon... just because he petitioned me board doesn't mean they're gonna let him out.

Damon: You know, I have a hard time knowing that my son's killer is still alive. In all his hate and selfish anger, he's laughing, eating, breathing clean air... while Elias, who was so full of... if they let this monster outta jail...

Phyllis: Listen, you don't know that's gonna happen. You don't know that. I can't imagine that they'd let him out.

Damon: Bad people go free all the time, Phyllis. There's always a loophole in the law. All you need is a good lawyer to find it for you.

Phyllis: No, Damon--

Damon: You know, you are not listening. They are going to give a hearing to the--that animal that murdered my son!

Phyllis: Okay. Listen. Listen to me. Listen to me, Damon. Damon, don't let this destroy you. Don't let...

Damon: I have to, um, I have to call Ben and, uh... well, think.

Phyllis: All right.

Damon: Make some plans.

Phyllis: Plans?

Damon: Um, I--

Phyllis: Hey, baby, don't--

Damon: They have to listen, all right? If they won't, if they--

Phyllis: Damon--

Damon: If they cannot deal with this, then I'm gonna have to do it.


Brittany: Bobby, what's up?

Bobby: I'll go to the restaurant, but I don't wanna go to the club.

Brittany: Why?

Bobby: It's not my crowd. Just leave it at that.

Brittany: Yeah, but it's my crowd.

Bobby: You can do better.

Brittany: I don't want to do better. Bobby, these are people my age. And yes, I love you, but I need to be around people I can identify with sometimes.

Bobby: Oh, you can marry me, but you can't identify with me?

Brittany: That didn't come out right. What I was trying to say is that when there's such an age--

Bobby: Yeah, what you're trying to say is that you wanna hang out with college kids like J.T., hmm?

Brittany: Okay, can we please not make this about J.T.?

Bobby: Okay, fine. But don't ask me to go to that club.

Brittany: Fine. We'll just go to dinner then.

Bobby: Oh, come on. Don't make it seem like that's all we can do tonight.

Brittany: Yeah, well, we'll see about that. Come on. Let's go. Oh, my purse.


Nikki: I guess this is our pattern. It's sad, really.

Victor: What do you mean, this is our pattern? What are you talking about?

Nikki: Victor, we go round and round about the same things over and over again. And I still don't feel listened to, I don't feel understood. At least not by my husband.

Victor: I could say the same thing to you.

Nikki: It's like we're living different lives. I didn't know it would be this way when we remarried.

Victor: Well, it doesn't have to be this way. We can change it.

Nikki: Really? I wish I could believe that.

Victor: In other words, as far as you're concerned, there's no hope. Well, then I guess that's all we have to say, isn't it?

Nikki: I guess so. Victor, we used to feel so passionate about each other. What happened?

Victor: That's a good question, isn't it?

Nikki: Yes, it is.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Ashley: This new beginning means more to me then I could ever tell you.

Nikki: I saved your marriage, and now how do you repay me? By trying to destroy mine.

J.T.: Look who you run into when you don't have your gun.

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