Wednesday Y&R Transcript 9/22/04

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 9/22/04 -- Canada, Thursday 9/23/04 -- U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Phyllis: Okay, this could work. This could work, Michael.

Michael: Phyllis, I don't know. It's risky.

Phyllis: Everything we do is risky.

Michael: I can't deny, the thought of sending my brother back to jail just doesn't sit well with me.

Phyllis: He'd never survive it. You said so yourself.

Michael: Yeah, well, but there's got to come a time when someone stands up for their own actions, right?

Phyllis: I know. I agree, and I absolutely think that we should call the police. I mean, part of me thinks so.

Michael: But you're reluctant?

Phyllis: Yeah, I want what's best for my son. He made a mistake. He admitted that. And if I call the police, he'll get a record, or they'll send him to juvenile detention. And he'll hate me because he told me the story, and he trusted me to tell me the entire story, so...

Michael: I'm sorry. It still doesn't make up for what he and Kevin did. It just doesnít. It doesnít.

Phyllis: I know that. You think I don't know that? I know that. I mean, the only one who doesn't know is your brother Kevin. I mean, I'm sorry, but is he going to learn his lesson by going back to jail?

Michael: Okay, okay, this plan of yours-- you're sure--you're sure you can make this work?

Phyllis: Yeah, I think I can make it work. I mean, this kid Alex, he has a lot to lose.

Michael: Do you need help? I've been working out.

Phyllis: Um... no, I'll be fine.

Michael: All right.

Phyllis: You be the backup, all right?

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: I'll call you if I have any problem. I have you on my speed dial, so I'll just punch the button and then it'll go right to you. Do you have caller I.D.?

Michael: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Phyllis: All right, so if you see my number come up, you know to get to the tack house right away.

Michael: All right, you got three hours.

Phyllis: Uh-huh.

Michael: And if you can't pull it off by then, you know what we have to do.

Phyllis: I know what we have to do. Wish me luck.

Michael: All right, you'll need it.

Phyllis: I know.

Michael: All right, remember your cell phone.

Phyllis: Hey, Lauren.

Lauren: Hey--Phyllis.

Michael: Lauren, I wasn't expecting you.

Lauren: We have a problem.

Michael: No more problems. Please, no.

Lauren: Is your brother here?

Michael: No, and that's a good thing because if he were, then, well, never mind.

Lauren: What's up with Phyllis?

Michael: It's a long story. You don't want to know. Why do you sound so dire? What's up?

Lauren: I'm at the end of my rope. I mean, you' g got to see this. The latest token from your brother.

Michael: "Does she know? I wonder as I see her from across the room, does she..." it a a poem. Great. First he sends you that ridiculous bunch of flowers and now a poem.

Lauren: No, first would be the radio dedication before the dance that I'm pretty sure half of Genoa City heard.

Michael: Wow. Wow. He's really pulling the stops out, ain't he?

Lauren: I think he's obsessed. This is not healthy, Michael.

Michael: Well, neither is spending time in a locked jail cell.

Lauren: What are you talking about? He's not in trouble again, is he?

Michael: Oh, yeah. Our suspicions that rescuing Lily Winters at the Rec Center was too good to be true-- well, I was right. The whole thing was staged.

Lauren: Oh, boy.


Sharon: Morning.

Nikki: Morning.

Sharon: Cassie lost a button on her favorite blouse.

Nikki: Oh, well, how very domestic of you. I see you found the button jar in the linen closet.

Sharon: No, Miguel found it for me.

Nikki: Ah.

Sharon: Are you going back to Marilynís tonight?

Nikki: I don't really see that that's any of your business.

Sharon: Just curious.

Nikki: No, it's more than that.

Sharon: What do you mean, "more"?

Nikki: Sharon, you and I don't do small talk. So why are you asking me about the club?

Sharon: I don't know. I guess I find it intriguing. I mean, what's it like to get up in front of a room of strangers and take your clothes off?

Nikki: You're asking me about something I did many years ago.

Sharon: But wouldn't you like to do that again, just zone out in front of a crowd and let yourself go and be totally uninhibited?

Nikki: What are you saying, once a stripper always a stripper? Or are you trying to find some way to embarrass me in front of my family?


Victor: (Chuckles)

Nick: Reporting for duty, sir.

Victor: Hey, son. I'm delighted you're here.

Nick: What's so funny?

Victor: Well, it's not funny, but these are-- take a look at it-- suggestions from the kids around here for some further activities. (Chuckles)

Nick: Huh. Typed, double-spaced, very impressive. You're a good teacher.

Victor: Yeah. I thought I'd teach them more of my business know-how. After all, we're here to make a difference in their lives.

Nick: Well, I realize I haven't exactly come through for you with this place.

Victor: Considering the circumstances, that's understandable, son.

Nick: Well, now that everything is settled down at home, I'm hoping to put in the time here if you'd like.

Victor: I would like that very much.

Nick: Ah, a karate class. That's a good idea.

Victor: (Chuckles) oh, yeah. There are a lot of good ideas, except the one over there.

Nick: Surfing lessons.

Victor: Can you imagine? The guy wants me to build a wave pool in the parking lot next door.

Nick: Well, Dad, he has come up with a way to save you money by tapping into city funds. It's pretty clever.

Victor: Good luck with that one.

Nick: (Laughs)

Victor: You know, working with these kids around here, I realize how very much I want things to be right between the two of us.

Nick: I'd like that, too. You think it's possible?

Victor: Anything is possible, son, if you want it badly enough.

Nick: Do you?

Victor: The question is, do you?


Paul: So how's your family? Oh, that's great. (Door opens)

Paul: All right, Lynne. Hey, Chris just got back. Let me get off the phone. I will. Okay, I will. Bye for now. Hey, how are you? You're back.

Chris: Good. How's Lynne?

Paul: She's great. She said to say hi. And, uh, how are you doing?

Chris: I am very glad to be home.

Paul: I bet. I heard your trip was very successful.

Chris: It was. I met with the plaintiffs, took a ton of depositions. This could be a major case.

Paul: Good for you, counselor.

Chris: Yeah, we'll see. I mean, if it does happen, I'll be putting in a lot of hours.

Paul: I'm sure you will manage. You've done it before.

Chris: So what's new around here?

Paul: Well, not much. I'm just, uh, you know, trying to wade through some of this paperwork. I'm not sure how Lynne kept this all straight.

Chris: I'm surprised you haven't trained your sidekick to take care of some of that.

Paul: Who J.T.? I'd love to have him do it, but he's back in school now. He's only working for me a couple days a week.

Chris: Oh. Looks like you've managed to settle into my office.

Paul: Yeah, I know. We're gonna be doubling up for awhile, it seems.

Chris: Okay, well, I'm gonna dig into these files, so...

Paul: Um, before you do that, there's something I want to tell you. Something that, uh, I would like to get out in the open.


Jill: Ooh, delicious!

Elliot: Like you.

Jill: You are so good to me, Elliot.

Elliot: That's the whole point.

Jill: The whole point of what?

Elliot: Being in love.

Jill: Wow. It's just a little early in the game for that, don't you think?

Elliot: It's what I feel.

Jill: Well, the truth is, I-I think I feel the same.

Elliot: You think?

Jill: Well, yeah. I don't know, you know? I'm feelin' a lot, but I've felt this before.

Elliot: And you were wrong?

Jill: I was very wrong.

Elliot: Yeah, but that doesn't mean that what you were feeling at the time was wrong.

Jill: Right. Right. Live for the moment. Yes.

Elliot: It's all we've got.


Nick: Cooking classes for boys?

Victor: Well, some of them may want to become chefs, so put that in the maybe file.

Nick: You know, I can see why you like this place. It's exciting.

Victor: Gives me a sense of purpose to know that I give something back to the community.

Nick: You know, maybe Sharon could volunteer here while the kids are at school?

Victor: You know, I thought that was a good idea, and I brought it up to her, but she didn't seem to be too interested.

Nick: There's something going on with her.

Victor: In what way?

Nick: I don't know. I can't put my finger on it, but she is restless.

Victor: Huh. Kids are growing up, often women, you know, at that age, want to do something more exciting with their lives.

Nick: Well, whatever direction she decides to go, I'll support her 100%.

Victor: Glad to hear that.

Nick: Do you think that's what's bothering Mom right now? She's feeling a little restless.

Victor: (Sighs) I'm afraid to tell you that what's going on with your mother is far more serious than that.


Sharon: I'm not trying to embarrass you, Nikki, or make you feel bad because you were once a stripper.

Nikki: Well, then what are you doing?

Sharon: Honestly? You have had an experience that I can only imagine. I just wondered what it would feel like, you know, to be on stage and be naked in front of all those men. Whoo!

Nikki: You have known about my past for many years. Why are you suddenly so fascinated by it?

Sharon: Well, it's one thing to know about it. And it's quite another to actually see it. When I saw you at the club the other night, you were--

Nikki: What? I what? I-I didn't do anything.

Sharon: Well, it was just the way you carried yourself. You know, I-I saw a totally different side of you. You were sexy, you were vivacious, and you had every man in that club eating out of the palm of your hand, and that was with your clothes on.

Nikki: What is this? What, are you trying to get some tips on how to handle your husband?

Sharon: No!

Nikki: Well, then why are we even having this conversation?

Sharon: I don't know. I honestly donít.

Nikki: You know, you were all over me the other day because of my involvement at the club that I would even emcee at the club. In fact, you made veiled threats to go to Victor about it.

Sharon: Well, I guess I've thought about it some more since then.

Nikki: Uh-huh. I see that. You know, I remember your type when I was at the Bayou.

Sharon: What do you mean, "my type"?

Nikki: Oh, very stereotypical. The bored housewife sneaking around, looking for a little excitement.

Sharon: That is ridiculous.

Nikki: Really? Well, my instincts are telling me I'm dead on.

Sharon: Okay, so I find it a little captivating. But I'm just, you know, playing around with the idea, Nikki. I'm not saying that I would actually do anything that you wouldn't do.


Daniel: Look, Mom, I know-- I know I'm not supposed to have any company. Kevin was just leaving.

Phyllis: No, I'm glad he's here.

Daniel: So where have you been?

Phyllis: Never mind where I've been.

Kevin: Daniel said you were talking about going to the police. Did you?

Phyllis: Do you have any idea how much pain you've caused my family? Do you?

Kevin: Are you talking to me?

Phyllis: Yeah, I'm lookin' at you.

Daniel: Mom, please.

Phyllis: You see, I don't know if you know this, but my son-- we've been separated for years. Yeah, and-- and we finally connected up, and then the first person he decided to befriend was you.

Daniel: Mom, you know, what happened was as much my fault as it was Kevinís.

Kevin: It was all your fault, man.

Daniel: Yeah, bec--I was doing it for you, though, dude.

Phyllis: Okay, shut up. Shut up. Shut up. That's enough, all right? I don't want to hear you two bickering. It doesn't matter whose idea this ridiculous plan was. It was a disaster, okay? It almost got me and Daniel killed, it landed a girl in the hospital. It's a runaway train. We've gotta figure out how to stop it before it gets all of us killed.


Nikki: You're not actually thinking about going on stage at Marilynís and stripping, are you?

Sharon: What's wrong with fantasizing about it?

Nikki: Well, I guess nothing as long as that's all it is.

Nikki: Let me remind you that you are the mother of a teenage daughter and a young, impressionable son. Do you remember when you told Noah, don't look at those pictures of Nikki from the Bayou because they were not nice? What do you think he would think if it was his mother people were looking at?

Sharon: You're making way too big a deal of this.

Nikki: Am I? Sharon, you left your family for months because you couldn't keep your hands off my husband, and you just got back from a horrific situation with a sexual predator. Now that everything is fine-- your kids are doing well, you and Nicholas are back on track-- now you suddenly have this fascination with taking your clothes off in front of strangers?

Sharon: I didn't say I was actually gonna do it.

Nikki: I don't understand this. There is something wrong with this picture. What are you grasping for that you don't have, Sharon?

Sharon: I don't know. I don't know.

Nikki: Well, I think you better figure it out.

Nikki: Here. There's your button.

Sharon: Oh, that's perfect. Thank you.

Nikki: I suggest you think about what I've said. For everyone's sake.

Nikki: I'll see you later.

Sharon: See you later.


Chris: Sounds serious.

Paul: Well, uh, yes and no. Lauren and I decided to call it quits. We're back to being just friends.

Chris: Are you okay with that?

Paul: You know when you realize in your heart that things just aren't right, and it's just better to end it and move on? That's kind of where we are.

Chris: Well, I'm glad you're okay. Thanks for telling me.

Paul: Yeah, well, I thought you should know.

Chris: Relationships are tough, aren't they?

Paul: Yeah. You think it would get easier as you get older.

Chris: Mnh-mnh. Seems to be just the opposite. At least, that's the way I feel.

Paul: Yeah, me too. So how's Danny?

Chris: He's doing well. I spoke with him last night. He's kind of a hard guy to pin down. He has another tour lined up.

Paul: Oh, really? Good for him.

Chris: Yeah. They're smaller venues, but at least he's happy to be performing again. Keeps his mind off of the Daniel situation.

Paul: So any idea when he's coming back?

Chris: No. Um... I got the impression he wasn't in a big hurry. He sort of seems to be on the fence when it comes to Genoa City.

Paul: So how about when it comes to you? Is he on the fence there, too?


Lauren: So you're saying that Daniel knew this kid that assaulted Lily?

Michael: Daniel recruited him. It was all a deliberate setup so Kevin could swoop in and play the hero.

Lauren: I can't believe this.

Michael: Oh, come on, Lauren. We both had our suspicions.

Lauren: I know. But I wanted to be wrong. I so badly wanted to be wrong.

Michael: Well, according to Phyllis, Daniel and Kevin weren't privy to the specifics.

Lauren: But they knew it was gonna happen.

Michael: Yeah. And now this Alex character, he's, you know, he's looking for payback.

Lauren: Great. So what are you gonna do?

Michael: Don't even ask.

Lauren: Is that why Phyllis was here?

Michael: Uh, you got it.

Lauren: Hmm. So if the police got wind of this, I mean, what would happen to Kevin? Wouldn't it be pretty hard to prove that he was involved?

Michael: (Scoffs) please. With his police record, his history with Lily-- they're gonna be all over it. What's--what's wrong with him? This is so typical. He tells me he's learned his lesson, that he's gonna clean up his act, and--and just when I start to believe that he might-- he might be sincere, he goes and does something so stupid!

Lauren: But wait a minute. From what you've said to me, it was Phyllis' son who instigated the whole thing.

Michael: Again stupid. But Danielís a minor, he has no police record. The judge is most likely to be hard on Kevin. He could be looking at some serious jail time.

Lauren: (Sighs)

Michael: And we both know how well he handles being locked up.

Lauren: That's for sure. At least he has the best attorney in town.

Michael: Hmm. Maybe not.

Lauren: What?

Michael: I have warned my brother. Maybe I should stop getting him out of all these messes. Maybe I should just walk away, let Kevin figure it out on his own.


Phyllis: I wouldn't wish this trouble on my worst enemy.

Kevin: Look, I never dreamed we'd get mixed up with a guy like Alex.

Daniel: Yeah, we didn't know he was such a psycho.

Phyllis: Okay, enough excuses. I don't want to hear it. As far as I'm concerned, I'd let you rot in jail for what you did.

Daniel: Then, uh, you did call the police?

Kevin: Oh, God. I can't go back to that place. I would rather die first.

Daniel: So are-- are they gonna arrest us?

Phyllis: No. Not yet.

Kevin: What do you mean, "not yet"?

Phyllis: Well, what I mean is if it were up to me, I'd haul you off to jail in a New York minute. But I can't lose my son.

Daniel: Then you-- you didn't go to the police.

Phyllis: No, I didn't go to the police.

Daniel: So when you hauled out of here this morning--

Phyllis: I was going to the man that I knew could give me the answers. Someone who could give me some advice.

Kevin: Who?

Phyllis: Your brother, Kevin. Michael Baldwin? Yeah, we came up with a plan.


Jill: I can't get over how beautiful these flowers are, and I found the perfect vase. (Sighs) Elliot.

Elliot: I'm jealous. You have a better view than I do.

Jill: (Chuckles) well, you can come over to my office anytime and look out my window.

Elliot: You mean that?

Jill: I think so.

Elliot: What?

Jill: I think that we're just... going a little too quickly.

Elliot: Do you like roller coaster rides?

Jill: What?

Elliot: Roller coasters.

Jill: Yes.

Elliot: You do. Why?

Jill: This isn't a thrill ride.

Elliot: Why not?

Jill: Okay, I'm wrong. It should be. It has been. It's been so thrilling. God, what am I gonna do with you? You just don't take no for an answer.

Elliot: Not unless I have to. You're a wonderful woman, and I'd miss you. But if the answer is no, tell me now. We shouldn't waste our time on a lost cause.


Lauren: Come on, Michael. You don't mean that.

Michael: Don't I?

Lauren: Kevin is your brother, and, yeah, I know he's done some pretty terrible stuff. But I know you. And I know you would never turn your back on your family.

Michael: Well, what am I supposed to do? Just get him out of this jam so he can turn around and get himself in another? I have better things to do.

Lauren: No. You can't lose sight as to why he did this. You know, he wants to belong. He wants people to like him.

Michael: How can you possibly make excuses for him?

Lauren: Oh, I'm not, trust me. I am way past doin' that. But, you know, in his own twisted, weird way, his heart is in the right place. He wants to do the right thing, he just doesn't know how.

Michael: Next you're gonna tell me it's my job to teach him.

Lauren: I would never tell you what to do in this situation. I mean, this is truly your call.

Lauren: But could you really abandon him now after everything you've been through? I mean, he needs help. He needs serious psychological help.

Michael: I know that. I've tried to make him go see a therapist.

Lauren: Well, you've gotta do more than try. It isn't enough that Kevin just says that he's gonna do it. You have to make him, even if it means dragging him to the office and sitting outside during his session.

Michael: Oh, yeah. Kevin will really hate me then.

Lauren: Well, it's better than him being in jail or--or worse.

Michael: Thanks for showing me the poem. I'll talk to Kevin.

Lauren: And let me know if there's anything else I can do.

Michael: I appreciate that. I know you must be tired of dealing with my brother's issues. It's probably what you like best about Paul, that he's not related to Kevin, huh?

Lauren: Paul and I aren't seeing each other anymore.

Michael: You're not? When did that happen?

Lauren: This morning. We decided we were just gonna be friends.

Michael: Hmm. What do you know? Suddenly my day just got better.


Chris: I really can't answer that.

Paul: Don't you and Danny talk about your relationship?

Chris: Of course we do.

Paul: Well, where do things stand? Hey, look, if I'm-- if I'm crossing the line, just let me know.

Chris: No, it's just that things are very complicated between Danny and me, and confusing.

Paul: How do you mean?

Chris: Oh, Paul, if he were here, maybe we could figure it out, right? But he's not here. I don't know when he's coming back.

Paul: Do you miss him?

Chris: Sure I miss him. (Sighs) but sometimes, not as much as I think I should. Do you know what I mean?

Paul: I know exactly what you mean. I don't miss him either. (Chuckles)

Chris: (Chuckles) well, luckily, I have my work to distract me.

Paul: That's right. And now that we're sharing an office, you know, you can talk to me anytime you--you would like.

Chris: Oh, are you a therapist now and a detective?

Paul: Why do you think I charge so much? (Knock on door)

Paul: Come in.

Nikki: Hi. Oh, hi, Christine. Paul, are you busy?

Paul: No. What can I do for you?

Chris: I'll leave you two alone. It was nice seeing you, Nikki.

Nikki: Thank you. You, too, Christine. I hope you don't mind me coming over without calling first.

Paul: No, not at all. Is there a problem? Are you all right?

Nikki: I can't take it anymore, Paul. I need to know where things stand with the case. Have you heard anything more about Joshuaís brother?


Kevin: Please tell me you're kidding.

Phyllis: Do I look like I'm kidding?

Kevin: Why did you have to tell him?

Phyllis: Well, I thought that Michael could help us.

Kevin: Well, did he?

Phyllis: We'll see.

Kevin: Oh. Good old Mikey. He's always there to help me no matter how bad I mess up.

Phyllis: Oh, gosh, isn't he? Good old Mikey. One day you're gonna push him too hard, and he's gonna wash his hands of you.

Kevin: Did he say that?

Phyllis: Well, I'll just tell you, he wasn't too thrilled to find out that all his suspicions about you were correct.

Kevin: Well, I was praying that he would never have to find out.

Phyllis: Do you want sympathy from me?

Daniel: Mom, can you give the guy a break? I mean, can't you see how freaked out he is?

Phyllis: Well, he should be freaked out. You should be freaked out. Yeah, after everything your brother's done for you, all your legal matters, clearing up all those matters, especially that thing with Brittany Hodges--

Kevin: Well, I was innocent. I didn't do anything there. So what did he say? Was he really mad?

Phyllis: Yeah. What do you expect?

Kevin: Oh, how am I gonna go back to that apartment and face him now?

Phyllis: Oh, gosh, I don't know, Kevin. You know, it's not all about you. We have bigger fish to fry.

Daniel: You--you mean how to deal with Alex, right? You, uh, said you had a plan.

Phyllis: Yeah, have a plan. I'm gonna get him over here, I'm gonna call him, and you're gonna give me the number.

Daniel: Are you nuts? What if he comes back here with all his friends this time?

Kevin: Daniel's right. I want nothing to do with that guy.

Phyllis: Oh, wow. You're not such a big hero, are you, Kevin?

Kevin: No.

Daniel: Mom, come on. There's gotta be some other way we can handle this--

Phyllis: No, there's not another way. I want the phone number. I want it now. It's not open for debate. I'm running the show, give me the number.


Nick: Do you think the cause of all this tension between you and Mom is because of the Abby situation?

Victor: Part of it.

Nick: What's the rest?

Victor: Let's just say she's trying to resolve some issues from her past.

Nick: What issues?

Victor: I can't say.

Nick: Why not?

Victor: I'm sure she'll tell you when she feels she can.

Nick: All right. Well, then I'm gonna ask her.

Victor: But don't press her, all right?

Nick: She's not acting like herself.

Victor: No, she isnít.

Nick: Why aren't you helping her?

Victor: I don't know if I can.

Nick: What do you mean? You're her husband.

Victor: Nicholas, just don't worry so much about it.

Nick: I just donít understand why you can't tell me what is bothering Mom.


Phyllis: You sure this is his number?

Daniel: Yeah, Mom, I'm sure.

Kevin: What are you gonna say to him?

Phyllis: Be quiet. (Cell phone rings) (Ring)

Alex: Yeah?

Phyllis: Alex.

Alex: Who wants to know?

Phyllis: This is Phyllis, Daniel Romalotti's mother.

Alex: Ah. What do you want?

Phyllis: I want you to come to my house right away.

Alex: Oh, yeah? Why?

Phyllis: You'll find out when you get here.

Alex: Yeah. How stupid you think I am? I mean, you probably have the cops there waiting.

Phyllis: No cops. Not yet. I'll alert security to frisk you and not to allow anybody but you on the property.

Alex: So I should leave my bat in the car?

Phyllis: Get here in 30 minutes, or I will call the police. Now move it.


Lauren: Don't you make jokes.

Michael: But I'm not making jokes. I'm sorry things didn't work out between you and Paul. I admit, I can't help being curious. Was there a specific reason that you two broke it off?

Lauren: Things just didn't seem right anymore.

Michael: So... it wasn't because you were interested in someone else?

Lauren: Michael...

Michael: No, no, I just--I just... I want to know if need to protect myself. If the good detective is out to get me, you just tell me right now, and I can hire a bodyguard. I really--

Lauren: We didn't really, you know, talk about the other parties involved.

Michael: Mm-hmm, "parties." "Parties," plural. Meaning Christine and--

Lauren: And you, yes.

Michael: I see.

Lauren: Paul and I are close, you know. We're always going to be. But the fact that we let our attention wander, you know, that says a lot.

Michael: So... what happens now?

Lauren: I don't know. I'll have to let you know.

Michael: You do that.

Lauren: I should go.

Michael: Yeah, yeah. That's a good idea. Hmm. Um, yeah, I'm expecting Kevin any minute, and the conversation's gonna be intense enough. It's probably best you're not here.

Lauren: Yeah. Good luck. You know, let me know if anything happens.

Michael: I will. Thank you. Thanks, uh, for... all your help.


Jill: "Lost cause"? Explain that to me.

Elliot: You still think I might be a crook.

Jill: Well, you don't talk like a crook. And you sure don't make love like a crook. You make love like a dream. I think you are a dream.

Elliot: But dreams aren't real.

Jill: No, they're not.

Elliot: I'm real. I want to make you happy. I want you to make me happy. We can have a great life together.

Jill: I can see that. I just-- I-I think that I need to take a deep breath here, that's all.

Elliot: Well, don't let me stop you.

Jill: No, no, no, alone.

Elliot: Hmm. Well, I can't promise I'll still be here.

Jill: Don't do that. Don't threaten me like that. I get it, okay? I get that you have other options, and you're damn well gonna exercise them if I don't fully commit to this relationship with my eyes closed.

Elliot: You don't let anybody push you around, do you? Well, you take your time and when you open your eyes, you'll like what you see. And we'll take it from there. Call me.

Elliot: Damn.


Nick: You know, Dad, last night at the Harvest Dance, Mom walked right by me and didn't say a word. She seemed very upset.

Victor: Some heavy things going on with her, son.

Nick: Well, I didn't see her again for the rest of the night.

Victor: Mm-hmm. She didn't come home until early this morning.

Nick: Where'd she go?

Victor: Wouldn't say. Said she had some business to attend to.

Nick: What business does Mom have in the middle of the night?

Victor: No clue.

Nick: Why didn't you go after her?

Victor: I wasn't given the option because Gina came to me after your mother had left with a note from her.

Nick: Look, Dad, I know you wanna dance around whatever it is that's bothering Mom, but I gotta tell you, I'm really worried about her.

Victor: I guess it's one of those critical moments in a marriage, you know?

Nick: Just promise me that you won't give up.

Victor: I won't give up, son. I promise you that. I'll try to do whatever I can to help.


Pounding on door)

Phyllis: Get in here. Get in.

Alex: This better be worth my time, lady, 'cause yours is the last face I want to see today.

Phyllis: (Sighs)

Alex: Ladies.

Phyllis: Yeah, listen to me. I'm doing the talking, so you're gonna listen up. Do you understand me?


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Victor: What was my wife doing at that strip joint?

Bobby: Do you really want to go through with this marriage?

Phyllis: Your days of intimidating my son and his friends are over. Do you get that?

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