Tuesday Y&R Transcript 9/21/04

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 9/21/04--Canada; Wednesday 9/22/04--USA

By Boo
Proofread by Emma

Kevin: (Whistling)

Michael: Where the hell have you been?

Kevin: Well, good morning to you, too, sunshine.

Michael: You are never out of this place before me in the morning.

Kevin: I had an early errand to run.

Michael: Yeah, I can just imagine.

Kevin: Oh, don't tell me now that getting up early to spread a little happiness is against your house rules.

Michael: (Chuckles) let me guess. This happiness you've been spreading, it has to do with Lauren Fenmore. Am I right?

Kevin: Coffee.


Lauren: Morning, Amy.

Amy: Hey, Lauren.

Lauren: Sorry I'm late. My meeting ran long.

Amy: Oh, I went ahead and started restocking this display.

Lauren: Oh, thank you. I think there's another box of these in the back.

Amy: Oh, before I forget, a guy stopped by, wanted me to give you this.

Lauren: What guy?

Amy: Said his name's Kevin.


Daniel: Hey.

Phyllis: Hey. Watch your step. There's broken glass.

Daniel: Have you been up all night?

Phyllis: Yep, pretty much.

Daniel: So what are you gonna do?

Phyllis: Gee, Daniel, I don't know.

Daniel: Are you still thinking about the police?

Phyllis: Yeah. You see, I'm not used to having my life threatened in my own home.

Daniel: Well, you know, I really don't believe that after the beating Damon gave him that Alex is ever gonna show his face around here again.

Phyllis: Do you realize any emergency room that kid goes to there are gonna be questions?

Daniel: He's not gonna name names. He's got too much to lose.

Phyllis: You can't even begin to realize what this was really about last night.

Daniel: Well, I guess Damon really does care for you more than I gave him credit for.

Phyllis: Well, you know, it's not about Damonís feelings for me.

Daniel: You're... you're talking in riddles.

Phyllis: He didn't answer his phone. I have no idea where he is, how he is.

Daniel: Hey, trust me, this is one guy who can take care of himself.

Phyllis: Yeah, I just can't stand here and do nothing. I've gotta do something.

Daniel: I hope you'll still think about not talking to the police.

Phyllis: There's only one place I'm gonna go to now, okay? You're staying here. Don't answer the door. I'm gonna talk to security, okay? But don't answer the door. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where are you going?

Phyllis: I'll have a plan. I have to do something first. (Door slams)


Brad: Don't tell me that's for me.

Ashley: Yes, and what are you doing up? I was gonna surprise you with breakfast in bed.

Brad: I'm sorry, honey.

Ashley: Mmm.

Brad: How about you feed me breakfast at the table?

Ashley: Okay.

Brad: Thanks, Ash. You didn't have to do this for me.

Ashley: I wanted to show you how much I appreciate the effort you're making with Victor. I know it's not easy for you, honey. I really feel like this is the beginning of something good for us, though.


Jill: I forgot all about the harvest dance. I am so sorry, Jack.

Jack: Where the hell were you?

Jill: Well, I was on a little trip.

Jack: A trip? As in an overnight with Hampton?

Jill: Yes, with Elliot, okay?

Jack: Aha.

Jill: Donít. Don't say "aha."

Jack: Okay, what about "uh-oh"?

Jill: Stop it, Jack.

Jack: Hey, look, you are getting deeper and deeper into this situation.

Jill: This is not a situation. This is a relationship.

Jack: That's worse. He's using you, sweetheart.

Jill: Says you.

Jack: I have proof.

Jill: Proof?

Jack: Proof.


Nikki: Well, good morning.

Victor: Good morning.

Nikki: Join me for breakfast. We have fruit. We have muffins. We have eggs.

Victor: I'll just have some coffee.

Nikki: Oh, that's it?

Victor: Uh-huh.

Nikki: Busy day today?

Victor: Yeah. I'm going to the Rec Center to meet our son.

Nikki: Well, that must make you happy.

Victor: It makes me very happy to know that there's at least one member of my family who I can count on.


Phyllis: I'm glad you're here.

Kevin: Yeah, and what if it does concern Lauren? Lauren is my friend.

Michael: Yeah? And when are you gonna get it through your head that's all she is? She's not interested in you. Hasn't she made that abundantly clear?

Kevin: Well, maybe last night and this morning will change all that.

Michael: Last night?

Kevin: Mm-hmm, yeah. I took a bouquet of flowers to her table at the harvest dance. She was really surprised. Women love flowers.

Michael: Kevin, you're pushing this. It's not gonna fly.

Kevin: I just wanted to show her how much I cared. And you know what? It didn't even bother me that she was at the dance with Paul Williams.

Michael: She tell you that?

Kevin: She didn't have to. Those two are always together. But I intend to give that guy some serious competition.

Michael: Oh, boy, oh, boy.

Kevin: Why do you act like what I'm doing is so terrible?

Michael: I, you know... I just... I don't want to see you get hurt or Lauren or anyone for that matter. So, you know, just get your head out of the clouds and get a reality check. Leave the woman alone.

Kevin: I know why you're giving me this worn-out advice.

Michael: Yeah, why?

Kevin: You're jealous.

Michael: What?

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, you're jealous. You're jealous that I have found the woman of my dreams and come hell or high water, I'm gonna make her mine, whatever it takes.


Kevin: Dear Lauren, it was great seeing you last night at the party. You looked amazing as usual. When I got home, I couldn't stop thinking about you, so I wrote you this poem. I hope you like it. Kevin.

Does she know? I wonder as I see her from across the room. Does she know what she means to me? Do I tell her everything I'm feeling? Do I tell her I'm like a prisoner held captive by her smile, her laugh, her spirit? If I could only find the words.

Lauren: (Sighs) this has got to stop.

Lauren: Michael, hi. It's Lauren. Um, I guess you're not in the office yet. Please, call me as soon as you can. We must discuss your brother. Bye.

Paul: Hey!

Lauren: Hi.

Paul: Is it a bad time?

Lauren: No, not at all. What's up?

Paul: Well, nothing. I just thought I'd stop by and see how you enjoyed the dance last night.

Lauren: I had a good time.

Paul: Looked to me like you had a very good time.

Lauren: Is that okay?

Paul: Yeah, I'm not here to be critical. I mean, I think it's great that you're getting out, having fun, even though it is with Michael Baldwin.

Lauren: Michael and I are just friends.

Paul: I'm not saying anything.

Lauren: You didn't have to. I know why you're here. You want to know where things stand between Michael and me.

Paul: Well, no. Actually, I want to know where things stand between you and me.


Jack: I've been looking into your friend Elliotís background.

Jill: And?

Jack: Well, he's very good at getting hired to run a company. He runs it for a little while, and then he takes off.

Jill: And the unusual thing about that is?

Jack: Well, nothing really, except for the fact that when he takes off, he always has a golden parachute, and the company he leaves behind is always scrambling around trying to keep their doors open.

Jill: So what? That is very flimsy evidence.

Jack: Sweetheart, it's a pattern. He's at Borden-Appleby for three years. After he leaves, they have to float $100 million in class "b" paper just to stay alive.

Jill: Yeah, but you can't prove there's a connection here. You have partial information, all right? And a biased view of the whole thing that you want me to buy.

Jack: No, I want you to be careful. I want you to keep your eyes open and take it slowly.

Jill: Okay.

Jack: Are you saying that just to get me off your back?

Jill: No, I'm not.

Jack: Yes, you are.

Jill: Well, it's obviously not working, is it? Look, I will keep my eyes and my ears open. I promise.


Ashley: Honey?

Brad: Hmm?

Ashley: I wanted to tell you something before Abby wakes up.

Brad: What is it?

Ashley: I was really moved last night when you accepted Victor's invitation to spend the day at the ranch.

Brad: I did that for Abby, Ash. She was so excited about it, I couldn't say no.

Ashley: Whatever the reason, the point is you agreed to it. And for the first time, I actually feel like there's hope we can resolve this painful issue. I just want us to have peace in this family, honey.

Brad: I want that, too, Ash, but I can't help feeling the way things are going, the last thing we're going to have is peace.

Ashley: If I ask you a question, will you answer me honestly?

Brad: I'll try.

Ashley: Do you think I'm in love with Victor?


Nikki: I know you're upset about last night.

Victor: Why in the world would I be upset? I just intended to have a nice evening with my wife. The evening was over with before it started.

Nikki: A nice evening? Victor...

Victor: You just left me a cryptic note saying that you had some business to attend to.

Nikki: Well, I'm sorry. It couldn't be helped.

Victor: What do you mean? What couldn't be helped?

Nikki: You know, I wasn't exactly having the time of my life at that dance, especially after you became adamant about your little pony party next week with your other family.

Victor: You can't let go of that, can you?

Nikki: No, I canít. And yet again, you have put brad in an impossible position. You are forcing him to take part in this.

Victor: What do you mean I'm forcing him to take part in this? Do you realize that Abby made the decision?

Nikki: Well, you used that child as leverage to get exactly what you wanted.

Victor: For your information, I did not use that child as leverage. It was her idea to come to the ranch, okay?

Nikki: Yes, but you could have solved this in any number of ways, including accommodating her uncle by simply changing the date. But far be it from you to change anything that you have decided upon.

Victor: For your information, her Uncle Jack wanted her to make the decision.

Nikki: Yeah, I know. That was very convenient.

Victor: Why the hell are we arguing about this? And by the way, you haven't told me where you were last night.

Nikki: No, I havenít.

Victor: Are you going to?

Nikki: I don't think so.

Victor: What do you mean, you don't think so?

Nikki: Well, Victor, as you are so fond of saying, what would be the point? (Telephone rings)

Nikki: I'll get that. Excuse me. Hello. Oh, hi. Yes, you're very welcome. No, no, no, no, it was no trouble at all. Bobby, just don't mention it. I was actually was thrilled to have an excuse to leave that party. It was very nice to be somewhere where somebody actually appreciated me.


Kevin: I know your mom will freak if she sees me here, but I couldn't wait to tell you. My campaign to win over Lauren Fenmore has just... (Glass crunching)

Kevin: Why is there broken glass all over the floor?

Daniel: We've got major problems, Kev.

Kevin: What are you talking about? Why do you look so shaky?

Daniel: Well, you know, you'd look shaky, too, if you just almost had your head bashed in with a baseball bat.

Kevin: Huh?

Daniel: Alex. Alex. He came here last night.

Kevin: Oh, no.

Daniel: Yeah, you know, and thank God my mom's boyfriend showed up, 'cause he kept us from getting creamed by our little maniac friend there. He beat the hell out of that kid. He roughed 'em up real good.

Kevin: Where's Alex now?

Daniel: Don't know. You know, my mom was dealing with Damon, and he crept off into the night. She even thinks that he's hurt bad enough that he might be dead.

Kevin: Oh, my God.

Daniel: Yeah, so, uh, anyway, I kind of had to tell my mom the whole story about what we pulled with Lily at the Rec Center.

Kevin: What? You told her? Are you out of your freakin' mind?

Daniel: No, I'm not out of my freakin' mind. We just almost got killed here, and all you can think about is yourself right now?

Kevin: Yeah, damn right I'm thinking about myself. Of all the lame things you could have done, Daniel! You told your mother? Your mother? You should've known that you couldn't control Alex, and you never should have hired him in the first place. Ah, this is all your fault. You know that, right?


"The Young and the Restless" will continue.


Lauren: Where things stand? I'm not sure I know how to answer that.

Paul: Don't you think we oughta figure it out?

Lauren: "It," meaning our relationship?

Paul: Lauren, I don't want things to become awkward between us. You know, I care about you way too much to let that happen.

Lauren: I feel the same way. So what do we do?

Paul: Well, I know that Mr. Baldwin has feelings for you. And the way I saw you look at him last night, I'm beginning to think the feelings are mutual.

Lauren: We're friends.

Paul: You're very close friends. What if it were something more? I mean, would you be open to that?

Lauren: Maybe. I-I don't know.

Paul: Well...

Lauren: 'Cause, you know, things are really complicated right now.

Paul: That's why we need to talk about it. Look, promise me something, will ya?

Lauren: What?

Paul: That you'll be careful.

Lauren: Of Michael?

Paul: You know what he's capable of.

Lauren: That was years ago.

Paul: I'm not saying he hasn't changed. Just... watch your step.

Lauren: Okay. I will... if you do the same thing with Christine.

Paul: Now where is this coming from?

Lauren: Don't tell me you're not interested in getting back together with her. It's as plain as the nose on your face every time I see the two of you together. And now that you're gonna be working side by side, please. It is just a matter of time.


Phyllis: You haven't been answering your phone.

Phyllis: I've been calling you all night. I-I've called here and... called your cell phone.

Phyllis: I didn't know what to think because...

Phyllis: I kinda still don't know what to think... because you're here, but, um... you're not here.

Phyllis: I don't know how to help you, Damon. I am utterly helpless.

Phyllis: That's probably how you feel all the time, isn't it? Unable to get away from your past.

Phyllis: Unable to push those feelings away.

Damon: Diy'all call the police? Did they find Alex?

Phyllis: They didn't find Alex.

Damon: How far could he have gotten?

Phyllis: I wanna talk about you.

Phyllis: Why not?

Damon: I was that... animal last night.

Phyllis: Maybe you were enraged. You saw somebody you care about being threatened.

Damon: There's no excuse for that. I went further than I had to.

Phyllis: Listen, you were trying to protect somebody you care about.

Damon: No, I wanted to kill that boy. I wanted him dead. That's the only sure justice in this world.

Phyllis: You're not talking about Daniel right now... or Alex. You're thinking of your own son.

Damon: Did you ever see one of these? That--that is his... championship ribbon from his last horseback competition.

Phyllis: He was first place.

Damon: Yes. And this is his riding medal-- best all-around skills.

Phyllis: Wow. Quite a champion.

Damon: Yes.


Daniel: Look, Kevin, it's because of you I'm in this mess.

Kevin: Me?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, you, and all your whining about, "oh, everybody in this town hates me and I can't get a job" and all the other crap you've been complaining about and laying on me.

Kevin: You're the one who came up with this foolproof plan.

Daniel: Yeah, because that's all you would talk about. "Oh, look at me. Poor little me. Poor little Kevin. Look how my awful reputation is just--is ruining my life."

Kevin: Why is this happening to me, just when everything was going my way? Oh, my God. This is so unfair.

Daniel: Fair? You wanna talk about fair right now? You at least got to be a hero. What did I get, Kevin? What did I get? I got nothing out of the deal.

Kevin: Michael's gonna go ballistic when he finds out this whole thing was rigged, not to mention the winters and... (gasps) and Lauren.

Daniel: You're kidding me, right? Who cares? We have more important things to think about right now.

Kevin: Like what?

Daniel: Like keeping out of jail and staying alive.

Kevin: Jail?


Phyllis: Where did you find these?

Damon: I have a box. His, uh, his favorite treasures. I mostly... I keep it locked away.

Damon: Forgive me.

Phyllis: For what?

Damon: Oh, not you, baby. Not you. My son. He... he trusted me, and I let him down.

Phyllis: Damon. Damon. It wasn't your fault.

Damon: Oh, it was absolutely my fault. I spoke to those boys. They were following me. They fired a bullet at me. But Elias was killed. He took a bullet for me. My son--he died for me. And somehow... somehow I gotta fix it.

Phyllis: No.

Phyllis: You-- you, um, do you remember how you told me that your revenge led you down a very dark path?

Damon: Yeah, and you're gonna warn me of the dangers of going down that path again. Oh, it's late.

Phyllis: Oh, Damon, it's never too late.

Damon: But it is too late. It's too late for him.

Phyllis: I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I, um, got you involved with my son and all this craziness. I'm sorry that it's drawn out all this emotion for you. I'm sorry.

Damon: It's never gone away. I've just been... holding it at bay.

Phyllis: See, that feels good, right?

Damon: Yeah, yeah, it does.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. See, there's a lot to live for. And you shouldn't seek revenge. Baby, there's so much to live for.

Damon: What that boy did to you... you don't understand.

Phyllis: Really? I don't understand losing a child? Is that what you're saying?

Phyllis: No, I don't understand it in the way that you lost yours. I mean, no one could unless they lived through it.

Damon: Let's get this kid Alex out of your son's life, or you could be living through it, too.


Brad: Well, I didn't expect you to lay that one on me. Do I think you're still in love with Victor?

Ashley: Nikki told me last night that she does.

Brad: Well, Nikki shouldn't be talking about stuff like that.

Ashley: Is that how you feel?

Brad: Ash, be honest. This emotion you feel for Victor-- it isn't just in the past. Despite yourself, you're still so connected to the man. Look at the lengths you went to to have his baby. The man cost us our own child, and yet you were the first one to forgive him.

Ashley: Honey... I told you before. I'm not going to live a life filled with hatred. I just won't do it.

Brad: I don't want that either.

Ashley: Then why all the insecurity? Don't you know how much I love you?

Brad: Beyond a doubt, but I also know that a part of your heart belongs to Victor, and there's not a damn thing I can do to change that. What worries me is that someday, Ash, you're going to have to decide just how much he means to you.

Ashley: It makes me sad. Our family... it's the most important thing to me. Don't you believe that? How could you not?

Brad: When we talk like this, when I can hold you this way... I do believe it.


Phyllis: Um... um, listen... I don't wanna leave, but I, um...

Damon: Where's your son?

Phyllis: He's at home.

Phyllis: There's something I have to deal with first, and...

Damon: What sort of trouble is he in?

Phyllis: Serious trouble.

Damon: And it's connected with Alex, isn't it?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Damon: Phyllis, will you please call the police? Please, put them on this. Pressure them. Alex can only spell disaster for Daniel.

Damon: I should've killed him when I had the chance.

Phyllis: Shh. Stop it. Don't talk like that. I'm not gonna lose you.


Paul: Lauren, I have no idea what's gonna happen between Chris and me.

Lauren: But a reunion wouldn't be the worst thing that would happen, right?

Paul: (Suppresses laugh)

Lauren: Yeah, that's what I thought.

Paul: Look, I'm sorry. I feel like I'm being insensitive to you.

Lauren: No. I mean, don't apologize. Yes, there is a part of me that would have a hard time with you being back with her, but... I want you to be happy, and if she's the woman to do that, well, then you both have my blessing.

Paul: Well, then, this is the most civilized breakup ever.

Lauren: Breakup? Please. Nice try. You are not getting rid of me because I'm gonna keep my eye on you.

Paul: Oh, is that right?

Lauren: That's right, and if Christine ever hurts your heart again, she's gonna be answering to me, and that's a promise.

Paul: There. That's the Lauren I know and love.

Lauren: (Chuckles) come here.

Paul: Well... you sure you're gonna be all right?

Lauren: No. (Chuckles) but I will. And, you know, hey! You never know. We could try this again. Maybe we'll have better luck next time.

Paul: Yeah. You never know.

Lauren: You never do.

Paul: Well, I better get going.

Lauren: Hey, Williams. No hard feelings?

Paul: No hard feelings. Be happy.

Lauren: You too.

Paul: I'll try.

Lauren: You better. You better try, because you're a great man. I hope you know that. I sure do.

Paul: Don't be a stranger.

Lauren: I wonít. You either, okay? (Sniffles) (


Kevin: Do you think, um, do you think your mom is spilling her guts to the cops right now?

Daniel: I don't know, Kev. I don't know what to tell you.

Kevin: I still don't understand why you told her.

Daniel: If I hadn't, you'd already be locked up by now. You know, she was going to call the cops about Alex and nothing was going to stop her.

Kevin: Oh, so now my fate is in your mom's hands?

Daniel: Pretty much. That's how it looks.

Kevin: (Sighs) why'd I ever listen to you? I--I--I thought it would be so cool to be a hero, you know, and now it's all gonna come crash and burn and I-- I wish you'd never got me into this.

Daniel: You know what, Kev? That's the first thing that you've said that I actually agree with. All I wanted to do was help you out, and now it may cost me big time. It wasn't supposed to happen this way, man.


Michael: Phyllis, this is a nice surprise--

Phyllis: We're in trouble.

Michael: What do you mean we're in trouble?

Phyllis: You know that whole rescue operation your brother pulled on Lily Winters?

Michael: Yeah.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. It was a setup, engineered by, unfortunately, my son. Now we're in way over our heads.

Michael: So I knew it. I knew it. I knew when I heard this whole hero bull.

Phyllis: Come on, come on, come on, come on.

Michael: He's lying to me again!

Phyllis: What happens if we call the police?

Michael: Why would you call them now?

Phyllis: Well, because, um, this criminal came to my house on the Newman property with a baseball bat in order to kill me and my son.

Michael: Your head. He did--

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Oh... the police are on it?

Phyllis: Not yet.

Michael: Why didn't you call them?

Phyllis: Because Damon came to the rescue. Honestly, I don't want to know what would have happened if he hadn't been there.

Michael: Well, where's this punk now?

Phyllis: I don't know. He disappeared. He's badly hurt.

Michael: But he's gonna recover. Wait a minute. This is the same guy they hired to attack lily winters, isn't it?

Phyllis: Yep. My son made the deal with this criminal-- access to the Rec Center so that he could sell drugs.

Michael: Victor's Rec Center?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Michael: Is he got a death wish or something?

Phyllis: My--my son didn't come through. He--he--he bailed out. He didn't come through. And Victor, he--he arrested some other dope dealers or something like that. And that's why this psycho Alex came to my--my place with a baseball bat. And it was all so your brother could be a hero.

Michael: You know, every time I think he's going to make progress-- I think he's being straight with me--he's lying, and he just screws his life up again.

Phyllis: Yeah, and now we have a real dangerous situation on our hands. So what are we going to do, all right? I'm really scared about what's gonna happen.

Michael: Yeah, well, it's back to jail for Kevin, if this whole conspiracy thing comes out.

Phyllis: And juvenile hall for my son.

Michael: Yeah, probably so.

Phyllis: All right, so figure something out! Help me figure something out, because I finally have a relationship with my son. I'm not gonna lose him.

Michael: All right, listen. We can't leave this guy loose. He's already threatened you once. You know he's gonna come back. Plus, he's running drugs on the street.

Phyllis: You can't possibly want your brother to be in jail again, Michael?

Michael: I honestly don't think he would survive.

Phyllis: So we're gonna figure something out. We're gonna figure something out. Let's be creative, okay? We're gonna be creative. We're gonna figure out how to stop this freak in his tracks without writing off your brother and my son in the process. We're gonna figure this out. Think of something. We're gonna do something. You know we can.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Nick: What business does Mom have in the middle of the night?

Nikki: What are you saying-- once a stripper, always a stripper?

Phyllis: As far as I'm concerned, I'd let you rot in jail for what you did.

Kevin: I can't go back to that place. I'd rather die.

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