Monday Y&R Transcript 9/13/04

Y&R Transcript Monday 9/13/04--Canada; Wednesday 9/14/04--USA

By Boo
Proofread by Emma

Nikki: I have the perfect seats for you. Follow me.

Man: All right. Let's do it.

Man #2: This is nice.

Angelo: Hey, you know, the place is starting to fill up.

Bobby: Yeah, I noticed.

Angelo: Might not be a bad opening night after all, huh?

Bobby: Don't count on it just yet, Ange.

Angelo: Hey, Bob, look alive, okay? If the host ain't happy, how do you expect the customers to go along with the program?

Bobby: Ange, I don't have to play host. I got someone better handling that.

Nikki: You know, I have an even better table for you-- it's the V.I.P. table, if you'd like to try it. Right over here.


Neil: "Dad... Dad, Devon is running away because you won't let him stay with us. He says he won't go to another group home, and I don't blame him.

Lily's voice: You didn't leave him any choice but to take off. And as for me... I'm going with him. I can't believe you and Mom would be so cold. Lily."

Lily: So where do you want to go?

Devon: I don't know, Lily.

Lily: Don't you have a plan or something?

Devon: An hour ago, I didn't even know I was leaving.

Lily: Well, there's a... a youth hostel on the other side of town that we can go to, or... try a motel or something, so we don't have to sleep in this park.

Devon: That's great. And how we gonna pay for it?

Lily: I don't know. I... I have cash.

Devon: Yeah, of course you do. You know what, Lily? Why don't you just go home? All right? You're a lot better off without me.


Lauren: Tough case?

Michael: You know me... "I love the smell of napalm in the morning."

Lauren: You're busy, okay. I won't distract you then.

Michael: No, no. It's too late. You're a very distracting woman... in case you didn't know.

Lauren: I'll take that as a compliment.

Michael: Please do.

Lauren: So where are the other two musketeers?

Michael: Mm, Christine’s out of town.

Lauren: Oh, business or pleasure?

Michael: Ha! The former. Sorry to disappoint you.

Lauren: And, uh, where's Paul?

Michael: Paul? I am not my brother's keeper.

Lauren: But yet, technically, you are.

Michael: Oh, ah, yeah. Okay, you're right. Kevin does live with me. I forgot for one blessed moment.

Lauren: I actually ran into him at the coffee shop earlier.

Michael: Hmm, is he still all a-twitter? "Man of the hour"?

Lauren: "The Chronicle" called him a hero.

Michael: Yeah, I know. He carries his press clippings with him.

Lauren: Actually, it's really nice to see him feel so good about himself. He really thinks that things are gonna turn around.

Michael: Hmm... maybe not the way he's anticipating.

Lauren: What do you mean?

Michael: Our old pal Weber-- he was here. He's investigating the attack on Lily Winters.

Lauren: He's not investigating Kevin.

Michael: Yeah, our lad's sudden burst of derring-do... I hope it all doesn't come crashing down on him.


Jill: Thank you, Johnny.

Jack: Hello there, sugar.

Jill: At last.

Jack: "At last"? What, I kept you waiting?

Jill: Oh, not that long.

Jack: Hey, Johnny, I'll have a scotch, neat, a little splash of water. So how are things?

Jill: Apart from the men's line being cut, things are fine.

Jack: Ouch.

Jill: Mm.

Jack: How's Elliot Hampton?

Jill: Elliot... is fine, too.

Jack: By "fine," you mean fabulous? Attractive? Chivalrous? Good in the sack?

Jill: Oh, my God. Would you get your mind out of the gutter? I didn't come over here to be grilled by you about how I'm--

Jack: How you're what, looking into how this guy is single-handedly dismantling Chancellor Industries and taking it home in his briefcase, piecemeal?

Jill: If you expect me to take you seriously, you've got to stop exaggerating.

Jack: You were going to call me and give me a report.

Jill: Ah, it slipped my mind.

Jack: Well, okay, I got plenty of other things to do with my time.

Jill: I am sorry. I know I said I would call you sooner. Do you forgive me?

Jack: For what it's worth, I missed you a little.

Jill: "A little." How heartwarming.

Jack: Yeah, but not quite as heartwarming as Elliot Hampton.


Gloria: Ahh! I hope everybody's good and hungry.

John: We certainly are. And it looks like Mrs. Martinez has prepared a feast here.

Gloria: Oh, I told her to make something everyone liked.

Abby: I like everything.

Gloria: You do?

Abby: Except squash. Yucky! Ew.

Gloria: Oh, I don't like squash, either. And aren't you just the cutest thing? I'm so glad to finally meet you.

Ashley: It was so nice of you to arrange this dinner, Gloria. Thank you.

Gloria: Oh, my pleasure, Ashley. I thought it would be nice for all of us to get together. It's so rare for families these days to sit down around a table.

John: Well, actually, in this house, most of our meals are together as a family.

Gloria: Oh, really? That's wonderful. Probably why you all get along so well.

Abby: Where's your family?

Ashley: (Whispers) Abby...

Gloria: Oh, that's all right. I don't mind. I don't have a lot of family, sweetie, but most of them live in Michigan. You know where that is?

Abby: Is it far away?

Gloria: No, not very far. Unh-unh.

Mamie: So you said your sons are in Genoa City.

Gloria: Mm-hmm, that's right.

Mamie: Do you get to see them often?

Gloria: No, not very often, especially now that I've moved in here. We're really not that close.

John: And that's not for lack of trying, on Gloria’s part.

Gloria: Oh, thank you, John. That's sweet of you to say. Oh, good. I was starting to think you'd forgotten about us. Go ahead, set that down right over there.

John: Oh, my goodness.

Mrs. Martinez: Be careful. It's very hot.

Mamie: Thank you.

Gloria: (Inhales) mmm. It smells wonderful. Everything looks so delicious, I can't wait. You can go ahead and serve us, whenever you're ready, okay?

John: That look terrific, Ash? Look at that. Just beautiful.

Gloria: Thank you. Mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm.


Lauren: So Weber’s now suspicious of Kevin?

Michael: Well, given Kevin’s track record, need you even ask?

Lauren: He's a witness.

Michael: Yes, and maybe so much more.

Lauren: Don't the police question all witnesses, counselor?

Michael: You think I'm making too much of this.

Lauren: Maybe he didn't set up Lily to save her. Maybe he really was in--

Michael: What--what--what? A hero?

Lauren: In the right place at the right time.

Michael: Which would be quite the coincidence, considering he has boasted to both of us how people are going to start looking at him differently.

Lauren: Sometimes we say things because we wish they were true.

Michael: Well, he did a lot of that as a kid. He used to come up with these elaborate fantasies-- pretended we were the perfect family.

Lauren: Well, it was no fantasy that he saved Lily. He's so proud of himself, Michael. He so desperately wants to be seen as a better person.

Michael: It's the "desperate" part that-- that's the part that bothers me.


Nikki: Looks like a big crowd.

Angelo: Ah, I've seen better.

Bobby: Give it a rest, Ange, will ya?

Nikki: Well, you ready?

Bobby: All right, let's do this.

Nikki: Wait, wait, wait. Okay.

Bobby: Why, thank you, partner.

Nikki: You're welcome.

Man #1: Hey, Bobby! (Cheers and whistles)

Man #2: Good times. Whoo!

Bobby: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. All right, settle down. Now before we get to the good stuff tonight, I want to thank each and every one of you for coming to the grand reopening of Marilyn’s, Genoa City's hottest gentlemen's club.

Man #3: Yeah! Whoo!

Bobby: Come on, put your hands together. (Applause)

Bobby: All right now, in case you hadn't noticed, we made a few changes in here. Now we're tryin' to do somethin' different, a little more classy.

Man: Classy?! I prefer my girls a little trashy.

Man #3: Yeah!

Bobby: Yeah, nice hat, buddy. (Mouths words)

Nikki: Why don't we take this hat off, shall we? You'll see the show better.

Bobby: All right, without any further ado, I want to bring out one of the wildest little things to ever take the stage-- so put your hands together for the beautiful, the tempting, the tantalizing Tanya. Come on, put your hands together. (Whistles and catcalls)


(Cell phone rings)

Jill: Hello? Oh, hi, Elliot. Oh, I'd like that. I'm at the club. Great. Great. Meet me here. See you in a bit. This is drinks. That's dinner.

Jack: Oh, yeah, that's a whole different deal. I'm going to find a good blonde to curl up with.

Jill: (Laughs) oh, Jack. Listen, just so you know, I really, really appreciate what you did for me, okay? But more and more, I believe that Elliot might not be the crook we thought he was. Because, look-- no, at the end of the day, there is something to be said for working hard and playing well, and maybe a little bit too well, okay? But you can't take it with you, so where's the crime?

Jack: Polly want a cracker?

Jill: Stop it. I am not "parroting" Elliot. God, you can be such a pain in the neck.

Jack: Yeah, but deep down inside, it's what you like most about me. Remember, we are going to the harvest dance together.

Jill: Absolutely. I wouldn't miss it.

Jack: That's a girl. Catch you later.

Jill: Mm-hmm. (Chuckles)


Gloria: How is everything?

Ashley: Very good.

John: Scrumptious. Mm-hmm.

Gloria: Abby? You like the potatoes?

Abby: Uh-huh. They're great, and may I please have some more?

Gloria: Oh, my, my, so polite, and smart, too. Just like your grandfather.

John: Ho, ho, ho.

Gloria: Of course you can have more.

Ashley: Actually, honey, would you eat the zucchini right there, just a little bit?

Abby: Do I have to?

Ashley: Mm-hmm, you have to.

Gloria: Anybody need anything? John?

John: No, I'm just fine.

Gloria: Your coffee must be ice cold by now. (Chuckles) Mrs. Martinez, would you please top off John's coffee? Oh, better yet-- why don't you give him a whole new cup? I'm so sorry that jack and brad couldn't join us.

John: Oh, there'll be another time.

Mamie: So, gloria, um... why don't you tell us some more about yourself?

Gloria: Not much to tell, really.

Mamie: Well, are you enjoying Genoa City?

Gloria: Oh, yes. Now more than ever. Oh, it's such a wonderful place. I only wish that I'd discovered it sooner. I wouldn't have wasted all that time in Detroit.

John: Now wait a minute.

Gloria: What?

John: I thought you told me you liked Detroit.

Gloria: Well, I do, but... (Laughs nervously) I like it better here.

Ashley: You seem to change your opinion quite frequently, don't you?

John: Well, I am delighted that you're starting to feel at home, and who knows? You might like Genoa City so much, you won't wanna leave.

Gloria: Well... you never know.

Abby: Mommy, I had enough.

Ashley: Okay, you did very well.

Gloria: How about dessert? It's apple pie.

Abby: With vanilla ice cream?

Gloria: Well, you can't have pie without ice cream. Mrs. Martinez? Would you be a doll and bring out the dessert now? Oh, I just had a terrific idea.

John: What's that?

Gloria: Let's have our dessert out by the pool. It's such a beautiful night. And it won't be long till it'll be too cold to eat outside. What do you say?

John: Sounds great! Ash? Mamie?

Ashley: Uh, we actually can't stay that long. It's really close to Abby’s bedtime, and she has a big day tomorrow, don't you, honey?

Abby: Uh-huh. My class is taking a field trip to the zoo.

Ashley: That's right.

Gloria: Ooh. Won't that be fun? What's your favorite animal?

Abby: Giraffe, because they have long necks.

All: (Laugh)

Gloria: What about the elephant or the monkeys? No?

Abby: (Giggles)


Neil: Listen, I want you to call me if you see Lily or Devon Hamilton in the coffeehouse, okay? It's urgent. 555-0109, all right? Thanks, bye. Lily, where are you? (Knock on door)

Neil: Lily? Oh, what are you doing here?

Olivia: I came to check on my patient, but something tells me this isn't a good time.

Neil: Lily ran off with Devon. Here, read this.

Lily: I'm coming with you, Devon, okay? I have to.

Devon: No, you don't have to, Lily.

Lily: Yes, I do. I'm too upset to go back to that apartment.

Devon: Listen, they're sending me to the group home, okay? They're not sending you anywhere. You have a family.

Lily: Yeah, a family that obviously doesn't practice what they preach. They turned their backs on you.

Devon: Look, would you please quit making this all about me?

Lily: But it is about you! Don't you get that?


Olivia: Oh, my God, Neil. What happened?

Neil: Lily read a letter from child services, found out that Devon was gonna be sent to another group home.

Olivia: And she told him?

Neil: She came to see me first. I told her to keep it a secret until Dru gets back.

Olivia: But somehow he figured it out?

Neil: The kid read me like a book the minute I walked through that door. I swear, between him and Lily, I don't know what to... what am I saying? Liv, they're gone. Those two kids are gone somewhere. I have to find them!


Lily: Look, Devon, you deserve to have a family, too. I mean, my parents may not be standing by you, but that does not mean that I'm gonna walk away from you, too. I'm not like that.

Devon: No, you're just some little rich girl who's trying to play runaway, okay? You can go home anytime you want, Lily, so why don't you do it now?

Lily: Because I... I want you to understand that not everyone is like my parents. Some of us are actually loyal to the people that we care about.

Devon: Why don't you go be loyal someplace else?

Lily: Look, stop trying to get rid of me, okay? It's not gonna work. I'm not going anywhere, so just get used to it.


"The Young and the Restless" will continue.


Kevin: Hey, guys.

Lily: Kevin, what are you doing here?

Kevin: Just going for a walk. So what's going on? How are you feeling?

Lily: I'm fine.

Kevin: Good, good. You look good.

Lily: Thank you.

Kevin: So, uh... so where you guys going?

Lily: Library.

Devon: The Rec Center.

Lily: I mean, the, uh...

Devon: Look, man, it's really none of your business.

Kevin: Hey, guy, I'm not trying to cause any problems, okay?

Devon: Good.

Kevin: What's with all the stuff in the bags?

Devon: You know, man, you sure do ask a lot of questions.

Lily: Devon, Devon! Okay, look, let's just go. We need to get out of here.

Kevin: Oh, my God. You guys are running away, aren't you?


Elliot: You're just knocking 'em down, aren't you?

Jill: Cranberry juice. It makes me crazy.

Elliot: You look beautiful.

Jill: Thank you.

Elliot: You know that little restaurant that I've been telling you about?

Jill: The French one?

Elliot: Yeah, I don't mean to keep pushing but, uh...

Jill: Okay.

Elliot: Okay?

Jill: Okay, let's go. Sounds wonderful.

Elliot: Well, that was easy.

Jill: Did you expect me to be difficult?


Michael: Is the only reason you stopped by to talk to me is to speak about Kevin?

Lauren: Don't you think I could be coming here to see Paul...

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Lauren: Or Christine?

Michael: Ha! Your best gal pal? Right.

Lauren: Yeah, we're like this.

Michael: And as for Paul... (Clears throat) why would you bother with him, when you could spend quality time with yours truly?

Lauren: Hmm, let's see. Because I'm dating him?

Michael: No, not seriously.

Lauren: Really?

Michael: No, you want to know why?

Lauren: Yeah, this should be really enlightening.

Michael: Because Paul is insipid, boring, safe and he's Paul. He couldn't possibly hold the interest of a woman like you.


(Tepid applause)

Bobby: All right, thank you. Thank you. And now direct from London, we have the lovely British beauty and toast of the continent-- Miss Wendy Wellington. Put your hands together for Wendy. (Tepid applause)

Angelo: Man, where'd you dig up these broads, Bobby?

Bobby: Oh, don't tell me. This one's a disaster.

Angelo: I've seen sexier moves at a retirement home.

Bobby: I gotta get better dancers next time.

Angelo: Yeah, if there is a next time. You know, this keeps up, we're gonna have to stick the "going out of business" sign on the door.

Nikki: Hi.

Bobby: Hi.

Nikki: Let me introduce the next one, okay?

Bobby: Okay.


Gloria: Ashley and Abby get off okay?

John: Oh, just fine. Oh, Abby wanted me to tell you something very important.

Gloria: What?

John: She promises to tell you all about the zoo next time she sees you.

Gloria: Oh, what a sweetheart. You have a lovely family.

John: Oh, thank you so. I think so, too. Where's Mamie?

Gloria: Went up to bed, which is where I'm headed after I help Mrs. Martinez with the dishes.

John: Unh-unh, unh-unh, that's her job.

Gloria: Well, but I feel like I should pitch in a little.

John: Now, Gloria, listen to me carefully. You are my guest in this home, and that means it is all right to let other people do things for you.

Gloria: All right, if you insist.

John: You know what? I'm a little tired myself. I think I'll go up.

Gloria: Would you mind if I stay down here for awhile?

John: Gloria...

Gloria: Oh, sorry, of course you don't mind. Forget I asked.

John: See you in the morning?

Gloria: Mm-hmm. Good night.

John: Good night.

Gloria: John?

John: Yes.

Gloria: I know that you're probably tired of hearing this, but it means so much that you've taken me into your home. I almost feel...

John: Well, what?

Gloria: Like part of your family.

John: You know, I'm delighted to hear that, and I truly enjoy having you here.

Gloria: You do, really?

John: This place needed a breath of fresh air, and so did I. Good night.

Gloria: Good night. Sleep well.

Gloria: Yes!


Neil: Well, you call me the second you hear from her. All right, thanks, Sierra. None of her friends have seen her. It's news to all of them.

Olivia: It doesn't look like she planned too far ahead.

Neil: I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, Liv. I mean, who knows what kind of trouble these two could be getting into?


Lily: Yeah, we're running away, Kevin, okay? So leave us alone.

Kevin: Fine, but you're making a very big mistake.

Devon: Yeah, well, what's it to you?

Kevin: Nothing, I guess, but believe it or no I actually care about Lily, and running away is a very bad idea.

Devon: Yeah, but you know, maybe we don't care about what you think.

Kevin: Well, maybe you should, because I know what I'm talking about. Taking off is not the way to deal with your problem, whatever it is. If anything, it might make it worse.

Devon: Yeah, well, not for me it won’t.

Kevin: And for Lily?

Lily: You're the last person who should worry about me, Kevin, okay? So back off.

Devon: Yeah, you heard the lady, Kevin. Okay, thanks, but no, thanks.


Olivia: Well, let's hope Lily thinks twice and comes back home.

Neil: And if she doesn't, then what, hmm? For all I know, she could be in another state by now.

Olivia: So what are you gonna do?

Neil: I can't wait any longer. I can't run the risk of something happening to my daughter. I have to call the police.


Kevin: Look, I know you want me to leave you alone, but come on. You know how much your parents care about you. You should have seen them the other day at the hospital, Lily. You're the most important thing in the world to them. Do you really want to hurt them like this?


Elliot: I am surprised.

Jill: What, because I said yes? This is dinner at a restaurant.

Elliot: Out of town, way out of town. I mean, we might have to stay in a lodge of something, you know, if it gets late.

Jill: No problem, a lodge with two vacant rooms.

Elliot: Well, I would never presume to suggest otherwise.

Jill: I'm sure you wouldn't dare.

Elliot: Oh, you're probably still suspicious that I'm doing something sketchy at Chancellor Industries.

Jill: You're right, I am. I've definitely got my eye on you.

Elliot: I wouldn't want your eye anywhere else.

Jill: I don't get it.

Elliot: What?

Jill: Well, men like you, I mean, really ambitious men, they usually like, um...

Elliot: Bimbos with...

Jill: (Chuckles)

Elliot: Not me, no. I'm very happy just talking to you, getting to know you. In fact, I'll bet that you... oh, I'm not gonna go there. It's too soon.

Jill: Make sure you don't wait too long.

Elliot: Well, you're in a mood.

Jill: I am. I am in a definite mood, and I will tell you why. It's from listening to Elliot Hampton talk about living life to its fullest while you still have it to live.

Elliot: Hmm, sometimes he says good things, that Elliot.

Jill: Yes, he does. So good, in fact, that I'm not quite as interested in taking things slow.

Elliot: Hmm, well, in that case, I just happen to have the keys to the house in deer valley.

Jill: Mmm.

Elliot: The Chancellor jet is fueled. The pilot is on call. I can have the driver take us right there. We can pick up whatever you need as we go.

Jill: Boy, when you decide to speed things up, you don't fool around, do you?

Elliot: Are you kidding? Fooling around is my favorite thing in the world. - I'm ready!- I don't think so.


Michael: I've been hiding the Lafite Rothschild in the office. I wouldn't want the relatives to be swilling down the good stuff. Madame.

Lauren: Thank you. Gee, all we need now is some music.

Michael: Jazz, classical?

Lauren: You choose.

Michael: Hmm.

(Smooth jazz playing)

Lauren: That's nice.

Michael: Hmm.

Michael: Well, uh, here's to naughty boys and girls everywhere.

Lauren: I like that one.

Lauren: Mmm.

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Michael: So, Miss Fenmore, would you care to honor me with this dance?

Lauren: I'll have to check my dance card. Oh, Mr. Baldwin, I'm so sorry. It's all full.

Michael: Damn the dance card, baby.

Lauren: (Laughs)

Michael: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Lauren: Whoa!

Lauren: Michael...

Michael: Mnh-mnh, don't talk.

Lauren: We have to.

Michael: Oh, no, I guess listening to that sex-- uh, sax, sax...

Lauren: I'm not sure we're in the same place.

Michael: It sure feels like it to me.

Lauren: Oh, I have to think about Paul, and then there's Kevin to consider and...

Michael: Mnh-mnh, you know, thinking is highly overrated.

Lauren: Michael...

Michael: Mnh-mnh.


Nikki: Now, now, now, we have some real talent lined up for you this evening.

Man: Aw, come on, lady, there's gotta be one girl in this joint with some talent!

Nikki: Our next performer is going to be out shortly, and I think you'll be very pleased. My name is Nicole, and I've had a wonderful time meeting you all tonight.

Man #2: Yeah, well, if this chick is as bad as the last one, I'm outta here.

Nikki: Trust me, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Anyone here named Marilyn?

("The very thought of you" playing) (Applause and catcalls)

Brittany: Want to help me up here?

Bobby: Sure.

Brittany: The very thought of you and I forget to do the little ordinary things that everyone ought to do I'm living in a kind of daydream I'm happy as a queen and foolish though it may seem to me that's everything the mere idea of you the longing here for you you'll never know how slow the moments go till I'm near to you I see your face in every flower your eyes in the stars above it's just the thought of you the very thought of you my love (cheers and applause)

Man: All right!

Bobby: Come on, you gotta take a bow. (Whistles and catcalls)

(Up-tempo dance music playing) (Loud applause and cheers)


Neil: Okay, um, now we're getting somewhere. You see, the police are sending a patrol car out to look for them. They said they'd notify me the minute they locate them.

Olivia: I don't want you to worry, Neil. I know that she's gonna call, and she's gonna come back here safe and sound.

Neil: Yeah, yeah, I just wish there was more I could do, you know what I mean?

Olivia: Well, you've done everything you can for now.

Neil: It doesn't feel like enough.


Kevin: Look, if you really run away, you will mess up your lives for good. How do you think I got where I am?

Devon: You know, man, this ain't even about you, okay?

Kevin: Look, I'm just trying to help, okay? Lily, you have a really, really good home life. There are so many other people who would love to have what you have. Don't take that for granted.

Devon: You know, you really ought to listen to him, Lily. Okay, just go home.

Lily: No! I told you, I can't stay there if my parents won't do the right thing. I have to do this.

Kevin: Are you sure? Because to me it just sounds like you're mad at them.

Lily: And I am mad at them.

Kevin: Well, then you should go home, because two wrongs don't make a right. I learned that the hard way.

Lily: Yeah, I'm sure you did.

Kevin: Look, Lily, I know what I did to you, but please, listen to me. Go home, both of you. Otherwise, you could end up seriously messed up. Don't do that to yourselves.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Daniel: You are the one running around like a big celebrity, and now it's time to pay the piper.

Sharon: You can't just go on lying to your husband forever.

Nikki: Oh, boy, that's a good one coming from you.

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