Wednesday Y&R Transcript 9/1/04

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 9/1/04 -- Canada, Thursday 9/2/04 -- U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Neil: So were you ever gonna tell me, or were you gonna just wait until I was officially Devon’s foster father?

Dru: Neil, please don't do this.

Neil: No, I want honesty here. I want some answers.

Dru: What did Lorena Davis tell you?

Neil: Lorena Davis told me that she had given you some papers a couple of weeks ago, that she's been waiting for you to return them to her signed. What were you thinking? That I wouldn't notice Devon still around a few months from now? That you could just sneak him into our family?

Dru: Neil, I just wanted to do what was right by the boy.

Neil: Let me ask you this, does Devon know what you been cookin' up behind my back? Because if he does, it's gonna hurt ten times as much when we tell him he can't stay.


Phyllis: Thank you for coming.

Damon: I was a little worried. When you called, you sounded upset.

Phyllis: I am. That Drucilla! She pushes every button I have.

Damon: So I noticed. (Laughs)

Phyllis: Oh, I don't want to spend my time talking about her, though.

Damon: Something else on your mind?

 Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah.

Damon: What has Daniel done now?

Phyllis: Don't look so smug. I'm really worried about him this time.

Damon: Why? What's happened?

Phyllis: You know, I, uh, I-I came home, and I found him with this kid that seemed really dangerous.

Damon: Doing what?

Phyllis: I don't know. I mean, that's-- that's the problem. I don't think I want to know.

Damon: Are you suspecting something? What?

Phyllis: I don't know. I-I don't know what to do. I mean, my hands are tied. I-I'm not good at this parent thing. This is all new to me. I mean, what do I do? Do I back off and just let him have his freedom, or do--

Damon: No, no, no! You don't back off. You're worried about your kid. You don't ever back off.


Lauren: Michael, take it easy. You're gonna blow a gasket.

Michael: I just can't get past this "Kevin is a hero" thing.

Lauren: What's the problem?

Michael: My brother just happens to be there-- right time, right place-- to rescue his former victim Lily Winters.

Lauren: And you think that's too coincidental?

Michael: By far. And when things start not adding up with Kevin, it's just-- it's never a good sign.


Kevin: Mom. I thought you'd be at Mr. Abbott's by now.

Gloria: Well, I don't want the man to think I'm too eager.

Kevin: Mm-hmm. Okay, so listen, did you hear my news? Did you hear about what I did to Lily Winters? Mom, I'm a hero.

Gloria: Kevin, what in the world are you talking about?

Kevin: Okay, so this jerk was all over Lily at the Rec Center open house, you know? He puts a drug in her drink, drags her into the elevator and attacks her.

Gloria: Oh, my God. That's terrible. Is she gonna be all right?

Kevin: Well, she's in the hospital, but I think she's gonna be okay. So anyway, I jump on the guy before he has the chance to hurt her, and I totally kicked his a-- his butt. I totally kicked his butt, Mom. Lily's dad even thanked me. Now people are gonna stop trashing me, Mom. And guess what else. Guess what else.

Gloria: Okay, Kevin, what else?

Kevin: I wasn't even afraid. I wasn’t. I wasn’t even scared. I put Tom and all that bad stuff from when I was a kid behind me, and I fought back. Mom, it was so cool.

Gloria: Well, that's wonderful, Kevin. I'm proud of you.

Kevin: Th-that's it? That's all you have to say? Mom, I risked my life and saved a girl from possibly being raped, and all you have to say is, "that's wonderful, Kevin. I'm proud of you"?

Gloria: Well, I'm sorry, but I'm still kinda... blown away by some things that Michael told me.

Kevin: Wh-what do you-- what does that mean?

Gloria: I know, Kevin. I know about all the horrible things they say you did. I don't know anything about saving this girl, but the other things... and I just can't believe that a son of mine could do anything that horrific.


Woman: Follow me.

J.T.: You remember everything I told you, right?

Brittany: Yes, I got it. We've been over this 100 times.

J.T.: I'm sorry. I'm just a little nervous.

Brittany: Paul just told you to scope this place out.

J.T.: I know. But how sweet would it be if we found out who was lifting all this stuff, and we nab the perp the first time out?

Brittany: Easy, Starsky. Let's just take this one step at a time, okay?

J.T.: Brittany. Ahem.

Brittany: (Whispers) what?

J.T.: We're supposed to be a couple. That means "together."

Brittany: Remind me why I'm doing this again.

J.T.: Because I promised I'd be your best man.

Brittany: Talk about making a deal with the devil.

J.T.: Hey, shut up and act like you adore me, okay?


Nikki: I don't care what it takes, Paul. Just do it.

Paul: Nikki, listen to me. I will try and find Charles Cassen. But I'm telling you, it's not gonna be easy.

Nikki: That's his name, Joshua’s younger brother?

Paul: Yes. Charles Robert Cassen.

Nikki: Charles. Yeah, I-I do kind of remember that. I need to tell him that I didn't mean to kill anybody.

Paul: It was a terrible tragedy. You were 5 years old when the gun went off. If what you need is telling the brother, I want you to be able to do that. But I'm not gonna be able to pull the guy out of a hat.


Phyllis: I guess I pushed a button.

Damon: Your son and I might not get along, Phyllis, but I know how important he is to you. And you're so important to me.

Phyllis: So you don't think I'm overreacting.

Damon: No. You think he's in danger? No.

Phyllis: Okay. I just, I... I came here, and he was with this kid--

Damon: And you didn't like him.

Phyllis: No, I didn't like him. He was insolent and rude to me. He called me a bitch.

Damon: You had every right to be angry.

Phyllis: Yeah, I agree and... I, um... I-I slapped him. Hard.

Damon: Did he get physical with you?

Phyllis: No, but I got the feeling he would have. I--the thing that bothers me is I never thought that my own son would be associating with someone like this.

Damon: So why would you let him? Say no. You're the parent, Phyllis. You have choices. Always remember that. You create your reality. Now you could be hands-on with this kid, or you can sit around worried about his feelings. If you make that choice, you invite in whatever ill will is waiting out there to befall him.


Nikki: I need to do something about this. Finding Charles Cassen is the only thing I can think of that will stop my heart from pounding whenever I think about what happened.

Paul: Nikki, I still think that you should talk to someone.

Nikki: Well, I don't know what good that's going to do. It's not gonna change the fact that I killed someone just if I talk to some shrink.

Lynne: Oh, I'm sorry, Paul. I thought you were alone. Hello, Nikki.

Nikki: Hi, Lynne. Listen, don't worry. I'm leaving. Get to work.

Paul: You know, I have had J.T. on this off and on for days now.

Nikki: J.T.? Paul, with all due respect, I was hoping that you would do this.

Paul: You know, believe it or not, he's better working the net than I am. Now look, I am moving today. You have my new address, you have my new card. The phone number remains the same. My office will be up and running tomorrow. And I promise you, I promise you, we will leave no stone unturned.

Nikki: Thank you. Well, Lynne, I guess I'll see you at the new office.

Lynne: Eventually.

Paul: Think about what I said.

Nikki: Yeah. Bye. Thanks.

Paul: Eventually?


Lauren: You know, Michael, I think you are so used to worrying about your brother, and maybe, just maybe, you don't need to do that anymore.

Michael: Well, I had a little chat with Victor Newman. He's not taking it lightly that this thing happened at his beloved Rec Center on opening day.

Lauren: Quite frankly, he should be thanking your brother. Kevin kept it from being far worse.

Michael: Or so it seems. What if it turns out a different way?

Lauren: I want you to stop this. Your brother finally h a chance to start over. You should be overjoyed.

Michael: Huh. I'm not. I'm not. I have a bad feeling about this.


Kevin: What did Michael tell you?

Gloria: He told me... how you had sex with this underage girl... how you burned down that restaurant and how you almost killed John Abbott’s granddaughter.

Kevin: It was a mistake. I wasn't charged with anything.

Gloria: But, honey, if everyone believed that it was you that certainly explains why John hates you.

Kevin: And what about you, Mom? Do you hate me now, too?

Gloria: I... of course not. I just wish that I understood. I mean, Kevin, it might make sense if--if you wanted to try to get revenge on Tom and me, but why those innocent teenage girls?

Kevin: Because they were smaller than me, okay? They were weaker.

Gloria: Oh!

Kevin: Mom, when I was in that closet-- when I was locked in that closet, you know what I would fantasize about? I would fantasize about being the one who had the power.

Gloria: But, Kevin, there are laws.

Kevin: Yeah, well, look, you know, whatever happened in the past or didn't happen, the--the first time that I ever really felt powerful was when I was saving Lily from that bastard at the Rec Center.

Gloria: Oh, Kevin. St--

Kevin: It was great, Mom. Mom, it was great not being afraid, you know? Not being afraid. Like don't mess with Kevin Fisher, do not mess with him! Because he's gonna mess back.

Gloria: You're scaring me. You know what? That is exactly the kind of thing that Tom used to say.


Brittany: Any luck?

J.T.: I didn't see anything suspicious. How about you?

Brittany: No. Nothing.

J.T.: Well, it's maybe because you're too busy looking at underwear. I mean, what's the deal? You gonna help me out or not?

Brittany: I can still help you and shop for my honeymoon. I wanna wear something different to bed every night.

J.T.: Ooh, exciting.

Brittany: (Giggles) although I don't plan on wearing anything for too long.

J.T.: Oh, okay, spare me the details, all right?

Brittany: Am I making you uncomfortable?

J.T.: I don't need to know what you and Marsino do in the sack.

Brittany: Do you think Bobby will like me in this?

J.T.: I'm sure he'll think you look amazing.

Brittany: Really?

J.T.: He's marrying you, isn't he? You're his dream girl, Brittany.

Brittany: Thanks. Remind me I need to go to the gym tonight.

J.T.: What for?

Brittany: Well, with a face like mine, your body's gotta be perfect.

J.T.: Oh, is Marsino already complaining about your figure?

Brittany: He loves me for who I am.

J.T.: Well, who wouldn't?

Brittany: Thanks. I'm gonna go try this stuff on.

J.T.: All right.


Dru: No, he doesn't realize that I've cooked up anything behind--

Neil: Well, he's hoping, and I'm sure you haven't discouraged that, have you?

Dru: What's wrong with hope? Why would I discourage it? Have you noticed all of his progress? Neil, now would be a terrible mistake to kick him out.

Neil: Well, a terrible mistake is not telling your husband the real truth here. What were you gonna do, forge my signature?

Dru: Of course not. I wanted to afford you an opportunity to spend some more time with him, to realize how much he needs us.

Neil: And then all of a sudden, I'd want to magically sign the papers?

Dru: Do you remember where they're gonna send him, Neil?

Neil: That's not the point. This isn't about helping a disadvantaged kid anymore. It's about you. You're overidentifying with him.

Dru: And you're not identifying with him enough. Have you ever stopped to think about what Devon is going through, how much he has to learn?

Neil: No. No, no, no, no, no, no. I'm sorry, baby, but you're not looking at this objectively.

Dru: And neither are you. You know, you act like he's this big problem, like he's bad for our family. The real question is what do you have against him?


Devon: So now, Doc, are you sure that it's okay for her to be out like this? I mean, she shouldn't be at home resting or...

Lily: (Laughs)

Olivia: Well, you know, as long as she doesn't over do it, she should be fine. Shouldn't have any residual effects now that that drug's worn off.

Lily: Right. You see? So don't worry, okay? I'm fine.

Olivia: You were very lucky.

Lily: I know.

Olivia: Now if you feel anything out of the ordinary, I want you to page me, you understand?

Lily: Okay. I will. I will.

Olivia: Okay. Okay, you know what? I think my latte should be ready, and then I'm gonna go back to work.

Lily: Okay.

Olivia: Devon, I want you to assure me you're gonna take very good care of my precious niece.

Devon: Sure thing, Doc.

Olivia: Okay.

Lily: Bye, Aunt Liv.

Lily: So you're my protector now?

Devon: Well, hey, I'm just-- I'm just doing what the lady told me, that's all.

Lily: Really? Is that right?

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: And what were you doing so close to me when I woke up?


Lauren: Well, I guess I'm just far more optimistic about Kevin than you.

Michael: That's because you don't know him as well as I do.

Lauren: Is there anything I can do to ease your mind?

Michael: Well, it helps to have someone to talk to. Especially when it's you.

Lauren: Thank you.

Michael: No, thank you.

Lauren: You're sure there isn't anything I can do?

Michael: Careful, I might tell you.

Lauren: I mean in the restaurant, Michael.

Michael: Well... I suppose you could tell John Abbott to run for his life. I know he won't listen to me.

Lauren: John Abbott?

Michael: Yeah, my mother's next victim. Apparently that guy she brought over to my place was just a one-night stand.

Lauren: No!

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Lauren: (Snickers)

Michael: Well, apparently he has all the prerequisites-- uh, money and a soft heart. Or perhaps a soft head.

Lauren: That is not nice.

Michael: Lauren, he's asked her to move into Abbott mansion.

Lauren: What? Is he soft in the head? I have never known him to go that quickly and get in that deep.

Michael: He has no idea what she is about. She's hiding the fact that Kevin and I are her sons. It's really gonna hit the fan when he gets that little news flash.

Lauren: Okay. Well, let me tell you something. I have known John for years, and the guy is no schmo. I mean, if she is taking him for a ride, believe me, he will figure it out, and quickly. And if the you-know-what hits the fan, well, you know, that's a chance that she took. It's not gonna land on you. It's not. I mean, she's kept you in the dark all this time.

Michael: I just don't want my relatives messing with any more of the fair citizens of this city. It's bad for my social life.

Lauren: I thought you were enjoying your social life.

Michael: I am enjoying my social life, much more than I ever have before.


Kevin: Don't you tell me that, Mom. Don't you ever say that I sound like Tom.

Gloria: Well, I'm sorry, but it's true. Now don't you become that, Kevin. It's not you.

Kevin: How do you know? Huh? Maybe that's who I am. Maybe that's who Tom made me. They say that's how it works. You know, abuse leads to more abuse.

Gloria: Stop it! You stop it right now! You did a good thing. You saved that girl from harm. That's you, not some tough guy. You fought because you had to. But you're really a sweetheart, I know that. Now, Kevin, don't change.

Kevin: Do you really believe that, even after everything that Mikey told you?

Gloria: Well, nobody proved that you did anything. That's good enough for me. You're still my little boy. You're still a good person.

Kevin: Things are gonna get better for me, Mom. I really believe that.

Gloria: Well, so do I, honey. Everybody makes mistakes. But you've tried to rise above yours and straighten yourself out.

Kevin: Yeah. That counts for something, doesn't it?

Gloria: I think so. It's the same thing I'm doing, trying to make a fresh start. And if your mother can make it to the Abbott mansion and be lucky enough to find a wonderful, decent man like John to care for her, then the sky is the limit for you, too.

Kevin: Thanks, Mom. I love you.

Gloria: I love you, too, baby. Oh. No matter what.

Kevin: Okay.

Gloria: Now I better scoot. I wanna get over to John's before your brother gets home.

Kevin: Hey.

Gloria: What?

Kevin: Good luck.

Gloria: You, too, baby.

Kevin: Yeah.

Gloria: (Chuckles)


Damon: Thanks for the tea.

Phyllis: Yeah, is it helping?

Damon: Helping with what?

Phyllis: Well, you seem like you're the one who's upset, and I'm not sure why.

Damon: I'm sorry, Phyllis. You know, I told you before, just because Daniel and i don't get along doesn't mean I want anything bad to happen to him. Do you understand that?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Yeah. I mean-- but I'm telling you that's what I'm afraid of. Listen, when Daniel was in Europe, it was different. I mean, I thought about him all the time, but--but now that he's here, he's my responsibility, and I just, I worry all the time, Damon. I watch the news, and I get this--this fear in the pit of my stomach. I mean, he's out there, and I worry about him, and I can't control things. I know it's crazy. I know it's irrational. I mean, chances are, nothing's gonna happen to him, right?

Damon: It's not irrational at all. Bad things do happen, Phyllis. They happen all the time.

Phyllis: Right. Right. Is this how a parent feels? I mean, is this normal? Or is it just because I was away from him for so long that I'm just a little more paranoid? I--you're not a parent. You wouldn't know.

Damon: I've been a parent, all right? I've been--stop saying that. I've been a parent.

Phyllis: Oh, I didn't-- you didn't-- you never told me that.

Damon: It's not what we were talking about.

Phyllis: It is now.


J.T.: I was just waitin' for my... hey, there you are, baby. What took you so long?

Brittany: Hi, sweetie. Uh, it just took me awhile to try on all these. But you've been so patient, I promise to model them for you when we get home.

J.T.: Aw, that'd be nice.

Brittany: (Giggles)

J.T.: That'd be great. Okay, I think we're good.

Brittany: Mm-hmm.

J.T.: All these women, they're looking at me like I'm some sort of pervert.

Brittany: I figured you'd be used to that by now. Hold these, will you?

J.T.: Yeah. Yeah, sure. You're gettin' all this?

Brittany: I can't make up my mind.

J.T.: Well, at least I'll get a fashion show when I get home.

Brittany: Yeah, right. You should be so lucky.

J.T.: What's the matter? You used to take your clothes off in front of a group of strangers, now you're afraid to let me see you in... what is this?

Brittany: It's a tap pants and camisole set. Don't you know anything?

J.T.: I guess not.

Brittany: This nightgown would be so perfect for my wedding night.

J.T.: You know, we do have a job to do.

Brittany: You have a job to do. I need to finish shopping.

J.T.: Well, I'm not gonna stand here and hold these. I'm gonna put 'em on the counter.

Woman: Hello.

Brittany: Hi.

Woman: Can I help you find a size?

Brittany: Uh, no. Thanks. I'm just looking.

Woman: What a stunning diamond.

Brittany: Oh, thanks.

Woman: Is that your fiancé?

Brittany: Uh, y-yes. That's him.

Woman: I thought so. You're obviously in love.

Brittany: I'm a very lucky girl.

Woman: Let me guess, shopping for your honeymoon.

Brittany: I was thinking about this for my wedding night.

Woman: It's lovely, isn't it?

Brittany: I know it's not white, but it's stunning.

Woman: (Chuckles)

Brittany: Whoa.

Woman: More than you were looking to spend?

Brittany: Yeah, a little.

Woman: Maybe we can work something out.

Brittany: Oh, I can’t. I already have a huge pile going.

Woman: What if I told you there's a way that you can get all of that stuff at a discount?


Paul: You're going to Kansas to visit relatives?

Lynne: It seemed like a good time.

Paul: It's a terrible time. I'm moving the agency into a suite with Michael Baldwin, and you're not going to be here to help me.

Lynne: No, you misunderstood. I'm going after you get settled in. I would never leave you to handle a move like this on your own.

Paul: Oh. Well, scare me half to death why don't you? You know, sometimes I wonder if this is a big mistake. I'm gonna be seeing Michael Baldwin every day of my life.

Lynne: I think the fact that you'll be seeing Chris, too, that might have affected your decision a little bit.

Paul: Mm-hmm. And Michael and I have been relatively cordial lately. But what if he reverts back to type? What if it becomes like-- like it was?

Lynne: We move again.

Paul: You are so practical.

Lynne: And that's why you love me.

Paul: That's why I love you.


Kevin: Well, look who's home. It's my brother, the backstabber.

Michael: I beg your pardon?

Kevin: You just had to go and tell Mom everything, didn't you?

Michael: Yes, I did.

Kevin: I can't believe you. What the hell were you thinking? Things are finally looking up for me. Couldn't you have been on my side?

Michael: Listen, you little ungrate-- look, I have been on your side from the beginning. I have practically put my life on hold to help you.

Kevin: Fine. Fine. Then why did you have to go and spill your guts to mom?

Michael: Because when I found out that Gloria was gonna move in and play house with John Abbott, I felt she had the right to know why he hated your guts.

Kevin: She told you about Mr. Abbott?

Michael: Please, that's more than I can say for you.

Kevin: Well, I knew it would upset you.

Michael: Oh, stop with your lame excuses. You know, look, if you lie to me again, I will kick you out just like I did Gloria.

Kevin: Fine. I'm sorry, okay?

Michael: Prove it. This is your chance to come clean. If you're keeping any more secrets from me, now's the time to tell me.


Devon: Look, will you drop it, all right? I told you, I was just trying to make sure you were still breathing.

Lily: Are you sure? Are you really, really sure?

Devon: Yeah, I'm-- I'm positive, okay? Now just lay off.

Lily: Oh, come on. You know I'm just kidding.

Devon: Yeah, well, I don't have to take it, all right?

Lily: Well, how am I supposed to think of you as a brother if I can't even tease you?

Devon: You think of me as your brother?

Lily: Of course. You're living with us. And who knows? Pretty soon, we could be going to the same school.

Devon: Oh, you mean you're gonna transfer to a public school?

Lily: No, I mean you would go to Walnut Grove.

Devon: Yeah, well... please, Lily, you've seen my grades. You know I'm not that smart.

Lily: Devon, you have got to stop underestimating yourself. You've been working really hard this summer, with all your reading and catching up on everything. I know that you're smart enough to go wherever you want if you really try.


Neil: No, no, no, I am not gonna let you make this about me.

Dru: Neil, the place is run like a prison. Devon won't get nearly the love and attention that he needs, that we'll be able to provide him here.

Neil: All right, then fine. Then mentor him. You don't have to lose contact. But I'm not convinced that our house is the right place for him. I don't think we're ready to take on the responsibility of another child full-time. And then--and then there's Lily.

Dru: What about Lily?

Neil: Lily is 16 years old. She's gorgeous. I think he likes her. You really want to house a live-in boyfriend here?

Dru: Boy, you are really scraping the bottom of the barrel on this one.

Neil: What are you talking about?

Dru: You will think of any excuse just so you can say no.

Neil: No, I--we talked about this many times. We came up with a decision a long time ago.

Dru: That was before we realized how things were gonna turn out, Neil. Things are going fabulously. No! I don't want him going to that hellhole.

Neil: I don't want him going to that hellhole either.

Dru: Then do something about it! Don't turn your back on the boy.

Neil: This isn't about Devon. It's about us. It's about you, how you go crazy every time you don't get something you want. I mean, come on, Drucilla. What kind of role model can you possibly be if I can't even trust you?


Kevin: You know everything, Mikey. I've got nothin' more to hide.

Michael: Really? Because if Gloria’s gonna make this move to John Abbott’s house work, he can never find out who you are.

Kevin: How would he find out?

Michael: Well, he's not an idiot. It's bound to surface sooner or later. What then?

Kevin: Well, Mom knows the truth now, thanks to you, and she still loves me.

Michael: Yeah, well, consider the source. And there's no reason John Abbott has to be as forgiving.

Kevin: Maybe you're forgetting what I did for Lily Winters yesterday. I was a hero, mikey. Now people will give me a second chance.

Michael: That's right. That's right. Yeah. Kevin Fisher--Genoa City's answer to superman-- saves the day.

Kevin: I did. There are plenty of witnesses, too.

Michael: Exactly. Rescuing your former victim in front of half the town, that's--that's quite a hit for you, isn't it?

Kevin: You trying to accuse me of something? If you are, just spit it out.

Michael: Okay. How come you realized there was something wrong with Lily when her best friends didn't have a clue?

Kevin: Because I happened to be in the right place at the right time. I saw her go off with that Alex dude. Lucky for her that I did.

Michael: I wonder if luck had anything to do with it.

Kevin: What do you mean?

Michael: Oh, come on, Kevin. You told me over and over again that something was gonna happen, something to make the whole Winters family look at you in a different light.

Kevin: Yeah, so?

Michael: And right after that, Lily's attacked by a stranger.

Kevin: How could I have known that guy was gonna attack Lily?

Michael: When at the same time you're hanging out with Daniel Romalotti, who just happens to be at the opening to witness your moment of glory.

Kevin: Wasn't it you who always told me that circumstantial evidence doesn't count for anything?

Michael: Admit it, Kevin. You and that punk Daniel set up this whole rescue bit to make you look good.

Kevin: I had nothing to do with Lily getting drugged. She could've died. How could you think I'd be part of something so sickening?

Michael: Hmm, so--so things got out of hand, but you knew something was going down, didn't you?

Kevin: You know what? I'm not even gonna argue with you. 'Cause you've already made up your mind.

Michael: Kevin... you think you're so cagey... but you're forgetting that the Winterses are smart people. Eventually, they're gonna find out what you did. And when that happens, your whole house of cards is gonna collapse. And if you expect me to come to the rescue, you're sadly mistaken.

Kevin: That isn't gonna happen. I won't need your help.

Michael: Keep saying it, maybe you'll believe it.

Kevin: People are finally treating me with respect. There's no way I'm goin' back to what I used to be.

Michael: That's exactly where you're going if you pull any more moronic stunts like this.

Kevin: Back off, Mikey. For the first time in my life, I actually feel good about myself. And I'm not gonna let you ruin that for me.


Woman: Thank you for shopping at Fenmore's.

Woman: So are you interested?

Brittany: Of course. What do I have to do?

Woman: Do you have $50?

Brittany: Yeah.

Woman: You give me the $50, and I'll let you have the nightgown.

Brittany: What's the catch?

Woman: No catch. Consider it a wedding gift.

Brittany: Won't you get into trouble?

Woman: Not if you don't tell anyone. It's not like you're stealing. I'm letting you use my employee discount.

Brittany: This nightgown is $400.

Woman: Do you want it or not?

Brittany: Yes, I do. Just let me talk to my fiancé.

Woman: Why?

Brittany: I don't have the cash.

Woman: Maybe this isn't such a good idea.

Brittany: No, please. I really, really want this nightgown. I just don't have enough money. I've already spent so much on my wedding. My parents aren't helping me at all. My fiancé and I have to pay for everything.

Woman: All right.

J.T.: I don't know, Brittany. I think we should get out of here.

Brittany: (Whispers) I know who the thief is.

J.T.: You do? Who?

Brittany: The salesclerk. Don't look.

J.T.: How do you know it's her?

Brittany: She offered to give me this $400 nightgown for $50.

J.T.: What?

Brittany: As long as I didn't tell anybody. It's the perfect crime.

J.T.: Yeah, she pockets the 50 bucks.

Brittany: And if I get caught on the way out, she can say I was shoplifting.

J.T.: Nice work, Brittany. All right, I'm gonna take it from here.

Brittany: No way. I am enjoying this way too much. Just follow my lead.

Brittany: Honey, this is the lady who's gonna help us out.

J.T.: That's really nice of you.

Woman: Do you have the $50?

J.T.: Yeah, um, but let me get this straight. I mean, we give you 50 bucks, and what, you take off the tags and we can walk out of here?

Woman: Yes, now either let's do it or forget about it.

J.T.: Okay, but what about the rest of the stuff? Like $200 for that, maybe?

Woman: Okay. But it's gonna take me a few minutes. Now come on. Give me the money.

J.T.: Okay. All right. That should be enough. Let me give you my card, too.

Woman: Paul Williams Investigations?

Brittany: That's what you call busted.

Woman: Hey, you know what? I didn't say anything. You are dreaming. It's my word against yours.

J.T.: Well, um, not exactly. Isn't technology great?


Noah: This is fun.

Trevor: You're gettin' to be quite the helper, Noah.

Noah: Now you made me lose count.

Trevor: I'm sorry, kiddo.

Daniel: That's him. That's the guy. Kevin Fisher, the guy who saved Lily.

Reporter: Mr. Fisher, I'm pamela bergin of "the chronicle."

Kevin: Hi.

Reporter #2: Jeff Sullivan, "Stateside Press."

Pamela: We'd like to interview Genoa City's newest hero.


Phyllis: So you-- you have a child.

Damon: Yes.

Phyllis: You never told me that.

Damon: I never tell anyone that.

Phyllis: I don't understand.

Damon: Neither do I. I have been all these years trying to understand. I still don’t.

Phyllis: A boy, a girl?

Damon: A boy. Not unlike yours. Younger... the same, you know?

Phyllis: Really?

Damon: Really. But perhaps now you can understand why I get so frustrated-- I get so frustrated with-- with him. 'Cause he's a beautiful boy.

Phyllis: Yeah. Well, he's just 16.

Damon: I know that. I was 16, you were 16. We didn't see risk. We didn't see danger. We--we thought we could survive anything. 16 is different now.

Phyllis: Yeah, it is different now, isn't it? That's what scares me.

Damon: It should. It scares me.

Phyllis: Where's your son now?

Damon: He died, Phyllis. He died. He's dead. He died with his father, his--his protector, holding him. That--that beautiful...

Damon: That--that perfect, precious little boy, he died. (Sighs) and me, I was... I was supposed to be on guard for him.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Jill: This is political assassination.

Nick: Wow.

Sharon: You look so stressed.

Daniel: Listen, are you gonna blow this whole thing?

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