Tuesday Y&R Transcript 8/31/04

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 8/31/04--Canada; Wednesday 9/1/04--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Neil: I'm not sure I heard you quite right, Ms. Davis. Did you say that you had papers authorizing my wife and me to become foster parents?

Lorena: The initial application, yes. And once signed, there's still a great deal of red tape to go through.

Neil: And you've had these papers how long?

Lorena: A few weeks now. I've just been waiting for Mrs. Winters to return them to me.

Neil: Dru already signed them?

Lorena: We just need your signature to get the ball rolling.

Neil: Apparently you and my wife have been discussing this.

Lorena: You seem surprised.

Neil: Well, I knew that Dru wanted to bring Devon into our house on a more permanent basis, but I never agreed on it.

Lorena: So are you saying that you don't want Devon living with you?

Neil: Ms. Davis, Devonís a good kid, a decent kid. I realize that he needs a place where he's gonna get some structure, learn to function within a normal family.

Lorena: That is why I was so thrilled when your wife said the two of you wanted to become his foster parents.

Neil: I think she may have spoken too soon.

Lorena: Is there some sort of problem, Mr. Winters?


Dru: Phyllis.

Phyllis: Drucilla. Listen, I heard about Lily. How's she doin'?

Dru: Uh, Phyllis, she's gonna be fine. She's a strong girl. She pulled through. Memorial's gonna release her today. Thank you.

Phyllis: Oh, that's great to hear. What a horrible thing to have happened.

Dru: It was horrible. And when I find out who did this to my daughter, so help me God, I'm gonna pummel them.

Phyllis: No, I understand. You call me, and I'll hold 'em down for you. So I'm sure you didn't sleep at all. You look bad. I mean, I'm sure you were at the hospital half the night.

Dru: Try all night, Phyllis, okay? Try all night.

Phyllis: I understand. You--you-- well, you must be exhausted.

Dru: If you think for one second that my exhaustion is going to affect my business acumen, think again.

Phyllis: Okay, listen. I was just extending my concern.

Dru: Donít. Donít. Save all the warm and fuzzies, okay? Because I plan on whuppin' your butt right out that door.

Phyllis: Okay. Excuse me for being sensitive, okay?

Dru: Yeah. Hey, Phyllis.

Phyllis: What?

Dru: Let me tell you something. My family is number one, all right? But I plan on winning this damn competition.


J.T.: So do you really think I'm ready, Paul?

Paul: You did a good job getting info on Joshua Cassen. I think it's time to jump in the fire.

J.T.: Sweet.

Paul: So you'll be operating in the field. I'll have--

Brittany: J.T., are you the one who drank my cold drink this morning? I had to go get a new one.

J.T.: You mean the stuff that tasted like liquid lawn? No. Talk to Mac.

Paul: Hey, Brittany.

Brittany: Oh, hey, Paul.

Paul: How are you?

Brittany: It's nice to see you.

Paul: Thanks.

Brittany: How's the P.I. biz? Bet you know a lot of secrets about the people in Genoa City.

Paul: Uh, well, yeah, we have our moments.

Brittany: Am I interrupting?

J.T.: Actually, we were just looking at a new case.

Brittany: Okay. I'll be as quiet as a mouse.

J.T.: That would be the day.

Paul: Okay. Um, so what do you think? Are you game?

J.T.: Absolutely. You tell me what to do, and I'm there.

Paul: Well, your job is to catch a thief.


Nikki: Well, thank you. It's been a very long time since anybody called me up and asked me to lunch.

Brad: Couldn't stand the thought of you eating by yourself again. So you see? Chivalry isn't completely dead, is it?

Nikki: What does that make me, some damsel in distress?

Brad: Oh, I would never make that mistake. I know you can take care of yourself.

Nikki: Yes, I can. But it's nice to know that others will go out of their way for me. A little kindness goes a long way.

Brad: I assume Victor's still wrapped up in his own issues.

Nikki: Oh, yes, of course. There's always something.

Brad: Well, I hate to say it, Nikki, but that seems to be the price you pay, being married to the man.

Nikki: Well, he didn't used to be this way. But let's talk about something else. Why did you want to see me for lunch? Brad? What's wrong? You seem worried.

Brad: I am. It's you, Nikki. I'm worried about you.


(Knock on door)

Victor: Yes?

Ashley: Mind if we come in?

Victor: What do you mean "we"? I thought you were coming by yourself. Well, look who's there.

Ashley: I decided to bring Abby along.

Victor: What a nice surprise. Hi, sweetheart.

Abby: Hi, Victor.

Ashley: She was so excited when I told her where we were going. Weren't you, honey?

Abby: Uh-huh. Mommy said I would have so much fun.

Victor: Well, I hope we can live up to your expectations.

Jamal: Excuse me, Mr. Newman?

Victor: Jamal.

Jamal: The delivery of art supplies is here.

Victor: Yes. Thank you. Jamal, Ashley and Abby Carlton.

Ashley: Hi.

Jamal: Hi. Nice to meet you.

Victor: Jamal is my right-hand man around here.

Jamal: Nice to meet you.

Ashley: Nice to meet you, too. Can I talk to you alone for just a moment?

Victor: Sure. Um, would you like Jamal to show you around the Rec Center? There are a lot of beautiful things to see...

Abby: Uh-huh.

Victor: And a lot of interesting things to do. Yeah? Jamal, would you mind?

Jamal: Sure thing.

Victor: Thank you.

Jamal: Follow me, Abby.

Ashley: Have fun, sweetie.

Abby: I will.

Victor: She just makes me smile. She's adorable. So let me guess. You came here to tell me that you had a talk with your husband and that he rejected my compromise.


Elliot: I find it hard to trust people, but I have to admit you've completely disarmed me tonight.

Jill: Well, I have to admit that I could say the same about you. You've shown me a different side of yourself, Elliot. I think I like it.

Elliot: Good. Then why don't we stop thinking of this as a business meeting and consider it a date? The first of many perhaps?

Jack: Well, look at you. Things must be picking up around here.

Jill: Not really. The men's line is still hurting. We haven't put out a new product in--

Jack: Don't talk business. For all I know, Newman has the place wired for sound.

Jill: Well, then why are you here?

Jack: Well, to find out how things went with Elliot Hampton, of course.

Jill: Oh, they went fine.

Jack: Fine, fine? That's your answer? This man was arranging to have your legs broken. The idea was to convince him that you'd backed down, called off the investigation, hopefully gotten his guard down.

Jill: Well, excuse me. I didn't go by the Jack Abbott screenplay, but I got the job done, okay?

Jack: Hey, I'm just trying to help you here, sweetheart. Why am I getting an attitude?

Jill: Not from me you're not.

Jack: I certainly am. Let me guess. Mr. Hampton was a bit more charismatic than you thought he would be. Please, don't tell me you're falling for this guy's act.


Neil: You know, Miss Davis, Dru's promised things that she knew I was opposed to.

Lorena: So you are against the boy living with you?

Neil: If we can't agree on this, what exactly will happen with him?

Lorena: He'll be placed in a level-12 group home.

Neil: Level-12, what is that?

Lorena: Less freedom to come and go as he pleases. He'll be closely monitored by psychiatrists and physicians, and his behavioral patterns will be subject to certain controls.

Neil: Meaning what?

Lorena: Medication, if deemed necessary.

Neil: Okay, this is a lot-- a hell of a lot to digest. I need to discuss things with my wife.

Lorena: But off the top of your head?

Neil: I don't believe we'll be fostering Devon.

Olivia: I'm--I'm sorry to interrupt, Neil, but it looks like we can release Lily sooner than expected.

Neil: Oh, that's great news, thanks. Lorena Davis, this is my sister-in-law Dr. Olivia Winters.

Lorena: Dr. Winters.

Olivia: Hi, nice to meet you.

Lorena: Nice to meet you, also. I'm going to just run along, Mr. Winters. You'll get back to me after you've spoken with your wife?

Neil: Yeah, I sure will.

Lorena: Thank you.

Olivia: I'm guessing that whatever you and that woman were talking about isn't good. Who is she?


Ashley: Actually, Brad agreed.

Victor: What do you mean he agreed? Just like that?

Ashley: Not exactly just like that.

Victor: And what do you mean by "not exactly"?

Ashley: It was Abby. She overheard us talking about your idea, and she really wanted to come here. She was so excited.

Victor: In other words, Abby accomplished more than either you or I could.

Ashley: And I'm so happy and so relieved that it's worked out this way.

Victor: You must know that I never want to turn you against your husband, never. I don't ever want to hurt you.

Ashley: Well, I hope that's true, because I want to ask something of you, and I hope you'll agree to it. Otherwise, all the progress we've made would be for nothing.


Brad: Thank you.

Nikki: Thanks.

Brad: Nikki, be honest. How are you really?

Nikki: I'm okay.

Brad: You haven't been yourself lately.

Nikki: I know.

Brad: Is there anything I can do to help?

Nikki: Thanks, Brad. I appreciate it, but you have problems of your own.

Brad: Not so many problems that I can't be there for an old friend. I've been concerned about you for awhile now.

Nikki: Well, you're very sweet. Believe me, if I thought there was anything you could do, I would tell you, but some things in life you just have to deal with yourself.

Brad: I don't like the sound of that.

Nikki: Well, neither do I, but that's the way it is. So what can we talk about that doesn't involve me?

Brad: Okay, obviously I can't make you talk to me, and I do have some news that I think will cheer you up. Victor and I have come to an understanding about Abby.


Neil: Would you believe that lady was Victor Newmanís probation officer?

Olivia: What's that got to do with you?

Neil: Not me. Devon. Lorena's also the woman who arranged for Devon to come live with us temporarily until a spot in a group home opened up.

Olivia: Is there a problem?

Neil: Yeah, the problem is my sneaky little wife.

Olivia: Oh, what's Dru done now?

Neil: Apparently she's been making plans behind my back for this kid to become our foster child.

Olivia: And you didn't know about it?

Neil: Well, I knew she wished he could come and live with us permanently, but for a variety of reasons I thought we had decided against it.

Olivia: Well, I can see why you'd be upset.

Neil: Hey, uh, when can Lily be released?

Dru: Right now. I'm just gonna go down to the lab and check the tests one more time, and then the usual paperwork.

Neil: That's great, because, see, I have to go and speak with Drucilla about this whole Devon situation. I'll be back real fast. Give me, like, I don't know, an hour.

Olivia: You know, don't even worry about it. I'm gonna be off soon. I'll take Lily home.

Neil: You'd do that?

Olivia: Mm-hmm.

Neil: That's fantastic. Thank you so much. I'll sign her out before I leave the hospital, okay?

Olivia: Okay, that'll work.

Neil: All right, I appreciate that, Liv. You'reó


Paul: So the security cameras have gone down twice in the last month.

J.T.: Coincidence?

Paul: Well, maybe. It's an old system, but I don't know.

J.T.: What if we use 'em as a decoy?

Paul: While we're setting up another system?

J.T.: Yeah, yeah.

Paul: Well, that's a good idea. It's expensive, and we'd have to do it in total secrecy.

J.T.: Well, what if we do the install at night?

Paul: What about the security staff?

J.T.: Oh, yeah, yeah. It wouldn't work.

Paul: Look, J.T., Even the best security system doesn't catch everything, which is why I want an operative on-site. I want you to eyeball the place and look for flaws in our present system, because somebody is walking out the back door with a whole hell of a lot of merchandise.

J.T.: Yeah.

Paul: So you up for it?

J.T.: Are you kidding? Yeah, absolutely, I'm there.

Paul: Okay, I'm gonna leave these with you, and you're going to have to figure out a way not to stick out like a sore thumb.

J.T.: I've got some ideas.

Paul: I'm sure you're gonna do a great job.

J.T.: Hey, thanks for your confidence, Paul. I appreciate it.

Paul: You bet. So get over there as soon as you can, and let me know what you find out.

J.T.: You got it.

Paul: Hey, Brittany, bye. See you later.

Brittany: See ya.

Brittany: Whatcha doing? Like a stakeout?

J.T.: Yeah, something like that.

Brittany: Sounds exciting.

J.T.: Oh, I'm glad you think that.

Brittany: Really, why?

J.T.: Because you're coming with me.


Dru: You know, Phyllis, just for giggles, how are your plans going?

Phyllis: Well, you would not believe who I broke bread with today.

Dru: Try me. Who?

Phyllis: Harry Edmonds. "Hollywood" Harry Edmonds, by the way. Uh, perhaps you've heard of him.

Dru: Yeah, you scored a meeting with Harry Edmonds? Yeah, right.

Phyllis: That's right I scored a meeting. It was absolutely fabulous. Drucilla, he is such a charmer. He told me I should be in pageants myself.

Dru: (Laugh)

Phyllis: I know, it's silly. Oh, but he's fabulous. It's gonna be such a blast working with him. I mean, he handles all the national pageants.

Dru: I know who he is, Phyllis, okay?

Phyllis: Yeah, well, he's just a terrific guy, and the ideas, they just... they ooze, they emanate out of him.

Dru: Phyllis, can you do you over there?

Phyllis: That's right. I will do me, trust me.

Dru: Good, good.

Phyllis: So now that I spilled the beans, what are your plans?

Dru: Um, I'm thinking about the long-term for Safra-- the capacity-building, the strategic plan. And those of us that are on the higher echelon of the executive order...

Phyllis: Uh-huh?

Dru: We really must flow that way.

Phyllis: Oh, really, really? And what does that mean?

Dru: Well, um, I'm thinking about going after the entire target demographic by embracing the whole baby boom consumer base. I'm gonna start with a beauty pageant, because I thi-- I've said too much!

Phyllis: (Laughing)

Dru: Ooh, sookie sookie, Phyllis, trying to get it out of me. You'll have to wait until I make my official presentation.

Phyllis: Oh, well, I'm waiting with baited breath.

Dru: Yeah, I'm glad you're here, actually. You know, typically if I had a meeting scheduled in the morning, which I do, I would ask you to beat it, but I'm feeling kind of kicky, feeling kind of confident about my work and the people I'm working so closely with. In fact, I'm thinking about bringing in a third person and putting a desk in this vicinity here.

Phyllis: No, you're not bringing in a third person. You're not bringing in a desk. (Intercom beeps)

Dru: Oh, yes, I am. There's plenty of room. Excuse me. Hold the thought. I've got business. I've got business to handle. Excuse me. Hello? Wendy, she's here? Fabulous. Send her in. Thank you. You may as well get used to her hanging around.

Phyllis: Yeah, great.

Dru: Hi, good morning.

Diane: Good morning, ladies.


Jill: Well, what can I say, Jack? Elliot is a very interesting man. I can see why he's gotten as far as he has.

Jack: Sweetheart, you had to know he was gonna turn on the charm.

Jill: Well, he had it to turn on, and you can't say that about everybody.

Jack: Let me ask, if I dare, did you guys even discuss business? Or did he manage to turn the main topic of conversation to the limpid pools that are your eyes, the blushing rose petals that are your lips?

Jill: Stop it! It was not like that at all, and I am not a damn schoolgirl.

Jack: Then what was it like?

Jill: Don't worry about it.

Jack: Don't worry about it? Honey, you're the one that begged me to get involved in this, remember? You had serious questions about the way Elliot Hampton was managing your mother's very large company. We looked. We saw things we didn't like, things that suggested that maybe Mr. Hampton was looting the company for his own personal enrichment. And then we find out that he may have a contract out on you to keep you from snooping. We sent you into the lion's den to declaw this man. Now you're telling me he's interesting? Forgive me, if only for the fact that I've spent so many hours pouring over those dry corporate papers for you, I think I have a right to be curious.

Jill: Take a breath, Jack. You're gonna hurt yourself. I'm not shutting you out.

Jack: I'm glad to hear that.

Jill: Look, there are some legitimate questions about Elliotís stewardship of chancellor industries. And, yes, the plan was for me to go into the lion's den, as you put it, and get friendly, get close to him, to see how Elliot operates, but it's not time to blow the whistle on him.

Jack: Why, because it would give your mother a heart attack?

Jill: No, because it might send her back to the bottle. It might ruin her upcoming wedding. I mean, why take that risk until we know Elliotís weak spot?

Jack: Frankly, it's your weak spot I'm worried about right now.

Jill: You really think that I am so desperate, a man's gonna chuck me under the chin, tell me he finds me fascinating, and I'm gonna just forget what day of the week it is?

Jack: No, no, and I'm sorry if it appeared that that's what I was saying.

Jill: Well, it did.

Jack: Look, the point is, we have to expose this man's Achilles heel, find out how it is he lined his pockets without so much as causing a stir among the old-guard chancellor employees. We have to figure out a way to bring him down without it letting Katherine--

Jill: Bring him down? Hey, we may have some suspicions here, but it's just a little bit early for a hanging, don't you think?


Victor: Before you say anything, I want you to know that I am perfectly aware of how damaging a court battle would be for Abby. If I had known when Victoria was a child how fleeting that time is, I would have moved heaven and earth to do things differently. Now she's far away from here. It makes me very sad.

Ashley: You know that that's one of Brad's biggest fears-- that you're using our daughter to replace Victoria, basically.

Victor: No one can replace Victoria, so don't feel that. And I don't want to repeat the mistakes of the past. I think we should do everything in our power to make sure that that beautiful young child is surrounded by nothing but love.

Ashley: Sometimes you know exactly the right thing to say, and I haven't even told you my request yet.


[Brad remembering.]

Brad: So, little lady, you like the idea of that recreation center, huh?

Abby: Uh-huh, it sounds like fun, doesn't it, Mommy?

Ashley: What are you talking about? I'm the one who said it first.

Abby: You know, Daddy, you can come with me, if you want. You might have fun, too.

Brad: You think so, huh?

Abby: Uh-huh. Daddy.

Brad: What, baby?

Abby: Are you worried?

Brad: What is it you think I would be worried about?

Abby: My other daddy.

Ashley: You mean Victor, sweetie?

Abby: Yes. You know, Daddy, you don't have to worry about him. I like Victor. He's fun. But you'll always be my number one daddy, always. So don't worry, okay?

Brad: Okay. Thank you for telling me that, honey. You don't how much it means to me.


Nikki: Sorry about that. So tell me about this arrangement with Abby.

Brad: Well, if the Rec Center is everything Ash says it is, itíll be a good place for Abby. She'll take classes there. She'll meet all kinds of people.

Nikki: You haven't told me how you feel about it.

Brad: I don't trust Victor. I'm sure he has an ulterior motive, but we couldn't continue this tug-of-war with Abby, and she loves the idea of the Rec Center, so... Nikki, are you with me?

Nikki: Yeah.

Brad: You sure? You seem like you're someplace else.

Nikki: I'm just thinking of the irony of this. I was with Victor last night, and he didn't say a word.

Brad: Are you serious?

Nikki: You know, it just proves where his priorities are. He knows how upset I am about this situation with Abby, but he doesn't say a word to me. Why are you telling me? Why do I have to hear this from you and not my husband?


Devon: Hey, Doc, Neil.

Neil: Hey, how's Lily?

Devon: She's good. She's her usual dramatic self.

Olivia: Well, that's a good sign.

Devon: Yeah, she's pretty cool for a girl.

Neil: So Dr. Winters is gonna be releasing Lily soon, right?

Devon: You think it's okay if I stick around to keep her company?

Neil: Whoa-ho, I'm looking at my watch here. Isn't there some work left to do at school?

Devon: Yeah, but I'd really like to just stay around until she's ready to get out, please.

Neil: Now you realize you're gonna have some extra studying to do?

Devon: Yeah, I know, I know, and I'll do it, I promise. Thank you, and thanks, Doc, for fixing up Lily.

Olivia: Well, quite a change in that boy from the way Dru described him before.


Dru: Diane, please, come in.

Phyllis: No, no, no, no, no.

Dru: I believe you two know each other. Diane, Phyllis. Phyllis, Diane.

Diane: How are you doing, Phyllis?

Phyllis: You're not serious.

Dru: As a heart attack. Is there a problem?

Phyllis: Yeah, you know there's a problem. She's an architect. She has no idea what we do here.

Dru: Au contraire, chŤre. I have hired Dianeís expertise to redesign this space once I win it over.

Phyllis: Yeah, redesign the janitor's closet when you end up in there.

Diane: Really, Phyllis.

Dru: (Laughs)

Phyllis: You know, Diane, shut up. You have no business being here.

Dru: Whoa, watch the way you talk to my colleague. And I can hire whoever I want, by the way.

Phyllis: She works at Jabot. I know what you're doing, by the way.

Diane: I'm an investor there. I'm not an employee.

Dru: A qualified independent contractor.

Phyllis: Yeah, qualified at lying on her back while she collects money, also while the founder of this company dumps her.

Diane: Oh, really, Phyllis, that is low even for you.

Phyllis: I'm not gonna be nice to you, Diane.

Dru: You know, um, I would appreciate if you would respect my friend here. How dare you talk to her like that?

Phyllis: How dare I? How dare I? Let me count the ways.


J.T.: So what do you think? You want to come with me?

Brittany: Yeah, right. That's me--wonder woman, hunting down the bad guys with my invisible plane.

J.T.: I'm serious, Brittany.

Brittany: J.T., P.I.-- living dangerously.

J.T.: Yeah, well, it's not half as risky as hanging out with that crowd down at Marsinoís.

Brittany: Not cool, J.T., not at all.

J.T.: Oh, come on, Brittany. I didn't mean to dis your boyfriend.

Brittany: Is that it?

J.T.: And I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry.

Brittany: Okay.

J.T.: You want to look at these photos or not?

Brittany: Sure.

J.T.: Right here.

Brittany: Isn't that Fenmore's?

J.T.: Yeah, some major merchandise is walking out of that place.

Brittany: And the security cameras are busted.

J.T.: Yeah, and they're having a big sale tomorrow. The place is gonna be zoo. It's a perfect opportunity for thieves.

Brittany: I still don't understand why you want me there.

J.T.: Well, look again. This is the fourth floor.

Brittany: Oh. Oh!

J.T.: Yeah, no guy spends more than ten minutes in the lingerie department.

Brittany: Unless he's a cross-dresser.

J.T.: Or he's with his girlfriend. Hey, come on, Brittany, it's a piece of cake. You know, you shop. I'll scope things out.

Brittany: I don't know, J.T.

J.T.: Come on, this is my first job. This is really important to me.

Brittany: Yeah, well, you know, J.T., I asked you for help with my wedding, which was really important to me, and you turned me down flat. You didn't even think about it.

J.T.: Okay, all right, you know what? If you help me out, I'll go pick cakes out with you or something, whatever you do.

Brittany: No, I want you to stand up for me, be my best man, since I'm not having a maid of honor.

J.T.: Come on, Brittany, I don't want to do that.

Brittany: That's my offer. Take it or leave it.

J.T.: Fine. Now come on. We've got a job to do. Grab your purse. Let's go. Come on!


Jack: Look, this Elliot Hampton may be a paragon of fiscal responsibility and spotlessly honest management. I don't know how you get there from here, but fine. The house, the jets, the expensive perks and toys-- there may be a perfectly legitimate reason for him having those, but just because he says it's kosher doesn't mean it's kosher.

Jill: What do you take me for?

Jack: Okay, look, I can put myself in your shoes. It is much easier to go after an ugly little man who oozes evil out of every pour than it is to go after somebody you might enjoy having a drink with or maybe even more.

Jill: Oh, for God's sake, I'm not sleeping with him.

Jack: Okay, slow down. Slow down, relax. All I'm saying is, and I won't say this again, be careful. You're the one who got this ball rolling, trying to do the right thing by Katherine in looking after Chancellor Industries to see that it's safe, it's healthy, it's well-run. Now you've run into a C.E.O. who may be a swell Joe, yes, or he may be very deceitful, very clever and in the end, very dangerous. You keep your eyes open. You keep your mind clear.

Jill: Yes, Daddy.

Jack: And don't call me Daddy.

Jill: (Chuckles)


Dru: Phyllis, I have had enough of your diatribe against Diane.

Phyllis: I haven't even started my diatribe.

Diane: Is it always this friendly around here?

Dru: Oh, yes. Today is a very good day, actually.

Phyllis: Listen, big mouth--

Dru: Shut the hole in your face.

Phyllis: No, no, you shut your hole!

Neil: Hey, hey, hey! Hey, not this again! Cut it out!

Dru: Neil, Neil...

Phyllis: Excuse me.

Dru: Excuse me.

Phyllis: I'm glad you've intervened. Your little missus here has stepped way over the line.

Dru: I beg to differ.

Neil: Diane, what are you doing here?

Dru: I can explain.

Diane: Well, Drucilla--

Phyllis: No, no, no, I'll explain, I'll explain. Your little missus has hired Diane to do God knows what, but it's really a stupid immature scheme to drive me up the wall.

Dru: You know what? She's having her fit, as usual.

Diane: It's not stupid!

Dru: It's not stupid. Hardly stupid. You see, Diane was a model, a top model, like myself.

Neil: Okay, all right.

Dru: And the two of us--

Neil: I think that's enough. All right, all right! Silence is golden.

Phyllis: Yes, it is, it is. I'm sure you're unaware of this so-called executive hiring decision.

Dru: Did you know that she used executive funds to fly in Hollywood Harry?

Phyllis: That's untrue. It came out of my pocket.

Dru: Did you know that? Yeah, right.

Phyllis: That's untrue.

Neil: All right, I've heard enough. I've heard enough. Thank you, ladies. I'm in no mood for this. I have a bad headache. This is very unprofessional. I'm gonna start firing people. Phyllis, Diane, I'd like you to leave the room, please. I need to speak with my wife in private.

Diane: No problem.

Dru: Diane, I'll call you later.

Phyllis: Good day.

Dru: Cuckoo!


Nikki: I'm happy that Victor is trying to ease the tension between the two of you, but I hate that he didn't even tell me about it.

Brad: Maybe he was waiting for the right moment.

Nikki: No, the silence between us last night was palpable. There couldn't have been a better time.

Brad: Nikki, I'm sorry. I don't know what else to say.

Nikki: You don't have to say anything. I hope this thing works with Abby, but there are so many things that could go wrong.

Brad: I know it. That's why I'm trying to stay positive.

Nikki: I wish I could, too, but there's just so much going on, Brad, things that even victor doesn't know about.

Brad: Talk to him about them.

Nikki: I have talked to him. He just... he doesn't even hear me.

Brad: Nikki, what is it?

Nikki: Nothing, nothing. I just wish he would talk to me. That's all.

Brad: This is eating you alive. You've got to talk to Victor, to someone, please.

Nikki: You're right. I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna do that right now. Thank you, Brad.


Ashley: I can imagine what this situation with Abby is doing to Nikki and you.

Victor: There's something else going on with Nikki, something that she is very reluctant to talk about, and that's pulling us apart.

Ashley: I'm sorry to hear that. Have you reached out to her?

Victor: I've tried several times to no avail. What did you come to tell me?

Ashley: Oh, that. Well, you know, this compromise is actually a victory, and I know it might seem small to you, but from Brad's perspective he's made a huge concession. So please don't push. Could you just enjoy your time with Abby and let the tension subside, please?

Victor: I hope you have made the same request of him. Do I need to remind you he's the one that was willing to drag us into court?

Ashley: I'm aware of that, and I have. He loves Abby very much. So can you live with this? (Door opens)

Ashley: Well, hi.

Abby: Hi. It's a horsey.

Victor: Whoa, what a beautiful horsey. Did you make it?

Abby: I made it for you, Victor.

Victor: You did?

Abby: Uh-huh.

Victor: Wow, that's nice. Look at that. You have talent.

Abby: (Giggles)

Victor: You know where I'm gonna put it? Right here on my desk. Right here. There.

Abby: I was just thinking about the day at the ranch when I rided a horsey, the one you gave me.

Victor: Uh-huh. Well, we can do that again one day.

Abby: Uh-huh, I want to go again.

Ashley: Sweetie...

Abby: Well, maybe this time you can come, Mommy, and Daddy, too. You can take the day off, and we can all ride horses together.

Ashley: Well, you never know. It might happen.

Victor: It could happen. That's right.

Ashley: I would love that, you know, if all of us could just have peace and harmony in our lives. Sweetie, I think we gotta go.

Abby: Oh, okay.

Ashley: Come here, doodles.

Abby: Bye, Victor.

Victor: Bye, sweetheart.

Abby: I hope you like the horse I made.

Victor: Oh, thank you. I will cherish this.

Ashley: Bye-bye.

Victor: I will. Bye.

Abby: Bye!

Victor: Bye.

Victor: She's adorable.


(Knocks on door)

Jill: Elliot.

Elliot: I hope you're not allergic.

Jill: Oh, to the flowers? No, no, of course not. It's just--

Elliot: That you're busy.

Jill: I am. I am a little bit busy.

Elliot: All right, well, I'll just set these down here, and...

Jill: Oh, they're so beautiful.

Elliot: I'll be on my way.

Jill: Wait a minute. You don't have to leave this very second. I mean, it is just business.

Elliot: So how is your day?

Jill: My day? Okay, I'll be honest with you. Lately we have been fighting for our lives here at jabot.

Elliot: And your division?

Jill: My division is just an exercise in frustration, given our current financial straits.

Elliot: Well, I think I have a solution.

Jill: You do?

Elliot: You and I, we take a scandalously long lunch. We get away from here, take a break, recharge your batteries.

Jill: Oh, Elliot.

Elliot: No, I mean it, I mean it. Sometimes you just have to get away, call in well, take a mental health holiday you come back refreshed with new ideas.

Jill: It does sound lovely.

Elliot: Good, because I've made reservations at a little place not too many people know about. It's a little ways outside of town, and I have a car and driver waiting for us.

Jill: Wait, wait, wait, wait. This is so sweet of you, and I hear you. I really do, but don't you think that, um, maybe we're taking this just a little too quickly?

Elliot: Well, it's not like we're shacking up in some out-of-the-way motel.

Jill: I know, I know. You're being a perfect gentleman. I'll tell you what. Why don't we have lunch tomorrow at Yves', okay? And then some other time maybe we could go to that other place of yours, because I really do have some stuff here I can't turn my back on.

Elliot: All right, Yves' tomorrow.

Jill: Elliot. Thank you for the flowers and for the advice.

Elliot: You're welcome.

Jill: What am I doing? Thank you so much, Jack.


Dru: Honey, I swear I was gonna tell you that I hired Diane, but I've been so crazy busy, you know, with the hospital, here, everything--

Neil: Drucilla, this has nothing to do with that. I don't even care about that right now.

Dru: Is Lily okay? Is she all right?

Neil: Lily's fine. She's just fine. Liv is gonna take her home.

Dru: Thank God for Liv.

Neil: Yeah, thank God for Liv. Listen, I was gonna take Lily home, but instead of being able to wait for her to get out of the hospital, I had to come here to see you. Why? Because of something else you did behind my back.

Dru: What are you talking about? What are you talking about?

Neil: Oh, here you go now.

Dru: What, what?

Neil: See, you're gonna try to play stupid with me. Don't play me like this. All right, I had a conversation today with Lorena Davis. You wouldn't believe what she said, but then again, maybe you would.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Neil: Well, what kind of role model can you possibly be if I can't even trust you?

Michael: And when things start not adding up with Kevin, it's never a good sign.

Kevin: Don't mess with Kevin Fisher! Do not mess with him, because he's gonna mess back!

Gloria: You're scaring me.

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