Monday Y&R Transcript 8/30/04

Y&R Transcript Monday 8/30/04 -- Canada, Tuesday 8/31/04 -- U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Michael: I thought I heard you.

Gloria: Yep, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Hope you don't mind, I borrowed one of your bathrobes. All my things are already over at John’s.

Michael: Kevin's gone?

Gloria: Mm-hmm. Visiting a friend, who I'll bet says "good morning," unlike some people I know.

Michael: Good. I'm glad we're alone. We need to talk.

Gloria: Well, have some coffee first, please. You're a bear in the morning without it.

Gloria: (Sighs) what?

Michael: You know what. This ridiculous plan of yours.

Gloria: It was John's idea.

Michael: I don't care whose idea it is, it's insane.

Gloria: Michael, look, this is my last day in this apartment. I'm in a fabulous mood. Can't we at least try to keep things pleasant?

Michael: Moving in with the Abbotts... is a train wreck waiting to happen. Just trust me on that.


Ashley: Oh, Mamie, your cinnamon rolls are so good.

Jack: Good morning, all.

John: Ah, son.

Mamie: Good morning, Jack.

Ashley: Have a seat. Mamie made your favorite.

Jack: Wait not cinnamon rolls. Mamie, you devil.

Mamie: There's one with your name on it.

Jack: Do me a favor, set it aside. I have an early tennis date, and I need to stay light on my feet.

John: (Chuckles)

Ashley: And who's the lucky winner this morning?

Jack: In the smilin' Jack sweepstakes, you mean?

Ashley: Just don't tell me Jill.

Jack: Her name's Elise Tomkins, if you need to know.

John: Well, you've been seeing quite a bit of her.

Jack: Well, how do you know how much she's let me see?

Ashley: Eww.

Mamie: Jackie.

Jack: Aw, Mame. So spill. What's the occasion?

Ashley: Yeah, why did you want to talk to us all this morning, Daddy?

John: Well, I have some news I want to share with all of you.

Mamie: Good news, I hope.

John: I certainly think so, yes. It's about Gloria.

Mamie: The new woman that you've been dating?

John: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: What about her?

Jack: Well, you don't have to talk about her like she's public enemy number one.

Ashley: Well, you had your impression, and I have mine.

Jack: Based on one meeting.

Ashley: Sometimes that's all it takes.

John: Well, excuse me. Would anyone here like to hear what I have to say?

Jack: Yeah, sorry, Dad. Go ahead.

Mamie: Yes, we're listening.

John: All right. Mamie, Jack, this will affect you far more than Ashley 'cause you're living here, but, uh, I have made a decision.

Ashley: More like a fait accompli, wouldn't you say?

John: I have invited Gloria to move in with us, and she's accepted.

Ashley: How convenient that her luggage just happened to be on the porch at the time.

John: Ashley.

Jack: W-wait, this-- this is for real?

John: Yes, very much so. And, uh, in spite of your sister's reservations, I'm rather pleased.

Mamie: Well, this certainly is news. You were right about that.

Jack: So you knew all about this and never said anything.

Ashley: Well, I didn't want to steal Dad's thunder.

John: You know, it isn't like I have to ask permission around here.

Jack: No, no, no, no, of course not. I ju-- I don't know, it's just surprising.

Ashley: Stunning is more like it.

John: (Chuckles)

Mamie: John, please understand, I'm not trying to tell you your business, but--

John: But I've only been seeing this woman a short time. Now let's see, what's the rush, and why are things moving so fast?

Mamie: (Chuckles)

Ashley: You know, actually, that's a really good question. Why are they?


Dru: Liv, are you sure Lily's gonna be okay?

Olivia: It was a close call, but she's stable now.

Dru: (Sighs)

Neil: Thank God.

Olivia: She had a good night, and, um, I'm sure we can release her today. Look, I gotta get back on my rounds. I'll see you a little later?

Dru: Yes. Liv, thank you so much.

Neil: Thanks, Liv.

Dru: Devon, what are you doing here?

Devon: Hey, I, uh, came to see Lily.

Neil: Shouldn't you be in school?

Devon: Yeah, but it's not till later. It's oreo-something.

Dru: Orientation. Orientation.

Neil: Yeah, orientation. That's pretty important there, man.

Devon: Yeah, I know. I promise, I'm not gonna stay long, okay? I just... can I see her, please?

Dru: Of course you can. All right? You have your watch on?

Devon: Yeah.

Dru: Okay, you keep track of the time. You know, you're turning over a new leaf. Don't want you to be late on your first day of school, okay?

Devon: I won’t.

Dru: All right.

Devon: Thanks. Thank you.

Dru: Okay.


Phyllis: Morning.

Daniel: You're up early.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. I have an early meeting.

Daniel: Well, don't let me keep you.

Phyllis: Freeze. Let's talk about what happened last night.

Daniel: Are you sure that you want to do this right now?

Phyllis: Yeah, I'm sure. You should know something about me. I don't like to keep things in.

Daniel: Fine. You want it straight? I cat t believe the way you treated my friend.

Phyllis: What?

Daniel: You know, you could've left him alone instead of interrogating him like the Gestapo.

Phyllis: Daniel, you brought this loser into my ho-- into our home, and he was rude to me.

Daniel: Yeah, because you pushed him.

Phyllis: No, because he's a low-life scum. Where did you meet him? I know a criminal in the making, if he isn't one already.

Daniel: Where do you get that?

Phyllis: God, man, you must think I'm really stupid. Daniel, I don't want him in this house again.

Daniel: Fine. No problem.

Phyllis: Good. And I don't want you to talk to him ever again. Do you understand me? That's an order.

Daniel: Where do you get off thinking you can tell me what to do?

Phyllis: Well, try this. I'm your mother.

Daniel: Well, I don't need a mother. Not that way. I'm not 5 years old anymore.

Phyllis: No, you're not, but I know danger when I see it.

Daniel: You know what? It's my business so just butt out of it.

Phyllis: You know what? You're not gonna talk to me like that, okay? You're not gonna disrespect me. Did you hear me? I mean, I know what it's like to be a teenager.

Daniel: Great. This old talk.

Phyllis: No. You think you're invincible. I mean, every kid feels that way. You think nothing's gonna hurt you. I mean, in my gut, I know that this Alex kid is dangerous. It's my job to look out for you, whether you like it or not.

Daniel: You know, I didn't have parents around like normal kids do, so I had to grow up a little bit faster. And I can take care of myself. I don't need you interfering.

Phyllis: I said the same thing to my parents.

Daniel: And did you listen to them? Well, I guess I'm just a chip off the old block.

Phyllis: Listen, Daniel, maybe if my parents had taken an interest in me like I'm doing with you now, maybe I wouldn't have made all the mistakes that I made.

Daniel: You know what? You really are something. You go and you make a big fat mess of your own life, and now you stand here, and you think you can tell me what to do. I-I bet you'd like hit me, too. Well, go ahead. Or maybe we should have your boyfriend Mr. Personality do it for you.

Phyllis: I'm only gonna say this once, so get it into your head. My house, my rules.

Daniel: Well, screw this, then. I'll just go live with Christine.

Phyllis: You go do that. You go live with Christine. I have a meeting in 20 minutes.


Michael: John Abbott is wrong for you. He's beyond wrong.

Gloria: Boy, there's just no winning with you, is there?

Michael: I'm simply telling you the painful truth.

Gloria: You're always putting down the men I choose, and then I find one who's wonderful, who treats me like a queen, you have a problem with that, too.

Michael: Gloria, Gloria, just listen to me. Just listen to me for once, please.

Gloria: What?

Michael: Look, John Abbott may be a wonderful man. But he can't be your wonderful man.

Gloria: Why?

Michael: If you move into the Abbott house, I guarantee you, you will live to regret it.

Gloria: Well, what's so terrible? Why are you and Kevin always making all these dire predictions?

Michael: Gloria, he doesn't know who you are. He doesn't know who we are.

Gloria: Well, Kevin felt that it was better that way.

Michael: Haven't you wondered why?

Gloria: Well...

Michael: What exactly did Kevin tell you?

Gloria: Well, just that his reputation here isn't that great, and he didn't want John thinking less of me because of it. And that's because Kevin wants what's best for me. He wants to see me happy, unlike you.

Michael: Here's a tip. The path to happiness with a man like John Abbott is not paved with lies and half-truths. Oh, Gloria. You have no idea how volatile this situation is, do you?

Gloria: Okay, okay, so tell me. I'm sick of all this hinting around.

Michael: Okay. My half-brother, your son...

Gloria: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Is a very angry, unstable young man. He has been accused of doing some sordid things. He's been-- he's been accused of some extremely serious crimes.

Gloria: Accused is not the same as guilty. For God's sake, Michael, you're a lawyer. If anybody knows--

Michael: He was involved last year with a young girl named Lily, age 15. And I'm gonna tell you what he did to her and her friend Colleen, who just happens to be John Abbott’s beloved granddaughter, and to Gina Roma, who's John's dear friend. And after I tell you the whole story, maybe you'll just give me a little credit.


John: Let me put all of your fears to rest.

Jack: Well, it's not fears necessarily--

John: All right, questions, concerns, whatever you want to call it.

Ashley: Well, I think we're all wondering where this is going to lead. Is it going all the way to marriage? And why is it happening so fast?

John: Now, Ashley, it is quite clear that you're not in favor of this. But I think when you hear my reasons, you'll realize that this is not as big a deal as you're making it. It isn't as if Gloria and I are going to be living together romantically, because we're not. She has her own guest suite. This is strictly a practical accommodation.

Jack: Whatever that means.

John: Jack, the woman is in a very difficult position. She's been living with her sons in very close quarters, and unfortunately, they do not get along very well at all. Now she was about to go back to Detroit, her home-- which, Ashley, is why she had her bags with her that day-- something I knew nothing about when I offered her the invitation.

Mamie: So what you're saying is that she's choosing to stay in Genoa City on account of your relationship and not because of her family?

John: I suppose that's fair. I mean, think about it. The cab was waiting, she was holding her plane ticket in her hand, and she specifically came by here to say good-bye to me. And then lo and behold, I offer her a solution. Which works rather well for both of us, I might add.

Mamie: Well, it certainly is a generous gesture on your part, John, but is this absolutely what you want to do?

Ashley: Mamie's right, Daddy. I mean, even if she does have her own room, it's a huge step.

John: I know that, Ash. I'm looking forward to it. Look, honey, I think once you get to know Gloria, you'll see what a delight she is. I mean, I enjoy her company immensely.

Jack: So this is a done deal? I mean, you've decided this?

John: Jack, are you uncomfortable with this? Because if you are--

Jack: No, no, no, no, no. Wait, wait. I'm not saying that. I'm just-- if this makes you happy, who are we to stand in your way? Heck, you deserve to have some fun in your life, too.

John: Thank you. Mamie?

Mamie: And although I've not yet met the lady, I'm willing to keep my mind open.

John: Well, that's great. Ash, I wish you could feel the same.

Ashley: Daddy, I just want what's best for you. And, yeah, I'm always gonna be protective. I'm sorry. I can't lie and tell you that I'm 100% behind this.

John: Well, my beauty, I'm sorry to hear that. But I hope, in time, that all of you will become as fond of Gloria as I am. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get to the office. I have a very early appointment.

Ashley: Bye.

John: Bye-bye.


Devon: Hey, Lily, you awake?

Lily: Hi.

Dru: (Sighs)

Neil: My goodness. That was one hell of a night.

Dru: Yeah. Oh, baby, it sure was. One I hope we never have to repeat.

Neil: Our baby's just fine now.

Dru: Yeah. Wasn't it sweet, how Devon came around just to visit Lily?

Neil: Yeah, Devon. He's a-a good kid.

Dru: Yeah, a big change since we first met him. Big change. Whoo.

Neil: Reminds me, have you talked to Lorena Davis lately?

Dru: About what?

Neil: Devon, of course. She was supposed to let us know when a group home was available.

Dru: Honey, honey, now wouldn't be a good time to move the boy. He's made so much progress. And more and more, he seems like our flesh and blood.

Neil: Okay, easy, Dru. Don't let your motherly instincts carry you away. Remember what we agreed? The minute Lorena found a suitable alternative, that young man would hit the highway.


Phyllis: Now your internet site said that you've done a few pageants.

Man: A few?

Phyllis: Yes.

Man: Try over a thousand, sweetheart. I am a legend on the glamour circuit.

Phyllis: Oh, great. Great. Well, you have a very impressive résumé, Mr. Edmonds.

Mr. Edmonds: Oh, let's forget the "mister." I'm just plain Harry to my friends.

Phyllis: Oh, great. Okay, Harry. They call you "Hollywood" Harry, correct?

Harry: Oh, yes. That's because a lot of my girls break into the movies. My productions are a ticket to the big time.

Phyllis: Oh, my. Well, you read my proposal, right?

Harry: Yes.

Phyllis: Working a nationwide beauty pageant into a promotion for our Safra Cosmetics Products.

Harry: Mm-hmm. You bet I read it. Dynamite ideas. Shows me that you did your homework.

Phyllis: Well, thank you very much. I want this to be classy not cheesy.

Harry: Oh, everything I do is strictly on the up-and-up. Check around, honey.

Phyllis: Good. Oh, no need. I think we just need to get together and work out the financial arrangements.

Harry: Well, my time is your time, Phyllis. Call me whenever you want to talk.

Phyllis: Good. I just need to consult Neil Winters.

Harry: Oh, your new C.E.O. I hear such great things about the man.

Phyllis: Yeah, he’s great. And if this is a workable project, he's on board.

Harry: Well, it has been a pleasure, Ms. Summers. Has anyone told you that you should do pageants yourself?

Phyllis: (Laughs) oh. Ahem. No. I mean, I-I like working behind the scenes.

Harry: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Harry: Well, I'll be hearing from you then.

Phyllis: Oh, yes. Definitely. Thanks for taking the meeting.

Harry: Thank you.

Phyllis: Ta-ta.

Harry: Ta.

Jack: Mind if I join you?

Phyllis: Jack. Um, no. Please, please. (Giggles)


(Knock on door)

Kevin: Dude, you rock! I definitely rock. The whole world rocks.

Daniel: What is this, the Lily thing?

Kevin: Like there's anything else.

Daniel: Are you on something?

Kevin: W-what's with the attitude, dude? It worked. I am a hero. For the first time in my life, I am the guy that people are looking up to. Lily's friends, even her parents thanked me, dude. I'm so in.

Daniel: This was all a setup, remember?

Kevin: Yeah, well, easy for you to say. I'm the one who took a shot to the chops trying to save Lily, so...

Daniel: Well, who was gonna buy the act without a little realism?

Kevin: Hmm. Well, I definitely showed 'em some realism in return. Did you see me? I was all unh, unh, unh.

Daniel: And--and you think they're just gonna let it go, just like that?

Kevin: Dude, what are you talking about? We are free and clear. Alex isn't gonna say anything, and I'm pretty sure you're cool.

Daniel: What about Lily?

Kevin: That was pretty messed up, him slipping her that drug like that. I had no idea anything like that was gonna happen. But fortunately for us, she's going to be okay.

Daniel: The hospital tell you that?

Kevin: Yeah. Why?

Daniel: Look, kev, I think we signed on for a little more than we thought.

Kevin: W-what does that mean?

Daniel: Alex. He was here.

Kevin: Alex came here?

Kevin: Why'd he do that?

Daniel: To make sure we keep up our end of the deal.


Jack: Your boyfriend?

Phyllis: (Laughs) no. Hardly.

Jack: Whatever you say.

Phyllis: Um, that's, uh, Mr. Edmonds. We're working on a project together. He may be my temporary partner.

Jack: W-wait. "Hollywood" Harry Edmonds?

Phyllis: Yeah. You've heard of him?

Jack: Who hasn't? He's kind of a legend.

Phyllis: That's what he said.

Jack: Doesn't he mostly work on beauty pageants?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Among other things.

Jack: So what kind of project are you working on with Hollywood Harry Edmonds? Care to tell me?

Phyllis: Um, no, I cannot.

Jack: I'm not working for the competition anymore. You can tell me all your secrets.

Phyllis: I don't have any secrets. Besides, it's not a done deal yet.

Jack: Okay.

Phyllis: (Giggles)

Jack: You look great.

Phyllis: Thank you. So do you. This is the most relaxed I have ever seen you.

Jack: Retirement agrees with me.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. So what are you doing here?

Jack: Uh, waiting for a tennis partner.

Phyllis: Oh. Would that be a beautiful woman tennis partner?

Jack: Might be.

Phyllis: (Chuckles)

Jack: How's Daniel?

Phyllis: Don't ask.

Jack: Well, last time we talked, you were on cloud nine.

Phyllis: Well, I guess the honeymoon's over, isn't it? I mean, don't get me wrong. I--it's like a dream come true, having a relationship with my son. But handling a teenager has its challenges.

Jack: He giving you a hard time?

Phyllis: Yeah. It's just, I'm the adult, and I refuse to be manipulated or blackmailed by my own son.

Jack: For what it's worth, I think you can handle this. I think he's a lucky kid. And I would like to meet him sometime. You were gonna set that up.

Phyllis: I wanna set that up. I have my hands full, but--

Jack: Yeah, I understand. It's--its fine. Oh, here's my date. Hi.

Woman: Hi.

Jack: Elise Tomkins, this is Phyllis Summers.

Elise: Your-- your ex-wife, right?

Jack: Well, uh, more like a friend these days.

Elise: Hmm.

Phyllis: Um, pleasure. Pleasure.

Elise: Hi. Ready to go, honey?


Michael: So... any more questions as to why, uh, you and John Abbott aren't the perfect mix?

Gloria: I can’t... I can't believe this.

Michael: Well, I wish Kevin had told you himself. But I certainly understand why he wouldn't have wanted to.

Gloria: Statutory rape? Arson? I just--

Michael: Don't forget obstruction of justice and attempted murder.

Gloria: No, Michael, please, just... just give me a minute here.

Michael: I truly am sorry, Gloria, but I just felt that you needed to hear the truth.

Gloria: I just... I had no idea. None.

Michael: None? Honestly?

Gloria: Well, I-I knew that Kevin had some problems. He--he said that he'd done some things that he wasn't proud of, but...

Michael: You also knew that he adamantly did not want John to know how you two were connected. Didn't that ring a little alarm bell somewhere way off in the distance? Didn't you hear?

Gloria: Oh, well, if you had a son of your own, you'd understand me.

Michael: Oh, I am so tired of hearing that. When you love them, you don't turn a blind eye. You trust your instincts, and I know you've got some of those. You wouldn't have survived this long without them.

Gloria: Do you think that this is all my fault?

Gloria: I picked terrible men, abusive men, and I stayed and stayed, hoping they'd change. Even when I knew they were never going to. And when I... saw that they were... hurting my boys, my babies--

Michael: I didn't tell you this so you could beat yourself up.

Gloria: I should've just taken you both and run for our lives, but I-I... I couldn’t. I didn't have the courage to go it alone. And now look what's happened. Because I was weak, look what it did to my poor baby Kevin.

Michael: Stop it.

Gloria: No, no wonder you can't stand the sight of me and you want me out of here. I should've... I was trapped. I put the three of us through hell, staying with those men.

Michael: Stop it.

Gloria: Well... believe it or not... I did the best I could. And I know that you'll probably resent me till the day you die. I don't blame you.

Gloria: But I always loved you boys.

Gloria: And I still do. I wanted you to have a better life. Oh, God, I'm so sorry. I screwed up so bad.


Kevin: A deal? You didn't say anything about a deal.

Daniel: Come on, man. You think a guy is gonna push some girl around and risk jail time just so you can be a hero, and he's gonna do it all for free?

Kevin: Okay, okay. What--what does he want?

Daniel: He didn't tell me exactly.

Kevin: Well, whatever it is, it seems to have you freaked out, so--

Daniel: All I know is that he's got a crew.

Kevin: A crew? A crew like a gang? Oh, m--this is great.

Daniel: You know what? You know what, Kevin? You were the one who was all, "you know, I need to be a hero." I just made the introduction, okay?

Kevin: No, no, no, that's not okay. That is way not okay. You said your plan was foolproof. What the hell have you gotten us into?

Daniel: They just need a place to hang out.

Kevin: What does that mean, "hang out"?

Daniel: Someplace to run their business.

Kevin: Oh, my God. Their business? Their-- okay, run their business. What kind of business is this? Is this drugs, guns, what?

Daniel: I don't know.

Kevin: Well, you know what? I think you know more than you're saying. So where do we fit in?

Daniel: Alex and his crew, they just need some access.

Kevin: Access to what?

Daniel: Their, uh, their new business address. The Rec Center.


Lily: I'm surprised to see you here.

Devon: Yeah, well, I just figured I'd stop by on the way to school, make sure you're doing okay.

Lily: Well, I'm glad you came by.

Devon: So, uh, how you feelin'?

Lily: Well, I feel a lot better than I d l last night.

Devon: Yeah?

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Devon: Did they, uh, tell you when they're gonna cut you loose from being in here?

Lily: Actually, um, my Aunt Liv said that I could go home today.

Devon: Really?

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Devon: Well, maybe you'll get lucky and miss a couple days of school.

Lily: (Chuckles) no, there's nothing lucky about that. I'm actually looking forward to going back.

Devon: Looking forward to going back?

Lily: Yes.

Devon: Oh, we better get your aunt back in here. 'Cause there must be something wrong with you if you're wanting to go to school.

Lily: No. Maybe they could transfer you to Walnut Grove.

Devon: Why would I want to do that? School is school, right?

Lily: I guess. But I think that this one is special. Our computer room is awesome. And if you're into sports at all, we have a really good team.

Devon: All right. Well, just point me to the cafeteria.

Lily: (Chuckles) gosh, is that all you ever think about is food?

Devon: I think about you sometimes.

Lily: Really?

Devon: Yeah. Like--like a sister, though. Don't be getting no ideas like that.

Lily: (Chuckles) were you worried about me?

Devon: Well, yeah. I mean, you were-- you were hurt bad enough to be put up in this hospital like this, you know? I was--of course I wanted you to be okay.

Lily: Did your pray for me?

Devon: Come on now. You're the drama queen here, not me.


Dru: There's no cream. There's no...

Neil: So has Lorena called? Have you heard anything at all?

Dru: Honey, look where we're at? I am crazy busy with all of this besides staying ahead of that freak Phyllis and the beauty pageant competition.

Neil: I know, I know, honey. Just don't let it slide.

Dru: Who's gonna let it slide? The fact of the matter is, is that Devon has not given us one lick of trouble.

Neil: Not yet.

Dru: Look, he abides by the rules, he makes his bed, he keeps a curfew. I mean, what are you talking about?

Neil: I know all that, Dru. I live with him, too. But when we took him in, we agreed that it would be temporary, until such a time that we could find him a space in a group home that was satisfactory to everyone.

Dru: Okay, I don't believe that there is one group home in this whole wide world that is satisfactory, in my opinion, for Devon.

Neil: Why would you say that?

Dru: Okay, because he made a few mistakes in his young life, D.C.F.S. Is gonna relegate him to some place that's run like a damn prison.

Neil: Oh, come on. It's not that grim.

Dru: It is that grim. He needs love and encouragement. He doesn't need to be punished, Neil.

Neil: He'll get all that.

Dru: Can you guarantee that? Because I can guarantee that if he lives with us.

Neil: Baby, listen to me, your heart's in the right place, all right? And I'm glad we were able to help the kid out when we could. But now it's time to let it go, all right? We have our own family that we gotta focus and concentrate on, particularly after what we just went through with Lily. So you headin' to your office?

Dru: Is that a trick question? I was planning on it. I mean, Liv said that Lily is stable, so yeah. Are you goin'?

Neil: No, no. I'm nnnna stick around here for a little while. My secretary knows where to reach me if she needs me.

Dru: All right. I'll see you later.

Neil: Yeah.


Elise: Um, we better hurry, Jack. We don't wanna lose our court.

Jack: Actually, I think we do have a little time.

Phyllis: Oh, well, then sit down and have a cup of coffee with me.

Jack: Oh, no, no. We don't want to hold you up.

Phyllis: Oh, come on. I'm in no rush. Sit down. Sit.

Jack: Go ahead.

Phyllis: Uh, two coffees, please.

Elise: Do you normally bring your ex-wife along on your tennis dates, Jack?

Jack: No.

Phyllis: Well, it's just coffee. I mean, I'm not gonna be on the court with you. Don't worry about it. Besides, Elsie, I think of Jack more as a friend than an ex-husband.

Elise: The name is Elise.

Phyllis: Oh, Elise. Oh, I'm sorry. Elsie. Elise. Anyway, where'd you all meet? I'd love to hear all the juicy details.

Phyllis: Wow, a bar. That's new.

Jack: Phyllis.

Phyllis: It's funny. Jack hasn't ever mentioned you.

Elise: Well, we haven't known each other that long. But the minute we met, we just clicked, you know?

Jack: I-I'm sure Phyllis doesn't need all those details.

Phyllis: Oh, I'd love those details. I'd love it. No offense, but you don't seem like Jack's type.

Elise: Actually, I could say the same about you.

Phyllis: Oh.

Jack: You know what? I like all types of women-- tall, short, brunette, redhead.

Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah. Good. Good. If you're up for a good time, Jack's your man.

Elise: What's that supposed to mean?

Phyllis: Oh, well, Jack's a great catch. But, you know, he's not-- he's not gonna settle down anytime soon, honey.

Jack: Hey, you never know.

Phyllis: Well, at least you have tennis in common.

Elise: Well, and that's only one of the many activities we do so well together. Right, Jack?

Phyllis: No kidding?

Elise: Yeah. It's like we're totally on the same wavelength.

Phyllis: Oh, that's good.

Elise: Mm-hmm.

Jack: You know what? Maybe you're right. Maybe we need to get to the court and--

Elise: In fact, Phyllis, sometimes it's like I can read Jack's mind, like I know exactly what he likes.

Phyllis: Really? A complicated man like Jack, you think you know what he likes? Hmm. All right. Okay. Ahem. Well... it was good talking to you. Pardon me.

Elise: W-what are you doing?

Jack: Uum...

Phyllis: Sweetie, you don't know what he likes. Coffee's on me.

Elise: You thought that was amusing? Fine. See how amusing it is to play tennis by yourself.

Jack: El—


Kevin: Oh, man. If Alex and his crew start operating out of the Rec Center, just--

Daniel: Don't freak out about this.

Kevin: Don't you get it? This could be a total disaster. All right, what are the odds that he's gonna tell anyone we set Lily up?

Daniel: He mighta made some threats.

Kevin: Okay. Well, we have to do something.

Daniel: Like what?

Kevin: I don't know. I don't know, but something. Make sure that we don't get dragged into this so that no one knows we were involved.

Daniel: Well, I think our best bet is gonna be just to lay low, go along with whatever Alex wants, and no one will ever figure it out.

Kevin: You're sure about that? You're sure that we can trust this guy, this--this gang leader or whoever he is, this guy that drugged Lily and almost did rape her, the same guy who promised to disappear, but then tracked you down out here? Daniel, this can come back and bite us big time, and we both know it.


Gloria: (Crying)

Gloria: Thank you.

Michael: Okay?

Gloria: I just have to...

Michael: Well, now you see why you can't just ignore what I'm tellin' you about john. I know you want to blow sunshine at it--

Gloria: Oh, he doesn't know about you and Kevin, that you're-- that you're my sons

Michael: But he will. It's gonna come out. You can't keep something a secret like that forever. And what's gonna happen when it all blows up? Are you gonna be living on easy street then? And meanwhile, you're gonna be living with the stress of knowing that you're keeping these big, explosive secrets from a guy who--who, frankly, deserves better. I'm not saying any of this to hurt you, Gloria. I'm just trying to ward off a catastrophe.

Gloria: I know.

Michael: If you know, then you make the intelligent choice here.

Michael: You go to John, and you tell him thank you, but you can't take him up on his offer. You have to go back to Detroit. You do that. You do that for all our sakes.


Lily: You're not fooling me, Devon.

Devon: Fooling you about what?

Lily: You try to act so tough. You know, like being scared for me wouldn't be cool or something.

Devon: I guess you, uh, you are really gonna milk this, huh?

Lily: No, I'm not. It's just that I know that deep down you're a big softie inside.

Devon: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Of course you'd wanna think that. You're a chick.

Lily: Well, I think it's sweet.

Devon: Yeah, well, no one's ever called me sweet before.

Lily: Well, don't worry. I won't tell anyone.

Devon: Yeah, you better not.

Lily: Don't want to ruin your macho image.

Devon: Yeah, you're damn right.

Lily: But it's enough for me... that I know.

Devon: Hey, now don't even.

Lily: Don't even what?

Devon: You start with the waterworks here, I'm so outta here.


Lorena: Mr. Winters?

Neil: Yeah.

Lorena: Lorena Davis.

Neil: Yes, of course. Hi.

Lorena: I heard about your daughter. I just wanted to drop by and see how she was doing.

Neil: She's doing much better. Thank you.

Lorena: I am so sorry to hear about what happened. I want you to know that I intend to investigate this thoroughly. We strive for a safe place, and what happened last night is totally unacceptable.

Neil: I appreciate your words. I certainly don't blame you or the center, believe me.

Lorena: Look, um, do you have a few minutes?

Neil: Yeah, sure. What's on your mind?

Lorena: I wanted to touch base with you about Devon. Since your wife hasn't gotten back to me with the signed papers, I thought perhaps there was some sort of problem.

Neil: Signed papers?

Lorena: Yes, the authorization for you and Mrs. Winters to become his foster parents. If there are any questions or--

Neil: W-wait a minute? What? Did you just say foster parents?


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Jack: Let me guess. Mr. Hampton was a bit more charismatic than you thought he would be.

J.T.: You tell me what to do, and I'm there.

Paul: Your job is to catch a thief.

Ashley: I want to ask something of you. And I hope you'll agree to it.

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