Thursday Y&R Transcript 8/26/04

Y&R Transcript Thursday 8/26/04--Canada; Friday 8/27/04--USA

By Eric

Devon: Hey, man.

Kevin: Hey.

Devon: They, uh... say that you might've, uh, saved lily's life.

Kevin: Well, I did what I had to do. So, um, is she okay?

Dru: The doctor's don't know yet.

Kevin: I mean, um, do they know why she--

Neil: She's getting the best care available.

Kevin: What happened?

Neil: They think she was given a date rape drug called G.H.B.

Dru: Yeah, she had an overdose.

Kevin: That's-- that's terrible. Um...

Kevin: Okay. Well, I, uh, just wanted to--to check on her. So, um, I'm gonna head out.

Neil: Hey, kevin. Pretty nasty bruise you have on your jaw there.

Cassie: Yeah. He got it from fighting e e guy. It was bad.

Neil: Thank you, kevin, for helping our daughter.

Paul: Nik, would you promise me that you will see someone soon?

Nikki: What is that gonna do? What is a psychiatrist gonna say? This is not some neurotic fantasy. It's real. It happened. I killed somebody.

Paul: You didn't kill him.

Nikki: Oh, no? Who did?

Paul: Nick reed killed him. Your father killed him by leaving a loaded firearm where a 5-year-old girl could get her hands on it.

Nikki: Paul, I pulled the trigger.

Paul: That doesn't mean you're a killer. Don't you see what's happening here? You need to talk to someone who can understand the effect this has on you.

Nikki: I do understand the effect. It's making me sick. God, if I could give up my life to get him back, I would do it.

Paul: You can'T. You can't undo the past. It was a terrible, terrible tragedy. It's over. You can't go back. And to think you can, where does that lead you? I'm telling you-- look, I'll go with you. I will go with you.

Nikki: I don't want to go! I don't want to go to a shrink!

Paul: We can talk to someone together.

Nikki: I have to get out of here.

Paul: Nikki, come on.

Nikki: Paul, look, you've been wonderful. You've been a true friend, and I appreciate it. But I have to deal with this myself.

Paul: I don't think you should be alone right now.

Nikki: I'm okay. I'm okay. I'm not gonna lose my mind. Really. Thank you. Thanks.

Paul: You call me.

Nikki: I will. I'll call you.

Paul: J.T., What's the progress on the search for joshua cassen's younger brother?

J.T.: I've combed the phone books, the internet, made a couple a dozen phone calls, but no luck so far.

Paul: All right. Well, keep it up. Because I think we're gonna wanna know if joshua has any living relatives out there.

J.T.: Yeah.

Paul: Sooner rather than later.

J.T.: Okay. Hey, if I find out anything, how about a raise, huh?

Paul: I'll increase your doughnut allocation. See you at the office.

J.T.: All right. Hey, paul, when are we movin'?

Paul: Soon.

Brittany: Are you finished stuffing your face yet? I want to go.

J.T.: Hold on a second. Hold on. Are you okay now?

Brittany: Yeah, J.T., I told you before, I'm fine. I'm engaged to a wonderful man who loves me just the way I am. And I don't want to hear you talk any more trash about bobby, you hear me?

Gloria: (Humming)

Michael: Why are you still here?!

Gloria: Hello, michael.

Michael: You missed your flight?

Gloria: Mm-hmm.

Michael: I was up at the crack of dawn buying those tickets. Same-day airline seats-- do you have any idea how much--

Gloria: Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Michael: You didn't even make the slightest effort, did you? You ne--

Gloria: Calm down.

Michael: Why should I even be surprised? This is par for the course compared to the rest of my day. Thank you.

Gloria: Why? What happened?

Michael: You forget about that. We had an agreement.

Gloria: Agreement? No, my dear boy. You evicted me.

Michael: Well, regardless of that, gloria, if you think you're gonna weasel outta goin' back to detroit, you better think again!

Gloria: Well, actually, I did leave right on schedule. But then I came back, and I'll be leaving again.

Michael: Am I supposed to understand that?

Gloria: Well, let me help you.

Michael: Please do.

Gloria: I am moving out of your apartment into a house. Into a very lovely estate, in fact. Wouldn't you love to know whose?

Brad: Did you talk to newman yet?

Ashley: You're pressuring me.

Brad: You can't avoid it, ash.

Ashley: He's had a lot going on today, brad.

Brad: Oh, you mean his rec center grand opening?

Ashley: That's right.

Brad: Well, that should be over by now. I want the record set straight.

Ashley: After what you pulled, taking off with our daughter overnight without letting me know where yowewere, who are you to make demands on me right now?

Brad: Look, I am just as resolute as newman. I don't want him spending any time alone with abby.

Ashley: You know, I never asked you this, but I really need to know. Did you consider taking off with her for good?

Brad: No.

Ashley: Can I believe you?

Brad: Ash, can we get past that? I came back. I brought our daughter home. (Doorbell rings)

Brad: I want newman to know the lay of the land.

Ashley: Look, I don't think that now is the best time.

Brad: There's someone at the door. You talk to newmanr r I will.

Brad: Jack, what are you doing here?

Jack: Well, I was in the neighborhood. I thought I'd drop by and see how you and my sister were doing. I guess I don't have to ask. if you'd please call-- call me back. I need to discuss something with you, all right? Thank you. Sharon.

Sharon: Hey. I wasn't sure if you'd still be here.

Victor: I stepped out for awhile. Just got back.

Sharon: You seem upset.

Victor: I'm very upset. You know what happened today?

Sharon: You mean to lily winters.

Victor: I feel so badly for neil and drucilla, having to go through something like this with their daughter.

Sharon: Have you talked to the hospital?

Victor: Yeah. Apparently her condition is not improving.

Sharon: But she'll get through it, though, don't you think?

Victor: I certainly hope so. You know how much sweat and tears we put into this? A lot of hard work-- the people in the community worked on this-- and then you open the doors for people to come in, feel safe and secure, and then something like ts s happens-- a girl gets apparently drugged and attacked and nearly raped. I can't begin to tell you how upsetting this is.

Kevin: I'm sure it feels strange to you--

Dru: Oh, it feels strange thanking you. I mean, what do you think?

Neil: But you came to our daughter's aid when she needed it the most.

Kevin: Well, I'm just glad I, uh, saw her going off with that guy.

Sierra: Well, if you hadn't gotten to the elevator when you did...

Kevin: Um... hey, would it be okay with you if I just hung out for a little while to see what the news on lily is? Please, I promise I'll stay out of your way.

Neil: Sure. You can stick around.

Kevin: Thank you, mr. And mrs. Winters.

Dru: What are you doing?

Neil: Honey, what? That man may have just saved our daughter's life. It's the least we can do.

Michael: (Laughs) an estate?

Gloria: Uh-huh. It's absolutely amazing. It has a swimming pool, tennis courts.

Michael: I get it. You been hired on as a housekeeper, is it?

Gloria: Oh, hardly. In fact, I'll have a housekeeper waiting on me.

Michael: Do you really expect me to believe any of this?

Gloria: Well, you better. 'Cause it's true. Cross my heart.

Michael: No, no, no, no. This is some kind of trick. Some--some kind of scheme you and kevin cooked up.

Gloria: Oh, you are so far off base.

Michael: Oh, am I?

Gloria: If I weren't in such a good mood, I'd be insulted.

Michael: Why, because I'm calling it like it is?

Gloria: No, because you're calling me a liar, which I really don't appreciate.

Michael: Look, I'm just trying to figure out where all this is coming from, and I'm going with the most likely explanation.

Gloria: Well, why don't you try being a son instead of a lawyer for a change? The answer is right in front of your eyes.

Michael: You're the only thing right in front of my eyes, and I don'T... oh, wow. The boyfriend.

Gloria: Yeah.

Michael: Oh.

Gloria: Certainly took you long enough.

Michael: Yeah, well, let me enjoy this hallmark moment. You are shacking up with a man you practically just met.

Gloria: Well, for your information, I insisted on my own room.

Michael: Mm-hmm, and since mr. Wonderful mystery man is such the perfect gentleman, he agreed. He just wants you for your sparkling personality and company.

Gloria: You know, you're being sarcastic, but guess what. That's exactly the way it is.

[ Timer ringing ] Guy has horrible

Devon: See?

Lil w wow.

Trs impressionnant.

Devon: What?

Lily: It means "very impressive" in french. Maybe you should go pro.

Devon: Oh, well, you know, I might take it up with my agent.

Lily: (Laughs)

Neil: Kid, you're gonna wear a hole out in the floor if you don't stop pacing.

Devon: I'm sorry.

Neil: It's all good, man. I know you didn't mean to, it's just making me a little nervous, you know?

Devon: I never felt like this before, ever. I--I got this thing right in my stomach, like somebody just came and kicked me.

Neil: Yeah, I know what you mean.

Devon: It's weird. It'S...

Devon: If anything happens to lily, I don't-- I don't know what I would do. I-I mean, usually, I'd just, you know, be the one tousust say, "oh, well, this--this stuff happens." But... it ain't like that.

Neil: You care about lily, don't you?

Devon: Nah. I mean, yeah, I d--I care, but it's not anything mushy or anything like that. It...

Devon: It's like I said, it's--it's in my stomach, this--this pain.

Neil: Hey, devon... lily is gonna be all right. You know, we have to believe that.

Devon: I've tried to do that so many times before... to believe that something was gonna work out, to think I can make it work out by just believing it.

Neil: It's all we can do right now. Come on. Let's go be with the others, huh?

J.T.: Come on, brittany. Me talk trash about bobby? That would never happen.

Brittany: Yeah, right.

J.T.: Well, why would I bother? I mean, you made up your mind, right?

Brittany: What, about marrying him?

J.T.: Yeah.

Brittany: Well, I said yes. You don't say yes unless you mean it.

J.T.: Well, then that's it. I told you what I thought. I won't waste my breath again.

Brittany: Gee, thanks. Try to get a little enthusiasm going before the wedding, would you?

J.T.: Oh, yeah. When is the wedding, anyway?

Brittany: I don't know. My wedding, my marriage, the rest of my life-- I don't know even know when it's gonna start.

J.T.: I'll get a dart, you get a calendar, and we'll pick a date.

Brittany: I have to talk to bobby about it.

J.T.: Oh, come on. That guy's not gonna care when he walks down the aisle with you, just as long as it's soon.

Nikki: Hello, mr. Marsino.

Bobby: Mr. Marsino again?

Nikki: As far as I'm concerned, you've done precious little to get yourself out of the doghouse.

Bobby: Doghouse? I didn't even know I was in the doghouse.

Nikki: Well, you wouldn't be if you had bothered to keep in touch with me. What is going on? What's happening with the finances? What's going on with the line of credit? How are the balance sheets checking out?

Bobby: Hold on, relax. Okay? Everything's okay.

Nikki: Okay? "Okay" is not gonna cut it. If we're gonna turn this club around, we have to have a plan. You do have a plan, right?

Bobby: Yes, I have a plan. You are my plan.

Nikki: I'm your plan?

Bobby: Don't act so surprised.

Nikki: Mr. Marsino, it is very clear you don't--

Bobby: No, stop, stop. 'S's bobby. Okay, now what is this really about? Because I'm not buying for a second this has anything to do with finance and plans. Ok, so we'll take the pinks and the whites, and we'll just s, less is more.

Michael: So, um, you expect me to believe that some... wealthy prince charming just happened to drop out of the sky and offer to take care of you?

Gloria: Yeah.

Michael: Okay, sorry, gloria. It's just a little bit too perfect.

Gloria: You're absolutely right. It is perfect, and at first, I didn't believe it either.

Michael: Yeah, well, I'd trust my gut on that.

Gloria: Well, yes, but this man--he's wonderful. He's kind and generous. I wish that you could just be happy for me.

Michael: (Chuckles) gloria, assuming that this person actually exists, I have to question how wonderful he is, given your track record in picking men.

Gloria: Those days are over, michael, for good. This one has class. He's a real catch.

Michael: Then what's he doing with you?

Gloria: Well, I make him laugh, feel young again. He can be himself with me. It's just easy.

Michael: He, who? He, who? Cough up a name here.

Gloria: (Sighs) you know, after the way you've been treating me, it's none of your business.

Michael: No, no, see, this is why I can't help but be suspicious, because things like this just don't happen in real life, gloria.

Gloria: You mean they don't happen to me, because I don't deserve to catch a break, I don't deserve to be happy.

Michael: No, no, I never said that!

Gloria: Yeah, but you were thinking it. I know you were!

Michael: No, I did not! I never thought--

Gloria: You know what? Maybe I should tell you his name.

Michael: Oh! Oh.

Gloria: Let you eat some crow. It'd be a real pleasure, I'll tell you that!

Michael: Go ahead! Go ahead!

Gloria: After all the mean and petty things you've said to me!

Michael: Give it to me! Impress me, gloria. What's his name? Drumroll, please! And the lucky man is who?!

Gloria: John abbott.

The john abbott. Now tell me again how I only attract losers.

Gloria: Where you going?

Michael: I'm going out for some air, and when i come back, you're gonna tell me this is a big joke.

Gloria: It's no joke, mimichael, mnh-mnh. (Door slams)

Gloria: It's no joke.

Jack: Well, I gotta say, I was relieved to hear you'd come to your senses and brought abby home.

Brad: I'm not so sure that was coming to my senses.

Jack: Ah, come on. You don't mean that.

Brad: The way it is now, jack, every day things are more out of control.

Jack: Things? Things meaning victor.

Brad: He wants abby. It is so clear to me that's his goal.

Jack: Yet my sister doesn't see ithahat way.

Brad: No, of course not. To her, I'm the bad guy.

Jack: Well, you gotta admit, taking off with her daughter was not your best move.

Brad: I was at the end of my rope.

Jack: You were at the end of your rope, and you take off with abby. No one knows where you're going, when you'll be back, if you'll be back. You don't think that's ndnd of warped thinking?

Brad: Well, I guess I've spent too much time around newman. That's the way his mind works. He's the ultimate control freak.

Jack: Bradley, I tell ya, I look at you these days, you know what I see? I see myself not long ago, back when I allowed my hatred for victor to shape my every decision. I gotta tell you, looking back from the other side, it's no way to live your life.

Brad: Well, it's not gonna be that way much longer.

Jack: Oh, and why is that?

Brad: Because I'm calling the shots. Newman is not going to have unsupervised visits with abby. It ain't gonna happen. I'm putting my foot down.

Jack: And that's what you were telling my sister on the phone just now-- that she'd better let him know right away. Now what makes you think she's gonna do that?

Brad: Well, if she doesn't, I'm going to confront victor. She doesn't want that.

Jack: True. God, this is just no way to live your life.

Brad: I keep trying to make your sister understand that, jack. She doesn't realize that we're drifting further and further apart.

Jack: Oh, come on. She's gotta realize it.

Brad: No, she doesn't realize it. She's playing this little game of "my two dads." I believe that this is going to become increasingly difficult on abby.

Jack: Okay, so... so what's your solution?

Brad: Simple. Your sister can't have it both ways. She has to make a choice-- victor or me.

Jack: That's bold. That's jumping out there without a net.

Brad: Can't keep going on like this. It's not good for anyone.

Jack: Have you said that to her? Have you laid it out that clear?

Brad: Pretty much.

Jack: Okay, what if she chooses newman? It could happen, you know.

Brad: Then I guess I'll know exactly where I stand in my wife's eyes, won't I?

Olivia: I'm heading down to talk to the lab about lily's workup. They're moving her into the I.C.U., And then you can go in and see her.

Dru: Is she conscious, liv?

Olivia: Not yet, but when you see her, I need you to be calm.

Neil: Sure.

Devon: Hey, I wanna go, too.

Neil: No, not now. Come on. The coalition of the idiots, we are joining the coalition of the whys did say. What happened here today-- you cannot take it personally.

Victor: It happened in my rec center.

Sharon: Yeah, but you knew when you came into this neighborhood there would be some problems, and that was the whole point. Isis place can make a difference.

Victor: How can I expect people to come here with something like this happening?

Sharon: You know, I never really understood what went on. The guy attacked her in the elevator, I heard?

Victor: I'm trying to get in touch with paul williams. I want him to nab this bastard, whoever it is. Apparently, from what I gather, he slipped something into her drink.

Sharon: (Sighs) gosh, there are so many weirdos out there. You know, I've already had this talk with cassie. You cannot walk away from your drink. You cannot accept a drink from someone you don't know. There are too many crazy kids out there with pills.

Victor: You'd better keep on warning her about that. You remain vigilant about that.

Sharon: And I will.

Victor: Okay.

Sharon: But don't get despondent. You've built a wonderful facility here. You saw how excited all the people were who came.

Victor: I just hope it doesn't drive people away.

Sharon: Well, if it does, it'll be their loss. It's a great place. I think it's gonna make a big difference. I am totally impressed.

Victor: I'm so glad you're supportive. But I have a feeling that that is not the only reason you came by.

Sharon: No, actually, I'm here about nikki.

Victor: Did she ask you to see me on her behalf?

Sharon: Sort of, yes. She wanted me to put in a good word, but mainly, she just wants to be happy. She doesn't feel secure right now, and she needs to feel that away again.

Victor: I know, and I worry about my wife a great deal. I don't know why the hell she continues to feel insecure. I try to talk to her. She won't open up. Maybe she can't open up. I don't know. She claims that we are at cross purposes.

Sharon: Well, you have to know a lot of it is abby anand what happened with ashley.

Victor: Yeah, but, sharon, nikki's a grown woman. For heaven's sake, I'm tired of her insecurity. A lot of problems of my own to deal with right now.

Sharon: You mean everything to her.

Victor: And she means everything to me, but there's no reason for her to be insecure about... about abby, you know? (Cell phone rings)

Victor: Excuse me for a minute. (Ring)

Victor: Yeah?

Ashley: Victor, it's ashley.

Victor: I need to deal with this, okay?

Sharon: (Whispers) okay.

Victor: Thank you.

Sharon: I'll go. Good night.

Victor: Good night, sharon. Thank you for coming by. (Door closes)

Victor: What's going on?

Ashley: I need to talk to you.

Victor: Okay, why don't you come to my office at the rec center right now? Okay, bye.

Bobby: Nikki, you gotta be straight with me here.

Nikki: I am being straight with you.

Bobby: You sure? 'Cause last time you came in here and took off on me, it was because you had a bee in your bonnet over your old man.

Nikki: This has nothing to do with victor.

Bobby: So you admit it has nothing to do with the club.

Nikki: I do have concerns about the club. No, that's not it. I'm sorry.

Bobby: Apology accepted. But do me a favor. Next time you come in here and start swingin', give me a heads up first. I don't wanna say something I might regret later.

Nikki: Neither do I.

Bobby: All right, now that we have a mutual understanding, why don't you tell me what's going on here?

Nikki: Forget it. I shouldn't have come here.

Bobby: Why not? Come on, nikki. You didn't come here for nothin'.

Nikki: I found out something very disturbing about my past today.

Bobby: Come on, nikki. Everybody's got skeletons in their closet.

Nikki: Oh, bad choice of words.

Bobby: No kiddin'. You look like you just saw a--

Nikki: Oh, please don't-- don't say that. Although it is like ghghost. It's definitely haunting me.

Bobby: What is it?

Nikki: I don't wanna talk about it.

Bobby: Come on, nikki--

Nikki: No. I need to talk to my husband, and I wanna talk to victor about it.

Bobby: All right, tell you what--use my phone. I'll go wait in the other room.

Nikki: No, don't bother. It's not like I can reach him anyway.

Bobby: All right, nikki, you're really starting to worry me now. You say you wanna talk to your old man, but you're saying you can't reach him?

Nikki: Well, the great victor newman is far too busy with his own life. I need to deal with this on my own.

Bobby: No offense, but you're not lookin' too hot right now. I'm gonna get your husband on the phone.

Nikki: I wish I could talk to victor about it.

Bobby: Well, why don't you go do it? Obviously, you wanna talk to the guy. What the hell you doin' here?

Nikki: I don't know! I don't know. What am I doing here? Cause I recognize little pieces, but it looks so different.

Bill: And your tip and tap is agreat description.

Bunny: Thanks! Off pretty easy.

Steve I think I can identify most of them, but y

Michael: (Knocks)

Victor: Michael, I'm glad you came by. Something I want you to do for me.

Michael: Okay. I could use the distraction. It's quite the long day for you, huh?

Victor: You can say that again. Can you imagine this? We barely open this place, and already a black mark on it.

Michael: You're talking about that incident with lily winters?

Victor: Yeah. Very upsetting, and something just... doesn't seem right about it.

Michael: Uh, I'm not sure what you mean.

Victor: I don't know. I just have a strange feeling about it. I asked paul williams to get on it.

Micelel: Well, victor, I'm not exactly sure what you're reacting to.

Victor: Well, think about it. I mean, why would this punk attack this girl in broad daylight, knowing full well that there are a lot of people around here?

Michael: All right, so what are you getting at?

Victor: I don't know. I'm not letting this go. I want you to do something.

Ashley: Hi. I'm sorry to interrupt.

Victor: That's quite all right. Um, I'll get back to you on this, all right?

Michael: Yes, you will.

Victor: Thank you.

Victor: You said you needed to talk?

Brittany: J.T.

J.T.: Mmm, mmm. Hold on. I'm not done yet.

Brittany: Watching you eat is so much fun.

J.T.: So... don't watch.

Brittany: J.T.

J.T.: Mmm. What?

Brittany: Remember when I asked you if you'd be my... whatever--best man, sort of?

J.T.: Mm-hmm. And I also remember telling you no chance in hell.

Brittany: But come on. I really need your help.

J.T.: Well, you know what? Ask the godfather for help.

Brittany: Bobby's too busy with the club.

J.T.: Brittany, look, picking out wedding cakes and checking flowers and stuff like that-- it's really not my style.

Brittany: Some friend.

J.T.: Hey, I am your friend, but I'm not your girlfriend. Talk to mac.

Brittany: (Scoffs)

J.T.: Talk to somebody else. I don't care.

Brittany: I'll remember this, someday when you need something real bad.

J.T.: You do that, mrs. Marsino.

Brittany: Not yet! God, don't jinx it. Although I do like the way that sounded. Look, J.T., I know you're not thrilled about this, but it's gonna be great. Bobby and I are gonna make a fabulous team, and you know something? I'm gonna get back up on that stage. I'm gonna show ts s town what it's like to go to a real classy cabaret, instead of that nasty old strip joint.

J.T.: You go, girl. You do that.

Brittany: I will. Count on it.

Victor: Please sit down.

Ashley: Thanks.

Victor: So you wanted to talk?

Ashley: Uh-huh. I know how badly you wanna spend time with abby, victor. I know that.

Victor: And you must agree that I've been rather patient about it.

Ashley: And I appreciate it, but I've got some bad news. Brad is digging his heels in. There will be no unsupervised visits at all.

Victor: Well, I guess then I have to take some legal action.

Ashley: Well, you know what? He's counting on that.

Victor: Does he think I'll back down? Then he's sorely mistaken.

Ashley: He doesn't think you can win in court.

Victor: Abby's my biological daughter. I have rights.

Ashley: I think you do, too.

Victor: So then why don't you talk him out of this?

Ashley: I can'T. If I push any more, it's going to cost me my marriage.

Victor: Then I guess we have to resolve the whole thing some other way.

Ashley: I don't want this to go to court.

Victor: I see no alternative, do you?

Ashley: There's one.

Victor: What?

Ashley: It's not great, but I know you wanna have a meaningful relationship with abby. Who the hell am I to say no?

Victor: Well, you shouldn't want to say no.

Ashley: I just want peace.

Victor: What do you have in mind?

Ashley: I'll arrange somehow for you to have some time alone with abby.

Victor: You will? I don't know what to say.

Ashley: Don't say anything. I'm having a hard time with this, but it's a lot better than going to court.

Victor: What if she came to see me here at the rec center? ? ?

Ashley: I don't think that a change of venue is going to affect the way brad feels. He doesn't want you to have any time alone with abby, wherever it may be.

Victor: Yeah, but listen for a minute. She won't be coming just to see me.

Ashley: What are you talking about?

Victor: Well, I've instituted a whole new program in this place. There'll be storytelling, art workshops, drama workshops. When she's finished with school, this will be a great place for her to come to.

Ashley: You're saying she would take classes here after school?

Victor: Yeah. It'll be a very secure environment. Think about it. She'll get to know people she'd otherwise never be in contact with, and when she's finished with her activities, I could visit with her.

Ashley: You would agree to that? I think it's a wonderful idea.

Victor: You do?

Ashley: Oh, I do. Thank you. Thank you. Do you think brad's gonna go along with this?

Victor: Well, why wouldn't he? If he's as interested in abby's welfare as I am, then he'll go along with it. I think it's a great idea.

Ashley: Me too.

Dru: (Gasps) my baby. Oh, lily, I'm so sorry mama wasn't there for you.

Neil: I think she looks... pretty good.

Dru: How can she look good, neil? My god, she's hooked up to a breathing machine.

Neil: Thank god for that. Hey, princess. Whoever it was slipped you a nasty drug called G.H.B. I promise you, I'm not gonna rest until I find out who did this. But I got good news. Your aunt olivia-- she said that you could suddenly wake up out of this, and it'll be just like nothing was ever wrong.

Dru: Yeah, honey.

Neil: That really can happen.

Dru: Baby, it can happen. The doctors--they're giving you all kinds of medications to reverse the effects, byby. You know, the doctors can do amazing things these days, can't they?

Neil: Sure can. Absolutely amazing. And please know that your mother and I-- we're right here for you.

Dru: Right here, baby.

Neil: And we love you very much.

Dru: We love you, honey. You know, your friends are here. Sierra and cassie and devon-- they're all here, honey. They love you.

Neil: You bet they're here.

Dru: Baby, if you can-- if you can hear mama, honey, show us a sign. Please.

Neil: Show us something.

Dru: Blink your eyes, honey. Squeeze mama's hand.

Dru: Let us know that you're there, that you can hear us. Please, lily?

Neil: Lily.

Dru: Please?

Neil: Lily.

Neil: Lily.

Nikki: There's just something about this place.

Bobby: Well, you have a lot of history here.

Nikki: You have no idea. A part of me feels like I never really left here... that I was never going to leave.

Bobby: But then victor newman came along, and before you knew it, you were living out your own personal fairy tale.

Nikki: Yeah. I don't know if this is gonna have a happy ending. There have been so many ups and downs, and now here I am again, and victor's not here.

Bobby: Why don't you go to him and tell him how you feel?

Nikki: I can'T. I can't tell him about this. I couldn't face it myself for a long time.

Bobby: Nikki, what is it?

Nikki: No, I can't talk about it. I can'T. (Sighs deeply) I can'T.

Bobby: Come here. Come here. You gotta pull yourself together, kid.

Bobby: Come on, it's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay.

Bobby: I shouldn't have done that.

Nikki: No, you shouldn't have.

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"the young and the restless"...

Abby: Daddy?

Brad: What, baby?

Abby: Are you worried?

Alex: I'll go, as soon as you and I talk some business.

Daniel: What business?

Devon: Wake up. Please wake up.

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