Monday Y&R Transcript 8/16/04

Y&R Transcript Monday 8/16/04 -- Canada, Tuesday 8/17/04 -- U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Daniel: So what was this chick's name?

Kevin: Nice try, dude.

Daniel: Seriously. I forgot.

Kevin: You didn't forget. I never told you.

Daniel: No. I could have sworn you mentioned it. Anyway, who is she?

Kevin: Why do you want to know so badly?

Daniel: I'm just curious. You like her a lot, right?

Kevin: More than a lot. I'm crazy about her.

Daniel: And that's part of the whole reason that we're going through all this trouble to spruce up your image, so you look better in her eyes. We're supposed to be a team here, remember? How am I supposed to help you if I don't know all the facts? I mean, are we friends or not?

Kevin: Yeah. Yes. Yeah, we're friends.

Daniel: Okay, then. Why don't you go ahead and cough up her name?

Kevin: It's Lauren. Lauren Fenmore.

Daniel: Fenmore? You're kidding.

Kevin: Her family owns the department stores.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, I know who she is. She used to perform with my dad. They were even kind of, like, an item for awhile.

Kevin: Really?

Daniel: Yeah, it was all way before I was born, but he still talks about her sometimes.

Kevin: Huh.

Daniel: I can't believe you're into her.

Kevin: What's wrong with that?

Daniel: I don't know Lauren’s age, but if she dated my dad, she's got to be a whole lot older than you, and if you ask me, that's a little bit twisted.

Kevin: Twisted?

Daniel: Yeah, twisted. Whoa.

Kevin: Twisted? Take back what you said.

Daniel: What are you doing?

Kevin: Take back what you said. I mean it. Take it back now!


Michael: So how's the halibut?

Lauren: Mmm. It's good. I like all the food here, actually.

Michael: Oh, oh, no, please, please. Oh, not that swill. Could you bring us a bottle of sparkling water?

Man: Of course, sir.

Michael: Thank you. Well, you know, this is a nice change of pace from the club. I've been having way too many meals at the club.

Lauren: Really? A lot of business lunches?

Michael: No, I just like getting away from the insanity that is my apartment.

Lauren: You know what? I could use some lemon for this.

Michael: Oh. I think the waiter went into the bar.

Lauren: All right, I'll wait.


Gloria: John will be here any minute. Now do you have any questions?

Man: I think we got it down.

Gloria: Good. And remember, when in doubt, don't say anything. Let me do the talking. All you need to do is make a good impression.

Man #2: It's your dime, lady.

Gloria: Oh, I wish. You fellas are costing me a lot more than a dime, but if it pays off, it'll all be worth it.

Man: Something special, huh?

Gloria: Well, let's just say he has considerable assets.

Man: So what's he like in bed? I don't mean to be crude, but looking at you, I can't help but think this John's a lucky man. Be a shame if he's not giving you everything you need.

Gloria: Excuse me. I need to go check my lipstick. Sorry.

Man #2: Can you believe we got ourselves into this?

Man: I need to make a phone call.


Michael: Excuse me. My waiter seems to have fallen into a black hole. Is there a way I could have some lemon wedges, please?


Dru: Oh, Anthony, Anthony. Of course, Newman will be responsible for all of the merchandise with your logo. What's that?

Phyllis: (Humming)

Dru: You want your logo on top. Of course you can have your logo on top, top. You can have it on top. Of course you can. Yes, my, my, We certainly are giving you all the merchandise, and you're getting all the sizzle. Yes, you are.

Phyllis: (Humming louder)

Dru: Right. We can talk about that. Yes, we can talk about that.

Phyllis: Take it to the bridge!

Dru: Yes, now listen, all of the Safra employees will be in very distinctive jackets with emblems. Yes. Oh, no, it won't distract from the event. Why would I do something like that? Would you knock it off?

Phyllis: (Humming)

Dru: Knock it off, Phyllis. No, mazel tov, mazel tov, Tony. That's what I said. (Laughs) yes, of course I'll be coming to Phoenix with bells on.

Phyllis: (Bangs rhythmically on desk)

Dru: Now not to rush-- (snaps fingers) not to rush you, but I just wanted to let you know that the pageant is only six weeks away, and it is high time that we have our people interface with your people.

Phyllis: Hey, uh-huh...

Dru: So do we have a deal? Yeah.

Phyllis: Everybody...

Dru: You know what? I have another call coming in, Tony. Would you mind if I called you back? Thank you.

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah yeah, whoo oh, my God! Oh, my God! Are you nuts?! Are you crazy?!


Ashley: Well, if you hear anything at all... terrific. Thank you.

Victor: Who was that?

Ashley: A business associate of Brad’s.

Victor: Obviously, this concerns you rather deeply.

Ashley: Well, it's just not like Brad to be gone this long with Abby and not call me.

Victor: How many times have you tried to reach him?

Ashley: Several. You know, the battery of his cell phone could be dead or maybe he forgot it. He does that sometimes, or he could have just turned it off 'cause he doesn't want to be interrupted while he's with Abby today.

Victor: But you don't really believe any of this, do you?

Ashley: I'm just trying to come up with some kind of an explanation that makes sense.

Victor: But you said yourself that they should have been home hours ago.

Ashley: I expected them home, yeah, but you know, it wasn't written in stone.

Victor: And you have no clue as to where they might be.

Ashley: No, none. I'm probably overreacting. I've been really stressed out at Jabot since Jack hasn't been there.

Victor: There's something you're not telling me.


J.T.: "A bullet to the head at 5 years old"? That's terrible.

Paul: Yeah, but it means somebody knows or knew.

J.T.: What do you mean?

Paul: Well, think about it, J.T. The kid didn't wander off and fall down a mine shaft. He didn't die because a tree fell on him or because he was attacked by wolves. There was crime, pure and simple, which means there's a perpetrator.

J.T.: Who could be alive or dead? We don't know.

Paul: Those are the three magical words that get a P.I.'s creative juices flowing--"we don't know."

J.T.: Now we think the kid could have been Joshua Cassen.

Paul: That's not the same as knowing, but it's a good place to start.

J.T.: Yeah, and so is Nikki Newman’s 5th birthday party.

Paul: Right.

J.T.: What about her dad?

Paul: Nick Reed--excellent.

J.T.: Yeah.

Paul: He's an alcoholic or at least a heavy drinker. He's abusive. He's an all around unsavory character.

J.T.: We're going around in circles here, Paul. Maybe we should go to the police.

Paul: Yeah. We're going to have to and soon.


Kevin: Don't you talk that way about Lauren, you hear me?!

Daniel: Let me go, Kevin.

Kevin: Not until you apologize for what you said.

Daniel: I'm only gonna say this one more time. Take your hands off me, or you're gonna be sorrier than you could have ever imagined.

Daniel: You want to tell me what that was all about?

Kevin: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that.

Daniel: You weren't kidding. You have strong feelings for Lauren, huh?

Kevin: I can't explain what she does to me.

Daniel: Give it a shot.

Kevin: I never met anyone like her before. She's incredible. She's funny. She's smart. She's so pretty. When she smiles, I get this tingle all over my body. And at night...

Kevin: I dream about what it would be like to be with her.

Daniel: Does Lauren know that she has this effect on you?

Kevin: I've told her how much she means to me.

Daniel: So far nothing's happened?

Kevin: No. I know she's into me, too. You know, when we're together, we have that spark, you know, the chemistry thing. We have it big time.

Daniel: So then what's the problem? Why aren't you two a couple?

Kevin: I guess she still sees me as Mikey’s messed up little brother, but I'm gonna change that. I'm gonna make her fall in love with me. (Sighs)


Lauren: So you mentioned that there's gonna be big changes at your firm.

Michael: Oh, yeah, big, big, big ones. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

Lauren: What? What?

Michael: Stop that.

Lauren: I couldn't resist.

Michael: Do you know what happened to the last woman who stole my food?

Lauren: 18 stitches to the hand?

Michael: Oh, put it this way--she never poached from my plate again.

Lauren: I'll keep that in mind. This is so good. Mmm.

Michael: Care for some more?

Lauren: No, but if I want anything, I'll just help myself.

Michael: Where was I?

Lauren: Big changes at the firm.

Michael: Oh, yes, yes. Announcement.


Michael: Christine has agreed to be my partner again.

Lauren: Really? That's interesting. So how'd you persuade her to do that?

Michael: Well, there was no arm twisting involved. She was itching to get back to work. My caseload has been insane lately. It was the best solution for everyone.

Lauren: Well, the two of you have always been really good partners.

Michael: You think so? Yeah, I think so.

Lauren: So you go back to Baldwin, Williams & Associates.

Michael: Not quite. Paul's gonna be working with us, too.


Gloria: Oh, don't you look lonely sitting at this big table all by yourself?

John: There you are, Gloria. How are you?

Gloria: I'm fabulous.

John: Why is it every time I see you you look more beautiful?

Gloria: Oh, stop. You're gonna spoil me with all your compliments.

John: Not possible. Please, sit down.

Gloria: Thank you.

John: You know, I am glad we're doing this.

Gloria: Oh, me too. You were right. It is time for all of us to get together.

John: So where are your sons?

Gloria: Well, they should be here any minute. In fact, I think I see them right...

John: What is it, Gloria?

Gloria: Um...


Dru: You were executing some real bad karaoke while I was trying to make a deal, Phyllis!

Phyllis: Stop yelling. My ears hurt.

Dru: Well, turn down your country music.

Phyllis: You can't even hear it. What are you complaining about?

Dru: What am I complaining about? I'm trying to conduct business here. I'm trying to procure "publicity" for our products. What are you doing, huh?

Phyllis: Well, I'm getting feedback in response to your "publicity," and by the way, people--they ain't so impressed.

Dru: Okay, listen, I've got a really important meeting to do. Perhaps you could skedaddle, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Yeah, you know what? I'm not skedaddling. You don't have an important meeting. You lied before. You're lying again, all right? I checked before. You just want to get me out of the office. I, myself, have an important meeting, and I'm not going to conduct it in the executive john, all right? So I left last time. You leave now.

Dru: You know, I have a huge passel of calls to make to my constituents, so...

Phyllis: All right, yeah, take your passel, your constituents and make them out in the hall.

Dru: Unplug your laptop and go to the executive commissary for your meeting.

Phyllis: Dru, Dru, Dru. Be reasonable, please. I can't conduct my meeting on the phone with you screeching and going on like you usually do in the background.

Dru: I can't conduct business while you're plunking down on the keyboard like you're Stevie Wonder.

Phyllis: Dru, Dru, Dru, Dru, Dru, Dru, Dru, Dru, please.

Dru: What?

Phyllis: Come on. Come on. Take a breath, all right? Let's just take a breath. This isn't working.

Dru: Tell me something I don't know, Phyllis.

Phyllis: It's time for a change.

Dru: I agree. How adult of you.

Phyllis: For the good of the company.

Dru: Yes, yes. All of this yelling was really becoming quite trifling.

Phyllis: Yes, it's a waste of our time and our talents, isn't it?

Dru: I agree.

Phyllis: Good, good. That's why you should take the office down the hall.

Dru: Over my dead body.

Phyllis: Oh, oh, you don't care about the company is what you're saying.

Dru: Oh, my husband's interim director, C.E.O., here at Newman Enterprises.

Phyllis: Oh, Neil, hello. Neil.

Neil: Be quiet!


Ashley: I don't know what you're talking about. I'm not keeping anything from you.

Victor: Then why didn't you tell me what's going on when I walked in through the door? Why did I have to drag it out of you?

Ashley: Because I don't want you to overreact. I know that you don't trust Brad.

Victor: Do you blame me? Don't you think that his actions have been rather erratic lately? He pulls Abby out of day camp, knowing full well she loves it there, for some nonexistent security concerns.

Ashley: That never would have happened if you had never picked her up from camp.

Victor: Then listen, then he comes to my ranch, tries to pick a fight with me, behaves like a raving maniac, knowing full well that Abby was inside listening to everything.

Ashley: He was upset about the situation, Victor.

Victor: He should never have behaved like that knowing his daughter is in earshot. Now he's run off with her without telling you where the hell to. I think he's unstable. I think the sooner you realize it, the better off--

Ashley: Don't blow this out of proportion. I know where you're heading with this. Brad would never take Abby anywhere with the intention of...

Victor: Of what? Why don't you say the word? It's the verb "to kidnap." Your husband has kidnapped my daughter.


Paul: I don't know, J.T. The information is significant. I mean, we found an earring on the remains of that kid, one that matches an earring that was found in the old paint factory. I can't sit on it forever.

J.T.: Because you're trying to protect Nikki Newman.

Paul: Well, not because I think she had anything to do with it. I mean, she was only 5 years old, but think about the situation, J.T. What an awful time it must have been. There was a birthday party, then suddenly, there's a missing kid. All the parents are upset. Joshua's parents are in tears. That had to be traumatic as hell.

J.T.: Yeah, and what if Nikki Newman’s father actually was the shooter?

Paul: Oh, look, he was a bad guy, J.T., but that's hard to imagine.

J.T.: Maybe we should talk to a psychiatrist. They could hypnotize Mrs. Newman and see if anything comes back to her, or at least make sure whatever she does remember doesn't blow her mind.

Paul: Yeah, that's a good idea.

J.T.: While you're deciding that, is there anything I can be doing?

Paul: You know, we need to find Joshua Cassen’s younger brother. I mean, given the bad luck of that family, I mean, who knows if he's even alive. You can go to the library, or you can use a computer. You start checking the phone books from all over the country. It's not a very common name, so there shouldn't be that many. You start making a list, and then we start calling around.

J.T.: Well, there could be a hundred people with that name.

Paul: You're lucky if there only is a hundred. We do what we have to do, J.T.

J.T.: Okay, yeah, sure. I'm on it, man.

Nikki: Oh.

J.T.: Hi, Mrs. Newman.

Nikki: Hi.


John: Gloria, is something wrong?

Gloria: No, no, I just thought I saw my sons. I guess I was mistaken.

John: Oh, now come on. Don't worry. They will be here very soon, I'm sure.

Gloria: Yeah. Well, it's not like them to be late. They're usually so punctual. That's how I raised them, to be respectful of other people's time. I told them that this was a very special night, and they knew how much you were looking forward to meeting them. Oh, there they are now!

Man: Sorry we're late, Mother. Had trouble locating the valet.

Gloria: Oh, it's fine. I'm just so glad that you both could make it.

Man: And you must be Mr. Ascot. Mother's told us so much about you.

Gloria: It's Abbott, dear. John Abbott. John, may I present my two darling, if somewhat forgetful, sons? This is Ben, and this is Stephen. Boys, this is the man that I've been telling you about.

John: Very nice to meet you.

Ben: Sorry about that, Mr. Abbott.

John: It's all right. Stephen, a pleasure.

Stephen: Nice to meet you, Mr. Abbott.

John: All right, gentlemen, shall we have a seat? All right.


Lauren: So Paul is gonna be working with you and Christine?

Michael: Um, when he's not dealing with his own clients. I take it you didn't know.

Lauren: I had no idea.

Michael: Well, it makes sense if you think about it. Paul's lease is up. And we have all the extra room, and this way we don't have to hire a P.I. every time we have to do some investigating. It's, you know, its win-win for everyone.

Lauren: Mm-hmm. And whose winning suggestion was that?

Michael: Christine’s. Does this arrangement trouble you in any way?

Lauren: I just-- I didn't realize Paul and Christine were so chummy. So let me guess-- she went to Paul first and you second.

Michael: Now that you mention it, she did.

Lauren: Typical, so typical.

Michael: Let's not talk about Paul or Christine anymore. It's a beautiful evening. Let's just relax and enjoy each other's company.

Lauren: You know what?

Michael: Hmm.

Lauren: You're right. Let's have a great time.

Michael: Hmm. You hear that?

Lauren: What?

Michael: It's our song.

Lauren: We don't have a song.

Michael: Oh, yes, yes. We have a song. Care to dance?

Lauren: I'd love to.

Michael: Ooh, ooh. Maybe I shouldn’t.

Lauren: Why not?

Michael: What we were discussing before-- whether or not this is a real date or not, I don't assume anything.

Lauren: Oh, Baldwin, come on. Shut up and let's dance.

Michael: I don't want to be bad. I don't want to be--ooh!


John: So...

Gloria: Yes.

John: What would you like to drink, dear?

Gloria: Maybe some wine. You choose.

John: All right, gentlemen.

Ben: Double shot of whiskey, please.

Stephen: Whatever Mom gets.

Man: Right away.


Kevin: Those are some nice-looking horses. You ride any of them yet?

Daniel: Nah. Horseback riding isn't really my forte. Anyway, I'm not so sure Mrs. Newman would go for it. She didn't seem too happy when she found out my mom and I were staying down here.

Kevin: Mr. Newman was okay with it, though?

Daniel: Yeah, he's the one who invited us.

Kevin: Hey, can you imagine what it must be like to be him, have all that money? I bet he doesn't know what to do with it.

Daniel: He could always throw some my way.

Kevin: Take a number. I'm the one without a job, sleeping on my brother's couch, but all that is gonna change real soon. After we carry out our little plan, people in this town are gonna adore me. I'll have so many job offers coming my way, it's gonna be sweet.

Daniel: Yeah, and won't Lauren be impressed.

Kevin: It'll happen, man. She's gonna see me in a whole new light. And if that doesn't work, I'll just try something else, maybe even therapy.

Daniel: You know, I told you going to a shrink is just gonna screw you up.

Kevin: Yeah, but Lauren wants me to get professional help. I might do it just for her sake.

Daniel: You know, that's gotta be the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Kevin: What?

Daniel: Relax. All I meant is you can't go into therapy for someone else. It's gotta be what you want. Otherwise, what's the point?

Kevin: The point is I need to do something so that Lauren will take me seriously. I need to do it soon, which is why we've got to get moving on this plan, like in this lifetime.


Neil: Is this what I'm paying you two for?

Phyllis: I'm sorry. You know, she won't listen to reason. I go on and on and on until...

Dru: Well, who can control her mouth? I mean, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Neil: Stop. Stop this thing you two have where neither of you will accept a slightly smaller office down the hallway-- it's not gonna fly. Something's gotta change here.

Phyllis: Neil, Neil, look at me. I'm taller. I need the bigger office, okay? Besides, I have all my equipment. I need more space.

Dru: Neil, as you know, in order for me to conduct qualitative meetings...

Phyllis: (Mouthing words)

Dru: I clearly cannot do that in a broom closet.

Neil: Okay, I got an idea. Anyone who doesn't get with the program can use the sidewalk for an office. Got that?

Dru: Tell her about it, Neil. Tell her.

Neil: All right, this is gonna take time and a lot of hard work. I would like to look into the possibility of Safra putting on a beauty contest.

Dru: Oh, my God! What a great idea. I was just talking to someone about it.

Phyllis: Yeah, mm-hmm.

Dru: Neil, in Phoenix, in Phoenix.

Neil: No, not in Phoenix. I'm not sure where it's gonna be.

Phyllis: On the internet, of course, so the whole planet can see it.

Dru: Oh, I hardly think people wanna watch a beauty contest on your little, tiny computer screen.

Neil: Okay, excuse me. Are you two gonna behave? Because if you can't work together, I'm gonna outsource this whole project. Is that what you want?


John: Mmm.

Gloria: Yeah.

John: So, Ben, tell me. Your mother says you're an attorney. What kind of law do you practice?

Gloria: Ben has several areas of expertise. He told me about one of his cases the other day. Sounded fascinating. You remember, honey?

Ben: Sure, that one was, uh, was a real challenge.

Gloria: What was the name of that case again?

Ben: Sheinman vs Wexler.

Gloria: Oh, right, right, right, right. Very important case. Huge, huge settlement.

John: Really? I don't remember reading about it in the paper.

Gloria: Well, you probably didn’t. The trial was in California. Ben does a lot of work out of state, you know, consulting, that sort of thing.

John: I see. And, Stephen, I understand you're an accountant.

Stephen: Which I really enjoy. I've always been good with a balance sheet.

John: That so?

Stephen: In fact, Mother, I just found out today I'm up for a big promotion.

John: A promotion? Well, if I recall, your mother said you were in between jobs.

Gloria: Well, he had been laid off, but they're bringing him back, obviously, at a higher level.

Stephen: Exactly. I can't tell you how anxious I am to get in there and crunch those numbers.

Gloria: (Chuckles)

John: I am glad that things are looking up for you. Cheers.

Stephen: Well, thank you.

Gloria: Oh, toast.

Stephen: Cheers.

Gloria: Stephen.

John: Well, Gloria, I must say, you have raised two fine young men.

Gloria: Oh, thank you, John. I'm quite proud of them myself.

Ben: So, Mr. Abbott, um, I was wondering if you could recommend a good realtor.

John: Are you moving?

Ben: It's for my mother. I don't know if she's told you or not, but she's been staying at my condo. Not that I don't enjoy having her, but it's a little cramped with Stephen there, too. Now I know she would really like to get her own place. Perhaps you'd be able to help her out?

John: Well, you never know. I just might.

Stephen: Oh, you know, I'm so sorry to rush off like this, but I'm afraid Ben and I need to get going.

Gloria: What?!

Stephen: It was a pleasure meeting you, Mr. Abbott.

John: All right. Hope we can do this again soon.

Stephen: Maybe. Good night, Mother.

Gloria: Why are you leaving so soon?

Stephen: You guys have a wonderful evening. Ben?

Gloria: Excuse me, John. I'll be right back. Hey! Where do you think you're going?

Stephen: Check your watch, Mom. Time's up.

Gloria: But we haven't even been here an hour.

Stephen: The clock started running when we got to your apartment.

Gloria: Well, thanks a lot for mentioning that.

Stephen: Okay, show us 100 bucks, and we're all yours for another hour.

Gloria: I don't have 100 bucks.

Stephen: Then we're outta here.

Gloria: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You got a free meal at one of the best restaurants in town. Doesn't that count for something?

Stephen: Well, consider that our tip. Come on... Ben.

Ben: Look, I'm extremely sorry about the way the evening turned out. Maybe we can get together sometime. I can find a way to make it up to you.

Gloria: I need to get back to the table... to John.

Ben: You know where to find me.

Gloria: (Purrs)

Gloria: I am... so sorry, John.

John: Now no need to apologize. Please sit. Come on. You said your sons have very little time for you, and apparently, you weren't kidding.

Gloria: Well, I had no idea. More wine, please.


Lauren: Mmm.

Michael: Yeah.

Lauren: Whoo. You are a good dancer.

Michael: Oh, wait till I bust out some of my special moves.

Lauren: Whoa! I think can wait on this one. Mmm. Thanks for a wonderful evening.

Michael: Oh, you calling it a night?

Lauren: Yeah, we both have to work tomorrow.

Michael: It's not that late. How about coming back to my place for a nightcap?

Lauren: Hmm, grand central station?

Michael: Not tonight, it isn't Kevin and Gloria are out for the evening. We'll have the place to ourselves. So how about it, Ms. Fenmore? 


Nikki: Sorry, J.T. Lynne isn't at her desk.

J.T.: Yeah, I'm actually kinda working with Paul.

Nikki: Oh!

Paul: Yeah, J.T. is my very trusted assistant now. Come on in, Nik.

Nikki: Oh, wow, you working on a case together?

Paul: Well, uh, actually, J.T. was just on his way out to do some very serious detective work.

J.T.: Right, right. Um, nice to see you.

Nikki: Yeah, you too.

Paul: So, hi, Nik. This is a surprise. What, uh, what's going on? Anything new?


Neil: Okay, I will call him back tomorrow. Right, thanks. All right. The first thing is, ladies, we have to keep this under our hat.

Phyllis: Your specialty. I'm sorry, Neil. Please, go on.

Neil: Now if it starts leaking that we're thinking about putting on a beauty contest before we're ready to announce it, we're dead in the water. We'll be worse off than if we never did it. You can't live up to your own scuttlebutt with the internet, right, Phyllis?

Phyllis: Yes, you're absolutely right. Too much speculation. Too much gossip. It's deadly.

Dru: Oh, you should know. Neil, what if we just obliterated the internet thing altogether?

Neil: Not smart.

Phyllis: (Chuckles) thank you very much, Neil.

Neil: All right, my idea is to let each of you go your own separate way and see who comes up with the most viable plan. You're more than welcome to collaborate. In fact, I'm hoping you will. Two heads are always better than one. If one of you has an idea that works for the other's plan, then you... okay, so collaboration is out.

Dru: Whew.

Neil: I can see this is one of those cases where maybe raw competition will provide the incentive for great achievement.

Phyllis: Brilliant

Dru: It's a brilliant idea, Neil.

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, and what does the winner get?

Neil: I haven't thought that far ahead, to tell you the truth. Usually just the fact that your project is chosen is considered reward enough.

Dru: May I suggest, um, well, what about the office?

Neil: What about the office?

Phyllis: That-- that's the prize. That's what the winner gets.

Dru: That's what I just said.

Phyllis: Yes, you did.

Dru: All right, Neil?

Neil: Oh, my goodness. All this squabbling over this office. I can't stand it. This fighting over a box with windows.

Dru: Oh, no.

Phyllis: Uh, with all due respect, um, boss, it's more than a box with windows. It's a lot more than that, believe me.

Dru: It's a beautiful space.

Neil: All right. As long as you two keep in mind that we are working for the best interests of this company.

Phyllis: Absolutely, this company

Dru: Of course, of course.

Neil: We need to be very careful here. I want this beauty contest about women, not girls. We need to focus on women of color.

Dru: Women of color.

Neil: And not make it an issue of race. It's very important, is that understand?

Phyllis: Not race. Absolutely. Of course, women of color.

Dru: Sure, women of color, women of color.

Neil: Now lastly, I want you to remember that Victor has given me one hell of a chance, which means you have a chance. Bury the hatchet. Learn how to collaborate. If you can't, stay out of each other's way. Thank you.

Dru: Thank you, Neil.

Phyllis: Thank you, Neil.

Dru: (Sighs) beauty contest. Beauty contest.


Gloria: Oh, yi-yi-yi. (Knock on door)

Gloria: Oh!

Gloria: (Chuckles) took you long enough to get up here.

Ben: Well, you told me to wait downstairs. Are your sons home?

Gloria: Nope. Nobody here but you and me.

Ben: So, uh, were you surprised to find me in the lobby?

Gloria: Yeah, but I love surprises.

Ben: So how'd we do tonight?

Gloria: Well, you guys were terrific, except for that part at the end when your buddy nearly ruined everything.

Ben: I really am sorry about that. He does things by the book whereas I'm a little bit more flexible.

Gloria: Ooh, that's good to know. Hope you're not here because you think there's another $50 in it for you, 'cause there ain't no more where that came from.

Ben: It's okay. We can find other ways to pay me for my services.

Gloria: Exactly what kind of services do you provide?

Ben: Well, would you like me to go through the list, or should I just show you?

Gloria: Well, I've always been more of a... hands-on kind of woman, so why don't you put your hands on me? We'll get this party started. Huh?


Lauren and Michael: (Laugh)

Lauren: Whoo!

Michael: Yes, again, again? Oh, we are professionals, my darlin'.

Lauren: Oh, it's like my ballet days.

Michael: Oh, oh, no. (Groans)

Lauren: What? What?

Michael: I don't have anything to drink. I never made it to the store after Kevin and his pal raided my liquor cabinet.

Lauren: Well, you know, okay. Let's just make a pot of decaf, okay?

Michael: Are you sure?

Lauren: Yeah. Who needs alcohol? I'm having fun already. (Laughing)

Michael: Mm-hmm. (Laughing) all righty. Let's see. (Chuckles)


Ashley: Don't say that, victor. Brad is Abby’s father. He adopted her. He's got legal custody.

Victor: What and I have no rights? I have no legal recourse when he absconds with my daughter, my own flesh and blood, just to defy me?

Ashley: Defy you? Is that what this is about? You think it's about you? Of course you do.

V victor: Listen to me. He accused me of kidnapping her. Now he's turning the tables. He's trying to get back at me.

Ashley: No, just get over yourself. They haven't even been gone that long-- just since this morning.

Victor: Then why are you falling apart at the seams?

Ashley: I am not falling apart at the seams, Victor. I just haven't connected with my husband yet, but I fully expect him to come walking in here talking about what a great time they had together today.

Victor: You know damn well that you and I would not have this conversation if you truly believed that. Why are you trying to hide something from me?

Ashley: Because I don't want you flying off the handle and ordering some stupid manhunt.

Victor: Well, maybe that's what I should do.

Ashley: No! That'll make things a thousand times worse. Don't you see that?

Victor: Because of you, I won't do it. I'll hold off. But you let me hear as soon as you hear from him. I mean right away.


Paul: So you are no closer to knowing why these thoughts, these visions keep running through your mind.

Nikki: No, but they're not random. They're about something real.

Paul: No, I know. If they weren't, they wouldn't bother you so much.

Nikki: That's right. Paul, I really want to talk to you about this. I just don't know what it is.

Paul: Yeah. (Sighs) oh, man, Nik. I know something that might connect up, but I'm worried. You're upset already.

Nikki: You do? If you know something, please tell me. Paul?

Paul: All right, look, I don't know if you heard, but they discovered the body of a child when they were excavating near the old paint factory.

Nikki: Yeah, I know about that. What does that have to do with me?

Paul: I wanna show you something. Look at this.

Nikki: Where did you get this? Did Cassie give this to you?

Paul: No. Do you remember a birthday party, a 5th birthday party--yours?

Nikki: My 5th bir--no. Do you remember yours?

Paul: Well, actually, no. Do you remember anyone giving you a pair of earrings just like this?

Paul: Who gave you the earrings, Nikki? Do you remember their name? Think. This could be very important.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Lauren: Sounds like someone's in the bedroom.

Michael: Sounds like two someones.

Nick: Takes a lot more that Cameron Kirsten to keep a Newman down.

Victor: You proved that in spades, son.

Nikki: What I can't handle is not knowing why I feel the way I do.

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