Tuesday Y&R Transcript 8/3/04

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 8/10/04--Canada; Wednesday 8/11/04--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

 Cameron: Well, you comfy now?

 Sharon: No, I am not comfy.

 Cameron: Uh-huh.

 Sharon: Will you please take this tape off? It's totally unnecessary.

 Cameron: Well, I don't know. You promise to be a good girl?

 Sharon: Yes, I promise.

 Cameron: All right, then, if you promise

 Cameron: There. That better?

 Sharon: Yes, better.

 Cameron: All right, hey. Can I get you anything, maybe something to drink, a bite to eat?

 Sharon: No, I don't want anything.

 Cameron: You sure?

 Sharon: Yes, but there is one thing you can do for me.

 Cameron: You name it.

 Sharon: Frank Barrittís murder, the perfect crime. How did you manage to pull it off and frame me? You said you would tell me once we were in the plane. Well, we're in the plane.


 Jill: I just can't believe this. I mean, it's so sudden.

 Arthur: Oh, not really, sweetheart. If you think about it, my proposal has been several decades in the making.

 Jill: I didn't even know you were back, Dad.

 Arthur: After the intervention, I was determined to go in a straight line away from here and never look back. Oh, I would have kept in touch with you, Jill. You know I would have. But I needed some time. I was so sure I'd never see my Katherine again.

 Jill: But now you're here.

 Arthur: I couldn't stay away. I came back to find my Katherine on the mend.

 Kay: On the wagon he means.

 Arthur: On the wagon, on the mend, what's the difference? I would have accepted you in any condition, on any terms.

 Jill: Well, this is just beyond wonderful.

 Arthur: Well, I take it we have your blessing then, hmm?

 Jill: How many ways do you want me to say it? Yes, you have all of them. Do you know how happy you two are making me? Oh! You know what? I'm gonna go upstairs and change and then we can go out and continue celebrating.

 Kay: Well, one little thing, Jill.

 Jill: What, Mother?

 Kay: I had a phone call today from Elliot Hampton, C.E.O. of Chancellor Industries. If you have a moment, we'll talk about that, hmm?


 Dru: Hey, baby.

 Neil: Hey, Mama. Ooh, something smells great!

 Dru: Mm-hmm. Made pot roast.

 Neil: You made pot roast?

 Dru: Sure did. I wanted to make something special for my family tonight.

 Neil: I can see that. What's the special occasion?

 Dru: No occasion. How about I love my family? How was your day? Here.

 Neil: My day was long.

 Dru: Oh, good, honey. You can tell the family all about it over dinner. Would you pour the juice? I'll get the kids--Lily, Devon.

 Neil: Yeah, sure.

 Dru: Perfect timing. Perfect timing.

 Lily: Hi.

 Dru: Dinner's almost ready. So can we wash our hands first?

 Lily: Yum.

 Devon: Oh, hey, these look great.

 Neil: Hey, Lily. Hey, Devon.


 Brad: I don't want to fight with you, Ash.

 Ashley: And how could you possibly imagine that we wouldn't fight about this?

 Brad: We won't if I walk away.

 Ashley: I think you owe me an explanation, Brad.

 Brad: I owe you?

 Ashley: You're damn right. You didn't tell me the truth.

 Brad: I did.

 Ashley: You neglected to tell me that you and Nikki erased the message that I left for Victor, which set in motion this entire chain of events.

 Brad: That's really not quite right. What set in motion this chain of events was Victor and his determination to usurp me in my daughter's life.

 Ashley: You just can't get beyond that.

 Brad: No, I canít. I will never get beyond it. You know, to you, this is some simple, easy matter. And to me, it's the beginning of the end of our family.

 Ashley: I don't understand how you can be so paranoid.

 Brad: I don't understand how you can't see the reality for what it is. I'll tell you why. Because of your continued, running feelings for Victor Newman.


 Cameron: Well, I guess since we're airborne, there's no reason I can't tell you.

 Sharon: Well, however you did it, I have to admire your cleverness.

 Cameron: I don't know about that. I couldn't have done it without help.

 Sharon: So you didn't kill Frank alone.

 Cameron: Sharon, I didn't kill anybody. I save unpleasant tasks up to a very trusted employee of mine.

 Sharon: Who?

 Cameron: One of the guys flying the plane. Gabe--he's a... he's a man of many talents.

 Sharon: Like a hit man, you mean.

 Cameron: Well, I like to think of him more as an enforcer.

 Sharon: So how did it happen?

 Cameron: All right, the night that we met at the motel, I thought we were gonna hook it up, but, well, you decided to hit me over the head with that bottle.

 Sharon: You were trying to rape me.

 Cameron: You know what? I still--I can't believe how strong you were, the way you could drag me down all those steps. Who'd think a little girl like you could do that, huh?

 Sharon: I thought you were dead.

 Cameron: Yeah, obviously. When I came to a couple hours later behind that dumpster, covered in snow, frozen, I don't think I have ever been angrier in my life.

 Sharon: And that's when you decided to destroy me.

 Cameron: What are you talking about, destroy you? Honey, you're my dream girl. You just weren't being that cooperative. So I needed to talk to Gabe about Frank's demise.

 Cameron: All right, you know what? That's all in our past. You're here now. I'm here. We're together, and I love you.


 Ashley: Please tell me that you don't honestly believe that.

 Brad: About you and Victor that you still have feelings for him?

 Ashley: That I still have feelings for him? Okay, I have feelings for him, but not the way you're implying.

 Brad: And what exactly do you think I'm implying?

 Ashley: That I'm in love with him.

 Brad: I don't know that it's at that level yet.

 Ashley: Yet?! I don't feel that way about him.

 Brad: I wonder if you know how you feel at all.

 Ashley: I do know how I feel, Brad.

 Brad: Well, let's take a look at it from where I stand. More and more, you and Victor are aligned, working together as a unit.

 Ashley: Well, if by that... do you mean that we're trying to find the best solution for Abby? Then, yeah.

 Brad: You honestly think what Victor did was best-- pulling Abby out of her day camp, taking her back to the ranch, giving her a horse, knowing damn well it was the wrong thing to do?!

 Ashley: He never would have done it if he'd gotten the damn message, Vrad.

 Brad: Oh, oh, that's right, the message. You mean the one where you said, "I really think we're going to prevail"? Do you remember that, Ash?

 Ashley: What about it? What about it? It's just words. I didn't mean anything by it.

 Brad: No, no, it's not just words. It's a state of mind. It's an indication of your feelings! Prevail against whom? Who's the enemy, Ash? Who are you fighting against, you and Victor?


 Jill: Well, I'll tell you right now, the man doesn't like me.

 Kay: Well, no, he never said anything about that, Jill. In fact, he was very complimentary about you.

 Jill: He would be.

 Kay: He told me that you attended the board meeting I requested, and business as usual was transacted, but then there was a whole lot of questions you had about the way Chancellor Industries is run and what is done with all of the money. I mean, questions that imply that there was something wrong.

 Jill: It's true. I got a strong vibe. It was just something about the way Elliot reacted to my being there. He wasn't comfortable with it.

 Arthur: I take it you pursued the matter further.

 Jill: Yes, I did. I requested Chancellor's financial records, and he gave me some, a few, but even those... you know, I don't want to get into this with you, okay? You've got enough going on. Just let me handle it.

 Kay: But now I am the one who is uncomfortable, Jill.

 Jill: You don't think I have your best interests at heart. Oh, my God! After everything that we've been through, you don't trust me?


 Neil: So if this labor dispute doesn't get worked out, I might have to travel down to Houston, see if I can straighten things out.

 Dru: Oh, honey, when will you be leaving?

 Neil: Next week. Probably only be for a couple of nights or so.

 Dru: Baby, you have so much going on.

 Neil: I do.

 Dru: What about you, Devon?

 Devon: What about me?

 Dru: How was your day?

 Devon: It was fine.

 Dru: See, we try to have conversation at our dinner table, all right? So perhaps you could do a little better than "fine."

 Devon: I went to the rec center for a little bit today.

 Dru: Hmm, went to the rec center. I understand that it's opening up next week. It's wonderful how you kids have just pulled together and turned that whole place around. I've got to tell you, I'm so impr-- what are you doing?

 Devon: I just need a little butter.

 Dru: Okay, let's ask to have the butter passed.

 Devon: That's okay. I got it.

 Dru: No, you donít. No, you donít. Let's try again. Please pass the butter.

 Devon: Can you please pass the butter?

 Dru: But of course. Now where was I?

 Neil: You were at the rec center.

 Dru: The rec center. The rec center. When I laid eyes on that building, I have to tell you, how in the devil were they gonna turn that place into something useful? I sure did. In a few months, presto. Itís...

 Devon: What's the problem now?

 Dru: Where's the butter knife?

 Devon: It's right there.

 Dru: Why aren't you using it?

 Devon: Does it matter which knife I use?

 Dru: Absolutely. You use your own knife. It's very unsanitary, not to mention, you get your food all up in my butter. Look, there's meat in my butter.

 Devon: All right, how should I do it then?

 Dru: Please pass me the butter. All right, take the butter knife. You slice off a pat of butter like that. You put it onto your plate. You put the butter knife back with the butter. Thank you. Simple.

 Devon: It seems a lot easier just to do it my way.

 Dru: Easier isn't necessarily correct. Now I'm trying to teach you-- put your napkin in your lap. I'm trying to teach you. There are different kinds of eating utensils. You have your salad fork, your dinner fork, your dessert fork, butter knives. You will learn how to use each and every one of those utensils.

 Devon: Well, why, though? I mean, it's not like I'm gonna be eating with rich people.

 Dru: Rich has nothing to do with good manners.

 Lily: Its okay, Devon. You'll get the hang of it.

 Dru: Would you pass me the pepper, please?

 Lily: Oh, yes.

 Dru: Thank you.


 Hank: I realize you've been reluctant to speak to me, Miss Turner.

 Michael: Give her a break, Hank. She was scared. She's willing to talk now.

 Hank: Mind if I ask why you had a sudden change of heart?

 Grace: When I talked to Nicholas on the phone, he said some things, things I haven't been able to get out of my mind.

 Hank: Like what?

 Grace: Like how I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I let an innocent woman go to prison for murder and that I knew too much. I'd never be safe with Cameron on the loose.

 Hank: Sounds like a lot of propaganda being pounded in your head by a man desperate to save his wife.

 Michael: You want to hear what the woman has to say or not?

 Hank: Tell me exactly what you know about this murder.

 Grace: I know that someone was killed, and that it was Frank Barritt.

 Hank: Did Cameron Kirsten admit to killing him?

 Grace: Well, no, he denied it, but of course he's gonna deny it to me.

 Hank: Okay. What makes you feel he wasn't telling the truth?

 Grace: I've come to realize he's a very dangerous man.

 Hank: Weren't you in love with him?

 Grace: Yes. That's not something I'm proud of but he was a completely different person bef--before...

 Hank: Before what?

 Grace: Before he became totally obsessed with Sharon Newman. That's when he began to lose it.


[Sharon remembering.]

 Nick: Will you marry me, Sharon?

 Nick: To our place.

 Sharon: Our place? (Glasses clink)

 Baby: (Crying)

 Nick: Shh. Shh. Shh.

 Sharon: Your son.

 Noah: Bye, Mom.

 Sharon: Bye, honey.


 Cameron: What are you doing?

 Sharon: I can't do this.

 Cameron: Are you okay?

 Sharon: Cameron, I cannot do this. I can't just walk away from my family like this. I didn't say good-bye to my babies. I can't do this. I would rather just die.

 Cameron: Hey, Sharon, come here. No, no, Sharon. No, no, no, no, no, honey, no. Let go. Let go.

 Sharon: No!

 Cameron: Let go. Let go. Let go, hey, hey. Shh! Shh! Shh! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. 

 Cameron: No, no, sharon. Sharon, don't do this. Don't do this. Donít.

 Sharon: Just let me go, Cameron. My life is over. Let me go.

 Cameron: No, no, your life is not over. Listen to me. Your life is not over. Your life is not over. Your life has just begun. You have so much to live for, honey. I will give you everything that you ever wanted.

 Sharon: Except for my family.

 Cameron: Listen to me. I'm your family. I'm your family now. I'm your family. I'm all you need. I'm all you need.

 Sharon: I'm so afraid.

 Cameron: I know. I know, but you don't have to be afraid. When you're with me, you never have to be afraid of anything ever again.

 Cameron: You're okay.


 Dru: Okay, Devon, would you pass me your plate?

 Neil: Honey, that meal was delicious.

 Dru: Thank you.

 Neil: It was hot, baby. Hot, hot.

 Lily: Yes, it was.

 Dru: Well, I hope that you saved some room here because I made peach cobbler, all right?

 Lily: Yum!

 Dru: I'll be right back. Honey, would you grab the salad?

 Neil: Okay, hey, yeah, I'll help you in the kitchen.

 Dru: Hey, don't forget. You kids are cleanup today.

 Neil: Ooh, watch out now.

 Lily: Don't worry. We won't forget.

 Devon: Your mom is a real character, you know?

 Lily: Yes, that is for sure. I'm sorry about that whole etiquette lesson.

 Devon: Etiquette? What's that?

 Lily: You know, the whole manners thing.

 Devon: Oh, oh. Don't worry about that. I--just no one ever showed me that stuff before, so...

 Lily: Well, now you know. Oh, and keep your elbows off the table.

 Devon: Yeah, I always put my napkin in my lap, too, right?

 Lily: Yes, yes. What are you thinking about?

 Devon: Just... just thinking about how lucky you are growing up this way. You know, I mean, like, sitting down, having dinner every night with your family. I... I never had any of this.

 Lily: Yeah, well, I didn't exactly grow up here.

 Devon: Yeah, I know. You were in Paris with your mom, but still, you... you still have people you can count on. Me, my mom was a crack head, and I don't have no idea where she is now, if she's even still alive, and I never knew who my old man was. I'm probably better off not knowing at all, but it's just real different being someplace like this.

 Lily: Well, different good or different bad?

 Devon: What do you think?

 Lily: So you're starting to like it here, huh? It's okay. You don't have to say it. I know its how you feel.

 Dru: Okay, here we go.

 Neil: All right.

 Lily: Yes!

 Dru: Peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream.

 Lily: Yum!

 Dru: And I hope you like it that way, Devon, because it's the only way we serve it in this house.

 Devon: Sounds good to me. I'm not picky.

 Dru: Lily, help yourself.

 Lily: Thank you.

 Devon: I am not picky.

 Dru: All right, let's go.

 Lily: Yum.

 Dru: Dig in. Go ahead.


 Ashley: You know, this case that you're determined to build against me is--

 Brad: I never meant to do that.

 Ashley: Oh, really? Well, it sure seems that you're hell-bent on ascribing some awful motive to my actions.

 Brad: That's not it at all.

 Ashley: Well, what the hell is it then?

 Brad: You keep doing things, sending me a message. I doubt you're even aware that's what you're doing.

 Ashley: A message about Victor and me?

 Brad: Let's take a look at it. Putting Victor's name on the list at camp to pick up Abby, for example. You felt there needed to be another name besides Frances' and ours.

 Ashley: Yes, I did, and I still do feel that way.

 Brad: You had any number of people to choose from. You had Jack, your father, Mamie--a loyal, trusted family friend--but no. You chose Victor without so much as consulting me.

 Ashley: Brad, look, I know that this irks you, but Victor is Abbyís biological father, and he's the one who's gonna have the opportunity to pick her up. That's a given.

 Brad: It's a given because you made it one. Yet another example.

 Ashley: So I suppose that you're reneging on these unsupervised...

 Brad: (Chuckles) oh, God. I never wanted the unsupervised visits in the first place. We saw two child psychologists, both of whom said the best way to do this was with supervised visitation, but you didn't want that because Victor didn't want it. So instead, you start grinding me and grinding me, and finally, I cave in. Now you don't see how you're sending me a message.

 Ashley: A message, another message about some bond that I have with Victor.

 Brad: That's right. It's a bond. It's there. And if you don't see it...

 Ashley: I donít.

 Brad: Then you need to look closer.

 Ashley: Do you know what is so sad? I'm starting to realize that no matter how closely I look at this, I'm never gonna see what you do.


 Arthur: It's not a matter of your mother trusting you, sweetheart. I'm sure of that.

 Jill: Don't be.

 Kay: You are rearing up on your hind legs rather quickly, don't you think? Jill, listen to me. Chancellor Industries was doing very well and is still doing very well since Elliot came aboard as chief executive.

 Jill: He is spending a fortune on perks and goodies for himself--no-- and not nearly enough on expenditures that C.I. needs to stay competitive in today's world.

 Arthur: Do you have proof of this?

 Jill: Yes, and I've got more coming. All right, I haven't found anything illegal strictly speaking, but it wouldn't surprise me.

 Kay: Well, you know, Elliot says you're a major distraction dealing-- no, dealing with your little investigation.

 Jill: Do you know how ridiculous that is? His secretary can put that material together for me.

 Arthur: Now I know you didn't ask me, dear, but I really don't see the harm in Jill looking over the financial records of your company. If there's nothing wrong, then wonderful, but if there is...

 Kay: Yes, Elliot feels that she is overstepping her bounds.

 Jill: Oh, Elliot is an employee for God's sake, a very highly paid one. He's treating Chancellor Industries like his own personal empire.

 Arthur: I think on a number of levels, allowing Jill to function this way for you is a good thing. It can only build trust between you two, and who knows? It may even smoke out some inefficiency at the company.

 Kay: I suppose. There's no real harm done, but, Jill, in the future, I want you to take it easy, because we do not want to ruffle any feathers.

 Jill: Yes, Mother.


 Lily: And then you need to cover it with this. And then you get the cover to pop back on.

 Dru: Hey, honey.

 Neil: Hey, baby.

 Dru: Oh!

 Neil: How are things going in that kitchen?

 Dru: Just fine. They have everything under control.

 Neil: Hey, Mama, you really, really outdid yourself with dinner tonight.

 Dru: Did I, baby?

 Neil: Mm-hmm.

 Dru: Glad you liked it.

 Neil: Yeah, I think Devon did, too.

 Dru: Oh, yes. Now he had three helpings of my pot roast.

 Neil: He did, didn't he? Hey, in case I haven't said it lately...

 Dru: Yeah?

 Neil: I really admire everything you're doing for the kid. You're making such a big difference in his life.

 Dru: Baby, we're making a big difference in his life.

 Neil: Yeah, I gotta admit things are working out a lot better than I thought they would.

 Dru: I told you.

 Neil: Yes, you sure did. I never should have doubted you.

 Dru: You never should have doubted me.

 Neil: Has anyone from child services called lately?

 Dru: Well, no, honey, I guess it's hard to find a permanent home.

 Neil: It seems like it's taking a long time.

 Dru: Well, yes, it's not easy to find a foster family for a 16-year-old boy, much less a boy with a track record like Devonís.

 Neil: Well, I hope they find something soon.

 Dru: You said yourself things were going so much better than you thought they would.

 Neil: Yeah, honey, but I kind of wish things were back the way they used to be, you know, just our little family. I think it would be better for Devon, too, because the longer he stays here the tougher it's gonna be for him to leave. (Telephone rings) (Ring)

 Neil: Hello? Hey, Lawrence, what's up? No, I don't have those files here at the house. They're at the office. You really think the Houston situation's that serious? Okay, well, um, I can head over there now. I'll tell you what, why don't you set up a conference call with the union heads? We'll try to hammer something out, all right? I'll see you in a few minutes.

 Dru: Baby, you have to go back to the office?

 Neil: Yeah, I sure do. Got a nasty labor dispute brewing. I'll be back in a flash, though.

 Dru: Oh, honey, oh, I wish you didn't have to go.

 Neil: I know. I wish I didn't have to go, either. Ooh, you know what?

 Dru: What?

 Neil: Hold that thought. I'm serious, all right?

 Dru: Okay.

 Neil: I love you, baby.

 Dru: I love you back.

 Neil: I'll be back.

 Dru: All right, be careful.

 Neil: I will, thanks.

 Lily: (Laughs)


 Cameron: Can I get you a glass of water, maybe something stronger?

 Sharon: No, no, it's okay. I just, uh... I just want to be alone for awhile with my thoughts.

 Cameron: All right, take all the time you need.

 Nick: The parachutes! God, I hope we don't need these.

 Cameron: You're all I've ever dreamed of, all I've ever wanted.

 Sharon: Well, that makes me a very lucky woman.

 Sharon: Nick, be careful! You're gonna kill him!

 Cameron: You're both dead already.

 Nick: Just like Frank Barritt, huh? I got the whole thing on tape. You're going down, bitch, and this is for Frank!

 Gabe: Mr. Kirsten, everything all right back there?


 Hank: You say Kirsten began to lose it, correct? In what way?

 Grace: He started to do crazy things.

 Michael: Like faking his own death in order to haunt Sharon. He was gas lighting her, Hank.

 Grace: Exactly.

 Hank: Let's focus on the murder.

 Grace: Well, obviously there had to be a body for him to put behind that dumpster, and no one but Cameron could have done that, because he's the only one who knew he'd been dragged there in the first place.

 Hank: That still doesn't mean he killed Frank Barritt.

 Michael: Oh, come on, Hank! The dead body just happens to be someone with ties to Sharon Newman. You think that's a coincidence?

 Hank: I didn't say that, but the evidence points to your client, not Cameron Kirsten. And so far Miss Turner here hasn't told me anything that implicates Kirsten, counselor.

 Grace: There might be one thing.

 Hank: What's that?

 Grace: Cameron called me, said that if I talked to the police, I'd go down with him.

 Hank: He actually told you that?

 Grace: He also said he'd left a ticket for me to New York and for me to be on that flight.

 Hank: Okay, those were his exact words-- if you talk to the police, you'll go down with him?

 Grace: Yeah, and believe me, he wasn't kidding around. I mean, he was deadly serious. The way he said it, it gave me the chills.


 Gabe: Mr. Kirsten? Mr. Kirsten?

 Nick: Tell him that you're making love to the guy.

 Sharon: Okay. Gabe, Cameron is indisposed at the moment.

 Gabe: What's going on?

 Nick: Come here, baby, hurry up.

 Sharon: Did you hear that, Gabe? Stay in the cockpit and leave alone.

 Nick: I got here as fast as I could.

 Sharon: I didn't know if you were gonna make it. Okay, what are we gonna do?

 Nick: All right, there's two guys in the cockpit. They probably have guns. Taking them out is not an option.

 Sharon: But if Cameron wakes up, we're dead. Time is running out.

 Nick: Okay, I have a plan. It was gonna be our last resort, but right now we don't have a choice.

 Sharon: Okay.


 Jill: Elliot Hampton, please. This is Jill Abbott.

 Elliot: Yes, Miss Abbott?

 Jill: You called Katherine?

 Elliot: Yes, I did speak to her.

 Jill: You're trying to chase me away.

 Elliot: I was merely trying to focus attention on what's best for the company.

 Jill: On what's best for Elliot Hampton.

 Elliot: Now wait a minute. Why are you being so aggressive?

 Jill: Oh, excuse me. I'll just be as polite as I know how to be. I have spoken to my mother, and she has agreed to allow me to continue looking into business practices at Chancellor Industries. So if you don't mind, please arrange for all the documents I requested and any that I forgot to request to be delivered to me immediately, okay?

 Elliot: Okay, Miss Abbott.

 Jill: Good, I'll speak to you when I've had a chance to go over them. 


 Lily: Yeah.

 Devon: No, see, you're trying to cheat.

 Lily: No, you bet too much. Way too much.

 Lorena: I'm so sorry to drop by so late.

 Dru: Oh, no worries, no worries. Is this about Devon?

 Lorena: Is he here?

 Dru: Yes, he's on the terrace with my daughter.

 Lorena: Well, I have some good news. We've found a home for him.

 Dru: Found a home for Devon?

 Lorena: A group home here in town. I got the call as I was leaving the office. I thought you'd like to know.

 Dru: Yes, oh, yes, mm-hmm.

 Lorena: I have some other news, as well. Your application to serve as foster parents, it was approved.

 Dru: Hallelujah! I'm so happy. Sorry.

 Lorena: Which means there is nothing preventing Devon from staying here permanently, assuming, of course, you want him to stay.

 Dru: Mm-hmm.

 Lorena: I'll give you some time to think about it, discuss it with your husband. You give me a call as soon as you can.

 Dru: I'll get right back to you. Let me see you out.

 Lorena: Please do.

 Dru: Is it typical for the social workers just to drop by?

 Devon: I'm gonna bet.

 Lily: Hmm...

 Devon: Oh, no, I don't think you gonna win this one, though.

 Lily: Maybe.

 Devon: You are not gonna win this one.

 Lily: Oh, don't think so?

 Devon: You know what? I fold.

 Lily: I just might win, and then you're gonna-- you fold? Great, 'cause I only had a pair of twos!

 Devon: I didn't have nothing.


 Brad: I have one question, Ash, and it's a question I have never demanded that you answer, but I know you must have asked yourself. When you decided to have a baby, why Newman? Why'd you choose him? I'm sure it wasn't just a coincidence. Why, why in the name of heaven Victor Newman?

 Brad: Can you tell me? Can you give me an answer?

 Ashley: Yeah, I'm not gonna lie to you. You know years ago when I was pregnant with the child that I never had?

 Brad: Victor's child?

 Ashley: Yeah, well, I never really came to terms with the decision I made to terminate that pregnancy, Brad. I always felt like I had this empty place in my heart, and that's why it was so important for me to have a baby.

 Brad: Not a baby, Ash, Victor's baby. Now do you see what I'm saying? You can't hide from it.

 Brad: If nothing else, maybe you can understand how I feel.

 Ashley: Brad. Honey, no matter what was going on in my mind or my heart years ago when I was alone, you are my husband now, and I do love you so much. But, sweetheart, Victor is Abbyís biological father.

 Ashley: So this is how it's going to be. He's gonna be allowed to spend time with her unsupervised by either one of us. We're gonna work out some kind of a schedule. I've made my decision, and I'm not gonna fight with you any more about it.


 Michael: Hank, can we please discuss the rest of this later? Sharon Newman is up in a plane with that psycho while we're wasting--

 Hank: Wait, wait, wait, wait a minute, Baldwin, wait a minute! Now I thought I made it clear she was not to leave town!

 Michael: Oh, don't you get it, Hank? Kirsten is holding her hostage. It was her only chance to get proof that he's involved in this crime.

 Grace: Who are you calling?

 Hank: The airport, Miss Turner. Yes, this is Detective Hank Weber, G.C.P.D. I'd like to check on a private flight that took off a short time ago, probably some sort of executive jet belonging to a Cameron Kirsten. Yes, that's correct.


 Nick: Okay, I found the backpacks and the survival kit in the back of the plane. I'm sure the mechanics won't mind if we borrow their coveralls.

 Sharon: Nick, we're going to parachute out of the airplane?

 Nick: Babe, this may be our last chance to get out of this alive.

 Sharon: God! Have you ever done this before?

 Nick: Yeah, a couple times. It's no sweat. Now listen to me, you jump out of the plane, you count to three you pull this, all right?

 Sharon: Okay.

 Nick: Count to three, pull that.

 Sharon: Okay.

 Nick: And we're taking him with us.

 Sharon: Nick, I'm so scared.

 Nick: Don't be. We're gonna be fine, okay? Now come on, you're gonna be fine. Count to three and pull. Let's go! Get down there! Babe, when I open this door, you gotta hang on.

 Sharon: Okay.

 Nick: All right, go! I don't care if you do it or not, but in three seconds, you might want to pull that cord!

 Cameron: Oh!

 Nick: All right, babe, your turn. Come on! You can do this, you can do this. I love you. In three seconds, pull it.

 Sharon: I love you. Okay!

 Nick: Three seconds, okay?

 Sharon: Okay!

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