Monday Y&R Transcript 8/2/04

Y&R Transcript Monday 8/9/04 -- Canada, Tuesday 8/10/04 -- U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Nick: Please, God let me be in time. Don't let anything happen to Sharon.


Cameron: We're cleared through customs, right?

Gabe: We're good to go.

Cameron: Okay, I don't want anyone getting on this plane, okay?

Gabe: You got it.

Sharon: Okay, sweetheart, but hurry.

Cameron: That had better not have been your husband.

Sharon: No, why would I call Nick? He would just try to stop me from leaving, and then I'd be back where I started, facing a murder charge.

Cameron: That's right. Smart girl.

Sharon: I was calling my daughter. My mother-in-law's houseman is driving the kids out here so I can say good-bye to them.

Cameron: What, what are you talking about? No, Sharon, no, there's no time. Look, we've just got a couple more things to load into the baggage compartment, then we're airborne.

Sharon: Can't we just wait a few more minutes?

Cameron: No, we canít.

Sharon: Cameron, please. I just--I really wanna hug them one last time.

Cameron: Honey, I would give you the moon, and I would give you the stars. But I'm not delaying this departure one more second. Now we're airborne in ten minutes. That's final.


(Doorbell rings)

Victor: Ashley.

Ashley: Do you mind if I come in?

Victor: No, of course not. Come in.

Ashley: Is Nikki around?

Victor: No, she got a call from someone and left.

Ashley: I'm sure you know why I'm here.

Victor: Does this have to do with the afternoon I spent with Abby?

Ashley: Victor, what were you thinking, picking her up from day camp without Brad's knowledge or consent? You know how hostile that seems?

Victor: Okay, now slow down. I had to do something. Besides, Abby had a wonderful time bonding with me, okay?

Ashley: Do you know what this is doing to Brad? It's killing him.

Victor: What's killing him is that Abby and I got along as well as we did.

Ashley: What you did was presumptuous, and it was overbearing. And I don't blame Brad for being furious with you, especially since I left you that message telling you to wait to see Abby till I got back from my trip.

Victor: Okay, now hold your horses. I never got that message.


Nikki: Thanks for calling, Brad. I really wanted to have a chance to clear the air.

Brad: I think it's important we keep our lines of communication open.

Nikki: So do I. That makes me ask-- did you tell Ashley that we erased the message she left on my machine?

Brad: That's the least of my worries right now.

Nikki: What do you mean?

Brad: You ever feel like your life is spinning out of control, like you're on a runaway train headed for disaster?

Nikki: Unfortunately, I am all too familiar with that feeling.

Brad: Then you can see why I'm on edge. Nikki, Ashley and Victor are on the same page about Abby, her future.

Nikki: If you're talking about visitation...

Brad: I'm not talking about visitation. I'm talking about custody. Victor wants Abby, and he's working Ash to get her.


Dru: Bonsoir, monsieur.

Damon: Hi.

Dru: Ooh, libation. Oh, you always seemed like a green tea kind of a guy to me.

Damon: Now how many Georgia boys you know won't knock back a bourbon now and again?

Dru: True, true, true. I also noticed that you called on a sister for some S.O.S. Must be trouble in Genoa City.

Damon: There's annoyance, and his name is Daniel. (


Knock on door)

Daniel: You wanted to see me, Phyllis?

Phyllis: Don't do that.

Daniel: What?

Phyllis: Don't-- don't "Phyllis" me. I'm your mom.

Daniel: I'm just wondering when you're gonna start acting like it then.

Phyllis: Wow, you have quite a chip on your shoulder, don't you, young man?

Daniel: You know, if this is just gonna be more of the same runaround...

Phyllis: No, it's not.

Daniel: Yeah, really?

Phyllis: I found us a place to live.

Daniel: What did you say?

Phyllis: Yeah, I found a place for us to stay.

Daniel: Really?

Phyllis: Okay, so after you apologize, I'll tell you all about it.

Daniel: Maybe you should tell me about it first.

Phyllis: You don't trust me?

Daniel: No. I would really like to, but you don't exactly make it all that easy on me.

Phyllis: Oh, really? I could say the same about you-- backing me into a corner, driving a wedge between Damon and me.

Daniel: We're back at this again. What, do you still think I'm playing head games with you?

Phyllis: I don't really know what to think of you, Daniel.

Daniel: Gosh, thanks, Mom. Thanks a lot.


Nick: Hey! (Bangs on gate)

Man: Whoa, there, mister. This is a restricted area.

Nick: I gotta get in there. It's important. Please.


Kevin: Hi, Mom.

Gloria: Hi, sweetie.

Kevin: What's the matter? I wasn't expecting you home so soon.

Gloria: Well, the date ended, and I took the bus home.

Kevin: Oh. Did you have fun?

Gloria: I blew it, Kevin. I put my foot right straight in my mouth.

Kevin: Oh, no. You didn't tell Mr. Abbott about me being your kid.

Gloria: No, of course not, but he said he wanted to meet my sons. He kept pushing and pushing it, and I had to tap dance around it. I could tell he wasn't too impressed.

Kevin: Oh, Mom. I'm so sorry.

Gloria: Well, it's not your fault.

Kevin: Of course it is. You run into this guy who's perfect. You know, he's not already married, he's rich, he likes you. I mean, who wouldn't? It's just that--

Gloria: I know. A good man nowadays is hard to find.

Kevin: And you have to keep things from him because your son is the biggest loser of all time.

Gloria: Kevin, stop it. I will not listen to you put yourself down.

Kevin: It won't always be like this, Mom. Things are gonna get better. Pretty soon Mr. Abbott is going to be impressed that you're my mother. You'll see. I'm gonna change everything.


Nikki: Brad, come on. You're getting paranoid.

Brad: Am I? Did Victor mention what happened the other day when I confronted him about kidnapping Abby?

Nikki: He said that you stormed the property.

Brad: Well, that's one way to put it. I suppose he left out the part where he was going to have his guards physically remove me.

Nikki: He said you were out of control.

Brad: Oh, I'll admit I was furious. And it didn't get any better when he came to my house and told me that if I didn't control myself, I wouldn't be seeing my daughter alone again.

Nikki: What?

Brad: Those were his exact words, Nikki.

Nikki: Oh, Brad. Custody-- how can you think he would go that far?

Brad: So you're not in favor of it?

Nikki: Of course not. The last thing I want is Victor to have custody of Abby. He already has a family!

Brad: Has Victor even hinted at it? Don't bother answering. I can see from the look in your eyes that I'm right.


Ashley: So you never got the message.

Victor: No, because it was deleted before I had a chance to listen to it.

Ashley: Well, how did you know about it?

Victor: Interesting story. My wife told me about that.

Ashley: So she heard it.

Victor: She deleted it.

Ashley: Why?

Victor: Because your husband had asked her to.

Ashley: This doesn't make any sense.

Victor: Right. Let me explain it to you. My wife called your husband over here and asked him to listen to a message, all right? Needless to say, after he had, the message was erased. Once he found out about it, well, he realized that he didn't want to allow me to see his daughter. He never told you about that, did he?

Ashley: No, he didnít.

Victor: What did you say on that message, by the way?

Ashley: Oh, nothing, nothing. That it--nothing that warranted it being erased.

Victor: Uh-huh. Our spouses are certainly riled up about it.

Ashley: Well, I'm sorry. I don't understand why they would be.

Victor: Because Nikki feels that you're siding with me about Abby and leaving Bradley on the sidelines.

Ashley: Okay, that's just ridiculous.

Victor: Your husband feels the same way. They're both afraid, okay?

Ashley: Afraid of what? What the hell is going on?! We are four adults playing a stupid cloak and dagger game with a little girl's life, and I don't like it. It's wrong!

Victor: I couldn't agree with you more. It's your husband's contempt and fury that's at the heart of this.

Ashley: You're not helping things either, Victor.

Victor: No, but I know what's best for our daughter.

Ashley: She's your daughter biologically.

Victor: For your information, she calls me Daddy, all right?

Ashley: She already has a Daddy, and that's Brad.

Victor: And I have very grave concerns about his ability to parent Abby.

Ashley: Oh, come on. You're the only one that feels that way.

Victor: Ashley, you should have seen your husband the other day, how he stormed up to the front door demanding to see Abby, knowing full well she was safe and happy and secure in here. Look, the long and the short of it is that he prodded Nikki into erasing that message. Had I heard that message, I would never have picked up Abby.

Ashley: And I'm sure he had to hold a gun to Nikkiís head to get her to help him.


Dru: So we're, uh, we're talking about your girl's son Daniel.

Damon: Yeah.

Dru: Oh, some negativity there coming off of Mr. Mellow.

Damon: Drucilla, let's stop with the nicknames, may we? I'm a human being...

Dru: Yes, you are.

Damon: Who tries to see the bigger picture, not sweat the small stuff, you know, keep things in perspective. Now to you I may seem like some sort of a, I don't know, a flower child or something. See, that's in your head. Yes, I can appreciate eastern philosophy, and I would like to not get caught up in the western rat race. That does not make me the Dalai Lama, now does it?

Dru: No, it does not.

Damon: Okay, then good. So can we please put a permanent abatement to the puerile running commentary on me and my outlook on life? I have had enough of children and their little games to last me a very long time. Thank you very much. Thank you.

Dru: Shh. Hey, hey, hey. Hey, listen, listen. What's got you so twisted behind Romalotti junior, hmm?

Damon: Did Phyllis tell you she was moving out?

Dru: She is-- oh, you all are breaking up?

Damon: I don't know what we're doing.

Dru: Well, to be honest with you, I never thought the two of you-- wait a minute. Is she moving out because of Daniel?

Damon: Yeah. Because her child wants it that way.

Dru: That's understandable to me.

Damon: I-I-I've said that myself, and under any other circumstances, I wouldn't really care. He doesn't wanna share her with a fella he hardly knows. I do understand that. But there's something more. He is--he's a... a dishonest, sneaky, manipulative little mutt. I am having a very hard time... despite my better angels. I strongly dislike him.


Phyllis: All right, this is not going very well. Let's start over.

Daniel: Start over when, where, with what?

Phyllis: I found us a place to stay.

Daniel: Wow, Mom, that's great.

Phyllis: Yes, son, isn't it? It's only temporary, but I think you're gonna like it.

Daniel: Okay, so tell me about it.

Phyllis: Okay, I'd love to. It's spacious. It's just been redone. It's on an incredible estate. How does it sound so far?

Daniel: Almost too good to be true.

Phyllis: I know. That's what I thought when it was offered to me.

Daniel: But you said it's not permanent, though, right?

Phyllis: No, no, I mean, we still have to find our own place, but it takes the pressure off, you know, so we're not sort of pushed into living someplace we don't like.

Daniel: You okay? Is something wrong?

Phyllis: Nope. What do you mean is something wrong?

Daniel: It just sounds like you're having second thoughts.

Phyllis: I'm not having second thoughts. I'm fine. Never look back, right?

Daniel: Yeah, that works for me, but is it working for you?


Man: You got a name?

Nick: Nick Newman. My family keeps their aircraft here.

Man: Oh, yeah, Victor Newman.

Nick: Yeah, that's my dad. My name should be on that list, too.

Man: Well, you were, kid, but your name's crossed off.

Nick: What?

Man: Sorry. Only people on the list are authorized in the field.

Nick: No, no, no, man. You' gotta let me in. This is a matter of life and death.

Man: No can do, pal. Not without clearance. Can't be too careful this day and age, you know?

Nick: Just wait a second. Give me one second, all right?


Sharon: You know what-- this was a mistake.

Cameron: Sit down, Sharon.

Sharon: I changed my mind, Cameron, and I want to get off this plane.

Cameron: But there's no getting off this plane.

Sharon: I cannot leave like this, Cameron, not without saying good-bye to my children.

Cameron: Sit. Sit down, Sharon. Sit down!

Sharon: If you don't know that about me, then you don't know me very well at all.

Cameron: You know what? I know you. I know you.


Gloria: Honey, you were talking like this earlier, and it makes me a little nervous.

Kevin: What does?

Gloria: I don't know. Your tone. Like you got some plan.

Kevin: Well, don't you? Would you still be interested in Mr. Abbott if he was some poor guy who was--

Gloria: Don't you dare. Your mother is not a gold digger. I'm just-- all right, I'm just attracted to a certain class of people.

Kevin: Right.

Gloria: Don't you start with me, young man.

Kevin: Okay, all right, fine. That's fair enough. Mother, you are as pure as the driven snow. And I'm mister-- well, I'm going to be Mr. Popular around here.

Gloria: Look, I don't want you coming up with some crazy scheme just so I can tell this man who my sons are.

Kevin: I have to do something. I can't go on like this. You know, it's not just about you and Mr. Abbott. I can't get a job. Everywhere I go, mom, I run into people who don't like me. It gets old.

Gloria: Well, okay, then just move to another town.

Kevin: What, you trying to get rid of me?

Gloria: No, of course not. I love that we're all back together and everything's so good. I just don't like to think of you being unhappy.

Kevin: Well, that's why I'm gonna....

Gloria: What?

Kevin: No, no, no, I don't wanna jinx it.

Gloria: Kevin.

Kevin: Mnh-mnh.

Gloria: You...


Ashley: I can't tell you how I wish you had resisted the urge to pick Abby up from day camp.

Victor: I wouldn't have picked her up had I gotten your message.

Ashley: Message or no message, you had to know that what you were doing, it had repercussions, Victor. In Brad's eyes, you kidnapped his little girl.

Victor: Ashley, Ashley, you are the one who put my name of the list of people authorized to pick her up.

Ashley: And you took it upon yourself to pick her up without our permission.

Victor: Because I would never have gotten the permission from Brad alone.

Ashley: Who knows what you're gonna get now.

Victor: You cannot let him dictate this, not after you damn well know that he has acted rather erratically lately.

Ashley: You're both at fault. I'm angry at Brad. I'm also angry with you.

Victor: Do I need to reiterate it once more? I wouldn't have picked her up had your husband not urged my wife to erase that message. You got it?

Ashley: And I'll deal with my husband. I think you need to learn to practice a little restraint.


Nikki: Brad, what are you hoping to get out of this?

Brad: The truth. I want to know what I'm up against.

Nikki: I don't want to dredge this all up again.

Brad: Well, Nikki, I'm sorry. My daughter's hanging in the balance.

Nikki: All right. Yes, he has said some things that would support him getting custody.

Brad: What things?

Nikki: Brad, believe me, you don't want to hear this.

Brad: I do want to hear it. I want to hear everything.

Nikki: He's questioning your parenting skills. He thinks that you're making bad choices for Abby. He says this is the reason you pulled her out of day camp was strictly out of your anger and animosity towards him.

Brad: Yeah, well, he would say that.

Nikki: Well, why did you take her out?

Brad: Because she can't be in a place where Victor can just swoop in and take her whenever he gets the whim. He's not her father, despite what he thinks.

Nikki: He just wants to get to know her.

Brad: Oh, Nikki, come on. He could have done that any number of ways. What he wants is to possess her.

Nikki: You're basing this on one incident, on one visit.

Brad: He gave her a horse, for God's sake. He told her nobody can ride it but her.

Nikki: What? He didn't tell me that.

Brad: How unusual. Victor doesn't tell you a lot of things, Nikki. The bottom line is he wants to take my daughter from me.

Nikki: Oh, my God. I guess... I guess you're right. It's possible he is thinking of custody.

Brad: That's what I've been trying to tell you.

Nikki: And that message from Ashley...

Brad: Just more evidence of his pull on her.

Nikki: They have always had that special bond. He's never been able to get her out of his heart, no matter how much he loves me. What's gonna happen now?

Brad: I can tell you what's not going to happen. Victor is not going to get what he wants.


Victor: Son, where are you?

Nick: I'm at the private gate at the airport. The guard won't let me in. He said my name's been crossed off the list.

Victor: Yes, I authorized that.

Nick: Look, Dad, I don't have time for this. I need you to tell this guard to let me in.

Victor: Does this have to do with Sharon?

Nick: Yes, Dad, now please.

Victor: Look, I'm coming out there.

Nick: Do whatever you want, but tell this guy to let me in first.

Victor: Put him on.

Nick: My dad wants to talk to you.

Man: Yes, sir.

Man: Of course, Mr. Newman. I was just following my written ins-- yes, sir, I understand. Of course. You're clear.

Nick: Thank you. Hurry, please.

Man: Go ahead.


Phyllis: Can I be honest?

Daniel: I hope so. Lord knows that a bunch of secrets and lies have gotten us into a whole lot of trouble in the past.

Phyllis: That's really true. I know. Um, but... for me, um... even, um... a wonderful boy like yourself can't occupy all my time.

Daniel: You still worried about walking out on Mr. Personality?

Phyllis: I'm not walking out on him.

Daniel: You know, it's just the way he makes you feel, like you have to make a choice between me or him.

Phyllis: Well, I kinda do, don't I?

Daniel: Look, if you want to be with him--

Phyllis: Okay, listen, I've said this before, all right? I want a relationship with you, Daniel, all right? I'm willing to make the sacrifices to get that, so please, don't throw the tension between you and Damon in my face anymore.

Daniel: Sorry. I didn't mean to.

Phyllis: Apology accepted.

Daniel: So tell me where this glorious place is that you found us.

Phyllis: Okay, the Newman ranch. My friend Victor offered it to us.

Daniel: Victor Newman, as in the rec center?

Phyllis: One and the same.

Daniel: Your "friend" Victor?

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, my "friend." We're just friends, okay? Nothing else is going on. I used to work with him at Newman Enterprises.

Daniel: You sure this isn't gonna be a problem, I mean, with, like, his family?

Phyllis: You know, that's what I thought, but he said it wasn't a big deal, so...

Daniel: Wow. That's gonna be something, living on a big estate, huh?

Phyllis: I know. But in the meantime, you know, we shouldn't stop looking for apartments or town homes.

Daniel: So in other words, don't get too attached to the swanky crib.

Phyllis: No, don't get too attached to the swanky crib. I think it's important not to get too attached to anything in life, you know?

Daniel: You still thinking about him--Damon?

Phyllis: I don't want to lose you. I've gone through so much loss recently, I can't lose you. You know what I mean?

Daniel: The divorce? Everything's just totally done between you and this Jack guy?

Phyllis: He wants to meet you.

Daniel: Okay, why?

Phyllis: Because you're my son, and he cares about me.

Daniel: Sure, I'll meet him.

Phyllis: You will?

Daniel: Yeah, I believe you. I can see it in your eyes. That's the one that hurts the most, right?

Phyllis: It doesn't mean that my feelings for Damon are any--are any less.

Daniel: You know what? Once we get you away from him, and we put this all behind us, things, I think, are really gonna start looking up for us, mom. I think you and me are gonna make a great team.


Dru: All right, well, thank you.

Dru: You know, I was thinking you could use a dose of reality in some of that eastern philosophy right about now.

Damon: I know. Iím letting the little monster get under my skin.

Dru: Typically, you're able to meditate these kinds of things away. You've got it bad for Phyllis. God knows why. They say there's no rhyme or reason for bad taste, so there you have it.

Damon: Don't be getting on Phyllis. It's not her fault. Daniel's got her on a short emotional leash, and he's yanking it as hard as he can.

Dru: As hard as she'll let him yank it.

Damon: No, see, that's what I'm saying. She can't help it. Phyllis has got some, I don't know, guilt issues. They run pretty deep.

Dru: Oh, listen, you're talking to the wrong person. Quite frankly, I'm very surprised that you called on little old me.

Damon: Things were pretty intense just before you left Jabot, hmm?

Dru: Yes, yes, yes, they were, and I'm sure you've heard very unfavorable things coming out of Phyllis' mouth.

Damon: Well, don't you worry. I didn't believe all of them.

Dru: You can believe this. We're having a very difficult time working together in that itty bitty space.

Damon: I'm sorry, but not surprised. Anyway, other than that, you doing okay these days?

Dru: You really want to know?

Damon: Yes.

Dru: Just for the record-- I have a challenge on my plate.

Damon: Learning to control your mouth?

Dru: No, but I wish you would learn to control yours and listen for a change. I have a youth in my house. Grew up in foster care most of his life. I'm trying to set him on the right track. What do you think about that?

Damon: Lucky boy. How old?

Dru: Daniel's age.

Damon: I hope he's grateful for what you're doing.

Dru: Not looking for gratitude.

Damon: Well, I know. Just the same, nothing worse than a kid who doesn't know when he's getting a break.

Dru: Yeah, but how are you supposed to know what a break is if you've never been given one before?

Damon: That's true.

Dru: Mm-hmm.

Damon: I knew you'd lend some perspective to things.

Dru: Listen, I gotta go. You straight?

Damon: Mm-hmm.

Dru: Have another one on me. See ya.


Cameron: Calm down.

Sharon: Don't touch me!

Cameron: Calm down.

Sharon: Stop it.

Cameron: Hey, hey, hey.

Sharon: Cameron!

Cameron: Listen to me. Listen to me. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me. This is your fault. I didn't want to do this, okay? I didn't want to do this.

Sharon: (Whimpers)

Cameron: Gabe...

Sharon: No!

Cameron: Bring that tape.

Sharon: Let go of me! Get your hands off of me!

Cameron: There is no getting out of here. Do you understand me? Shh. Shh.


Gloria: Oh.

Kevin: Hey, Mom.

Gloria: Hmm?

Kevin: How can you be so sure that Mr. Abbott was turned off? Maybe he just, I don't know-

Gloria: Oh, no. A girl can tell.

Kevin: Well, what'd you say that was so dumb?

Gloria: Well, I started out on our first date telling him that my sons were a lawyer and an accountant.

Kevin: Mom, that's not--

Gloria: It's almost true.

Kevin: Well... I guess it does sound better than a lawyer and a bookkeeper.

Gloria: Yeah.

Kevin: But if you didn't say mine and Michaelís names then--

Gloria: Well, of course I didnít. But tonight, when he asked me to bring my sons over to his house for a little barbecue, what was I supposed to say? I had to fake, and so I told him that we didn't get along. It was all I could come up with. I was just so unprepared. I never shoulda told him that we were living together. I didn't think ahead. You've always got to think ahead.

Kevin: Yeah, but can't-- can't you just stall him?

Gloria: Honey, please. This isn't your problem.

Kevin: Like hell it isnít.

Gloria: Kevin, don't swear.

Kevin: I-I just-- I want this to work out. O-okay, well, I want it to work out for you.

Gloria: Mm-hmm.

Kevin: All right. Well, fine, for all of us, but--

Gloria: Well, it isn't gonna work out if John--

Kevin: If--if he what?

Gloria: Nothing, honey. I don't know. I'm tired. And I just--I just want to put this whole thing outta my mind for the rest of the night.

Kevin: Okay, okay, but if you--

Gloria: So would you please be an angel and run me a nice hot bath, huh?

Kevin: Sure.

Gloria: And use some of those nice bath beads your brother's been hiding in the linen closet, okay? Bottom shelf.

Kevin: Michael has bath beads?

Gloria: Uh-huh.

(Telephone rings) (Ring) (Ring)

John: Hello.

Gloria: Hey, John. It's Gloria.

John: Oh, hello. Long time, no see.

Gloria: Listen, um, I feel terrible about the way I handled your generous invitation.

John: Well, look, if it's not the right thing to do, then--

Gloria: No, but it is. We'll be fine. I want you to meet my sons.

John: Well, good. I was concerned that the issue could turn into a disagreement between us, and I do not want that, Gloria.

Gloria: Well, we just won't let that happen, now will we? How about tomorrow night? Would that work for you?

John: That would be perfect.

Gloria: Oh, good. Um, about 7?

John: 7 it is.

Gloria: Oh, great.

John: We meet at Yves', and we'll all have a lovely dinner.

Gloria: Great. Thank you, John. You really are the sweetest man.

John: Well, you're pretty special yourself. Well, I look forward to seeing you and the boys.

Gloria: Night.

John: Good night.


(Telephone rings) (Ring)

Brad: Hello.

Abby: Hi, Daddy. It's me.

Brad: Hi, sweetheart.

Abby: Frances says I get to stay over at her house tonight.

Brad: You do?

Abby: Uh-huh. Mommy called and said so.

Brad: She did? I see.

Abby: Frances said I should call and see if it's okay with you, too.

Brad: Well, is that what you want to do, honey?

Abby: Sure! We rented movies and everything.

Brad: Okay. Well, if that's what you want, it's okay with me.

Abby: Thanks, Daddy. I'll be home in the morning to get ready for my new day camp.

Brad: Okay. I'll take you to camp, all right?

Abby: Great! I don't want to go by myself for the first time.

Brad: I'll be right by your side.

Abby: Thanks, Daddy. I love you. (Makes kissing sounds) give Mommy a hug for me, too.

Brad: I'll do that. I love you, honey. Good night.

Abby: I love you, too, Daddy. Good night.

(Door opens)

Brad: Abby just called.

Ashley: Yeah, well she's staying the night with Frances.

Brad: She said you arranged that.

Ashley: I'm so angry, I can hardly even speak.

Brad: Then maybe you shouldnít. I think I know everything you have to say. And to tell you the truth, Ash, I really don't want to hear it.

Ashley: Don't walk away from me, Brad. Don't you dare walk away from me!


Sharon: Please don't let them take me away from all this. Please don't let them do that.

Nick: I wonít. You trust me, don't you?

Sharon: With my life.


Gabe: Hey, Cam, we've got a lot of traffic. It's gonna be awhile before we get clearance to climb to cruising altitude.

Cameron: Yeah, roger that. Uh, just get us there safely, huh, guys?

Sharon: You bastard.

Cameron: God, you're beautiful. So untamed. You know, I think I'm gonna have to tame you.

Sharon: Don't touch me.

Cameron: Hey, I know you're angry. But I promise you that you'll learn to love me. As much as I love you, you'll love me more. It's just gonna take time, so relax. Genoa City is in the past, a distant memory.


`Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Brad: It's the beginning of the end of our family.

Hank: She was not to leave town!

Michael: Ah, don't you get it, Hank? Kirsten is holding her hostage.

Sharon: I can't do this!

Cameron: No, no, Sharon. No, no, honey, no.

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