Friday Y&R Transcript 8/6/04

Y&R Transcript Friday 8/6/04--Canada; Monday 8/9/04--U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Nick: Weber is being so damned bullheaded.

Michael: Well, you knew it was a long shot, Nick. With no solid evidence to implicate Kirsten, it's not--

Nick: Just save the lecture. What do we do now?


Cameron: Yeah. Yeah, Gabe. Right. Good news, Sharon.

Sharon: What?

Cameron: My plane is being serviced and fueled as we speak. I hope I'm not forgettin' anything.

Sharon: Cameron... this really isn't fair. I did not expect to be leaving today.

Cameron: Didn't quite work according to your plan, huh?

Sharon: Well, there was no plan. Don't you have to pack?

Cameron: I already did.


Michael: Look, you still have the wire. If you want Sharon to wear it...

Nick: No. No dice. Without the cops involved, we're not doin' this. Sharon is not getting on that plane with Cameron.

Michael: Which means Cameron takes off by himself, leaving Sharon to face a murder charge.

Nick: (Sighs) okay, so Sharon can tell him she'll leave with him tomorrow, which gives us some time. You have any ideas?

Michael: All right, what about what you suggested earlier? Why don't you get in touch with Paul Williams, see if he has any ideas?

Nick: Hey. There's a message. Maybe Weber changed his mind.


Sharon: You were pretty sure of yourself.

Cameron: Yeah. So what do you say? You ready to go?

Sharon: I still haven't reached my kids on the phone.

Cameron: Just try 'em again from the limo.

Sharon: Cameron, do we really have to leave this very minute? Have a heart. I'm leaving my family, my children.

Cameron: In exchange for your freedom and a life of luxury with me. That's a pretty good exchange, I'd say. You know what, Sharon? No more stalling. Either we go now together or I go alone.

Sharon: Okay. We'll go now.

Cameron: Come on. Ah, you know what? I actually did forget something. I'll be right back.


Brad: Who was on the phone?

Ashley: The office. They managed to track me down.

Brad: So much for blocking out the world to be with your husband.

Ashley: Yeah, well, it was kinda too late for that anyway once you mentioned Victor's name. Are you gonna tell me what he did that upset you?

Brad: He kidnapped our daughter from her day camp.

Ashley: What?!

Brad: He picked her up, took her to the ranch... then he called me to gloat about it.

Ashley: What was he thinking?

Brad: Isn't it obvious?

Ashley: But he knew he had unsupervised visits with Abby once I got back from my business trip. I left him the message. There must have been a glitch. He couldn't have gotten that message.


Nikki: I didn't realize you were home. Where have you been?

Victor: I took care of something.

Nikki: Oh. I guess you're not going to tell me what that is.

Victor: Uh-uh.

Nikki: Well, Katherine came by today.

Victor: Hmm.

Nikki: She has really turned herself around.

Victor: Well, that's nice to hear. Do you think she'll, uh, be able to stay sober?

Nikki: Yes, I do. She's very determined. It was great to see her and, uh, talk to her like I used to.

Victor: I guess you have missed that, haven't you?

Nikki: You have no idea.

Victor: Mm.

Nikki: For some reason, I have been very introspective lately-- thinking about the person I was before I met you.

Victor: I hope that she was able to give you some insight.

Nikki: You know, she said something very interesting. She said that maybe my life has become too complicated, so I keep looking to the past. What do you think about that?


Gloria: How do I look?

Kevin: Just a second. Hey.

Gloria: What do you think?

Kevin: Mom, that's the same dress you wore the last time you went out with Mr. Abbott.

Gloria: I know, honey. It's the only nice one I have. But the accessories are different. The purse is different, the shoes are different. But men never look at shoes anyway, and the earrings. How do you like the earrings?

Kevin: They're nice. You're right. It does look... different. I-I don't know why I noticed. I'm sure he won’t.

Gloria: Well, it doesn't matter if he does or doesn’t.

Kevin: What, are you gonna dazzle him with your personality?

Gloria: It's working so far.

Kevin: That would be something, wouldn't it, if you and Mr. Abbott really hit it off?

Gloria: We have so far!

Kevin: How much money you think he's worth?

Gloria: Kevin! What a thing to ask! I gotta finish my hair.

Kevin: Wait. You mean you never wondered?

Gloria: Absolutely not! Hmph!

Kevin: Well, I sure have.


Jack: When the security guards who've known you for years don't even recognize you, I'd say you've achieved it.

Jill: What, anonymity? What's so great about that?

Jack: They almost didn't let me in the building. No longer the harried businessman. The fit, trim and handsomely tanned Jack Abbott they don't even recognize. I love it.

Jill: I think you're protesting just a little too much.

Jack: Yeah, you wish. So you interrupted a perfectly lovely evening, insisted I come to this pit of toil and conflict. What do you have in mind? Shall I lock the door?

Jill: Down, boy. Jack, look at all this.

Jack: I'd rather not.

Jill: You know, it's very interesting.

Jack: Ugh! Corporate reports. Run, don't walk.

Jill: Elliot Hampton was here.

Jack: The guy who's running Chancellor Industries for your mother?

Jill: Yes. I asked him to show me how things are being done over there right now. I wanted enough material so I could get a general idea of the health of the company, where's its going, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Jack: Well, it looks like he gave you quite a pile to chew on there.

Jill: Actually, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Now, Elliot would like me to believe that this is all there is so that I wouldn't dig any deeper. But I have to say, Jack, from what I've seen so far, it worries me. A lot.


Gloria: Ta-da!

Kevin: Wow, look at you.

Gloria: Now you like?

Kevin: Mom, I'm your son.

Gloria: Yeah, but you're a guy. I'm just asking your opinion.

Kevin: Um, Mr. Abbott doesn't stand a chance.

Gloria: Thank you, honey. He really is a very nice man, a gentleman.

Kevin: Well, I've never seen that side of him. I'll have to take your word for it. But...

Gloria: But what?

Kevin: Do you think-- where could this go?

Gloria: Kevin, what are you asking? Is this getting personal?

Kevin: Eww! No! Mom, yuck, no! I-I just mean that, you know, he's been married before, probably a bunch of times.

Gloria: Well, who's counting?

Kevin: He's probably paying a lot in alimony.

Gloria: I don't know. He does have a big, beautiful home.

Kevin: It's big?

Gloria: Oh, huge! In the best part of town.

Kevin: Servants?

Gloria: I'm sure.

Kevin: I bet he gets breakfast in bed whenever he wants it. You know? Has a couple of cars, gets to choose which one he wants to drive every time he goes out... probably a big-screen, high-def TV, maybe even a plasma in the bedroom, a wallet full of credit cards and a business manager who takes care of all of his bills--

Gloria: Kevin, would you snap out of it? You're daydreaming!

Kevin: So? What's the harm?

Gloria: Well, just don't get carried away! We're only going on our second date! Where's your brother, by the way?

Kevin: Uh, I don't know.

Gloria: He didn't say anything about going out to dinner tonight, did he?

Kevin: Not to me. Why?

Gloria: I don't want to run into him while I'm out with John.

Kevin: Mikey sure is curious about who this new guy is.

Gloria: Yeah, well, tonight's not the night for him to find out.

Kevin: Well, it's not like he can stop you from seeing the guy.

Gloria: Kevin, you have told me too many times that John is not going to be happy to learn that you two are my sons.

Kevin: Yeah, I know. But, uh, you know, it could be sometime very soon that I'm no longer an unpopular guy here in Genoa City.

Gloria: Really? What do you mean?

Kevin: Something... could happen that would change people's opinion of me.


Paul: All right, so let's hear it. What do you have for me?

J.T.: Well, not much, unfortunately.

Paul: No luck tracking down the Cassen family?

J.T.: I've tried everything I can think of--phone books, internet, newspaper archives. I even went over to the old house on Dellwood. I talked to the people who used to live there and, uh, they couldn't tell me anything. It's like when Joshua disappeared, the rest of the family disappeared, too.

Paul: No one ever just disappears.

J.T.: Well, I don't know how else to explain it, Paul. It's weird. It's like the Cassens were all over the local news for awhile, and then nothing.

Paul: Hmm. Maybe because they moved to Ohio.

J.T.: Ohio? What are you talkin' about?

Paul: Well, when I didn't hear from you I decided to do some checking on my own, and I found out a few things.

J.T.: Like what?

Paul: Joshua's parents relocated to Cleveland in 1967. His mother couldn't handle being surrounded by so many memories of her son, so his father asked for a transfer and they left.

J.T.: So Cleveland. What do we do now? Do we call information, find out a listing for a Gene and Barbara Cassen?

Paul: Well, there won't be any.

J.T.: Why?

Paul: Joshua's parents are both dead.


Nikki: This whole situation with Ashley and Abby-- particularly Ashley being back in our lives again-- it just throws me back to a very dark time.

Victor: But you have no reason to be insecure now.

Nikki: She has been at the heart of so many conflicts between us. I don't think you understand how this thing with Abby eats away at me.

Victor: I just wish, once and for all, I could help you get over those insecurities.

Nikki: So do I. I know that you love me, but the thought of Abby and Ashley being a constant, continual part of our lives-- God, it just makes my head ache.

Victor: I really am sorry about that.

Nikki: There are just a lot of terrible memories, Victor.

Victor: Wait a minute. There are also a lot of good memories, memories that have kept us together for a hell of a long time.


Ashley: Well, I've gotta call Victor. I mean, why would he pull a stunt like this?

Brad: I'll tell you why. Because he doesn't give a damn what we think.

Ashley: But to take our daughter like that?

Brad: Gets worse. When I went to pick Abby up, his guards were waiting for me. I had to fight my way up to the main house.

Ashley: Oh, God.

Brad: Then Victor comes out and tells me I can't take Abby. I can leave on my own or the guards can drag me away.

Ashley: I'm sorry. I never thought something like this would happen. I thought I found a way to make the whole thing work.

Brad: Well, it didn't work. In fact, Ash, I feel like you're partly to blame. If you didn't put Victor's name on that list at the camp, which, by the way, didn't even call to make sure he could take her, none of this would have happened. Why? Why did you do that?


Gloria: Kevin?

Kevin: Don't ask questions, Mom. Trust me.

Gloria: Baby, I do.

Kevin: Well, it's nice to know someone does.

Gloria: Oh. I've let you down in so many ways. I got so much to make up for.

Kevin: You can't make up for things, Mom. Damage is done.

Gloria: Ouch.

Kevin: No, I'm-- I'm letting you off the hook. Go. Go enjoy your life. You don't owe me anything. What's done is done.

Gloria: Wow. Now you sound like me.

Kevin: Well, I guess being around you has--

Gloria: Well, okay, then I have done something good if I've gotten you to put the past behind you.

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah, maybe a little.

Gloria: If I could make it up to you, if I could make your life easier, you wouldn't turn it down, would you?

Kevin: As long as there aren't a lot of strings attached.

Gloria: Okay. I gotta be on my way.

Kevin: Right. Well, have a good time, Mom. And don't tell Mr. Abbott I said hi.

Gloria: Oh, one of these days... bye, sweetie. Mr. Abbott really is a very nice man. He might surprise you one day.

Gloria: Bye, honey.

Kevin: Bye. Not if I surprise him first.


Sharon: Hi, kids, its Mom. Uh, listen, my plans have changed. Something important has come up, and I'll be leaving tonight. I'm so sorry I'll miss our special dinner. I love you both very much. Okay, bye-bye.

Nick: Oh, my God.

Michael: What? You think this means she's already--

Nick: There's no "special dinner." Sharon was trying to get me to read between the lines. They're obviously leaving tonight. And I'll bet Kirsten was listening to the conversation. This is the only way Sharon could get a message to me.

Michael: No, wait, wait. If she's in trouble, wouldn't she try and call you on your cell phone?

Nick: I don't have any messages. All right. I'm outta here. I need you to do me a favor.

Michael: Sure. Name it.

Nick: Call Miguel. Have him pick up the kids and stay here until he hears from me, and then call Detective Weber and have him meet me at the airport.

Michael: Will do. Good luck.

Nick: Thanks.


Jack: Well, this Hampton guy is kind to himself.

Jill: Isn't he just? And at company expense.

Jack: Still and all, if the guy is making money for Katherine--

Jill: Listen, that company has always made money for Katherine. Elliot Hampton took over for the other C.E.O. When he retired, but Chancellor Industries wasn't headed for the bone yard. It wasn't in trouble. He didn't need to save it.

Jack: Executives are paid proportionally more these days.

Jill: I know that, Jack, but there are limits here. Look at that plane. $35 million.

Jack: And that's just sitting in the hangar. Believe me, it's at least 50 grand anytime he wants to take it out for a spin.

Jill: I know. And the house d deer valley?

Jack: Yeah, well, that's a different thing. That's about entertaining.

Jill: He's not entertaining. It's for himself. And you should see the golf memberships.

Jack: Okay, so your point is this guy is treating himself a whole lot better than he deserves to.

Jill: Yes, and from what I can tell, he's not spending one dime upgrading manufacturing facilities, expanding operations, looking for new opportunities. C.I. has not acquired another company in years.

Jack: And yet somehow, they are still managing to sell plenty of widgets.

Jill: Has your brain gone this soft in such a short few weeks? This year's widgets don't necessarily always sell next year. And somebody overseas is bound to be making them for 10% less. I mean, jeez, you gotta run flat out just to keep up now, and you should know that better than anybody. Meanwhile, this joker is strolling around, buying himself goodies like a kid in a toy store.

Jack: (Laughs) I realize this singes your whiskers, sweetheart, but there are no laws on the book to keep this guy from doing what he's doing. How's your mother feel about this?

Jill: I'm trying to keep her out of it.

Jack: Katherine's fighting her own battles?

Jill: Exactly.

Jack: Well, listen, I have another idea. Why don't you leave me out of it, too?

Jill: Aw, Jack!

Jack: Sweetheart, you know I'm crazy about you, but goin' after this guy because he's living better than he should--why? You can't right all the wrongs in the world.

Jill: Just this one. I'm gonna inherit this company one day, Jack. I'd like to see that it's in reasonable condition when I do.

Jack: You know what? You need to take a page out of old smilin' Jack's book.

Jill: Oh, my God. Here it comes. "Mellow out, Jill."

Jack: Hey, would that really be such a bad thing?


Nikki: Yes, we do have many happy memories. I cherish them.

Victor: I remember when I first met you. You were a very sexy dancer at the Bayou.

Nikki: Oh, I will never forget that. Wow. Those days... remember when you pretended to be the butler, and you just swept me off feet. I fell in love with you. What a fairy tale. I'm sure the only fairy tale to come out of the Bayou. (Chuckles)

Victor: Is this Bobby Marsino fellow and your desire to go back to the past and your talking about the Bayou, are they connected?

Nikki: Victor, let's not talk about unpleasant things tonight.

Victor: Why do you presume that will be unpleasant for me?

Nikki: Just stop. You don't need to be concerned about it.

Victor: Hmm. You must admit, it's kind of a coincidence, though.

Nikki: Maybe. There have been a lot of those lately.

Victor: In what way?

Nikki: Did you know that the building you bought for the rec center is where my father used to work?

Victor: What?


J.T.: Joshua Cassen's parents are dead?

Paul: It happened shortly after they moved to Cleveland. They were on their way home from dinner one night, and they were involved in a car accident. Gene Cassen died on impact. Barbara died later at the hospital.

J.T.: Oh, my God. That poor family.

Paul: Yeah, I know. They certainly experienced their share of tragedy.

J.T.: Did, uh, did Joshua have--I mean, well, is there anybody else?

Paul: Well, apparently there was a younger brother. He was also in the car that night, but survived the accident.

J.T.: Well, where is he now?

Paul: I don't have a clue. He was raised by relatives. That's all I know.

J.T.: He could be anywhere, Paul.

Paul: J.T., if he's out there, we will find him. I guarantee it.


Gloria: Ooh.

John: Good, huh?

Gloria: Mm-hmm.

John: So...

Gloria: So?

John: How have you been?

Gloria: Staying busy.

John: Not too busy, I hope.

Gloria: Well, I make time for special people.

John: Ahh. And how are your sons?

Gloria: Fine. Great.

John: Let's see, you said one of 'em's an attorney. And the other?

Gloria: An accountant.

John: Ah, that's right. Yeah.

Gloria: He's actually between jobs at the moment.

John: Well, I'm sure he'll find something soon. Any son of yours is going to have a good head on his shoulders. You know, I would really like to meet those boys.

Gloria: Well, that would be nice. Maybe we can arrange that.

John: How about this weekend? The four of us could go out to dinner. Or better yet, you could bring them by the house.


Cameron: I have to check my voice mail.

Sharon: (Thinking) dear God, please let Nicholas get my message.


Nick: Maybe if I call Sharon’s cell... no, no, no. Kirsten would never let her answer the phone. I'll text message her.


Cameron: You trying your kids again?

Sharon: Uh, yeah.

Cameron: You all right?

Sharon: Yeah. Um, I'm just trying to figure out what to say. I mean, how do I tell my children good-bye when I know in my heart it's forever?


J.T.: How'd you find out all this stuff about Joshua’s parents?

Paul: You said you went to their old house on Dellwood, right?

J.T.: Yeah. I totally struck out.

Paul: Well, no offense, but I figured you might, so I went there myself. I talked to the neighbor across the street, an elderly woman. She had been there for years, and she happened to be good friends with the Cassens.

J.T.: Aw, man. Why didn't I think of that?

Paul: Well, be easy on yourself. You're gonna-- you're gonna pick up this stuff as you go along. Anyway, she spent a lot of time with the Cassens after Joshua disappeared. She told me that the whole incident really tore them apart. Thanks.

J.T.: Yeah, well, I can imagine.

Paul: And after the Cassens moved, she stayed in touch for awhile. But after they died, she just heard through the grapevine that the younger boy went to live with relatives. And that's all the information she had.

J.T.: Did you mention anything about the skeleton?

Paul: No, you know what? I didn't see the point because we're not absolutely certain it is Joshua.

J.T.: Oh, come on, Paul. It has to be this kid.

Paul: I know what it looks like. But until we are sure...

J.T.: Don't assume anything. Yeah, I got it.

Paul: I'm just wondering if we should mention any of this to Nikki.

J.T.: She never mentioned anything about a childhood friend disappearing?

Paul: No, and I would've remembered that.

J.T.: Hmm.

Paul: Maybe she doesn't know about it.


Victor: My God, what a coincidence. Your father worked in the same building that is now the rec center.

Nikki: I couldn't believe it myself until I walked in.

Victor: Huh.

Nikki: You've certainly made a lot of progress there.

Victor: And do you know that the building is scheduled to open in two days? Assuming, of course, there are no more surprises.

Nikki: What do you mean?

Victor: They made a rather terrible discovery. While digging the new site behind the building, they found a skeleton of a child, you know.

(Muffled children's voices)

Victor: Apparently a few years old, and, um...

(Voices continue)

Victor: Obviously rather regrettable.

(Child screams)


J.T.: Mrs. Newman not knowin' about it, you think that's possible? I mean, I know she was young when it happened, but still, this is...

Paul: Well, you know, maybe her parents kept this from her. They just told her that Joshua moved out of town or something like that.

J.T.: That could be.

Paul: You know what? It is still early. I think I'm gonna head on down to the police station and check out their cold case files. Maybe I'll learn something.

J.T.: That's a good idea.

Paul: You want to tag along and learn the ropes?

J.T.: Hey, yeah, sure. That'd be great.

Paul: All right, let's go.

J.T.: Oh! Uh, I can’t. I got plans with Mac later.

Paul: Plans? You mean a date kind of thing plans?

J.T.: Yeah, maybe.

Paul: Good for you.

J.T.: But, uh, I can probably call her, and we can do it another time.

Paul: No, don't worry about it. I can do this.

J.T.: Are you sure?

Paul: Yeah, positive.

J.T.: All right. Well, uh, let me know if you find anything.

Paul: Okay. You'll be the first.

J.T.: All right. Thanks, Paul.

Paul: Have a good time.

J.T.: Yeah.


Victor: Baby, what's the matter?

Nikki: Nothing. I'm fine. What a horrible-- horrible discovery.

Victor: Why is this upsetting you so?

Nikki: I don't know.

Victor: Well, then let's not talk about it, okay?

Victor: Baby.

Nikki: I'm okay.

Victor: Okay. What are you planning to do now?

Nikki: Um... I'm gonna take a bath and, uh, do a little reading. What are you gonna do?

Victor: I'm gonna do some work.

Nikki: Okay. Good night.

Nikki: I don't feel like taking a bath.

Victor: And I don't feel like working. So what are we gonna do?

Nikki: I don't care... as long as we're together and we don't fight.

Victor: Baby... what's the matter, hmm? You okay?

Nikki: Nothing.

Victor: Do you think it's possible that we two don't fight?

Nikki: We'll make it possible. .Yeah.


Jack: Look, all I'm saying is why get yourself all bent out of shape about a company not working at 110% of peak efficiency? Life is too short.

Jill: Do you really believe this new philosophy of yours?

Jack: Hey, don't knock it till you tried it. I woke up this morning looking forward to my day.

Jill: Oh, please! You have always been that way. You would come in here, rubbing your hands together, looking for your first challenge before breakfast.

Jack: Well, you know what? I decided it isn't worth it in the end. I like my life now.

Jill: So are you seeing anyone serious?

Jack: I'm seeing a few that aren't so serious. Don't worry. You're still the apple of my eye.

Jill: Oh, don't you B.S. me. I can read you like a book, Jack Abbott.

Jack: Hey, I can prove it to you. Let's lock the door.

Jill: No. I've got an appointment. But maybe we could get together later.

Jack: I'd like that.

Jill: Huh. I've asked Elliot to send me over a lot more material. I want to see absolutely everything. Jack, I am begging you. Please help me go through it.

Jack: Nope.

Jill: Oh, my God. I'll rub your back, cook for you. I'll cover you with kisses. Anything it takes.

Jack: Hey, how about my dad? Speaking of anything except your pile of corporate reports.

Jill: Yeah, I, uh, I know. He's got himself a honey.

Jack: Yeah. Rumor is they're out on another date. Their second now.

Jill: Jack... watch out for him.

Jack: He can watch out for himself. Let him have fun. He deserves it.


Gloria: (Gasps) I would love to bring my sons over to your house for dinner.

John: Well, terrific. Terrific. How about Saturday?

Gloria: Saturday? Oh, I'm afraid I have a conflict that night.

John: All right. Well, maybe we could do it Friday instead.

Gloria: This Friday?

John: Is that not good, either?

Gloria: Well, I'm free, but I think they mentioned that they have plans.

John: Oh, goodness, goodness.

Gloria: (Chuckles)

John: What about Sunday? We'll have an early dinner.

Gloria: Oh, it--that--

John: Gloria, is there a date you know that would be good for all of you?

Gloria: Well, how about I talk to them and get back to you?

John: All right. Certainly.

Gloria: I really do want us to get together. It's just...

John: It's just what?

Gloria: Well, the truth is, my sons and I don't get along so well.

John: Oh, I had no idea.

Gloria: Well, it's not something that I'm particularly proud of.

John: But the three of you are still living together.

Gloria: Yeah, well, I'd hoped that the three of us being together under one roof would bring us closer, but... (Sighs) that just didn't happen. In fact, things are worse than ever.

John: Oh, I am really sorry to hear that. Now you should've told me.

Gloria: Well, I didn't want to burden you with my problems.

John: Oh, nonsense. Look, maybe what you need-- all of you-- is just an evening out. Now really, why don't you just bring the boys over to my house Sunday? Relax, mend some fences. You know, it'll be nothing formal. You know, we'll-- we'll fire up the grill, have dinner on the patio. Now would that make you comfortable?

Gloria: John...

John: Gloria, I really would like to meet your sons.

Gloria: I'm sorry. It's just not a good idea. Not right now.

John: All right.

Gloria: This wine is delicious. What kind did you say it was?

John: Riesling.

Gloria: Mmm. It's wonderful. I bet you know a lot about wines, huh?

John: Look, the waiter will be back soon. We better decide what we're going to order.

Gloria: Okay.


Brad: Why would you put Newman’s name on the list and not even mention it to me?

Ashley: I did it before I left on my trip, Brad. It occurred to me that somebody else should be authorized to pick Abby up from camp in case you got hung up at the office or something happened to Francis.

Brad: Oh, come on, Ash. How about John or Jack or Mamie?

Ashley: We already agreed to give Victor unsupervised visits, so it's only logical to assume that he'd want to pick her up from camp.

Brad: With our permission, of course.

Ashley: Of course.

Brad: Well, he didn't have it, and the people at the camp just let him take our daughter. So she won't be going back there. I told them that this morning.

Ashley: That's fine. I'm not gonna fight with you.

Brad: I don't see that we have anything to fight about. Everything should be perfectly clear after what Victor pulled. There will be no unsupervised visits, and that's my final word.


Michael: No, it's "B." "B," Baldwin with a "B." Look, who cares how I spell my name? Would you just put Weber on the phone? All right, well, just give him a message. Tell him that I am at Nick Newman’s house... what do you mean? When will he be back? Fine, fine. Oh, typical!

Miguel: You made it seem pretty urgent when you called.

Michael: It is. Uh, Nick wants you to go pick up his kids and stay with them here until you get word from him.

Miguel: Of course. Is there a problem? I saw Nick peel out of here, and now you're on the phone with the police. What is it? Does this have something to do with Sharon’s legal troubles?

Michael: It does, but don't mention anything to Noah or Cassie. Nick doesn't want to alarm them, okay?

Miguel: Of course not.

Michael: Sure, well...

Miguel: Is there anything else I can do to help? (Telephone rings)

Michael: Hello? Weber, I can't believe they gave you my message. No, Nick's not home. This is Michael, Michael Baldwin. Look, just don't hang up on me. I want you to listen to me. Hank, we're in deep, deep trouble here.


Cameron: How's the weather?

Gabe: There's some minor turbulence and traffic, but nothing that's gonna keep us from taking off on time.

Cameron: Let's get this show on the road. Hey, baby, let's get settled in. Come on.

Cameron: Not too shabby, right?

Sharon: Yeah, it's nice.

Cameron: Yeah, of course, having your own jet is no big deal when you're a Newman.

Sharon: I suppose.

Cameron: Well, don't you worry. If there's anybody who can handle a high-maintenance woman like you, guess who it is. It's me. Hey, hope you're not gonna be this quiet the entire flight.

Sharon: Well, cut me some slack, Cameron, all right? I have a lot on my mind.

Cameron: Sit down. Do you want a drink, something to take the edge off?

Sharon: No, I don't want anything.

Cameron: Okay.

Cameron: I notice you didn't call your kids back.

Sharon: That's because I realized I don't know what to say to them. Well, how do I explain to them that I love them, but I'm leaving them anyway?

Cameron: Yeah, I've put you through a lot. I know that, but like I told you before, I promise I will spend the rest of my life making it up to you. I'll make you happy, Sharon.

Gabe: All set, boss?

Cameron: Yeah, I can't wait to get out of this burg.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Brad: Victor wants Abby, and he's working Ash to get her.

Kevin: Pretty soon Mr. Abbott is going to be impressed that you're my mother.

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