Tuesday Y&R Transcript 8/3/04

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 8/3/04--Canada; Wednesday 8/4/04--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

[Timer ringing]

 Sharon: Do you have any idea what you are asking of me, Cameron?

 Cameron: Lifetime commitment.

 Sharon: Like a marriage.

 Cameron: We don't need a piece of paper, Sharon.

 Sharon: But in order to escape prosecution for murder...

 Cameron: You come with me.

 Sharon: Away from Genoa City?

 Cameron: Well, obviously.

 Sharon: You know it would never work.

 Cameron: Why not?

 Sharon: I have two children. It would tear their hearts out to lose their mother.

 Cameron: You know what? Bring 'em with us.

 Sharon: Nicholas would never allow it.

 Cameron: Hey, you value your freedom, you want to stay out of prison, then this, this is the only way. I've got most of the details worked out in my head how we can accomplish this. Like I told you before, I usually get what I want, and what I want is you. So what do you say, huh? Want to hear the rest of my plan?


 Phyllis: All right.

 Daniel: You feeling better?

 Phyllis: No, not really.

 Daniel: Mom, look, about this guy, your new boy--

 Phyllis: It's not "this guy." His name is Damon.

 Daniel: Well, you guys aren't like some big match that's been made in heaven, right?

 Phyllis: I don't know. Do you know?

 Daniel: He just seems way too uptight for you. You're like this free spirit, and he's just serious and freaky.

 Phyllis: You don't know him that well.

 Daniel: Do you?

 Phyllis: Daniel, you don't have to like Damon. Presumably, you'll never come in contact with him, okay? But if you do, do me a favor and make the effort to be nice. Could you do that?

 Daniel: Well, could you please tell him to do the same thing?

 Phyllis: Yes, I will. Now we have bigger issues to deal with.

 Daniel: Yeah, where we're gonna live.

 Phyllis: No, I want to know if Damon was right.

 Daniel: About what?

 Phyllis: Are you playing mind games with me?

 Daniel: What?

 Phyllis: What? How stupid do you think I am? You had to know throwing Christine in my face was like waving a red flag in front of a bull.


(Doorbell rings)

 Man: Jack Abbott?

 Jack: Yes.

 Man: This is for you.

 Jack: Thank you.


 Chris: Well, champagne. And you don't even know what I want to talk to you about.

 Michael: Relax, it's only the cheap stuff.

 Chris: Hmm, I thought you said you were in the mood to celebrate.

 Michael: Well, depends. Do I have something to celebrate?

 Chris: It's not every night that I ask you to dinner.

 Michael: True, but I was hoping for something more.

 Chris: What if I said that I have a proposition for you that you mind find interesting?

 Michael: So you are coming back to the firm?

 Chris: On one condition.

 Michael: Name it. I'll do whatever you want. I'll change the name to "Blair, Blair, Baldwin and Blair," whatever will get you back. Damn, I knew I should have ordered a better bottle.

 Chris: You know what? Just pipe down and listen to me, because you might not like what I have in mind.

 Michael: It it makes us partners again, I don't care. The answer's yes, sight unseen, yes.

 Chris: Even if that means becoming a part of a 3-way arrangement?

 Michael: Oh... (Chuckles) hey, now you're talking. You mean with "another" attorney?

 Chris: No, I mean with a private investigator, the best in town.

 Michael: Hmm? Oh... (Grunts)


 John: Hey there, Jackie.

 Jack: Hey, Dad. How's it going?

 John: Ah, terrific. Hey, listen, while you're pouring, put one down for your dad, will you? I could use one.

 Jack: What's the occasion? You don't look like you've had too bad of a day.

 John: I would say far from it. I had a marvelous time.

 Jack: On account of your new lady friend Gloria?

 John: Jack, I gotta tell you, that woman is like a breath of fresh air.

 Jack: Well, she's put quite a bounce in your step.

 John: I think I'm becoming a bit smitten with her.

 Jack: Yeah, she's a charmer. Hell of a first impression.

 John: Yeah, you can say that again. Hey, you okay?

 Jack: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

 John: You're sure? Come on, you seem a little down.

 Jack: A messenger came by a few minutes ago. I was expecting it, but I don't know. Holding it in your hands, though... it's official. Phyllis and I are divorced.


 Daniel: Mom, I was just letting you know that we both have options.

 Phyllis: No, we donít. No, we don't have options. Living with Christine is not an option. Do you understand that? Listen, Daniel, what I'm trying to express to you here is that she will poison your mind against me.

 Daniel: Don't worry. I can think for myself. Anyway, she talked a whole lot about how I needed to get to know you and spend time with you. She's all for it.

 Phyllis: Oh, I love that. That's great. In the same breath she says, "move in with her. Move in with Phyllis." Oh, she is such a lying, manipulative--

 Daniel: No, Mom, she just didn't want me to feel like I had no place to go. Neither one of us knows if you're ready to leave this place or this guy.

 Phyllis: I wish I didn't have to.

 Daniel: Well, you donít.

 Phyllis: Yes, I do! You don't get along with him. I'm a human. I want to be with my son. Daniel, for years my heart has ached for you, all right? I want you in my life again.

 Daniel: Well, then let's grab the classifieds and get busy.


 J.T.: All right, man, so give me all the details and don't leave anything out, all right, anything. I want it all.

 Raul: All right.

 J.T.: So Donna came out of the bedroom in your shirt.

 Raul: Yeah.

 J.T.: What happened next?

 Raul: Brittany's eyes bugged out about a foot.

 J.T.: Ah, I knew it! Man, I knew that would happen.

 Raul: Hey, Bobby was there, too.

 J.T.: Good, great. And it looked like you and Donna had just, uh...

 Raul: Done the deed. Oh, oh, yeah, a very convincing imitation, my friend.

 J.T.: Nice work, my friend, nice work. So Brittany was turning green, and did Bobby see that?

 Raul: Oh, Bobby could care less. You gotta understand, J.T., Brittany wasn't that kind of jealous. She doesn't want me back. She just doesn't like to consider the fact that anybody she's been with could be with somebody else ever.

 J.T.: Yeah, yeah, that's our Brittany all right.

 Raul: So the gag worked. It was fun. It was funny as hell, but nothing's changed.


 Michael: Thank you. Christine, you can't be serious about making me work with Paul Williams.

 Chris: Michael, it makes so much sense having our own in-house private investigator. Think about the money we would save, not to mention the practical advantages of having a licensed P.I. on the payroll.

 Michael: And what's in it for him?

 Chris: What do you mean?

 Michael: Oh, don't play coy with me, Ms. Blair. I can't imagine Paul exactly jumping at this proposition of yours either.

 Chris: He didn't seem that opposed to it when I mentioned it to him.

 Michael: You already talked to him about this?

 Chris: Michael, think about it, okay? He is about to lose his office space. You have plenty of space.

 Michael: You could talk to me first.

 Chris: It was a spur of the moment thing.

 Michael: Tell me you were drinking.

 Chris: Oh, Michael...

 Michael: The three of us working together, it's crazy.

 Chris: Maybe, but you have done some pretty crazy things in the past.

 Michael: Yes, I have. Is this the only way I'm gonna get you back-- a package deal with tall, blond and boring? Okay, all right, I'm gonna have to think about this a lot.

 Chris: That's better than I thought you'd say. And try and remember there is not nearly as much hostility between you and Paul as there used to be.

 Michael: (Chuckles) with two of us putting in 12-hour days together, oh, just give it some time, my dear, give it time.


 Phyllis: You're not gonna like this neighborhood, Daniel.

 Daniel: Yeah, but that one looks pretty big.

 Phyllis: Oh, trust me. You're not gonna like the neighborhood, okay? Here's a duplex right here. It's kind of far out of town.

 Daniel: Mom.

 Phyllis: Yeah?

 Daniel: You know, you seem pretty negative about this.

 Phyllis: No, I'm not. What, you think I'm negative because a good place is hard to find?

 Daniel: No, it just sounds like you don't really want it to happen.

 Phyllis: I do. I want it to happen.

 Daniel: Look, I know you're still hurting from your divorce, and just because I don't see what you like about what's-his-face, I mean, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't be happy with him.

 Phyllis: His name is Damon, Damon, not what's-his-face. Okay, for the last time, Damon. And I can still be happy with him and not live with him.

 Daniel: I just don't get the guy. It's like from the minute he laid eyes on me, he had this huge issue with me, like I was some big threat to him.

 Phyllis: No, no, no, no, no.

 Daniel: Well, then you tell me.

 Phyllis: You came on pretty strong, too, Daniel. Okay?

 Daniel: I don't think you get it, though.

 Phyllis: Get what?

 Daniel: You know, with him, it isn't really about me. I mean, it doesn't matter who I am. Your boyfriend doesn't want you to have a relationship with anyone. He just wants you all to himself, period.

 Phyllis: What? That's nuts. That is so untrue.

 Daniel: Then why is he telling you that I'm playing games with your head? You know, when all I want is for us to try and be mother and son? I mean, that's something natural to want, isn't it?

 Phyllis: Yeah, of course, of course it is.

 Daniel: Well, then who's the one playing games? I mean, who's the jealous one who's gonna try and hang on to whatever he wants no matter what?

 Phyllis: No, I donít... I don't want to talk about this. Let's just find a place to live, okay?

 Daniel: Sure.

 Phyllis: Good.

 Daniel: But, you know, you keep telling me that you don't want Christine poisoning my mind against you. Just be careful that your boyfriend doesn't do the same thing to you about me.

 Phyllis: Yeah, okay. You can think for yourself. Let me think for myself, okay?

 Daniel: Well, I'll try.

 Phyllis: Okay, thanks.

 Phyllis: This one's by the park. That's kind of cool. What do you think?

 Daniel: That's pretty cool.

 Phyllis: Yeah?

 Daniel: Yeah.

 Phyllis: This is gonna be the best time of our lives, Daniel.

 Daniel: Do you think so?

 Phyllis: Yeah.

 Daniel: Yeah, I know it will be.


 Chris: I am sure that you and Paul will maintain cordial professionalism.

 Michael: Mm-hmm, ye of too much faith. Anyway, Williams-- what's he up to these days? Is he still with Lauren?

 Michael: Last time I checked.

 Chris: But you have no idea how solid they are?

 Chris: I'm sure they're fine. Why are you asking?

 Michael: No reason. Well, it's mostly for Kevin. The poor kid is still slightly besotted with Miss Fenmore.

 Chris: Well, I don't see what any of that has to do with what we're discussing. This arrangement would be strictly business.

 Michael: Ha! I don't believe a word you're saying, but whatever. If that's what we're drinking to, my chance to get to watch you and Paul Williams making eyes at each other all day long--

 Chris: I'm with Danny now.

 Michael: Anything you say, fine. Still, I'm glad I ordered the cheap champagne.

 Chris: You spoilsport.


 John: I'm sorry, son.

 Jack: You know what? I'm finished mourning. I'm finished. These papers are a long time coming.

 John: Even so--

 Jack: Even so, life goes on. It's one big circle. Who cares if it's the end of an era? Look at you. Viva la romance, huh?

 John: To romance.

 Jack: To romance. And to me not forgetting that there's a great big ocean out there just waiting. As a matter of fact, that is where I'm going right now.

 John: Fishing.

 Jack: I'll see you later. Don't wait up for me.

 John: (Sighs)


 Cameron: We're gonna have to leave the country, obviously, because of your legal predicament.

 Sharon: Well, won't the authorities track us down?

 Cameron: They'll try. But if we go to a country that doesn't have an extradition treaty with the United States, well, there's nothing they can do about it.

 Sharon: And I'll bet you know just the place.

 Cameron: I've got a lovely villa in El Salvador, and I own a couple islands in the South Pacific.

 Sharon: Seems like you've thought of everything.

 Cameron: And of course, I've got enough money in offshore accounts so that we will live very, very comfortably for the rest of our lives.

 Sharon: You're very serious about this.

 Cameron: Sharon, I've thought about this since the moment I met you. I can do it. I can walk away without a care in the world if I've got you by my side.

 Sharon: You make it sound so simple.

 Cameron: It is simple. We go to the airport. We quietly board my jet, and then we're airborne before they even know we're gone.

 Sharon: You forgo about one thing.

 Cameron: What's that?

 Sharon: Nicholas will go to the ends of the earth to find me.

 Cameron: No, I don't think he will, not when he realizes that if he drags you back here, he's dragging you back to jail, to prison. I'm offering you freedom.

 Sharon: You call that freedom?

 Cameron: Hey, when you compare it to the alternative, yeah, I do.

 Sharon: But you are asking me to give up everything in my life that I hold dear--

 Cameron: I am offering you a way out.

 Sharon: You know what it was like to lose your mother at an early age. Are you asking me to do the same thing to Cassie and Noah?

 Cameron: Do you realize you keep mentioning your kids?

 Sharon: Of course I am. I love them.

 Cameron: I know you do, but you realize that you haven't once mentioned Nick as a reason for not going? I gotta tell you-- I find that very encouraging. So what do you say, Sharon? Will you fly away with me to paradise?


 Phyllis: Hello.

 Chris: What are you doing here?

 Phyllis: What are you talking about? It's a public place. It's open to the public. Here I am, having a little bite. Daniel and I were actually looking for places together. And he took the bus up to Hyde Park, and I was checking out the building across the street. I saw your car. I thought, "I'll have a conversation with Christine." How about that? Here you are, alone, perfect.

 Chris: I was just leaving.

 Phyllis: It's not gonna take long. You know, listen, Christine, I don't wanna fight with you, okay?

 Chris: Good.

 Phyllis: Stop putting out bait for my son.

 Chris: Bait?

 Phyllis: Yeah, by offering a place to stay.

 Chris: I wasn't trying to lure him into my clutches. He was upset, and actually, a little unsure of whether he'd be living with you or not, and I didn't want him to feel he had no place to call home.

 Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, thanks a lot, but you know, when you give someone alternatives, they take advantage, and he did. I don't blame him. He's a kid. You know, "if you don't do what I say, I'm gonna go live with Christine." It gives someone ammunition.

 Chris: Well, my only concern is Danielís welfare.

 Phyllis: Oh, I'm sure it is. He also said that you want him to have a relationship with me.

 Chris: Yeah, I did. I said that. I also said be careful, because you've shown a little bit of shaky judgment in the past.

 Phyllis: Oh, wow, thank you, thank you. Making it even more difficult for me to get away from my past. I really appreciate that.

 Chris: You know, I didn't create your past. You did.

 Phyllis: Au contraire-- you created my past.

 Chris: You know what? This is getting us nowhere.

 Phyllis: You know what? Bottom line, Christine, please. You don't have to say anything nice about me, as I won't say anything nice about you, okay? You don't even have to try to convince my son to be with me. Just stay the hell out of it.

 Chris: Let me repeat this-- my only concern is Danielís welfare.

 Phyllis: Well, if you continue to come between me and my son, the only welfare you should be concerned with is your own.

 Chris: That was smart. Once again, that was a very smart thing to say.


 J.T.: But I don't know, man. I think your little plan affected Brittany more than you realize.

 Raul: No, no. Like I said, the princess just doesn't like anyone touching what she's put on the shelf.

 J.T.: Hey, I know Brittany, and I know what she was thinking. She was thinking maybe I should have thought twice before I--

 Raul: No, forget it. Forget it, man. Brittany and I, we're finished. Let it go.

 J.T.: All right. Hey, look on the bright side of things, though.

 Raul: What?

 J.T.: At least you got to spend a little quality, one-on-one, time with Donna Houston. Now that can't be a bad thing, man.

 Raul: No, no, she was, um, she's quite the girl. She's very nice, very nice. Did me some good.

 J.T.: What, pretending to get it on with another girl besides Brittany?

 Raul: Did I say "pretend"?

 J.T.: Oh, come on.

 Raul: Oh, you know, I'm sorry. I don't--I never kiss and tell. I'm a gentlemen--you know that.

 J.T.: So pretend turned into something else.

 Raul: Life imitates art. So at least I got a very nice going away present.

 J.T.: Come on, you can't leave town now. You may have found the new love of your life.

 Raul: Oh, stop, no, no. Donna's cool and everything--

 J.T.: Either that, or you got Brittany interested again.

 Raul: Cut it out. No, that's it. Seriously. Brittany and I-- that chapter is over.

 J.T.: Raul, listen to me.

 Raul: New chapter, new chapter-- Boston, Massachusetts.

 J.T.: I think you're not thinking--

 Raul: Unh-unh. Zip it. Zip it. You know what? Pay for my coffee. I'll see you at the apartment. I'm out of here.

 J.T.: Yeah, yeah, what's new?


 Jack: Bad day?

 Phyllis: Yeah, mm-hmm. You could say that. I just--you know, just something happened that left a bad taste in my mouth.

 Jack: Something happened.

 Phyllis: Yeah, right, sorta like that.

 Jack: Yeah, I have some idea what you're talking about.

 Phyllis: Yeah, okay. You win some. You lose some, right?

 Jack: Well, this one I never wanted to lose.

 Phyllis: Right, yeah. I'm sorry. Don't know what...

 Jack: Oh, wait, wait. You don't know. I'm sorry. You were acting like you knew.

 Phyllis: No, oh, no, okay. I'm sorry. I didnít. What do...

 Jack: You know what-- come here. Sit down. Sit down. I'll tell you--it's probably better this way anyway.

 Phyllis: All right. What's going on?

 Jack: I guess the messenger hasn't made it to you yet.

 Phyllis: Oh. Oh, the divorce.

 Jack: It's final.


 Cameron: Tell me what you're worried about.

 Sharon: Um... I don't love you.

 Cameron: You will. You give it time, and you'll come to feel about me the same way that I feel about you. Hey. I'll make you happy, Sharon, I promise.

 Sharon: Can I, um, just think about it?

 Cameron: Sure. Just don't think about it too long, or the police will make your decision for you.

 Sharon: Can I ask you one question?

 Cameron: Yeah.

 Sharon: How did you do it? How did you set me up?

 Cameron: We'll talk about that more on the plane.

 Sharon: But I didn't agree to go with you.

 Cameron: Weigh the pros and cons. I think you'll make the right decision and you'll choose me. Because the alternative, Sharon, is too terrible to consider.


 J.T.: Thanks, man.

 Trevor: Mm-hmm.

 Mac: Oh, hey, Trevor. Can I get a decaf, please?

 Trevor: Yeah, absolutely.

 Mac: Cool. Thanks. Hey, stranger.

 J.T.: Hey. Where have you been?

 Mac: Oh, you know, here and there.

 J.T.: I like your hair. It looks really good.

 Mac: Thank you. So what's new with you?

 J.T.: Oh, not much. I'm working with Paul again.

 Mac: Oh, cool.

 J.T.: It's really interesting, but, uh, it also gets me out of the house, you know, away from Brittany. You know, she's driving me crazy with all this wedding stuff. The other day she had me looking at her bridal magazines, you know, "check this one out"--

 Mac: Wait, wait, wait. What wedding? What are you talking about?

 J.T.: Oh, you didn't know? She's getting married.

 Mac: To that Bobby guy?

 J.T.: Yeah, Marsino-- Bobby Marsino, guy that runs the club where she used to strip?

 Mac: Wow. Well, that's great.

 J.T.: No, it's not great. Trust me, she's throwing her life away.


 Phyllis: How-- how did you find out?

 Jack: Our messenger brought it to my front door not even an hour ago.

 Phyllis: Oh, wow. Personal touch.

 Jack: Yeah.

 Phyllis: Well, I'll expect it soon. Another delight to add to my day.

 Jack: Yeah, you said you were having a rough one.

 Phyllis: Yeah, they're all pretty rough these days, some more so than others, for me, at least.

 Jack: For me too.

 Phyllis: I read the paper, Jack. I've seen you out wining and dining the, uh, upper crust of Genoa City society.

 Jack: They're not you.

 Phyllis: They're all very beautiful.

 Jack: What is this? You're all of a sudden getting insecure on me?

 Phyllis: I'm not insecure. I mean, we're divorced. I have no claim on you.

 Jack: I think you know that's not true.

 Phyllis: It's not? That makes me feel good. Is that selfish?

 Jack: Probably.

 Phyllis: Yeah. The feeling is mutual.

 Phyllis: If you don't believe me, ask my son.

 Jack: Then you and Daniel are speaking? Last we talked, you'd--

 Phyllis: Oh, yeah, he didn't wanna have anything to do with me. That's right. Well, uh, now we're going to live together.

 Jack: That's amazing.

 Phyllis: I know. Uh, it is.

 Jack: Well, you sound a little shaky.

 Phyllis: Well, you know, I'll be raising a teenage boy. Why should I be shaky?

 Jack: You'll be great. A great mom. He's a lucky boy.

 Phyllis: You think?

 Jack: I know. You got robbed, honey. The way things fell out-- robbed of my son, robbed of the child we almost had. Until now, robbed of your own son. Jeez, maybe there is justice in the world.

 Phyllis: Yeah. Well, I hope he didn't get ripped away from me again.

 Jack: Wait, what's that about?

 Phyllis: Oh, that blonde. She does anything to undermine me.

 Jack: Christine?

 Phyllis: Yeah. Yes, the bug rears her ugly head once more, doesn't she?

 Jack: And this was the bad taste you mentioned earlier.

 Phyllis: Yeah, I ran into her and I told her in no uncertain terms that she should stay away from Daniel. I cannot lose him, Jack. I can't lose my son again. That's not gonna happen.


 Nick: Yes, Grace Turner. All right, thanks. Good, you're home.

 Sharon: What are you doing?

 Nick: Grace called earlier. She's gone into hiding.

 Sharon: Oh, no.

 Nick: I've called every halfway decent hotel in town. I can't find her. I'm sure she didn't register under her real name. Maybe it's time we get Paul Williams involved.

 Sharon: To help track her down, you mean.

 Nick: We need her cooperation. We need something to break in this case, Sharon, especially now with the D.A. gunning for you.

 Sharon: What are you talking about?

 Nick: I'll get into that later.

 Sharon: No. Nick, I wanna know.

 Nick: Michael Baldwin was here earlier. Apparently, Glenn Richards has it in for anyone with the last name Newman.

 Sharon: I suppose I should tell you.

 Nick: What?

 Sharon: I went to see Cameron again.

 Nick: How'd it go? What'd he say?

 Sharon: He is far more insane than we ever imagined.


 Mac: Thanks, Trevor.

 Trevor: You bet.

 Mac: So it sounds like you're not a big fan of Brittanyís fiancť.

 J.T.: Well, I don't really hate the guy, but, uh, I think he's all wrong for her.

 Mac: Brittany's an adult. If that's what she wants to do, then...

 J.T.: So I should shut up and just support her?

 Mac: Well, you are her friend.

 J.T.: You know, you wouldn't be saying that if you knew Bobby. And trust me, you don't wanna know the guy. He's got friends in low places.

 Mac: Does Brittany know this?

 J.T.: Are you kidding? That's the reason she's walking around with that scar on her face. I don't get it. What more of a wake-up call does this girl need?

 Mac: You seem awfully concerned about her.

 J.T.: It's because I am concerned about her, for all the reasons I just told you.

 Mac: I don't know, J.T. you and Brittany have always had this weird chemistry thing.

 J.T.: Oh, I'm not interested in her, if that's what you're asking.

 Mac: So why aren't you dating anybody? I haven't seen you with a girl since I got back here in town. What's with that? That's not like you. What's going on?

 J.T.: Nothing. Nothing. I just, you know, I haven't gotten over Colleen yet.

 Mac: It's been a couple months now. You know, you gotta move on sometime.

 J.T.: Wow, wow, okay. I'll tell you what. I will ask a girl out before the end of the week. Does that make you happy?

 Mac: Yeah, that's a start.

 J.T.: Good.

 Mac: So are you sure you still know how to show a girl a good time?

 J.T.: What? Are you kidding? You know who you're talking to? I'm not that rusty, trust me. It's like riding a bike.

 Mac: Oh, yeah, we'll see.

 J.T.: How exactly are you gonna see? It's not like you're gonna be there to critique me or anything. Or will you?

 Mac: Careful, J.T. almost sounds like you're asking me out.

 J.T.: Maybe I am.

 Mac: Oh, yeah, you wanna go on a date with me.

 J.T.: Why not? Come on, what do you say?

 Mac: Okay. Yeah, that'll be fun.

 J.T.: Good. All right. So how about tomorrow night?

 Mac: Sure, that works for me.

 J.T.: Then it's settled. You and I are going on a date, roomie, and you're gonna have the time of your life, trust me. Now shall I pick you up?

 Mac: Funny. Really funny, J.T.

 J.T.: There's more where that came from.

 Mac: I'm sure.


 Jack: So you and Daniel have been talking about me.

 Phyllis: Yeah. Yes, a little.

 Jack: I've never even met the kid.

 Phyllis: Would you like to?

 Jack: I'd love to.

 Phyllis: Oh, that's great. I'll set that up, set that up. That makes me feel good.

 Jack: He's part of you. He's gotta be a pretty amazing kid.

 Phyllis: You say the nicest things.

 Jack: I guess not often enough.

 Phyllis: It wasn't all your fault.

 Jack: Now who's saying all the nice things?

 Phyllis: I just think, um, maybe it was bad luck, circumstance, bad timing. Not bad karma. I think we always had good karma.

 Jack: So you and Daniel will be living with Damon.

 Phyllis: Uh, actually, we wonít. Daniel... Daniel wants me all to himself.

 Jack: I don't blame him. If you were my mom, I wouldn't want to share you either.

 Phyllis: Thanks.

 Jack: Then you're moving out of Damonís place?

 Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

 Phyllis: Talk about stepping into unchartered waters.

 Jack: Yeah, you and your little boy in your own little lifeboat.

 Phyllis: Yeah.

 Phyllis: Jack... (Sighs)

 Jack: Wait, what?

 Phyllis: I wish...

 Jack: What?

 Phyllis: I wish...

 Jack: Finish what you were saying.

 Phyllis: It was just something that Daniel said to me. He thought Damon was a rebound from you.

 Jack: Is he right?

 Phyllis: I don't know.

 Phyllis: I just wish you were there to rescue me if I drift too far out to sea.

 Jack: How did we get here?

 Phyllis: We can't have any regrets, right? We were amazing. Weren't we?

 Phyllis: No regrets. Okay?

 Phyllis: Okay, I have to go.

 Jack: Yeah.

 Jack: Yeah, no regrets.


 Nick: So Kirsten actually said that? He wants you with him for life?

 Sharon: He told me it was the only way I could be free.

 Nick: He doesn't really believe you'd leave your family and fly off to some foreign country with him?

 Sharon: I can't be sure, but... I didn't say no to him.

 Nick: Sharon, the man's not stupid. He must know you hate him for everything he's put you through.

 Sharon: He knows that I'm desperate. I told him that I would do just about anything to keep from going to prison. And there's another thing, Nick. As much as he claims not to trust me, he didn't check to see if I was wearing a wire this time.

 Nick: Maybe you've lulled him into a false sense of security.

 Sharon: Maybe, but that doesn't mean he's going to admit to killing Frank and framing me for the murder.

 Nick: He's much too clever for that.

 Sharon: He's choosing his words very carefully.

 Nick: So he didn't say anything incriminating? Nothing at all?

 Sharon: No, and he won't, not until we get on that plane, which, of course, will never happen. But, Nick, he wants an answer soon.

 Sharon: God. What am I gonna tell him?

 Nick: Don't worry. We'll figure something out.

 Sharon: Well, we better do it soon. Because the rest of my life depends on my answer to Cameronís offer.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

 Mac: You seem awfully curious about J.T. and me.

 Daniel: Get us a hotel room or find us a place that we can move into tonight, or else.

 Phyllis: Or else what?

 Nikki: I'm doing this.

 Bobby: Nikki Reed Newman, live onstage at Marsinoís.

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