Monday Y&R Transcript 8/2/04

Y&R Transcript Monday 8/2/04 -- Canada, Tuesday 8/3/04 -- U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Cameron: Hey. Twice in the same day. How lucky can a guy get? I mean, without actually gettin' lucky, of course.

Sharon: May I come in?

Cameron: I don't know, sweetheart. How long do we have before security's banging on the door, wondering if you've perished in my evil clutches?

Sharon: I didn't tell anyone that I was coming up, Cameron.

Cameron: Uh-huh. Not even your husband?

Sharon: He has no idea that I've come back.

Cameron: Now you wouldn't be lying to me about that again, would you?

Sharon: You, uh, you said something to me when I was here earlier.

Cameron: What's that?

Sharon: Just before I left, you told me that even if I slept with you again, it wouldn't win me back my freedom. But when I asked you what would, you answered, "what I can't have."

Cameron: You got a good memory. Give the lady a gold star.

Sharon: I don't want a gold star. I want to know what you meant by that.


(Telephone rings) (Ring)

Nick: Hello.

Grace: Nick, it's me, Grace.

Nick: Oh, Grace, thank God. Where are you?

Grace: I just want to tell you not to worry.

Nick: Not to worry? What the hell does that mean?

Grace: I'm in a safe place, well hidden.

Nick: Where? You know what? It doesn't matter. You have to tell the police what you know, or that's it for Sharon. Without your help, she will go down for a murder that she didn't commit. So just tell me where you are. I will send someone to pick you up.

Grace: There has to be some other way.

Nick: There isn’t. If there were, don't you think I would've found it by now? Cameron has her in his clutches, and you helped put her there by bringing him back into her life. You owe us.

Grace: I feel terrible about what's happened. Believe me, I had no idea Cameron would become so obsessed with Sharon, but I have to look out for myself.

Nick: Grace, listen to me.

Grace: No, I can't! I can't do it. I'm sorry.


Daniel: My mother's dancing to my tune? I don't get that.

Damon: No?

Daniel: No. Look, you believing me is not important. Is Mom here?

Damon: No. She left after waiting for you, after staying awake most of the night worrying about where you were and if you were okay.

Daniel: Well, I wish she wouldn't do that.

Damon: Yeah, I know. It's tough on a fella when he wants a Mother, but he doesn't want one that will worry about him. Well, you know, you can get those. I mean, they do exist. That's a rough break, you winding up with the other kind.

Daniel: What are you talking about?

Damon: I'm talking about you need to call your mother the next time you decide to stay out all night! That's what I'm talking about.

Daniel: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You need to chill out, dude.

Damon: Oh, no, no, no, no. Look, you ain't gonna "dude" me. You hardly know me, junior. And I suggest you stop being such a little... no, no. You ain't gonna do this to me.

Daniel: I'm not doing anything. You're doing this to yourself. All I want to do is see my mother. When is she coming back?

Damon: I don't know. When she left, she was looking at the paper, checking out apartments. I assume she went to see a few of 'em.

Daniel: See, I get it. You're all tripped out because she wants to move out of here with me. I mean, it's not because I'm a little whatever you were gonna say, is it? You're just jealous. That's all it is. You're just jealous about her wanting to be out of here.

Damon: You know, I...

Daniel: What, are you gonna hit me? Yeah, that'll score big points with Phyllis, won't it?


(Doorbell rings)

Olivia: Brad, hi.

Brad: Liv. Come on in.

Olivia: Are you okay? You seem kind of tired.

Brad: What brings you by?

Olivia: Well, I got off work early, and I saw something fantastic at Fenmore's. Look at this. I thought they'd be perfect for Abby and Ashley. What do you think?

Brad: Well, if you say so. Hair doodad's aren't exactly my area of expertise.

Olivia: Yeah. That's what I thought. Is Ashley around? I know it's kind of late. Maybe Abby’s in bed?

Brad: No, uh, actually, Ash is not around. She's out of town. And Abby is in bed, all tired out from her long day with Victor Newman-- good, old Daddy number two. Guess it's pretty obvious how I feel about that, isn't it?


[Nikki remembering.]

 Nikki: What Victor knows or doesn't know is beside the point.

 Bobby: Okay, but what if he decides that he doesn't want you involved in the skin trade again?

 Nikki: Ah, but I would be an executive this time, not a performer.

 Bobby: Okay, we don't have executives in this business.

 Nikki: Now you see, right there, you've got to change your attitude.

 Bobby: All right. Whatever you say, partner.


 Victor: I was wondering when you would get back.

 Nikki: Oh, well, wonder no more. I'm here. So did you, uh, spend your day the way you had planned?

 Victor: I had a great day with Abby. Took her horseback riding, swimming, and then Miguel made some hamburgers, and I took her home.

 Nikki: You brought her here?

 Victor: Yeah.

 Nikki: So it was all unsupervised?

 Victor: Every minute of it.

 Nikki: How on earth did you pull that off? I can't imagine Brad would agree to that.

 Victor: Whether he agreed to it or not is immaterial. We had a wonderful time. The first of many visits to come.

 Nikki: Well, if he didn't agree to it, how did you get her here?

 Victor: I picked her up at the day camp.


 Michael: Thought I'd find you here.

 Kevin: Mikey. How's it going, Hermano? Have a seat.

 Michael: Oh.

 Kevin: I'm glad to see you. We haven't talked in awhile.

 Michael: No, we haven’t. What's in the cup?

 Kevin: Just plain old decaf.

 Michael: You sure? Nothing a little stronger maybe?

 Kevin: No. Why? You want to go grab a beer or something?

 Michael: No, no. What I want is for you to stay out of my liquor cabinet.

 Kevin: Oh, right. Yeah, you see, about that, I could--I can explain. The, um, the cap was loose, and I was cleaning up and it got knocked over, and I should have just, you know, left it, but I was worried that you'd think I was drinking it, so I put the water in--

 Michael: Let me put you outta your misery here. Gloria told me you had a guest. Now, um, whose bright idea was it to lap up most of my gin and then to fill the bottle with water?

 Kevin: I forget. I...

 Michael: Yeah, I'm not surprised. Considering the amount of alcohol you guys drank, you probably don't remember much of anything that night.

 Kevin: (Chuckles) uh, yeah. Well, I mean, I'll get you a new bottle. I promise. As soon as I get some money.

 Michael: Yes, you will. And by the way, you owe Gloria a great big thank you. I was about to throw you both out when she blindsided me with the big news.

 Kevin: What are you talking about?

 Michael: She's seeing some guy here. You didn't know about that?

 Kevin: Uh, she-- she mentioned something, yeah.

 Michael: Hmm. She wouldn't tell me his name. Any idea who he is?


Damon: Ain't nobody gonna hit you.

Daniel: Well, that's good, 'cause you'd go to jail.

Damon: Look, you want to wait for your mother? Sit your little narrow behind down and wait. I got things to do.

Daniel: What'd you do? You drop something?

Damon: Yeah.

Daniel: So it looks like we're moving out.

Damon: "We"?

Daniel: Mom and I.

Damon: Yeah, it looks that way.

Damon: Why does it bother you so much?

Daniel: What?

Damon: That your mother and I are... that she's got a man in her life. I mean, you mentioned something about me being jealous. Are you sure I'm the one?

Daniel: What do I care what she does with her free time?

Damon: I-I don't know. Why don't you tell me?

Daniel: Look, I don't want to insult you, so let's just drop it.

Damon: Insult me? What, do you think I'm not good enough for her?

Daniel: (Sighs) look, I don't know how good you are. All I know is that you don't want me here, and I really need to spend some time getting to know my mother.

Damon: All right. And if she's got something that is workin' for her, that makes her happy, but it gets in your way, you're gonna undermine it as best you can.

Daniel: What are you talking about? You know, I'm the only son that she's got. Don't you think that there's just a little bit of a difference there? I mean, you're just some guy that she's been sleeping with for about 20 minutes.

Damon: No, sit down, slick. We need to talk.

Daniel: Mom. You know what? Thank God you're back here. Your wonderful boyfriend here was just about to show me how he could beat me up.


 Kevin: Mnh-mnh. I don't know anything about the guy Mom's dating. You want some?

Michael: Mnh-mnh. It sounds like she's really into him.

Kevin: Well, good for her. She deserves some happiness in her life.

Michael: I gotta admit, she does seem different. I'm sure you've noticed the change, too. You've spent a lot more time with her lately than me.

Kevin: Hmm. Yeah. Yeah. Well, she says that Neil Winters is still on your case.

 Michael: Actually, he's on your case.

Kevin: Yeah, no kidding. He came by here earlier and gave me the third degree.

Michael: I hope you didn't give him any more ammunition.

Kevin: Don't worry. I behaved myself. Not that that did any good, though. I swear, that guy is not gonna be happy until I'm locked up or dead. You know what? I am not worried about Lily's dad anymore. I came up with a plan, and when it's finished, he is guaranteed to change his tune about me. How do you like that?

Michael: A "plan." I don't like the sound of that at all.

Kevin: Well, don't worry. Trust me. I got it all under control.

Michael: That will be the day.

Kevin: (Chuckles)

Michael: Lauren Fenmore came by my apartment tonight.

Kevin: Lauren? How is the lovely Miss Fenmore?

Michael: She's under the impression that you're considering therapy. Is that true?

Kevin: Um, not so much.

Michael: So why'd you say it?

Kevin: Because I wanted her to think I was getting better.

Michael: So you lied to her?

Kevin: Well, it's what she wanted to hear. I mean, how will I ever have a chance with her if she still thinks I'm messed up?

Michael: A chance to do what?

Kevin: (Chuckles)

Michael: You still have feelings for her.

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah, I'll always have feelings for Lauren. How could I not? She's-- she's the most amazing woman that I've ever met, you know? She's, uh, she's gorgeous, she's sophisticated--

Michael: And her only interest in you is as a friend.

Kevin: No, no, no, no, you don't know that.

Michael: Yes, I do.

Kevin: No, you don’t.

Michael: Yes, I do.

Kevin: Unh-unh.

Michael: Uh-huh.

Kevin: Okay, then how come-- how come every time we're together, there's this spark between us? I feel it, Mike. I know that she does, too. You know it's like, we have something.

Michael: Kevin, Kevin, Kevin.

Kevin: Hey, hey, it's not my fault. You know, go blame Mother Nature.

Michael: Mother--right. You know, I gotta leave. But we're not finished talking about this.

Kevin: That's fine with me.

Michael: All right. I'll see you later.

Kevin: All right.

Michael: And do me a favor. Please don't do anything stupid, all right?

Kevin: Good-bye.

Michael: Right.


Bobby: I still can't believe you didn't like the movie.

Brittany: What's to like? There was no story. It's just two people running around shooting each other. That's not my idea of entertainment.

Bobby: What about the special effects? They were great.

Brittany: You would say that.

 Bobby: (Laughs) you know, this is good-- you and, going to see a movie and then arguing about it after. Kind of feels like we're us again.

 Brittany: I guess.

Bobby: You guess. You like it. Admit it.

Brittany: Okay, I like it. But don't think that I'm not still mad at you, because I am. You did a rotten thing, Bobby Marsino.

Bobby: Yeah, yeah, I know I did. But I'm gonna make it up to you. As soon as I can, I'm gonna change my club into a full-time cabaret.

Brittany: But when?

Bobby: Soon as I get some money in the bank, pay some bills.

Brittany: Until then, I have to share the place with strippers?

Bobby: Mm-hmm. We've been through all this.

Brittany: Yeah, I know, I know. They'll only be there a few nights a week.

Bobby: And on the other nights, it's only you. And personally, I can't wait to see you on that stage again. You're gonna set this little town on its ear, you know that?


Phyllis: What's going on here?

Daniel: He's been acting all crazy. I mean, look at him. He's nuts, Mom.

Phyllis: Um, Damon--

Damon: Relax. Everything's fine.

Phyllis: Okay. Well, when I walked in, you looked kinda mad.

Damon: Yeah. Well, it would seem Daniel has cultivated a talent for bringing that out in folks. I suspect he's had a little practice.

Daniel: All I said was that I wanted to get to know my mother. Is that a crime?

Phyllis: Um, listen, uh, both of you, just-- just relax here because I--

Damon: Phyllis... (Chuckles) it's my house. It's my house, and your friends are my friends, your family is my family. But I do not think I've crossed any lines when I take offense at being called, "the guy Mom's been sleeping with for about 20 minutes."

Daniel: You know what? He started it, from the minute I walked in that door. Speaking of which, did you find an apartment for us, Mom? 'Cause if you're not moving out of here, then I'll see you around.


Cameron: Doesn't matter what I meant, Sharon.

Sharon: Well, it matters to me.

Cameron: You must be desperate.

Sharon: Wouldn't you be if you were in my shoes?

Cameron: Maybe.

Sharon: Cameron, I am a very young woman. I can hardly even imagine spending the rest of my life behind bars.

Cameron: That would be a waste.

Sharon: Yes, and that's exactly what I might be facing. I could be convicted of murdering Frank Barritt if you don't help me.

Cameron: Yeah, but according to you, that's something that I did, right?

Sharon: Say it's not sex you want...

Cameron: Don't get me wrong. I mean, sex would be awfully nice.

Sharon: Cameron, stop playing games with me, all right? Tell me what it is you meant.

Cameron: What would be the point, Sharon? You'd never agree to it, not in a million years.

Sharon: Well, why don't you let me decide that? You might be surprised what a person will agree to when their entire life is on the line.


Nick: Hey. Come on in.

Michael: Thanks.

Nick: Little late, isn't it?

Michael: Which is why I was hoping that you’d offer me a drink?

Nick: Well, that depends-- is this good news or bad news?

Michael: Are you telling me that if I say it's bad, I don't get my drink?

Nick: No, if it's bad, you can have your drink, and I'll have a double.

Michael: Okay. Well, uh, start pouring, partner.

Michael: Mm. You must love it out here-- uh, all this elbow room, privacy, solitude.

Nick: What's wrong with your condo?

Michael: Ah, it's a bit too full of relatives at the moment.

Nick: Yeah, I have some of those, too.

Michael: Yeah, but you have the space to move 'em around a little. That's the difference.

Nick: What do you got?

Michael: Um, well, it appears that our beloved District Attorney Glenn Richards-- he has the proverbial bee in his bonnet... or perhaps somewhere more private on his anatomy.

Nick: About Sharon?

Michael: Mm-hmm. Yeah. It appears there's a bit of a backlash about your father's sentence being too lenient, you know. The report is he's in some abandoned building ordering everyone around, which is basically what he'd be doing if they just allowed him to go back to his office and continue with his life.

.Nick: It's a little different than that.

Michael: We're talkin' perception, Nicholas. Anyway, here comes another Newman into the docket, and this time, Glenn wants to make sure that the fair people of our good state get their pound of flesh.

Nick: Is that drink a little too stiff for you? You're not making much sense.

Michael: Sorry. It's a, you know, long day, empty stomach. What I'm trying to tell you, Nick, is that they're gonna come after Sharon with everything they've got. There's no plea bargains. They are flying top forensic experts in from California and New York. There's a witness list as long as my arm. On top of that, he's told his chief deputy to take over all of his duties until he's finished with Sharon’s trial. He's clearing the deck.

Nick: Right.

Michael: You don't seem as surprised to hear this as I thought you'd be.

Nick: Michael, we knew the prosecutor had evidence. I think it's bogus, but Detective Weber seems to like it. So I'm sure it's gonna hold up in court. Murder is a whole hell of a lot more serious than commercial bribery, so I'm not astonished or anything. Besides...

Michael: Uh-huh. Besides what?

Nick: Sharon and I are doing something. I'm pretty sure you're not gonna like it.

Michael: Yeah, I get that already. Uh, cough it up.

Nick: We're working on an angle of our own.

Michael: Mm. All right. Um, and what does that entail? If you don't mind my asking.

Nick: We're working Cameron Kirsten. He's the murderer.

Michael: Oh, my God. You're "working" Cameron Kirsten. Please tell me you didn't say that.


 Bobby: So where are your roommates?

 Brittany: I'm not sure. They all must be out.

 Bobby: Hmm. So we have the place to ourselves, do we?

Brittany: Don't get any ideas. They could be home any minute.

Bobby: Well, you could always spend the night at my place. I don't have any roommates. You could make as much noise as you wanted to.

Brittany: No, Bobby.

Bobby: Come on. How long you gonna make me cool my jets?

Brittany: I haven't decided.

Bobby: Haven't decided, huh? You're making me nuts. You do know that? But it's--its okay. You're worth waiting for.

Brittany: Listen, if you think you can smooth talk me into bed with you...

Bobby: No, no, no, I mean it. You can take as much time as you need. I'm not goin' anywhere. (Distant humming)

Raul: Oh. Hey, I didn't, uh, know anybody was here.

Brittany: We just got here. Why? What's going on?

Raul: Nothing. Just...

Donna: Raul, can I get some... water?


Phyllis: Um, no, actually, I didn't find a place for us to live.

Daniel: Well, there must be a million of 'em.

Phyllis: Well, uh, there aren't a million of 'em, Daniel, all right? No place you want to live. Believe me.

Daniel: Look, are you sure you really want to do this? Because your boyfriend over here seems to think that you're just happy as a clam living right here.

Phyllis: Um, actually, I-I am. Um, listen, Daniel, Damon-- Damon and I...

Damon: Don't stop, Phyllis. I'm fascinated.

Phyllis: Um... listen, I don't-- I don't want to talk to my son about this. I feel uncomfortable. Listen, you know what? My--my love life is none of your business, okay?

Daniel: So you love him?

Phyllis: Well, I'm... we have something very special.

Daniel: Because you and that Jack Abbott guy are getting a divorce.

Phyllis: No, because Damon is a wonderful man.

Daniel: Really? This has nothing to do with a rebound?

Phyllis: Rebound? You're 16. What do you know about rebound? (Giggles)

Damon: Think he knows a few other things. He knows where all your buttons are and how to push 'em.

Phyllis: Damon, listen, uh... we're gonna find a place, and we're gonna live there. And I will continue to have a relationship with Damon, okay?

Damon: Absolutely.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Damon: Just so long as young Master Romalotti gives us permission to go on seeing one another.

Daniel: You know, I wish.

Phyllis: Okay, all right. That's enough. That's enough, you guys.

Daniel: Look, if you don't want to move outta here, it's cool. I have other alternatives. Christine told me today that I could stay at her apartment as long as I needed to, so it won't be--

Phyllis: Wait, wait, wait, wait. When did you talk to Christine?

Daniel: I had to pick up some stuff there today.

Phyllis: And she just offered her place to you?

Damon: (Laughs) another button found, another button pushed.

Phyllis: Damon, knock it off.

Damon: Oh, wh-- you don't even know if what he's--he's playing you!

Phyllis: No, he's not. Keep your voice down.

Daniel: Why don't you go ahead and call her if you don't believe me?

Phyllis: You know what? This is exactly what Christine would do. Believe me.

Daniel: Yeah, because she's worried about me, too. I mean, is there something wrong with that?

Phyllis: You know what? Damon, I need to talk to my son alone, all right?

Daniel: Good. Let's get outta here, then.

Damon: No, no, y'all stay. Y'all stay. I'll go. Your mother just walked in the door. She might wanna, I don't know, breathe for a minute. Not that it would matter much to you.

Phyllis: All right, that's it, young man. That's it. I'm gonna take a shower and then we're gonna have a conversation. Do you understand me?

Daniel: Fine, Mom.


Nikki: You just went over to Abby’s day camp without permission and picked her up?

 Victor: Yeah. That's exactly what I did.

 Nikki: My God. Do you realize what you've done?

Victor: I did precisely what I set out to do-- spend the day with my daughter.

Nikki: What about Brad? He must have been hysterical.

Victor: Of course he was. Nothing he could do about it. I was on the list of people authorized to pick up Abby. Ashley put me there.

Nikki: Obviously, without giving a second thought to her husband's feelings.

Victor: Because perhaps she realizes how impossible he has become.

Nikki: Do you realize the position you've put him in? He must have been livid.

Victor: Of course he was. He tried to storm in here, demanded I return Abby, which of course I didn’t.

Nikki: Why not?

Victor: Because I realize that the man is making decisions because of his hostility toward me, not because it was best for Abby. She had a great day at the ranch. She called me her other daddy. Like you, he's letting his insecurities rule his life.

Nikki: Oh, really?

Victor: Yes, really. He's obsessed with my relationship with Ashley. He's delusional about it, paranoid about it, to the point where I have to wonder if he should spend any time alone with Abby.

Nikki: What? He's her father.

Victor: I'm her biological father.


Olivia: I can't believe that Victor just scooped up Abby like that.

Brad: Well, listen, Newman--he'll tell you he did nothing wrong.

Olivia: Even so, with Ash out of town--

Brad: I know. I know. The worst of it is what he accused me of. I mean, I know I'm a good father, Liv, but... I don't know. Maybe Newman’s right.

Olivia: About what?

Brad: About me, what I'm doing. Maybe it isn't what's best for Abby. I'm pulling her out of a day camp that she loves, where she's learning to share and making new friends and putting her someplace else.

Olivia: Look, if you had security concerns--

Brad: I don't, I don't, except where Victor's concerned.

Olivia: You were reacting to a difficult situation.

Brad: I was reacting to Victor and how much I despise him. And that can't be good for Abby.

Olivia: I can't believe you're second-guessing yourself this way.

Brad: Well, I can't help it, Liv. As much as I hate Newman, the last thing I wanna do is shortchange my daughter. I can't keep having this knee-jerk reactions, not if Abby’s gonna pay the price. But you wanna know what really galls me, Liv? After everything he's done, Newman has the nerve to threaten me. I mean, he practically steals my daughter out from under me, then he tells me that if I can't keep my temper in check, I may be the one not seeing Abby alone again, that this is all because I can't get over the fact that he once had something special with Ash, that this has nothing to do with Abby, and that in reality, I'm a miserable father.

 Olivia: Well, nothing could be further from the truth. You're a wonderful father.

 Brad: Think so?

 Olivia: I know so, or Victor's words wouldn't be getting to you this way.

Brad: Yeah, but it shouldn't get to me at all.

Olivia: Well, they do, and you know what? You have every right to be concerned about Victor's influence in Abby’s life. The man hasn't exactly been a saint where your family's concerned.

Brad: Well, unfortunately, my wife doesn't see it that way. As far as she's concerned, the man is as pure as the driven snow.

Olivia: You know that's not true.

Brad: I know I don't wanna lose my daughter.

Olivia: And you won’t. You're a good man. You're a good father. Forget about what Victor says. Have faith in that. It's gonna be okay.


Donna: Why didn't you tell me we weren't alone?

Raul: I-I really didn't know. Donna, uh, you know Brittany.

Donna: Hi.

Brittany: Hi.

Raul: And that's Bobby Marsino, Brittany’s boyfriend.

Brittany: Actually, he's my fiancé.

Donna: Nice to meet you.

Bobby: It's nice to meet you, too. So you and Raul, huh?

Donna: I guess so.

Bobby: Really? Where'd you two meet?

Donna: At school. I go to G.C.U.

Bobby: Oh, that's great. A college girl. You guys look great together.

Donna: I think so, too.

Brittany: They're not dating, Bobby. Donna is just... well, what would you call her, Raul, your flavor of the day?

Raul: Oh, knock it off, Britt.

Brittany: No, I'm not judging. It's your life. You can do whatever you want. I just think Donna oughta know that she's your consolation prize.

Donna: You mean because you and Raul broke up recently?

Brittany: You know?

Donna: Sure. Raul was up front. But why should it bother me? Does it bother you, Bobby?

Bobby: Hmm? No, not at all.

Donna: And you're already engaged, so I'd say we're all free to do whatever feels good.

Raul: Oh, I couldn't have said that better myself.

Donna: And if you're thinking about trying to get him back, just know, I fight dirty.

Raul: (Chuckles) now, now, ladies, seriously, play nice. All right, look, I'm gonna get some water. You get back in there. I'm not even near being finished with you. Go. Ahh. Some ice-cold water for hot little Donna. Hot, hot, hot, hot, wild little Donna.

Brittany: You know, I know what you're doing.

Raul: What?

Brittany: You want me to see the two of you together.

Raul: Oh, really? I do?

Brittany: Please, Raul, do you really think you can make me feel jealous?

Raul: Is that what you think I wanna do? Bobby, talk to her, will ya, please?


Donna and Raul: (Laughing)

Donna: How'd I do?

Raul: Are you kidding me? That was so perfect. Donna, you are one hell of a little actress, you know that? How can I ever thank you?

Donna: Oh, I know. We'll think of something.


Nikki: Would it really make that much difference if I got into how I feel about this?

Victor: Well, you know how much I value your opinion.

Nikki: Yes, as a matter of fact, I do, and I will not be drawn into another argument with you about this. I think that what you did was wrong. I think your continual interference in their marriage is reprehensible.

Victor: So nothing I have said makes you see things differently? You're still siding with Bradley Carlton?

Nikki: Well, you do what you need to do, and I'll do what I need to do.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Nikki: It's been a long day. I think I'm gonna go upstairs and take a bath. See you in the morning.


Nick: We're running out of options, Michael.

Michael: It doesn't mean that shooting yourself in the other foot's gonna make things any better.

Nick: Sharon is looking at a lot of jail time. Frank Barritt’s murder was premeditated as hell. She could get life.

Michael: But she didn't do it. Did you forget that little fact? We were gonna use it in her defense.

Nick: Every murderer says they didn't do it.

Michael: You have absolutely no faith in me. That's the problem. You actually think that I would go into a courtroom with just my client's guarantee that she didn't do it as my only defense. If you think that, I don't blame you.

Nick: I don't think that.

Michael: Then what the hell-- what... all right, just tell me exactly what "working Cameron Kirsten" means. I mean, is Sharon... oh, my God. Is she seducing him?

Nick: No, no, but close. She's trying to get him to open up to her. Once he starts letting his guard down, we're gonna send her in there with a recording device.

Michael: (Groans) that's risky business.

Nick: Sharon doesn't have a lot to lose at this point.

Michael: Do you really think that she can sweet-talk a madman--I mean, a damn clever madman-- into confessing?

 Nick: Sharon thinks she can, and you know what? This is her life.

Michael: Well, Nick, I mean, you better pray that she doesn't blow her own cover, or, well, I mean, yeah, it will be her life, all right.


Sharon: Can I ask you a question?

Cameron: Well, that depends.

Sharon: It's kinda personal.

Cameron: Well, I think we know each other well enough to ask any personal questions.

Sharon: I was wondering what made you the way you are.

Cameron: Ha!

Sharon: What drives you?

Cameron: What, you're gonna psychoanalyze me now?

Sharon: No, I'm serious. I've just never met a man so ambitious, a man who is just relentless in achieving his goals.

Cameron: Hmm, talking about business or women?

Sharon: Have there been many?

Cameron: Businesses? No, just one.

Sharon: Women.

Cameron: More than I can count.

Sharon: Any of them that you were close to?

Cameron: Nah. You know, I was too consumed with becoming a success, building my company.

Sharon: Must have been lonely.

Cameron: Sometimes.

Sharon: Was it worth it?

Cameron: Well, I showed a lot of people that I could be a success because there weren't a whole lot encouraging me.

Sharon: What about your parents?

Cameron: My mother died when I was 10.

Sharon: Oh. I'm sorry.

Cameron: My father was a retired army colonel. After my mom died, he, uh, he sent me to military school. Look, why do you care about any of this anyway?

Sharon: I thought it might help me understand you.

Cameron: It's funny. I, uh... I haven't really talked about this with anyone.

Sharon: Not even Grace?

Cameron: No. Grace wouldn't understand. I don't think she'd be that interested. So how about it, huh? Now that I've spilled my guts, uh, you understand me better?

Sharon: Sounds like you're still a very angry man, aren't you?

Cameron: Well, you bet I am, when I don't get what I want.

Sharon: Do you resent your father for making you go to military school?

Cameron: Oh, come on, Sharon. You can do better than that. What do you think, that I blame my father for my issues?

Sharon: Do you?

Cameron: Hell, no. My dad did the best he could. Hell, he even financed me when I was starting my company. I've got no complaints.

Sharon: And what about your mother? Do you still miss her very much?

Cameron: Every day of my life.

Sharon: Well, tell me about her. What was she like?

Cameron: She was the only person I could count on. She was great.

Sharon: It must have been terrible for you, losing her at such a young age.

Cameron: I don't wanna talk about that.

Cameron: She looked a lot like you. Beautiful blonde. Face of an angel.

Cameron: But you know what? I, uh... I never answered your question, did I? What you could do to get out of this mess you're in.

Sharon: Are you gonna tell me?

Cameron: It's pretty simple. I want you with me the rest of my life. That's it. That's the only way you can save yourself.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Chris: What if I said that I have a proposition for you that you might find interesting?

Mac: Careful, J.T. Almost sounds like you're asking me out.

J.T.: Well, maybe I am.

Cameron: You wanna hear the rest of my plan?

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