Wednesday Y&R Transcript 7/28/04

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 7/28/04 -- Canada, Thursday 7/29/04 -- U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Nick: Babe, are you all right? You were so quiet on the way home.

Sharon: I just wanna take a shower. Even talking to that man, the sound of his voice-- I want it off me.

Nick: Did he try anything? Did he touch you?

Sharon: No, not even once. That's the strange thing.

Nick: What?

Sharon: I think we're wrong about what he's after, Nick. It doesn't seem to be sex.

Nick: What are you getting at? What did he say to you? Sharon, there must be some reason your instincts are telling you that. If it's not sex he's after, then why go to these lengths to get back at you?

Sharon: Honey, I just wanna take a shower and get out of these clothes, all right?


Man: You know, there's a pretty good place over south of Broadway.

Man #2: Yeah, it's not as good as Marsino's, but it'll do.

Angelo: Guys, I'm telling you, it's gonna be like the old days around here.

Man: How do you figure?

Man #2: Yeah, your best girls are all working other clubs now.

Man: Yeah, I saw Maureen Thotother night out by the airport. She was dropping off more than her luggage.

Angelo: Hey, trust me. I ever lie to you? When you see that "grand re-opening" sign, you can bet it's gonna be big-time grand.

Man #2: All right, man, if you say so.

Man: Okay, we'll keep a look out.

Angelo: Yeah, you do that. Hey, look, hey, take some of these flyers. Pass 'em around, all right? Here.

Man: Thanks.

Angelo: All right.

Man: Hey, Bobby!

Bobby: How you doin'? Nice to see you.

Man #2: Good to see you. Don't worry. We'll be back.

Bobby: Oh, you better be. I know where to find you.

Man: (Chuckles)

Angelo: Hey, uh, pass those things around, huh?

Man #2: All right, man.

Angelo: Man, I feel like getting up on the roof and hollerin'.

Bobby: Yeah, I'm surprised you're not up there already.

Angelo: Hey, look, they're our customers, Bobby, okay? They make our world go around. What's the matter? Oh, no, no, no. Don't tell me. Our blondie found out.

Bobby: How could she not? You papered the whole town with these flyers.

Angelo: Not a happy fiancée, huh?

Bobby: I promised her there'd be no more strippin' in here, nothing but high-end music. I broke that promise.

Angelo: You know what? You're being practical, man. And anyway, who's running things-- you or her? You know, let me tell you something, Bobby. You better set yourself up as the boss man, or you'll be taking orders from that broad for the rest of your life.


Paul: (Sighs)

Brittany: You guys are watching this again?

J.T.: Hey, Brittany, come here. Help us out.

Brittany: What?

J.T.: All right, there we go. All right, give us your opinion. Is this earring the one from the movie?

Brittany: Well, they look the same to me. Why? What do you guys think?

J.T.: Well, I say yes. Paul says no.

Paul: No, I said I'm not sure. I mean, one of the first things I learned in this line of work is that... things are not always as they appear.

J.T.: Yeah, but what are the odds? This old movie was found at the rec center in the same file cabinet where Cassie found the other earring, and I found that one buried out back. There's no way that's a coincidence.

Brittany: You didn't find this earring with that skeleton, did you?

J.T.: Yeah, I did.

Brittany: Gross! You couldn’t told me that before I touched it.

J.T.: Relax.

J.T.: So what's the verdict?

Paul: Well, it's like I said, the jury's still out.

J.T.: Oh, come on, Paul. There's something here. I know it.

Paul: All right, J.T. maybe you're right. Maybe it is worth pursuing. On the other hand, this could be a mystery that's better left unsolved.

J.T.: I can't believe you of all people are saying that. You're a P.I.

Paul: I'm also a close friend of somebody who's involved.

J.T.: You talking about Nikki?

Paul: I went to see her earlier. She's not doing well right now, and I'm not so sure that stirring this up is such a hot idea.


Victor: Oh, yeah? I wasn't aware of that. Well, that's very nice. Well, I'll be at the office in an hour to pick up Abby. At the day camp center, right. Thank you very much. Yeah. Looking forward to it. Thank you.

Nikki: Well, you seem pleased with that phone call.

Victor: Yeah, I am, indeed.

Nikki: You wanna share it with me?

Victor: I just got some wonderful news. I'm gonna spend a day with my daughter.

Nikki: Your daughter? Oh, my God. I hope you mean Victoria.

Victor: No, I, unfortunately, am not talking about Victoria. I'm talking about Abby.

Nikki: Why are you doing this? You know how much conflict it's gonna cause if you see her. And frankly, the last thing I need right now is to deal with an angry husband.


Dru: All right, here you go.

Devon: What is this?

Dru: A reading list. It's like a reading summer assignment.

Devon: Summer? No, summer's for goofing off.

Dru: Oh, you don't have that luxury, Dollface, not unless you're planning on graduating from high school when you're 30.

Devon: God, what is it with you and books?

Dru: What is it with me and books? Books seduce. They illuminate the mind. Now I want you to check out every single book on that list from the library.

Devon: Won't I be needing a library card for that?

Dru: Yes, and you're gonna go to the library with your I.D. I've already called ahead. They're expecting you, and they'll give you a library card for free.

Devon: Gosh. So is reading books another one of your guys' rules around here?

Dru: And I hope it'll become one of yours, too. Reading can be a lot of fun, Devon.

Devon: You probably think going to the dentist is fun.

Dru: You know, speaking of which, when was the last time you went and got your teeth checked?

Devon: Let's just stick with this library thing no you want me to check out every single book on this list?

Dru: Every single book on this list. Now I can call Lily down at the rec center, and she can go over and help you--

Devon: No, no, I don't need no girl holding my hand.

Dru: Okay, good. Library's over on Chestnut, two blocks away.

Devon: I thought you guys wanted me to be a part of your family. No one told me I was signing up for the Winters' book club.


Brad: Hello?

Ashley: Hi, honey.

Brad: Ash, it's good to hear your voice.

Ashley: Yeah, it's really good to hear yours, too. I can't believe how much I miss you and Abby.

Brad: How's your trip going?

Ashley: It's going pretty well. I've toured the plant a couple of times. I still can't decide whether I should keep it online or scrap it.

Brad: Well, what do your instincts tell you?

Ashley: I don't know yet. It's one of those things that Jack used to do. It's gonna take me awhile to figure it out. So how are you doing?

Brad: Fine. Fine. I'm, uh, working on another one of those things Jack used to do. I'll tell you, your brother was a real genius when it came to scaring up financing.

Ashley: It's kind of a steep learning curve, huh?

Brad: Yeah, you can say that again.

Ashley: How's Abby?

Brad: Great, great. She's at camp right now.

Ashley: Oh, good. I know how much she loves that. So, honey, have you heard anything from Victor?


Victor: Will you just relax? Ashley Abbott approved of these unsupervised visits, okay?

Nikki: In theory. What about brad?

Victor: I told him that I intended to see my daughter.

Nikki: And you don't think that's not inviting more conflict?

Victor: He hasn't done a damn thing to facilitate these visits.

Nikki: Yeah, but now you're talking about escalating things.

Victor: No, I'm talking about seeing my daughter.

Nikki: Victor, can't you just wait until Ashley comes back from her trip?

Victor: Why?

Nikki: Because she will be able to talk Vrad into going along with this.

Victor: He has not given me the slightest indication that he's willing to do that.

Nikki: Well, he will. Just wait for Ashley to come back.

Victor: Do you know something I don't? I'm going to visit with Abby, whether Brad Carlton likes it or not.

Nikki: Please don't do this.

Victor: Why? Why wouldn't I do this?

Nikki: Brad agreed to unsupervised visits, but only after Ashley returns.

Victor: How do you know that?

Nikki: She left a message on our machine.

Victor: Oh, a message I never heard.

Nikki: I erased it.

Victor: What do you mean, you erased it? Why?

Nikki: Because Vrad changed his mind.

Victor: You erased a message left on that machine for me because Brad Carlton changed his mind? Is that what the two of you were talking about when I walked in here?

Nikki: I thought that he needed to hear it.

Victor: For someone's who's begging me not to get involved in this intrigue, you certainly don't mind putting yourself in the middle of all that, do you?

Nikki: Victor, can you just please for once in your life let things be? You live your life with your family and let Ashley and Vrad live theirs. Don't you see how much this is affecting our marriage?

Victor: This doesn't have to affect us as a couple at all. The fact that I'm Abby’s father has nothing to do with you and me.

Nikki: (Sighs)

Victor: And that's not what this is about. You're upset about Ashley Abbott, and you want her out of our lives.

Victor: You think the same way Brad Carlton does. You're full of insecurity and paranoia about this whole thing. You're not thinking of Abby.


Dru: You know, Devon, Lily has a reading list this summer as well. Yeah, she's got a tough one. She's gotta read six books and have a report for each one.

Devon: But what does that have to do with me?

Dru: You're a part of this family now, all right? So you'll do as we do, and I want you to better yourself. Besides, it's not gonna kill you to read a few classics this summer.

Devon: So boring.

Dru: Have you ever read a book that transported you to a different time, a different world?

Devon: I'd rather just go outside.

Dru: Then go to the park and read.

Devon: You know, anyway, I'm not that great at reading, all right?

Dru: I see. Um, well, you know, I had a little bit of trouble with my reading back in the day.

Devon: What, you couldn't read?

Dru: I had problems writing, too. I thought the world was holding a big secret from me, wouldn't let me in on it. I had a lot of anger and frustration behind that.

Devon: Oh, and then that Nathan dude took you in, right?

Dru: Mm, taught me how to read, made a world of difference in my life.

Devon: Well, I can read and write, just not that good.

Dru: Not that well.

Devon: Whatever.

Dru: Listen, if your reading is not up to speed for your grade level by the end of the summer, you're gonna be dragging all year long. And why would you put yourself through that if you didn't have to?


J.T.: Hey, Paul, before you go, can you tell me one more thing?

Paul: You wanna know what Nikki said to me.

J.T.: Yeah, I'm really curious. I mean, maybe it's 'cause I've been hanging around you too much, but I really wanna get to the bottom of this thing.

Paul: Well, I think it's great that you're curious. I mean, that's one of the reasons I enjoy having you work with me, but what Nikki said to me was in confidence.

J.T.: So you can't tell me anything? Not just a little bit?

Paul: I can tell you this much. Cassie was right. There is definitely a connection between Nikki and that earring.

J.T.: How do you know that?

Paul: Well, apparently, seeing it brought back some childhood memories. Her father used to work at the rec center building. This was years ago, back when it was a paint factory.

J.T.: Whoa, you don't think that--that...

Paul: Nikki is the little girl in the movie? Yeah, the thought's crossed my mind.

J.T.: Wow. Wow, did you tell her any of this?

Paul: Nah, she's got way too much going on right now.

J.T.: So if the little girl in the movie is Nikki Newman...

Paul: Oh, hold on, turbo. Slow down.

J.T.: Yeah.

Paul: We don't know that for certain.

J.T.: Yeah, well, if it is, then who is buried at the rec center? I mean, it's gotta be a child. Maybe it was another little kid from that birthday party.

Paul: I suppose it's possible.

J.T.: How do we find out?

Paul: What are you doing today?

J.T.: Nothing.

Paul: Why don't you go down to the library and check out the archives for the "Chronicle"? And see if you can find an article about a missing child who was never found.

J.T.: I'm on it.

Paul: It may take you awhile, because most of the older stuff is not on the internet yet, so you're gonna be straining your eyes looking at microfiche.

J.T.: That's all right. I don't mind.

Paul: All right, call me right away if you find anything.

J.T.: Sure, I will.

Paul: J.T., I mean it. Immediately. I don't like withholding evidence from the police, but if Nikki’s involved, I wanna do what I can to protect her.

J.T.: Yeah, I got it. I understand.

Paul: All right I'll talk to you later.

J.T.: All right. Thanks.


Brad: Newman? No, I've stayed as far away from him as possible.

Ashley: Well, he hasn't called?

Brad: Any reason he would?

Ashley: Yeah. I left him a message telling him he could have unsupervised visitation with Abby when I get back from my trip.

Brad: Well, you know, he's probably just biding his time. Anyway, about that manufacturing plant--

Ashley: Wait a second. Are you okay?

Brad: Everything's fine.

Ashley: Are you sure? You're changing the subject rather quickly.

Brad: Honey, don't worry about it. I've got it all under control.

Ashley: Okay, but you know, if there's any kind of a problem...

Brad: I'll let you know. Listen, the only thing that has me on edge right now is wondering when I'll see you.

Ashley: Well, I'll be home as soon as I can.

Brad: I know you will be.

Ashley: (Sighs) well, I'd better get going. I love you.

Brad: I love you, too, Ash. I'll talk to you soon.


Victor: I've gotta be honest with you. I find it very hard to believe that after all these years, you still feel so insecure.

Nikki: Victor, the things that you are insisting upon would make the most secure woman in the world nervous.

Victor: Haven't I given you years of security and happiness, for heaven's sake?

Nikki: Yes, yes, financial security, but emotionally, boy, have we had our ups and downs. I mean, yes, we have had happiness, and I don't wanna dwell on that, but we have had some very bad times as well.

Victor: So I haven't succeeded perfectly. If it weren't for that, I'd have to constantly show you up, make you feel less insecure.

Nikki: That is not what I need.

Victor: Then stop acting like it, for heaven's sake. Be the woman that I've... that you have become, all right, instead of this insecure girl.

Nikki: What, what? You almost said the woman that you made, didn't you?

Victor: Do I have to remind you that I took you under my wing when you were nothing but a stripper at the Bayou?

Nikki: Nothing but a stripper? Nothing?

Victor: Nothing but a stripper, right.

Nikki: So you're taking credit for everything that I am. Good, you can take credit for my insecurities, too.

Victor: Why are we talking about this? I didn't make you, but I gave you a place, for heaven's sake. I gave you a place in which you could feel secure and safe, in which you could grow, which you did.

Nikki: Well, thank you for acknowledging that. I am very grateful for everything you have given me.

Victor: And you must know how much I feel that you have done for me, right?

Nikki: I've tried. I have tried to give you the space that you need, but...

Victor: But you won't let go of your neurotic concerns for Ashley Abbott.

Nikki: They're not neurotic.

Victor: What would you call them?

Nikki: Valid.

Nikki: You have given me so much over the years. You've given me great memories and love. But you've also given me more than my fair share of reasons to be insecure.

Victor: So what are you saying, you'd rather I'd left you where I found you, stripping?

Nikki: Well, at least I knew where I stood then. Yeah, maybe I was more secure. I had nothing, and I knew I had nothing. I had only myself to depend on. Now I don't know what I have.


[Sharon remembering.]

Cameron: If I treated you that way, then one might suggest that there was something else going on.

Sharon: Like what?

Cameron: Like a connection so deep... that I couldn't bear the thought of never sharing it with you. But I knew I wouldn’t. Because when we were making love, you said a name... Nicholas. And I knew you weren't there with me. And in that moment, I couldn't live with that. I'm a man who gets what he wants, as I'm sure you're aware.

Cameron: I don't want a sexual encounter with you. That's not gonna win your freedom.

Sharon: What, uh, what do you want?

Cameron: I want what I can't have.


Nick: Feel better?

Sharon: Much.

Nick: You ready to talk about what happened?

Sharon: What exactly do you wanna know?

Nick: This whole thing about Cameron wanting more than just another shot at you in bed--see, that's the key to bringing him down, is his motivation. What is he after?

Sharon: You think that's where his weakness lies.

Nick: Sharon, you are his weakness. Everybody knows that. My question is, what form does it take? What exactly does he want from you?

Sharon: He wants me, all of me. But he said that he realized that night in Denver he could never really have me.

Nick: How did he know?

Sharon: He just knew, all right? Take my word for it. Then something snapped. That's why he beat me. He claimed that he's not normally that way.

Nick: Yeah, right.

Sharon: Nick, I believed him. He can't stand to lose, and he wanted to possess me, but he knew that he couldn't because my heart belonged to another man.

Nick: So you're saying that all this stuff he's done is because he's jealous?

Sharon: I guess he's decided that if he can't have me, no one else will either.

Nick: Do you know how deranged that is? This guy murdered a total stranger because he...

Sharon: Nick, it proves we're on the right track-- having me go over there and reach out to him.

Nick: Do you remember what I said to you about how dangerous he is? Well, now you multiply that by ten, by a hundred.

Sharon: I know. I know, but the more I talked to Cameron, it's ironic. I'm helpless because he's threatened me, but I have power over him, too.

Nick: Yeah, and right now that's our only weapon. But, Sharon, we have to be careful. Cameron has lost it, or else he is well on his way. We are not dealing with a sane, rational person here. Cameron Kirsten is crazy, and he's probably getting crazier by the minute.


Waiter: Afternoon, sir.

Cameron: Hey.

Waiter: What can I get you?

Cameron: Well, I'll have a scotch and soda, please.

Waiter: Right away.

Cameron: You know, I never could figure those things out.

Diane: Excuse me?

Cameron: Blueprints, plans. Whenever I've had any work done, it's just a mystery.

Diane: Well, it's like anything else. It just takes practice.

Cameron: Oh. I'm Cameron, by the way.

Diane: Diane.

Cameron: Nice to meet you.

Diane: Likewise. I'm sorry, but I just-- I just can't help wondering...

Cameron: Have we met before?

Diane: Yeah, you look vaguely familiar. Probably just my imagination.

Cameron: Well, I mean, I'm in and out of here every now and then.

Diane: I'm sure that's it.

Cameron: I got a feeling I would remember meeting you.

Diane: Oh?

Cameron: You're a very beautiful woman.

Diane: Why, thank you. That's quite a compliment.

Cameron: So what do you do? You, um, an interior decorator or designer?

Diane: I'm an architect.

Cameron: Oh. Hey, my bad.

Diane: No problem.

Cameron: Just, I can't quite picture you marching around a construction site with a hard hat on.

Diane: Well, I don't do that as much as I used to. So how about you? What do you do?

Cameron: Oh, I, uh, I own a software company.

Diane: Really?

Cameron: Yeah.

Diane: You don't seem the computer type somehow.

Cameron: Well, I guess that's a compliment.

Diane: Although an entrepreneur-- I can definitely see that. You strike me as a take-charge sort of guy. Not to sound too presumptuous...

Cameron: Have you ever considered going blonde?

Diane: You don't like my hair the way it is?

Cameron: No, no, no. It's fine. It's just, uh...

Diane: Are you all right?

Cameron: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine. It's just I, uh...

Diane: Well, you don't seem fine. Can I get you something?

Cameron: No, no, no, I-I don't need anything...


Angelo: (Humming)

Bobby: Hey, Ange, I've been thinking about what you said before.

Angelo: About taking charge? Good.

Bobby: Look, I don't like breaking promises, but I ain't getting pushed around by anyone.

Angelo: Well, excuse me for saying it, but, you know, you shouldn't have made the promise until you had some money lined up-- at least a plan of some kind.

Bobby: Oh, thanks a lot, Ange. You know, if I didn't have you around to point out the obvious, I don't know where I'd be.

Angelo: Hey, don't jump down my throat. I'm the best friend you got, Bobby. Look, blondie don't wanna sing in the strip joint, she don't have to. She can perform on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, and we'll call it cabaret night. Huh? I mean, that's an awful lot of singing. If you ask me, the chick-- she oughta be grateful.

Bobby: All right, let's get something straight. I'm marrying Brittany, so enough with the "chick," "broad," whatever it is you call her.

Angelo: Sorry.

Bobby: You know, I've been racking my brain, trying to figure out some way to get some money fast, and nothing.

Angelo: You try any of the old crowd?

Bobby: Are you kidding me?

Angelo: Exactly. We're on the blacklist. Lookit, Bobby, I looked at this from every angle. I wasn't going to say we should go back to strippin' unless we... well, lookie who's here-- your famous friend.


Brittany: Where's Paul?

J.T.: He took off. Hey, I'm heading to the library.

Brittany: Now there's a sentence I never thought I'd hear you say.

J.T.: Well, you're in a good mood.

Brittany: Why wouldn't I be?

J.T.: No reason.

Brittany: Raul told you about Bobby, didn't he?

J.T.: I don't know what you're talking about. Oh, unless you mean that he's turning his club back into a nudie bar. Yeah, I did hear about that.

Brittany: First of all, there won't be stripping every night. Second of all, this is only temporary until Bobby can afford to finish renovating.

J.T.: I can't believe you fell for that. You need to wake up, princess.

Brittany: He wouldn't lie to me.

J.T.: He already did lie to you.

Brittany: That was totally different.

J.T.: How? How is that different?

Brittany: He was going to tell me about the strippers. He just wanted to wait until the right moment because he knew I'd be upset.

J.T.: I can't believe you're making excuses for this jerk.

Brittany: I am not! It's just--

J.T.: You just refuse to realize who this guy really is.

Brittany: That is not true. I know exactly who Bobby is, and that's why I love him. Do you hear me, J.T.? I love Bobby Marsino.

J.T.: Who are you trying to convince--me or you?

J.T.: Brittany, you don't have to do this. You can call this wedding off. It's not too late.

Brittany: I can't do that.

J.T.: Forget about Bobby. Forget about anybody else. What's right for you? What do you want?

Brittany: What do I want? I want this voice in my head to stop telling me that I'm making the worst mistake of my life. What if everyone's right? What if Bobby is who he is, and he's never gonna change? What if Bobby's not the man I'm supposed to be with? What if the man I'm supposed to be with is Raul, but I pushed him away?

J.T.: It's not too late for you and Raul.

Brittany: But he's leaving for Boston.

J.T.: He isn't gone yet.

Brittany: I don't know.

J.T.: Brittany, talk to him. There's still a chance for you guys. I mean, yeah, he's hurting right now, but he still loves you, and I think he always will.

(Door opens)

Woman: (Giggling)

Raul: Oh. Hey. Hey, uh, I didn't think anybody was gonna be here.

Woman: Are these your roommates?

Raul: Yeah, two of 'em. I think you know J.T., right?

J.T.: Hey.

Raul: And, Brittany Hodges, this is Donna Houston.


Angelo: If you're looking for money, I think it just walked in the door.

Bobby: Get outta here.

Angelo: Hey, Bob, I gotta go get those supplies, okay? Hi there. Good to see you again.

Nikki: Hello. Well, hi, Mr. Marsino.

Bobby: How you doin', Mrs. Newman?

Nikki: Oh, sorry, Bobby. Um, fair.

Bobby: Rough day?

Nikki: Yeah.

Bobby: Let me guess. Fightin' with the old man.

Nikki: No, we don't really fight, per se. We argue, we disagree. Sometimes we talk politely, but, uh, no matter how we deal with our differences, he just does exactly as he pleases.

Bobby: Well, why discuss it in the first place?

Nikki: Very good question.

Bobby: My next question would be, why are you here?

Nikki: Well, this is where it all started, back when it was the Bayou, this is where we met. He took me outta here and gave me a life of luxury and security.

Bobby: So you wonder if the deal you made was a good one.

Nikki: Is that crazy? I do.

Bobby: You must have loved your husband at one point.

Nikki: I love him now, Bobby, very much. It's just... I don't know. Things have to change.

Bobby: That's funny. That's what you were saying the last time you were here.

Nikki: Yeah, you're right. Well, here I am again.

Bobby: I was hoping you were here because of my business proposition. Come on, Nikki. It's a great deal. Have some fun, make some money, go back to that period in your life where you weren't so secure, but at least you were your own person.

Nikki: You know what? You can't go back.

Bobby: I'm not saying going back to your 20s or anything, but I gotta tell you, when this place is full and the crowd is having a ball, and they get exactly what they want, and you're the person that laid it out for them, that made it happen--

Nikki: Hey, Marsino, you're selling again.

Bobby: Damn right I am. Told you, I'm having a lot of problems getting this whole cabaret thing off the ground. I need a partner with money to invest-- not a lot, just enough to fix up a few more things so the place is really nice, and some working capital just to get over a few slow weeks until we get our customers back here.

Nikki: No. I am not here to make an investment, at least not a financial one.


Dru: Devon...

Devon: Look, okay, all right, I'll go. Jeez

Dru: Good. You want me to fix you something before you leave?

Devon: Well, I might as well get this over with.

Dru: Yeah. All right. What's the matter?

Devon: You don't-- they're not gonna make me, like, fill out a whole bunch of them stupid forms, are they?

Dru: Now listen, if you have any trouble with those forms, don't be embarrassed to go to the librarian. That's why she's there.

Devon: Yeah. Yeah, sure.

Dru: No, I'm serious. You'll be fine.

Neil: Hey, you know, Devon, I remember when I got my first library card. You know, my dad could've driven me, but he made me ride my bike and do the whole thing myself. I was a little tentative, but I got through it just fine.

Devon: Yeah, well, look, I'm not. I'm not what you just said, okay?

Neil: What, tentative?

Devon: Yeah.

Neil: Yeah, it means when you feel a little--

Devon: Yeah, I know what it means. It's like being scared of something, all right?

Neil: Yeah. Um...

Devon: And I already told you guys, I don't get scared.

Neil: Got you, man. Listen, I wrote down our home address and our phone number in case you get--

Devon: What, in case I get lost? Ain't no chance of that. I been finding my way around the streets since forever.

Dru: Good. We'll see you when you get back then.

Neil: Play it safe, young man.

Dru: Yeah, be careful.

Neil: Hey, baby, good job, you know? In spite of my reservations, I really admire the way you're handling that kid.

Dru: Thanks. I mean, he may fight me right now, but I hope one day he appreciates me keeping after him like this.

Neil: I just hope you don't get bamboozled.

Dru: Bamboo-- I ain't gonna be bamboozled. What are you talkin' about?

Neil: I'd hate to see Devon, you know, take advantage of your good intentions.

Dru: Listen, if I figure out he's playing me, he's gonna play himself right out of this apartment.

Neil: All right, but don't get too attached, because remember, this is only temporary.

Dru: Temporary.

Neil: Thank you.

Dru: Yeah, you keep telling me, how can I forget? I'm just glad he's on his way to the library.

Neil: Yeah, me too. You know what, Ma? We were about to put it down the last time those youngsters came walking through that door...

Dru: Yeah, you're talking about some unfinished business.

Neil: Mm-hmm, unless you wanna read a book.

Dru: Yeah, how about I read you "the joy of sex"?

Neil: Oh, start readin'.


Brittany: So, Donna, how'd you and Raul meet?

Donna: Oh, we had a class together freshman year.

Brittany: You're at G.C.U.?

Donna: Are you a student there, too?

Brittany: I used to be.

Donna: Oh, you graduated.

Brittany: Well, I'm taking some time off.

Donna: Oh, wait. You said your name is Hodges. Didn't I read about you in the newspaper? You got hurt at that strip club.

Brittany: Yeah, that was me.

Donna: That must have been so scary. How are you doing?

Brittany: Well, I'm fine, thanks. I recently had surgery, so hopefully I'll have this bandage off in a few days.

Donna: Good luck. I hope it was a success.

Raul: Hey, you want a beer?

Donna: Sure. Sounds good.

J.T.: Hey, allow me.

Raul: Thanks, buddy.

Brittany: So what year are you?

Donna: I'll be a junior this fall, same as Raul.

Brittany: Hmm. So how do you feel about Boston?

Donna: I'm sorry?

Brittany: Didn't Raul tell you? Oh, he's transferring to Pemberton this fall.

J.T.: Hey.

Raul: What?

J.T.: Here you go.

Raul: Thanks for the soda.

J.T.: For you.

Donna: Thanks.

Raul: Listen, this has been a blast, seriously, but, um, I think we're gonna spend some time together alone. Hey, is that cool? You mind?

Brittany: Why would I?

Raul: Right.

J.T.: Have fun, you guys.

Donna: Nice meeting you, Brittany.

Brittany: The pleasure was all mine.

Raul: (Lowers voice) do me a favor.

J.T.: Yeah.

Raul: Stay out of the room.

J.T.: Done.

Brittany: You call Bobby the creep?


Bobby: All right, well, if you're not here to help, then feel free to look around and shed a tear for the old days, but try to stay out of my way, 'cause I got a lot of work to do.

Nikki: Wait a minute. Don't walk away.

Bobby: What?

Nikki: Did I say I didn't wanna help?

Bobby: You just told me that the kind of help I need you're not shelling out.

Nikki: That's because you're going about this all wrong.

Bobby: How do you know how I'm going about this?

Nikki: I know that you're trying to focus on finding money.

Bobby: Right, and I can't beg, borrow or steal it, so I gotta put my whole dream of turning this place into a full-time cabaret on hold, and I gotta call back all the strippers, the horny guys, the bump-and-grind music.

Nikki: God, do you have to say that? And who says you have to bring them back full-time?

Bobby: Come on, Nikki, you can't have class part of the time. Either you have it or you don’t. And Angelo's telling me that if I don't turn back the clocks and get those old crowds back in here, then we got no business even thinking about a cabaret.

Nikki: All right, I know you don't wanna hear this, but I know a lot about running a business. And you know what? Angelo is right.


Brad: Hi. This is Brad Carlton, Abby’s father.

Man: Yes, Mr. Carlton, how can I help you?

Brad: Well, I know she's supposed to go on a field trip this afternoon, but I thought I'd pick her up before that, if it's not a problem.

Man: Well, normally, it wouldn't be, but Abby’s already been picked up for the day.

Brad: She what?

Man: Mr. Newman came by a few minutes ago and signed her out.

Brad: That can't be right.

Man: Well, he did it right in front of me, sir.

Brad: You let him sign her out? He's not authorized to do that.

Man: I'm sorry, but he is, sir.

Brad: Well, how the hell did this happen?

Man: Well, your wife called the other day, told us to put him on the list.

Brad: Well, take him off the list! (Telephone rings)

Brad: Hello.

Victor: Hello, Bradley. I just wanted you to know that Abby’s at the ranch. I'm spending the afternoon with her.

Brad: Newman, you bring her back and you do it now.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Paul: So what'd you find out?

J.T.: I know who the earrings belong to.

Bobby: I don't wanna play it safe. It's time to take some risks.

Nikki: Those are not words that inspire an investor.

Brad: I'm not leaving without my daughter!

Victor: Today you are.

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