Tuesday Y&R Transcript 7/27/04

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 7/27/04--Canada; Wednesday 7/28/04--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Jack: (Whistling) (doorbell rings)

Jack: Bradski.

Brad: Well, I can see you been keeping yourself occupied.

Jack: A doubles match with three of Genoa City's most beautiful women. Oh, yeah. Couldn't get much better than that.

Brad: So you're enjoying unemployment?

Jack: What's not to enjoy?

Brad: You don't miss Jabot?

Jack: Oh, I miss the good parts, when we were firing on all cylinders, when our products were jumping off the shelves. There are other parts I壇 just as soon forget.

Brad: Well, that's life, I guess, huh? Pleasure and pain.

Jack: Well, now I get to pursue the pleasure, avoid the pain.

Brad: Ah, come on, Jack. You don't fool me. You'd kill to be back in the saddle.

Jack: Not really. See, the icing on the cake is, when I think of Victor, and I do that once a week, it's like remembering a stomachache I once had.

Brad: Must be nice.

Jack: Ooh. Do I detect a hint of jealousy?


Nikki: This is such a nice surprise, having you stop by.

Paul: Oh, thanks. Well, I had the morning free. And, you know, I thought you could use a friendly face.

Nikki: You have no idea.

Paul: So you were talking about Sharon.

Nikki: That whole thing is just bizarre, to say the least.

Paul: Is something else going on?


Sharon: Victor, I wasn't expecting you.

Victor: I thought it might be best to visit in person.

Sharon: Well, if you're looking for Nicholas, he--

Victor: No, no. I came to see you.

Sharon: Me?

Victor: Mm-hmm. I was wondering why you, of all people, would keep me in the dark at a time like this.


Nikki: Let's just say when you're married to Victor Newman, there's never a dull moment.

Paul: Which can be a good thing.

Nikki: Yeah. It can also be very stressful.

Paul: So I take it you don't want to explain this to me either?

Nikki: Paul, I'm sorry. I don't mean to be secretive.

Paul: No, it's all right. You have my number in case you want to vent.

Nikki: Well, I may take you up on that. It's so good to see you. I've missed you so much.

Paul: Yeah, same here. So is Victor around?

Nikki: No. He went to the rec center awhile ago.

Paul: Well, tell him I said hi. Which reminds me, I was gonna ask you about this, um, building he's converted. It's the old consolidated paint factory, isn't it, where your dad used to work?

Nikki: Yeah. You have a very good memory.

Paul: Yeah. I was thinking maybe it would bring back some memories for you, too.


Sharon: Obviously you've spoken to Nicholas.

Victor: Yeah. Sharon, the fact that your life is hanging in the balance and you didn't come to the one person that might be able to help you is rather hurtful.

Sharon: It was never my intention to hurt you, Victor. You have to believe me.

Victor: You know, by keeping me uninformed, you have sort of inadvertently cut me off from my family.


J.T.: The guy's looking at me and he's, like, just put it on sea bass' tab.

Raul: Hey. Oh, I'm sorry. I want to talk to you for a second.

J.T.: Ahem. Um, excuse me just one second. She was about to give me her number.

Raul: Shut up. I'm serious. Have a seat. This is important.

J.T.: (Chuckles) this better be really, really good.

Raul: Bobby's turning his club back into a strip joint.

J.T.: What?

Raul: Yeah.

J.T.: You're kidding.

Raul: No, just for a few nights a week, though.

J.T.: Still, does Brittany know?

Raul: I told her this morning.

J.T.: How'd she take it?

Raul: How do you think she took it?


(Knock on door)

Brittany: What took you so long?

Bobby: I had to stop off and get you these.

Brittany: Thanks. Come in.


Raul: She's ticked off. And you know what? I don't blame her.

J.T.: It's good news for you, though.

Raul: Why?

J.T.: Bobby lied to Brittany. There's no way she's gonna forgive him for that.

Raul: Don't be so sure.

J.T.: Why are you being so calm about this, man? This is your chance.

Raul: Oh, you know what? Don't--don't start with me about that again.

J.T.: Well, get in there and make your move.

Raul: You're not listening to me. This doesn't change anything. Yeah, Brittany痴 mad at Bobby, but she wasn't even talking about breaking up with him.

J.T.: So what? This is the opportunity you've been waiting for. You gonna take advantage of it or not?


Bobby: You're lookin' really sexy today. Is there anybody home? No? Come on. I want to show you how much I missed you.

Brittany: Wait a minute, Bobby.

Bobby: What?

Brittany: You can't just drag me into the bedroom.

Bobby: All right. You wanna sit and talk, have some tea? Fine. But I gotta tell you that I'm--

Brittany: Yeah, what-- what do you have to tell me?

Bobby: I love you?

Brittany: Anything else?

Bobby: Yeah, there is. And I don't think you're gonna like it very much, but I think I can help you get over that.


Kay: Oh, Jill, you've-- you've done so much for me already, I can't imagine what else you could do.

Jill: I want to take some of the stress out of your life, Mother.

Kay: Well, what stress? I've been sleeping better than I have in months.

Jill: No, I知 just talking about everyday things, little things.

Kay: Well, I have Esther to take care of those little things.

Jill: But what about Chancellor Industries?

Kay: What are you getting at?

Jill: I want to take some of the load off your shoulders. I want to remove any nagging doubts you have so you can devote yourself to your recovery.

Kay: What nagging doubts? I mean, I-I give very little thought to Chancellor Industries these days.

Jill: Well, forgive me, but maybe you should. I mean, somebody should.

Kay: What is it you are trying to say?

Jill: I want you to turn over whatever responsibilities you have at Chancellor Industries to me. I think I should become more involved over there on a daily basis, with the workings of it. I think it's a very wise idea.


Brad: Me, jealous? No way. I love my job. But that part about Newman not being in my face, that would be heaven.

Jack: If I had the moustache hovering over one of my kids, I'd go nuts.

Brad: Yeah, well, I was trying to adopt an "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" attitude.

Jack: How'd that work for you?

Brad: Not well. Before Ash left, she got me to agree to letting Newman have unsupervised visitation.


Victor: Let me ask you something, Sharon. How do you expect me to protect my family if I知 being kept completely out of the loop?

Sharon: Well, Nick and I, we just didn't see how your involvement would be beneficial.

Victor: Ah. You don't think I could've solved the problem by now?

Sharon: How?

Victor: By kicking that man's ass.

Sharon: Victor, it's not that simple.

Victor: Look, he doesn't deserve anything more complicated than that.

Sharon: (Sighs) Cameron has been extremely, extremely clever. And though the situation is very delicate and tricky, we do have a plan.

Victor: You do? Hmm. All the more reason I should've been involved.

Sharon: Look, it wasn't my decision to make. If Nicholas had-- (telephone rings)

Sharon: Excuse me. I have to take that.

Victor: Sure.


Jack: How the hell did you agree to that?

Brad: I don't know. I don't know. She just kept hammering away at me, and I gave in.

Jack: I think it's a mistake.

Brad: It was. After Ash was gone, I made a decision.

Jack: And?

Brad: I don't care what I told her, I can't do it, Jack. I won't do it.


Sharon: Hello?

Cameron: Hey, it's Cameron.

Sharon: Uh, I was hoping you'd call.

Cameron: Really? Well, I'm flattered. Maybe you'll feel that way when we meet.

Sharon: When?

Cameron: How about right now?

Sharon: I'll be there as soon as I can.

Cameron: All right. I'll be waitin'.

Sharon: Okay. Uh, thank you for calling. Nice talking to you, too. Bye. Uh, I'm sorry, Victor, but I have to run out for a bit.


Victor: Sure. I won't keep you any longer.

Sharon: Please know that there's no question in my mind your first concern is for this family.

Victor: And you remember that your knowledge of my concern and your making use of that concern are two different things, all right?

Sharon: I'll remember that. But there just comes a time when you have to take control of things for yourself. And Nick and I have done that.

Victor: Well, as long as you and Nick have done that, nothing I can do. Bye.


Brittany: You're thinking of having strippers again? Bobby, I already saw the flyer.

Bobby: Okay, we're doing more than thinking about it. Look, the well's run dry. We can't do the things we gotta do to fix the place up without any money. I take it Raul brought you home one of those flyers.


Raul: J.T., get this through your head, okay? I have no interest in getting back with Brittany. I've competed with Marsino enough already.

J.T.: Fine. Do what you want. But if that were my girl--

Raul: She's not your girl. She's not even my girl. She hasn't been for months now.

J.T.: But that doesn't mean you can't fight for her, man.

Raul: No, thanks.

J.T.: The least you could do is play her game.

Raul: What are you talking about?

J.T.: Oh, nothing. You probably wouldn't be interested anyway.


Brittany: Don't get on Raul's case. He's just trying to protect me.

Bobby: Stir things up is more like it.

Brittany: When were you gonna tell me about this, Bobby?

Bobby: Look, we just decided to go in that direction.

Brittany: Oh, please. You had enough time to have this flyer printed up.

Bobby: Nah, I di-- Angelo did that. The guy's so afraid that if we don't get cash comin' in, we're gonna go under.

Brittany: Yeah, whatever. Look, you did not make this decision five minutes ago. So when were you gonna tell me?

Bobby: Hey, I kept thinkin' I could find money someplace else. Look, it's not that big a deal if you really think about it.

Brittany: Well, I thought that we had already thought about it before when we decided we weren't gonna have any more strippers at Marsino痴. I mean, Marilyn痴. Look at this. That's my stage name next to "Girls! Girls! Girls!" That's gross.

Bobby: Well, look, we can't change the sign. That's our future. Besides, it cost too much money. All right, Brittany, you're just gonna have to accept this. It's not gonna last that long.

Brittany: I am not going to perform at a place that's a strip club.

Bobby: Right. On the nights that you're on stage, it's not gonna be a strip club. Look, baby, we're broke. We don't get some money comin' in soon, they're gonna shut off the electricity and then the landlord's gonna throw us out in the street.

Brittany: Oh, he will not. So we have a couple of slow months.

Bobby: No, they're not just slow. I'm talkin' dead in the water.

Brittany: But you promised me.

Bobby: Yeah, I promised you. What, is that why you said that you'd marry me, because I promised that I wouldn't have any more strippers in the place? All right, tell you what. Thanks for all your help and understanding.

Brittany: Bobby... Wait.


Raul: Tell me.

J.T.: What if you did something to make Brittany realize what she's missing?

Raul: Like what?

J.T.: What if there were another girl involved?

Raul: But there isn't.

J.T.: Yeah, but what if there was? What if Brittany saw you having the time of your life with another girl? I mean, don't you think that'd get her attention?

Raul: I don't know. Maybe.

J.T.: Oh, oh, I think it would. I think it'd get her attention real fast.


Nick: Hey, babe.

Sharon: Hey, honey. How was your run?

Nick: It was great. How's your day shaping up?

Sharon: Uh, your father was just here.

Nick: To chew you out, I'll bet, the way he's chewed out everyone else.

Sharon: He's feeling very disconnected from his family, Nick.

Nick: Yeah, well, who did the disconnecting?

Sharon: Okay. Let's just agree to disagree about Victor right now.

Nick: Okay.

Sharon: Look, I just got a call from Cameron.

Nick: What did he want?

Sharon: He wants to see me. That's why I知 dressed this way.

Nick: You mean as bait?

Sharon: I waited until you got back before I left. Nick, its part of our plan.

Nick: Yeah, well, maybe we need to rethink this plan.

Sharon: Why? He's playing right into our hands.

Nick: Sharon... I look at you like this... This guy's a killer, a killer who is obsessed with you. What the hell are we thinking?


Nikki: It's funny that you mention the rec center. I was just there a little while ago.

Paul: Yeah? What was that like?

Nikki: It was... Surreal, kind of. Victor has made a lot of changes, but I still recognized it after all these years.

Paul: Yeah, I remember you telling me you spent a lot of time there.

Nikki: My mother used to take me down there when I was little. I would sit at my father's desk. Can you believe that it's still there?

Paul: You're kidding.

Nikki: Mnh-mnh. Seeing it again was... I don't know, kind of unsettling.

Paul: Why?

Nikki: Come on, Paul. You know what my childhood was like.

Paul: Yeah. It wasn't a happy one, I know.

Nikki: My father was a horrible, abusive man.

Paul: Do you think about him a lot?

Nikki: I didn't until recently.

Paul: What? What is it?

Nikki: If I share something with you, you promise not to tell anybody?

Paul: Of course, Nikki. You can tell me anything.

Nikki: Well, lately, I've been having these strange memories.

Paul: Of what?

Nikki: I-I don't know. I'm not sure. They come and go so quickly. I know there's children there. And I can hear them, but I can't make out what they're saying.

Paul: Right. And how long has this been going on?

Nikki: Not very long. At first I thought it had to do with my father, maybe I was repressing something over these years.

Paul: Something abusive?

Nikki: Yeah, but I-- I don't think that's it. I mean, he was horrible. He did terrible things to me, but I remember all of them. I mean, I... I remember him being drunk a lot when I was little, and he would try to... Take advantage of me, and I would fend him off. But I remember every bit of it. That--that's not it. It's something else.

Paul: Nikki...

Nikki: You know what? This whole thing... It started with Cassie. Cassie found an earring in--in an old file cabinet at the rec center, and she showed it to me, and I had the strangest feeling. I-I felt like I had seen it before.


Kay: Jill, listen, you have your duties at Jabot. And surely, you don't have time to be concerned about Chancellor Industries.

Jill: Mother, I would make the time.

Kay: Oh. Could this possibly have anything to do with that board meeting you attended?

Jill: It was very enlightening.

Kay: And you did find that the company is in good financial shape, did you not?

Jill: Oh, better than good. Your last quarterly report was outstanding.

Kay: Well, that is undoubtedly due to Elliott Hampton. He's been doing a marvelous job running the company.

Jill: In an old-fashioned way.

Kay: Well, what's wrong with old-fashioned if the company continues to produce results?

Jill: How well do you know this Elliott Hampton?

Kay: I know him well enough to trust him implicitly.

Jill: Does he get along with the employees?

Kay: Jill, what in the world are you driving at? Are you trying to tell me something is going on at Chancellor Industries I should know about?

Jill: No. I just don't want you to have any nasty surprises at a time when your mind should be on other things.

Kay: Well, then exactly what would you do?

Jill: I would be your eyes and ears over there. I would report directly to you about whatever is going on.

Kay: Don't you trust Elliott?

Jill: I hardly know the man, but, no, I don't seem to be as enamored of him as you are. He strikes me as a little provincial.

Kay: Well, what's wrong with provincial? They used to say that about Henry Ford, and he didn't do too badly.

Jill: Mother... Here's the bottom line-- you tell me that you wouldn't be more comfortable with a family member managing the daily operations of your own company.


Nick: No. It's just too dangerous.

Sharon: Wait a minute. Wait, Nick. This was your idea. And it's a good one. I can handle Cameron Kirsten.

Nick: We don't even know if this is gonna work.

Sharon: Well, if I can get him to incriminate himself somehow--

Nick: That is what we don't want. I need some time to figure things out. I got to find a way to legally eavesdrop on him. Otherwise, anything he says now will be wasted.

Sharon: I have to go. If I wait too long, it'll look suspicious.

Nick: Well, then I知 going with you.

Sharon: What?

Nick: No way am I letting you go anywhere near this guy without me.

Sharon: Well, where will you be?

Nick: I'll be down the hall.

Sharon: What if Cameron comes out and sees you?

Nick: Don't worry. I'll be out of sight.

Sharon: Nick, how are you gonna know if I need you?

Nick: If you scream, I'll hear you.

Sharon: If I scream, it may be too late for me.


Jack: Well, I don't blame you at all, man.

Brad: Neither does Nikki. We both agreed, if Victor has unsupervised visitation, it could be a recipe for disaster.

Jack: Boy, I wouldn't want to be in your shoes. Listen, I, uh, gotta get in the shower. I am meeting a friend for a round of golf.

Brad: A female friend?

Jack: Lorraine-- my new doubles partner.

Brad: Lorraine? I thought you'd settled down with Jill.

Jack: "Settled down"? Jill and I are friends. Good friends.

Brad: Uh-huh. Whatever you say.

Jack: While we're on that topic, you guys might want to go a little bit easier on Jill. I know she can be a handful sometimes, but--

Brad: That's the understatement of the century. She really pushes my buttons, Jack.

Jack: She is also a major asset to the company. If you don't start treating her that way, she may take a powder one of these days.


Kay: Jill, I hope you don't think I知 incapable of keeping tabs on my own company. I'm not senile.

Jill: I know you're not se-- God, you're as sharp as anyone I know. It's just been a lot of years since you've immersed yourself in the running of a major corporation.

Kay: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, it's been quite awhile. I admit that.

Jill: I, on the other hand, Mother, have been doing it on a daily basis for many years. And there have been a lot of changes. There have been technical advances. Office procedures are very different now. Computers have changed everything.

Kay: And I couldn't possibly keep up with that.


Brad: Yeah, right. Jill leave Jabot? That'll be the day. She's been whining to you, has she?

Jack: No, not really. I am aware you are considering downsizing the men's line, if not axing it altogether.

Brad: That's not because I have it in for Jill. Come on, Jack. You know it's an expensive division to maintain.

Jack: Because most of the products in that division are manufactured in our oldest and least-efficient factories.

Brad: If Jill痴 having some issue with paranoia, there isn't much I can do about it.

Jack: I am merely suggesting you show her bit more appreciation.

Brad: I don't have time to be stroking Jill. I'm trying to save the damn company.

Jack: Don't say I didn't warn ya.

Brad: Whatever. I gotta go.

Jack: Bradski.

Brad: Yeah.

Jack: Much as I want to avoid any involvement with Newman, if you need any help on the Abby front...

Brad: Thanks. I'll keep that in mind.

Jack: Watch your back. You saw what he did to me. He could do the same thing to you. He's a very dangerous man.

Brad: You're not telling me anything I don't already know, Jack. I just wish my wife understood that.


Jill: Mother, I want to take stock of the situation over there. And I promise you, I will not throw my weight-- your weight around.

Kay: Well, I suppose there's no reason why you shouldn't familiarize yourself with the modus operandi over there. Because eventually, one day, I--

Jill: Oh, please, don't talk like that.

Kay: Jill, you have never taken the slightest interest in Chancellor Industries.

Jill: Mother, if it's gonna be this hard, forget I said anything. I just thought it was a smart idea, okay?

Kay: All right. All right. I mean, uh, there's no harm in you wanting to check out the situation there. I would just like to give it some thought.


(Door closes)

Sharon: What's all this?

Cameron: Well, I thought you might like some refreshments.

Sharon: Look, if you think I知 here to socialize...

Cameron: You're here because I called you and asked you to come here. How do you take your tea? Milk? Lemon?

Sharon: No, thank you.

Cameron: Oh, so is it, uh... Same as last time, right? If you're not out of here in 20 minutes, the front desk sends up a S.W.A.T. team and... Should I just leave the door open, so they don't have to break it down?

Sharon: I didn't tell anyone I was coming. I didn't feel the need to. Should I have?

Cameron: No, no. Here. I never meant to harm you, Sharon.

Sharon: So you keep saying.

Cameron: The last time you were here, you asked me if there was anything you could do to persuade me to help you out of the jam you're in.

Sharon: And you said you didn't trust me.

Cameron: No. I still don't, though I知 intrigued by the proposition, even though I know it's a setup, and you and Nick are trying to entrap me somehow.

Sharon: And how would we do that? I'm not wearing a wire, as you can plainly see.

Cameron: No, you're not, because you knew that'd be the first thing I'd check when you walked in the door.

Sharon: So?

Cameron: Oh, come on, Sharon, look at you. When you're dressed like this, what man could resist you, huh? Particularly a man who's already had you.

Sharon: So you think I知 out to seduce you?

Cameron: Oh, baby, I know you're trying to seduce me. The question is, what do you think you're gonna get out of it?


Brittany: Bobby, please.

Bobby: Do you want me to stay?

Brittany: I want it to be like you said-- no strippers. We work hard, we pass out our own flyers for the cabaret. Bobby, I値l be right there beside you.

Bobby: We can't.

Brittany: We'll fix it up ourselves.

Bobby: We're evicted before we're done. Brittany, I'm telling you, we need to do this. And don't worry, we are gonna work hard, and we'll get the stripping down from two nights to one to none.


Raul: You're serious?

J.T.: Of course I知 serious, Raul.

Raul: I don't know, man. This isn't really my style-- fooling around with another girl just to get Brittany jealous. That just sounds pathetic.

Brittany: I don't like it.

Bobby: But you like me, right?

Brittany: Yes.

Bobby: And you are going to marry me, right?

Brittany: Yes.

Bobby: Because I am the only man in the world for you?

Brittany: Yes.

Bobby: Come here.


J.T.: I was thinking about Donna Houston.

Raul: Who?

J.T.: Freshman comp, remember? Tall, dark hair.

Raul: Oh.

J.T.: She hasn't been able to take her eyes off you since she met you.

Raul: Oh, Donna, Donna.

J.T.: Yeah, Donna.

Raul: She's been checking me out?

J.T.: Relax. Down, boy. Now do you want to hear the rest of the story or not?

Raul: I don't know.

J.T.: Why are you being such a wimp, man? Come on.

Raul: You know, I just don't see the point in this. Seriously, okay, so we make Brittany jealous. Big deal. I take off to school in a couple of weeks. She's still gonna be head over heels with Bobby. It just seems like a whole lot of trouble for nothing.

J.T.: You do remember what Donna looks like, right?

Raul: Yeah, she wasn't so bad, was she?

J.T.: Oh, she wasn't so bad. She's freakin' hot, man!

Raul: I know, I know.

J.T.: She's hot, all right? And you can't lose on this deal. Best-case scenario, Brittany sees you with Donna. She dumps Bobby and then bam, she comes running back.

Raul: Never gonna happen.

J.T.: You don't know that. You don't know that, Raul.

Raul: What's the worst-case scenario now?

J.T.: Worst-case scenario, Brittany stays with Bobby, you go back to school, but as a nice, little sweet parting gift, you get some action from the lovely Donna Houston. It won't be that tough. She's into you.

Raul: Ooh. Okay.

J.T.: You in?

Raul: All right, all right, now I'm telling you right now, I feel a little guilty, but you're right. It would be fun to see Brittany痴 face. She's not the only fish in the sea, right?

J.T.: Hell, no, she's not the on fish in the sea. It's about time you put your line in the water, buddy.


Cameron: Given your circumstances, I imagine you're hoping that I will succumb to your charms, spill my guts and then tell you exactly how I framed you, even though I didn't.

Sharon: Even if that were my plan, what would I get out of it? It would still be your word against mine, since I'm not recording you.

Cameron: True enough, but I'm sure you'd go to our good friend Detective Weber and convince him that I confessed to you and that all he needs to do is just lean on me a little.

Sharon: That's not my plan.

Cameron: But you do have a plan.

Sharon: I told you what it is already-- to keep from going to prison for a crime I didn't commit.

Sharon: And I知 willing to do just about anything to keep that from happening.

Cameron: Last time you were here, you told me Nick didn't know about it.

Sharon: And he doesn't know about this visit either.

Cameron: I don't believe you.

Sharon: All right, I lied. He does know this time.

Cameron: And what exactly are the two of you hoping to get out of this?

Sharon: Cameron, we have two beautiful children. Their lives will be destroyed if their mother goes to prison.

Cameron: I see, I see. So Nick is as desperate as you are. He's willing to just send you here, into the lion's den, if it'll save you from prison.

Sharon: He agreed to it, Cameron, but he doesn't know what he agreed to, and neither do I. But we are looking for an answer, and right now you may be the only one who has it.

Cameron: Yeah, that was pretty gutsy, pretty clever on your part, actually.

Sharon: Not really. I know what you want from me. I never thought I壇 be giving it to you, but right now I don't feel like I have any choice.

Cameron: Do you really think I知 that obsessed with you?

Sharon: I know you are.

Cameron: Based on what?

Sharon: Chemistry, Cameron. A woman can sense that kind of thing.

Cameron: Well, I bet you sense it with a lot of men.

Sharon: Yeah, I do, but it was different with you.

Cameron: How?

Sharon: You're a powerful man with powerful needs, desires. You think I didn't sense that the moment you walked into that bar in Denver, drunk as I was? We'd have to have an agreement, though.

Cameron: An agreement?

Sharon: You wouldn't beat me to a pulp this time.


Paul: Well, maybe you did see the earrings before. Isn't that possible?

Nikki: I suppose so, but why would it affect me this way?

Paul: Well, you know what, Nik? The mind is a strange thing. It can play tricks on you.

Nikki: Yeah, either that, or I知 crazy.

Paul: Oh, I doubt that. Look, if it's really bothering you, why don't you talk to somebody about it, like a professional, someone who can help you through this?

Nikki: Yeah, I guess I could.

Paul: All right, I gotta take off. I just wanted to... This is really bothering you, isn't it?

Nikki: I just don't understand why. I don't get that.

Paul: Are you sure you're okay? 'Cause I don't want to leave if...

Nikki: No, no, no, no, I'm fine, I'm fine. Thanks for coming by.

Paul: Oh, my pleasure.

Nikki: Very sweet.

Paul: All right, you take care of yourself, all right?

Nikki: I'll try.

Paul: All right, I'll see ya.

Nikki: Thanks.

Paul: Holler if you need me.

Nikki: I will. (Loud bang)


Cameron: Okay, let's play a game. If, hypothetically if, I beat you up in Denver after making love to you, do you know why I did that?

Sharon: I have no idea.

Cameron: Sure, you do. You think I'm a sadist. A sick abusive sadist, right? I'm sure you warned Grace about my bedroom behavior. And then how did she react? She told you that I never hurt her, right? She told you that I was kind and passionate, gentle. That's what she told you, right?

Sharon: So why did you treat me that way?

Cameron: Well, if, if I treated you that way, then one might suggest that there was something else going on.

Sharon: Like what?

Cameron: Like a connection so deep that I couldn't bear the thought of never sharing it with you. But I knew I wouldn't, because when we were making love, you said a name-- Nicholas-- and I knew you weren't there with me. And in that moment, I couldn't live with that. I'm a man who gets what he wants, as I知 sure you're aware.

Sharon: So you had to destroy me instead.

Cameron: I didn't destroy you. I destroyed myself, and I've regretted it ever since.

Cameron: I don't want a sexual encounter with you. That's not gonna win your freedom.

Sharon: What... What do you want?

Cameron: I want what I can't have.

Cameron: Now I suggest you go.

Cameron: Sharon... I'm sorry for everything.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Victor: I am going to see my daughter whether Brad Carlton likes it or not.

Nick: What exactly does he want from you?

Sharon: He wants me.

Paul: There is definitely a connection between Nikki and that earring.

Angelo: Well, looky who's here.

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