Friday Y&R Transcript 7/23/04

Y&R Transcript Friday 7/23/04--Canada; Monday 7/26/04--U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Nikki: This is why I called you. There's something you need to hear.

Ashley: Hello, Victor.  It's Ashley. I'm at the airport, and I told Brad that I'd call you before I left town. Um, I have some great news.  Brad agreed to unsupervised visits with Abby once I get back from my trip, but he said he'd prefer you stayed away from her while I'm gone, so please respect that, especially since we're so close to working this whole thing out. I really think we're going to prevail.


Dru: Okay, now, Trevor, help me out. What are those whipped coffee majiggas all the kids are--

Trevor: You're talking about the whipped decaf cappuccino.

Dru: Exactly!

Trevor: Unless they want it leaded.

Dru: No lead in my baby. So I'll take two decaf whipped drinks and un petit café,

merci beaucoup.

Trevor: Sure thing. Coming right up.

Dru: Okay.

Phyllis: Have you-- have you seen my son?

Dru: Bonsoir, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Yeah. Have you seen Daniel?

Dru: No, I haven’t. What's the problem now?

Phyllis: Well, you know, he got upset, and he left the apartment that I share with Damon.

Dru: Oh. How long ago?

Phyllis: Um, not long ago.

Dru: Hope you didn't panic and call the police.

Phyllis: Should I call the police?

Dru: Did you call his Dad?

Phyllis: No.

Dru: Good. Then perhaps you'll just sit tight with your cell phone. All the kids are bound to pass through sooner or later here at the coffeehouse.

Phyllis: Yeah? You're all relaxed. You must know where your daughter is.

Dru: That's part of being a parent, yeah. But just for the record, I have a lot on my mind, not that you'd like to hear about my life.

Phyllis: Actually, I don't want to hear about your life at all. Very astute. Uh, but regardless of how stressed I am, I'm sure you're gonna say that you have it worse. Am I right?


Gloria: (Clears throat)

Kevin: Wow.

Gloria: (Chuckles) you like?

Kevin: Mom, you look beautiful. Really, I'm not kidding.

Gloria: Oh! Thank you, honey. Let's just hope that John Abbott thinks so.

Kevin: He will.

Gloria: This date has got to go well.

Kevin: Mom, just go out, have a good time. Free meal.

Gloria: You make it sound so easy.

Kevin: It is.

Gloria: No, Kevin, it isn’t.

Kevin: Okay. Okay. I--

Gloria: You don't understand. This is a very big night for me.

Kevin: You know-- and I want it to go well, honest, Mom-- and you look great--

Gloria: Okay. But...?

Kevin: Maybe, uh, maybe you shouldn't get your hopes up, that's all.

Gloria: Why? You think he's out of my league?

Kevin: I mean, actually, he's, you know, one of the wealthiest men--

Gloria: Kevin, lo.. let me explain something to you, baby. Those wealthy socialite types he's used to-- they're a bunch of airheads. They're not like me. I know men, okay?

Kevin: Okay. I wasn't trying to insult you. I just don't want you to be disappointed if he doesn't propose on the first date.

Gloria: You let me worry about that, okay? Your mom's got tricks up her sleeve you don't even know about. Mm-hmm. (Doorbell rings)

Gloria: Who's that?

Kevin: I don't know.

Gloria: Are you expecting somebody? Do I know you?


J.T.: (Playing "here comes the bride")

Bobby: Brittany Marsino. I like the way that sounds.

Brittany: Me too, Bobby.

Bobby: Come here.

J.T.: (Strumming guitar)

Brittany: J.T.? Will you come here?

J.T.: What's up?

Brittany: Do you like this dress?

J.T.: Mmm. It's okay.

Brittany: Do you like it better than this one?

J.T.: I don't know. They look the same to me.

Brittany: The same? Are you blind? They're totally different. This one has an empire waist, and this one has a fitted bodice.

J.T.: Oh, yeah, right. How could I miss that?

Brittany: Never mind. Thanks for all your help.

J.T.: Yeah. Well, anyway, if you ask me, this whole wedding thing is a big sham-- just a way to get a lot of money out of people.

Brittany: You are such a guy.

J.T.: Well, it's true. I mean, why has it got to be such a big deal?

Brittany: Because it is a big deal. Two people celebrating their love, vowing to spend the rest of their lives together--it's so romantic.

J.T.: Then what's with all the hoopla, huh? I mean, why don't you just head down to city hall, sign some paperwork, and bam! You're married just like that.

Brittany: I pity the girl who marries you.

J.T.: Yeah, right. Whatever. So, uh, do your parents know yet?

Brittany: No.

J.T.: You can't keep them in the dark forever, Brittany.

Brittany: I'll tell them when I feel like it.

J.T.: Well, I hope they're sitting down, 'cause when you tell them Bobby Marsino's gonna be their son-in-law, whew! It ain't gonna be pretty. (Strumming guitar)


Bobby: What can I do for you?

Raul: You're busy?

Bobby: I'm always busy, kid. What do you need?

Raul: Well, I guess congratulations are in order.

Bobby: Yeah, well, when I'm finished here, this place is gonna be really something special.

Raul: I'm not talking about the club. Brittany told me you guys are engaged.

Bobby: So let me guess. You're here to read me the riot act, huh?

Raul: No, no, nothing like that. But there's a few things you should know.


Brad: "Really think we're going to prevail"?

Nikki: That message says it all, doesn't it?

Brad: Ash assured me. She promised me this wasn't about Victor. She wanted what was best for Abby.

Nikki: Well, she may say that, but obviously, she's in cahoots with Victor.

Brad: She certainly isn't taking my feelings into account, is she?

Nikki: Brad, this could be much more serious. They have clearly grown closer.

Brad: As if unsupervised visitation wasn't enough to worry about.

Nikki: I thought you said that you would never allow that.

Brad: I wasn't planning to. Ash kept insisting. I never should have let her change my mind. That message confirms what I already knew. I can't trust Victor. His relationship with Ash, the relationship he wants with Abby-- if he starts seeing her one-on-one, Nikki, I'm going to lose her. I'm gonna lose my little girl.


Dru: Phyllis, remember that talk we had in my office?

Phyllis: Yes, my office?

Dru: Okay, Phyllis, do you want to have a conversation or--

Phyllis: Go on. I'm listening.

Dru: We were talking about kids without families.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah. I remember. Very cheerful.

Dru: I was taking it very seriously, okay? I took some action.

Phyllis: Oh. You gave money to a charity?

Dru: No, Phyllis. I said I took some action. Lily told me about this kid down at the rec center, the one that Victor Newman is building. The kid's been in foster care most of his life and got in a little bit of trouble--

Phyllis: Oh, wait, wait. Are you telling me you took in a stray kid?

Dru: Not a stray kid. I took in a child.

Phyllis: Right... a stray child. How does Neil feel about it?

Dru: My generous, philanthropic husband who's compassionate?

Phyllis: I know. He is very, very compassionate and philanthropic, as you say. And you're Mother Teresa. So what are you saying, that you adopted a street child?

Dru: No, we didn't adopt the child. We're the legal guardians temporarily.

Phyllis: Oh. Oh, wow. That's great. Still, with my son, you know, he's only lived in boarding schools in Europe--

Dru: I don't know how the whole thing is gonna turn out.

Phyllis: Yeah, me neither.

Dru: It's kind of terrifying, really.

Phyllis: Tell me about it. I'm really terrified.

Dru: You take a kid's life into your hands and hope you're doing the right thing.

Phyllis: Amen!

Dru: Ooh. Ooh. I see that Damon’s rubbing off on you.


Kevin: Daniel, come in.

Daniel: Kevin, hey. Thanks for letting me come over.

Gloria: Oh, so you're a friend of Kevin’s.

Kevin: Uh, Mom, this is Daniel. Daniel, this is my mother.

Daniel: No way. You're Kevin’s mother? I would have said sister, maybe.

Gloria: Oh, stop.

Daniel: No, really. You look far too young.

Gloria: Oh! Well, thank you.

Kevin: All right, look, I invited Daniel over since Mikey’s gone tonight.

Gloria: Well, you know Michael’s very particular about his place.

Daniel: That's no problem. I'm not gonna stay very long, and I'll be sure to clean up after myself. I promise.

Gloria: Oh! What a lovely young man. Isn't he, Kevin?

Kevin: Okay, okay, okay. You--you better get going, or you're gonna be late.

Gloria: Oh. It's a first date. I'm a little nervous. What do you think of this dress? Is it too, you know--

Daniel: You look outstanding, Mrs. Fisher. Whoever this guy is, he's very lucky.

Gloria: Oh! Aren't you the sweetest little... okay. All right. I'm off. Wish me luck, baby.

Daniel: Good luck.

Kevin: Dude.

Gloria: Kev?

Kevin: Good luck.

Gloria: Thank you, sweetie. Bye-bye.

Daniel: Bye.


Nikki: Brad, Abby thinks of you as her father.

Brad: For now. But you know how Victor is when he wants something, Nikki. And he wants Abby to think of him as her father. How else is he going to replace the children he's lost?

Nikki: What? Is that what you think this is about?

Brad: Nikki... you know that Victor's all about control. That's all he cares about. That's what drove his own children away. So why shouldn't I think he wants to flex his muscles and take over my role in Abby’s life?

Nikki: Have you talked to Ashley about this?

Brad: At first, I thought she just disagreed with me. Now I'm starting to wonder if she doesn't like the idea of Victor being daddy, helping her raise Abby. She went to a lot of trouble to have his child, didn't she?

Victor: What are you doing here?


Brittany: Gee, thanks, J.T. like I didn't already know my parents are gonna totally freak out when I tell them Bobby and I are getting married.

J.T.: Yeah, especially your dad. He really hates Marsino.

Brittany: Sure, now, but that could change.

J.T.: Right you really think the two of 'em are actually gonna become friends?

Brittany: No, but maybe they'll at least learn to be civil.

J.T.: Mm. I wouldn't hold your breath. I mean, Bobby's the reason you started stripping, and he's also the reason you quit school. Besides, he's, like, twice your age.

Brittany: You know, I really wish people would stop bringing that up. So Bobby's a little bit older than me. So what? Age is just a number.

J.T.: That's a good one. You should use that with your parents.

Brittany: Bobby is not the same person he used to be. He's totally cleaned up his act. He's, like, an entrepreneur now.

J.T.: Mm-hmm.

Brittany: My dad has to respect that, right? I mean, look at everything Bobby has done so my dream could come true.

J.T.: Well, hold on a second. You want to talk about sacrifice? How about Raul?

Brittany: Oh, not this again.

J.T.: No, that guy would do anything for you, Brittany. And you guys are perfect together.

Brittany: On paper, yes, but... I don't know. I... the only way I can explain it is sometimes love doesn't make any sense. Sometimes the person that's right for you is the last person you'd ever expect.


Bobby: What things do I need to know?

Raul: About Brittany.

Bobby: Oh, that's-- just stop. Stop. I don't need you to tell me about my fiancée.

Raul: How well do you really know her?

Bobby: Well, I asked her to marry me, didn't I?

Raul: What's her favorite food?

Bobby: This is stupid.

Raul: French fries from the diner on 8th street. What's her favorite season? Summer. What's her favorite city? New York. Are you getting all this?

Bobby: Are you getting that you're this close to being tossed out of this place?

Raul: I'm trying to help you.

Bobby: Trying to help me what?

Raul: Take care of her. Brittany likes things a certain way.

Bobby: And you're telling me this because...

Raul: I told you. I'm just trying to help you.

Bobby: You hate my guts.

Raul: Brittany doesn’t. I just want her to be happy, and if you're the guy that she wants to be with, then I thought you should know what she likes.

Bobby: French fries, huh?

Raul: She loves them.

Bobby: Well, you'd never know it to look at her.

Raul: See, the thing is, she'll never order them for herself. No, you gotta order them, and then she'll eat 'em off your plate. Then afterwards, she'll just wish she hadn’t.

Bobby: Now that sounds like her.

Raul: She's very high maintenance.

Bobby: Well, I figured that one out the day that I met her.

Raul: She complains constantly.

Bobby: Hey, what woman doesn't?

Raul: Well, Brittany’s not like every other woman. She's one of a kind. I hope you realize that.


Kevin: Sorry about my mom. She's, uh, she's a bit of a flake.

Daniel: Hmm. Join the club.

Kevin: So anyway, what are you up for? We could watch some TV, listen to some music. My Cds are in a box, but I think my brother's are--

Daniel: You said your brother's gone for the night, right?

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah, he's a lawyer. He had a deposition somewhere first thing, so he decided to drive up early.

Daniel: You have any alcohol?

Kevin: Um...

Daniel: You got glasses. You gotta have some booze around here, right?

Kevin: Um, well...

Daniel: What you got in the cabinet?

Kevin: Uh, Daniel, you know--

Daniel: Ooh! Let's see. Oh! Next best thing.

Kevin: No, no, no. Wait a sec. Wait a sec.

Daniel: What?

Kevin: Well, um, you know, you can't just--we-- that's Mikey’s stuff, so...

Daniel: So?

Kevin: So... so he'll kill me. He will kill me. He'll make a big stink about me getting into his liquor. He--he looks at the bottles. He's really high-strung. , , Uh--

Daniel: Have you never heard of adding a little bit of water? He'll never know its missing. Trust me. I know what I'm doing. You're golden, Kev. So you got any ice?

Kevin: Hmm.


Nikki: Brad is here because I invited him. It seems we have a lot in common these days.

Victor: Enough for you to go behind my back?

Nikki: Oh, I didn't realize that I needed to ask permission to have somebody come over to my own house.

Victor: If you were to invite friends, that's one thing. That man is not a friend of mine.

Nikki: Victor--

Brad: Its okay, Nikki. The feeling's mutual.

Victor: I'm sure it is. If it weren't for you, I'd be able to see my daughter.

Brad: My daughter, Victor. You're nothing but a sperm donor.

Victor: Your wife seems far more reasonable than you.

Brad: I'm not my wife, and I won't let you take away the most precious thing in my life without a fight.

Victor: All I asked for was a small concession that would allow me to get to know that beautiful little girl who happens to be my biological daughter. But your jealousy and paranoia have prevented me from doing that. I won't stand for that any longer.


Gina: John, hi.

John: Gina!

Gina: Good to see you for dinner again so soon.

John: Yeah, what can I say? You run a wonderful restaurant.

Gina: Well, we aim to please.

John: And you certainly do that.

Gina: Yeah, I noticed you had reservations for two.

John: Yeah, I'm meeting a lady friend.

Gina: Oh, is that the same lady I saw you with the other morning-- blonde, rather unique-looking?

John: Yeah, that's the one--Gloria.

Gina: How much do you know about this Gloria woman?

John: Not very much. We're at the getting-to-meet-you phase.

Gina: Oh, well, do your old friend a favor, okay?

John: And what is that?

Gina: Take it slow. Just be a little cautious.

John: Gina, now you're sounding almost suspicious.

Gina: No, John, just protective.

John: A bit overly, perhaps.

Gina: I would hate to see anyone take advantage of you. You're too good a man, and you deserve better than that.

John: All right, I will be on my guard against any woman taking advantage.

Gina: I'm very serious about this, John.

John: And so am I. You know, I have a feeling that Gloria has lived a very difficult life, but I do not believe she has an insincere bone in her body.

Gina: Whatever you say. You just be careful, all right? You said yourself, you know so little about her, and actually you'd be a great catch for anyone. Well, why don't I take you to your table?

John: Good idea.

Gina: How's this, John?

John: Just perfect. Thank you. And, Gina, thanks for your words of warning.

Gina: Well, forgive me if I overstepped my boundaries.

John: No, I think your concern was very sincere, but I also believe it was unwarranted.

Gina: I'll send the waiter over to take your drink order.

Gina: Take Mr. Abbott's drink order. Oh, Gloria, good evening.

Gloria: Oh, you know my name!

Gina: Well, John was telling me about you.

Gloria: Or were you telling him about me?

Gina: Well, John and I have been good friends for a long time. I just thought a word to the wise was warranted.

Gloria: Nice.

Gina: Shall I take you to your table?

Gloria: No, that's okay. I see him over there.

John: Well, there you are. Oh, Gloria, you look beautiful.

Gloria: Why, thank you.

John: Please.

Gloria: Oh, such a gentleman.

John: Allow me.

Gloria: Oh, thank you. I'm not late, am I?

John: Oh, not at all. I'm perhaps a little bit early. Anticipation

Gloria: Oh, you are so delightful. They don't make 'em like you anymore, John Abbott.

John: Now wait a minute. I don't know if that's a compliment or not.

Gloria: Oh, trust me, it is. Wow, aren't I a lucky lady sitting here with the handsomest man in the room?


Phyllis: No, I just meant that we're kind of in the same boat. Kind of, not really.

Dru: Phyllis, how old is your son now?

Phyllis: 16.

Dru: Oh, well, you'd better get on the stick, girl. You're running out of time. You need to be the boss, take control.

Phyllis: I know, I know. Listen, listen, there's a very thin thread between Daniel and me. I mean, I keep on pulling and pulling, I'm afraid I'm gonna lose him.

Dru: He's not a fish. He's a boy, and you need to be the boss.

Phyllis: It's difficult because I don't have any legal rights. It's a very long, complicated story.

Dru: It ain't that complicated. I know all about your drama.

Phyllis: What do you know?

Dru: Everybody knows, Phyllis. That story is so old it's not even funny. The boy needs you, regardless of the legal right thing.

Phyllis: I know. It's just, you know, he's a teenager. And, you know, I think that secretly, secretly teenagers-- they want to be controlled, you know? And it's just... have you ever tried supervising a teenager?

Dru: You know, I'm gonna be supervising two pretty soon, and I am gonna have my hands full.

Phyllis: Daniel doesn't want to live with me as long as we're in Damon’s apartment.

Dru: Don't tell me you have that boy shacked up in Da-- now I see it all. Now I get it. You're asking a hell of a lot from your son just to be in your life. Have you looked at your boyfriend lately, Phyllis? He's a very big brother, a brother that maybe your son doesn't have any relationship with. And maybe Damon doesn't want to get involved with an angry teenager from Switzerland who rolled up in his crib eating all his cereal. You think about that?


Daniel: Dry as dust.

Kevin: Look, Daniel, I still think maybe we should just go out--

Daniel: Drink up. There's nothing worse than a lukewarm martini.

Kevin: Dude, that's vile.

Daniel: Don't worry about it. It's an acquired taste. Just keep drinking, and it'll start to taste better.

Kevin: Why'd you want to come over here anyway?

Daniel: Well, I had to get out of that apartment and away from my mom's boyfriend. It's his place, actually, and I can't stand the guy.

Kevin: Whales on her pretty bad, huh?

Daniel: No, you mean like, hit her? No, it's not like that. The guy's just weird. I mean, he's this big, enormous guy who looks like he probably bench-presses twice his weight.

Kevin: Really?

Daniel: Uh-huh, he's like into meditation and herbs.

Kevin: Ah, a nature boy.

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Kevin: New age guy.

Daniel: Yeah, he's just... he's the type of guy that always thinks he's right, and it's beyond annoying. He's just so full of himself.

Kevin: So? Screw him. He's nothing to you. Who needs him?

Daniel: You know what? You're all right, Kevin.

Kevin: I am?

Daniel: A little toast. To Kevin Fisher, one of the coolest guys around. Now we've just got to get the rest of the world to start thinking the same thing.

Kevin: I'll drink to that.


John: Thank you.

Gloria: Sometimes I like to wear something flowery and summery. Other times I want to be spicy and mysterious.

John: You, mysterious? Gloria, you're so open.

Gloria: Oh, but see, that's why perfume is so important to a woman. It lets her change, surprise and mystify.

John: You know, you should be writing our ad copy.

Gloria: Well, I could, you know. I love your products. Here, smell.

John: Oh, goodness.

Gloria: What, what?

John: Goodness gracious-- Ashley!

Gloria: (Laughs) I can't fool you! You know, I've always wondered-- that name. Tell me, John, was she an old love of yours?

John: Actually, yes.

Gloria: Ohh!

John: My eldest daughter Ashley. Oh, she's our head chemist at Jabot.

Gloria: Isn't that lovely? How lucky you are.

John: Do you have children?

Gloria: Oh, yes, two wonderful sons.

John: Oh, that's right. You told me. You have family here.

Gloria: Yes, I live with them. They're such good boys.

John: You know, it's certainly a relief, isn't it, when you look at your kids, and you realize you've done a good job.

Gloria: Yes.

John: I mean, there's no guarantee. You prepare them as best you can and the rest is up to them.

Gloria: Mm-hmm, true.

John: What do they do-- your boys?

Gloria: Well, one's a lawyer, and the other's an accountant.

John: Well, it certainly sounds like you did a good job.

Gloria: Well, I tried. Come on, enough about our children. I want to know more about you.

John: Me?

Gloria: Yes.


Nikki: All right, can't you two discuss this without coming to blows?

Brad: I don't know, Nikki. Trading blows sounds awfully tempting.

Victor: You name the time, and you name the place. I'll be there.

Brad: Oh make no mistake, Newman, I'd like nothing better, but right now I'm thinking about someone else--Abby.

Victor: Good to know your heart is in the right place.

Brad: Well, unfortunately, I can't say the same thing about yours. If Abby was all you cared about, you would have taken advantage of any opportunity to see her, but you insisted on seeing her alone. Why?

Victor: Do you honestly think I owe you an explanation?

Brad: You know that Ash and I are on opposite sides of the fence about visitation. You're trying to drive a wedge between us.

Victor: This is your paranoia speaking.

Nikki: Victor, I have told you many times that you're interfering in their marriage.

Victor: What are you saying?

Nikki: I've lived with you a long time. Sometimes you don't see the consequences of your actions. I don't know if it's conscious or unconscious.

Victor: What the hell are you talking about?

Brad: Come on, Victor, I know how you feel about Ash and so does Nikki.

Victor: So you dragged her into this, didn't you?

Nikki: No, he didn't drag me into anything. I invited him over here to discuss something I'm very concerned about.

Victor: I'm sure he was only too happy to inflame your fears! I will see my biological daughter in an unsupervised manner whether you like it or not.


Trevor: Here you go.

Dru: Merci, Trevor.

Trevor: You're welcome, Mrs. Winters. You have a great evening. How about something for you?

Phyllis: Um, no, thank you. English.

Dru: Okay, Phyllis, I gotta get home.

Phyllis: Okay, I hope that Daniel shows up.

Dru: Well, whether he does or he doesn't is beside the point. He won't say it, but, um, he needs you.

Phyllis: Oh, I don't know about that, Drucilla. You know, he's been on his own for so long traveling around Europe, he's practically a grown man.

Dru: Phyllis, anyone who lands on your front door from halfway around the world needs you. Yeah. He'll never admit that, so don't ask him. Obviously he wants a relationship with his mother, but he also needs discipline, and he needs structure. He doesn't need a gal pal, okay? Don't jump when he says jump. Don't blow it, Phyllis, because if he doesn't find it in you, he'll find it in someone else.

Phyllis: Oh, that's right. He will. You're right, you're right. You know what? Why don't we compare notes later?

Dru: Maybe you could move into that office down the hall at Newman. We could talk there.

Phyllis: (Chortles) good luck. Good luck with, uh...

Dru: Devon.

Phyllis: Yeah, Devon. Yeah, that's a nice thing you're doing. That's really nice.

Dru: It's not nice.

Phyllis: All right.

Dru: Now I'm just trying to help out someone else's son. Try not to lose your own, Phyllis. Fight for him. Bye, Trevor.

Phyllis: Oh, how can I fight for him when I don't even know where he is?


Kevin: Hey, you know, maybe we should go easy on this, you know?

Daniel: Why, am I driving somewhere?

Kevin: No, what I mean is, uh... oh, all right, forget it.

Daniel: You know what? If it feels good, just do it.

Kevin: You know, I tried that once. It got me in a lot of trouble.

Daniel: You know what your problem is, Kev?

Kevin: Besides for half the town wanting to see me dead? What?

Daniel: Lily. I mean, she's where this whole mess started. She's the key, man.

Kevin: And you really think we could do something, you know, turn it around?

Daniel: Yeah, I know we can.

Kevin: Wow, that must be nice-- always being so sure of yourself like that.

Daniel: Yeah, I really think this hero idea, I think that's gonna be the way to go. Or maybe we could make Miss Lly a few martinis and see if that doesn't loosen her up a little bit.

Kevin: (Laughs) yeah, 'cause that's gonna happen.

Daniel: I thought you said she put out.

Kevin: Uh, you know what? Before we worry about my problems, we need to fix yours.

Daniel: Already fixed. I told my mom that we needed to move out and get a place of our own. Now I just need to get her to stop fighting me on it.

Kevin: So what's she like, anyway?

Daniel: Well, my mother, from what I've seen so far, she's like a real kick-ass kind of lady, you know? Like she sees something she wants, and she just goes for it, and she gets it. And if you're in her way, you'd better get the hell out of her way. I don't know. I think something tells me that I could probably learn a few new tricks from her.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, my mom goes after stuff, too, but she doesn't usually get it.

Daniel: I don't know. I just--I gotta get her out of that apartment with that loser she's sleeping with.

Kevin: So force the issue. Burn the place down or something.

Daniel: (Laughs) that's a little ridiculous. I just... I want her to realize that I'm serious, you know, what I'm saying to her, that she needs to go out and find this apartment for the two of us. And if she's not willing to do that, I mean, it's gonna force me to go out and do it on my own.

Kevin: All right, so follow through.

Daniel: And how do I do that?

Kevin: Um, well, for starters, don't go home tonight. Crash here, turn your phone off and prove that you mean it. She'll be so freaked out by tomorrow morning, she'll do anything you want.

Daniel: (Giggles) Kevin, not only-- not only are you a cool guy, but you are... you're a freakin' genius brilliant!

Kevin: I am a genius brilliant.

Daniel: (Laughs) whoa! Look at you go.

Kevin: (Laughs) ahh.

Daniel: Cheers.


Brittany: My head hurts from looking at all these magazines.

J.T.: I didn't think girls ever got tired of looking at that stuff.

Brittany: Yeah, well, this girl is very tired.

J.T.: I'm gonna go watch TV in my room.

Brittany: J.T., Wait.

J.T.: Yeah?

Brittany: I want to ask you something.

J.T.: What is it?

Brittany: Look, I know everyone's against this wedding, and there's nothing I can do about that, but it would be nice to know that I had one person on my side.

J.T.: And you want that person to be me?

Brittany: Well, we've known each other forever, and I don't really have any close girlfriends. So I just wondered, how would you feel about standing up for me?

J.T.: You mean, like at your wedding?

Brittany: Look, I know it's a lot to ask.

J.T.: What would I be, like your best man or something?

Brittany: Yeah, I guess.

J.T.: Is that even allowed?

Brittany: It's my wedding. I can do whatever I want.

J.T.: Well, I appreciate the offer, but...

Brittany: No, just think about it.

J.T.: No, I don't have to think about it. My answer's no. This wedding's a horrible idea, and you deserve a lot better than a guy like Bobby.

Brittany: I should have known not to ask you.

J.T.: Sorry, princess, but that's the way I feel about it.

Brittany: No, no, you know what? This is so typical of you. You never do anything for anybody else. You are the most selfish person I know.

J.T.: Oh, Brittany, come on. That's not--

Brittany: No, forget about it. Forget I even asked.


Bobby: You don't have to tell me Brittany’s unique.

Raul: You know, Brittany’s counting on you. She thinks you're gonna make her a star, so you'd better not let her down.

Bobby: That almost sounds like a threat.

Raul: I want to hear her on the radio someday.

Bobby: You will. I'll make it happen.

Raul: Well, you'd better, 'cause this is her dream. You know that?

Bobby: Hey, listen, you gonna come to the wedding? I mean, you're welcome to come, that is, if you do want to go.

Raul: No, no, thanks.

Bobby: It would mean a lot to Brittany if you were there.

Raul: Oh, I'm sure it would, but I'm not gonna be around. I'm transferring to a college in Boston. I'm leaving in a couple of weeks, actually.

Bobby: Why the hell would you decide to go there?

Raul: I got a full ride, 100% scholarship. Plus, you know, it just seemed like the best thing to do. All right, see ya.

Bobby: Listen, Brittany was lucky to have someone like you. I mean, you made a big difference in her life.

Raul: She said that?

Bobby: No. But trust me, there's just some things that a guy knows.


Brad: There is no way I'm gonna let Victor see Abby under any circumstances.

Nikki: You've already agreed to unsupervised visits.

Brad: I changed my mind. I shouldn't have let my wife convince me otherwise in the first place.

Nikki: So what are you gonna do?

Brad: The only thing there is to do-- erase that message.

Nikki: Brad, shouldn't you handle that with Ashley?

Brad: I can’t. She's out of town.

Nikki: Well, wait for her to come back.

Brad: It'll be too late by then, Nikki. Victor will have heard the message.

Nikki: I don't know.

Brad: Did you see the way he just reacted? You want to let him spend one-on-one time with Abby? He's going to get more involved. He's going to get closer and closer to Ashley’s daughter. Erase the message, Nikki. It's the best thing for both of us. It's the best thing for Abby. I know you'll do the right thing.

(Door shuts)


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Kay: Oh, lord, how I have missed this place.

Raul: Your fiancé--he's right back in the smut business.

Brittany: Shut up!

Victor: Have you forgotten that Ashley Abbott is the mother of my child?

Nikki: And what am I, Victor?

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