Thursday Y&R Transcript 7/22/04

Y&R Transcript Thursday 7/22/04--Canada; Friday 7/23/04--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Ashley: I don't have any better solution. You wanna give me one?

Brad: I don't know. One thing's for certain-- I will do whatever it takes to protect my daughter, even if it means the end of this marriage.

Ashley: Can we talk about this?

Brad: I think we should.

Ashley: Are you serious? Are you really willing to sacrifice our marriage over this visitation issue?

Brad: You don't see Newman the way I do. To me, the man is poison. To you, you have no problem putting him in a position to influence our daughter.

Ashley: Brad, it's just that we can't change reality.

Brad: No. Unfortunately, we can’t. Newman's always gonna be Abby’s biological father, but we can decide how to handle her.

Ashley: I know we don't agree on this, but I think that a few one-on-one visits with Victor would make things so much less tense.

Brad: I really don't give a damn how tense it is. I want some control over this situation.

Ashley: How did this happen to us, Brad? I mean, we love each other, but we're tearing our marriage apart in the name of our daughter.

Brad: In the name of protecting our daughter. That's where you and I part ways.


(Knocks on door)

Cassie: Grace!

Grace: Oh, my gosh. Cassie. Is it okay if I come in?


Nick: Good, you're back.

Sharon: Why'd you leave a message for me to meet you up here?

Nick: I just wanted to talk to you away from the kids.

Sharon: Oh, no, more bad news?

Nick: Well, only that now my father knows everything.


Cassie: Do Mom and Dad know you're in town?

Grace: Yeah, sweetie, they do. Actually, that's why I'm here. I'd like to help them if I can. God, let me look at you. You are so grown up.

Cassie: It's been a long time, Grace.

Grace: Yeah, too long, if you ask me. It's so good to see you.

Cassie: So... you and Mom-- are you guys friends again?

Grace: Well, there's a lot going on, Cassie. They need me.

Cassie: You heard about the arrest.

Grace: It's all over the news.

Cassie: So is that why you're here?


Sharon: So how did Victor find out?

Nick: My mother told him, and I'm really ticked off about it.

Sharon: I suppose it was inevitable that he would have questions after my arrest. I doubt Nikki I had much choice.

Nick: I suppose, but just as I expected, Dad couldn't wait to take over. (Sighs) it just... anyway, where have you been? You didn't mention that you were going out.

Sharon: Uh... I went to see Cameron Kirsten.


Lily: You like that picture?

Devon: Yeah. I mean, you guys look real happy. It must hurt to grin so much.

Lily: Yeah, well, we've had our share of ups and downs.

Devon: Yeah, right here in this nice apartment. Sounds real rough.

Lily: Are you gonna complain the whole time you're here? Yeah, okay, it's a nice apartment, but you live here now. So why not just enjoy it?

Devon: Yeah, I guess you're right. I might as well, huh?

Lily: Yes! Thank you. Finally.

Dru: Hey! So, Devon, are you settling in real good?

Lily: Mom, he just-- he just got here, okay? Why don't we give him a chance first?

Neil: Well, while you're getting settled in, you might as well be aware of a few rules that we have.

Lily: Dad, please, okay? This is new to him. Why don't we just take things slow?


Brittany: Hey.

Raul: Hey.

Brittany: What's all that?

Raul: Registration stuff for Pemberton. Just came in the mail today. Most of the fall classes are already full, but I found some pretty good ones here.

Brittany: You're really doing this.

Raul: Going to school back east? Yeah, yeah, I really am.

Brittany: I still don't see why you have to--

Raul: Brittany, my mind is made up. This is a terrific opportunity for me. I got a full scholarship to a great college. I get to go live in Boston. I'm excited.

Brittany: When are you leaving?

Raul: I don't know yet.

Brittany: Well, if you wanna leave now, don't let me hold you back.

Raul: Mnh-mnh. No, I made you a promise. I'm gonna stay around here, see how that operation turns out. So until you have that bandage off your face, I'm not going anywhere.

Brittany: Raul?

Raul: Yeah.

Brittany: There's something I need to tell you.

Raul: What?

Brittany: Bobby asked me to marry him.

Raul: And what'd you say?

Brittany: I told him yes. We're engaged.


Nick: Sharon, what were you thinking? Going to see Kirsten like that without telling me? That man is dangerous.

Sharon: Nick, you don't think I know that? Look, I'm desperate, okay? My whole future is up for grabs.

Nick: Does this have anything to do with my idea? That Cameron’s obsession with you is the key to getting you out of this nightmare?

Sharon: Yes, and now I know you're really on to something. I practically threw myself at Cameron’s mercy. I told him that he had won and that his plan to frame me was brilliant, that I'd probably be convicted and spend the rest of my life in jail.

Nick: I'm sure that really fed his ego.

Sharon: Especially when I begged him to come up with a way to get me out of this.

Nick: But he didn't admit it, did he--that he framed you and killed Frank?

Sharon: He's way too clever for that. He made it clear that he doesn't trust me.

Nick: Then how can you say I'm on to something?

Sharon: Because as hard as he tried, Cameron could not hide his interest in me. When I was telling him that I would do anything if he would help me, I could practically see him salivating.


Grace: Well, all I know is I'm sure your mother didn't kill anyone.

Cassie: I'm glad you're here, Grace.

Grace: So am I, Cassie.

Cassie: You know, I know you and Mom don't get along, but I'm really afraid for her.

Grace: Oh, be brave, sweetheart. Your dad won't let anything happen to her.

Cassie: What can he do?

Grace: Oh, he is determined to prove that your mom isn't guilty, and when Nick Newman decides to do something, look out.


Nick: Sharon, did Cameron think you meant sex?

Sharon: No. He said that sleeping with him wouldn't get me off the hook for this, but he also said that he would give my problem some serious thought.

Nick: Well, at least he didn't laugh in your face.

Sharon: To tell the truth, I had almost given up. I was on my way out the door because I didn't think that I was getting through to him when he stopped me, and he asked what would be in this for him.

Nick: So... Cameron took the bait.

Sharon: He's on a power trip, Nick, and what would make him feel more powerful than to believe he could ask me to do anything in the world, and I would have no choice but to agree?


Cassie: I don't want my mom to go to jail.

Grace: Oh, sweetie, I don't want that either.

Cassie: Never in a million years would I have thought something like this would have happened, but now my mom's out on bail, accused for murder. I mean, my family is about to explode. Everybody's under so much pressure.

Grace: Including you.

Cassie: Are you kidding? I'm totally freaked. Do you know who he was-- the man that's dead? Frank, my biological father.

Grace: Uh, I didn't know if you knew that.

Cassie: I can't stop thinking about it. No, I didn't know him. I didn't wanna know him. But only now that he's dead, it feels different. (Sniffles) anyway, thanks for wanting to help.

Grace: It's, uh, the least I could do.

Cassie: I feel so bad for Mom and Dad. They're going through so much. You know, Noah and I-- we're gonna plan something for them, but...

Grace: Like what?

Cassie: Well, we had a plan. Tonight was supposed to be the night. You know, I should just do it.

Grace: Well, that's the spirit.

Cassie: Yeah, I'm-- I'm gonna call the stables. Noah's down there. I'll tell him to come up. I don't want him to miss anything. He's as excited about this as I am.

Grace: Well, I would love to help if I can. I mean, that is, if you want me to.

Cassie: Thanks, Grace. Did I already tell you how glad I am you're here?

Grace: Yeah, you did, but... I don't mind hearing it again.


Dru: Okay, let's slow it down.

Neil: No, no, no, wait a minute. I don't really see the need to slow things down. Look, Devon, there's a list of things or rules, if you will, that I need to go over with you, give you an idea of the way things work around here, all right? I need to give you fair warning so you can't say I never told you.

Lily: Dad.

Neil: All right, so let's start the rules, shall we?

Dru: Okay.

Devon: Go ahead.

Neil: All right, everybody wanna take a seat for a minute?

Devon: Now I already heard about breakfast.

Dru: Oh, yes, we try to have breakfast together as a family every morning.

Neil: Now during the day, you can come and go as you please, but you have to tell us where you're gonna be going, what you're gonna be doing while you're there and when you'll be back. Nighttime rules-- under no circumstances will you walk in through that door past 10 P.M. 10 P.M.'s the absolute cutoff.


Raul: You and Bobby are engaged. When did this happen?

Brittany: Yesterday.

Raul: And you're just telling me now?

Brittany: I didn't know how to tell you.

Raul: Congratulations. That's great. That's really good. I really hope that the two of you are happy, Britt.

Brittany: I love Bobby.

Raul: Whatever you say.

Brittany: I do, and he loves me, too.

Raul: Let's just drop that, all right? Is that cool?

Brittany: No, it's not cool. What is your problem?

Raul: I'm tired of having this conversation again and again with you! Marsino is the wrong man for you. How the hell can you not see that? Or maybe you do. Maybe you do, which is even worse.

Brittany: What are you talking about?

Raul: Why are you marrying this guy? (Thud)

Brittany: I told you.

Raul: Yeah, yeah, I know. You love him. You said that, but why?

Brittany: Bobby is a wonderful person. He's been amazing to me. He's given me a shot at performing. He's been there for me, even after I got hurt.

Raul: In his club.

Brittany: I don't blame Bobby for what happened.

Raul: That's because he's totally manipulated you.

Brittany: What?

Raul: Well, what other explanation is there? What happened to the Brittany who didn't want to get married 'cause she was too young, who wanted to go out and experience life? Or is that some kind of sick joke, some lie just to spare my feelings?

Brittany: At the time, I meant it. It's just... I don't know. It's different with Bobby. There's something about him, about us. It just feels right. I'm not saying this to hurt you. What you and I had was special. And I will always love you.

Raul: Just not the same way you love Bobby.

Brittany: No. I'm sorry, Raul.


Ashley: It's breaking my heart that we're fighting like this.

Brad: It doesn't exactly thrill me, either.

Ashley: Maybe it's good that I'm gonna be gone for a little while. Give us a chance to sort things out, cool off.

Brad: I don't have anything to sort out, Ash. I know where I stand, and I know where you stand. You're on Victor's side.

Ashley: I'm on Abby’s side, Brad, and I know you hate this, but I think this is one place we should give into Victor. A few unsupervised visits are not gonna hurt Abby.

Brad: And our compromise?

Ashley: It's just not tenable right now. You say you're concerned for Abby well, she has to feel the tension between you and me, and that's not good.

Brad: Fine.

Ashley: What's fine?

Brad: You want to do this Victor's way, fine. But don't ask me to be involved.

Ashley: You feel like I'm betraying you.

Brad: It's nothing new. It started before we were even married. You chose not to tell me that Newman was Abby’s unwitting sperm donor. You pretended the truth would never come out, but you had to know it would. That was the first betrayal. Now I'm used to it.

Ashley: I'll call Victor and tell him he can have some private time with Abby when I get back from my trip.

Brad: Yeah, you do that. And in the meantime, you make sure he stays the hell away from this house and the hell away from Abby. I'm having a little trouble stomaching this right now.

Brad: You have no idea how much I love this little girl.

Ashley: Yes, I do, Brad.

Brad: No, you don’t. You carried her in your womb. You loved her from the moment you knew she existed. I had to learn to love Abby, and I did, because she's part of you.

Ashley: Brad...

Brad: I can't even tell you how it tears me up inside to know that our only child together was fathered by the man that I despise most in this world.

Brad: And I have to learn to live with that and all its implications, if I can.


Noah: I'm almost done with the candles. What else can I do?

Cassie: Did you get the cds I told you about?

Noah: Put 'em all by the stereo. Mom and Dad are gonna be so surprised.

Grace: This should make your parents really happy, Noah. (Cell phone rings)

Grace: Excuse me. (Ring) (Ring) (Ring)

Cameron: Grace, you there?

Grace: What do you want?

Cameron: I want to give you a little friendly advice. If you talk to the police, you're going down with me. There's something I want you to do.

Grace: What?

Cameron: Leave town now. Go straight to the airport.

Grace: But I don't--

Cameron: There's a first-class ticket waiting for you at Transglobal. Be on that plane.

Cassie: Grace, what's the matter? Are you all right?

Grace: Sure, sweetie, I'm fine. Well, kids, I have to go. We're almost finished. You guys finish up.

Cassie: Oh, okay.

Grace: Just don't mention I was here, okay? Just let this be your own special surprise for your mom and dad. I know they're gonna love it.


Raul: I hope you know what you're doing, because sooner or later Marsino will break your heart. And when he does, I'm not gonna be around to pick up the pieces. No, you know what? You can go find another guy to be your chump.

Brittany: Please, Raul, don't be this way.

Raul: Because that's all I've even been to you, right? Your fallback guy, your plan "B," the person you would just settle for unless someone better came along?

Brittany: No, Raul.

Raul: I can't believe how stupid I was. I wasted so much time, so much time thinking that you and I could ever have a future together, you know? I just figured, maybe, Raul, you know, if you just hang in there...

Brittany: You're going to find her. Somewhere out there is a girl that's just waiting for you to walk into her life, and you're gonna make her so happy.

Raul: I don't want another girl! I want you, Brittany, okay? We could be so perfect together, and deep down in your heart, you know that. You're just so damn infatuated with Bobby and his smooth moves, you can't even see straight!

Brittany: Maybe we shouldn't talk about this anymore.

Raul: What? What? Did I hit a nerve or something?

Brittany: I don't have to defend myself to you.

Raul: Of course not. Why would you? I was never that important to you. I was just some guy you were messing around with.

Brittany: Why are you attacking me this way?

Raul: I am trying to talk some sense into you! Brittany, I have known you for a long time, and you have made some stupid mistakes in your life, but marrying Bobby-- that steals the show. For God's sakes, he's old enough to be your father.

Brittany: He is not!

Raul: Maybe that's what you're into now. Maybe that's what you like about him. Are you into father figure types, maybe someone to give you the attention you never got from Frederick at home?

Brittany: You can be a real jerk. You know that?

J.T.: Hey, guys, what's going on here?

Brittany: Why don't you ask Raul? I can't even look at him.


Neil: Okay, so the last thing on the list, I think, is dishes. We're responsible for our own dishes. They don't go in the sink. They end up in the dishwasher, is that clear? I think that just about covers everything, right, girls?

Dru: That's right.

Neil: Okay.

Devon: I met a guy who did time in prison once. He told me about it, and they didn't have as many rules as y'all have around here.

Neil: Well, Devon, maybe if he'd learned a few more and did a better job of following them, he wouldn't have been in prison.

Devon: I don't know. You guys say that you want me here, but I just get the feeling that if I screw up on one of those million things that you just told me, I'll get packed off to Green Bay anyhow. So I mean, are you guys sure you even wanna do this?

Lily: Devon, it is not that bad, okay?

Dru: Wait, wait, wait. You're getting the wrong point.

Neil: Devon, you're not being fair about--

Devon: Stop, stop, stop. You guys, you're all over me at the same time, all right? Man, it's like, I wanna do this, but I'm not your dog or something.

Lily: When did we ever treat you like a dog?

Devon: You can't just be yelling at me, all right? Everyone at the same time.

Dru: We don't mean to be yelling at you, darlin'.

Neil: We want you to understand something here.

Devon: You want. You want. You want your rules, your house, your pictures around here, everybody smiling their heads off. You know, you guys just wanna make yourselves feel real good. Let's do a big favor for Devon. Let's let him stay in our apartment with us. All right, but if you guys just expect me to sit in the corner and shut up while I'm here, it ain't gonna happen.

Dru: Okay. Um, I wanna talk to him alone.

Lily: Look, it is okay, Devon, all right? We want you here.

Dru: Well... you know, you got us all wrong, but you're right about one thing, yeah. If you don't wanna take this leap of faith with us, you don't have to.


Nick: You realize what a huge risk you took going over there.

Sharon: I told you, I had hotel security on standby.

Nick: Yeah, I know, but I warned you not to have anything to do with that psycho.

Sharon: Nick, don't be angry with me, please?

Nick: Look, what you did was very brave, but it was also very foolish. So from now on there's no more taking matters into your own hands, all right? We're in this together. (Cell phone rings)

Nick: Hello.

Noah: Hi, Dad. I was wondering when you and Mom were coming home.

Nick: Hey, Noah. Is something wrong?

Noah: No, it's just we miss you guys.

Nick: Okay, well, we're just up at the main house. We'll be down in a few minutes.

Noah: Cool.

Sharon: Everything okay?

Nick: The kids are anxious for us to get home.

Sharon: Oh, well, we better not keep 'em waiting then.

Nick: Look, I meant what I said, all right? From now on, we fight Cameron as a team, promise?

Sharon: Promise.

Nick: We're gonna get you out of this. One way or the other, we're not gonna let this bastard bring us down.


J.T.: You okay?

Raul: Yeah, I'm fine.

J.T.: You were really letting Brittany have it.

Raul: She's marrying Bobby. Did you know that?

J.T.: Yeah.

Raul: Of course you did.

J.T.: Yeah, I told her she's crazy, but she thinks she's in love with the guy.

Raul: I really don't get it. You know what? She doesn't wanna be with me, that's fine. That's one thing. But Bobby Marsino? The guy's a freakin' sleazeball.

J.T.: Raul, I'm with you, man. Try convincing her of that.

Raul: Oh, I have. You know what? I don't give-- whatever. I'm out of here pretty soon anyway. She can do whatever she wants.

J.T.: Right, right. You're gonna head off to Boston, forget all about her.

Raul: Yep.

J.T.: I can't believe you're giving up this easily.

Raul: I can't tell her what to do. She wants to ruin her life, it's her life.

J.T.: Come on, man. This is you and Brittany we're talking about. You guys had something, man. You were good together. What if you just--

Raul: Look, I appreciate what you're trying to do, J.T., but it's over. It's over, okay? What Brittany and I had or what we didn't have-- it's in the past.

J.T.: Just like that?

Raul: You wouldn't understand.

J.T.: Raul, I've been in your shoes, man.

Raul: No, no, you haven’t. Listen, I know you loved Colleen, and I know you were a mess when she left, but it's not the same thing. You weren't already planning your future together, the rest of your life. I was. I thought I was gonna marry her, have kids with her, all of it. She should be wearing my ring on her finger, not Bobby's-- mine.

J.T.: Do something about it, man. Get in there and fight for her.

Raul: Why? She wants Marsino. I have to accept that.


Dru: Have a seat.

Dru: Now, um, I know you're overwhelmed by this. Lily's right. You have a lot to get used to. In a blink of an eye, everything changed. You were on your way up to Green Bay, that lockdown facility. Instead, you're in the high rise with my family. That's a big adjustment.

Devon: It's not like I don't want it to work.

Dru: Oh, I know you want it to work, and I know you're scared.

Devon: Listen, I don't-- I don't get scared, all right?

Dru: Yes, you do. You're talking to me. I won't tell anybody. But I know you can kinda get used to all this. And then just like that, it'll be gone. You'll be a ward of the state in another group home.

Devon: That's the plan, isn't it?

Dru: I can't speak for everyone in this household. A lot of that depends on you. But in a year and a half, you're gonna emancipate. You know what that means?

Devon: Yeah, it means no one can tell me what to do anymore.

Dru: And no one's gonna be helping you anymore either. You're gonna have to help yourself.

Devon: Who says I need any help?

Dru: I do. I say you need the help. And this is a good opportunity for you. Devon, I want you to be a part of this family, and all I ask is that you try to accept that.

Devon: I'm not-- I'm not used to all this.

Dru: But you could learn to get used to it. Don't look so sad. This is a good thing. It's a very good thing. It's worth following a few rules. Do you know what I'm saying?


Nick: Noah and Cassie, we're home!

Sharon: What the...?

Nick: Did you know about this?

Sharon: No. This is a complete surprise to me.

Nick: It's from Cassie. "Dear Mom and Dad, Noah and I know how stressed you guys are, dealing with all the horrible stuff going on in your lives, so we decided to do something special. Dinner's in the oven. The salad's in the fridge. We picked out a wine from the pantry. I hope it's the right kind to go with the meal. (It's the thought that counts.) There's a stack of Cds on the stereo. This romantic evening is just for you because we love you so much. Love, Cassie and Noah."

Sharon: Ohh. "P.S. We snuck out the back way. We'll sleep up at the main house tonight so you guys can have the whole place to yourselves."


Dru: Do you hear what I'm saying, Devon? You're not a guest in this house. You're a member of our family now.

Devon: That's not true.

Dru: It is true. I want you think of yourself that way and see what happens. Listen to me. This could be an exciting time for you in life. You're gonna be graduating in just a year and a half, and I'm not talking about graduating and skating by. I'm talking about graduating with style, a good GPA so you can go to college. How does that sound?

Devon: That sounds like you're dreamin'.

Dru: Well, you better start dreamin' with me if you know what's good for you. You're gonna work hard, and as long as you live under this roof, that's exactly what's gonna happen. You up for that?

Devon: Well, I guess I got nothing better to do.

Dru: No, you do not. Now welcome to the family, okay? And if you play your cards right, everything's gonna be just fine. And did I tell you? Once you get to know us, we're very good people. I'm-a go get Lily. She'll show you around the rest of the house.


Ashley: You know, that sounds like a threat.

Brad: I don't mean it to be.

Ashley: Well, how would you describe it?

Brad: Can't change reality, Ash. Your own words, remember?

Ashley: I know what I said. What do you mean by it?

Brad: Come here.

Brad: I love you. I've never felt about any woman the way I feel about you.

Ashley: Yeah, I love you, too. You have something else you wanna say?

Brad: You keep opening the door for Newman, taking his side against me. Now Abby’s gonna be riding his horses and swimming in his pool, eating his food, becoming more and more a part of his life. I don't know that I can take that.

Ashley: Brad, it's not that I'm taking Victor's side. I don't want our child caught in a tug-of-war. Can't you see that?

Brad: Don't you think it's inevitable?

Ashley: I don't want that for her.

Brad: I don't want it either, Ash. I didn't ask for any of this, but here we are.

Abby: Bye, Frances. See you tomorrow. (Door closes)

Ashley: Hey, sweetie.

Brad: Hey!

Abby: Hi, Daddy. Hi, Mommy.

Ashley: Hi.

Brad: Hi, honey. Oh, come here. Let me see those pearly whites. Whoa-oh. They are beautiful.

Abby: No cavities.

Brad: No cavities? Good girl.

Abby: Frances says we're gonna have a good time while Mommy's gone.

Brad: Good time? We are gonna have the best time, I promise. Mwah!

Ashley: I have to finish packing.

Abby: Can I help?

Ashley: You bet. You go upstairs. I'll be there in two seconds.

Brad: Okay, go.

Brad: I do love you. Don't ever doubt that.


Nick: Mmm. Wait, wait. Allow me.

Nick: I can't believe the two of them put this together all by themselves.

Sharon: I know. Pretty incredible, isn't it? It must be what all the whispering's been about recently.

Nick: And I didn't know Cassie could cook this well. I mean, chicken breasts and wild rice?

Sharon: It's a recipe I taught her.

Nick: Yeah, well, babe, you know, yours doesn't taste this good.

Sharon: (Chuckles) you know what? I agree. But even if this had been burnt to a crisp, I think it's one of the best meals I've ever had in my life.

Nick: We sure lucked out in the kid department, didn't we?

Sharon: Yeah. We couldn't have asked for two more wonderful children, even if they were made to order.

Nick: Well, Mrs. Newman, may I have this dance?

Sharon: Of course, Mr. Newman.

Sharon: Please don't let them take me away from all this. Please don't let them do that.

Nick: I won’t. You trust me, don't you?

Sharon: With my life.

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