Monday Y&R Transcript 7/19/04

Y&R Transcript Monday 7/19/04 -- Canada, Tuesday 7/20/04 -- U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Nikki: (Playing slow-tempo tune on piano) (door opens and closes)

Nikki: Hi. Back from your run.

Victor: It appears that way.

Nikki: You still mad? You barely talked to me last night.

Victor: It has nothing to do with you, okay?

Nikki: Then why won't you tell me what it's about?

Victor: Ashley Abbott was here to tell me that she and her husband have reached a compromise.

Nikki: Really?

Victor: Mmm.

Nikki: You're not happy about it.

Victor: They want me to submit to supervised visits, meaning any time I spend with Abby, either one of them will be along.

Nikki: What did you say to that?

Victor: To go back to her husband, tell him it's totally unacceptable.


Brad: Put your napkin on your lap here. Oh, one of Mamie's special blueberry muffins.

Abby: Uh-huh. They're my favorite.

Brad: They're my favorite, too. Oh, so good.

Abby: Then why are you only having one?

Brad: Well, because Dad has to watch the old waistline. You know, if I eat too many of these things, I might just explode. I might just pop. (Makes popping sounds)

Abby: (Laughing) don't be silly, Daddy. You wouldn't pop.

Brad: Well, I might. You don't know. Honey, why don't you come sit down, have some breakfast?

Abby: Yeah, Mommy, have a blueberry muffin. They're great!

Jack: Good morning, everyone. I hope you all slept as well as I did.

Brad: Morning, Jack.

Ashley: Honestly, Jack, your table manners are just atrocious.

Jack: It's just family. Are we really gonna stand on formality?

Ashley: It doesn't mean you should eat like a pig.

Jack: And what if I decide I should?

John: You know, you two will fight just about anything lately.

Jack: Well, not anything Dad. There's things we disagree on, right, sis?

Ashley: Well, hopefully, there won't be too many of those.

Jack: Well, I guess not. Now that I'm kicked out of the family business, I shouldn't have that much to argue with you about.

Brad: Oh, come on, Jack.

Jack: What? I say something wrong?

Jill: There you go, Bradley. There's the report you asked for, or should I say, demanded immediately? Oh, sorry, Abby. Anyway, if you'll all excuse me now, I've been up all night preparing that, and of course, you're gonna use it against me.


(Telephone rings) (Ring)

Sharon: Nicholas.

Nick: Hey.

Sharon: Thank God it's you. Have you talked to Detective Weber?

Nick: No, not yet.

Sharon: Oh.

Nick: Look, its okay. He's on his way. He's just a little delayed. I wanted to touch base and see if you'd seen Cassie this morning.

Sharon: Not yet, but I'm gonna have a talk with her as soon as she comes down.

Nick: I'll bet she's pretty upset right now.

Sharon: You're right. Thanks for calling, sweetheart. I love you.

Nick: I love you, too.

Cassie: Mom, I heard the phone ring. Did anything happen? Did Dad talk to the police? And did they figure out that it was Mr. Kirsten who killed...

Sharon: It's okay. You can say his name-- Frank Barritt.


Dru: Yes, Devon Hamilton, 16. New Promises, that's right. Well, actually, that office gave me your number, and that's why I'm calling you. Well, that's really great, except that he's transferring out today, and I was hoping that you could help me out. Perhaps you could squeeze one more bed into your facility. You can’t. I see. All right, well, thank you anyway. Right. Bye-bye. (Sighs)

Neil: (Whistles) good morning.

Dru: What's good about it?

Neil: Uh-oh. Now what?

Dru: Neil, I have been on the phone all morning long, trying to strategize away to keep this boy in Genoa City, and I'm just getting the runaround.

Neil: Well, you knew it wasn't gonna be easy.

Dru: Social services tells me that they may have a home for the boy, maybe when the family gets back into town.

Neil: What about another group home?

Dru: They're all full. And even if there were a bed available, it's questionable as to whether they could place him due to his track record. I'm so frustrated. I really don't know what to do with myself.

Neil: Sounds like you've exhausted all your options.

Dru: No, I haven’t. I'm not quitting, because I don't believe that boy belongs in Green Bay. I think it was the worst thing they could do for him.

Neil: Maybe it was the best thing they could do for him.

Dru: How? Starting over? Knowing no one? I did my research, and Green Bay is a very strict facility. It's run like a military academy, for crying out loud.

Neil: Come on, kids need boundaries, okay? Devon needs to learn that his actions have consequences.

Dru: And he's gonna learn all that in a lockdown facility. He's gonna learn something. I can tell you that right here and now.

Neil: Yes, he will learn that if it's his only option. Drucilla, I know you want to help, all right? It's commendable. I think it's wonderful, but you can only do so much. Devon has to step up to the plate and claim responsibility for his own situation.

Dru: What, you're blaming him? This is his fault?

Neil: No, but maybe if he hadn't caused so much trouble, they wouldn't be moving him.

Dru: You know, that's a very simple answer for a very complex situation, Neil.

Neil: Are we watching the same movie because I'm seeing the kid got himself into this mess.

Dru: Wrong. He did not get himself into this mess. He had parents that helped him, and now he has no one. He's going from one home to the next. Do you have any idea what that's like for him? Do you have any idea what that does to a child's head, for crying out--

Neil: No, no, sweetheart, I don't know, but I'm--

Dru: Then don't stand there and pontificate as though you do. I happen to know what that feels like. Yes, I remember feeling horrible and useless and worthless as though the world had nothing to offer to me, and I'm feeling maybe this kid might be going through that, too!


John: Jill, there is no need to be so abrupt.

Jill: Oh, I think I have every reason to be upset.

Ashley: Jill! Sweetie, why don't you go find Mrs. Martinez, and she'll help you get ready for day camp, okay?

Brad: All right, there you go!

Ashley: Don't be late.

Jack: Bye, Abby.

Abby: Bye, everybody.

John: Bye, baby.

Jill: See, I don't appreciate being accosted. I was having a perfectly lovely day yesterday.

Jack: You know what, Jill? You weren't the only one having a perfectly lovely day. Dad, who was that woman you were with at the club? I've never seen her.

John: You were there?

Jack: Well, not that you would have noticed. You seemed pretty caught up in your conversation.

John: Well, she's a lovely woman that I've met. I was very charmed by her and as a matter of fact, we have a date tonight. Does that tell you everything you need to know?

Jack: Well, not everything, but I guess it's a good start.

Jill: Anyway, Bradley, you have my report. You get back to me on it.

Jack: Wait, don't leave angry. Brad didn't mean to be rude, did you, Bradski?

Brad: Nothing personal, Jill.

Jill: Are you sure? Because I have the distinct feeling that I'm on your hit list, along with my men's division.

John: Jill, that is absolutely not true.

Jill: You know, back when we were frantically scrambling for money, Jack and I did discuss cutting the men's line just to survive, but that was before Victor's $75 million. Now there's all kinds of cash flowing through the company, but not one cent of it is coming to my division, not one cent.

Jack: You know what I think the problem is? I think the problem's me. You were loyal to me. They all were ready to say good-bye, good riddance, and you remained loyal. You're paying the price.

Brad: Oh, come on. Jack, you're being ridiculous. Jill, go easy on the paranoia. Every division is being scrutinized.

Jill: Yes, but almost all of them got some new cash flow, but not mine. What, are you gonna be axing the Ashley line next or just handing it over to somebody else to run?

John: Jill, we will read your report, and we will assess what's warranted. Now I personally guarantee you that your division will get a fair hearing.

Jill: Forgive me if I'm not totally reassured. What about you, Ashley? What do you have to say about this?

Ashley: No, I'm not in the mood. Excuse me.

Jack: Is it my breath?

John: All right, that's it. I'm going to the office.

Jack: Well, how about that? We can clear a breakfast table, can't we?

Brad: Allow me to make it unanimous. We'll go over this later.

Jill: Wow, are you getting a message here?

Jack: Have a muffin. You'll feel better.

Jill: (Chuckles)


Neil: Honey, listen. Um, I'm sorry, all right? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you.

Dru: You know, I don't know why that boy is under my skin like this. There are thousands of kids just like him.

Neil: I know. I'm sure you'd help them all out if you could.

Dru: They say people come into your life for a reason. A season and a lifetime, and I have to believe that Devon’s in my life for a reason, and maybe I'm supposed to give back or something.

Neil: Honey, I hope you're not suggesting again that that young man come here and live with us.

Dru: Oh, no, no, no, you've made yourself perfectly clear on that.

Neil: It's not cool, you know, it's not practical. Devon has some deep issues. He needs supervision. We need to focus and concentrate on our daughter Lily. We need to focus on our own lives.

Dru: But look at our life. Look at us. It's an embarrassment of riches, really. We've got money in the bank, a loving family. Why can't we reach our arms out around this boy who has nothing, Neil?

Neil: Honey, you know as well as I do there are plenty of happy, successful adults who overcame rotten childhoods.

Dru: But the odds were stacked up against them.

Neil: All right, maybe so, maybe so.

Dru: Look, you had a good childhood, Neil, and still the world was a cruel place. What's gonna happen to Devon if he doesn't have love or ever realize that he mattered in this world?

Neil: That's too deep for me. I'm not even gonna go there.

Dru: Why? Somebody has to!

Neil: Hey, where do we draw the line, huh? You know, follow me on this one. I mean, you and I, we read the paper. We watch television, right? We see, you know, people who start taking in stray animals into their homes. You know, they take in one and then another. They hurt every time they see a neglected cat or dog, but they keep taking them in anyway, you know? And then what happens? The house turns into a pigsty. The cats, they end up getting sick. They need medication. The dogs are starving. They need food. I mean, you end up right where you started.

Dru: How can you compare a boy to a dog or a cat? We're talking about a boy, Neil! I'm not talking about turning our home into an orphanage. One boy!

Neil: Okay, all right, stay with me then. If that's what we're gonna do, why Devon? Why not hold interviews, make sure that whoever we take in has the best possible chance of benefiting from this?

Dru: Right, let's hold interviews. Let's hold interviews! Could you be more cold?

Neil: I don't think being practical and thinking things through and seeing the potential consequences determines being cold.

Dru: What about intuition?

Neil: Yeah, I have intuition, all right. My intuition tells me that it would be a big, big mistake to take that kid in here.

Dru: Now you're speaking from logic.

Neil: No, I'm not speaking from logic.

Neil: I don't know how many times I can apologize today. Listen, I have to go to work. You gonna be okay?

Dru: Oh, I'm gonna be fine. I'm gonna continue to make calls, although that may be moot, because I'm sure the boy's on his way to Green Bay. But I'm gonna keep making calls.

Neil: All right, well, listen, if you need anything, then call me, okay?

Dru: Oh, yes.

Neil: Yeah. (Door closes)


Lily: Hey, I thought you'd be halfway to Green Bay by now.

Devon: No, Ms. Davis is driving me. I'm just meeting her here.

Lily: Have all your stuff packed?

Devon: When you move around as much as I do, you learn to travel light.

Lily: Hey, my mom was on the phone this morning. She's trying to find a place for you to stay here in town.

Devon: Why?

Lily: 'Cause I told her that you weren't happy about moving.

Devon: Well, that's cool of your mom, but you should have told her not to waste her time. She's not gonna find anything, especially on such short notice.

Lily: Well, you never know.

Devon: I've been through this before. I'll be sleeping in Green Bay by tonight. Counselors will probably have lights out by 8.

Lily: Let me give you my e-mail address.

Devon: You already gave it to me, remember?

Lily: Yeah, that's right. Well, make sure that you use it.

Devon: Yeah, we'll see.

Lily: You know, friends should keep in touch.

Devon: Oh, is that what we are? We're friends?

Lily: Well, I think so. Don't you?

Lorena: Good morning, Lily.

Lily: Hey.

Lorena: So, Devon, are you ready to go?


Michael: Thanks for coming by, Detective.

Hank: Sorry I was delayed.

Michael: No problem.

Nick: Did you talk to Cameron?

Hank: I did.

Michael: What did you find out?

Hank: Well, and I'm speaking out of school here, I realize, but I have to say, I don't much like Mr. Kirsten.

Michael: Yeah, well, the line forms to the right.

Nick: Did he explain to you why he was out of town all those months?

Hank: In fact, yes, and he had a somewhat plausible explanation.

Nick: Somewhat? Did you buy it?

Hank: I'm not a jury, Mr. Newman. I gather evidence and put it together in a way that makes sense and pass it along to the district attorney.

Nick: My wife didn't kill anyone.

Hank: Mr. Newman, if I had a nickel for every spouse who said that, I'd be retired. The fact is Mr. Kirsten's version of the events held together reasonably well. Now you gentlemen, on the other hand, are asking me to believe a very bizarre story.


Cassie: Well, I'm going to go down to the stables to say hello to the horses.

Sharon: Wait. Honey, don't you want to have a talk first?

Cassie: About what?

Sharon: I don't know. Whatever you want.

Cassie: Well, Mom, when you say that, it usually means that you want to get into something with me.

Sharon: Guess you know me pretty well. Frank Barritt was your biological father.

Cassie: Okay, Mom, we've been through this. I told Dad I never knew the man and as far as I know, he wasn't very nice to you, and he didn't want anything to do with me. And now he's dead. People die every day. You and Dad, you guys are the ones I worry about, not some guy that I've never even--

Sharon: You know what? You're overstating your case.

Cassie: What do you mean?

Sharon: Well, sometimes when we don't want to deal with something, we try to push it away.

Cassie: And you think I'm pushing too hard.


Ashley: Hi. I thought you were taking Abby to day camp.

Brad: I asked Mrs. Martinez to do it so we could talk.

Ashley: About what?

Brad: You were awfully quiet at breakfast.

Ashley: Was I?

Brad: I assume you have a lot on your mind.

Ashley: Well, I did speak with Victor about supervised visits with Abby.

Brad: Mmm, I'm sure he was thrilled about that.

Ashley: Yeah, he wasn’t.

Brad: Well, he's gonna have to get used to it, honey. Did you set up a visit?

Ashley: No, I didn’t.

Brad: Why not?

Ashley: Did you really think it was going to be that easy?

Brad: I don't see what's so difficult. I think we should just keep it simple, especially at first, maybe a lunch or something.

Ashley: I don't think Victor's gonna be interested in having lunch, honey.

Brad: Look, Ash, this should happen on neutral territory. I don't want to go out to Victor's ranch. I don't want him to come to our home, and I certainly don't want this to become a long, protracted visit. I think lunch is the perfect solution.

Ashley: Lunch is the perfect solution for you, but, trust me, it's not for Victor. He's not interested in supervised visits. That's not what he wants at all.


Victor: You've been standing there ever since I went up to take a shower?

Nikki: I've been thinking about what you said. You think this compromise is more Brad's than Ashley’s?

Victor: Yeah. She feels that he's pushing his interests over what's best for Abby.

Nikki: Did she actually say that?

Victor: Well, not in so many words, no.

Nikki: But you think that Ashley’s more inclined to let you see Abby by yourself than he is?

Victor: Yeah, but we all know he hates my guts, so...

Nikki: Victor, don't you think there's more to it than that?

Victor: Look, if he were really interested in what's best for that little girl, he would allow me, the biological father, to develop a relationship with her. His wife doesn't think it's a bad idea.

Nikki: Yes, but she is not the only one who has a say in this. Don't you see how you're interfering in that marriage? Do you even care?


Cassie: Look, I just want you to know that I'm okay. I guess that's why I'm kind of intense.

Sharon: You really are all right. I'm afraid that it might be bothering you down deep where you don't realize it.

Cassie: Look, Mom, I really don't think I'm about to explode or anything.

Sharon: Well, sometimes it's the little things that we don't feel right now, they turn out to be big things later on.

Cassie: You sound like you want them to.

Sharon: Of course I don't, but, honey, I think it's perfectly understandable if you had some questions or feelings.

Cassie: I think about it. Anyone would.

Sharon: And what happens when you think about it? I mean, you wonder, don't you, what he was like?

Cassie: You know, we studied genetics in science class. The way we turn out, so much of it's decided already because of who our parents are. Those little tiny strands of genes, some from your mother and some from your father. It's so small, but it's all in there-- how you're gonna look, maybe how you're gonna even feel about certain things. I never thought about it before, but now that Frank's dead, I realized I'm never gonna get a chance to know him, see if I'm maybe like him. It's good to know why you're the way you are.

Sharon: Cassie, you turned out so beautifully. You don't have to worry about that.

Cassie: If I had known who Frank was that day at the coffeehouse, things would have been so different. But you didn't want that, did you?

Sharon: Well, Frank came to town unannounced. We were surprised, and it just wasn't a good time. Honey, there was so much tension in the family already.

Cassie: Because of things you'd done. He was nice to me, Mom. He asked me about myself, how I was doing in school. And I realize now he looked at me the way a father would. Is that what you were afraid of, that I'd like him?

Sharon: I don't know, maybe. I didn't feel too lovable at the time myself.

Cassie: How fair is that?

Sharon: Not very. But if I had any idea that...

Cassie: You know, I know Frank didn't want anything to do with me when I was little, but maybe he changed his mind.

Sharon: That's not the way parenting works, sweetheart.

Cassie: But we'll never know, will we? I'll never know.

Sharon: No. I'm sorry about that. You know I would change it if I could. I'm so... I'm so sorry, honey.


Michael: Look, Detective, I've had a lot of clients in my time. Some of them are innocent. Some are guilty as hell, but I'm telling you, Sharon didn't kill anyone.

Nick: We are not asking you to drop the charges based on what we're telling you. We're simply asking that you focus at least some of your investigation on someone else, like Cameron Kirsten.

Hank: Mr. Newman, I just came--

Nick: Yeah, I know. You went over there. You had your little talk with him. He had his poker face going, and you bought it. He's lying. How can you dismiss someone as a suspect based on one conversation? Michael, I thought you said this guy was good.

Hank: I don't need this, counselor.

Nick: You know, don't worry about it, 'cause I'm gonna take off. But let me tell you something. All this evidence you got, it could have been planted, and it was. You need to keep looking. Baldwin, we'll talk later.

Hank: Everyone's Dick Tracy. Heck, he ought to try doing my job for a week.

Michael: I sympathize with you, Hank. I really do. I mean, you've got a caseload. You need turnover. You can't spend all your time on this one case.

Hank: I gotta get back to work.

Michael: Yeah, go work. Find the real killer. Sharon didn't do it.


Devon: Take it easy, man. I'll see you around sometime, all right? See you.

Lorena: Anyone else you want to say good-bye to?

Devon: No, I think that's it. But where's my regular social worker at?

Lorena: She quit, and since I still have my social worker's license, I'll be taking over for her. We really need to get going. I spoke with the director of the group home in Green Bay. They're expecting you in time for dinner.

Devon: Great, I can't wait.

Lorena: And you can work on that attitude while we're in the car.

Dru: Thank goodness you all are still here.

Lily: Mom, what are you doing here?

Dru: I need to speak to Ms. Davis.

Lorena: Devon and I were just on our way out.

Dru: Yes, this concerns him. May I have a word with you in private, please?


Sharon: Nick, any news?

Nick: Where's Cassie?

Sharon: She's down at the stables. Did Weber talk to Cameron?

Nick: Yeah, he did.

Sharon: Was he able to get anything out of that bastard?

Nick: Baby, you can't forget that Kirsten’s had a long time to put this plan together. He's a very smart guy. He thought of all the angles, so, yeah, Weber talked to him, but Cameron was ready for him.

Sharon: And I wasn’t. It's just so unfair.

Nick: Baby, we have been through tough times before. Do you remember? Matt Clark tried to frame me twice, but we got through it. If you don't do the crime, then you're not gonna go down for it. You have to hang on to that.

Sharon: You hang on to that, honey, okay? I'm just gonna hang onto you.

Nick: That works for me.

Sharon: I just want this whole thing to be over.

Nick: You and me both.

Sharon: Remember when I was in jail, and you came to see me? That guard wouldn't let you touch me. I wanted you so much.

Nick: That was killing me, too.

Sharon: Times like that make you really appreciate things you normally take for granted.

Nick: Oh, so you take me for granted. Thanks.

Sharon: No, I do not, Nicholas Newman. I just mean that with everything that's been going on and all this stress-- I don't know-- maybe we neglect each other a little bit, don't you think?

Nick: Now that should be a crime-- neglecting your husband.

Sharon: Well, what if I paid a whole lot of attention to you all at once?

Nick: Cassie's gonna be home soon.

Sharon: It's okay. She knows what it means when her father's car is outside, and her parents' door is locked.

Nick: You're right.

Sharon: I want you. I need you, Nicholas, so much.


Brad: You know, I really don't give a damn about what Victor thinks is perfect.

Ashley: Well, you can be sure the feeling is mutual.

Brad: We left our consultation with two renowned child psychologists with this compromise. The best way to proceed was supervised visitation.

Ashley: Unfortunately Victor doesn't agree.

Brad: Well, the experts came up with this. You and I are on board. I mean, who is Victor to say he just doesn't want to do it this way?

Ashley: He wants to get to know Abby. He wants Abby to get to know him, and he doesn't think it's possible with us hovering.

Brad: Well, let me say it again. I don't care about Victor's needs. I care about Abby’s needs, what's best for her. Why would that egomaniac think we're just going to hand our daughter over to him, especially with his track record as a parent?

Ashley: Honey, we're not calling all the shots.

Brad: That doesn't mean we have to surrender.

Ashley: It's not about surrendering. You know what the consequences will be for Abby if we fight him on this? I want to work with him. I don't want to alienate him.

Brad: I'm not fighting him, not anymore. I've agreed to a compromise.

Ashley: On your terms.

Brad: You know what? If Victor doesn't want to see Abby under these circumstances, with supervised visitation, no skin off my nose.

Ashley: It's not about you, though, Brad. It's about Abby, remember?

Brad: Exactly, which is why I am not backing down. He can see her with us present or not at all.

Ashley: And what if Victor doesn't agree with that compromise?

Brad: That's his call. If he wants to see Abby, he'll do it our way. Or you know what? Maybe she doesn't mean as much to him as he wants to believe.

Ashley: I don't like what I'm hearing at all.

Brad: Why are you so eager to accommodate Victor?

Ashley: Because he has certain rights, Brad, and I'm very nervous about challenging those rights.

Brad: His rights? What about our rights? What about Abby’s rights?

Ashley: I don't want this to be a battle. I want to work with him.

Brad: You know what, Ash? I'm working with him. Now if you want to take his side, just come out and say it.

Ashley: I'm not taking his side. I want us all to work together to find some kind of peaceful agreement that'll make this as nonthreatening and as positive as possible for Abby.

Brad: That can't happen. Victor spending time with Abby is threatening. Him spending time alone with Abby is even more threatening.

Ashley: It's threatening to you, Brad. It's actually not threatening to Abby.

Brad: She's a little girl. She doesn't understand what that man is capable of.

Ashley: You know what? He just wants to get to know her.

Brad: Oh, you know that for a fact, do you? Come on, you don't know what his agenda is. I'll tell you something else. I don't even think he knows what's going on in his own head. His children have abandoned him, he's got a big void in his life, and he wants Abby to fill it. Well, I'm not gonna let that happen. You're asking too much of me, Ash. I can't do it.


Devon: What do you think they're talking about?

Lily: Maybe my mom found a place for you to stay.

Devon: I doubt that.

Lily: Well, she said it was about you. What else could it be?

Devon: I don't know, but Ms. Davis does not look happy.

Lorena: I'm not sure what you're asking me to do.

Dru: Ms. Davis, I want you to know I know that you've taken over Devon’s case as a social worker. Yes, now I've been on the phone all morning trying to find a placement for this boy, and I know it's a very big ask, but do you think you could give me just a little more time?

Lorena: I'm afraid I can't do that.

Dru: Sure you can, Ms. Davis, just a couple of more days.

Lorena: Devon needs to be in Green Bay tonight. The arrangements have been made. I'm taking him there myself.

Dru: With all due respect, you and I both know that boy does not belong in Green Bay. He belongs here in Genoa City.

Lorena: That is not your decision.

Dru: Maybe it's not, but I have to do all I can to stop it.

Lorena: Look, Ms. Winters, I appreciate what you're trying to do, and I agree, Devon needs to be here in Genoa City.

Dru: Well...

Lorena: But he is a ward of the state, and the state says he can't stay here anymore. I'm sorry.

Dru: But, Ms. Davis...

Lorena: We have to be going. Excuse me.

Dru: What if I told you he could live with me?

Lorena: With you?

Dru: That's right, with me. What then?

Lorena: Then I would say that is a very different story. But I have to ask you, how does your husband feel about all of this?


Ashley: Brad, listen to me.

Brad: I'm through listening. I've made my position clear. You know what disturbs me the most? Whether or not you realize that you're sliding into Newman’s camp.

Ashley: Why does this have to be a competition between Victor and you?

Brad: Because that's what it is.

Ashley: Why can't it be three adults deciding what's best for our little girl?

Brad: Are you kidding me? That's exactly what I'm doing. Newman's standing in the way.

Ashley: You know, he says exactly the same thing about you.

Brad: Well, of course he does. You know what? We have to get to the office.

Ashley: Go ahead. I'll be in later.


Victor: What, are you under the impression that I created this situation? I didn’t.

Nikki: No, I'm not. Brad didn't either, but he's doing his best to deal with it.

Victor: By putting his wife in the middle?

Nikki: Do you really think that she's siding with you?

Victor: I think she realizes what is best for Abby. I can't say the same for her idiot husband.

Nikki: Well, she's married to him. Is driving them apart best for Abby?

Victor: I'm not interested in driving them apart, for heaven's sake, but I will not strong-armed out of my rightful role as a potential father to that girl. I'm her biological father.

Nikki: Please, I can't talk about this anymore. This family has other things to worry about.

Victor: Are you talking about the situation with Sharon? What's up with that, by the way? Why have I been kept out of the loop? I guess they don't need my help, do they? My son has made that abundantly clear.


Nick: Oh, my God.

Sharon: Hmm? What, honey?

Nick: I just thought of a way we can get you out of this mess.

Sharon: You did? Really?

Nick: It's a little off the wall, but it just might work.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Kevin: If you're smart, when you're out with John Abbott or any of those people, you'll forget I exist.

Nick: I do not want you going anywhere near this man.

Sharon: Nick, I may be looking at spending the rest of my life in jail.

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