Wednesday Y&R Transcript 7/14/04

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 7/14/04 -- Canada, Thursday 7/15/04 -- U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Michael: Nicholas, I believe you've been waiting for this lady.

Nick: Hey.

Sharon: Oh.

Nick: How you doing?

Sharon: A lot better now that I'm out of that horrible cell.

Nick: Did you get any sleep?

Sharon: A few minutes here and there.

Nick: Yeah, I've been there, remember?

Sharon: How are the kids?

Nick: They're okay. I took Cassie to the rec center, and Noahís at his day camp.

Sharon: And how's Cassie doing, I mean, really?

Nick: She's all right. She was a little quiet this morning, but honestly, I think she's more concerned for you than anything else.

Michael: Well, as soon as Weber gets back here with the paperwork, you can go home.

Nick: Bail's already taken care of?

Michael: We're set.

Sharon: Thank you, Michael. I don't know what we would have done without you, but look, before detective Weber gets back, there's something important I have to tell you, and it can't wait.


Gloria: Oh, thank you.

Gloria: Gee, this is the life, isn't it? How's your omelet?

Kevin: It's okay.

Gloria: Mine's delicious, just melts in your mouth. Have you ever had breakfast at a fancier place?

Kevin: I'd like it a lot better if I were wearing a fake nose and glasses.

Gloria: Honey.

Kevin: Mom, you know how many people in this stupid town hate me.

Gloria: Well, so you keep reminding me.

Kevin: Yeah, and guess what-- this is their private little sandbox. Yeah, they're all rich and powerful, and they wanna see me hanging from the highest tree.

Gloria: Oh, Kevin.

Kevin: Why couldn't we just go to the coffeehouse, get a doughnut or something?

Gloria: Because your brother set it up so we can eat here for free.

Kevin: Oh, great, free. That makes it all worthwhile.

Gloria: Will you please stop? No one's bothered you, have they?

Kevin: Well, this woman Gina looked at me like something she peeled off the bottom of her shoe. You know, I'm accused of torching her restaurant.

Gloria: Well, accused means nothing. Like you said, there's no proof.

Kevin: Can we just finish up and get out of here, please?

Gloria: Sweetheart, please, relax for me. This is such a treat, being in a ritzy place like this. Never know who you might meet.

Kevin: Neil Winters with a shotgun.

Gloria: What? What did you say?

Kevin: Forget it. Are you done yet?

Gloria: You know what you need, Kevin Fisher, hmm? A good job.

Kevin: Here we go.

Gloria: No, it'd be such a boost for your confidence.

Kevin: Mom, I went to go see my closest friend in Genoa City, and she wouldn't give me a job. What does that tell you?

Gloria: That you need to work on your anger.

Kevin: Fine. Whatever.

Gloria: No, I'm serious, and so is Michael.

Kevin: What?

Gloria: Your brother and I have talked, and he feels that you could use a little... how shall I put this?

Kevin: Shrinkage of the head, Mom? Is that the phrase you're looking for?


Phyllis: Hey, sleepyhead. Look who's awake here.

Daniel: Is that coffee I smell?

Phyllis: It sure is. It is piping hot coffee. Here you go.

Daniel: Thanks.

Phyllis: Yeah. So did you sleep well?

Daniel: Yeah, okay, I guess.

Phyllis: Good. Okay. How's the coffee?

Daniel: It's coffee.

Phyllis: Coffee.

Daniel: It's fine. Don't sweat it.

Phyllis: Good. Good. Good. Good. Yeah, I'm just excited, you know? Getting up this morning, making breakfast for my son just is cool.

Daniel: Well, it looks great. So where's what's his name?

Phyllis: Damon. Damon is his name. He's running.

Daniel: Why doesn't that surprise me?

Phyllis: What do you mean by that?

Daniel: He's just a big dude. I mean, heís...

Phyllis: He is a big dude.

Daniel: He looks like he's in great shape.

Phyllis: Yeah, oh, yeah, he is.

Daniel: So what's the deal? Do you love this guy? (Door opens)

Damon: Hello.

Phyllis: Hey. Hey, you.

Damon: Hello.

Daniel: Good morning.


Angelo: Boy, who says we don't got inflation? That's what I want to know?

Bobby: Class doesn't come cheap, buddy boy.

Angelo: Like I said, the tile in the ladies' room-- it's fine the way it is. When you see this estimate, you're gonna feel the same-- hey, Bob.

Bobby: Yeah.

Angelo: Is that what I think it is?

Bobby: Ange, don't get cute, all right?

Angelo: I asked a simple question.

Bobby: It's an engagement ring.

Angelo: Well, then congratulations. No, I mean it. If you're that far gone, I got nothing to say, but wish you all the luck in the world.

Bobby: All right, now give me that.

Angelo: Hey, hey, hey. But you know this cabaret thing, look, it's--

Bobby: Ange, don't even start with it, okay? The cabaret and me getting married, it's like a package deal. It's gonna happen. Nothing's gonna stop it.

Angelo: Well, I hate to tell you, because something could stop it, because money we ain't got.


Man: Brittany Hodges.

Brittany: Yes.

Man: I'm Dr. Napolitano. I partner with your surgeon Dr. Drayton. Have I come at a bad time?

Brittany: No, um... please come in.

Dr. Napolitano: Thank you.

Brittany: These are my roommates Raul and J.T.

Dr. Napolitano: Guys.

J.T.: How are ya, Doctor?

Dr. Napolitano: All right, good, thanks.

Brittany: I still don't understand. Why are you here?

Dr. Napolitano: Dr. Drayton's in surgery, but his nurse paged me and said you were experiencing some discomfort, so since I was in the area, I thought I'd check in.

Brittany: Wow. A house call. Well, that's awfully sweet of you. Please sit down.

Dr. Napolitano: Thank you. So what seems to be the problem?

Brittany: Well, I'm not really sure, but the past couple of days my face has felt sort of strange, like the skin is being pulled real tight.

Dr. Napolitano: Any bleeding?

Brittany: No, but it's been itchy. It's been driving me crazy.

J.T.: She tried to scratch it, but we wouldn't let her, Doctor.

Raul: Yeah, we told her we were gonna tie her hands behind her back.

Dr. Napolitano: What you're experiencing is perfectly normal.

Brittany: Really?

Dr. Napolitano: It's all part of the healing process. Since I'm here, why don't I take a look?


Michael: What is it, Sharon?

Sharon: I've been giving a lot of thought to what you and I talked about last night.

Nick: What is it?

Sharon: If... if maybe I should just come clean and tell Detective Weber the whole story.

Nick: I don't know. It sounds like a huge risk.

Michael: Nick's right about that, Sharon.

Sharon: I know. I know. I just--I can't help thinking it may be the only chance I have.

Nick: It may be too desperate.

Sharon: Sweetheart, I know that it's desperate, but I'm in a desperate situation.

Nick: Is it that bad, Michael?

Michael: I asked Sharon to hold off last night to give me some time to think.

Sharon: And you haven't told me what you've decided. Well, I'm gonna tell you what I've decided, all right? I have had all night to think about this and sort it out, and I know that it is a risk, but I think it's a gamble I have to take.

Nick: Babe, I can't let you do this.

Sharon: Nicholas, wait. Just let me talk, all right? I feel like my only chance here is to throw myself on the mercy of Detective Weber.

Nick: Baby, I don't like it. Everything you did, from the lies to the cover-up, it's gonna make you seem more guilty.

Sharon: Well, unfortunately, in Weberís mind, I don't think that I could look any more guilty right now. I don't think that he would have arrested me if he didn't feel that way, so wouldn't it be good if we at least gave him another suspect in frank's murder, rather than focusing all of his attention on me?

Nick: Look, we're not just talking about some minor offense here, babe. This is first-degree murder.

Sharon: I know. A crime that I did not commit, that somebody else did, yet all the evidence points to me, so what choice do we have but to show Detective Weber why that is? What really happened-- there's an explanation. It was a setup.

Nick: Such a bizarre, unbelievable story.

Sharon: Michael, you told me to have faith in the system. Well, I thought about that all night, but how can I trust in the system when I am withholding all kinds of crucial information? And how can we expect Weber to trust me when we're not even giving him the chance to go after the truth?

Nick: Some of the things Kirsten did, I don't think the most gullible person in the world would buy, let alone Weber.

Sharon: I just don't see that we have a choice here. I mean, the evidence stacking up against me at this point must be pretty overwhelming, but if Weber knew how this whole thing got started, just one terrible New Year's Eve that snowballed into a nightmare, maybe we could show him that he should be looking someplace else for his killer.

Nick: I don't know. What do you think?

Michael: My gut instinct is to still advise against it, Sharon.

Sharon: But I'm making a lot of sense. Look, I don't want to do this, all right? The last thing that I want is to reveal this whole twisted, sordid tale, but I really feel like it's my only hope, and at least then I would know that Detective Weber was dealing with all the facts, and I would know that I did everything possible.

Michael: I'm only here to advise you. The final decision is up to you. (Door opens)

Hank: Okay, well, your bail has been posted and processed, Mrs. Newman. If you just sign these papers, you're free to go. What is it, Mrs. Newman? Did you have something you want to say?

Sharon: Yes. Yes, Detective, I do.

Hank: Is this going to be a confession?

Sharon: No. I mean, not the way that you think, but I do have something to tell you. It's the truth and nothing but.

Hank: The whole truth. About what exactly?

Sharon: The death of Frank Barritt and who really killed him.

Nick: It was Cameron Kirsten.


Brittany: So what do you think?

Dr. Napolitano: No sign of infection. Any tenderness?

Brittany: No.

Dr. Napolitano: What about here?

Brittany: No.

Dr. Napolitano: Everything looks good.

Brittany: Really?

Dr. Napolitano: Really. You're doing fine, Brittany. Nothing to worry about.

Brittany: How much longer do I have to wear the patch?

Dr. Napolitano: A few more weeks.

Brittany: Aw, a few more weeks? I was hoping I could see my face before that.

Dr. Napolitano: I know the waiting is tough. Hang in there just a little while longer, okay? Okay, I have to get to the hospital.

Brittany: Well, thank you for coming over. I feel silly calling you.

Dr. Napolitano: No, donít. That's what I'm here for. I'll see you in a few weeks.

Brittany: Thank you.

Dr. Napolitano: You're very welcome. Have a good day. Gentlemen.

J.T.: See you later, Doctor.

Raul: Take care. Thank you.

Dr. Napolitano: Bye.

Brittany: Bye-bye.

Raul: Well, the doctor seems happy with your surgery.

Brittany: Yeah, unless there's something he's not telling me.

J.T.: Oh, come on. Stop being so paranoid. You heard the doctor. Give it a few more weeks. You'll be as good as new, I promise.

Brittany: I hope so, 'cause a few weeks is all I have.

Raul: What are you talking about?

Brittany: That's when Bobby's reopening his club. I've gotta be back on that stage.


Hank: You do realize, counselor, what your client just told me.

Michael: Well, Sharon felt she had no choice but to give you all the facts.

Hank: Mrs. Newman, you admitted that you dragged that dead body out of the mo--

Michael: It wasn't a dead body, Hank. It was Cameron Kirsten.

Nick: He was and is very much alive.

Hank: Though Mrs. Newman didn't know he was still alive, according to your story.

Nick: That creep was trying to rape her.

Michael: Sharon was defending herself.

Hank: Whatever, counselor. Let's just move ahead. So, Mrs. Newman, you go back for the body over a month later, only now it's Frank Barrittís.

Sharon: But I didn't know that. The body was wrapped in the same sheet that Cameron had been wrapped in.

Hank: So you take the body you presume is Kirstenís, put it in the trunk of your car, and then someone else takes it out and drops it down a manhole.

Michael: Into the sewer system.

Hank: And you think Cameron Kirsten killed Frank Barritt.

Nick: We don't think it. We know it.


Damon: Darlin', this was all absolutely delicious. However, I could have used more of these carbs before I ran.

Phyllis: I know. (Chuckles)

Daniel: So does my mother do this often?

Phyllis: Um... shh. Ha! Try never.

Daniel: (Chuckles)

Damon: Our mornings are usually pretty busy. This is quite an exception.

Daniel: Mornings are busy, huh? Doing what?

Phyllis: (Chuckles) um, we have very demanding jobs. (Chuckles)

Daniel: Damon, you're a chemist?

Damon: That's right. Jabot Cosmetics.

Daniel: You guys work for competing companies?

Phyllis: Yeah, we do, and it's not a problem for us.

Daniel: Oh. Well, I hope you guys can handle it. I mean, it didn't seem to work out so good for you and that guy Jack you were married to.


Gloria: Mm-hmm.

Kevin: Oh, thank God, the tab. Good. Let's go wait for the bus.

Gloria: Sweetie, sit down. Please? I haven't finished my coffee.

Kevin: Do I have to stay?

Gloria: Mm.

Kevin: (Sighs)

Gloria: Look, Kevin, I'm sorry if what I said before offended you.

Kevin: Nothing I haven't heard before.

Gloria: No, still, I--

Kevin: "Kevin's a whack job. Kevin needs to have his head examined." See? No big deal. I can take it.

Gloria: Look, therapy can be a really positive thing. My friend Loretta back home in Detroit, she--

Kevin: Let me guess, let me guess, let me guess. She went to go see a shrink, and it completely changed her life.

Gloria: Well, it did help her get through a very rough divorce.

Kevin: Mom, do I look like I'm crazy? Well, do I?

Gloria: No, honey, of course not. But, honestly, what would it hurt, talking to a professional, getting some of your troubles out? I know it would mean a lot to your brother, and I'm sure he would pay. The point is, Kevin, maybe you should see someone.

Kevin: Fine. Fine. I'll think about it, all right? Will that get you off my back?

Gloria: Thank you, honey. Now see? Was that so hard? Then once you start feeling better about yourself, we can start looking for a wonderful job for you. It's all up here, sweetheart-- the power of positive thinking.

Kevin: Or, you know, just learning to lie... really, really well.

Gloria: Look, once I start making some connections of my own in this town, I'll be in the position to help.

Kevin: Mom--

Gloria: No, Kevin, I want to. In fact, I'm making it my personal mission.

Kevin: Just help yourself, all right? Please, I can handle my own problems.

Gloria: No, Kevin, all I wanna do is--

Kevin: No, no, whatever you do, whatever you do, do not bring my name into it. I mean it, Mom. New town, new situation. You're gonna have your hands full trying to fit in, so don't worry about me. Just worry about starting a life for yourself.

Gloria: Well, honey, you never know. Maybe I can help us both a little bit. Mm-hmm.


Hank: (Sighs) if your story is true, Mrs. Newman, do you have any idea how many crimes you committed?

Sharon: But I didn't kill anyone.

Nick: We are trying to tell you who the real killer is.

Hank: Well, one could also say that it's a wild fabrication designed to keep your wife from going to prison for the rest of her life.

Sharon: Damn it. I am not a murderer.

Michael: Hold on. Hold on just a minute here, Hank. How long have you known me?

Hank: (Scoffs) too long, counselor.

Michael: Ditto. But do you actually believe that I would be a party to such an improbable story involving a client if I weren't certain it were true?

Hank: What I think, counselor--you're in a box. You don't have a lot of options.

Michael: You're right, but we're still dealing with a sociopathic killer who planned and executed what he believes to be the perfect crime. Sharon is just as much a victim as Frank Barritt.

Hank: Her prints are all over this thing. Now there's not a shred of evidence that ties it to Kirsten--nothing. After what Mrs. Newman has told me, there's enough to tie it to her, period.

Sharon: But don't you see? That was his plan.

Hank: Okay, ma'am, what's the motive? Why would he go to such extremes?

Sharon: Because he wanted me, Detective, and he couldn't have me. What's worse is I nearly killed him when he tried to rape me, and now he's set out to get his revenge.

Hank: Cameron Kirsten is a highly successful businessman.

Nick: He's also sick and psychotic.

Michael: Come on, Hank. You're a smart detective. You don't trust Cameron Kirsten. I know you donít.

Hank: What's your point?

Michael: Please. The way he mysteriously disappeared all those months-- do you really believe that story about him going to some island with an old girlfriend? I don't think so. He was setting Sharon up.

Hank: So you think he was in town the whole time?

Michael: If you don't believe us, talk to Grace Turner. She was with him, helping him.

Hank: Do you have her address?

Nick: She's staying with us right now.

Sharon: Yeah, now that she realizes how dangerous he is, she's afraid to go back to that hotel.

Hank: Is she still at your house?

Sharon: She was.

Nick: Unfortunately, we can't seem to locate her.

Michael: All the more reason to believe us, Hank, before Kirsten goes after her, too.

Hank: I'll handle this from here. Okay, you people go home.

Michael: You'll see Cameron Kirsten?

Hank: Just a reminder...

Michael: I know, I know. Don't leave town. Come on.


Bobby: Come on, Ange, what are you talkin' about?

Angelo: Well, it's simple. When we stopped being Marsino's, the money stopped coming in.

Bobby: Ange, anytime you upgrade a business, you have a transitional period.

Angelo: Oh, come on, Bobby. Wake up, okay? I mean, what, you wanna redo the restrooms. You wanna--you wanna spruce up the chairs, the tables, the bar. You wanna get 'em all sanded, stained and sealed. You wanna, uh, you want better flatware, better glassware, better china. You wanna put in new carpet. You wanna put in a bigger and a better kitchen. Now how is all that gonna happen?

Bobby: So we go in the hole, just like anybody else would.

Angelo: To who? Look it, when Freddie Hodges cut off our line of credit, we never got around to applying for a new one because we had cash flow. Now it's too late. We couldn't borrow 10 bucks from a bank because we got no income.

Bobby: Did somebody tell you that I needed cheering up? Because you're doing a lousy job of it.

Angelo: Well, somebody's gotta think about bringing money in the door.

Bobby: Ange, I'm thinking about it. I'm on it, all right? Now this cabaret--Marilynís-- it's like a wedding present from me to Brittany. It's a promise that I made. Now there's gonna be a lot of hard work, and it's gonna be some tough times, but we're gonna do it. We're gonna change this whole reputation for a strip club into something new and different.

Angelo: Yeah, but, but--

Bobby: No buts! Okay, let's just get started on it, because I'll tell you something. There's no way I'm going back on my word to that girl.


Raul: Brittany, you're still planning on singing for Bobby?

Brittany: Did you think I changed my mind?

Raul: Well, you just haven't talked about it in awhile. I assumed that--

Brittany: You assumed what, that I gave up on my dream? You still don't understand. Even after all this time, you think that singing is just something I do for fun. It is so much more than that.

Raul: Look, Brittany, I know. All I'm saying--

Brittany: It's a part of me, Raul. I'm sorry if you don't get that.

Raul: I do get it. I'm just saying, there's so many other places you-- you know what? I don't wanna do this. I'm done doing this. I've already said my piece. You know how I feel. What you do is up to you.

Brittany: I'm feeling kinda tired. I'm gonna go lie down for awhile.

Raul: (Sighs in frustration)


Cameron: Detective Weber, right?

Hank: You have a good memory, Mr. Kirsten, considering we only spoke briefly one time.

Cameron: Yeah, yeah, right, when I had to come to the police station to prove I was still alive.

Hank: Yeah, right.

Cameron: I'm sorry. My manners. Come on in.

Hank: Well, I'm sure my visit is unexpected.

Cameron: No, actually. You're here because of the death of a man named Frank Barritt, right?

Hank: What makes you think that?

Cameron: Well, I imagine Sharon has been telling you the same lies she's been telling her family-- that I'm somehow connected to this crime, and now I'm trying to frame her.

Hank: Is it true you had a brief affair with her some time ago in Denver, Colorado?

Cameron: Well, I don't know if I'd call it an affair.

Hank: What would you call it?

Cameron: Well, I think the polite thing to call it would be a one-night stand.

Hank: Oh.

Cameron: Look, the truth is I didn't even remember her until I came out here on business last winter, and, uh, I realized who she was.

Hank: Nicholas Newmanís wife, you mean?

Cameron: Yeah. Yeah. A little awkward, to say the least.

Hank: I would imagine so.

Cameron: Unfortunately, Sharon didn't forget. She was, uh, she was angry. She was bitter, and eventually paranoid, and then she dreamed up this crazy story.

Hank: Why do you suppose she did that?

Cameron: I don't know. Maybe it's her way of protecting a rocky marriage?

Hank: Were you angry about it?

Cameron: What, was I angry about the fact that she-- she's been slandering my name? Yeah, yeah. Just a little bit. In fact, I was even considering filing a lawsuit against her.

Hank: Why didn't you?

Cameron: Well... (sighs) look, Detective, life is--life is too short to spend in litigation.

Hank: New Yearís Eve, Mrs. Newman claims you tried to rape her at a local motel room. She hit you over the head with a bottle.

Cameron: Please, stop, stop. Trust me, I've heard this story a thousand times in all its grisly detail. Don't tell me you believe this. The woman's a head case.

Hank: I'll tell you what I do find strange.

Cameron: What's that?

Hank: The tale of you flying off to some island with an old girlfriend, without a word to the man you're right in the middle of business negotiations with.

Cameron: Her husband.

Hank: Yeah.

Cameron: You got me, Detective.

Hank: Are you confessing?

Cameron: Yeah, to lying to the Newmans about where I was. What you think I'm talking about?


Damon: Daniel? I think your mother and I will keep a handle on the, uh, the Phyllis/ Damon end of things. You can cross that off your list.

Daniel: Cool. Uh, so, Mom, after breakfast, should we start looking for a place together?

Phyllis: Uh, I-I haven't-- I haven't really thought that far ahead. Um... y-you know, Damon-- Damon has an office upstairs. We can just clear it out, and--'cause he doesn't really use it and put a little--

Daniel: That's not gonna work. No, come on. That's not gonna work, is it? You can't ask the guy to move out of his office. This isn't even your place, and now you're gonna try and move me in here?

Phyllis: I... I didn't know that you were thinking that you wanted to stay here permanently.

Daniel: Well, don't you? Or am I reading things all wrong?

Phyllis: No. I mean, I-I want us to be together.

Damon: Can I, um, can I just tell you what I think I'm hearing here? You're not real square with the idea of staying here with your mother and me. That's all right if that's the way you feel.

Daniel: Yeah, well, it's just, my mom and I have never lived together, except when I was a little kid. I just think it might be good if we got a place of our own.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Daniel: You know, if that's a problem, then I can just start looking for my own place, you know, get, like, a little 1-bedroom that's furnished and-- is that what I should do? All right, look, it looks like you guys definitely need to talk about this, so I'm gonna take off for a little while. I'll just--I'll give you a call a little bit later, Mom.

Phyllis: Okay. Mwah!


(Basketball bounces)

J.T.: Hey, Raul, I'm outta here, man.

Raul: Where are you goin'?

J.T.: I'm gonna go shoot some hoop with the guys at school, break in my new basketball.

Raul: Have fun.

J.T.: Wanna come?

Raul: Nope. Thank you.

J.T.: Oh, come on, man. We need another guy.

Raul: No, no, I don't feel like it.

J.T.: So what are you gonna do, sit around here and mope? I mean, come on, raul. You knew this was gonna happen. You can't expect Brittany to give up on her dream.

Raul: God, I donít. All right? There's just a million other places she can sing. Why does she gotta go sing at Bobby's?

J.T.: You don't want her to get hurt again.

Raul: No, I donít.

J.T.: 'Cause you still got feelings for her.

Raul: I'm always gonna have feelings for her.

J.T.: Then why don't you do something about it, man?

Raul: Don't start with me.

J.T.: No, I'm serious.

Raul: She wants marsino.

J.T.: No, she only thinks she wants Marsino.

Raul: J.T.--

J.T.: Get in there and fight for her, man.

Raul: No, what's the point? She's already made up her mind.

J.T.: So that's it? Just gonna give up?

Raul: Yeah. It's all I can do. I told Brittany that I was gonna stand by her during her surgery, and it looks like she's getting better now, right? So that's it. We're done.

J.T.: Just like that?

Raul: Just like that.

J.T.: What are you gonna do when Brittany comes stumbling in at 8 A.M. after spending the night with Marsino? You gonna be cool with that?

Raul: Well, it's not gonna make much of a difference, 'cause I'm not gonna be here.

J.T.: What are you talking about?

Raul: I'm moving out.


Gina: Nice to see you, John. It's been awhile.

John: Oh, I've been a bit busy lately.

Gina: Here, how's this? Oh, by the way, Jack was in the other day.

John: Mm-hmm.

Gina: He looks fantastic. He's so tanned and relaxed. Has he been on vacation? You know, he even mentioned something about buying a sailboat.

John: Oh, Gina.

Gina: What's the matter? Bad news?

John: For Jabot, yes. Fortunately, my son is-- oh, he's--he's making the best of it, or making a good show of it, if nothing else.

Gina: You don't sound all that convinced.

John: There's a lot been going on at the company in the past few months. It's, uh, I'll fill you in very soon.

Gina: John Abbott, I swear--

John: Look, Gina, I have not been avoiding you. There's been turmoil at the company, day in, day out. Itís... endless.

Gina: Well, you shouldn't be carrying that on your shoulders, whatever it is.

John: Thank you for your concern as always.

Gina: So how about some breakfast? The usual?

John: Yeah, would you, please?

Gina: I'd like to sit and talk to you, but, um, I'm expecting a big party any minute.

John: We'll catch up soon.

Gina: Yeah, right. I'll make sure that, uh, you get some orange juice.

Gloria: Oh! Uhh!

John: Oh, my goodness.

Gloria: Oh, I'm such a klutz!

John: Are you all right?

Gloria: Oh, I'm so sorry. I-I didn't mean to disturb you.

John: Did you hurt yourself?

Gloria: What? Oh, no, no. I'm fine. I-I, uh... I guess I was just, um... look, could I make a little confession?

John: Certainly. What's that?

Gloria: I-I wasn't watching where I was going because, well, I-I overheard your name just now--John Abbott. You wouldn't be the John Abbott, the man who founded Jabot Cosmetics?

John: Well, I confess. As a matter of fact, I am.

Gloria: Oh, my gosh! I love your products! I've used them for years. It's such an honor to meet you.

John: Thank you for such kind words, Miss...

Gloria: Uh, Fisher. Gloria Fisher.

John: Fisher.

Gloria: Uh-huh. Is--is something wrong?

John: No, no, no, nothing. I just know somebody with that last name. Then again, it's not very rare, is it?

Gloria: Well, again, I'm so sorry to have bothered you... John.

John: Look, Miss, there's no need to rush away. Uh... would you care to join me for some coffee?

Gloria: Well, uh...

John: I realize you've already had breakfast...

Gloria: But I wouldn't be intruding?

John: Not if I invited you.

Gloria: Oh.

John: Please? I would enjoy the company.

Gloria: Well, in that case, you're on. I'd be delighted to join you.

John: Wonderful. Waiter?


Damon: Would you like to talk about it?

Phyllis: About what?

Damon: What just happened with your son?

Phyllis: Okay. I'm game. What just happened with my son?

Damon: You couldn't see it?

Phyllis: See what?

Damon: The way he was working you.

Phyllis: He wasn't working me.

Damon: Yeah, he was.

Phyllis: No, he wasnít. How?

Damon: He was trying to get you to structure your life the way that he needs it.

Phyllis: Really? That's hard for me to believe.

Damon: He makes a good point. The two of you never have had any real time just to be together.

Phyllis: I know, but--

Damon: What you gonna do? You gonna follow through with what Daniel wants, look for a place for the two of you?

Phyllis: Uh, I don't know. I don't know. It's all happening so fast. I just... I just need to figure out what's best.


Angelo: Bobby, I mean, you think I like telling you your shiny new dream is unrealistic? Okay, I mean, I like to see you happy. When things are good for you, they're good for me. We're partners.

Bobby: Mm, don't forget, you're still on probation with me.

Angelo: I know, I know. I screwed up, okay? I should have never called Mr. Lewis the way I did. But I mean, look at how things turned out. I mean, he's in the cooler, and we got this place all to ourselves. We could make some serious money here, but you can't pay tiling contractors with cocktail napkins, and you can't keep the lights on with love.

Bobby: Ange, I got it, okay? We're short of cash. So, Mr. Bright ideas, what do you think we should do? No, absolutely not.

Angelo: Yes.

Bobby: Ange, absolutely no stripping in this place. That's the reputation we're trying to get away from. If we don't, the cabaret's never gonna fly.

Angelo: Yeah, but it's got a better chance if we try that, Bob.

Bobby: No, absolutely not.

Angelo: Yeah! Hey, look it, you've gotta stop fighting this, okay? When this place is jumpin', it's like we got our own printing press making our own money, and now we get to keep all of it.

Bobby: Yeah, it won't work.

Angelo: For who, you? Or is this about Miss Brittany getting upset?

Bobby: Ange, what's the difference? I made her a promise, and if she agrees to marry me, it's gonna be the biggest promise of my life, and I'm not gonna start our lives together by backing out on a deal, okay, Ange? It's not gonna happen, and I'm not gonna let that girl down, not now, not ever.


J.T.: Moving out? What the hell are you-- when did you decide this?

Raul: A few days ago. And I didn't know how to tell you.

J.T.: Hold on a second, man. Let's talk about this.

Raul: No, there's nothing to talk about. I can't live here. I can't live under the same roof as Brittany and not want-- I canít. I can't do it.

J.T.: So what are you gonna do? You gonna go crash with your parents for awhile?

Raul: I'm not staying in Genoa City.

J.T.: What?

Raul: I'm leaving town.

J.T.:You're kidding, right? You're serious? Raul, look, man, I know things are a little complicated and difficult with Brittany right now, but leaving town just because of her-- don't you think that's a little extreme?

Raul: I've made up my mind. This is what I have to do.

J.T.: No, it's not what you have to do.

Raul: Okay, J.T., Seriously, enough. You're either gonna be supportive, or just don't-- don't say anything.

J.T.: When are you leaving town?

Raul: I don't know, but soon. Look, I got a bunch of errands I gotta run. Have fun playing basketball, huh?

J.T.: Yeah, sure.


Hank: I still don't understand the purpose of your lie.

Cameron: You may or may not know that my company's under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. I just thought it was, uh, best that I not be in Denver while the investigation was pending.

Hank: Why, because you're guilty of something?

Cameron: No, no. Because my offices were under siege by the media.

Hank: So you were hiding out here in Genoa City.

Cameron: I don't know if I'd call it hiding out. A few of my key employees always knew where I was, but they were pretty much sworn to secrecy. And of course, I was always available to the investigators if they wanted to ask me any questions, which they never did.

Hank: Okay. So where were you staying? Here?

Cameron: Mm-hmm.

Hank: Alone?

Cameron: No, no, with my girlfriend.

Hank: Grace Turner.

Cameron: Yeah.

Hank: I wanna talk to her.

Cameron: Well, unfortunately, we had a little breakup, and I'm not sure where she is.

Hank: Okay, listen, if you hear from her, have her call me immediately.

Cameron: Look, Detective, I've got nothing against the Newmanís. Despite Sharonís absurd accusations, I like 'em. I like Nick. I even tried to hire him to come work for me.

Hank: Okay. Well, Mr. Kirsten, uh, that'll be all for now.

Cameron: All right. Listen, come by anytime you feel like it. I've got nothing to hide.

Hank: Thank you. Have a good day.

Cameron: You too. See you.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Daniel: We need to do something. We need to make something happen that'll get everybody to change the way they look at you.


John: I have to say this to you. You're a breath of fresh air.


J.T.: Still pretty fascinated with that earring you found, huh?

Cassie: There has to be some story behind it.

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