Monday Y&R Transcript 7/5/04

Y&R Transcript Monday 7/5/04 -- Canada, Tuesday 7/6/04 -- U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Chris: You said you need to talk about Daniel.

Phyllis: That's right.

Chris: How did dinner go?

Phyllis: Oh, it was absolutely incredible, Christine. Daniel and I really related to each other. It was... well, it was a magical evening.

Chris: I'm glad. Although, I'm confused. If it went so well, why the need for this talk?

Phyllis: Well, um, I wanted to talk to Danny about the conversation I had with Daniel. You know, I wanted to make sure he didn't get upset.

Chris: Why would he get upset?

Phyllis: Well, I don't know. Maybe he wonít. That's why I'm anxious to talk to him.

Chris: And I already told you he's not here. You'll have to settle for me.

Phyllis: You'll do.


Daniel: Well, do you have anything to say?

Danny: Daniel, where is this coming from?

Daniel: Just answer my question.

Danny: What is it you want me to tell you?

Daniel: You know, finally I know the big secret that everyone's been trying to keep from me-- that I'm not really your son. I mean, were you ever even thinking about or planning on telling me?

Danny: So this is what Phyllis laid on you? Because there's a lot more to it.

Daniel: Then tell me the rest. And I want to know everything or I'm walking out that door!


Grace: Let go! Get your hands off me.

Sharon: I want answers from you, Grace, right here, right now.

Grace: What do you think I could possibly tell you?

Sharon: Don't you realize by now that your boyfriend is up to his eyeballs in murder?

Grace: Are you still on that kick?

Sharon: I never got off of it.

Grace: Cameron had nothing to do with that body you keep harping about. And if it does exist, you're only trying to cover your own tracks.

Sharon: Are you really that stupid? Nick and I tell you about it, you tell Cameron, and the very next day, it turns up after missing for months.

Grace: Wait a minute. You're telling me a body was found?

Sharon: Quite a coincidence, don't you think?

Grace: Not really.

Sharon: Don't you see what is happening here?

Grace: Yeah, I see just fine. You're scared to death because you killed someone and that person's been found. And your whole ugly house of cards is about to collapse.


Cameron: Well, what do you know? Nick Newman.

Nick: You don't waste any time, do you, Kirsten?

Cameron: I beg your pardon.

Nick: The police found the body. What a surprise.

Cameron: Anybody ever tell you got a one-track mind?

Nick: When someone's trying to railroad my wife, you're damn straight I do.

Cameron: Ah, so there actually was a body. Where'd they find it?

Nick: Cut the act. We both know you arranged for it to be found.

Cameron: Why would I do that? Since according to you, I killed this person.

Nick: Well, that part I couldn't quite figure out until you were pushing me to call the cops myself.

Cameron: I don't understand, Nick.

Nick: I know you are trying to frame my wife. You must have done something to implicate her.

Cameron: You know, this is all very interesting, but, uh, I want to talk about something else. Let's talk about... Denver.

Nick: Yeah, let's do that. 'Cause I'm dying for another reason to bust your face.

Cameron: And that hurt, by the way. Which is why I think the least you could do is let me tell you how that night really went down.


Mac: Did you hear me? Are you even listening to me?

Kay: Yes, Mackenzie, I heard you. You said if I didn't stop drinking that you would walk out on me. You would abandon me.

Jill: Katherine, Katherine, you're such a strong woman. You don't need that crutch.

Arthur: We're here to help you.

Mac: Grandma, please. Hey, put the glass down, okay?

Kay: I can't! Do you understand?! I-I cannot! I'm really, terribly sorry, everybody, but, God help me, I canít. Just... Macken--

Kay: I canít. I canít.


Lily: Mom! Mother!

Dru: What? That's my name. Don't wear it out, Lily.

Lily: Don't make jokes. I am so angry with you right now!

Dru: What'd I do now?

Lily: Oh, just ruined my life, that's all.

Dru: Here we go. The teenage drama queen.

Lily: I am serious, Mother. Why did you have to go to the rec center and get in Devonís face?

Dru: First of all, I didn't get into Devonís face.

Lily: No, no, that's okay. I can guess why. You were being overprotective again and treating me like a little kid.

Dru: Who told you--Devon?

Lily: No. He never said a word. He would barely even speak to me. I heard it from someone else.

Dru: Well, I'm sorry you are upset.

Lily: What did you say to him?

Dru: None of your business. It was no big deal.

Lily: Oh, well, then why does Devon suddenly want nothing to do with me, huh? Since your little talk with him, he's been totally ignoring me.


Sharon: I didn't kill anyone. Cameron is trying to set me up to take the fall for a murder that he committed.

Grace: Shut up. I am tired of you trashing the man I love.

Sharon: Wait, Grace. Deep down, you have to know it's true.

Grace: Unh-unh, Sharon. You tricked me into doubting Cameron once. Believe me, it won't happen again.

Sharon: Look, I realize that you desperately need to believe that this man you're in love with would not do anything so horrible, but, Grace, I honestly believe this could be the worst mistake of your life

Grace: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Sharon: I am talking about you being an accessory to murder.


Nick: I already know exactly what happened in Denver.

Cameron: Yeah. I'm sure Sharon told you some twisted version.

Nick: You're the twisted one.

Cameron: The truth is that your wife came into that bar. She was lonely, she was miserable, and the two of us talked for hours.

Nick: What about?

Cameron: We talked about everything-- about life, her marriage, the men in her past.

Nick: Like that would ever happen.

Cameron: Oh, it happened. Apparently she was involved with some ranch hand, uh, some guy named Diego.

Nick: You know about Diego?

Cameron: I know about Diego. I know about Matt Clark. I know about her past with Cassie...

Nick: All right, just hold on a second.

Cameron: How she got pregnant at 16 and had an illegitimate child with some football jock named Frank, uh, what was his name? Frank--Frank Barritt, right?

Nick: Sharon told you about all that?

Cameron: And then some. Then one thing led to another, and, well, she took me up to her room, and... I gotta tell you, Nick, it was a wild night-- a night I won't forget as long as I live.


Brock: Do you realize what you're saying? You're choosing alcohol over all of us who love you.

Nikki: That's not really what you want. That's not the choice you want to make.

Kay: No. No. No, it's not the choice I want.

Nikki: I know.

Kay: It is the only choice I can make.

Nikki: No.

Kay: Yes. I'm so sorry. Oh, God, I'm sorry. I just...

Arthur: Then this is good-bye. I'm sorry, too, Katherine. You'll never know how much.

Gina: Good-bye, Katherine.

Kay: Gina, no.

Gina: God bless you.

Kay: Gina, no. Gina.

Lauren: So long, my dear, dear friend.

Kay: Lauren. Lauren, please, not-- please, Lauren, donít...

Elizabeth: Katherine, how can you do this? You're surrounded by so much love.

Kay: Well, if all of you love me so much, then why can't you just stand by me?!

Esther: No, Mrs. C., We can't do that. Thank you for all the wonderful years. I will never, never forget you. I love you, Mrs. C.

Kay: Oh... oh, sure, you do. Sure, you do. All of you do. Nikki, please don't--

Nikki: You know I love you so much.

Kay: I just-- don't, Nikki. Please donít. Nikki, please don't go.

Nikki: I have to go. I have to go, too.

Kay: No, no. Don't say that. Please don't go, Nik--

Nikki: I love you.

Kay: I-I love you, too. I really do.

Nikki: You'll be in my heart and prayers forever. I love you.

Kay: Please donít. Please don't go, Nikki. Please donít...

Jill: Katherine, at least we had a little time together as mother and daughter. I so wish it could've been longer. I love you, Mother.

Jill: Bye.

Kay: I knew in the end you would desert me, Jill. I-I knew that.

Brock: Oh, my, you were-- you were a vital, strong woman.

Brock: It tears at my soul to see it all come to this. You take care, Mother. God be with you.

Kay: So this is my funeral, is it? And you've said your last farewells. Well, thank GodI lived long enough to hear them.

Mac: Grandma.

Kay: Oh, come on. Not you. Not you, too, Mackenzie.

Mac: What am I supposed to do?

Kay: Well, you're supposed--

Mac: You've obviously made the choice to die. So there's nothing else I can do now except to say good-bye.

Kay: All right. Do you know what? Then you just go! You never loved me! You never did! Just go and leave me alone! I don't need you, Mackenzie! I don't-- I don't need any of you!

Brock: Come on.

Kay: I don't! I-I don't need any of you! (Door closes)

Kay: I... I donít... I-I don't need any of... I don't need any of you.

Kay: Yes, I... yes, I do. No, I donít. Yes, I do. No, I donít. Yes, I do. No, I donít. Oh, my God, help me.


Dru: Lily, I-- I didn't talk to Devon to deliberately make you upset, okay? So don't be mad at me.

Lily: I know you can't help yourself sometimes, but could you please try to keep from going so overboard?

Dru: I cannot keep that promise. You're my baby girl.

Lily: I'm not a baby, okay? And I'm not stupid. I can take care of myself.

Dru: Can you? You sure about that?

Lily: Look, I know I have made some dumb mistakes in the past.

Dru: Well...

Lily: But Devon is nothing like Kevin. So could you please give him a break? And me, too.


Chris: So let's hear it. What do you need to explain?

Phyllis: Um, I told Daniel everything.

Chris: You did what?

Phyllis: Well, I told him about his life. His life, Christine.

Chris: When you say, "everything," what exactly do you mean?

Phyllis: Well, "everything" is everything.

Chris: You're not talking about--

Phyllis: His paternity? The fact that Danny is not his father? I-I think that's it.

Chris: How could you possibly do something so cruel?

Phyllis: Excuse me. Daniel wanted to know the truth.

Chris: Kids want lots of things. That doesn't mean you give them what they want.

Phyllis: Oh, my goodness. First of all, Daniel is not a kid. He's a young man, and he's terribly interested in the truth about his past. He was going to find out sooner or later. He's living here in Genoa City. I felt there was no reason not to be honest.

Chris: Oh, you had no reason.

Phyllis: Oh, well, I'll be honest. He kinda twisted my arm. He refused to have dinner with me unless I told him the truth.

Chris: I see. So once again, it's all about you. Did you give two seconds of thought to what it might do to that poor kid?


Danny: Phyllis had no right to do this, especially not this way.

Daniel: What do you mean, "not this way"? She's the only one that told me the truth. I mean, that is so much more than I can say for anybody else.

Danny: But it's not the truth, Daniel.

Daniel: Then enlighten me. If there is more, then let's have it.

Danny: I don't want to say things that I know are gonna hurt you.

Daniel: Listen that is just an excuse. So if you have something to say, just say it!

Danny: I will! All right. God, help me. I'll tell you.

Danny: I'll tell you everything you want to know.


Kay: Well, now, aha, it's just you and me, old friend. Yes, indeed. And you certainly are not going to abandon me now, are you? No. No. Thank you.

Kay: (Coughs) oh. Oh, Katherine, you're so tired. You are so tired.

Kay: Oh, yes. Oh, so very, very tired..


Cameron: That little wife of yours, Nick, she is a bad, bad girl.

Nick: You know nothing about my wife.

Cameron: Oh, trust me, pal. I know more than you think.

Nick: You wish.

Cameron: I know that she's beautiful and very feisty.

Nick: Ah, then you must also know she hates your guts.

Cameron: Well, it's a thin line, isn't it, between lust and hate?

Nick: Don't flatter yourself. My wife isn't turned on by predators like you.

Cameron: Come on, Nick. You gotta admit, just between us guys, Sharon is one hot ticket. It's gotta be rough, though.

Nick: What?

Cameron: Having a wife who constantly turns to other men whenever things get just a little out of whack at home.

Nick: You know, you sure do have a lot of information about my wife.

Cameron: Mm-hmm.

Nick: How'd you get that?

Cameron: Sharon told me. How else would I know?


 (Furniture rattling) (Bells ringing)

Rex: Katherine!

Kay: Rex?

Rex: Katherine.

Kay: Oh, my God, Rex.

Kay: Is that-- is that really you?

Rex: Yes, Kay, it's me.

Rex: You're in trouble, aren't you? I never knew you when you were drinking. I'm glad. I'm glad I didn't live to see the wonderful woman that I love reduced to this.

Kay: Well, I have a right to live my life the way I want to, don't I?

Rex: No, Katherine, not when so many others suffer because of it.

Kay: Well, if you were still here, perhaps things would be a lot different.

Rex: I doubt it. You just turned your back on everyone that cares about you. Why would it be any different with me?

Kay: I can't believe this is happening.

Kay: Phillip, you're here, too. You dear, sweet boy.

Phillip: I'm glad you remember me.

Kay: How could I... Jillís son with my husband Phillip. It wasn't your fault. You were the sweetest young man.

Phillip: Only one flaw-- I couldn't stay away from the booze. How close we were, the bond we formed, despite my mother's objections?

Kay: Oh, God, Phillip, I loved you so much. I did.

Phillip: And you were a grandmother to me, even though we didn't know then--

Kay: That Jill was my daughter.

Phillip: She fought me having anything to do with you.

Kay: Yes, she did.

Kay: But we became even closer after that, didnít we?

Phillip: I'm grateful for all the time that I had with you, but we could've had more time... if it wasn't for the liquor that killed me. That day that I got in the car, stupidly behind the wheel, drunk... you lost your husband Phillip the same way-- drunk driving.

Kay: Phillip. Your father.

Phillip: Only you were behind the wheel then. And now... liquor is just as surely gonna kill you.


Danny: Your mother Phyllis is an extremely manipulative woman, and when she wants something, she will break all the rules to get it.

Daniel: Go on.

Danny: She wanted me, Daniel, so she broke up my marriage to Christine.

Daniel: You mean you cheated on Christine with her, don't you?

Danny: No, not once.

Daniel: Yeah, right. You never slept with Mom. So when she came to you and told you she was pregnant, you said, "oh, okay. We've never had sex, so the kid must be mine."

Danny: Your mother was already pregnant by another man. She had no problem using it to entrap me once she knew. I met your mother at a party. Daniel, she slipped something in my drink, took me back to her place and staged this whole illusion that we had this incredibly hot night together. But I didn't trust Phyllis for one second, so once you were born, I demanded a paternity test.

Daniel: I don't understand. If the paternity test came back negative...

Danny: It didnít. The test proved that I was your father. Chris and I split up. Ultimately, I married your mother. And I didn't find out for a long period after that that Phyllis had rigged the test.

Daniel: Did she admit it to you?

Danny: No. No. She fought incredibly hard to keep the truth from me. And if it hadn't been for Chris, I might never have found out.

Daniel: How does Chris fit into all this?

Danny: Because, Daniel, once I suspected that something wasn't right, Chris helped me investigate the lab, the computer records. They'd been falsified. Blood samples had been switched. Don't you see? Phyllis--Phyllis had perpetuated this charade that I was your biological father. By then, years had gone by, and--and I loved you. I loved you in every way that mattered. You were my son. And then things fell apart between your mother and me.

Daniel: So what? So you guys got a divorce?

Danny: Once I realized that I had been deceived from the beginning, I couldn't live with that woman. And there was no way that I was gonna leave you in her hands.

Daniel: Why not?

Danny: Because, Daniel, no normal and rational person would have done the things that she did. And I was afraid for you. I didn't want you growing up with that kind of influence. Look at me. That's why I fought so hard to get custody of you. With Chris' help, I won.

Daniel: You're not even my real Dad. I mean I still can't believe that they just let you have me.

Danny: Because I had raised you ever since you were a baby, and your mother was declared unfit.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, she told me that.

Danny: Daniel, that's the story. That's the true story. I can't tell you how much it hurts me when you say that I'm not your father. Because I am, and I will always be.


[Drucilla remembering.]

Mamie: Drucilla, what a nice surprise. Come in. I've been thinking about you.

Dru: Yeah.

Mamie: So how you gettin' along, hmm?

Dru: All right.

Mamie: Found a job?

Dru: Did I say I was lookin' for a job, Aunt Mamie?

Mamie: Now, Drucilla, you have got to be lookin' for work. How else do you expect to survive?

Dru: I keep hopin' I'll win the lottery or something.

Mamie: Girl, how in the world do you manage, no job, no money? I worry about you.

Dru: I'm okay. I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself. I've got some friends. Just running a little low on cash again, that's all.

Mamie: Oh, you're back for more money. Drucilla, you just can't--

Dru: Hey, if you can't do it, then I'm outta here. But, you know, cool it on the lectures.

Mamie: Would you like something to eat? I could always fix--

Dru: I'm not hungry, Aunt Mamie. I'm broke.

Mamie: I got a letter from your mother.

Dru: You told her I was here?

Mamie: No. Just pure coincidence. How long since you've seen her?

Dru: I'm not keepin' track.

Mamie: How long since you've seen your sister?

Dru: Hmm. Not long enough.


Dru: I was no different than you, Devon... a lifetime ago. And what are you doing?


Chris: Your son wanted nothing to do with you up until tonight.

Phyllis: Well, all that's changed. Now he knows the truth.

Chris: Your truth.

Phyllis: Oh, and by the way, I didn't actually paint an unrealistically flattering picture of you, Christine.

Chris: I can only imagine what you told him.

Phyllis: I had a real conversation with my son. A real conversation, something I'd only dreamed about. So don't interfere if you value your happy little life.

Chris: Are you threatening me?

Phyllis: You tore my son away from me. That was your doing.

Chris: Oh, no, that was your doing, all of it--the lies, the way you used people. You dragged an ex-boyfriend back here and drugged him to get a sample of his blood to cover up your little secret. God, look at me. I still get this worked up when I think about the monstrous things that you have done.

Phyllis: Anything you're going through right now is nothing compared to the pain that I've felt. You took my son away from me, Christine. That was you! I told my son the truth tonight. I said nothing but the truth. And as I said before, he was bound to find out sooner or later.

Chris: So you decided all by yourself the time was now?

Phyllis: Let me get something straight. I'm gonna tell you right now. I love my son. I love him more than words could say. And I'm warning you-- I'm warning you and Danny-- don't screw up my relationship with my son, because then I won't be responsible for my actions.


Daniel: My mother really did all those things?

Danny: I'm afraid so.

Daniel: Why?

Danny: Because she knew that I would never walk away from an obligation to a child I already adored.

Daniel: So what she wanted was to keep us together-- the three of us, a family.

Danny: But she was so devious, Daniel. Don't you see it? Phyllis hurt so many people.

Daniel: I don't know what to think. I mean, I am so screwed up, I don't even know who I am.

Danny: Yes, you do. Son, you are the same wonderful person that I've loved ever since you were a child.

Daniel: No, Dad, no. I can't handle this right now.

Danny: Daniel, don't walk out.

Daniel: I have to go. I'm sorry. I just... I can't be here.


Phillip: It's so sad, Katherine, not only for you, but for my mother. She wanted to spend more time with you.

Kay: You really believe that, Phillip?

Phillip: I'm sure of it.

Rex: And then there's your granddaughter.

Kay: Mackenzie.

Phillip: And all those people who love you. All those special people.

Rex: Katherine, you don't need this.

Kay: Yes, I do. Oh, yes, Rex, I do need it. I do.

Rex: No, you donít. Stop the nonsense. You're acting like a spoiled child. Give me the glass.

Kay: Don't leave me, Phillip. Rex, please don't leave me.

Rex: This can be the first day of the rest of your life if you choose to make it so. Baby, let me remind you of something. It's a long time on the other side of that grave.

Phillip: It's an eternity.

Rex: Good-bye, Katherine.

Kay: Don't leave me. Please don't leave me, Rex. Phillip, please. Phillip, Rex, please. Oh, God, donít... oh, oh, God. Please--please don't leave me.

Kay: Am I dreaming?

Kay: Rex? (Whispers) Phillip? Phillip? (Normal voice) Rex?

Kay: The first day of the rest of my life.

Kay: So be it.


Nick: Let me tell you what I think happened that night in Denver.

Cameron: Oh, be my guest. I love good fiction.

Nick: You come across this woman in a bar. She's lonely, depressed, vulnerable. You get her into bed. You take advantage of her vulnerability, and then you beat her up because you're sick and that's how you get your kicks.

Cameron: Oh, please, baby. I'm a lover not a fighter. But your unshakable faith in your wife is admirable.

Nick: You are right about one thing, though.

Cameron: Oh, yeah, what's that?

Nick: All women pale in comparison to my wife. And no one knows that better than me.

Cameron: And your point is?

Nick: She could drive a man to do crazy things.

Cameron: What kind of crazy things?

Nick: Oh, you were obsessing about her for months. Then you go to New York City, hook up with Grace Turner, and then the two of you come up with this plan to destroy Sharonís and my life.

Cameron: Buddy, you know what? You got an active imagination.

Nick: I'm not imagining it. Grace already confirmed it.

Cameron: Now that I find difficult to believe.

Nick: Believe it. Sharon heard it, too.

Cameron: Look, you have your story, I have mine. Why don't we just let the police sort it out, huh?

Nick: You're so damn cocky and full of yourself. Let me tell you something. If you did anything to connect that body to my wife, you'll be the next one they find in that sewer. And that's a promise.


Grace: If you're trying to scare me, Sharon, it's not working.

Sharon: Then you're dumber than I thought. Because my husband will go to the ends of the earth to prove that I didn't kill anyone.

Grace: So?

Sharon: So if your lover boy expects me to take the rap for something he did, it's only a matter of time before Nick finds out the truth.

Grace: Aren't you the confident one?

Sharon: Because I know I didn't kill anyone. But you, on the other hand, can't be certain that Cameron didnít. You know, I pity you, Grace. Because Cameron is just using you. And as soon as you have outlived your purpose, you will be a disposable commodity.

Grace: What are you implying, he'll do me in?

Sharon: I wouldn't put it past him. He's a dangerous man, Grace. He's a psychopath. And even if he lets you live, you could be looking at spending your life behind bars.

Grace: Why? I didn't do anything.

Sharon: You are an accessory to murder, unless you start cooperating.

Grace: How?

Sharon: I need you to tell me everything you know about that body and what he did to try to tie me to it.

Grace: How many times do I have to tell you, Sharon? I don't know anything about a body.

Sharon: Fine. You know what? You stick to that story. But you let me remind you, you already admitted that this whole mess started when you came to town trying to destroy me. And wouldn't it be ironic if you destroyed yourself instead? Unless Cameron did it for you.


Officer: Hank, we've got a possible I.D. on that floater.

Hank: Yeah?

Officer: Coroner's still running tests on the body, but it looks like it could be a match to a missing person's report last winter out of Madison.

Hank: Okay. You got a name?

Officer: Yeah. Barritt. Frank Barritt.

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