Wednesday Y&R Transcript 6/30/04

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 6/30/04 -- Canada, Thursday 7/1/04 -- U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Jack: So that's it, Victor? You offer us salvation with one hand and slit our throat with the other.

Nikki: I don't believe this.

Jack: Oh, believe it, Nikki. Folks, this is why you don't have a meeting like this in your own boardroom. When you're profoundly insulted, you can't stand up and walk out.

John: Now just a moment, Victor. You cannot mean this-- "fire Jack."

Victor: I do mean it, John.

Brad: Or there's no offer?

Victor: Not as long as Jack Abbott is part of your company.

Ashley: You have it in for him. That's a completely separate issue. That $75 million is ours. You owe it to us for illegal restraint of trade. You were convicted of that.

Brad: It's a trade-off for not taking you to court and dragging you through another degrading experience.

Victor: You and I and everyone here knows that I can afford a long, drawn-out court battle. You cannot.

Ashley: Victor, that money is ours.

Victor: It is not, unless you fire Jack.

Ashley: You're dead serious about this, aren't you?

Victor: Never more so.

Jill: Well, the rest of you can stand here and listen to this. I'm not going to. Victor, you have gone way too far.

John: Jill. All right, Victor, the joke's over. Let's get back to reality, shall we?


Phyllis: Right there. There. Okay.

Neil: What in the world?

Phyllis: I'll be with you in a sec.

Neil: Now this looks like the command center at NASA.

Phyllis: Oh, no, no, no. The only thing we're launching here is the success of Newman Enterprises' cosmetics division.

Neil: Good. Why so many computers?

Phyllis: Well, I'll tell ya. I connected all these laptops up to the main server, okay? So that way I can work on more than one page simultaneously. Also--also if you give me something to add to the web site, I could do it in real time.

Neil: Wow.

Phyllis: Yeah, also if you give me new product, I can feature it on the web at once.

Neil: Very impressive, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Yeah, oh, my gosh. I was up all night working this out. You know, we don't want to let any grass grow under our feet if we want to smoke the competition, right? Hey, Dru, I didn't see you there.

Dru: Didn't I tell you she was gonna pull some of this passive-aggressive crapola? Didn't I tell you that...

Neil: What?

Dru: That she was gonna do something sneaky?

Phyllis: W-what are you talking about?

Dru: Do you think we don't see through the game that you're playing?

Neil: What?

Phyllis: Well, I'm just trying to do my work here. Neil, have I done something wrong?


(Door opens)

J.T.: What's shakin', princess?

Brittany: Nothing.

J.T.: Hey, hold on a second. Well, I'll be damned.

Brittany: What?

J.T.: That stuff Raul gave you is really working.

Brittany: You think so? You can see a difference?

J.T.: Yeah, absolutely. It's what, been, like, a couple of days? That's amazing.

Brittany: Well, I thought it looked better, too, but I wasn't sure if it was just wishful thinking. Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me.

J.T.: Well, then your mind's playing tricks on both of us, 'cause you look good, really.


Sierra: So we're still waiting to hear the real story.

Lily: Forget it, okay?

Cassie: Lily, come on, why won't you tell us what happened?

Sierra: Yeah, we have to work with the guy, too, you know?

Daniel: Yeah, if you call that working.

Lily: Do not hassle him, okay, please. Devon had a bad enough night as it was.

Sierra: What, 'cause of the cop showing up?

Lily: You know what? Can we just change the subject?

Cassie: We can ask Mackenzie. She was there, right?

Lily: You guys!

Sierra: Fine, just 'cause all the excitement happened after Cassie and I left...

Lily: Are you kidding? There was plenty of excitement before that, right, Daniel?

Daniel: Whatever.

Sierra: Oh, he's so blasť.

Lily: Maybe that's how you impress an older woman.

Sierra: Come on, what were you and Mac doing off by yourselves while we were watching that movie, huh?

Cassie: Maybe they were looking for the other earring, like this one from the little girl's party.

Daniel: Why is that so interesting to you guys?

Lily: You have to admit it's kind of a weird coincidence.

Cassie: Yeah, we're watching this old home movie, and these earrings are a birthday present, after we found one in the bottom of that file cabinet.

Daniel: Yeah, well, if this is what we're gonna talk about again, I'm gonna get another espresso so I don't nod off.

Cassie: Jeez, were you always this way?

Daniel: What way?

Cassie: Like, so cynical?

Daniel: Listen, if finding that earring was the most scintillating experience that you guys have had in awhile--

Sierra: Hey, finding jewelry is always a scintillating experience, okay?

Daniel: Well, isn't anyone gonna introduce me?


Gloria: (Humming)

Gloria: Aah! (Turns off vacuum) oh, Michael, good lord, don't scare me like that.

Michael: You don't have to do that. I have a housekeeper who comes in and cleans.

Gloria: Yeah, but I was just so bored. And I remember what you told us about wanting to keep things neat and orderly.

Michael: Fine, fine, fine, fine. I just don't want you vacuuming, okay? You might bump something I don't want bumped.

Gloria: Okay, okay, whatever you say.

Michael: All right.

Gloria: You're the boss.

Michael: Got it.

Gloria: Where's Kevin, by the way?

Michael: I don't know. Staying out of trouble, I hope.

Gloria: That boy has way too much time on his hands.

Michael: Yeah, well, it's not easy finding employment these days.

Gloria: Tell me about it. He was working as a bookkeeper, right?

Michael: Part-time, until he got fired.

Gloria: He's like me. So full of energy, he needs to be doing something.

Michael: Energy. For what it's worth, your little baby boy's problems go a lot deeper than that.


John: Now, Victor, I'm going to ask you again. Now you don't really mean this, "fire Jack"?

Victor: John, I don't know how I could say it more clearly.

Jack: He's right, Dad. He said it all. Get rid of me and the money is yours. Nothing subtle or ambiguous about it.

Ashley: I don't suppose you could find a way to separate your feelings for Jack from your obligation to compensate us.

Jack: No, Ash, he won't do that. He can't do that, and he's not here out of any sense of obligation, believe me. He doesn't care who this hurts, whether it's you, Ash, with whom he has a special bond.

Brad: Jack.

Jack: Or his wife, who has worked tirelessly for this company, or my father, who has always treated him with respect. No, he doesn't care, and you, Brad or Jill, or any other employee who has been feeding their family on Jabot wages, as far as Victor's concerned, they can get another job, or they can starve. Isn't that right, Victor?


Lily: Daniel Romalotti, Kevin Fisher.

Kevin: Hi.

Daniel: It's good to meet you.

Sierra: Her other friend here is only 14, so we won't introduce her. I'm sure you'll understand why.

Kevin: Listen--

Lily: Save it, Kevin.

Kevin: No, please, let me just say this. I want you to know that all that internet stuff is behind me. I hardly even log on anymore.

Lily: Can we not have this conversation?

Kevin: You still haven't forgiven me.

Lily: Try never.

Sierra: Yeah, Colleen hasn't, either, by the way. You know, you can't just say "sorry" after what you did and expect people to be all nice about it.

Kevin: Still, when your father handed over that detective's log to the police, you had to be okay with it. You had to know about it, or else he wouldn't have done it. So I owe you a thanks. You saved my life, which you probably regret, but just know that I'm grateful.

Lily: Let's go, you guys.

Sierra: Gladly.

Kevin: Lily. Lily, look, I know that we're never gonna be friends, but I just hope that one day you won't see me as the enemy.

Daniel: Well, you really know how to clear out a room.


J.T.: What's wrong?

Brittany: No messages.

J.T.: Are you expecting to hear from somebody?

Brittany: I was hoping Vobby called when I was in the shower.

J.T.: Didn't you talk to him yesterday?

Brittany: Yeah, but I want to make sure he's okay.

J.T.: Oh, I'm sure the guy's fine. He's probably having the time of his life.

Brittany: How can he be having the time of his life? He's in hiding.

J.T.: You know, you should use this time apart as an opportunity.

Brittany: To do what?

J.T.: Figure out what you want, who you want to be with. Brittany, you're 20 years old. You're way too young to settle down.

Brittany: Who said anything about settling down?

J.T.: I'm gonna remember you said that. (Door opens)

Raul: Hey, guys.

J.T.: Where you been?

Raul: Shopping. For you. I picked up some of that makeup. I thought you might be able to work some of your magic, not that you aren't gorgeous already.

Brittany: Thank you, Raul. That is so sweet. I'm gonna put some on right now.

Raul: Okay.

Brittany: I'll be right back.

Raul: What?

J.T.: Dude, you better wake up.


Dru: Phyllis, cut the crap, okay? Load up your rocket ship and go back to your old office.

Phyllis: I told you last night, this is my office.

Dru: It's not up for negotiation, okay? Get out.

Phyllis: I'm not leaving, okay? I worked my butt off last night. I'm not going anywhere.

Neil: Come on now, ladies. I'm sure we can work this out amicably.

Phyllis: You know what, Neil? Also another idea-- I was thinking of adding virtual cosmetics to the web site. That way women can look at their colors on a simulated head, and they can see how they look before they buy.

Neil: That is a terrific idea.

Phyllis: Also, I added flash animation to a couple of the pages just to spice things up. I want you to see it.

Dru: You know what? I can think of a way to spice things up by putting my fist through your face!

Neil: Okay, okay, hey.

Phyllis: My God, Neil.

Dru: Now get it straight. There's not enough room in this office for the both of us.

Phyllis: I'm not sure if there's enough room in the building.

Neil: Okay, ladies, is this any way to make a good impression on your new boss?

Dru: No, of course not. Of course not, honey. She has an old office that she can go back to. I don't have any space.

Phyllis: Neil, it's a closet, okay? I need to spread out. I have a very important job to do.

Dru: I have the important job, and you know it.

Phyllis: I'm sorry. What is that job? I've forgotten. Could you tell me?

Dru: Okay, one more time-- I am the director of the newly consolidated cosmetics division here at Newman Enterprises.

Neil: All right, stop it! That's enough bickering out of both of you. If you don't learn how to get along with each other, then you're both out of here.

Phyllis: He's right. You shouldn't argue about a stupid office, Drucilla.

Dru: I'm not arguing about bupkis 'cause your butt's getting the heave-ho.

Phyllis: Neil, I can't possibly leave, okay? I'm already set in here. I'm spread out, you know? I need all the space I need to get my job done.

Neil: She does have a point.

Dru: What? Neil, don't be naive. This is not about the real estate. It's about the pecking order-- who's higher.

Phyllis: Well, we all know the answer to that.

Dru: Yes, we do. Yes, we do.

Phyllis: Yes, that would be me. I have seniority here at Newman Enterprises. You're a novice. Besides, I was already offered this office.

Neil: You were? By whom?

Phyllis: Victoria-- before she left.

Dru: Yeah, like we could believe that. Is that true?

Neil: If so, I certainly haven't heard about that.

Phyllis: Are you calling me a liar?

Dru: Absolutely.


Victor: You can put this any way you want, Jack. As far as I'm concerned, Jabot Cosmetics will be far better off without you at the helm. In fact, I think I'm doing your company a favor.

Jack: It ain't gonna happen, Victor, not in a million years. Now I'm going to go do my job, which is putting this company back on its feet. I'll leave it to the rest of you to throw this bum out of the building. Feel free to do it by way of the window.

Jill: How dare you? How dare you walk in here and tell us how to run our company? My God, if we came to you and started dictating to your upper management, you would explode.

Victor: Unlike your C.E.O., I would not put myself in a position where you could do that.

Brad: Who says we have, Victor? Sure, we're in a financial jam, but there is a limit to what some people will do for money.

Victor: You are in a financial jam because of the pompous arrogance of the man who just left this room. He turned down my bona fide offer of $75 million without strings attached. Now there's a condition attached to it. Think about it. My offer's on the table till tonight.

John: Victor, just a moment! That's ridiculous! You have the nerve to call that a good faith offer?

Victor: John, you thank your son for the trouble this company's in.

Ashley: Victor, $35 million and we keep Jack.

John: Wonderful! I had to come home for this.

Brad: I knew the guy was a tyrant.

Jill: Tyrant? He's a monster.

Nikki: Look, I don't agree with what he did, but I cannot stay here and listen to you trash him.

Jill: Nikki, what do you expect us to say, that he's a great and generous human being?

John: Nikki, I understand that he's your husband and how you feel, but he's allowing his personal animosity to warp his judgment.

Nikki: John, I had no idea this was his intention.

John: I know that, dear. I know that.

Jill: I don't think that you belong here right now.

Nikki: I agree.

Jill: You know what? It was ridiculous of us to expect a fair and reasonable offer from Victor when he is holding all the cards.

Brad: We can still sue him.

John: Bradley, be realistic. We don't have the resources, financially or emotionally. We need all of our strength just to keep going. Maybe we get lucky, and five years down the road, we win a judgment. Now what kind of victory is that? Besides, Victor knows damn well we can't do it.

Jill: Great, all right, so we just motor on from here. All right, just motor on from here.

Ashley: Wait a second. Don't you think we should at least examine the offer?

Jill: What did you say?


"The Young and the Restless" will continue.


Daniel: So you're just gonna keep standing there?

Kevin: Why should I talk to you? How do I know you're not just gonna be some spy for your little girlfriends?

Daniel: Whatever. There's a chair if you want to sit or not.

Kevin: As you can tell, your friends don't really like me very much.

Daniel: You know how girls their age are. They're all gonna stick together.

Kevin: How old are you?

Daniel: How old do you think I am?

Kevin: I don't know. 20?

Daniel: Try 16.

Kevin: You're 16? You don't look 16.

Daniel: It's just a number. It doesn't mean anything.

Kevin: One second. Excuse me. Hey, can I get a coffee and a sugar doughnut, please? You want anything?

Daniel: No.

Kevin: That's it.

Trevor: Sure.

Kevin: Health food.

Daniel: Sure.

Kevin: My brother's always bugging me to eat better. Oh, well.

Daniel: So what were you saying about the internet?

Kevin: Oh, it's how, uh, it's how Lily and I met. We used to sort of go out. It's a long story.

Daniel: So you mean you go online to meet women.


Gloria: What do you mean, Kevinís problems go deeper?

Michael: Kevin... Kevin is stuck in a time warp, dating from when he lived with you and terrible Tom as a kid. He finds it difficult to function with people. He's a mess socially.

Gloria: Then we'll just have to help him.

Michael: He needs professional therapy.

Gloria: Oh, stop. All he needs is a steady job and lots of encouragement.

Michael: Mother knows best, is that it?

Gloria: Well, with all my self-help books, yeah, I think I've learned a bit about human behavior.

Michael: (Chuckles) like how to avoid a beating from an abusive husband, eh?

Gloria: There's good and bad in everyone, Michael.

Michael: Yes, and you always managed to hook up with the bad, didn't you?

Gloria: Let's not do this, please. This is about your brother, not me.

Michael: You barely know my little brother. Until recently, you hadn't seen him for years.

Gloria: Yes, but all that's changed now. Now I want to help.

Michael: Well, have you considered that it might be too late? You weren't here to watch him suffer his total meltdown, were you?

Gloria: Well, maybe if I had been, I could have made a difference.

Michael: Maybe when Kevin was 10 you might have done him some good. He's a grown man now.

Gloria: He just needs to find himself.

Michael: Find himself. Let's face it-- my little brother needs so much more than either one of us can give him. He needs friends, self-respect, a normal social life.

Gloria: A girlfriend maybe.

Michael: It couldn't hurt if it were the right girl.

Gloria: Well, then we'll just have to help him find one.

Michael: Oh, my God. With your track record, you're the last person who should be playing cupid.

Gloria: You must know dozens of well-connected people in this city. Surely, you can find somebody who will give Kevin a job.

Michael: Not a chance. Anyone who knows me or my little brother wouldn't even consider hiring Kevin.

Gloria: You know, you said something like that that day at the hospital, about how all these people hated you.

Michael: So...

Gloria: Well, why, Michael? You're handsome. You're successful and oh, so smart. Why would anyone dislike you?


Raul: I do something wrong?

J.T.: It's more like what you're not doing.

Raul: And I'm supposed to understand that?

J.T.: You're still in love with Brittany.

Raul: J.T.--

J.T.: That wasn't a question, Raul. Anybody can tell by looking at you that you're still crazy about that girl. Now you're helping her out with the scar stuff, going out and buying her makeup. Raul, it's pathetic.

Raul: So you're saying I shouldn't help her get through this?

J.T.: I'm saying you should stop being such a wuss. Either be with her or don't be with her, but make a decision and stick with it.

Raul: Or what?

J.T.: Or you're gonna wind up getting hurt.

Raul: By who?

J.T.: Bobby Marsino.

Raul: Bobby Mars--

J.T.: No, Bobby wants her bad, man, and he's moving fast.

Raul: I don't--whatever.

J.T.: Look, I'm serious. He's making big plans for the two of 'em. He's even throwin' around the "m" word.

Raul: Hold on a second. You're not telling me that he's thinking about--

J.T.: Yeah. Yeah. Bobby's gonna ask Brittany to marry him.

Raul: What? When did he say this?

J.T.: Last night. He stopped by, but Brittany wasn't here.

Raul: That's--that's crazy. Brittany can't get married.

J.T.: Why not?

Raul: Because... because she's too young. She knows that.

J.T.: Oh, yeah, she knows it now. But when Mr. Slick slides that ring on her finger... well, you know how girls are. They melt over that stuff.

Raul: You know what? Whatever. Whatever. If he wants to marry her and she wants to marry him, I--the best of luck to both of them.

J.T.: Oh, give it up, Raul. You're not foolin' anybody.

Raul: Look, this is her life, J.T. She wants to ruin it, she can do that.

Brittany: So... what do you think?


Nikki: You are unbelievable! Every time I think you can't alienate these people any more, you pull something like this! Did you ever, ever consider making a settlement?

Victor: Of course I was.

Nikki: Really? How could you expect us to accept this, firing Jack for some cash?

Victor: You didn't expect to get something for nothing, did you?

Nikki: You owe us. Jabot is the injured party here. That was declared in a court of law. You are damned lucky we haven't taken you back to court.

Victor: Stop the nonsense.

Nikki: How many times do I have to say this?

Victor: You couldn't afford a court trial, for crying out loud. I can. That's why I did you a favor.

Nikki: Really?

Victor: Yes.

Nikki: How is that? And, by the way, how is this supposed to make me look good?

Victor: Once the board realizes that getting rid of Jack Abbott is in its best interests...

Nikki: No. You used me. You used your own wife. Maybe the Abbotts are right about you.

Victor: Perhaps you're all just naive. Has that ever occurred to you? Business is business. The sooner you realize that, the better. And don't come to my shoulder crying every time something doesn't go your way.

Nikki: You think I am naive? I negotiated with you in good faith.

Victor: What do you mean, you negotiated with me in good faith? I negotiated with your company. I offered $75 million in cash to Jack Abbott, which he turned down, arrogantly and pompously. Now I made you another offer of $75 million, however, there was a condition attached to it. So I think I've been most generous.

Nikki: No. No. That's not what you did. You used your wealth and your power to try to settle the personal score.

Victor: The bottom line is you have to make a choice. And the right one is to get rid of Jack Abbott. That will set your company free.

Nikki: What went on in that boardroom had nothing to do with what you owe Jabot. It was about your hatred for Jack, pure and simple. You know what? This unending hatred is destroying everybody around you, including the people you claim to care about.

Victor: Do you honestly think you're gonna make me feel sorry for Jack Abbott or anyone else? I couldn't care less! The offer's on the table, you have till tonight to make up your minds. You got it?!

Nikki: Bastard.


Ashley: We're running a business here. Obviously, there's a lot not to like about Victor's offer, but as professionals, I think we should at least examine it.

Jill: Okay. Let me examine it. Okay, I've examined it. Now can I laugh my head off?

Brad: We can't buckle under to extortion. And that's what this is, pure and simple.

Ashley: Sad but true, but sitting in judgment of Victor is simply a luxury we don't have right now.

Jill: Oh, please tell me you are not considering doing this?

Ashley: Are you considering sacrificing everything we've worked so hard for to save face for Jack? Why are we in the position we're in today? He turned down that exact amount of money months ago. He threw it right back in Victor's face. He didn't consult with any of us. He made a decision of that magnitude on his own. If he had spoken to the board, we would have voted, we would have accepted it, no matter how much it rankled. And then we would've proceeded to dig ourselves out of the hole we were in. Well, thanks to Jack, we are in an even bigger hole today, with the same exact amount of money. Is that my fault? No. Is that your fault? No. Whose fault is that?

Brad: She has a point.

Jill: Oh, please, Brad, not you, too.

Ashley: Oh, stop acting like I'm betraying my brother for a few pieces of silver, please.

Jill: You're his sister!

Ashley: That's right, I am. And I just offered $40 million to save his job. What's your point?

Jill: How weird is this for me to be the one reminding you that this is a family-based business, and it's built on loyalty?

Ashley: How long is it gonna be a family business if we don't have any money to work with, Jill? How long, if we let ourselves be guided by emotion instead of solid business principles?

Jill: Wow. Wow. Who knew? How long have you felt this way about Jack?

Ashley: I love my brother. And I don't need to prove that to you. I said we need to examine the offer. We need to look at it objectively.

Brad: And ignore the fact that Victor's a sadistic egomaniac who'll be laughing himself to sleep every night for a year if we accept this offer?

Ashley: You know, considering what's at stake, do we honestly care?

Jill: Oh!

Brad: I don't know, Ash. Maybe some of us do more than others.

Ashley: Why don't you just tell me what you're trying to say, Brad?

Jill: Oh, I'll tell you what he's trying to say. He's trying to say that you have a very an trust. That you would have a problem with spittin' in his eye and telling him to take his money and shove it. Okay? Because you consider him, unlike the rest of us, a great, big cuddly teddy bear.

Ashley: How dare you, Jill? I mean, honestly. How dare you?

Jill: Tell me I'm lying.

John: All right. Just hold it now, both of you. Let's settle down.


Raul: Wow, babe. That looks great.

Brittany: I wasn't really sure how to put on the makeup.

Raul: Well, you-- you did a great job. It looks awesome.

Brittany: It's not too much?

Raul: No, I don't-- I don't think so. J.T., what do you think?

J.T.: No, it looks perfect. You're startin' to look like your old self again.

Brittany: I feel like it, too. It's amazing what a difference some cream and some makeup can make. Thank you so much, Raul, for doing this.

Raul: Well, I'm happy to. (Telephone rings)

Raul: Yep. Yes. Yes, she's here. One second, please. Britt.

Brittany: Hello.

Man: Brittany. Hi, this is Dr. Drayton. How are you?

Brittany: I'm fine. How are you?

Dr. Drayton: Terrific. I have some good news. One of my other patients just called and cancelled her appointment with me this morning. I was wondering if you'd like to do your surgery today.

Brittany: Today?

Dr. Drayton: I know its short notice...

Brittany: No, no, it's fine. Yeah, sure. I can do that.

Dr. Drayton: Wonderful. We'll see you here in say an hour?

Brittany: Yes. I will be there.

Dr. Drayton: Terrific.

Brittany: Thank you, doctor.

Raul: What was that about?

Brittany: That was Dr. Drayton. I'm gonna have my surgery today.

Raul: Wow.


Michael: Oh. What makes you think I'd even talk about this with you?

Gloria: Well, I'm just trying to understand you, reconnect. What am I missing?

Michael: Well, what you might not know is that I have a considerable past in this town. And once you've established a reputation, it's hard to shake.

Gloria: Well, then why do you stay here in Genoa City?

Michael: Because unlike you, I don't have a desperate need to be liked.

Gloria: Well, that's not healthy.

Michael: Well, maybe it's a response. Perhaps it's a response to having such a loving childhood, hmm? But as you so eloquently said, I'm a survivor. Maybe there's a price to pay.

Gloria: I did love you. Always.

Michael: Maybe in a theoretical sort of way. Perhaps I needed something a little more, uh... tangible.

Gloria: So who's the lucky woman in your life now?

Michael: Nobody.

Gloria: Oh. (Chuckles) I don't believe that.

Michael: Believe it.

Gloria: Well, from the looks of this apartment, you at least must be making a lot of money.

Michael: I get by.

Gloria: Nice as it is, though, I'm gonna go stir crazy hanging around here all day long.

Michael: I thought you wanted to spend some quality time with Kevin?

Gloria: Well, I do, but not 24/7. And he's not here half the time anyway.

Michael: Well, why don't you go to the library and check out some psychology books, if you really wanna help the kid?

Gloria: That's a thought. What about that ritzy athletic club you belong to? Would you mind if I worked out over there? I mean, your old mom's gotta stay in shape, you know.

Michael: (Chucks) when would you like to start?

Gloria: Well, it's not gettin' any firmer.

Michael: All right. I will give them a call and have you put on the list. Excuse me.


Kevin: That is a good doughnut. You sure you don't want one?

Daniel: Yeah, I'm sure. You know, I had friends that did that, went on the 'net trolling.

Kevin: Well, trust me, it's overrated.

Daniel: Well, isn't that how you met Lily?

Kevin: Like I said...

Daniel: Aren't you, like, in your 20s? And what is she, she's--

Kevin: Well, I thought you said age was just a number.

Daniel: Hey, man, it's whatever you're into.

Kevin: Well, I'm not into high-school chicks, trust me.

Daniel: Me either. They're way too immature.

Kevin: So you're not, like, dating any of them?

Daniel: Those three?

Kevin: Yeah?

Daniel: You're kidding, right?

Kevin: Well, I don't know. I mean, I showed up, and you were surrounded.

Daniel: Yeah, I was trying to have my coffee and mind my own business.

Kevin: And then the chicks just materialized? That must be nice.

Daniel: Yeah, I guess I just need more of a challenge, you know?

Kevin: All right. So what would be a challenge for you?

Daniel: I don't know, chick-wise?

Kevin: Yeah.

Daniel: Hmm. I guess someone older, someone different... who's above it all.

Kevin: That kinda sounds stuck up.

Daniel: No. Not the girl I'm thinkin' of.

Kevin: Oh, so you have one then, a girlfriend?

Daniel: Yeah, could be. I mean, I guess things are just kinda taking their shape now.

Kevin: Nice. Yeah, I fell for an older woman once. It was a big mistake.

Daniel: What happened?

Kevin: Um... well, it was A... well, she... nah, nah. It's a long story.

Daniel: Sounds like you've got quite a few of those.

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, my life is one big disaster flick. I'm surprised that Hollywood hasn't called. Not you, though, huh?

Daniel: Can't complain.

Kevin: Yeah, well, some people are like that, get all the breaks.

Daniel: No, not all. I've got kind of a screwed up family.

Kevin: Join the club.

Daniel: You know, I never knew my mom and my dad dropped me off at boarding school in Europe when I was a little kid. You grow up real fast when you don't have parents around.

Kevin: Boarding school? Man that would've been a dream for me.

Daniel: So you know what? I'm gonna grab another espresso. Uh, if you're not in a hurry--

Kevin: Uh, actually, yeah, you know, I kinda am. But, um, I would be happy to tell you about my screwed up childhood some other time.

Daniel: Sure. Anytime.

Kevin: All right. Well, it was good meeting you, um...

Daniel: Daniel.

Kevin: Daniel, right.

Daniel: Likewise, Kevin.

Kevin: All right. So I guess I'll, uh, I'll see you around.

Daniel: Take care.

Kevin: Yeah, you, too.


Neil: Phyllis, no one accused you of lying.

Phyllis: Thank you. Thank you, Neil. Now I think you need to straighten out your wife as to who has the more responsible job here at Newman Enterprises.

Neil: You both have responsible jobs here at Newman, equally critical to the success of our cosmetics division.

Phyllis: We're merging Brash & Sassy with Safra, right?

Neil: Absolutely right.

Dru: Right.

Neil: While we're in a state of reorganization, you'll each have plenty of opportunities to contribute.

Dru: Now with my illustrious responsibilities, Neil, I will need exclusive space, you know, to hold meetings with the retailers, the models, the list of--

Phyllis: Yes, I need-- I need room to do my planetary networking without distraction.

Neil: Then I guess you're gonna have to learn how to play nice in the sandbox and share.

Dru and Phyllis: Share?

Dru: Have you lost your natural mind?

Phyllis: We wouldn't last an hour.

Dru: No.

Neil: Nevertheless, that's the way it's gonna be, okay? One of you will have to take Phyllis' old office, or you'll both coexist right here. That is the way it's gonna be. Now let's all get to work, shall we?


John: Now look, all of you, will you just settle down?

Ashley: I'm settled down, Dad. You know, Jill, not only are you unbelievably insulting, but you're out of your mind.

Jill: Am I?

Ashley: Yes, you are. And what about you, Brad? Do you agree with what she's saying?

Brad: You don't hate the man, Ash. The rest of us do. Does it affect your point of view on this offer? I hope not.

Ashley: You know, all I want is for our company to survive. Now do I have to hate in order for that to happen?

John: All right, come on now. Just take it easy.

Ashley: Are you willing to turn your back on $75 million, Dad, just like that?

John: Sweetheart, like you said, we have to look at this offer. And I do appreciate you're taking the lead on that. Yes, it would be very easy to turn Victor down because of our feelings about him. But, all of you, we have to consider the consequences.

Jill: All right. Well, I realize that I can only speak for one person here, but I don't think I could live with myself if I voted to kick Jack out of his own company.

John: All right, listen to me. Let's not even think about voting right now. Let's just get away from here. We'll meet back in two hours, and then we will decide. Agreed?

Ashley: Agreed.

John: All right.

Jill: Agreed.


(Rings doorbell)

Jack: Gotta say, I'm impressed. Quite a coup you pulled today. Which is why I'm here. I'd like to propose a toast.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...


Phyllis: Daniel has agreed to have dinner with me.

Damon: Here?


Jill: This intervention could be a total flop.

Esther: Brace yourselves. We're going in.


Kay: Well, we'll just see who's going to be surprised tonight, Katherine.

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