Thursday Y&R Transcript 6/24/04

Y&R Transcript Thursday 6/24/04--Canada; Friday 6/25/04--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Brad: I didn't hear you deny what I said was true.

Victor: That I would use this offer of money to Jabot, which is solely intended to eliminate all legal hassles between our two companies, as a way to involve myself in Abby痴 life?

Brad: That's right.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Brad: You contributed some DNA to the conception of a child without your knowledge and without your permission. You haven't had a single moment's involvement with her, and now you wanna play Daddy, regardless of how it disrupts her life. Now doesn't that sound like a man who's willing to do anything to indulge his own whims?

Victor: My desire to get to know Abby and my desire for her to get to know me is not a whim. It's the most natural thing in the world, and I assure you if the shoe were on the other foot, you would do everything in your power to break down doors to involve yourself in her life.

Brad: And that's what you're doing, isn't it, Victor? Trying to use your money to break down doors. Let me tell you something-- that might seem natural to you, but to me, and I suspect to the board of jabot, it looks like the act of a sick, manipulative man with no feelings.


[Nikki remembering.]

Nikki: I'm warning you, Mr. Kirsten, you lay one finger on me...

Cameron: And you'll do what, huh?

Nikki: As I said before, don't touch me. There are lot of employees on this property. Unless you want a very large ranch hand bursting through that door, you'd better watch your step. You think I'm bluffing? Try me.

Cameron: Let me ask you something, Nikki-- what happens if you scream and nobody hears you?

Nikki: Believe me, they'll hear me.

Cameron: If there's a body, then I intend to find it.

Nikki: Well, good luck. There are hundreds of miles of sewer underneath Genoa City. What are you gonna do, search through the whole thing? You know what? You might enjoy that. You and the rats would get along famously.


(Door opens)

Nikki: Hi.

Nick: Mom, you sounded kinda shaky on the phone.

Nikki: Yeah, shaking with anger. Cameron was just here.

Nick: What?

Sharon: He showed up at our house earlier. Nikki, I'm so sorry. I should have called the guards, but I thought he left the property.

Nick: Mom, what happened?

Nikki: I came home from work. He was right here in this room.

Nick: Did Miguel let him in?

Nikki: No, Miguel wasn't here. He let himself in.

Nick: Did you call someone?

Nikki: I tried to. He wouldn't let me.

Nick: What do you mean he didn't let you? He didn't touch you, did he?

Nikki: No. No, but he made implied threats. He was trying to intimidate me.

Sharon: Into doing what? What did he want?

Nikki: He wants to know about the body. If I had any doubts before, I don't anymore. That man committed murder.


Cameron: Well, are you gonna answer me?

Grace: I was jus out running some errands.

Cameron: This late. You keeping secrets from me, Grace?

Grace: W-what? No. I was just--

Cameron: Relax, baby, baby. I'm joking. I'm glad you're back. Come on in. I got a surprise for you. Thought we'd have dinner here tonight. The main course should be up in a minute. I hope you're hungry.

Grace: Why'd you do this?

Cameron: I did this because I'm tired of going out and having to share you with the rest of the world. I wanted to spend some time alone with you and tell you how much you mean to me. And then later, I can show you how much you mean...

Grace: Cam--Cameron.

Cameron: Mmm. You smell good.

Grace: Stop it, okay? Just-- just don't, okay?


Devon: My friend, huh? Listen, where I come--

Lily: Shh. Quiet.

Mac: Officer, can I help you with something?

Officer: That young man in the red shirt-- we need to have a talk.

Lily: Don't run. Stay cool, okay?


Esther: I thought you might like a cup of tea, Judge Hendricks. In a mug, just the way you like it.

Arthur: Oh, thank you, Esther, but you don't have to wait on me.

Esther: Oh, force of habit.

Jill: Where is my mother?

Esther: Robert told me that he was driving her to the Athletic Club.

Arthur: That was hours ago.

Jill: Well, we know she's not there working out.

Arthur: What are you doing with that bottle of vodka?

Jill: This I found under some towels in the linen closet. Three guesses whose it is.

Esther: Well, I saw one in the upstairs laundry hamper yesterday, and believe me, when an alcoholic starts hiding bottles, it's not a good sign.

Arthur: I know. I've been reading all about that sort of thing in this A.A. book you gave me.

Jill: Now if we could only get Katherine to read that book.

Esther: Oh, she's way too far gone to get help from a book, Jill, even though it used to be her bible.

Arthur: Then maybe we should consider one of the last resorts the book mentions. I think it's time.

Jill: You're talking about an intervention.


Nick: Mom, I am so sorry. Are you sure you're okay?

Nikki: I'm fine, thank you.

Nick: All right, now how much does he know?

Nikki: He knows that the body's in the sewer. That's all.

Nick: Okay, so he's desperate to find the corpse.

Nikki: Which is so odd because he's the one who insists that Sharon made the whole thing up.

Sharon: Well, he was doing the same thing to me. He would accuse me of being demented, and then he would ask where the body was. It didn't make any sense.

Nick: All right, let's just-- let's think about this for a minute. Let's say we're right. Let's say that Cameron did kill someone. Why would he put the body behind the dumpster? What does that accomplish?

Sharon: Maybe he figured I would go back and get rid of the evidence.

Nick: No, see, that's too big a gamble. He didn't know that you were gonna go back to the scene. On top of that, he didn't know that it would take you weeks to get back there. Cameron doesn't control the weather. He had no way of knowing that it was gonna snow that long and cover up the body.

Nikki: Anybody could have stumbled across it and called the police.

Sharon: That would have ruined his plan.

Nick: Maybe not.

Sharon: What do you mean?

Nick: Did he mention anything to you about the police?

Nikki: He wanted to know if I had notified them, and then he said he's been following the news, and he hasn't heard anything about a body being found.

Nick: That's it. I've got it.

Sharon: What?

Nick: I know what this guy is trying to do.


Cameron: What's the matter with you?

Grace: Nothing. I'm just tired. That's all. It's been a long day.

Cameron: Well, why don't you let me give you a massage?

Grace: No, thanks. I think I'll have some wine. You want some?

Cameron: Yeah, yeah. Well, guess what I did tonight.

Grace: What?

Cameron: I went out to the ranch to talk to Nikki and Sharon.

Grace: Why?

Cameron: Well, you know, Nick's accepted my job offer and since Victor's already weighed in on the matter, I figured I'd go see what the womenfolk had to say about it. You know, just go ahead and get it over with.

Grace: They're upset with you.

Cameron: Oh, ho, ho. That's putting it mildly. They can't stand the idea of Nick working for me. I mean, never mind that it's the opportunity of a lifetime for this kid.

Grace: But Nicholas already made his decision.

Cameron: Trust me. That doesn't mean he can't change his mind. Sharon could tell him there's no way she's going to Denver and get Nikki and Victor to back her up a t then boom, Nick's out. I've got no one else to run my company right now, so all the plans you and I made are down the tubes.

Grace: We'll figure something out.

Cameron: You know what, Grace? I don't want to figure anything out. I don't want to. I already had it figured out. I want to whisk you away to a private island, but thanks to the Newman痴, I mean... (scoffs) oh, and this just gets better and better. You're not gonna believe what Sharon and Nikki are accusing me of now.

Grace: What are they saying?

Cameron: You remember when Nikki was saying that I was keeping secrets from you, something about a body?

Grace: Yeah.

Cameron: Yeah, get this. Now they're saying that I killed somebody.


Officer: My name's officer O達rien. What's your name, son?

Devon: I'm not your son. It's Devon.

O'brien: Devon what?

Devon: Hamilton.

O達rien: You live around here?

Devon: What's with all the questions?

O達rien: I'm looking for a pickpocket, stole a wallet.

Devon: Where?

O達rien: At the convenience store down at the end of the block.

Devon: Yeah, well, I'm here, so why you hassling me?

O達rien: The victim got a good look at the kid who ran off with it in this direction.

Devon: So?

O達rien: So you match the description, clothes and all.

Devon: Oh, only 'cause we all look alike to you. That right?

O達rien: Empty your pockets.

Devon: I don't gotta do nothin'.

O達rien: Either empty them here, or I'll take you for a ride down to the station, and we can empty 'em there.

O達rien: 50 bucks. Where's the other $10?

Devon: I don't know what you're talking about.

O達rien: The victim's wallet contained 60 dollars.

Devon: Well, then I guess this proves it wasn't me then.

O達rien: Or that you spent the other $10.

Devon: Or maybe you just got the wrong guy.

O達rien: A kid your age walking around with 50 bucks in his pocket?

Devon: Oh, you mean a black kid my age. That's what you meant to say, though, right?

O達rien: You know, you got a smart mouth, son.

Devon: You mean "boy," don't you?

O達rien: Now listen to me.

Devon: Look, I wasn't in no convenience store. I didn't take nobody's wallet.

O達rien: Where'd you get the money then? You got a job? How do you explain having almost the exact amount that was stolen in your possession?

Lily: I gave it to him, officer. I gave him the money.


Gina: So I'm so glad you got engaged.

Woman: Thank you.

Gina: You have a wonderful dinner tonight, all right?

Kay: Gina!

Woman: Thank you.

Gina: Excuse me.

Kay: Gina, can I see you for a minute, please?

Gina: Is there something I can get for you, Katherine?

Kay: No, no, I'm fine. Your wonderful, handsome bartender is taking very good care of me. I, um... I wanted to apologize.

Gina: For what?

Kay: Well, for my behavior at the Mother's day brunch. You know, I... when I was told about my behavior, I was, I mean, I was so ashamed of the way I acted. It was...

Gina: Well, the apologies accepted. So how are things on the home front?

Kay: Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

Gina: Are they, Katherine?

Kay: Yes, yes, they are. Just wonderful.

Gina: Really?

Kay: Mm-hmm.


Arthur: We've tried everything else. An intervention might be our only hope.

Jill: It's exactly what Nikki Newman suggested.

Arthur: One might call it a form of tough love, but it's often very effective.

Esther: Sometimes it shakes up an alcoholic when nothing else has be successful.

Jill: It just seems so drastic.

Arthur: It is, Jill, make no mistake.

Esther: You realize how it works, don't you?

Jill: Yes, Nikki explained to me that we threaten to abandon Katherine.

Esther: That's the bottom line, yes. All of us who care about Mrs. C. get together and confront her about her alcoholism.

Arthur: And apparently, it has to be a surprise in order to be effective.

Esther: No advance notice, not even a hint to Mrs. Chancellor about our plans.

Jill: Esther, what if she calls our bluff?

Esther: Oh, we won't be bluffing, Jill. We have to be willing to go through with it all the way. No more enabling. No more apologizing for her drinking behavior.

Arthur: We tell Katherine we want nothing to do with her if she continues on this destructive path.

Jill: So basically, we just desert her.

Esther: That's the whole point. We have to be ready and willing to cut all ties, unless she agrees to get professional help. If she refuses..

Arthur: We move out.


O達rien: You gave him the 50 bucks.

Lily: Yeah, this afternoon.

O達rien: Why?

Lily: He said he needed it, so I loaned it to him.

O達rien: You loaned it to him.

Lily: That's what I said.

O達rien: 50 bucks?

Lily: Yeah, that's right.

O達rien: And what if I said I don't believe you?

Dru: Officer, um, uh... what's going on here? Why are you talking to my daughter this way?

O達rien: Who are you?

Dru: Drucilla Winters. I'm Lily's Mother. What in the world's going on?

O達rien: I'm investigating a theft. That young man there fits the description of the alleged perpetrator.

Dru: Well, yeah, yeah, but how does that give you just cause to accuse my daughter of being a liar?

O達rien: Ma'am, you--

Dru: You know what? I really am insulted by the implication, officer.

O達rien: Because I think she's covering for her friend here.

Dru: Let me tell you what I think. I think that if my daughter told you that she loaned the boy $50, then that's exactly what she did. Come on, Lily.

O達rien: Ma'am, ma'am, a wallet's been stolen, okay, and I'm doing my job. Now I need you to stand over there while I conduct my investigation.

Dru: Oh, I am outraged that you would address me this way. Do you know who I am?

O達rien: No.

Dru: Drucilla Winters, internationally renowned model. People know my name everywhere. Oh, you should know that name. I don't know where you've been. What about my husband? Neil Winters, C.E.O. of Newman, as in Victor Newman. He owns this dump. He's gonna turn it into a flawless rec center. And there you are standing there talking about a piddly $50, accusing my daughter of being untruthful. Shame.

O達rien: Ma'am, you stepped in here, and you took everything I said totally out of context.

Dru: Oh, I think not, Officer O達rien. I think not.

O達rien: Don't let me catch you around that convenience store, or you'll be sorry. Understood?

O達rien: You in charge here?

Mac: At the moment, yeah.

O達rien: I need to get some information from you.

Dru: In the car now.


Victor: Let me explain something to you. Yes, there will be conditions and stipulations attached to my offer to settle all legal disputes between our two companies, but in no way does that involve my daughter.

Brad: My daughter. My child. Now I suppose you could call her your offspring, and that would be scientifically accurate, but daughter, child-- that's about raising and feeding and caring and teaching and protecting, none of which you have done for Abby!

Victor: Never too late to start.

Brad: Yes, it is. And only an egomaniac would fail to see that.

Victor: And that's what you're gonna tell her, aren't you, that I'm a bad guy, the devil incarnate?

Brad: Well, I sure as hell am not gonna whitewash you to her.

Victor: And you think that's in the best interest of your daughter?

Brad: You're damn right I do, and that's why I want you to walk away when you see her coming.

Victor: And you think that'll be good for her.

Brad: That's exactly what I think. As a matter of fact, if you would run away, it would be better!

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, gentlemen, gentlemen, you want to put on some gloves, go back in the gym? I'd be happy to referee.


Grace: Sharon and Nikki are accusing you of murder.

Cameron: Those two broads are out of their minds.

Grace: What exactly did they say?

Cameron: Sharon says that she went back to the motel a few weeks after New Year痴 Eve and she swears that there was a dead body behind the dumpster, which is impossible because the body she dragged out of that motel room was mine, and last time I looked, I'm alive and well. I'm telling you, she's gone off the deep end, and she's convinced Nikki to jump right on the crazy train with her.

Grace: So you have no idea what they're talking about.

Cameron: No, no, I don't, but I intend to find out. The only thing I know about a corpse is Sharon tried to turn me into one.

Grace: But...

Cameron: But what?

Grace: Why would they make this up?

Cameron: I don't know. I don't know. Maybe it's Sharon痴 way of getting back at me, but come on. The whole thing is ridiculous. If I had really killed somebody, I mean, why wouldn't Sharon go to the police? Why would she go and take the body and hide it in a sewer?

Grace: That's where she told you it was? The body's in a sewer?

Cameron: Oh, yeah, yeah, that's what she said, but when I asked her where in the sewer, did she tell me? No, she didn稚. You know why? Because they're making the whole thing up.

Grace: So you don't think it's even remotely possible?

Cameron: What, that there's actually a real body? I don't know. I mean, if there is, I didn't have anything to do with it. That means Sharon痴 trying to frame me.

Grace: So what are you gonna do?

Cameron: I'm gonna go to the police.

Grace: Really?

Cameron: Absolutely. Absolutely. I've got nothing to hide, and I need to stop this. I can't have Sharon and Nikki going out there smearing my name. I mean, I even told Nikki that she should go to the cops, but did she? No, she didn稚. You know why? Because everything they're saying is a vicious lie.


Sharon: What is it, Nick?

Nikki: What do you think Cameron痴 up to?

Nick: You said he mentioned the police, asked if you had notified them. Why would a murderer want that? Why would he even want that in your head?

Nikki: I don't know.

Nick: Because he wouldn稚. That is the last thing he'd want.

Nikki: I don't understand. What are you thinking?

Sharon: Are you saying that you don't think Cameron痴 guilty?

Nick: Oh no, no, no, no, this bastard's guilty as hell, and he wants the police involved.

Sharon: But why?

Nick: Because he knows once that body turns up, it is gonna point to one person. He's setting you up, Sharon. It's clear as day.


Daniel: Man, when I signed up to work at this place...

Mac: You weren't expecting the cops to show up, huh?

Daniel: I've just never seen anything quite like that ever.

Mac: You okay? You look a little shaken up there.

Daniel: Well, it was a little jarring, although it was kind of exciting, too.

Mac: (Chuckles) that sheltered life of yours.

Daniel: How can you just be so nonchalant about it?

Mac: I've seen worse.

Daniel: What do you mean?

Mac: Well, my Step dad was a criminal, for one thing.

Daniel: Get outta here.

Mac: I told you I ran away. I lived in a shelter for awhile. And then living on the reservation really opened my eyes, seeing what it's like to have nothing. I feel for Devon. I really do.

Daniel: Well, do you think he stole that wallet?

Mac: Being poor is really tough, Daniel. Sometimes you feel like you don't really have any options.

Daniel: You know, I've known a lot of girls, Mackenzie, but never any quite like you.

Mac: Is that good or bad?

Daniel: I think you already know the answer.


Jill: I just can't believe it's come to this.

Arthur: I know, Jill, I know. It's a frightening thought.

Jill: Dad, I don't know if I can walk away from her. I'm surprised that you think you can.

Arthur: Do you realize how painful it is for me to turn my back on the woman I love? But I am not going to stand by and watch her destroy herself. I have to take some sort of action.

Esther: And lately I've noticed that Mrs. C. has lost her appetite. She just picks at her food.

Jill: I know, I know. She's decided that drinking is more important than eating.

Arthur: Which, of course, is bound to affect her health.

Esther: And we're just kidding ourselves if we think that she's going to suddenly stop on her own.

Jill: That night that I sat up with her, she made the most valiant effort.

Arthur: I realize, Jill, how much it hurt you when she gave in to the temptation.

Jill: Isn't it crazy? All those years that she was such a thorn in my side, I would have walked away from her without a backward glance, and now...

Arthur: And now you know she's your mother. It's different.

Jill: All right, look, say we do walk away from her. Who's to say that that isn't gonna make things worse?

Esther: Well, face it, Jill. At this point, things can't get worse.


Kay: (Chuckles) why are you staring at me like that?

Gina: I seriously doubt things at home are that wonderful.

Kay: Well, why wouldn't they be?

Gina: Katherine, are you trying to tell me your drinking hasn't caused problems?

Kay: Oh, Gina, Jill and I have never been closer, dear. Oh, and Arthur-- oh, he is so sweet and so patient with me.

Gina: But for how long?

Kay: I, um... handsome man, just fill that...

Gina: No, Katherine.

Kay: No, what?

Gina: I can't force you to stop drinking, but I can prevent it from happening in my establishment.

Kay: Are you refusing to let me have another drink?

Gina: That's right, Katherine.

Kay: Well...

Gina: You just get your things together, and I'm going to get Robert to take you home.


Dru: Get in the house and stop right there.

Lily: I'm going to my room.

Dru: Oh no no, you are not.

Lily: Mom!

Dru: Let me tell you something. Your bottom lip has been hitting the floor ever since we got into that car, and now we're gonna have the talk.

Lily: No, we're not. You're too mad. It'll just be a lot of yelling.

Dru: Oh, you'd better believe there's gonna be a lot yelling after what I walk into in that rec center, and I had to talk to that hardworking police officer that way.

Lily: Well, then why did you?

Dru: Because I believe he was telling me the truth. I believe that you're covering for that hoodlum, and it was the only way that I could protect you.

Lily: Yeah, well, if you're so sure that I did something wrong...

Dru: I'm not quite sure. I need to hear it from the horse's mouth, and if you have any hope of walking out of your bedroom this summer, you'd better get cracking, girl. Well?

Lily: Okay, fine. You're right, I lied so Devon wouldn't get in trouble.

Dru: He is already in trouble, if you ask me.

Lily: So he wouldn't get arrested then, okay?

Dru: It's not okay. Did you give him the 50 spot or not?

Lily: No, I didn't!

Dru: Are you sure about that?

Lily: I am! I haven't even had a chance to ask him! But I wouldn't be surprised if he did steal it.


Brad: We don't need your help.

Jack: Brad, Brad, I agree with you on the whole Abby situation. Victor has already made up his mind. You're not going to change it by yelling in his face. You should know that.

Brad: My mind's made up, too, and having him in her life isn't gonna do Abby one bit of good.

Jack: I agree with you. There's a definite downside. Abby is a happy, well-adjusted girl.

Victor: Did I ever say anything bad about you or Ashley as parents of that little girl? Did I ever say anything that would indicate that I didn't think she was a wonderful child?

Brad: Why don't you tell me what you think you bring to the party, Victor? Convince me. Convince me it isn't just about you and what you want-- to put your fingerprints on Abby, to claim your rights simply because they are your rights.

Victor: Ooh, now we're getting somewhere. In other words, you're admitting that I have rights.

Brad: I swear--

Jack: Gentlemen, gentlemen...

Victor: Don't you threaten me.

Jack: Gentlemen, please.


Mac: I'm glad you find me so unique.

Daniel: It's more than that, Mackenzie. I mean, you're... hmm, what's the word?

Mac: I try to be kind, give people the benefit of the doubt.

Daniel: And do you have any idea how rare that is?

Mac: Well, it might seem like that sometimes, but I think deep down, most people are essentially good. They might feel pushed around or like life's not being fair to them and then make some bad decisions, but that doesn't mean that they're bad people.

Daniel: Compassion-- that's the word. Something I haven't seen a lot of. I'm really glad that I met you.

Mac: I'm not like the girls in Switzerland.

Daniel: Hmm, are you kidding me? The minute that cop walked through the door, they would have all jumped into freak-out mode.

Mac: (Chuckles)

Daniel: Is it time for this?

Mac: Yeah, yeah, it might be a little cold out.

Daniel: Well, then allow me.

Mac: Thanks.

Mac: Um, you know, if we still want to get that cup of coffee, we should probably go.


Dru: What kind of rough and tumble people is Victor Newman working with at that rec center?

Lily: Oh, gosh, let me think. Uh, me, Mackenzie, Cassie, Sierra--

Dru: Don't you sass me. I raised you better than to run with busters and losers like... what's his name? What is it?

Lily: Devon.

Dru: Devon.

Lily: But, Mom, it is not that simple.

Dru: What is complex about it? If somebody steals something that's not theirs, that's called stealing, and police come after you for doing that. Did you already forget about what happened to you when you ran with the wrong crowd in Europe?

Lily: Look, I know you are upset, but will you please just listen to me?

Dru: Go ahead.

Lily: Look, Devon has had it rough. He doesn't have any family. He's been in all these foster care situations, and now he's living in a group home in that awful neighborhood. When I first met him, he lied about where he lived and what school he went to just so people would like him. I mean, can you believe that? When I found out, I felt so bad for him. I mean, he has nothing compared to me, nothing. I can't even imagine how horrible his life must be not to have a single person who really cares about you. So, yeah, I have been trying to be his friend and understand where he's coming from.

Dru: Let me tell you something. Just because you're impoverished does not mean you have to lack integrity, and lying and stealing are not characteristics you look for in a friend.

Lily: I was thinking about you, Mom, okay? I know what you went through when you were a runaway. I mean, you lied and stole when you had to, right? So you could survive. But then someone gave you a chance, and look how your life has changed.

Dru: Okay, listen, if there's one thing I've learned about living on the streets, people like Devon are not always trustworthy. Do you understand? (Doorbell rings)

Dru: Oh! What in the devil are you doing here?


Arthur: Katherine, is that you?

Kay: Damn! ..... (Clears throat) well, what's going on? Did someone die?

Jill: Not yet, they didn稚.

Kay: All right, Jill, please, not another sermon on the evils of alcohol. Hi, Arthur.

Arthur: Hello, Katherine. Esther said you were at the Athletic Club. That's right. That is exactly right. I, um, uh... Arthur, you understand Robert did drive me, so...

Jill: You were at the bar?

Kay: Indeed I was. I had a few cocktails. It was happy hour.

Jill: (Chortles) it must have been the longest happy hour in recorded history.

Kay: Well, you know, time flies when one is having fun.

Jill: You're hopeless.

Kay: Yes, and I'm also very tired, so I think I will go upstairs and retire now. Good night.

Esther: Let me help you, Mrs. C.

Kay: Oh, that's so sweet of you, Esther. Thank you so much.

Esther: Okay, watch your step.

Kay: I'm fine. I can do this.

Esther: I know.

Kay: Okay, here we go.

Esther: Okay.

Jill: You're right, Dad. We can't go on like this.

Arthur: Then you agree to an intervention.

Jill: Let's do it.


Jack: Brad, Brad, Brad...

Brad: He's put a stipulation on his offer, Jack. Are you aware of that?

Jack: Yeah, I actually did hear about that.

Brad: And you'd better believe it has to do with Abby, cementing his rights, his access to her, maybe even trying to take her away!

Jack: You know what? We don't know what the stipulations are going to be, and frankly, we don't care. No legal system worth its salt is gonna give Victor permission to ruin Abby痴 life.

Brad: Is that right? Is that right? Well, I'm glad you can be so calm, Jack!

Jack: Well, it isn't quite that easy. I know Victor's gonna offer us pocket change in the way of a settlement, maybe some magic beans, anyway far less than he owes us. And God knows we need the money, but you know what? I'm the C.E.O. of Jabot, and with your help, Bradley, and with Ashley and Dad and Jill and Nikki, I'm gonna keep this ship afloat. Is it gonna be easy? No. Is it gonna take some time? I guarantee it, but I'm gonna do it. And I'm calm, I'm determined and I'm optimistic. And, yeah, I'm probably calmer than I've been in a very long time.

Jack: You two boys behave.


Lily: Devon, what are you doing here?

Dru: Man, get in the pl-- just get in.

Devon: I came to see you.

Dru: "Came to see you"? You have some nerve rolling up to my house after that incident.

Lily: Mom!

Dru: No, you hush! Now you need to understand something and understand it good.

Devon: I'm listening.

Dru: Mm-hmm. You see this child here? This is my child. I love her more than anything in this whole wide world. There is nothing--nothing-- that I wouldn't do for her, which means that I have the charge of protecting my daughter from people, places and things that might want to hurt her. Yeah, people like you-- a calamity waiting to happen. You have nothing to offer my child except trouble and misery, okay? My daughter is generous. She's a little gullible, too, and you took advantage of that. You let her stand there in front of that police officer and lie for your butt, to get you off the hook. That will never happen again. You understand me? Never. Now she told me all about your sad story growing up in foster care. I'm very sorry about that, really, I am, but that gives you no excuse for bad judgment. Do you understand me?

Devon: I understand, ma'am, and I'm sorry.

Devon: Thanks for the loan.


Cameron: (Sighs) I wish I'd listened to you. I never should have come back here. I mean, I wanted revenge, but all this, it's not worth it.

Grace: Did you really mean what you said? You'd go to the police?

Cameron: Absolutely. If it would get Nikki and Sharon to stop with these ridiculous allegations, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Grace: So what happens now?

Cameron: What happens now? I'll tell you what I'd like to happen now. I'd like you and me to hop in my jet and go down to that island and never think about this stinkin' town again.

Grace: Cameron...

Cameron: You know what? Let me say this. I love you, Grace. I know I don't always show it, and I've done some pretty stupid things lately. What I'm trying to say-- you're everything to me. You are, and I thank God every day that I found you and that you've stood by me. I owe you so much.

Grace: I don't know what to say.

Cameron: Just promise me you won't listen to other people. Nikki, Sharon--they hate me. They hate us. They want to destroy what we have together. Just promise me you won't let them, please.

Grace: Yes, I promise. I promise. I love you, too, baby. I love you so much. (Sobbing)


Nikki: You think Sharon is being set up?

Nick: There are only two reasons why Cameron would want to find that body. He either needs to get rid of it because it points to him, or he wants the police to find it, because it points to you.

Sharon: But why would it point to me? I didn't kill anyone.

Nick: Babe, I know. Calm down.

Sharon: I can't calm down! How can you expect me to when you're telling me Cameron may have framed me for murder? What if his plan works?

Nick: It's not gonna work, Sharon, because now we have Grace, and... oh, God.

Nikki: What? What about Grace?

Nick: Grace is the last person who should be with Cameron right now.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Sharon: Are you suggesting we go back into that disgusting sewer?

Chris: It can't come as that much of a surprise that Phyllis would threaten to play dirty.

Phyllis: Hey, sweetheart.

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