Tuesday Y&R Transcript 6/22/04

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/22/04--Canada; Wednesday 6/23/04--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Cameron: I can't let you call anyone.

Nikki: Who do you think you are? I come home and find a trespasser in my house, and now you tell me what I can and cannot do?

Cameron: Look, if you just let me explain why I'm here--

Nikki: You can explain it to the police.

Cameron: Hey. Don't make this difficult. All I'm askin' is a few minutes of your time. And then I promise, I'll be on my way.

Nikki: Miguel!

Cameron: There's no one in the house but you and me.

Nikki: There are a lot of employees on this property. If I scream, they'll come running.

Cameron: I don't think you want to do that.

Nikki: Why not?

Cameron: You care about your son?

Nikki: Yes, of course.

Cameron: Good. Then I think you want to hear what I have to say.


Nick: Are you tellin' me that Cameron just showed up at the house?

Sharon: I practically jumped out of my skin. I was getting ready to leave, and then I opened the door. There he was. He barged right in like he owned the place.

Nick: Are you okay?

Sharon: I'll be fine. It's just, seeing Cameron again, it brings back a lot of horrible memories.

Nick: Did he mention anything about New Yearís Eve?

Sharon: He still denies that any of it even happened. He thinks that I'm crazy. Nick, I'm not making it all up. I swear it.

Nick: I know, babe. You don't have to convince me of that anymore.

Grace: Good, you're both here. I just had a visit from Michael Baldwin. I understand you've been making some very serious allegations about my boyfriend.


Jack: You're just full of surprises, aren't you?

Jill: Still a surprise for you, is it?

Jack: What?

Jill: How good we are together.

Jack: My, and she's humble, too.

Jill: (Laughs) I said "together," you and me, a twosome.

Jack: Well, then you're not taking all the credit.

Jill: Oh, mercy no. I'm giving you a lot of that.

Jack: Our joint endeavor.

Jill: Indeed.

Jack: Okay, next subject.

Jill: Victor Newman.

Jack: Oh, God. Had to ruin a perfectly good evening, didn't you?

Jill: That's not what I'm doing, Jack. I am gonna help you out of this dark hole that you're in.

Jack: Oh, gosh. So now she's a therapist.

Jill: I don't have to be an expert to see how pathological this thing is between you and Victor.

Jack: My, "pathological," huh?

Jill: Look how he's been controlling your life for how many years is it now?

Jack: Victor Newman does not control my life.

Jill: Yes, he does. And you've been letting him. You've been dancing to his tune for a long, long time, and it's finally eating you alive. And I wanna help you do something about it.

Jack: Why? Why do you want to help me?

Jill: Because I miss the real Jack Abbott... the one you've lost... the one we all have lost.


Brad: Ash.

Ashley: Yeah, what is it?

Brad: What I said earlier... I didn't mean to open that up.

Ashley: Thanks for apologizing. But you're right. I mean, I was careless with that tape I made.

Brad: I know you'd never do anything to intentionally hurt our little girl.

Ashley: No, of course not. But neither would Victor. And I think deep down you know that. Look, he's already seen her, and nothing terrible happened.

Brad: What's your point?

Ashley: Won't you please consider just giving him a few supervised visits? We can end this hostility between us.

Brad: Oh, Ash, I... obviously, I'm having a very hard time with that.

Ashley: You're just gonna insist that she speak with a psychologist before we do anything?

Brad: Come on. At least it would give me time to get used to the idea of that bastard virtually being part of our family.

Ashley: Just so you know, honey, you are just prolonging the inevitable.

Brad: You know what? Can we just table this for now? I don't want to argue with you.

Dru: Oh. Ooh. I certainly hope I'm not interrupting anything serious, because nothing's gonna slow my roll today.


Phyllis: Hey. Knock, knock. Can I come in?

Neil: Looks like you already have.

Phyllis: I have.

Neil: Hi, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Hey, look at you. When I heard that Victor put you in charge, I got on my horse and rode right over. Congratulations.

Neil: Well, thank you very much.

Phyllis: (Laughs) look at you. How does it feel to be head honcho at Newman Enterprises?

Neil: I gotta tell you, it's a big responsibility, but I'm hittin' the ground running. What about you? How are you doing?

Phyllis: Well, you know, you know, um, okay. You know, uh, my life is sort of a mess right now, but I'm hanging in there. As long as I'm here, has your daughter Lily told you about this new kid that she's hanging out with? Um, I think his name is Daniel. Uh, has she talked about him at all?

Neil: Phyllis, you came all the way over here to talk about Lily and her friends? I have a little trouble believing that.

Phyllis: Oh, man. You're sharp. You're sharp. Look at you, right down to business. That's why Victor put you in charge.

Neil: Okay, Phyllis, um, what can I do for you?

Phyllis: No. No, no, no, no, no. The question is, what can we do for each other?

Neil: Have it your own way. What's on your mind?

Phyllis: Well, I-- I think that you might have guessed that when I walked into the room. I want you to hire me back.


Mac: Who needs lemonade?

Lily: Um, I think that's everyone.

Mac: Okay.

Sierra: Well, someone make a toast.

Cassie: Daniel, you do it.

Daniel: Me?

Mac: Sure. Why not?

Daniel: Okay. To new friends.

Sierra: To new friends and to old ones.

Cassie: Yeah.

Lily: Hey, who you callin' old?

Group: (Laughs)

Cassie: This is good.

Lily: I know. I was dying of thirst. You guys, look at this place. I mean, look around. I cannot believe how much we got done today.

Daniel: So it's party time now then, right?

Mac: What'd you have in mind?

Cassie: Hey, we could watch that reel of film that we found in the file cabinet.

Sierra: Yeah, why not?

Lily: Uh, watch it on what? We don't have a projector.

Cassie: Oh.

Sierra: Well, if there was a reel of film around here, like, back when it was an old company, there should be a projector around here somewhere.

Mac: Why don't you guys check in the office? There's a huge closet full of old equipment.

Cassie: Cool. Let's go.

Mac: What?

Daniel: Way to get rid of the k-I-d-S.


Neil: What did you just say?

Phyllis: You heard what I said, Neil. I want my old job back.

Neil: How can you even ask me to consider rehiring you? I mean, I might be sitting behind this desk here, but there are other people that I have to answer to.

Phyllis: Oh, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. No man is an island. I've heard that before. Come on.

Neil: What did you expect me to say?

Phyllis: I expect you to say yes. Are you kidding me? You're the boss now. Victor put you in charge for a reason. Be bold. Act boldly.

Neil: Bold is one thing, Phyllis. Reckless is another.

Phyllis: It is reckless not to rehire me.

Neil: Convince me.

Phyllis: Convince you? Oh, well, that's easy. First, you know this job means the world to me, right? And, you know, just forget that Nicholas--Nick clueless--already passed. Forget about that. And forget that-- that Victor said the timing was off. We have a completely different relationship, Neil. We work so well together. I will work my tail off here. You know I will.

Neil: All right, easy, easy. I said, "Convince me," not slaughter.

Phyllis: "Slaughter"? Slaughter is my middle name when it comes to this job. I would kill for this job. You know that. You know that. See all this energy I got goin'? I put it right into the company. How can you refuse?

Neil: Okay, I gotta hand it to you. You present a very strong case.

Phyllis: Good. When do I get my job back?


Jack: The old Jack Abbott, huh? I'm not sure I remember who that was.

Jill: Well, then let me tell you-- the maverick, the leader, the innovator. The Jack Abbott who was a legend in the cosmetics industry because he never let the competition dictate his next move. The Jack Abbott who always seemed to be having more fun than the rest of us 'cause he honestly loved the challenges that life put in his way. I miss him. We all miss him.

Jack: Wow.

Jill: Shall I go on?

Jack: I'm not so sure.

Jill: Well, I've gone this far. You might as well let me finish. You spend so much time brooding about Victor, you don't get anything done.

Jack: Ah, so we're back to that, are we, how Victor is running my life?

Jill: Yeah, except that it isn't Victor who's doing it. It's your vendetta against Victor. It's that hate that is so deep down inside of you that it's eating away at who you are. You're so obsessed with beating Victor and teaching Victor a lesson, that you've lost all ability to navigate your own life, Jack, and your own career, and you've got to find a way past this, or there is no hope for Jabot.

Jack: I hear what you're saying. But without Newmanís settlement money, there's no way we can keep Jabot afloat.

Jill: Aww. Is this the way you're gonna go down? Whining?

Jack: Do you have any idea how it kills me to lose everything to that son of a...

Jill: Then do something about it, Jack. You do yourself such a disservice by thinking that this man owns you. Take control of your destiny.

Jack: Take control of my destiny.

Jill: Listen, you keep concentrating on all the wrongs that you've suffered because of Vvictor. I mean, that locks you into the past. You've got to get over that. You've got to stop it. Stop reacting to him. Be creative yourself. I mean, there has got to be a way to save Jabot without using his money.

Jack: I've got be realistic. I...

Jill: Okay, here's some realism for you. You know more about the cosmetics industry than Victor Newman does, okay? The truth is, he is a neophyte. You, on the other hand, are Jack Abbott. You are a giant in the world of cosmetics. I mean, he's just using his money and his power and the sheer size of Newman industries to grind you down. You're the one with the experience, Jack. You're the one with the expertise. Why the hell are you giving up?!

Jack: Maybe. Ma-- maybe if we pare down to bare bone...

Jill: Sounds like a better solution than letting the ship sink, doesn't it?

Jack: It could mean cutting some divisions.

Jill: God, the way you're lookin' at me, you're talking about my men's line, aren't you?

Jack: Yeah. Maybe. Probably. For sure it means getting rid of Tuvia.

Jill: So instead of dwelling on Victor, you're gonna be concentrating on Jabot's survival. You can make this happen. I know you can make it happen.

Jack: That's a hell of a pep talk.

Jill: Have you been listening to me?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah. And you're right. You're absolutely right.

Jill: Stick with me, baby.

Jill: Oh, lord, what's that look?

Jack: How do I keep him away from my sister?

Jill: That is not your problem. Don't you worry about that? Don't get mired in that.

Jack: Stay focused. Project save Jabot.

Jill: And you will. You will, Jack. You're gonna do this.

Jack: Amazing, isn't it?

Jill: What?

Jack: That you, of all people, would be the person to get me back on track.

Jill: You just make sure that you keep yourself there, okay? We could make a really good team, you know that?


Brad: Someone's in a good mood.

Dru: Brad, I am in a great mood. You know, life is so amazing. One day you're up, then you're down, then you're up again--

Ashley: So happy you stopped by. There's been something I've been meaning to ask you.

Dru: Really? Oh. Uh-oh.

Ashley: What possessed you to try an untested hair straightener on yourself?

Dru: If it makes you feel any better, Ashley, I have suffered.

Ashley: The repercussions for this company could have been disastrous.

Brad: And we already have enough problems around here.

Ashley: If the public ever found out that our spokesperson suffered physical harm because of an untested formula--

Dru: Would you please cool your jets? Is that why you asked me to come over here, to lecture me? I'm not a child.

Ashley: Lecture you? I came this close to firing you. What do you have to say for yourself? I've never really heard, Drucilla.

Dru: Nothing. Nothing. I have nothing to say for myself because I didn't do anything terrible. I didn't steal your formula. You should be thanking me. I did this for the company. Where's my medal for bravery?

Brad: It's obvious you two are never going to agree, so let's just move on, shall we?

Dru: We canít. No can do. I've come to give you my resignation.


Nikki: That's why you're here, because of Nicholas?

Cameron: Well, yeah. Why'd you think?

Nikki: Never mind. Go on.

Cameron: Does this mean you'll hear me out?

Nikki: The clock is ticking.

Cameron: Have a seat. Please have a seat.

Nikki: Oh, how nice. I get to have a seat in my own house.

Cameron: Now as I'm, uh, sure you're aware, I've asked Nick to run my company.

Nikki: Yes, and he accepted. I know that.

Cameron: Mm-hmm. How you feel about that?

Nikki: What does it matter to you how I feel about anything?

Cameron: Well, because I know there's a lot of tension in your family right now, particularly between Nick and your husband. I imagine that Nick's decision will only exacerbate that situation. I just want you to know, I'm not happy about that.

Nikki: Oh, well, that's very touching.

Cameron: Look, Nikki- may I call you Nikki?

Nikki: No.

Cameron: All right. Mrs. Newman, I'm not tryin' to cause trouble here. That's not the reason I offered Nick this job. I did it because I think he's a pretty savvy businessman. He's got a bright future. He's gonna be a hell of an asset to my company. The way I look at, well, you know, Victor's loss is my gain.

Nikki: I think the person you should be telling this to is Victor.

Cameron: We spoke. He, uh, came by my hotel a few days ago.

Nikki: Let me guess. He asked you to rescind the job offer.

Cameron: More like he ordered me.

Nikki: And you refused. I have to say, you're a very courageous man. Either that or extremely stupid.


Nick: Grace, cool it.

Grace: Where do you get off making up these vicious lies?

Sharon: They're not lies, Grace. What Michael said is true.

Grace: You're telling me the man I'm dating is a murderer?

Sharon: Well, that body didn't appear outta nowhere.

Grace: Oh, yes. I'm glad you brought that up. About this mysterious body everyone keeps mentioning, where is it now, hmm? Oh, you don't know, do you? Well, isn't that convenient?

Nick: We know where it is.

Grace: Where? Come on, people. You can't just drop a bomb like this and expect me to believe you. Where is the body?

Sharon: It's at the Lakeside Sports Bar.

Grace: What?

Sharon: It's in the sewer near the Lakeside Sports Bar.

Grace: Oh, my God. You people are sick.

Nick: Grace--

Grace: How long did it take you to create this fairy tale?

Nick: Why don't you just sit down and let us--

Grace: No, I've heard enough. I'm not staying for one more second.

Sharon: Grace, he's using you. There is so much that you don't know about Cameron, but you need to, before it's too late.


Mac: So if you had gone back to Switzerland...

Daniel: What would I be doing right now?

Mac: Yeah.

Daniel: Jumping on a train, seeing friends.

Mac: You have a lot of those?

Daniel: Oh, yes. I'm in great demand.

Lily: Hey, guys! Look what we found.

Sierra: Daniel, can you help us with this?

Mac: Definitely in demand.

Daniel: You guys look like you have it under control.

Sierra: Well, you're just sitting there, so...

Daniel: I'm busy.

Lily: Oh, gee, Daniel, doing what?

Daniel: I'll be over there in a minute.

Cassie: Hey, here's the cord.

Sierra: Well, we need an extension cord.

Lily: There's a bunch of them lying around in the other room.

Sierra: Okay.

Cassie: Okay, let's go.

Daniel: You were saying?

Mac: Well, I guess, I kinda wonder what it's like living in Europe.

Daniel: Well, you've traveled.

Mac: Yeah, but not like you. I think we've had pretty different lives.

Daniel: Oh, no. Is this gonna be one of those serious discussions?

Mac: Oh, and now you're mocking me?

Daniel: Hey, take it easy with the violence, okay?

Lily: Romalotti, come on, we need you.

Daniel: Oh.

Sierra: We have no idea how to thread this thing. Come on.

Lily: Come on.

Daniel: You guys are smart. Can't you figure it out?

Lily: We need a man's touch.

Sierra: Yeah, you guys are always good at this stuff.

Daniel: (Sighs) loop it through this side.

Lily: Okay, now how does this thing work?

Daniel: Well, you gotta pull these things up, and...


Mac: Hey, you. When'd you get here?

J.T.: Just in time to see you hangin' out with that stupid punk who messed up colleen and me.

Mac: J.T., You know I love you, but just give it a rest.

J.T.: The kid's a jerk, Mac.

Mac: If you gave him a chance--

J.T.: No, no, no. I gave him a chance. He already messed up with me.

Mac: Not on purpose.

J.T.: You know what? I think it was on purpose.

Mac: You know what? Daniel's new in town. I know what that's like. It's easy to say the wrong thing, not intending to, and then offend someone.

J.T.: He's already got you that snowed, huh?

Mac: J.T., Do you have to be so harsh?

Lily: Okay, we've got it! Come on, Mac! Movie time.


Neil: Whoa. Hold on. I'm not saying I'm hiring you.

Phyllis: Well, what are you sayin'?

Neil: I told you before. There are others who need to weigh in on this, some of whom have very serious problems with you.

Phyllis: Aw, Neil, come on.

Neil: On the other hand, your suggestion is very timely, to say the least, because I'm planning to revitalize the company's cosmetics divisions. And I wouldn't mind-- wouldn't mind-- your input on the web site. Now I've got an I.T. guy working on it, but he doesn't have your flair for promotion.

Phyllis: Well, of course not. Right up my alley.

Neil: So... if I hire you, and I said "if"...

Phyllis: I'm all ears.

Neil: You can't abuse our friendship, okay? I'd be your boss. You would need to respect that.

Phyllis: Of course I'll respect that. I promise you.

Neil: And I can't have you doing anything that would make me regret hiring you back. Is that understood?

Phyllis: Completely understood, sir. When do I start? Immediately?


Brad: You're quitting?

Dru: Mmm, resigning.

Ashley: Why?

Dru: Because life's too short, Ashley. You know, all the dysfunctional stress around here and wondering if you're gonna fire me from day to day, who needs it?

Brad: Well, hey, thanks for the advance notice, Drucilla. You know, it is gonna take us a little time to find your replacement.

Dru: I am so sorry, but I am quitting, effective immediately. Tonight. Now.

Ashley: Isn't that just perfect?

Dru: Well, I thought so. I thought you'd be doing cartwheels. God knows, you've been tryin' to get rid of me since day one.

Ashley: You know, you can't just waltz in here and quit. You've got a contract, Dru.

Dru: Like that woulda meant a hill of beans to you if you'd decided to fire me first.

Ashley: The point is if you don't want us to take legal action, you'll think twice.

Dru: Ooh. Ooh. You wouldn't dare.

Ashley: Don't bet on it.

Dru: Well, I tell you--

Brad: Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, what are you doing? Don't do that.

Dru: What does it look like I'm doing, hmm? What does it look like I'm doing? Now do you wanna be talking to me about national spokesperson for Tuvia?

Dru: Hmm? See what I'm saying?

Ashley: Well, those hair extensions do an excellent job of covering the damage.

Dru: Yes, they do, when I decide to wear them. Mm-hmm.

Brad: You know, Dru, one, I really don't want to see that, and two, your level of unprofessionalism is par for the course.

Ashley: You know what, Brad? If she doesn't want to be here, what kind of a spokesperson would she be?

Dru: Exactly.

Ashley: I say we let her go go.

Brad: I'm with you. Sayonara.

Dru: All right. Well, um, listen, thanks for your understanding. People, it's been a great ride. Great ri--fabulous opportunity. Have a blessed day.

Brad: All right. Well, I'll go e-mail personnel, let 'em know what's going on.


Nikki: It's getting late, Mr. Kirsten. My husband will be home very soon, and you probably don't want to be here then.

Cameron: Yeah. Just one more thing.

Nikki: What?

Cameron: The other day, you had a conversation with my girlfriend Grace Turner.

Nikki: Yes?

Cameron: She mentioned that you said something that I couldn't believe. It seems that you're under the impression that I was involved in some fairly disturbing things on New Yearís Eve. Is that true?


Sharon: That's when I decided that the only way I could be sane again was to see Cameronís body. I had to be sure that he was really dead.

Grace: But Cameron isn't dead, so...

Nick: Whose body is it? That's what we need to find out.

Sharon: Do you have any idea?

Grace: No.

Nick: Did Cameron have it in for anyone?

Grace: Not that I know of. He really abused you?

Sharon: That's why I was away for so long. I had to wait for my bruises to heal before I could come back to town. He never hurt you?

Grace: No.

Sharon: Well, do you think that he ever would?

Nick: Grace, we need your help.

Grace: Me?

Nick: Yes. We told you everything. Now it's your turn.

Sharon: We know that you and Cameron have been working together. What we don't know is why. What are you after?


Jack: Good! You're still here. You and I need to talk.

Ashley: Why, what's up?

Jack: Well, I am turning over a new leaf.

Ashley: You're what?

Jack: I'm starting over, totally and completely.

Ashley: I hope that doesn't mean you've come in here to quit.

Jack: No, I have not come here to quit. I've come here to get back in the game. The old smiling Jack we all know and love is back.

Ashley: What prompted this change?

Jack: I had a realization. I have been letting Victor Newman run my life.

Ashley: Run your life? You've been obsessed with him, Jack.

Jack: I know, I know. I've been making all my decisions based on Newman. I've been reacting to his actions. No more. That's over. No more pettiness. I'm gonna start focusing on my life, on Jabot. I'm getting back to basics.


Phyllis: Trust me. You will never be sorry you rehired me. I can promise you that.

Neil: Hold on a minute. I haven't said yes.

Phyllis: But you want to. Come on, you know you do. You just said I was the best person for the job, okay? I'm caring, dedicated, loyal, energetic.

Neil: All right, all right, stop with the hard sell. I'll be glad to have someone on board I know I can count on.

Phyllis: That would be me.

Neil: Someone I can rely on to be a straight shooter.

Phyllis: Well, who's that? Me again. Come on. Come on, Neil. All kidding aside, this job would be a Godsend to me right now, really. I'll never let you down. You could take that to the bank.

Neil: I prefer you take seriously how big a risk this would be for me personally. All right, all things considered... welcome back. You're hired.

Phyllis: Oh! Oh, thank you.


Ashley: I'm definitely happy to hear what you're saying--

Jack: But it's a bit of a shock.

Ashley: Oh, yeah, especially given the way you've been acting lately.

Jack: Well, I think we will both agree that isn't the real me.

Ashley: So what happened? What prompted this change? You haven't said.

Jack: It's funny. The thing you least expect is the thing that turns on the light.

Ashley: Could you be more cryptic?

Jack: I had a conversation with Jill.

Ashley: No, no, no, no, don't tell me that fling you had is still going on.

Jack: Well, I wouldn't call it a fling, but, yes.

Ashley: No, no, no, no.

Jack: Let's not get sidetracked here. Jill did me a big favor tonight.

Ashley: Do I want to know what?

Jack: She made me take a good, hard, honest look at myself. I don't know why I haven't seen it before, or how I was letting Newman affect me, how I was letting him ruin everything, but, sis, the scales are coming off my eyes.

Ashley: Huh. What do you know? Glad to hear it. I really am.

Jack: You may not be as glad to hear this next part. We're in real trouble. We need Newmanís settlement money, like, yesterday.

Ashley: Yeah, Jack, I know. The good news is I think I can get $20 to $25 million out of him maybe.

Jack: Well, that'll keep the doors open for a little while longer, but if we really want to think long-term, we're gonna have to think about closing some factories, trimming down some product lines, and this is gonna be the hardest pill to swallow-- I think we have to pull the plug on Tuvia.

Ashley: Yeah, Jack, I know, especially since our spokesmodel walked in here 20 minutes ago and quit.

Jack: Drucilla quit? Really?

Ashley: Yep, last thing I expected.

Jack: Wow. Now there's a sign.

Ashley: Of what?

Jack: That big changes are coming. We are not sunk yet. I still have contacts that I can establish a line of credit with, and if we tell them we're not throwing good money after bad on Tuvia, that'll be a point in our favor, a big point.

Ashley: Well, I don't know how Jill did it. I don't think I really want to know how Jill did it, but I'm glad she did.

Jack: Well, thank you, sis.

Ashley: Honestly, do you think jabot has a snowball's chance?

Jack: I'm gonna do everything I possibly can to save this baby. I can't make any promises I'll succeed. I promise you this, though. If we're going down, we're going down swingin'.

Ashley: K know I've said it before. I'm gonna say it again. It's really good to have my big brother back.


Lily: Okay, they're running.

Sierra: Cassie, go hit the lights.

Cassie: Okay.

J.T.: What the heck is that?

Lily: Look, Daniel, it's a corporate training film.

Daniel: Hey, it was a theory.

Cassie: Happy birthday, little girl.

Lily: How old is she?

Sierra: Count the candles.

Mac: It looks like four. Oh, no, five.

J.T.: How can you tell? That thing's so old.

Lily: Yeah, it's kind of out of focus. It keeps going in and out.

Sierra: Oh, how sweet.

J.T.: Thrills, chills, spills and romance.

Lily: You guys, this is so bizarre. What is a movie of a little girl's birthday party doing in an old file cabinet?

Sierra: Uh-oh, present time.

J.T.: Oh, it's a pony. Thanks, mom and dad.

Cassie: Yeah, it's a pretty small pony.

Lily: Uh-oh, the bow's off. Itís... itís...

Daniel: Let's get a drum roll.

Sierra: Oh, wow, earrings. Hey, Cassie--

Cassie: Yeah, I know. See it.

Lily: Is that the s-- no way.

Cassie: It sure looks like it.

Sierra: Oh, my gosh. It is.

Mac: What?

Lily: Cassie found a ruby earring in the file cabinet.

Sierra: At least, we think its ruby.

Mac: When was this?

Daniel: You were already gone by then.

Mac: Huh.

Lily: What could this mean?

Sierra: We totally gotta find out.


Dru: I trust I'm not interrupting anything important, sir?

Neil: You can trust anything you like except a man behind a desk. Damn, you look good! Come here and give me some sugar.

Dru: Oh! Ooh, ooh, ooh! Ooh, Mr. Winters, I'm not sure that that would be proper corporate behavior.

Neil: Would you prefer I shut the door?

Dru: I'm not suggesting that either, Mr. Winters.

Neil: Mister, huh?

Dru: Mm.

Neil: What exactly is it that you're after, Mrs. Winters? Does this mean I have to ask you formally before I get my sugar?

Dru: Oh, I would never tell my boss how to run his business.

Neil: The boss, huh?

Dru: Mm.

Neil: Uh-huh. You're after somethin'. I can tell by the way you're breathing and that look in your eye. What is it that you want?

Dru: I'll get right to the point. I accept.

Neil: You accept? You accept what?

Dru: I accept the offer to be the director of the new consolidated cosmetics division here at Newman.


Grace: I'm not sure what you want me to tell you.

Nick: We want you to tell us the truth. I think we've all had enough deception to last us a lifetime. Now what the hell were you and Cameron trying to do?

Grace: Destroy your marriage.

Sharon: What?!

Grace: That's why Cameron came to Genoa City. It wasn't because he was selling his company. I mean, that was part of it, but the main reason was we were trying to split you two up.

Sharon: But why?

Grace: Cameron was angry about what happened between the two of you in Denver. And, um... I guess I never really got over Nicholas. I felt if I couldn't have him, then I didn't want anyone else to. So when Cameron and I realized we were after the same thing, we came up with this scheme to split you up... only it didn't go as expected.

Sharon: You're talking about New Yearís Eve.

Grace: The plan was Cameron would lure you into the motel room, and then once he had proof that you had been there, he would go to Nick, tell him that you slept with him, that you'd been unfaithful. But that was supposed to be the end of it. We never anticipated that you'd knock Cameron out and drag his body into the alley.

Sharon: Did he tell you why I hit him over the head with that champagne bottle?

Grace: Not really, just that you were pretty worked up.

Sharon: It was because he was trying to rape me, Grace. He was gonna beat me up again. It was self-defense.

Grace: Wow. Anyway, um, that's really all I know.

Sharon: How could you do this, Grace? We used to be best friends!

Grace: Face it, Sharon. Those days are long gone. I should go.

Sharon: Where?

Grace: Good question. I'm not really sure. I need to sort things out.

Nick: Just hold it. You're not going anywhere.


Nikki: If you're asking whether I believe Sharon or not, I do.

Cameron: I see.

Nikki: "I see." That's all you have to say? "I see"?

Cameron: You mind me asking why you buy her story?

Nikki: Well, she is my daughter-in-law.

Cameron: And she's also mentally unbalanced. I'm sorry to say that, but she has to be to come up with this nonsense about me and a dead body.

Nikki: Good night, Mr. Kirsten.

Cameron: Look, Mrs. Newman, I know that she's your family and you have to stand by her, but come on. The woman needs help. Surely you can see that.

Nikki: What I see is a man who feels the noose tightening around his neck.

Cameron: You act like I got something to be afraid of.

Nikki: You do because you and I both know Sharonís not crazy.

Cameron: How can you say that? She thinks she killed me. Do I look dead to you?

Nikki: Look, all I know is on New Yearís Eve, Sharon dragged what she thought was your body behind a dumpster.

Cameron: How do you know that? What, just because she said so?

Nikki: No, not just because she said so.

Cameron: Then how can you be so sure?

Nikki: Because I saw it, too. I saw that body with my own eyes.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

J.T.: Mac's a friend.

Brittany: You've always had a thing for her.

Grace: When I go to sleep, there's gonna be a killer in the bed next to me.

Nikki: Think I'm bluffing? Try me.

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