Monday Y&R Transcript 6/21/04

Y&R Transcript Monday 6/21/04 -- Canada, Tuesday 6/22/04 -- U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Ashley: Honey, would you please relax? Of course I was gonna tell you that Victor's seen Abby.

Brad: Then why didn't you?

Ashley: Because when I came into the boardroom, Dad was here. We had to deal with business. Then when I tried to tell you again once he left, you were anxious to see Nikki, remember?

Brad: Is that the important thing you wanted to talk to me about?

Ashley: Yes.

Brad: Can I assume you had nothing to do with setting up this meeting?

Ashley: You honestly think I would go behind your back?

Brad: You tell me.

Ashley: We agreed we weren't gonna do anything until Abby had seen the psychologists.

Brad: So how did this happen? What's Newman doing, stalking the kid? Man, I would like to wring his neck.

Ashley: I know. Now just, come on. Let me try to explain it to you.

Brad: Yeah, you do that. You explain, and it better be good.


Victor: You wanted me to come back?

Nikki: Oh, I'm so glad I got a hold of you on your cell.

Victor: Unless this is an emergency, I don't want to be in this building, all right?

Nikki: Why, what happened?

Victor: Jack Abbott happened. Almost lost it with him.

Nikki: Victor, could you please put your anger with Jack aside? We need to discuss something involving business.

Victor: What business?

Nikki: The settlement offer.

Victor: Who put you up to this?

Nikki: I'm not gonna lie to you. Brad and Ashley did.

Victor: They were supposed to come to me directly.

Nikki: Well, they thought I would be a better choice.

Victor: Well, I don't think so. And I will let them know that.

Nikki: Wait, Victor, wait.


Jill: You want to tell me about your miserable day, or should I tell you about mine?

Jack: Hey. Well, this pretty much sums up mine.

Jill: Ah, Jabot's newest financial projection.

Jack: Yeah, add to that, I've had two--count them-- two run-ins with Victor Newman in the last couple of days.

Jill: Jack, you really should stay away from Victor.

Jack: No, wrong. You got it the wrong way. He should stay away from us, from all the Abbotts, especially Ashley and her family.

Jill: Why, what's that about?

Jack: Oh, that's right. You don't know. Well, add this to your little collection of tidbits. Brad and Ashley’s daughter Abby-- Victor Newman is the biological father.


Raul: Great. Yeah, she'll be there, and she'll use the cream in the meantime. Okay, thanks, doctor.

J.T.: Doctor?

Raul: Yeah, scheduling a little surgery for a friend.

J.T.: Who? Brittany?

Raul: Yeah, plastic surgery.

J.T.: Well, you said something about a cream. What were you talking about?

Brittany: Okay, I put it on. Now let's see some results. Hey, when did you get home?

J.T.: Just got here.

Raul: How's it feel?

Brittany: Uh, a little weird.

J.T.: "Results in two weeks," huh? What, are you gonna sit in front of the mirror until something happens?

Brittany: If I want to. I was so tempted to put the whole jar on at once.

J.T.: Hey, hold on a second. You're talking about scheduling an operation. You're talking about using this miracle cream here, and you're both pretty excited about it. What's going on?

Brittany: We're getting rid of my scar.

J.T.: Oh. Oh, you are, huh? Just the two of you, just like that?


(Cell phone rings) (ring) (ring)

Grace: What do you want, Michael? Yes, I'm in my hotel room. No, Cameron’s not here. Why?

(Knock on door) hold on. Someone's at the door.

Michael: Grace, you look as ravishing as ever.

Grace: Michael.

Michael: I just wanted to make sure you were alone. May I?

Grace: I was just leaving.

Michael: That's great. I've got some free time. I'll tag along.

Grace: Why?

Michael: I need to talk to you.

Grace: Can it wait?

Michael: No, I really think you should listen to what I have to say.

Grace: Come in.

Michael: Nice suite. Where's your fella?

Grace: Out.

Michael: What's he up to?

Grace: Why all the questions about Cameron?

Michael: Just curious. How well do you really know the man?


Sharon: Oh, my--Cameron!

Cameron: I didn't mean to startle you.

Sharon: What are you doing here?

Cameron: Would you believe I was just in the neighborhood?

Sharon: No.

Cameron: Yeah, I didn't think so.


Jill: That is unbelievable. Victor Newman is Abby’s father.

Jack: Yeah, imagine how thrilled I was to learn it.

Jill: What about Brad? Oh, my God, that poor guy.

Jack: It is eating him alive. And Victor's, of course, insisting on being part of Abby’s life.

Jill: Of all the people Ashley could choos.... talk about a disaster.

Jack: Jill, let's not. Let's-- I'm sick and tired of talking about it. No one listens anyway. Did you ever get the feeling there's a force out there that's just there to do you in, to destroy you?

Jill: What?

Jack: I mean it. I'm serious. That's the way I look at Newman these days. He's like a weapon aimed directly at me, and I can't let my guard down for a second.

Jill: Jack, that is awful. I mean, that's-- that means that you're never, ever able to relax, not for a minute.

Jack: I can't tell you when the last time was I had a good night's sleep.

Jill: Sweetie, sweetie. Maybe you should see someone.

Jack: What, like a shrink?

Jill: Wow, you're sounding just a little bit obsessed to me.

Jack: Yeah, a little bit. Try a lot. And I don't think a shrink is the answer. Right now I'm thinking about a hit man.

Jill: Stop it. Don't talk like that.

Jack: Don't think I'm not serious.


Victor: All right, so what do you want to talk about?

Nikki: Brad and Ashley came to me for a very good reason. I'm the only one on speaking terms with you right now.

Victor: But that's not my problem.

Nikki: Well, you have to admit it's a pretty sorry state of affairs when they send your own wife out to negotiate.

Victor: Especially since she had no right to agree to do that.

Nikki: Well, what else could I do?

Victor: Turn them down.

Nikki: Well, then how else are we going to come to an agreement, if you're not able to exchange two words with anyone else on the board?

Victor: Why don't you ask Jack Abbott that question?

Nikki: I'm asking you. Victor, I know what an untenable position you're in, but you can't keep letting your temper get the better of you.

Victor: Don't tell me that, all right? Do you know how much restraint it took me to not knock that... jackass on his behind? I'm a patient man, but I'm not that patient.

Nikki: I know. I agree. I understand. Why continue this anymore? Think of the peace it would bring to our lives if we could arrive at a settlement. Darling, work with me on this, please.


Ashley: Technically, this wasn't Victor's fault.

Brad: Oh, please.

Ashley: It wasn’t. Mamie had taken Abby and Kyle to the Athletic Cub, and Victor ran into them there.

Brad: So Mamie was there when they talked?

Ashley: Actually, no. She had taken Kyle to the playroom, and Victor stayed behind with our daughter.

Brad: And you know this how? Oh, wait, let me guess-- Newman told you.

Ashley: Actually, I found out from Abby, and I was as angry as you are, but the good thing is she doesn't seem to have been harmed or upset by the visit.

Brad: You know that for a fact?

Ashley: Well, apparently, she was the one asking all the questions.

Brad: Why would our little girl care about a man she barely knows?

Ashley: Because she knows that he's her biological father, and she's curious. I mean, can you honestly blame her? So he's like, what are you doing?


Raul: So you don't think Brittany’s scar can heal?

J.T.: I think you're setting yourself up for a major disappointment.

Brittany: Go away, J.T. I don't want to hear that.

Raul: Hey, hey.

J.T.: I'm sorry.

Raul: Hey, there are solutions out there, J.T. All right, the creams, I admit, they seem a little too good to be true, but people swear by the stuff. There's testimonials up the ying-yang, all right? And that surgery--that's not some mystical thing, bro. They can actually make new skin grow.

J.T.: Okay, okay, okay. I'm sold. I hope it works. I mean that, Brittany.

Brittany: Well, I feel better already, like I can imagine it being gone. That's gotta help, don't you think?

Raul: Don't say it.

J.T.: I'm not saying anything.

Brittany: Look, J.T., I am gonna be fine if this doesn't work. I never would have dreamed it, but I'm actually in a good place with my scar. I still wouldn't mind getting rid of it, but... (telephone rings)

Brittany: Hello.

Bobby: Hey, baby, it's me.

Brittany: Bobby.

Bobby: I'm so glad you answered the phone.


Grace: What are you after, Michael?

Michael: Information.

Grace: About my boyfriend?

Michael: I think Cameron’s lying to you.

Grace: Oh, please, not this again.

Michael: I don't think you have any idea about the kind of man you're involved with.

Grace: Why can't you leave me alone? I told you my relationship with Cameron is none of your business. I don't appreciate you harassing me.

Michael: Then let's talk about the dead body.

Grace: Did Nikki tell you to come here?

Michael: Did she say something to you?

Grace: The woman ambushed me at the coffeehouse, started ranting about how evil Cameron is, that he had something to do with a dead body. Whole conversation was bizarre. I mean, she's clearly lost her marbles.

Michael: She hasn't lost anything, Grace. There is a dead body. And it does have to do with Cameron.

Grace: What are you talking about?

Michael: Are you saying you don't know?

Grace: Of course not.

Michael: Now you look me in the eye, and you tell me that you do not know about any dead body. You swear to me.

Grace: Yes, Michael. I swear.

Michael: Now you'd better sit down. I got a story for you.


Larry: I'm really surprised to hear from you.

Nick: Oh, I'm sure.

Larry: How long's it been?

Nick: Look, let's just get right to it, all right? I know.

Larry: You know what?

Nick: I know everything about Sharon and Cameron. I know the whole story.

Larry: Oh, man. Look, if you're thinking that I shouldn't have gotten involved with her helping--

Nick: Larry, I'm actually very grateful that you tried to help my wife out of a jam.

Larry: Let me tell you, bro. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I popped the trunk of her car that night.

Nick: Well, Sharon, too, when she realized the body had been taken care of.

Larry: Hey, it's the least I could do. Your folks, you guys have been good to me, you know? And I got a long memory for things like that. So is this it?

Nick: No, not quite. I need some answers.

Larry: What kind of answers?

Nick: Well, I realize you're in this up to your neck now, too, so I thought you might want to know what I have planned for our good friend Mr. Kirsten.


Sharon: Get out!

Cameron: Sharon, you don't even know why I'm here.

Sharon: I don't care. This is my home, and you don't come barging in here.

Cameron: Is your husband here?

Sharon: No.

Cameron: So we're alone.

Sharon: Well, he'll be back any minute.

Cameron: Oh, relax, Sharon. I'm here to talk. Is that okay?

Sharon: No, it isn't! I don't care. I don't wanna hear anything that you have to say.

Cameron: You see, that attitude right there is precisely what concerns me. And I'm sure you're aware that Nick has accepted my offer, which means that he and I are gonna be working much more closely together. How do you feel about that?

Sharon: I hate the idea. I wish he had told you what you can do with your damn job, but if that's what he wants...

Cameron: You tried to talk him out of it, didn't you?

Sharon: You were about to get to your point.

Cameron: My point... I hope you won't make things difficult.

Sharon: And how would I do that?

Cameron: By filling his head with a lot of negativity. Look, Sharon, I'm aware that you and I have our issues, but do me a favor, huh? Let's keep those issues between us.

Sharon: Promise you'll do the same?

Cameron: What, you mean am I gonna tell Nick about Denver? The answer is no. Hell, no. That's our secret. Unless of course, you already told him.

Sharon: No, I didn't say anything to Nick about Denver or New Year’s Eve.

Cameron: Oh, come on. You still think something happened that night? Sharon, you know what? I'm worried about you. I think it's time for you to consider a new therapist.

Sharon: Don't you dare joke about this.

Cameron: You know what? Actually, I'm not joking.

Sharon: You and I were both in that motel room, and we both know that there was a body behind that dumpster. You want to tell me how it got there?


Brittany: So what, you're, like, in hiding?

Bobby: No, it's nothing that dramatic. It's just those guys that they took off to jail-- Sal, Mr. Lewis and the rest of them-- they're going down for what they did to you and for a lot of other things. They got no chance of making bail, but they do have friends, and they got some associates.

Brittany: So you think they're gonna send someone after you? Bobby!

Bobby: No, don't worry. I highly doubt it. But just to play it safe, I think its best that I keep to myself for a little while.

Brittany: Just a little while.

Bobby: Yeah, and I just wanted to tell you...

Brittany: What?

Bobby: I miss you, baby.

Brittany: A lot?

Bobby: Yeah, a lot. In fact, it's killing me.

Brittany: Well, you're not allowed to die.

Bobby: Well, good, then I won't, but listen, I do have to get going. Just...

Brittany: What?

Bobby: Come on, you know.

Brittany: No, tell me.

Bobby: You know, you're a pushy broad. Come on, you know how I feel about you.

Brittany: Yeah, I do. I love you, too. Bye.

J.T.: So Cubs are showing some promise this year, huh?


Jill: Come on, Jack. That is a dangerous way to talk.

Jack: Yeah, hell, if I can't talk to you--

Jill: No, you can talk to me. Suddenly, I understand so much more.

Jack: Now you know why I've been such a basket case.

Jill: Yeah, it makes sense to me after what you've just told me.

Jack: That bastard is the biological father of my sister's child. We will never be free of him, not for one second. Victor Newman and the Abbotts are tied forever.

Jill: And I can't imagine how that must make you feel.

Jack: It gives me a knot in my stomach. I can't even think back to when I didn't have it. I can't get rid of it. Everywhere I turn, there's Victor. It keeps me awake at night. I have th-- I have this dream, had it more than once. Jabot, the building, is crumbling all around me. I'm desperately trying to get my father out safely. I finally get him out the front door, and there's Victor, swinging a pickax, a big smile on his face, looking straight at me. I have dreams about my niece, my--my sweet, precious, happy little niece crying to me 'cause she doesn't understand why she has to call this stranger "Dad." And I wake up, and I can't get back to sleep, and I lie in bed, seeing my sister behind the wheel of that car, the blood coming down the side of her face, her life in jeopardy, the child lost, any chance of having another, and I think all of this, all of this was caused by Victor. Yeah, you call it an obsession. Maybe that's what it is, but it's my life. It's what I live every day, all day, 24/7.


Victor: So are you gonna make me an offer?

Nikki: Well, that depends. Is there any chance that you'll accept it?

Victor: Now you know damn well that I presented various figures to the board.

Nikki: And we would have settled for the first one.

Victor: And Jack Abbott arrogantly thumbed his nose at $75 million.

Nikki: I know, which is why we have to settle for less, and we're willing to do that.

Victor: What do you mean "you're willing to do that"? You have to do that.

Nikki: Now you know if you don't pay restitution, people are gonna continue to say that the only reason you won is because you tilted the playing field. Is that really what you want?

Victor: All right, let's assume that I'm willing to pay you $10 million.

Nikki: Victor, you know that's not enough. We'll settle for $25 million.

Victor: $25 million, that's a lot of money.

Nikki: It's nothing you can't afford.

Victor: What if it isn't just about money?

Nikki: Darling, don't you want to put this behind you? I know I do. When I think of all the tension and stress it has put on our marriage, it would mean the world to me.

Victor: When you look at me that way, you soften me up. So... maybe I'm willing to make a settlement given certain conditions.

Nikki: Really? That would be wonderful. Let's move forward.

Victor: Call a meeting of your board. Tell them I'll make an offer, but I'll stipulate the conditions.

Nikki: Well, can't you tell me first?

Victor: No, I cannot tell you. But...

Victor: You rest assured that you'll come out smelling like a rose. I might even make you a heroine.


Ashley: I know this is making you crazy.

Brad: Do you know what they talked about?

Ashley: Victor being her other Daddy came up.

Brad: That's great.

Ashley: According to Victor, she seems to be taking this all in stride.

Brad: I don't care how innocent or accidental this little meeting was. He knew how we felt, and he should've backed away.

Ashley: You are absolutely right. I agree with you. But the important thing is that Abby doesn't seem to be upset by this visit.

Brad: You're not going to suggest--

Ashley: Honey, why don't we just try a couple supervised visitations?

Brad: You've gotta be kidding me?!

Ashley: If she seems disturbed at all, we'll put a stop to it right then.

Brad: Come on, Ash! You give Newman an inch, he'll take a mile! No way. I'm not letting him anywhere near Abby until the professionals we've hired have had a chance to fully evaluate the situation.

Ashley: Do you see that everything would be so much less stressful if we just tried to compromise a little bit?

Brad: Compromise? Have you forgotten that Newman is responsible for the death of our baby? And now he wants Abby. He's lost contact with his own daughter, so he has his sights set on ours.

Ashley: We're going to eventually have to grant him visitation anyway. Or he's gonna take us to court and sue for custody of our little girl. So why prolong the agony? Why don't we just try to compromise, and we can get on with our lives?

Brad: How can you not understand?

Ashley: Understand what?

Brad: What this does to me. The thought of this man, who nearly destroyed us a year ago, insinuating himself into every aspect of our existence because of his relationship with our daughter...

Ashley: Honey--

Brad: And let me tell you something. Even if these visits don't send Abby into a tailspin, I honestly don't know if I can handle it, Ash. You know, it’d be one thing if we could have more children, but we can't because of Newman. And now you're asking me to share my little girl with a man that I totally despise!

Ashley: I know. It's a devastating situation for all of us. But it is one that we have to live with, Brad.

Brad: Well, we wouldn't have to live with it if you'd been more careful with that damn tape-- a tape that I knew nothing about until it was too late. That was the beginning of all this. Since then, we haven't had a moment's peace.

Ashley: Okay, great. We're back at that, huh? You just wanna start blaming me again.

Brad: You created this mess, Ash. I didn’t.


Larry: Look, if anybody deserves to get nailed, it's that lowlife scum Kirsten.

Nick: I'm glad you agree.

Larry: So tell me, how can I help?

Nick: There are some things I need to know about that body, things that Sharon doesn't know either.

Larry: Nick, I'll tell ya whatever I can.

Nick: All right. Well, at this point, I think it's some kind of setup, a way to frame Sharon to get back at her for what she did to him on New Year’s Eve.

Larry: Cold-cocking him and just leavin' him for dead.

Nick: That's right. It's very important that we figure out who that guy was.

Larry: You mean the real dead guy?

Nick: Yeah, I gotta make sure that he can't be tied back to Sharon in some way.

Larry: You really think that Kirsten is that twisted?

Nick: I don't think it. I know. That's why I gotta stay a step ahead of this guy, make sure he doesn't succeed in destroying my wife.

Larry: Nick, if you're askin' could I I.D. The corpse--

Nick: Could you?

Larry: You gotta be kiddin' me, man. There's no way.

Nick: All right. Well, the night you took the body out of the trunk--

Larry: Yeah, it was wrapped up tight in a sheet.

Nick: Did you sneak a peek? I'm sorry to ask. It's just, by the time you got down in the sewer--

Larry: The face was gone.

Nick: All right, but do you understand why I'm asking? Sharon was so focused on moving that body as far away from the motel as possible, it never occurred to her to make sure it was Cameron until much later.

Larry: While he was messin' with her mind.

Nick: Yeah. And you were the one person who might have been able to recognize it before it decomposed too much.

Larry: Nick, I couldn't be for sure if it was a man or a woman until I talked to Sharon weeks later.

Nick: Okay, well, what about the body? Was it short, tall, light, heavy?

Larry: It was stiff as a board, all right? And it weighed a ton. That's all I know. Had all I could handle just to get the body down that manhole without being seen.

Nick: All right. What about down in the sewer, any description you can give, anything?

Larry: I can tell you about the stink, that's about it, man. I'm sorry. I just don't know what else to tell ya.

Nick: No, it's all right. I knew it'd be a long shot. I just had to ask.

Larry: Like you said, you're covering your bases.

Nick: Yeah. Well, hey, thanks for coming by and talkin' to me.

Larry: Look, I really wish you the best on this, and don't hesitate to call me if I can help you out somehow.

Nick: I appreciate it.

Larry: Yeah. Take it easy, huh?

Nick: You too.


Grace: Would you tell me what this is about already?

Michael: First, you tell me about New Year’s Eve. You remember, don't you? The night Cameron bumped into an old flame after he left the Athletic Club, and then he disappeared for months, hmm?

Grace: Why would you bring that up?

Michael: We both know what really happened, don't we, Grace, hmm? Cameron didn't go to any island. Cameron's been in Genoa City this whole time.

Grace: I have no idea where you got this, but this is just ridiculous.

Michael: Then let's talk about Sharon and the motel. I knew it! You know. What did Cameron tell you? That after Sharon dragged his body behind the dumpster he just woke up, brushed the snow off and walked away, is that about accurate?

Grace: This is ridiculous! I'm not answering these questions!

Michael: Well, let me tell you something I don't think you do know. Sharon went back to that dumpster a few weeks later, and she found a dead body.

Grace: She what? Whose body was it?

Michael: We don't know.

Grace: How'd it get there?

Michael: We don't know that either. But odds are Cameron put it there.

Grace: Oh, this is the stupidest thing I've heard! Why would he put a body behind the dumpster?! Next you're gonna tell me that he...

Michael: What were you gonna say, Grace? Killed someone? Because that's exactly what I think Cameron did.


Cameron: Sorry. I don't know anything about a body.

Sharon: You're lying.

Cameron: And why do you act like this?

Sharon: Where'd you get the body, Cameron? What'd you do, kill someone?

Cameron: Oh, yeah, yeah, that's me, Sharon. Cameron Kirsten--murderer.

Sharon: I did see that body.

Cameron: Yeah, so you keep saying. In a sewer, right?

Sharon: Um, no, I didn't say that.

Cameron: Oh, I believe you did.

Sharon: When?

Cameron: Trust me, you said it.

Sharon: But you won't tell me when.

Cameron: What, are you tellin' me you can't remember when you said it?

Sharon: What, was it when you were haunting me? You know, you are such a psycho. If I went to the police with this, Cameron--

Cameron: Oh, yeah, that's good idea. Why don't you do that, Sharon? Why don't you go to the police with this?

Sharon: Now you're baiting me.

Cameron: Why would I do that?

Sharon: I have no idea. I can't even begin to imagine what you are up to. But I do know what happened that night, and so do you.

Cameron: You know what? I'm getting a little uncomfortable with this conversation. I think it's time for me to go.

Sharon: Good idea. Why don't you go? And don't come back.

Cameron: I'll see myself out.


Brittany: Why did raul take off in such a hurry?

J.T.: Like he said, he had somewhere to be. He'll be back, don't worry.

Brittany: You think he's okay, J.T.?

J.T.: Yeah, sure. Look at the guy, Brittany. He's got it together better than anyone else I know. Why are you askin'?

Brittany: You know.

J.T.: Oh, because you dumped him for Al Capone, jr.? Yeah, I'm sure he wasn't too happy about that one, but you know what they say-- whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

Brittany: Well, you're no help.

J.T.: Who says I was tryin' to help?

Brittany: Are you upset with me?

J.T.: Why should I be? I don't care. I just-- I just think you don't realize what you're walkin' away from. The man loves you, Brittany.

Brittany: Well, I know I could wind up kicking myself later

J.T.: So Bobby's really that great?

Brittany: Yeah. I mean, I can't explain it. Yeah, he really is.

J.T.: (Scoffs) so you're with a guy for a long time-- through thick and thin, all that stuff-- and then all of a sudden somebody comes along who's exciting and different, and you're just out, just like that.

Brittany: Look, I never told Raul that I was gonna spend the rest of my life with him. In fact, I told him the opposite, I don't know how many times. He might have thought that that was what was happening anyway, but...

J.T.: But he's handy to have around in case you have a scar you wanna get rid of.

Brittany: It's his idea, J.T., all his idea. He thinks that I got hurt on his watch, so he's not goin' anywhere until my scar is gone.

J.T.: That's the kind of guy he is.

Brittany: Are you gonna keep tryin' to make me feel guilty?

J.T.: No. No, I'm not. You're right. It's your life. Live it however you want. Love bites anyway, right?

Brittany: Listen to you. You were so in love with Colleen.

J.T.: Yeah. And now I know how much it can hurt.

Brittany: So now it's back to the old cynical, hard-guy J.T.?

J.T.: Who knows, you know? I mean, I learned a lot being with Colleen. She softened me up in some ways. But you better believe I'm gonna be real careful before I fall like that again.

Brittany: But you don't get to choose the where and when. That's why it's called "falling."

J.T.: Well, we'll see about that.

J.T.: You know, I really don't notice it anymore.

Brittany: Me, either.

J.T.: I remember that time you fell off your bike that you'd gotten for Christmas or something. And you had a huge fat lip and a big ol' scab. And you were so proud of it, remember that?

Brittany: Uh-huh.

J.T.: And I think you were upset you didn't have to get stitches.

Brittany: Well, girls think differently when they're 11.

J.T.: You were a tomboy.

Brittany: A brief phase.

J.T.: Which is definitely over now.

Brittany: You bet it is.

Brittany: What, you're only just noticing?


Jack: It's like I'm a man under siege, walking wounded. I don't know how many more steps I can take before I crash and burn.

Jill: You're not gonna crash and burn.

Jack: Oh, yeah, I wish I were as confident as you are.

Jill: Look, you're just in a lot of pain right now. You're grieving.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, I'm grieving, the biggest lost--and this one I owe to Victor, too.

Jill: Phyllis?

Jack: Phyllis. I've never missed anyone so much in my life. Even when we were fighting, I'd...

Jill: She always kept things interesting, huh?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, they broke the mold with that one-- for better or for worse.

Jill: Maybe a little bit of both.

Jack: I blame that job. It all went south when she started working for Newman.

Jill: Back to Victor again.

Jack: I wonder if he always had his sights on her. He must have. Hell, he knew how much she meant to me.

Jill: Phyllis didn't help matters any, Jack.

Jack: Hey! Don't blame Phyllis. He used her just like he used the rest of us.

Jill: Okay, okay, all right. You're right. You are absolutely right, and you have every reason to hate him.

Jack: I do hate him. I hate him, and I want him gone. I want him out of my life. You realize how much my life would change if he were gone? How much more energy I would have, all of us, hell, my whole family--

Jill: Jack, you have to get over this. You have to forget it. You cannot go on this way!

Jack: You tell me how. You tell me how I do that!

Jill: I don't know how!

Jack: How do I get this man out of my life?!


J.T.: We do go back a long way, don't we?

Brittany: Oh, don't get all sentimental. You used to like nothing better than to harass me any way you could.

J.T.: I still do.

Brittany: I do love him, J.T. I love Bobby. He just makes me feel so...

J.T.: Old?

Brittany: No! More like real. It's not pretend. It's not play.

J.T.: Oh, so you think that's how Raul felt, like it was two kids playin' house?

Brittany: No, but it was kind of, for me, I think.

J.T.: Brittany, you don’t know what you think.

Brittany: Well, I know how I feel. Bobby is solid. He's been places. He's done things.

J.T.: He's exciting.

Brittany: Yeah.

J.T.: Yeah, right. Well, so is jumping out of a plane. But be careful, all right?

J.T.: Wouldn't want anything bad to happen to you.


Grace: Cameron is not a murderer.

Michael: Then where did he get the body?

Grace: Did you actually see it?

Michael: No.

Grace: Then how do you know Sharon’s not making all this up?

Michael: I believe her.

Grace: Well, there's your first mistake.

Michael: You talk to Sharon.

Grace: No, I think the person I need to talk to is Cameron.

Michael: No, no, you don't do that. There's no telling how he'll react.

Grace: So what should I do?

Michael: Leave him now.

Grace: Why? So I can get back together with you?

Michael: This has nothing to do with me. Listen, I want you--

Grace: No, I'm done listening to you, Michael.

Michael: You have no idea who this man is.

Grace: Michael!

Michael: You don't know what he's capable of.

Grace: Please. I've heard you out. Now I need you to leave.

Michael: You are living with a very dangerous man. He is capable of anything. Sooner or later, he's gonna snap. If I were you, I would pack my bags and get as far away from him as I could, and I wouldn't wait.

Michael: Now you have my number. You call me if you need me.


Nikki: (Gasps) what are you doing here?

Cameron: Well, I rang the bell, but nobody answered.

Nikki: So you just let yourself in?

Cameron: Door was unlocked.

Nikki: How did you get past security? You know what? Never mind. I don't wanna know. I'm calling them now, and they are going to escort you off the--

Cameron: Sorry, Mrs. Newman, but I can't let you do that.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Cassie: Hey, we could watch that reel of film that we found in the file cabinet.

Daniel: Way to get rid of the "k-I-d-s."

Nick: We need your help.

Grace: Me?

Phyllis: I want you

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