Wednesday Y&R Transcript 6/16/04

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 6/16/04 -- Canada, Thursday 6/17/04 -- U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Michael: Yes, Hank. I'm calling to reconfirm our deal. Yeah, I'd like it if you didn't have your men waiting for us at the state line. Well, it always pays to check, you know? Yeah, I will have Kevin in your office as soon as we get into town. Mm-hmm. Well, yes, you are a prince among men, too. Thank you. Bye. We're still good.

Kevin: I really, really hate Detective Weber.

Michael: Well, he has been very reasonable so far, so keep your feelings to yourself when we're around him, okay?

Gloria: Morning, boys.

Michael: Hey.

Kevin: Hi, Mom.

Gloria: So when are we heading back to Genoa City?

Kevin: Huh?

Michael: "We"? Wait a minute. What do you mean, "We"?


Victor: You seem like an entirely new person.

Chris: I am, in a way.

Victor: Anything I should worry about?

Chris: No. This is strictly social. I just--I had some news that I thought would interest you.

Victor: Tell me. Tell me.

Chris: You know the job that you recommended me for as an assistant D.A.?

Victor: You have been promoted.

Chris: Actually, I quit.

Victor: Why?


Ashley: All right. Pretty as a picture.

Abby: Thank you, Mommy.

Ashley: You're welcome, sweetie. So, hey, last night, you know, after Mamie brought you back, you told me that you ran into Victor Newman at the club.

Abby: Uh-huh. He sat down at our table.

Ashley: Hmm, with you and Kyle and Mamie, you mean?

Abby: No. I was still eating my ice cream. Kyle and Mamie went to the playroom to watch cartoons.

Ashley: Oh, really? So you mean it was just the two of you?

Abby: Uh-huh. Victor said chocolate is his favorite, too.

Ashley: Hmm. So what, you guys just talked about ice cream?

Abby: We talked about horses, too. Oh, and him being my other daddy.

Ashley: Oh. Huh... thatís... did he tell you that he had a ranch?

Abby: Uh-huh. He said I can come out and ride one of his horses if it's okay with you. Can I go, Mommy, please?

Ashley: Oh, we'll see about that, sweetie.

Abby: That's what grownups say when they mean no, isn't it?

Ashley: You are just a smarty pants. Why don't you get upstairs and brush your teeth, all right? Then Daddy will take you to day camp.

Abby: Okay.

Brad: Where do you think you're going?! Where do you think you're going?

Abby: (Laughs)

Brad: Go brush those teeth.

Brad: What's wrong, Ash?


Daniel: See it didn't take very l long.

J.T.: What are you talking about?

Daniel: You and Mackenzie there seemed awfully friendly.

J.T.: Well, that's because I am friendly with Mackenzie.

Daniel: Is that all she is, just a friend?

J.T.: You know what, Romalotti? I don't like you.

Daniel: Gee, I'm gonna lose sleep tonight.

J.T.: Are you always this big a jerk or it is just me that brings it out in you?

Daniel: It's one of your many talents.

J.T.: (Chuckles)

Daniel: What?

J.T.: No, it's just, uh... you kinda remind me of somebody.

Daniel: Yeah, who?

J.T.: Me. Yeah, and I see right through you. Yeah, I used to be kind of a punk kid, too, when I was your age.

Daniel: Oh, does that mean that I'm gonna be as washed up as you are? Is your cd burning up the charts? Yeah, that's what I thought. You're goin' nowhere fast. And your crappy record label's about to dump you.

J.T.: Oh, the big voice of experience speaking once again.

Daniel: Don't you think it's kind of ironic, you sign this two-bit deal and get all wrapped up in your big rock star ambitions until Colleen starts feeling like some little nobody, and then when she leaves the state to get away from you, your deal is toast? Talk about hilarious.

J.T.: Now you shut your mouth before I shut it for you.

Daniel: Yeah? Have fun trying.

J.T.: Don't tempt me.

Daniel: This just proves that Colleen was smart for listening to me, taking my advice and getting away from you before you left her in your dust.


J.T.: Well, look who finally made it home. You do know what time it is, right?

Brittany: Yes, Dad.

J.T.: So how was your night? That good?

Brittany: Better than good.

J.T.: Oh. What, you and Bobby? What, you guys finally closed the deal, huh?

Brittany: Like I'd tell you.

J.T.: Well, you don't have to, princess. It's written all over your face. Raul's not around if that's what you're worried about.

Brittany: Where is he?

J.T.: I don't know. He wasn't here when I got up.

Brittany: He's probably avoiding me.

J.T.: Yeah, probably. But can you blame him? You leave him stranded in the middle of nowhere so you can go be with Bobby.

Brittany: Don't start.

J.T.: Raul was really worried about you. You're lucky you called when you did. He was on his way down to Marsino's to make sure you were okay.

Brittany: Everything turned out fine.

J.T.: No. No, that's not good enough. I'm gonna need more details.

Brittany: It's a long story.

J.T.: A Iot nothing but time. Pull up a bagel, start talking.


Raul: Thanks, man. Here you go.

Mac: Thanks.

Raul: So... where were we?

Mac: Uh, the diner outside twin lakes.

Raul: Right, right. So Brittany goes to the ladies' room. A few minutes pass by, then a few more minutes. Now I'm sitting there wondering where she is.

Mac: Oh, no, she didnít.

Raul: Oh, yeah, she did. She snuck right out the back. I had to call J.T. To come pick me up.

Mac: Have you talked to her since then?

Raul: No. J.T. has. She called last night. She says she's okay.

Mac: Well, I guess that's good.

Raul: You know, I don't get it, Mac. It's like Bobby has this hold on her. Even though she knows she's gotta stay away from him, or she should stay away from him, she just has to be with him.

Mac: I'm sorry, Raul. I know how hard this must be on you.

Raul: Well, there's nothin' I can do about it. Let's talk about something else. How are things with you at the rec center?

Mac: They're good. There's a lot of work we gotta do, but...

Raul: Yeah, well, it's great that you're helping out. I'm sure it's very appreciated.

Mac: Yeah, I've met some really interesting people there.

Raul: What is that about?

Mac: What?

Raul: You. You're all smiley.

Mac: I'm gonna go get a muffin. Do you want one?

Raul: No, I--

Mac: Okay, I'll be back in a second.

Daniel: You sure you don't want anything else?

Mac: No, thanks. I'm cool.

Daniel: I already knew that.

Mac: Even with me going on and on about my miserable childhood

Daniel: I like hearing you talk.

Mac: I'm glad somebody does.

Daniel: I'm not so sure about that, Mackenzie. You seem pretty popular to me.

Mac: Yeah, well, that's because I haven't started cracking the whip yet, keeping you volunteers in line.

Daniel: Yeah, about that, uh, I guess I should warn you.

Mac: Warn me about what?

Daniel: When I was online before, I was checking with the airline. I fly back to Switzerland tomorrow.

Mac: Really? I knew you said you were leaving soon, but...

Daniel: I'm a man of my word.

Mac: Well, I guess I'm gonna have to give your broom to somebody else.

Daniel: Whoa, whoa. Now wait a minute. That's my broom.

Mac: Well, you should have thought about that before you bought your ticket. You really are gonna leave, huh?

Daniel: Yeah. I've got to.

Mac: I really wish you didn't have to.


(Doorbell rings)

Daniel: Hey, Dad. Come on in.

Danny: Hi. Is Chris around?

Daniel: She's got a morning meeting. Shouldn't be too long.

Danny: I see you're almost packed.

Danny: I don't suppose there's anything I can do or say to convince you to stay.


Ashley: I was just thinking about the argument we had last night.

Brad: So was I. And I'm sorry about that.

Ashley: Me, too. I hate it when we fight.

Brad: Me, too. Seems like the only arguing we do has to do with Newman.

Ashley: Well, that's because it concerns the future of our little girl, honey.

Brad: No, that's because he's interfered in our lives time and time again. And now that he knows the truth about Abby, we'll never be rid of him.

Ashley: Unfortunately, that's something we're just going to have to learn to live with.

Brad: At least we finally agree on the best way to handle things.

Ashley: I'm still worried about Victor, though. You know he's gonna accuse us of stalling again.

Brad: Yeah, well, that's just too bad. I'm not going to subject our little girl to visits with the man until both therapists have had a chance to talk with her.


Victor: Thank you. Well, now given everything you have told me, I don't blame you for walking out. And Glenn Richards must be kicking himself.

Chris: Well, it wasn't really Glennís fault. It just wasn't a good fit for me.

Victor: Sorry it didn't work out.

Chris: That's very kind of you, considering.

Victor: Well, prosecutor or defense attorney, you are a force to be reckoned with.

Chris: It feels so fabulous to have options, you know, to be free again.

Victor: Yeah?

Chris: Uh-huh.

Victor: Hmm, that gives me an idea.

Chris: What are you thinking?

Victor: I may need your services one day to deal with a problem that will be coming my way.

Chris: Feel free to call me. I haven't surrendered my bar card yet.

Victor: Very glad to hear that.

Chris: So what's going on with you? How's the community service going? Oh, I had a chance to read your proposal before I left the D.A.'s office.

Victor: What do you think?

Chris: Extremely ambitious, also extremely worthwhile as long as it pans out.

Victor: Have you ever known me to start something that didn't pan out?

Chris: Never, as long as the commitment's there.

Victor: Oh, I assure you it is.

Chris: Oh, not that you owe me any explanation anymore.

Victor: I like this new side.

Chris: You know what they say, all work and no play...

Victor: Mm-hmm. At the risk of being a little bit too personal, I'm gonna ask you a question. Is there a new man in your life?

Chris: Actually, yes.

Victor: Oh, yeah? Hmm, anyone I know?

Chris: I don't think so.

Victor: Uh-huh, and how long has this been going on?

Chris: A few months.

Victor: Hmm. Well, it's not that serious.

Chris: Well, we're living together.

Victor: Oh. Than it is serious.

Chris: He's 16.

Victor: I beg your pardon.

Chris: Do you wanna know his name?

Victor: Not really.

Chris: It's Daniel Romalotti-- Dannyís son.

Victor: Oh.

Chris: My ex-husband. Victor, I've been teasing you.

Victor: I see. I see.

Chris: Daniel is my new houseguest.

Victor: For awhile, I was worried.

Chris: I had you.


Michael: I'm sorry, Gloria, I don't remember saying anything about all of us going back to Genoa City together.

Gloria: Well, you didnít. But it makes sense, doesn't it? Now that everything's been smoothed over. Poor Kevinís been through so much.

Michael: Yeah, and it's not over, not by a long shot. I mean, legally speaking, my client has managed to bail more water into the boat than I can bail out of it.

Kevin: Damn it, Michael, I was falsely accused. Don't I get any credit for that?

Michael: Well, not as much as you'd think. You're supposed to work within the system.

Gloria: But he's gonna be a good boy now, aren't you, honey?

Kevin: No more jail. I can't do that.

Michael: See? Terms and conditions. Look, you are gonna surrender yourself to the police, because that's what I promised and that's what's gonna happen!

Kevin: Surrender? That doesn't sound good.

Michael: Do not make me look bad. I can keep you out of jail.

Kevin: How?

Michael: Have a little faith in me, buddy, all right? I still got a trick or two up my sleeve.


Daniel: You really that hot on me staying?

Danny: Of course I am.

Daniel: Why?

Danny: All right, son, let's not play this game.

Daniel: What game?

Danny: I believe you know how much it would mean to me if you'd stay. I mean, I would like you to stick around the whole summer.

Daniel: What about school?

Danny: With your grades? Come on, I think you could afford to take a nice, long break.

Daniel: Yeah, but why, Dad? I mean, seriously, we spent more time together this past month than we have in years.

Danny: And I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Daniel: Really?

Danny: Really. Why would you question that? Son, if I could go back and change things so that you never had to go to boarding school, believe me--

Daniel: You did what you had to. I get that.

Danny: Maybe it wasn't the right choice. I never claimed to be the perfect parent. Daniel, hey, you're my son, and I love you. And I would be overjoyed to have you stay. But this has to be your choice, all right? I'm not gonna pressure you.

Daniel: Okay.

Danny: Okay what?

Daniel: You win. I'll stay.

Danny: You mean it?

Daniel: Well, like you said, I don't really have to go to summer school.

Danny: Wait a minute. That was a little too easy. I mean, you're virtually packed, and I wasn't that persuasive. There has to be another reason why you're staying.

Daniel: You think?

Danny: Yeah, I think. And I think I know exactly who she is.


Ashley: You know, Brad, I really hope you don't have this hard-nosed attitude with Victor.

Brad: Oh, of course not. We don't want to upset the man.

Ashley: Honey, would you please stop making this about you and Victor? This is about Abbyís emotional well-being.

Brad: Exactly, which is why we agreed to let the experts guide us. Sweetheart, if we don't handle this situation very carefully, it could mess with Abby for life.

Ashley: I know that, and I totally agree. We also have to be careful with how we present this to Victor.

Brad: Waiting a few weeks isn't going to kill the guy.

Ashley: Well, maybe not, but we can only push him so far.

Brad: If he would just get over himself for a minute, he'd understand we're just trying to protect Abby.

Ashley: You know what, Brad? You're gonna have to be patient.

Brad: Meaning what?

Ashley: What if it doesn't play out the way you want it to?

Brad: It will, as long as we stick to our guns.

Brad: Are you really that worried about Newmanís reaction?

Ashley: You're damn right I am. You know he's gonna fight us on this.

Brad: And we're going to present a strong, united front and force him to understand that he has to put his own selfish needs aside for Abbyís sake.

Ashley: What if he won't?

Brad: He better. If he does anything to hurt or confuse that little girl, Ash, I won't be responsible for what happens.

Ashley: You know what, Brad? We're not gonna be able to keep Victor away from abby forever.

Abby: I'm ready, Daddy.

Ashley: You get in here, you. I wanna look at those teeth right now.

Brad: Boy, do you look cute!

Ashley: Come here. Let me see. Let me see your teeth.

Brad: Wow.

Ashley: (Gasps) oh, they're beautiful. Give me a hug good-bye. You have a good day, okay?

Brad: Come here, you. Come here. Oh. I'm gonna go straight to the office after I drop her off.

Ashley: All right, honey. I'll see you there.

Brad: Okay. All right, here are the keys. You're driving.

Abby: I can't drive, Daddy.

Brad: You can't drive?! It's about time you learned how to drive then. Now you see... that's what, it's about time. Come on.


Victor: How long will the boy be staying with you?

Chris: Unfortunately, today's his last day. He has to head back to school in Switzerland. I have to say, I'm gonna miss having a roommate.

Victor: Mm-hmm. So you and Danny must be rather close, to have his boy stay with you.

Chris: I have no complaints in my personal life. (Cell phone rings)

Victor: Excuse me. I usually turn these damn things off in a restaurant. (Ring)

Victor: Hello.

Ashley: I'm sure you know why I'm calling. I'm at my house, and I need to talk to you. Would you please come by?

Victor: I'll be right there.

Ashley: Thank you.


Mac: Raul, would you stop staring at me like that?

Raul: Fess up, you. Who is he?

Mac: What are you talking about?

Raul: You met somebody at the rec center.

Mac: I've met a lot of people at the rec center.

Raul: Come on, what's his name?

Mac: I don't know what to tell you.

Raul: Do I know him?

Mac: I don't think so.

Raul: Well, then what's the big deal? Why are you being so tight-lipped? Is he, like, 50 years old or something like that?

Mac: Eww, no!

Raul: Well, how old is he?

Mac: He's our age.

Raul: Yeah? What do you like about him? Is he totally dreamy?

Mac: Raul, knock it off.

Raul: Well, what's the big deal? I'm just--if you're into him, then I think that's great.

Mac: I never said that I was into him. And I hardly even know him.

Raul: Hmm, but you'd like to get to know him better, wouldn't you?

Mac: Even if I did, it doesn't matter, because see, he lives overseas, and he's probably on a plane there right now.

Raul: Hmm.


Daniel: What do you mean, "she"? She who?

Danny: Christine, of course. Isn't she a big part of the reason you're suddenly willing to hang around?

Daniel: Yeah, she's pretty cool, I guess.

Danny: Well, she thinks you're pretty cool, too. And I know you guys had a really nice heart-to-heart after you told us you were leaving.

Daniel: That might have been part of it.

Danny: Well, whatever she said, obviously it worked.

Daniel: You know, there was one thing that's kind of been bugging me.

Danny: Yeah, what's that?

Daniel: We talked about my mother some, and Chris said that I was better off having you raise me.

Danny: I'm not surprised she feels that way.

Daniel: Yeah, but I'm still curious as to why she'd say that. I mean, was my mom, like, so evil that you had no other choice but to take me away from her?

Danny: There were serious issues.

Daniel: What issues?

Danny: That's all I'm gonna say right now.

Daniel: See, there you go again, trying to weasel your way out of it. I mean, why won't anyone just give me a straight answer?

Danny: Because it's complicated, Daniel.

Daniel: And what, and I'm 5 years old? You know, give me a break. You know, I've found out some things. I know that Phyllis didn't just abandon me like I've always thought.

Danny: You're right, she didnít.

Daniel: You went to a judge. In court you asked to get custody of me.

Danny: That's correct.

Daniel: Well, there must have been a reason. Was she, like, abusing me?

Danny: No. No, it was nothing like that.

Daniel: Then why would you do that to her, Dad? What did she do that was so terrible?

Danny: Daniel, what is this all about? I know you saw your mother. Tell me, are you having second thoughts about her all of a sudden?


J.T.: So you're saying this whole thing was a setup?

Brittany: Only I didn't know it until the police burst in.

J.T.: So you really thought--

Brittany: That Bobby and I were goners? Oh, yeah.

J.T.: Wow. No wonder he wanted you out of town.

Brittany: Well, the plan worked. Sal confessed that he rigged the pole at the club.

J.T.: Because this guy Lewis told him to?

Brittany: It's pretty crazy, huh?

J.T.: Sounds like Bobby works with some real lowlifes.

Brittany: Not anymore. Those guys are gonna be locked up for a very long time.

J.T.: Yeah, still you should probably steer clear of him for awhile.

Brittany: Did Raul tell you to say that?

J.T.: No. But I'm sure he'd say the same thing.

Brittany: Well, I appreciate your concern, but I'll be just fine.

J.T.: Well, whatever. Suit yourself.

J.T.: Oh. I just thought of something.

Brittany: What?

J.T.: Kevin Fisher. Now the cops are gonna have to let him go.

Brittany: Well, he is innocent.

J.T.: Tell that to Colleen and Lily. Damn. I was hopin' that bastard was out of our lives for good. Now we're right back to square one.

Kevin: What kind or tricks, Mike?

Michael: I will take that up with Detective Weber. All I want from you right now is your promise to stay calm and to do as I say.

Kevin: Okay, I will.

Michael: Okay. Now for you--

Gloria: Now, Michael, I can help, I really can. You can't be by Kevinís side every minute. Uh, I'll keep him calm. I'll make sure he listens to you and does what you tell him to.

Michael: What am I hearing?! You're gonna become this authority figure all of a sudden?

Gloria: He wants to work with you, he does, don't you, honey?

Kevin: Well, as long as I don't have to go back to jail.

Gloria: But he needs help. I can be there for him, okay?

Michael: Oh, Gloria, this is the saddest story I've ever--

Gloria: Oh, would you stop calling me that, please?

Michael: Mother.

Gloria: Oh, that sounds cold, too.

Michael: Well, you're not getting Mommy out of me,it ain't gonna happen. Now listen, your life is here. You live here. This is your house. You couldn't afford to move to Genoa City, even if it did make sense!

Kevin: She can move in with us.

Gloria: I could. It would be easy, and really, it's the right thing to do for everybody.

Kevin: I think so.


Ashley: I heard about the little visit you had with Abby last night, Victor. And I don't know all the details, but you promised me you would stay away from her.

Victor: For your information, I ran into her by chance.

Ashley: You still should have kept your word. Now if I understood my daughter correctly, you took advantage of the moment to invite her to your ranch?

Victor: What do you mean, I took advantage of the moment? How dare you imply that. She and I talked about where I lived. I told her I had a big ranch with horses. She expressed a desire to see them, so I invited her.

Ashley: And you don't call that crossing the line? Frankly, your timing couldn't be worse.

Victor: How so?

Ashley: Well, Brad and I met individually with two child experts who had conflicting points of view. We agreed that we have to have Abbyís state of mind evaluated before we decide on how to bring you into her life.

Victor: That decision has already been made. I'm her biological father. I'm already in her life, and I intend to stay there.

Ashley: This is far too important and complicated a matter for you to be issuing edicts.

Victor: You are stalling behind child psychiatrist babble.

Ashley: How could you even say that? It makes perfect sense to have expert advice about Abbyís welfare, and you damn well know it.

Victor: And you know that you are insulting me right now! You give me no credit. I had a perfectly wonderful and nice and charming conversation with your daughter, who happens to be my biological daughter. She's curious about me. Do you think it's preferable to keep her in the dark about questions that obviously run through her mind right now?

Ashley: That is not your decision.

Victor: As her biological father, I insist on seeing her.

Ashley: And if I refuse?

Victor: If you and Brad Carlton stonewall me, you leave me no choice but to consult with an attorney as to my parental rights.


Michael: Move in with us? Move in with us. You--

Gloria: I can tell you don't like the idea.

Michael: (Laughs) news flash-- I'm not gonna pretend. No.

Gloria: Michael, this whole experience has taught me so much. I've learned that I have two wonderful sons that I've been so wrong to have been out of touch with.

Michael: That's not learning, Gloria. That's realizing that you missed the boat.

Gloria: Don't do that, Michael. I know I wasn't a great mother.

Michael: Oh!

Gloria: All right, okay, fine, I was a terrible Mother. I wasn't there for either one of you when you needed me. But right now I can help, and I want to help if you'll let me.

Michael: Move in with us!

Kevin: The place is big enough.

Michael: Oh, like hell it is!

Kevin: It's worth a try.

Michael: Why? What the hell do I get out of the deal?! A babysitter for you, Kevin? It's time for you to grow up! No more reasons for you to be stuck at whatever age you're stuck at!

Kevin: Thanks.

Michael: Well, I'm sorry. It's true. I'm sorry you didn't have a Mommy to stand up for you when you were 10, but you're not a little kid anymore!

Gloria: Michael, this isn't just about babysitting. Don't you think it'd be wonderful for us to try being a family again, just for a little while anyway?

Michael: What, to play house, is that what you're talking about?

Gloria: Why do you keep putting the idea down?

Michael: Because it's not a good one.

Kevin: No one's talking about anything permanent.

Gloria: Look, Kevinís got a rough time ahead of him, you said so yourself. Now I can help. You've got all your other clients.

Kevin: And she can cook for us.

Gloria: No, hold on, honey. I don't cook, you know that.

Kevin: Oh, well, then Michael can cook for us.

Michael: Oh, when pigs fly! Now look, hold on, you two! Hello! This is my apartment we're talking about. My nice, safe, cozy place where I go to get away from the craziness and the people and the pressure!

Gloria: I know that. We know that, that's why we're only talking about a week or two. Just long enough for you to get Kevinís legal situation straightened out and then maybe find him a job, right, honey? Time to find a job.

Kevin: Huh

Michael: Unh-unh.

Gloria: That's all. Then I'll be gone, I promise.

Michael: I do not want to have the past acted out all over again in my living room.

Gloria: (Sighs)

Kevin: That's not gonna happen, Mikey. There's no more terrible tom.

Gloria: Mnh-mnh.

Michael: A week or two?

Gloria: Tops, yes.

Michael: And everyone is gonna be on his or her best behavior.

Both: Promise.

Michael: Oh.

Gloria: Oh!

Michael: Ah! Two weeks max.

Gloria: Oh, yes!

Kevin: You're the best, Mikey.


Ashley: Do you honestly believe that Brad and I don't want what's best for Abby? That we aren't motivated purely out of love for her? This is not some attempt to cut you out of her life, Victor! You'll have your time together when the time is right.

Victor: Oh, when the time is right.

Ashley: Yes!

Victor: And you decide when the time is right? You, who kept me out of the loop...

Ashley: Oh.

Victor: As to the reality of the fact that I'm the biological father of your daughter?

Ashley: I know, I know. This whole mess is my fault! I'm sorry! I've beaten myself up over it time and again, but I'm done with that! I just want what's best for my little girl!

Victor: And you don't think I do?!

Ashley: I know you do. But you don't love her as a daughter, not the way Brad does.

Victor: Because I was never given the chance.

Ashley: I have to think about my family, Victor. I have to do what's right for Abby, not you.

Victor: That's right, Ashley. Let's do what is right for Abby, not for you, not for Bradley, not for me, but for Abby. I insist on seeing that little girl. She is my biological daughter. Now you and I both know that your husband will do his damnedest to keep me from doing that.


Raul: It's all really very romantic when you stop and think about it.

Mac: What?

Raul: Well, you two. You meet, there's a spark, but you-- you just--you can't be together because he's leaving to go live in another country. Two ships passing in the night.

Mac: Raul, are you done yet?

Raul: I will stop when you admit to me that you wanted him to stay.

Mac: Fine, I did.

Raul: Aha! See, I knew it.

Mac: Yeah, but not 'cause of me. He had some family issues. I thought it'd be good if he sorted them out.

Raul: What kind of family issues?

Mac: He and his mom don't get along. And I can totally relate to that.

Raul: Wow, it sounds like you guys really connected. That's good.

Mac: Raul.

Raul: I'm just sayin'.

Mac: This whole conversation is pointless, because even if I did like this guy-- and I'm not saying that I do-- and even if he liked me, it doesn't matter, because he's long gone by now. I'm sure I'll never see him again.


Daniel: I still don't want my mother in my life, if that's what you're asking. It's just... I don't know.

Danny: She's sort of intriguing. I had a feeling once you talked to her, you might have that reaction.

Daniel: She's sure not like any mom I've ever met.

Danny: Phyllis is definitely one of a kind.

Daniel: Well, she must be. The two of you made me, right?

Daniel: What was it like when you and Phyllis were together? I mean, you must have cared for her a little or you wouldn't have messed things up with Christine, you know, gotten a divorce and then married her. Or was it all on account of me?

Danny: Daniel, there has never been a time when I've regretted having you. Never.

Daniel: So that's the answer? You were cheating on Chris with my mother. Then she got pregnant, so you did the right thing. It wasn't because you loved her or you really wanted to be with her?

Danny: Daniel, there... there was a time when you were younger that Phyllis and I were happy. We were a family.

Daniel: What broke you up? This is my life, Dad! I'm not a little kid anymore. I'd really like to hear the whole story, and I really think that I deserve to hear it.

Danny: It's a long and convoluted story, Daniel.

Daniel: Well, I've got time. You convinced me to stay. Did you have an affair or something? Did Mom? Did the both of you? What went wrong?

Danny: Son, I want you to listen to me and listen carefully. Digging up ancient history isn't gonna make things better for anyone. I wanna focus on the present, the now. And I wish you would trust me to do the same. (Cell phone rings)

Danny: I'm sorry. I gotta take this call. It's my manager in London. I gotta... it'll be a minute, okay? Just give me a minute. Yeah, what's up? I'm busy right now. I gotta call you back.


Brittany: So tell me about this rec center where Macís volunteering.

J.T.: It's not a rec center yet. It will be when they're finished.

Brittany: So you've seen the place?

J.T.: Yeah. I was over there yesterday. I almost got into it with somebody.

Brittany: Who?

J.T.: This annoying, little jerk-- Danny Romalotti's kid. He's such a punk. You know what he had the nerve to say to Colleen before she left?

Brittany: Do I want to know?

J.T.: He told her that-- that we would never make it, that, uh, people in the music industry are only out for their own careers, that she was just wasting her time.

Brittany: And?

J.T.: What do you mean, "and"?

Brittany: Well, it's not like he's the reason you and Colleen broke up.

J.T.: Okay, that's not the point, okay? He had no business sayin' that to her.

Brittany: I think you're making too much outta this.

J.T.: Oh, yeah? Well, you wouldn't say that if you met this jerk.


Gloria: Yes, Loretta, you heard right. Genoa City, Wisconsin. Oh, come on. There are no good men left in this city. I know, but see, the thing is, my son, he's a big lawyer there. Yeah, that does make a difference, doesn't it? He knows all kinds of people, and he can introduce me to some of his wealthy friends, and then I'll just take it from there. Exactly what I was thinkin'. So, um, could you check in once in awhile, maybe water the plants? I don't know-- couple of weeks, months. If I get lucky, maybe I'll never be back. Oh, you're a doll, Loretta. I'll send you a postcard. Oh, uh, I gotta go. Thank you, hon. Yeah. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Bye.

Michael: Um, Kevinís showering. Is there anything you want us to take care of before we take off?

Gloria: No. I'll see you in a couple weeks, once you and Kevin get situated. I can't tell you how excited I am.

Michael: Don't make me regret this, Gloria.

Gloria: Oh, I won't, honey. It's gonna be wonderful. You'll see.

Michael: Don't call me "honey."


Ashley: I really want to believe that you don't want to hurt me or Abby. So how can you even consider starting an ugly custody battle that's gonna do nothing but cause people pain? Will you get custody?

Victor: Probably not.

Ashley: What about visitation?

Victor: Most likely.

Ashley: I'm gonna give you that anyway. So the only thing you're gonna get by going to court is bragging rights with my husband. Now I hope to God you really don't want to see that little girl sitting on a witness stand talking to a judge. So could you please just drop that subject completely?

Victor: What I suggest is that you talk to your husband and get it through his head that I will insist on seeing that child, whether he likes it or not.

Ashley: According to your timetable. To hell with my family, to hell with my little girl?

Victor: I will see myself out.


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J.T.: I was kinda hopin' that I could work here again.

Devon: Where the hell do you get off prying into my life like that?

Man: She needs to be handled carefully.

Cameron: Don't tell me how to handle Sharon.

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