Tuesday Y&R Transcript 6/15/04

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 6/15/04--Canada; Wednesday 6/16/04--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Michael: What if I refuse to go?

Gloria: No!

Michael: After everything, you can still do this to me? Fine. You want to take care of business, be my guest. Come on, Gloria. Come on, Gloria!

Gloria: No, no, no! No!

Kevin: Thanks for everything, Mikey. (Knock on door)

Man: Kevin Fisher!

Kevin: I'm coming!

Kevin: I have a gun. All I want to do is to get away. I'll leave the country, and you'll never see me again. If you want to stop me, you're gonna have to shoot me.

Kevin: Please, please, don't let this hurt too much.

Cop: Put it down, sir! Put the gun down!

Kevin: I'm not gonna shoot.

Cop: Then put it down. Drop it on the ground.

Kevin: I can’t. It's my only hope.

Cop: Put it down.

Kevin: I won't go back to jail.

Cop: We are not gonna stand around like this much longer.

Kevin: Let me go, please. You'll never see me or hear from me again. I just want to disappear. Please.


Ashley: So let me get this straight. You went to see a child psychologist?

Brad: That's right, and he said the damage of forcing these visits on abby could be irreparable, that we should wait at least a few years until she's better able to cope.

Ashley: Is that so?

Brad: Makes sense to me. And as I said, he's tops in his field.

Ashley: And yet he came to the exact opposite conclusion than the doctor that Olivia recommended. Why is that?

Brad: I don't know. Different approaches, I guess. Why, does it bother you?

Ashley: You know, it really does. I told you that I'd handle it, and yet I find out that you've gone behind my back and talked to your own child expert? What's the matter? Don't you think I can handle it? Don't you trust me?

Brad: It's not a question of whether or not I trust you.

Ashley: This is something that we need to address as a family, Brad.

Brad: This is something that's going to affect our daughter for the rest of her life. Now you're gonna stand there and tell me it's wrong to get a second opinion?


Gina: Thank you. So how was that ice cream?

Kyle: Good!

Abby: It's great, Gina!

Gina: Oh, good!

Mamie: Are you okay, kiddo? You look a little beat.

Gina: Well, I am, as a matter of fact. It's been a rough day, so I'm gonna hit the sack early.

Mamie: Well, thanks for everything. We had a wonderful time.

Gina: Good. Oh, before I forget, we have a whole great big bunch of new cartoons up in the playroom. You'd better go check 'em out.

Kyle: Yeah, Abby, let's go watch.

Abby: I haven't finished my ice cream yet.

Kyle: Well, hurry up.

Mamie: (Laughs)

Gina: (Laughs) well, you have a nice evening.

Mamie: We will. Thank you.

Gina: Good night, Victor.

Mamie: Finish up, sweetie, so we can go watch cartoons with Kyle.


Daniel: So you don't want me going back to Switzerland, huh?

Mac: Not especially.

Daniel: How come?

Mac: Jeez, put me on the spot, why don't you?

Daniel: It's just...

Mac: Surprising?

Daniel: Maybe a little.

Mac: Look, I know that you've been having a hard time being here because of all the issues with your mom. So all the more reason to stay.

Daniel: Oh, yeah?

Mac: Yeah, I mean, don't you think it's a good idea to stay and maybe sort out some of this stuff?

Daniel: Well, Mac, you don't even know me. Why would you care?

Mac: And I won't get a chance to either if you get on that plane tomorrow.


Dru: Bye, Karen. You still here?

Phyllis: I thought you left.

Dru: Well, you thought wrong. I got my hot cross buns, and... what's wrong with you?

Phyllis: I'm fine, Drucilla.

Dru: You are not fine, girl. You are staring at your son like there's no tomorrow. What's up?


Raul: Hey, Britt! You home? Brittany! She's not here.

J.T.: Hey, you want to tell me what the hell's going on, man?

Raul: She's probably with him. Of course she's with him.

J.T.: "Him"?

Raul: Idiot, who else is she gonna be with?

J.T.: Who's "him," Raul? Who's "him"?

Raul: Voice mail again. I've got to go over there!

J.T.: Stop, stop!

Raul: Get out of my way!

J.T.: No, you didn't say a word to me on the way over here. Now tell me what's going on.

Raul: I'll fill you in later.

J.T.: Fill me in now, man. You're freaking me out. Is Brittany all right?

Raul: I don't know!

J.T.: Where do you think she is?

Raul: If I had one guess, I would say Marsino’s.

J.T.: And that's a bad thing?

Raul: That's the very last place she should be right now.

J.T.: Why?

Raul: J.T., I don't have time to explain anything right now!

J.T.: Come on, man, you owe me an explanation here! You leave me a note saying you and Brittany are gonna be gone for awhile. Then you call me out of the blue, asking me to pick you up at some diner clear over at Twin Lakes. What's the deal?

Raul: Bobby asked me to take Brittany out of Genoa City.

J.T.: Why?

Raul: I don't know, but something's going down. He didn't want her anywhere near the club, so if she's there, she's probably in trouble.


Bobby: I ought to spank you, coming down here in the middle of the scene like that. You coulda got hurt.

Brittany: The police were here hiding the whole time.

Bobby: Yeah, but you didn't know that. Things could have got out of control real fast. You shoulda stayed with Raul.

Brittany: Raul! Oh, my God.

Bobby: You'd better call him. .


J.T.: You sure you don't want me coming with you, man?

Raul: No, no, you stay by the phone in case we need the cops. (Telephone rings)

J.T.: Hello?

Brittany: J.T., It's me.

J.T.: Hey, Britt, are you okay?

Brittany: Yeah, I'm fine. Is raul there?

J.T.: Um, yeah, he's here. He's here. She's fine, man.

J.T.: Hey, uh, he's gonna have to get you another time.

Brittany: Tell him I'm sorry.

J.T.: I'm not your messenger, princess.


Brittany: Well...

Bobby: In a little hot water with the college boy?

Brittany: Yeah, right up to my neck.


Kyle: Come on, Abby, eat faster!

Abby: You can go on, if you want to.

Mamie: Don't you want to see cartoons, honey?

Abby: Not really.

Victor: Well, Mrs. Johnson, it looks as if you have your hands full.

Mamie: Oh, Mr. Newman, hello.

Victor: Nice to see you.

Kyle: Come on, Mamie, let's go. Abby eats too slow.

Abby: Don't rush me, Kyle!

Victor: I guess the young man is anxious.

Mamie: He wants to watch cartoons.

Victor: Of course he does.

Mamie: Mr. Newman, do you mind if I ask you a big favor?

Victor: No.

Mamie: Well, will you sit with Abby while I take Kyle to the playroom?

Victor: I think I can manage to keep company with the young lady. You go ahead.

Mamie: Thank you.

Kyle: Can we go now, Mamie, please?

Mamie: Yes, yes, we can. We'll be back in a little while.

Victor: You have a nice time. So...


Ashley: What were you looking for in a second opinion? Did objectivity enter into it?

Brad: Why? Because the doctor I spoke with doesn't happen to agree with Dr. Hanson's opinion? The man may be well respected, Ash, but he's not the final word here.

Ashley: Well, you know, who is the final word? The doctor that predicts the most doom and gloom?

Brad: We don't want to take any chances with our daughter.

Ashley: This isn't about Abby. This is about your hatred for Victor, as usual.

Brad: You're way off base.

Ashley: Am I?

Brad: Nothing is more important to me than Abby’s welfare. Nothing.

Ashley: Well, I think it's a lot better for Abby if we avoid a nasty legal situation, brad.

Brad: And her emotional well being? Where does that fit in?

Ashley: Well, a visit from victor is not gonna harm her! An ugly custody battle will!

Brad: That's one opinion.

Ashley: Victor is not gonna pursue legal action if we meet him halfway. But he will if we force his hand. Is that what you want? You want a fight?

Mac: I can understand why you want to get back to school. I missed out on a whole year at G.C.U. I can't wait to get back into the swing of things this fall.

Daniel: Well, what's your major?

Mac: I don't know. I was thinking business when I was at Northwestern. They have this killer grad school. But then over the past year, I'm thinking more maybe social services or premed.

Daniel: Wow, that's a switch.

Mac: So what about you? What's your major back in Switzerland?

Daniel: I haven't decided yet.

Mac: Really? I can understand. There's so many directions you can go. So if you had to pick two?

Daniel: What, majors?

Mac: Yeah. Definitely pre-law.

Daniel: I strike you as the lawyer type?

Mac: Yes. You're very glib.

Daniel: Glib's good.

Mac: So did I hit it on the nail? Pre-law and what? Speech communications? No. Theater and acting.

Daniel: Like you said, a lot of interesting choices. So you're planning on going to graduate school already?

Mac: Huh, a man of mystery. I won't pry. And to answer your question, yes, you have to start thinking about that stuff in high school. You know, you want to set yourself on the right track. Is it me, or...

Daniel: What?

Mac: The reason your eyes are glazing over.

Daniel: I guess I'd just rather be talking about something more personal.

Mac: All right, well, since you're the one that's doing most of the interviewing, what do you want to know?

Daniel: For starters, do you have a boyfriend?


Phyllis: Listen, if you came back to hassle me, I'm not in the mood, all right?

Dru: Oh, come on, Phyllis. I have my own problems.

Phyllis: Yeah, you do, so just trot away like a good little girl and leave me in peace.

Dru: Ordinarily, I would do that. Ordinarily, I'd love to see you simmer in your own mess, but we're talking about your kid here.

Phyllis: You know, what do you know? What do you know about our history?

Dru: Why? Something you want to tell me?

Phyllis: Why would I want to tell you anything?

Dru: 'Cause you're sitting here alone, no friends and you need to talk.

Phyllis: So I'm gonna tell you one thing, all right? And then don't ask me again.

Dru: Knock yourself out.

Phyllis: Something happened in my past that caused me to lose custody to Danny.

Dru: Really?

Phyllis: And let me tell you something. You don't know pain. You don't know pain until...

Dru: Come on, Phyllis, come on.

Phyllis: Danny decided he would take Daniel to Europe and figured it was best for everyone.

Dru: Except you.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, except me, of course. I wasn't allowed to give my son a Christmas card. I wasn't allowed to call him for his birthday. I wasn't allowed to see pictures. You know why? The answer was, "no, Phyllis, no. No, it's not appropriate, Phyllis. You're gonna reopen old wounds, Phyllis." But what about my wounds? Nobody cared about my wounds.

Dru: Phyllis, your son's in the next room. What's the problem? Is Danny still giving you a bunch of grief?

Phyllis: No one's bending over backwards for me.

Dru: Okay, then take the bull by the horns and correct the mess.

Phyllis: Oh, let me tell you, I did, believe me, I did try. But oddly, Daniel wants nothing to do with me. How about that? You know why that is? Because he's been told lies. He hasn't been told the truth. He thinks I abandoned him, that I walked away. And every time I try to reach out to my son, every time I--

Dru: He just rejects you.

Phyllis: Oh, and that doesn't shock you?

Dru: Well...

Phyllis: Oh, look at you sitting in judgment of me. This is rich. What do you think? I'm a bad mom? That I'm wrong because I didn't fight to have a relationship with my son? That I'm gutless because I just accepted it when Danny decreed that our son was off limits? What, do you think he's better off without me? Look at you. Look at you sitting here in judgment of me. I open up my heart to you, you step on it.

Dru: Sit down, Phyllis! Sit down.

Dru: I am the last person, the last person that would cast a stone, because I am a mother who has made mistakes. Yes, I know it. I have a beautiful daughter Lily that I love more than life itself, but I know that I've made errors. And I defy you to find one parent who is 100% perfect.

Phyllis: I wasn't given the chance to even try to be perfect.

Dru: If there is one thing I know, that is once a mother, always a mother, Phyllis. You don't give up, no matter what. You don't give up on your child, and if you had some faith, maybe you wouldn't be in this predicament. Now when things were coming to a close in Paris, my daughter started acting up-- run-ins with the law, running with the wrong friends, talking back to me. I said, "hell, no, we're going back to Genoa City, and we're bringing your father into this," only to discover that Neil was practically on skid row. My daughter hated me up one side and down another, Phyllis, for making her leave Paris, but we pushed through. We pushed through. Neil went to rehab, got sober. And slowly, very slowly, we rebuilt our family. So, you see, Phyllis, anything is possible, but you gotta have hope.

Phyllis: You gotta have hope.

Dru: Remember I told you that.


Cop: Son, we can't stand here all day, and you holding that gun is getting to be a problem.

Kevin: How's that? Is that better?

Cop: Not really. Is anyone hurt in there?

Kevin: No, no. It's my mother and my brother. Look, I have to go, okay? I'm just gonna walk out of here like this, and if you try and stop me, I'm gonna shoot myself. And if you don't believe me...

Cop: I believe you, son, but I can't let you leave.

Kevin: You can't let me shoot myself.

Cop: You sure about that?

Kevin: Come on, please. Please, just give me a couple of minutes head start. I promise I'll leave the gun at the bottom of the stairs. Please.

Cop: We are not gonna negotiate with you.

Kevin: You'll never see me again, I promise, and I will never commit another crime again.

Cop: Kid, this just ain't working.

Kevin: I'm coming out.

Cop: Take that step, son, and we're gonna have to fire on you! I don't want that to happen.

Kevin: I don't care. You know what? I don't care anymore.


Brad: I'm aware of the risks, Ash.

Ashley: Then why in God's name are you playing chicken with our daughter's life?

Brad: Getting a second opinion is not playing chicken. This is a very complicated issue.

Ashley: Victor's not gonna give us years to work this out.

Brad: Even if it's what's best for Abby? Look, honey, I realize that it would be easier if Dr. Hanson were right, but what if he isn't? I mean, just thinking about that drives me crazy.

Ashley: That's because you're letting it, Brad.

Brad: I couldn't help thinking back to a conversation I had with Jack.

Ashley: Oh, great. So let me guess. He goaded you into finding your own child expert who would say exactly what the doctor said-- that Victor should have no involvement with Abby, period.

Brad: There's more than one point of view here. Now I admit that at first I thought it was a lousy idea muddying the waters with more than one opinion, but the more I thought about it, Jack has a point.

Ashley: Everybody has a point! The question is, who can be objective? If we resist Victor, we're gonna end up in court. And even if we don't, Abby’s gonna know we're fighting over her. Do you want that? Because I don’t.


Victor: You don't mind if I keep you company, do you?

Abby: I don't need a babysitter.

Victor: No, of course you don’t. You're a very grown-up young lady.

Abby: Mommy said that I'm smart for my age.

Victor: Mm-hmm, I'm sure you're very smart for your age. That ice cream looks good.

Abby: I like chocolate best.

Victor: You know, so do I. I love dark chocolate.

Abby: Want the last bite?

Victor: No, thank you. Very nice of you to offer, though. So Kyle and Mamie went to watch cartoons?

Abby: Yeah.

Victor: Well, you don't like cartoons?

Abby: Sure, but Kyle was being a baby. He could have waited.

Victor: He could have waited, that's right and finished his ice cream. So how are Mummy and Daddy?

Abby: Fine. You're my other daddy, aren't you?

Victor: Mm-hmm, that's right.

Abby: How come I have two daddies?

Victor: Well, that's a long story.


Bobby: Look, if you gotta go home and check in with Raul, don't let me stop you.

Brittany: I know he's mad at me. He was trying so hard to protect me, but I'm where I want to be right now.

Bobby: That's good to hear.

Brittany: I was so worried about you.

Bobby: So you ignore my orders, and you come down here, make things worse.

Brittany: Your orders? Let's get one thing straight, marsino.

Bobby: All right, all right, relax.

Brittany: Do you think it's really over?

Bobby: Yeah, it's over.

Brittany: But bringing in the police and everything, that isn't gonna cause you trouble?

Bobby: I'm legit. I let Mr. Lewis back me because nobody else would, but what I did with his money, this place is clean.

Brittany: What about Angelo?

Bobby: Angelo's out for a long walk right now. And when he gets back, he and I are gonna have a talk.

Brittany: Is that, like, Sicilian for you're gonna beat him up?

Bobby: No, I'm not gonna beat him up. I'm just gonna talk to him. You know, I understand where he's coming from. I just want to make sure he didn't actually help Sal wire you up. I'm sure things will work out. Now Mr. Lewis--I can't believe that he'd hurt a woman, let alone let one of his guys do it. And not just any woman, you.

Brittany: What, I'm special?

Bobby: You're unique.

Brittany: Oh, well, that's even better then.

Bobby: Yeah, it is.

Brittany: Unique. I like that.

Bobby: I love it.

Brittany: Yeah?

Bobby: Yeah.

Brittany: Bobby Marsino, what are you telling me?

Bobby: Well, what? I gotta spray-paint it on the walls for you? Look, Brittany, I love you.

Brittany: You say that to all the girls.

Bobby: Okay, now I'm really gonna spank you.

Brittany: You wouldn't dare.

Bobby: Oh, yeah, I would.

Brittany: Remember what happened to Sal.

Bobby: (Chuckles) all right, you got a point there, but I don't say that to any other girls. You got it?

Brittany: Yeah, I do. I believe you. I must because, look, I'm getting goose bumps all over.

Bobby: Yeah, I haven't even touched you yet.

Brittany: Yeah, why is that?

Bobby: That's a good question.


J.T.: Want one?

Raul: Nah, I shouldn’t.

J.T.: Well, I don't mind if I do.

Raul: You know, I really have to wonder about Brittany.

J.T.: Here we go.

Raul: You would think that after almost being electrocuted, she would be scared far away from Bobby, but, no, she just keeps on going right back for more.

J.T.: Some chicks are like that, Raul.

Raul: Well, I can't deal with it.

J.T.: Meaning what?

Raul: I told Brittany that I can't live that way. If she wants to be with Bobby, that's fine. I'm not gonna hang around here and wait for her to come to her senses.

J.T.: Did you really mean it?

Raul: Mm-hmm. I mean, not that I'd walk away from her completely. I promised her I'd help her figure out what she wants to do with her scar, and I will.

J.T.: Yeah, she said you're looking into treatments.

Raul: I feel good about her chances. Some of these things that the doctors are doing nowadays are amazing, but it's gonna take some time to find one that works.

J.T.: How much time are you talking about?

Raul: Oh, don't worry. I'm not putting my life on hold indefinitely.

J.T.: Well, you'd better not, man. You're a guy in his prime. You gotta get out there and sow those wild oats.

Raul: Ha, yeah, yeah, right.

J.T.: Hey, Raul, I'm serious. Look, what you need to do is you to need to get back on that horse. When you called me, I was at the coffeehouse, and I gotta tell you, man, there are a lot of hotties in this town. I don't know where they came from, but...

Raul: Oh, they've always been there. You've just been too blinded by Colleen to notice.

J.T.: Yeah.

Raul: Oh, sorry, man. I didn't mean it.

J.T.: Don't worry about it. It's cool. It's fine.

Raul: Have you heard from her lately?

J.T.: No.

Raul: What about Shiloh?

J.T.: 0 for 2.

Raul: What do you think that means?

J.T.: I think it means that, uh, that ship has sailed.

Raul: Well, I mea there are other record labels.

J.T.: Yeah, but they're not exactly beating my door down.

Raul: Ah, but they will be, soon as you get back out there, get on that horse.


Mac: I did have a boyfriend, not like it was a big secret. He was a great boyfriend. We actually got married, but on the night of our wedding, we found out that we were first cousins.

Daniel: (Laughs) what?

Mac: I know. It's kind of bizarre, right?

Daniel: Kind of.

Mac: Anyway, that's why I left town for awhile. I told you I went to the Indian reservation. That was such a wonderful experience.

Daniel: Yeah, it sounds like a prison sentence.

Mac: No, it was fun. I guess I just really like helping people, making a difference.

Daniel: Well, that would explain why you spend your time at the rec center instead of being out and trying to have some real fun this summer.

Mac: Yeah, see, to me, though, that is fun. I guess I'm just a volunteering geek.

Daniel: No offense, Mac, but if I had a big chunk of time off, I sure as heck wouldn't spend it working my butt off for free.

Mac: Oh, yeah? Well, how would you spend it?

Daniel: On a beach.

Mac: Hmm, where?

Daniel: Saint-Tropez. Bikinis optional.

Mac: Oh, typical guy.

Daniel: I try.

Mac: (Chuckles) well, thanks for the latte. I gotta get going. I have to get up early in the morning.

Daniel: I understand.

Mac: Well, it was really nice talking to you.

Daniel: Yeah, you, too.

Mac: So, um, have a safe flight, okay?

Mac: Have a good life.


Kevin: Please, please, just let me go. I'm one little person. I haven't done anything. Oh, why can't you just let me go?

Cop: It doesn't work like that.

Kevin: Okay. Please, please, please, don't shoot me.

Cop #2: Sergeant!

Cop: What is it?

Cop #2: We just got a call from Hank Weber in Genoa City. He says they got a confession in this case. They're gonna drop charges.

Cop: You hear that, kid? Things are looking up. You don't want to be dead now, do you?

Kevin: This isn't for real. This is a trick.

Cop: This a trick, Kelley?

Kelley: No, sergeant.

Cop: You're just gonna have to take my word for it. This is on the level. (Gun clatters)

Cop: Hands behind your back!

Kevin: No, no, you promised! You said it wasn't a trick! Mikey, Mikey, help! Help me!


Brad: Sweetheart, I'm not saying we wait forever. I just need a little more time.

Ashley: Well, how much time?

Brad: The psychologist I spoke with wants to assess Abby’s state of mind.

Ashley: Well, that's not a bad idea.

Brad: Then you're going to support me on this?

Ashley: Well, Dr. Hanson wants the same thing. In fact, he said he couldn't really give a valid opinion until he sat down with Abby.

Brad: Well, how can Newman, how can anybody say that's unreasonable? Look, my guy's booked for the next few weeks. We have the first available appointment.

Ashley: Well, that's okay. It gives me a chance to get Abby into Dr. Hanson. The question is, how do we stall Victor? We're lucky he's given us as much time as he has.

Brad: He'll just have to wait.

Ashley: Yeah, well, he's not gonna like it.

Brad: That's too bad. I don't want any interaction with Abby until we're in agreement.

Ashley: Honey that could take awhile.

Brad: I don't care, Ash. I want your word. Nothing happens until we sort this out.

Ashley: Okay. Victor doesn't see Abby. Not yet.

Brad: We're doing the right thing, honey. Trust me.


Victor: Does it bother you having two daddies?

Abby: No.

Victor: Oh, well, that's good.

Abby: My friend Kimberly has two daddies.

Victor: Oh, she does?

Abby: She lives with one, and on the weekends she does fun stuff with the other one.

Victor: Really? Wow.

Abby: What should I call you?

Victor: Just call me Victor.

Abby: Okay. Where do you live, Victor?

Victor: I have a big house outside of town. It's a ranch. I have a pool.

Abby: I know how to swim.

Victor: You do? That's wonderful.

Abby: If it's a ranch, do you have horses?

Victor: Oh, I have many horses, beautiful horses.

Abby: I love horses! May I come over and see them?

Victor: You may come over anytime. You can even ride one of them, if that's all right with your parents.

Abby: Wow that would be so cool.

Victor: Well, I want you to visit me, too.

Abby: You would?

Victor: Mm-hmm, I would love that. In fact, if you want to do that, you just pick up the phone, you dial my number and you say, "hello, Victor? This is Abby, and I'm on the way over."


Raul: Okay, so if the record deal's off, what are you gonna do for money?

J.T.: Sell myself.

Raul: Yeah, seriously.

J.T.: No, I don't know. I guess I'll have to get another job.

Raul: Hey, maybe you could go back to work for Paul Williams.

J.T.: Yeah, maybe.

Raul: I'm looking, too, man. Bobby fired me. I'm not really wild about doing another summer at the boutique.

J.T.: You sure you don't want that other beer? It's still cold, man. If you don't drink it, I'm going to.

Raul: Oh, what the heck?

J.T.: Hey, hold on. Don't drink yet. To not having a girlfriend or a job.

Raul: Okay, so in other words, to being totally pathetic.

J.T.: Absolutely.

Raul: Awesome.


Bobby: I can't believe this.

Brittany: Don't tell me. You swore you'd never let a woman get under your skin.

Bobby: I never swore anything. It's just never happened before.

Brittany: Well, I've never been so flattered before.

Bobby: Well, you should be. This is a big deal.

Brittany: A big deal?

Bobby: Yeah, it is. So what are we gonna do about it?

Brittany: I don't know. You have any ideas?

Bobby: Oh, I got a lot of ideas.

Brittany: Do you remember when you first came into the boutique?

Bobby: Yeah, how could I forget that? Oh, wait a minute. You're thinking every time I run into a pretty girl that I'm telling 'em come by and see me for a job?

Brittany: You don't?

Bobby: Well, actually, yeah, I do that. (Laughs)

Brittany: Oh, you!

Bobby: No, let's not lose the thread here, though. Let me ask you. When the deck's clear, can we give this a try?

Brittany: Oh, Bobby, for heaven's sake, what do you think all these goose bumps are about? Yes, definitely.

Bobby: Come here.


Phyllis: Hello, Daniel.

Daniel: Is there something I can help you with?

Phyllis: Yes, um, you know that young lady you were talking to? The one who just left, the one who kissed you on the cheek? She's quite a bit older than you are.

Daniel: What are you doing here? Are you stalking me?

Phyllis: Whoa, wait a second. Stalking you? I just came to get some coffee.

Daniel: Well, you could have got it and left. Are you spying on me?

Phyllis: Excuse me? I'm not judging you. I'm not interrogating you. I just wanted to have a little conversation.

Daniel: You know what? Look at the time. I've really got to go.

Phyllis: Hope, Phyllis. You can't give up hope, Phyllis.


Michael: Hank, can we not do this? Yeah, I told you I'd bring him back, and I will.

Michael: Fine, I agree to that. Yeah, yeah, I will. Okay, good-bye.

Cop: Get it all straightened out?

Michael: Oh, not by a long shot, but Detective Weber has agreed to allow me to bring Kevin back to Genoa City myself without all of the, um, accoutrements.

Cop: Like traveling in cuffs with the marshal.

Michael: Sergeant, you and your men, I appreciate your restraint.

Cop: It was a close one.

Michael: Yes, it was. Kevin, why don't you say thank you to the policemen you owe your life to?

Kevin: Mikey!

Michael: Say it.

Kevin: Thank you.

Cop: Stay away from guns, kid. Baker!

Gloria: Those policemen were so nice, especially the one that I...

Michael: Yes, Gloria. Yes, Gloria, the were very nice, much nicer than Kevin deserved.

Kevin: Sorry.

Michael: You ought to be. I can't do this again, okay? Last time.

Kevin: I promise.

Gloria: I thought we were gonna lose you.

Kevin: No such luck, huh?

Gloria: Sweetheart, don't talk like that!

Michael: You'll get used to it, Gloria. Kevin's made a profession of being down on himself.

Gloria: Then I guess I'll just have to change that. Come here.

Kevin: Mom...

Gloria: What?

Kevin: Michael's here.

Gloria: So you can't hug your mother in front of your brother?

Michael: (Chuckles) don't mind me. Since you didn't blow your brains out, you might as well hug 'em out. Be my guest.

Gloria: Come here. Come on.

Gloria: Thank God you're still here! Oh, thank God my baby's still here! Oh! (Sobbing)


Mamie: We'd better be going. It's past Kyle’s bedtime.

Ashley: Thank you so much for having Abby, Mamie.

Mamie: Oh, it was my pleasure. She's a little angel.

Ashley: Oh, did you hear that? We already knew you were an angel, didn't we? Say good-bye to Kyle.

Abby: Bye, Kyle.

Kyle: Bye, Abby. Bye, Aunt Ashley.

Ashley: Bye, sweetie. See you guys.

Mamie: See you, honey.

Ashley: So sounds like you had a good time.

Abby: Uh-huh, it was lots of fun.

Ashley: Yeah? Well, what'd you do?

Abby: We played, ate ice cream. Oh, and guess what

Ashley: What, my little darling?

Abby: I saw my other daddy.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Raul: You met somebody at the rec center.

Daniel: This is my life, Dad. I'd really like to hear the whole story.

Victor: You are stalling.

Ashley: I have to do what's right for Abby, not you.

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