Monday Y&R Transcript 6/14/04

Y&R Transcript Monday 6/14/04 -- Canada, Tuesday 6/15/04 -- U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Man: Open up. Detroit police department.

Michael: O-o-officer, what can I do for you?

Man: We have a fugitive warrant for Mr. Kevin Fisher and reason to believe he's in this apartment.

Kevin: (Whispering) how'd they find me?

Michael: Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh!

Man: We have information from the Genoa City, Wisconsin, P.D.--A warrant has been issued. Now please, sir, open the door.

Michael: Officer, officer, please, what makes you think that Kevin Fisher is here?

Man: We followed a Mr. Baldwin here. Now we're not gonna keep talking about this through the door.

Kevin: Michael, you led them right to me.

Michael: If you had come with me five minutes ago, you'd be going back in style now.

Gloria: Oh, my God!

Kevin: Thank you, Tom, and thank you, Mom, for never changing anything in this place.

Man: Sir, we're gonna have to force entry!

Michael: No, whoa. Just a minute, please. What are you doing?

Kevin: Stay back, Michael. Stay back, Michael!

Michael: Give me that! Give me the gun!

Man: We're coming in!

Michael: No, officer, please. My name is Michael Baldwin. I'm Kevin Fisher's attorney. We have a little situation here.

Kevin: Stand back.

Michael: Stop it.

Kevin: Stand back. Stay back.


Brittany: Let go of me!

Lewis: Come here.

Brittany: I'm sorry, Bobby. I had to be here.

Bobby: You should have stayed with Raul.

Lewis: It's too late now. She's here. And as Sal so eloquently put it, we get two for the price of one.

Bobby: This is between you and me. Just let her go.

Brittany: What does he mean?

Bobby: Don't worry about it.

Lewis: Good advice, my dear. It won't help to worry.

Brittany: Get off of me!

Lewis: Is the car out there?

Man: Yes, sir, Mr. Lewis.

Lewis: You boys know what to do?

Man #2: Yeah.

Man: Yeah.

Lewis: I'm sorry, Roberto. I hate to lose you.

Brittany: Bobby!

Lewis: It's always like this. The smart ones are the hardest ones to keep in line.

Bobby: Listen, you don't need to be killing her, too.

Brittany: Kill me?!

Lewis: Oh, now you've got her upset. What was the point of that? Sal, go with him and get it over with quickly and painlessly.

Brittany: Get off of me! Let me go!

Man #3: Easy, lady. Easy, lady.

Brittany: No! Help me!


Kay: Are they gone?

Arthur: If you mean Jill and Esther, yes. Jill went out, and I think Esther’s gone up to her room.

Kay: So it's just the two of us.

Arthur: That's right, Katherine, just you and me.

Kay: Alone at last.

Arthur: I see you fixed yourself another drink.

Kay: Arthur, are you going to lecture me?

Arthur: Would it do any good?

Kay: No.

Arthur: You do know how much your drinking is hurting us, don't you?

Kay: You just told me no more lectures.

Arthur: I was only making an observation.

Kay: As judge or friend?

Arthur: Both.

Kay: Do you know how much I really enjoy drinking?

Arthur: Do you?

Kay: Mm-hmm.

Arthur: Really? Isn't it possible you're saying that to excuse yourself that deep down you're helpless to stop, and you don't know what else to do but have another drink?

Kay: Sounds like a quote right out of a 12-step book.

Arthur: It doesn't matter. The important question is-- am I right?


Paul: Well, I must have done something good in a past life.

Lauren: Oh?

Paul: To deserve this kind of treatment.

Lauren: And what about in this one?

Paul: Oh, no, no. You see, I'm a bad boy.

Lauren: I know. Why do you think I invited you here tonight?

Paul: Because bad sometimes is good.

Lauren: Exactly. So how's your lamb?

Paul: It's, um, exquisite. How was your halibut?

Lauren: Flaky and delicious.

Paul: Oh, just like I like my women.

Lauren: I can't believe you just said that.

Paul: Well, bad is good. You see, remember, it's sort of the catchphrase for the evening. Bad is good.

Lauren: Okay, okay, I'll remember that. Speaking of that, thought about dessert?

Paul: Flaky and delicious.

Lauren: (Laughing) you are bad.

Paul: And loving it.

Lynne: Boss.

Paul: I'm hearing voices. Oh, hi, Lynne.

Lynne: This came just as I was leaving the office, and I thought you'd want to take a look at it.

Paul: Certified mail. That's kinda scary.

Lauren: Well, why don't we see how scary it really is?

Paul: Why not?


Mac: What are you looking at?

Daniel: Hey, where'd you come from?

Mac: Wouldn't you like to know? So long time no see.

Daniel: Yeah, really. Listen, I was just gonna grab a table and order an espresso. You want to join me? I'm buying.

Mac: Yeah, sure, thanks, Daniel.

Daniel: That's the least I can do for earlier. I gave you such a hard time about pushing that broom around.

Mac: Well, you came around eventually.

Daniel: I did, didn't I?

Man: Hey, Mac.

Mac: Hey.

Man: So what can I get you guys?

Phyllis: Hey, hey.

Dru: Whoa, hey, back it up, Phyllis. Back it up.

Phyllis: Shh! Shh! Be quiet. I need you. I need you.

Dru: You need me to slap you upside your head.

Phyllis: No, I need you to help me not do anything stupid. Please sit down.

Dru: Well, that's gonna be very difficult to do, darlin'.

Phyllis: Hey, how you doin'? How's your hair?

Dru: Like you really want to know. My hair is fine. Do you have any more questions?

Phyllis: Um, yeah. Uh, you're in a good mood.

Dru: I'm in a great mood, Phyllis. Haven't been this happy in a year.

Phyllis: Great, great. Where that-- how did’d that happen?

Dru: Saw the light. I'm inspired. I have inner peace.

Phyllis: Good. I'd like to get me some inner peace.

Dru: I bet you would. Who you hawkin'? That boy's too young for you.

Phyllis: Oh, no, no, no, no. Drucilla, Drucilla, that's my son.


Jack: You've chosen that seat for a reason?

Victor: I have indeed, Jack.

Jack: And what would that be?

Victor: To propose a new board meeting to deal with the Jabot settlement.

Jack: Well, let me ask you a question. Would you want to do that before or after you've ruined my niece's life?


Brad: So she hasn't signed back in this evening? No, I tried that. She's not answering her cell. All right, Joe, do me a favor. If you see Ashley-- yeah, yeah, thanks.

Ashley: I'm right behind you, honey.

Brad: Hey. Where have you been? I've been trying to track you down for the last couple of hours.

Ashley: Is Abby upstairs?

Brad: No, Mamie took her over to play with Kyle, and they're gonna get ice cream afterwards.

Ashley: Okay, then we have a little time for just the two of us, right?

Brad: Time for what?

Ashley: I want to talk to you about where I've been and what I've learned about Abby and Victor's desire to see her.

Brad: So you finally went to see someone.

Ashley: I saw a child psychiatrist.

Brad: And what did the doctor have to say about Victor Newman and our daughter?


(Doorbell rings)

Nikki: Jill! My God, what's wrong?

Jill: May I come in?

Nikki: Yes, of course.

Jill: I'm sorry to come by so late. I just--I didn't know who else to turn to.

Nikki: My God. Is it Katherine? Is everything all right?

Jill: No, everything's not all right, Nikki. Everything's horrible.

Nikki: What?

Jill: My mother's drinking has gotten out of control, and I don't know what to do.


Kay: Arthur, now to be honest, I'm not sure that I want to, um, you know, uh, have this conversation.

Arthur: You're avoiding my question.

Kay: I don't know what you want me to say.

Arthur: I want you to talk to me woman to man.

Kay: I've disappointed you, haven't I?

Arthur: Yes, you have, Katherine. I won't deny that. But I still feel there's hope.

Kay: You always were optimistic.

Arthur: We could have a future together, a beautiful one. We still have so many good years ahead of us. If only--

Kay: If only I would stop drinking. Now that is what you were going to say, is it not?

Arthur: I can't bear to stand by and watch what's happening to you.

Kay: Oh, God. I was sober for over 20 years. Did you know that?

Arthur: Yes, Katherine. You told me.

Kay: And I have no idea why I started drinking again. I really don’t. For a lot of reasons, I suppose. You just... pile one on top of the other.

Arthur: Until coping became too much for you, right?

Kay: You do understand.

Arthur: Of course. Some turn to alcohol, some to drugs, some find the answers in religion. And the most desperate ones solve their problems with suicide.

Kay: Oh, I could never do that. I mean...

Arthur: No, no, no, no. But don't you see? Slowly, perhaps without even realizing it, that's exactly what you're doing. You're killing yourself.

Kay: You paint a pretty grim picture.

Arthur: We can change that picture. I can help, Katherine, if you'll let me.


Dru: So let me get this straight--you haven't talked to this boy in how long?

Phyllis: Um, many years.

Dru: That's a damn shame, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Yeah, it's been interesting.

Dru: Mm-hmm, and you want me to restrain you from going over there and talking to your own son?

Phyllis: Yeah, well, you know, he's a teenager, and we're going through a rocky period right now.

Dru: Oh, I bet, yeah.

Phyllis: I just don't want to be a pushy Mom.

Dru: What's your son's name?

Phyllis: His name is Daniel, after his father Danny Romalotti.

Dru: Danny Romalotti, right. You know, my daughter-- she's been talking about your boy 24/7.

Phyllis: Oh, really?

Dru: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: She has? Wow.

Dru: She and Sierra and your son, very chummy, very chummy.

Phyllis: Oh, my gosh. I had no idea.

Dru: What's so mind-blowing about that?

Phyllis: Well, I had no idea that he's met so many pals already.

Dru: Well, according to Lily, he's a very nice person.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, he's nice. Well, do all the girls fall all over him? I mean, what do they like to do together?

Dru: Phyllis, since I'm not his mother, and you are, perhaps you should find that out.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, I'm surprised that you don't know. I would assume after what happened to Lily last summer that you would be interrogating all of her potential suitors like an F.B.I. Agent.

Dru: Now that I know you are his mother, I'll be sure and consider taking him off my "approve" list.


Mac: So when are you gonna tell me why you're giving J.T. so much grief?

Daniel: Everyone needs a hobby.

Mac: Stop.

Daniel: Listen, I was wondering about something you said at the rec center, about your family. It sounds like we have something in common there.

Mac: Unfortunately.

Daniel: Your folks divorced?

Mac: It's a really long and complicated story.

Daniel: It always is.

Mac: What about you?

Daniel: My father raised me. My Mother...

Mac: You guys don't get along.

Daniel: I haven't seen her since I was little, but she lives in town and now that I'm here...

Mac: It's a lethal combination, isn't it? Yeah, it was like that for me, too, when my mom came here looking for me a few years ago.

Daniel: You don't live at home anymore.

Mac: I ran away.

Daniel: Oh.

Mac: Yeah, things were really bad.

Daniel: And where was home? Look, I'm sorry. I don't mean to pry. I just want to know more about you.


Paul: Well, I'll be damned.

Lauren: Is it bad?

Lynne: What is it?

Paul: Our lease is up at the office. It's the rental agency, and they are raising-- well, actually, they're doubling our rent.

Lynne: Can they do that?

Paul: Well, Lynne, the lease is up. They can do anything they want. It says, "if you choose to vacate the premises, current tenants want to join your offices with theirs and take over the whole floor."

Lauren: Sounds like they're really anxious for you to pull up stakes.

Lynne: That's not fair.

Lauren: They're really blindsiding you with this.

Paul: At least we got 90 days, huh? You know what? Maybe I should just set up office in an internet cafe. We do most of our business online anyway.

Lynne: Where does that leave me?

Paul: I don't know. In front of the espresso machine. There's no need to panic. We'll have to think about it and see what we're gonna do.

Lynne: Okay. I'm glad I brought it by.

Paul: Me too. Thanks for the extra effort.

Lynne: Thanks.

Paul: Here's to new horizons.

Lauren: And thinking about dessert. (Glasses clink)

Paul: Yeah, nothing but.


(Pounding on door)

Man: Mr. Baldwin!

Michael: Listen to me. Listen, Kevin, you don't want to do this, all right?

Kevin: You're right. I don't, but I don't have any choice.

Gloria: Honey, please.

Kevin: Mom, please just go in the bedroom to be safe.

Gloria: What are you gonna do?

Kevin: I'm gonna get myself out of here.

Man: We're coming in!

Michael: No, no, please. Just be patient, officers. There's a gun in here. You don't want to come in right now.

Man: What do you mean, a gun? Who's got the gun?

Kevin: I do. I do, and I'll use it if I have to. Please, take her into the bedroom.

Michael: What's the point? You're gonna make a bad situation worse?

Michael: You're not gonna shoot me, Kevin. You're not.

Kevin: Mikey, don't, okay?

Man: Move away from him. Don't antagonize him.

Gloria: Be careful. Kevin, put the gun down, please!

Kevin: Did you hear that? Don't antagonize me.

Michael: How dare you terrorize us, you... give me that gun!

Man: Open up! Open the door! (Gunshot)


Brittany: Help me!

Bobby: Sal, you put her down right now!

Brittany: Let me go! Let me go!

Bobby: All right, Mr. Lewis, seeing you got nothing to lose now, how about telling me what really did happen to Ernie Pacelli?

Lewis: Ernie is now part of my sister-in-law's new back patio under the concrete. And lucky for you, my cousin is now putting a room addition on his big house by the lake. So you'll be nice and cozy together, both of you, with a great view, downright romantic. This is taking too long. Let's get them outta here.

Brittany: No!

Bobby: Hey, come on. That's enough! Let's go! Come out!

Hank: I was just thinking it was time. Easy, easy.

Lewis: What's going on, Roberto?

Bobby: Get off of me. What are you, stupid?

Lewis: You just committed suicide.

Bobby: No, you did, you and your big mouth.

Lewis: You're a dead man!

Bobby: Hey, Sal, let her go. It's over.

Brittany: Help! Help me!

Sal: All right, I'll tell you what, huh? You let me out of here, or I'll break her neck.

Brittany: Bobby, help! Help me!


Jack: Gee, what's the matter, old boy? Cat got your tongue?

Victor: Need I remind you of the rather public nature of our surroundings? I'll have a double tequila, please.

Jack: So what is the ideal setting to discuss a child's impending loss of happiness and stability?

Victor: Why is it that you people automatically assume that my relationship with Abby would be detrimental to her?

Jack: Well, you don't exactly have a sterling record as a parent, Victor. You have a son in Kansas, your namesake, who you haven't clapped eyes on in years. Your daughter Victoria’s off for parts unknown-- hardly a glowing tribute to close family ties-- and Nicholas... (chuckles) dare we discuss Nicholas? That's pathetic.

Victor: For your information, not that it's any of your business, but I'm in the process of mending my relationship with my son.

Jack: Well, that would be quite a trick.

Victor: And as for my daughter Victoria, although I miss her terribly, she'll be home before long.

Jack: And poor little Victor Jr. Doesn't even merit an honorable mention. That's sad.

Victor: What's the point of all this, Jack-- to tell me how inadequate I am as a father? I've had battles with my children. They fight with me. I taught them how to fight. I taught them respect and fair play.

Jack: (Chuckles)

Victor: And I taught them how to take a punch when they need one. What I didn't do is bring a child into this world in a vile and secretive manner. That's your sister's legacy, and that, unfortunately, will be Abby’s legacy. Will that be easy for her to live with? No, it won't be. And then on top of that, to find out that the man whose blood runs through her veins abandons her is going to really mess her up. She needs me every bit as much as she needs Brad Carlton and Ashley, if not more so, and I assure you, I intend to be there for her.

Brad: I still don't understand why you made the appointment for tonight. Didn't it occur to you I'd want to go?

Ashley: Well, honey, it just kind of happened. Olivia gave me the number of this great doctor-- Dr. George Hanson. He has an impeccable reputation. I thought it was gonna take weeks to get an appointment, but he had a late cancellation, and I thought I should jump on it. We're running out of time.

Brad: You still should have talked to me about it first.

Ashley: Okay. Well, I'm sorry. And the next visit we have, we have to bring Abby. Of course you need to be there, because we have to deal with this as a family.

Brad: So what did Dr. Hanson have to say?

Ashley: Well, it's good news. He thinks that as long as Abby is behaving normally, and she doesn't act disturbed, he doesn't see any reason why a visit with Victor would be harmful to her.

Brad: "As long as she's behaving normally and doesn't seem to be acting disturbed."

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Brad: What does that mean? How do we know what's going on inside Abby’s head?

Ashley: Well, you've spent a lot of time with her. She does seem fine.

Brad: Yeah, but that's without imposing all these visits with Victor on her. I just don't understand what this guy's really saying.

Ashley: I just told you what he's saying. He doesn't think that visitation will be harmful for Abby.

Brad: But does he think it's a good thing, something that should happen?

Ashley: Honey, Victor isn't gonna drop this. We're not exactly in a position to debate whether or not this is a good idea.

Brad: So what, you're willing to risk our daughter's mental health over something that might not be harmful?

Ashley: Dr. Hanson does not think this is gonna traumatize her, especially if we help prepare her.

Brad: And how exactly do we do that?

Ashley: By talking with her. By working together to help her understand. He thinks that maybe she'll actually grow to accept Victor just being a part of her life, instead of having to deal with the trauma of her true paternity.

Brad: Oh, so, that's great. So if we're lucky, maybe victor can just sort of slide on into being Abby’s other Daddy, right? All nice and simple. Is that about the size of it? Does that sum up the brilliant doctor's advice?


Gloria: Kevin, don't! Ohh!

Man: What's going on in there?

Michael: Are you okay, Mom?

Gloria: Yes.

Michael: That's okay, officer, we-- it's an accident. You-- officer, we're gonna work this out. Wait.

Kevin: No, we're not. Okay, look, I'm sorry that the gun went off, okay? But nothing's changed. Please take her into the bedroom. Let me take care of this. I've gotta do this on my own, okay? It's the only way. (Pounds on door)

Man: Mr. Baldwin? (Pounds on door)

Man: Mr. Baldwin! (Pounds on door)


Sal: I said tell him to back off, or I will snap her neck.

Brittany: (Gagging)

Bobby: Sal, just let go of her!

Sal: I don't think so.

Hank: Mr. Staley, we heard everything. We know you're the one who set this girl up to be electrocuted. We know that you somehow managed to plant evidence pointing to Kevin Fisher, and after we reopen the investigation into Ernie Pacelli's disappearance, I have a feeling that you and your employer are gonna be going away for a very long time.

Sal: Exactly why I got nothing to lose. So you tell your men to back off, or I swear, I'll do it.

Bobby: Sal, I swear, I will haunt you in your grave.

Sal: (Laughs) Bob, I am so terrified, huh?

Brittany: (Grunts) yah!

Sal: Aah! Ooh!

Bobby: Sal, let me help you.

Hank: All right, let's get him out of here.

Brittany: (Sobbing)

Bobby: Come here.

Man: Easy.

Hank: Yeah, I'm taking it easy.

Bobby: It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.


Arthur: Do you really need that?

Kay: At the moment, I do, yes.

Arthur: Did you hear any of the things I just said?

Kay: Every word. Every word.

Arthur: Did any of it touch you?

Kay: Oh, Arthur, it all sounds so wonderful, and I want a future with you.

Arthur: We can make it happen, darling.

Kay: Oh, Arthur, I'm afraid.

Arthur: You don't have to be afraid. I promise to be here for you every step of the way.

Arthur: Please, Katherine. I told you I want to help.

Kay: Yes, but, Arthur, don't you understand that...

Arthur: You can do this. You can do this, Katherine. I know you can.

Kay: Arthur? Arthur?

Arthur: Yes, darling?

Kay: I can’t. I-I can’t... do it.

Kay: I can’t.


Nikki: Sounds like you've had a really tough time.

Jill: It's not just me. Katherine's got Arthur and Esther all upset, too.

Nikki: Esther? Esther's back?

Jill: Oh, Esther has taken a couple of classes, and she considers herself a substance abuse counselor now, if you can believe that.

Nikki: Oh, my. Well, her heart is in the right place.

Jill: It's her brain I'm not so sure about.

Nikki: Unfortunately, there's very little we can do about this unless Katherine decides to stop drinking.

Jill: That's what Esther said.

Nikki: Well, she's right. Take it from me. I speak from experience.

Jill: I guess I just came here tonight hoping that you would have some sort of magic answer for me.

Nikki: Jill, I wish I did. Katherine is my dearest friend. It kills me to hear about this-- what she's doing to herself in such a short amount of time.

Jill: 20 years, Nikki. 20 years of sobriety down the drain.

Nick: I just never in a million years thought she would start drinking again. Never.

Jill: Nikki... everybody knows that Katherine considers you the daughter that she never had... until me. So I thought maybe if you could go to her and plead with her to quit--

Nikki: Jill, I know how painful it is to watch someone you love throw their life away. Especially now, she has so much to live for-- a newfound daughter. She's got a wonderful man in her life--

Jill: I know, but none of that seems to matter to her anymore. The liquor is just controlling her. It's fuzzing her thinking and her reasoning, her feelings. She's a different person.

Nikki: It just breaks my heart. She's always been such an inspiration to me.

Jill: I know. That's why I thought maybe you could go and talk to her.

Nikki: Jill, if I thought I could help, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Jill: You don't think it would help?

Nikki: There's only one thing we can do, and it will only work if we are willing to step away from her. We have to be willing to abandon her.

Jill: You're talking about an intervention.

Nikki: Yes. Those of us closest to her, we get together, and we tell her as a group that we will no longer be there for her if she continues to drink. She has to stop, and she has to stop now, or she'll drink herself to death by herself.

Jill: Oh, my God. Could you do that, Nikki?

Nikki: I don't think I have a choice. Of course I will do it.


Phyllis: You know, I just wish I could reach out to him more.

Dru: I don't know how you can stand it, Phyllis. I sure couldn't stay away from my Lily.

Phyllis: Yeah. You two are pretty tight, aren't ya?

Dru: We're very, very tight. All those years we spent together in Paris, Lily growing up--inseparable.

Phyllis: Oh, wow. I can't imagine what that's like-- having a child, getting to raise him and help him and love him--

Dru: You know, I'm starting to see a shiny side of a bad penny. I've never seen this side of you.

Phyllis: It's there. It's really there.

Dru: Huh. Well, it almost kind of wants to make me forgive you, you know, for all the mean and nasty things you've said to me over the years--almost.

Phyllis: Listen, tell me, what is it like raising a teenager? You know, just Mom to Mom, I'd like some advice, you know? Because I've only been around little kids. I mean, Kyle is about the same age as Daniel was when he left town.

Dru: Um, well, they don't talk back as much at that age, right?

Phyllis: No. Unh-unh.

Dru: And I think being a parent is the best job in the whole, wide world. There's nothing more rewarding. You know, it's frustrating. It's challenging, but it's--

Phyllis: Yeah, it's frustrating and challenging, but it's worth it, isn't it?

Dru: Yeah.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Dru: You know, I'm gonna go get what I came here for, all right?

Phyllis: Go ahead. Thanks.

Dru: Yeah. Um, Phyllis, next time don't touch me, okay? My skin is-- it's quite sensitive.


Daniel: You sure you don't want anything else?

Mac: No, thanks. I'm cool.

Daniel: I already knew that.

Mac: Even with me going on and on about my miserable childhood?

Daniel: I like hearing you talk.

Mac: I'm glad somebody does.

Daniel: I'm not so sure about that, Mackenzie. You seem pretty popular to me.

Mac: Yeah, well, that's because I haven't started cracking the whip yet, keeping you volunteers in line.

Daniel: Yeah, about that, uh... I guess I should warn you.

Mac: Warn me about what?

Daniel: When I was online before, I was checking with the airline. I fly back to Switzerland tomorrow.

Mac: Really? I knew you said you were leaving soon, but--

Daniel: I'm a man of my word.

Mac: Well, I guess I'm gonna have to give your broom to somebody else.

Daniel: Whoa, whoa. Now wait a minute. That's my broom.

Mac: Well, you should have thought about that before you bought your ticket. You really are gonna leave, huh?

Daniel: Yeah. I've got to.

Mac: I really wish you didn't have to.


Jack: Quite a speech. Is there anything you won't say or do to win a point in your favor?

Victor: May I point out to you that this whole situation was created by your sister's carelessness? If Abby hadn't walked in to your sister watching that damn tape, you and I would not be discussing the implications of what that little girl heard.

Jack: Ah, here we go with the accusations again.

Victor: It needs to be dealt with, Jack.

Jack: Abby does not need you walking into her life right now. It would only confuse her. Let her parents deal with this-- if you can put the child's interests ahead of your own.

Victor: What you're suggesting is that I bow out.

Jack: It is my urgent plea as someone who honestly cares about what is best for the child, and that ain't you.

Victor: And you think it is best for that child to realize one day that her biological father rejected her?

Jack: If you're asking me do I think this is--

Victor: I'm not asking you a damn thing. I don't need your permission. I intend to be part of Abby’s life. You got that? And I want her to know how much I want that. That reassurance needs to come from me, Jack Abbott, not from Brad Carlton. Not from Ashley. From me.

Jack: I have serious problems with a lot of this, but talking to you is like talking to a brick wall. You know, Nicholas was right about you.

Victor: Meaning what?

Jack: You haven't once in your life seen anything from anyone else's perspective.

Victor: Jack, we're gonna have to deal with the Jabot settlement very soon.

Jack: Oh, yeah. I'm all over setting up a meeting where you can pay us pennies on the dollar for all the damage you've done and continue to do to my entire family.

Victor: You're gonna get yours, Jack Abbott. I'll make certain of that.


Ashley: Honey, I understand that this is difficult for you.

Brad: It's not me I'm worried about. It's Abby.

Ashley: Well, I am, too, but I do feel a lot better having talked to Dr. Hanson. This does not have to have a negative impact on her.

Brad: Well, I still have a real problem with this.

Ashley: I can see that. I think we need to get together with Victor, honey.

Brad: Why would we do that?

Ashley: Because we need to talk to him, find out what he wants to say to Abby, how he plans on handling the situation.

Brad: No. No way. You're jumping the gun.

Ashley: We can't keep putting this off.

Brad: Well, that's where you and I disagree. The reason I was trying to track you down earlier is that I had an appointment, too, with a top-notch child psychologist, and his advice was exactly the opposite concerning Victor and our daughter. We're not gonna let this happen, Ash--not now, and not for years to come.


Lewis: It ain't over, Roberto.

Bobby: Here, baby.

Brittany: Thanks.

Bobby: Starting to think you went to the wrong club.

Hank: You were doing such a great job coaxing Lewis into a confession, I saw no reason to jump in until the last minute.

Brittany: I wish I had known this was all a setup, Vobby. That was the most terrifying experience of my life.

Bobby: Hey, well, you were supposed to stay over with Raul.

Brittany: I told you, I couldn’t.

Bobby: I gotta tell you, though, that was one hell of a shot you put on Sal. Hey, Sallie-- play rough with girls, they play rough back. Remember that while you're up in prison.

Sal: Oh, I'm not finished with you yet... either one of you.

Bobby: Yeah, just keep your head up. (Footsteps walking away)

Bobby: So, uh, listen, what about Kevin Fisher?

Hank: Well, the kid's managed to create new problems for himself since his initial arrest, but this was the big one. Obviously, the charges will be dropped.

Bobby: Ah, that's good. Nobody deserves to go to jail if they didn't do it.

Hank: No one believes that more than me, Marsino. Well, anyway, I'm inbound for the station. Listen, thanks again. Appreciate it. All right, this was a good thing. Miss Hodges.

Brittany: Thank you.

Bobby: You okay?

Brittany: I'm shaking.

Bobby: Come here.

Brittany: Hold me.


Gloria: Why are you doing this, Kevin? Is this that "going out in a blaze of glory" you were talking about? 'Cause I've got news for you-- there is nothing glorious about dying. It's ugly, and it's painful, and it's permanent! Now give me that gun. Your brother's gonna work this out for you somehow.

Kevin: He can't. He can’t. I've gone too far this time, haven't I, mikey?

Gloria: I don't care. Give me that gun.

Man: We're not gonna stand out here all day! Kevin Fisher, are you in there?

Kevin: I'll be out in a minute! Now both of you, into the bedroom. If this does get nasty, I don't want you getting hurt, too.

Michael: What if I refuse to go?

Gloria: No!

Michael: After everything, you can still do this? Fine. You want to take care of business, be my guest. Come on, Gloria. Come on!

Gloria: Ohh! (Door slams)

Kevin: Thanks for everything, Mikey. (Pounding on door)

Man: Kevin Fisher?

Kevin: I'm coming.

Kevin: I have a gun, and all I want is to get away, okay? I'll leave the country, and you will never see me again. If you want to stop me, you're gonna have to shoot me.

Kevin: Please... please don't let it hurt too much.


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Daniel: Do you have a boyfriend?

Ashley: A visit from Victor is not gonna harm her. An ugly custody battle will.

Abby: How come I have two daddies?

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