Thursday Y&R Transcript 6/10/04

Y&R Transcript Thursday 6/10/04--Canada; Friday 6/11/04--USA

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Kevin: Michael, what are you doing here?

Michael: I was in the neighborhood. Thought I'd stop by.

Michael: Hello, Gloria.

Gloria: Wh--

Kevin: Great. Well, look, I gotta take off.

Michael: No, no, that's the last thing you gotta do, little brother.

Kevin: Don't, Michael! Don't try and talk me outta this.

Michael: Sorry. That's why I'm here.

Kevin: Ow. Get outta my way.

Michael: No, look, it's not gonna happen, little bro.

Kevin: You're not the boss of me.

Michael: Yeah, you wanna bet? I am the boss of you right now!

Gloria: Boys, would you stop?

Kevin: Butt out, Mom!

Gloria: Don't fight!

Kevin: Move!

Michael: Look, you-- look, take it easy. Why don't you rest up? Stick around, Kevin.

Kevin: Damn it.

Michael: Attaboy. Just like the good ol' days, huh, Gloria?


Ashley: Hey, I'm surprised you came so quickly.

Jack: You summoned me. What else was I supposed to do?

Ashley: I did not summon you, Jack. I asked you to meet with me.

Jack: Same difference. You don't ask for things the same way these days.

Ashley: Which is why I'm telling you, I'm definitely keeping Damon on at Jabot.

Jack: Why doesn't that surprise me? Does Porter know?

Ashley: Not yet. He's out of town.

Jack: Well, I'm sure you'll enjoy telling him. Good night.

Ashley: Wait a second. You're just gonna leave without a fight?

Jack: I'm not getting very far fighting these days.

Ashley: Oh. Well, there's something else we need to discuss.

Jack: Okay. What's that?

Ashley: I wanted to let you know that I'm firing Drucilla.


Neil: Hey, gorgeous girl.

Dru: Hi.

Neil: Hey, I made some ice cold lemonade.

Dru: Nah.

Neil: Rough day? Aww, honey.

Dru: I don't know what's wrong with me, Neil. People dying every day, and here I am, grieving some hair.

Neil: Well, if you ask me, baby, you're entitled.

Dru: Well, I'm sick of feelin' this way, okay? (Bangs table)

Dru: I hate it!

Neil: All right, honey. Why don't you just come right over here, take a seat--

Dru: I'm not gonna come over there and sit down, okay?! I'm too stressed out. And who knows? That could be one of the reasons why my hair is falling out. I feel hideous.

Neil: Okay, all right. Baby, look, don't talk that way.

Dru: Don't talk what way? Don't talk what way, Neil? I am trying to vent here. I'm sorry if I'm boring you with all of my complaining and whining!

Neil: You're not boring me. You're not boring me. I'm sorry. No, I'm the one who's sorry. Now what about the treatments that Olivia suggested? Are any of them working?

Dru: It's too soon to tell, Neil.

Neil: Okay. You are trying them, though, aren't you?

Dru: Of course I'm trying 'em. I want my hair to grow back, man. You think I'm quittin' here?


Raul: I think you should eat something, Brittany.

Brittany: Yeah, right.

Raul: You want to get sick?

Brittany: I said I'm okay, Raul. It just feels dumb, hiding out like this. I should be with Bobby.

Raul: Yeah, right. Think about the guys he's dealing with right now. You don't want to be anywhere near them, trust me.

Brittany: But I'm the one who caused all of this.

Raul: Bull. You're the victim, Brittany. This is between Bobby and those goons who hurt you. Those guys live in a whole other world, and no matter how mean it gets, Bobby's still at home there. You're not. And he wants you away from there, so just make the best of it, okay?

Brittany: And do what, order fries and a shake?

Raul: Better yet, wake up. What if you being there throws a wrench into whatever Bobby's got cooked up, and he gets hurt, then what?

Brittany: Don't ask me to just sit here and do nothing. I canít.

Raul: Okay, then do this. Get real. If ever there was a time for it, it's now.


Bobby: So now what? Hmm? You gonna teach me a lesson? Have your boys beat me up?

Man: Where you goin'?

Bobby: See, Mr. Lewis, what you did was wrong. You disfigured a young girl's face. That's not how a man does business. And you know that.

Lewis: You're making it worse on yourself, Roberto.

Bobby: What do I care? I been beat up before.

Lewis: Did I say anything about beating you up?

Bobby: Oh, are you gonna take me out?

Lewis: I'm not gonna lay a finger on you personally.

Bobby: That's fine. You do what you gotta do. But let me ask you, how's it feel when you look in the mirror and you see that lowlife that hurts little girls?

Lewis: You're really goin' for it, aren't you?

Bobby: Like I said, I got nothing to lose. And seein' I'm not gonna be around, why don't you tell me who did the dirty work for you? I just wanna know so when I go to hell, I can make them a reservation. Come on, who was it? Which one of you tough guys burned that little girl's face?


Jack: You're going to fire Drucilla?

Ashley: Don't you think it's about time?

Jack: Well, if-- if you're asking me what I think-- and I assume you're asking because you want to know-- I think if you want to pick a bad time to fire her, this would be it.

Ashley: She tried an untested product on herself, and now her hair's falling out, and she's our spokesmodel. You know how bad that looks.

Jack: Do you know how much worse it would look if we axed her right now?

Ashley: How so?

Jack: We can't afford for anyone to see Jabot as cold and uncaring. That quality does not sell cosmetics.

Ashley: She did something stupid and dangerous that put our company in the line of fire.

Jack: Firing her right now is not gonna fix that. Besides, she could hire a lawyer and sue us for wrongful termination.

Ashley: Oh, well, so could Damon.

Jack: Damon's a different case. Damon is not suffering, not like Drucilla.

Ashley: Oh, he's not?

Jack: Look, Ash, its one thing to lose your job. It's quite another-- I'm sure I don't have to tell you this-- to lose your hair, particularly if you've spent your whole life trading on your looks.

Ashley: I understand it's devastating. It is. But we're not running a charity.

Jack: I'm not saying we're running a charity. I'm saying her condition is not permanent. In the meantime, she's very successful with our key demographic, particularly women of color.

Ashley: Mm-hmm. So it's a numbers thing?

Jack: If that's the way you want to look at it, yes. It costs us less money to keep Dru.

Ashley: And that's the reason why you want to?

Jack: That, and other reasons. Look, I... I know you have had your issues with Dru over the years. Look, maybe she is crazy. But no one is more passionate about Jabot. No one is more committed than Dru. And I just think it's the wrong thing to do.

Ashley: How refreshing. It's been a long time since I've heard you speak from your heart. I wasn't sure you still had it in you.


Jill: There you are, Mother.

Arthur: We've been looking all over for you, Katherine.

Jill: What are you doing out here all by yourself?

Kay: Stargazing. What else? I'm looking for the Milky Way.

Esther: Have you had any sleep at all, Mrs. Chancellor?

Kay: Oh, probably, Esther, this afternoon, for awhile. I really donít... don't remember.

Jill: It's a wonder you can remember your own name at the rate you've been drinking today, Mother.

Kay: Do you wanna know the truth, Jill, the reason that I came out here? I was simply trying to get some peace and quiet and to keep the three of you from hovering all over me.

Arthur: For heaven's sake, Katherine, we're not hovering. We're concerned about you.

Kay: Then stop, because I am fine. I am fine, fine, fine.

Jill: As long as you have a glass in your hand, you're not fine.

Esther: Please, Mrs. C., Go to bed and get some rest.

Kay: I do not need any rest, Esther. I really donít. All I need is to be left alone. Pardon me, Arthur.


Neil: Now, now, that's my girl. Never, ever say die.

Dru: I'm tryin', okay?

Neil: I know you are, girl.

Dru: I'm scared, Neil, from sunup to sundown.

Neil: What you so scared about? You afraid this is gonna be permanent?

Dru: Yes, I am. I could lose my job over this. And there's no telling what Ashleyís gonna do if she knows about the whole disaster.

Neil: Well, don't you think if she had, you know, there'd be some sort of fallout?

Dru: Good one. Thanks a lot.

Neil: Sorry. You know-- you know I didn't mean that. Lilittle slip of the tongue. I mean, but really, you woulda heard something if Ashley had found out and let you go, come on.

Dru: Maybe, maybe not, Neil. Let's face facts. She is gonna cut me loose when she finds out about this, and she is gonna be licking her chops. Look what happened to Damon when he got into it with Jack? Now it's my turn on the chopping block. I have to wonder why I even want to work for a company like that, when they put me under so much duress.


Cassie: It looks like a journal.

Sierra: Cool.

Cassie: Hey, it's got, like, writing in it.

Sierra: God, it's really old.

Cassie: It's pretty.

Sierra: Oh, um, what's in that box over there?

Daniel: Stationery, old letterhead. "Consolidated Paint Company."

Daniel: What about this old file cabinet?

Cassie: It's locked.

Sierra: Well, there's gotta be a key around here somewhere.

Cassie: I wonder what could be inside.


Mac: J.T., Would you stop with that?

J.T.: I'm just telling it like it feels, Mac.

Mac: Personally, I think Colleen did wonders for you.

J.T.: Really?

Mac: Yeah. I loved the way you changed when you were with her.

J.T.: Yeah, who woulda thought it?

Mac: It brought out something completely different in you.

J.T.: Yeah, yeah, my, uh, my lovesick jerk side.

Mac: That's the hurt talking.

J.T.: Yeah, it's the hurt, Mac. Yeah, it's hurt. What's your point?


Brittany: You're telling me to get real? How real is this? I want to go back there, Raul. I want to face those guys who did this to me.

Raul: Forget about it. You're staying put. Bobby wanted it this way, and I gave him my word.

Brittany: Are you telling me I have no say in this?

Raul: I'm not. Bobby is. You need to lie low while he takes care of business, Brittany.

Brittany: Then I guess you're right.

Raul: I know I'm right. Trust me.

Brittany: I suppose I oughta thank you.

Raul: For what?

Brittany: For taking it this way, about Bobby and me.

Raul: Well, to each their own. You know, if that's what you want, to hang out with godfather types, then who am I to stop you?

Brittany: He's not like that, Raul.

Raul: Saint Bobby, owner of strip clubs.

Brittany: Have you ever seen him be violent? He shouldn't be alone. I have a really bad feeling about this.

Raul: He can handle it.

Brittany: Yeah. I-I guess you're right.

Brittany: You're probably right about the food, too. I should eat somethin'.

Brittany: Get me a burger, will ya, and a salad? I'm gonna go wash my hands. I'll be right back.

Raul: You know where I'll be.


Bobby: SaI I thought you had some pride in yourself.

Sal: You're so stupid. I do what I'm told to do. You know, you could learn from me.

Bobby: What, are you kidding me? I'm ashamed I ever shook your hand.

Sal: Blah, blah, blah. Tell it to the worms, Bob, because they're gonna be you're only friends real soon. Now in the meantime, someone else is gonna be taking care of your little blonde friend for you. Easy, now. Easy.

Lewis: Roberto... don't be mad at Sal. Like he said, he just does what he's told, which I like. You, on the other hand, are a problem.

Paul: You know, waiting around here is ridiculous. We gotta get a hold of Weber. Detective Lacerra, do you have a second?


Joe: Look, you guys, you want to wait for Weber, that's fine. But I don't have time to baby-sit.

Paul: No, you don't understand. I just got a phone call on my cell phone. Kevin Fisher has escaped from the hospital.

Joe: I know. Half the force is out looking for him. Why do you think we're so shorthanded around here?

Eddie: You knew about this? Why didn't you say something?

Joe: Well, you said you wanted to talk to hank personally.

Paul: Well, that's bec-- listen, we have information that's going to prove that Kevin Fisher is innocent of the charges against him. That's why we need to talk to Weber pronto.

Joe: What information?

Paul: It has to do with Mr. Praether's report.

Joe: Well, he's already told us he may have been mistaken.

Eddie: I lied.

Joe: You're switching your story again?

Paul: It's complicated. We don't have time to argue. I'm telling you, do whatever it takes, get a hold of Web.. this could be a matter of life and death.

Joe: All right. I'll see what I can do.


Michael: Listen, Kevin, uh, I can get you off of these charges. I know we had a little setback when Eddie Praether changed his mind or, uh, had it changed for him, but you didn't commit those crimes. And contrary to popular belief, our legal system does not send many innocent people to jail.

Gloria: See, honey? Listen to your brother. What exactly is it they say that he did anyway?

Michael: (Chuckles) they say he set up a girl in a strip club to be electrocuted.

Gloria: Oh, my God, Kevin

Kevin: I didnít. Tell her that I di--

Michael: No, I-I believe he's innocent. The problem is, he skipped bail the last time he was here. And this time, he assaulted a hospital orderly in the process of escaping.

Kevin: See? Either way, I'm screwed.

Gloria: What--

Michael: Kevin's a very hard guy to help.

Kevin: Well, then don't help me.

Michael: Oh, shut up!

Kevin: Mom!

Michael: Shut up!

Gloria: Wait, wait, wait, wait. I mean, I didn't know all this before. Maybe it is best if Kevin sticks to his plan. Maybe he should run to Canada.

Michael: What? Wh-- are you insane?! Have you lost your mind?!

Gloria: No.


Jill: I swear, Dad, I am at my wit's end with that woman.

Arthur: That woman, darling, is your mother.

Jill: I know that. That's what makes it even worse.

Esther: What frightens me is that she's mixing alcohol with her medications.

Jill: Her anticoagulants, you mean.

Esther: The combination can be fatal.

Arthur: Esther's right. Every drink that Katherine takes can shorten her life.

Esther: And when she's drinking, there's always a risk that she could fall. She could break her hip, end up in a wheelchair.

Jill: I don't know, maybe that would keep her away from the bar.

Esther: Jill, you don't mean that?

Jill: No, you twit, I don't mean it. I am just frustrated, because I don't know what to do to help her, and it's driving me out of my mind.

Esther: Well, I talked to Mrs. Chancellor about going back to A.A., And she totally refuses.

Arthur: Well, Katherine thinks she can beat this on her own.

Jill: Yeah, I thought she could, too. You know, after you and Esther went up to bed, I sat up with her until the wee, small hours of the morning.

Arthur: I didn't realize that.

Jill: It was so horrible, watching her go through that. I mean, she was literally shaking with the withdrawal of it. And then she just couldn't take it anymore, so she gave in and poured herself a drink.

Arthur: And since then, she's been drinking all day?

Jill: Yes, she's lost her confidence. She just has lost the will to stop.

Esther: And if she doesn't really want to quit, there's not a lot that we can do.

Jill: Dad, look, you must have had alcoholics come up before you in court. How did you handle that situation?

Arthur: Well, if I could, I sent them to a treatment facility. Though, sometimes, it was too late. The disease had already caused them to commit a serious felony, in which case, jail was the only option.

Esther: Oh, Mrs. Chancellor would never commit a crime.

Arthur: Oh, I know that, but it's her health that I'm worried about.

Esther: You're right, Judge Hendricks. If she keeps on like this, we'll all be attending her funeral.


Jack: You still determined to fire Drucilla?

Ashley: No, I guess not. And thanks.

Jack: For what?

Ashley: For showing me your sweet self again. I didn't realize how much I missed that part of you.

Jack: Yeah, the feeling's mutual. You haven't exactly been, uh, highly recognizable lately.

Ashley: Well, you should talk, Jack. You kinda look like you've been to hell and back. How you doin'? I mean, how are you really doing?

Jack: I'm hanging in there. Least, that's what I keep telling myself.

Ashley: Well, I know things have been rough for you. I know how much you loved Phyllis.

Jack: Ah, some things just aren't meant to be. So much happened, I don't think we could ever get back on the same page.

Ashley: (Sighs) well, you know what they say. Everything happens for a reason.

Jack: Yeah, some days that's easier to believe than others. I'll tell you one thing I've decided, I am not gonna sit around feelin' sorry for myself anymore. I am not, after all, the only person who has had their life turned upside down recently.


Neil: Well, I'm sure all this stress isn't helping matters.

Dru: Yeah, you mean, with all my hair loss.

Neil: You know, Dru, I read those articles that you found online on the contributing factors--

Dru: Yeah, yeah, it's all serious. I don't know why I'm worried. All the writing's been on the walls forever, you know. I think we know how this story's gonna end.

Neil: So you think Ashleyís gonna take one look at you and--

Dru: And show me the door. Sure is. She's been lookin' for an excuse, Neil. But I don't think I'm gonna give her the satisfaction.

Neil: What are you saying, Dru?

Dru: To hell with Ashley Abbott. To hell with all of it. I need to take care of me, Neil. My health care. Dru.

Neil: Mm-hmm. Amen to that.

Dru: I'm sick of being worried, freakin' out 10 and 20 times a day, not knowing what's-- I can't deal with it, Ne-- I just want to go up to her. I want to say, "Ashley, listen, I'm sick of the insults."

Neil: Right.

Dru: "I'm sick of all the threats. You know what? You're an ingrate. You've never appreciated me, all the contributions I have given Jabot, day in and day out. Well, you can shove this job where the sun don't shine."

Neil: Preach, sister. Preach.

Dru: Props.

Neil: Yes, I would pay to hear that conversation, Dru.

Dru: You know what I'm sayin'? Ooh, I feel good about that. I feel--hmm.

Neil: Baby, it helps sometimes to blow off a little steam. You know, fantasize about the perfect outcome.

Dru: Who said anything about fantasizing? No, I'm fixin' to go up to her office and tell her just like that.

Neil: Just like that. You mean, like, resigning?

Dru: Yes.

Neil: You're gonna leave Jabot?

Dru: I didn't say anything like that. It certainly would be an answer to a lot of things.

Neil: Hey, um, from my own experience, it can be incredibly freeing, walking away, deciding not to suffer anymore, especially when you're lucky enough to have that choice.

Dru: And I do have a choice. I'm thinking about taking it.


Raul: Oh, excuse me, miss.

Woman: Food's on its way, hon.

Raul: Yeah, but I was just... she's gone.

Raul: Brittany. Oh, no. No, don't do this, Britt.

Woman: She left awhile ago, hon. Went out the back.

Raul: Oh, my God.


Bobby: You know somethin', Mr. Lewis? I looked up to you. I respected you, till I saw that you get into hurtin' young girls just to get your own way. But I'm the problem here.

Lewis: Sal, pour me a drink. People do what they have to do, Roberto. You were bringing trouble into my world. I like you. So I tried to get you to change course. But you were so smitten with your little blonde singer, you weren't listening to reason. This banker, this... Frederick Hodges, was starting to stir things up downtown, things I didn't want stirred up.

Bobby: So then you coulda came and talked to me.

Lewis: I shouldn't have had to. Sal here, he brought your message more than once. But you wouldn't listen. And Angelo--that man loves you like a brother. He tried. I know he did. He knew the danger you were putting yourself in. But he got nowhere.

Bobby: So you're gonna kill me for changing around the club?

Lewis: I hate doing it, Roberto. I hate it. But once in awhile there's no other way.

Bobby: Yeah, just like with Ernie Pacelli. Yeah, I heard about that accident he had about a year ago.

Lewis: Ernie was like you-- stubborn.

Bobby: So what happened? Did you have Sal whack him?

Lewis: Why are we talking about ancient history? Let's get this unpleasantness over with.

Bobby: Yeah, but first one thing. How about givin' me a couple minutes alone here with Sal? Actually, I only need about a minute to mess him up for life, kinda counterbalance out what he did to Brittany.

Lewis: I don't see it. Sal plays by the rules. No reason he should suffer.

Bobby: What are you lookin' at? You're no man, Sal. You know that, don't you?

Lewis: I hope you're gonna come peacefully.

Bobby: Like hell I am. Come on, you guys want a piece of me? Let's go, come on! Come on, bring it on! Bring...


Kevin: All right, Michael. Take it easy, all right? Mom didn't ask for this. I just showed up at her door.

Michael: Fine, fine! Then have her stay out of it! By telling you running to Ca-- did I hear you right?

Gloria: Yes, I said Canada.

Michael: Canada? Try Tierra del fuego or even, you know, there's a place in the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan that I hear is a really great place to hide! But Canada?! They'd have you on the next bus back in leg irons before the week is out!

Kevin: No, I can do it. I can disappear. Or if I can't, I'm gonna go out in a blaze of glory, but I'm not goin' back to any jail cell!

Michael: Oh, you're just... you're crazy! You're not that stupid, I know you're not. So why are you pretending to be such--such a moron?

Gloria: Michael, will you...

Michael: He's a moron!

Gloria: Stop browbeating him!

Michael: Me?! Me browbeating him?! I'm trying to keep him alive!

Gloria: And he's trying to tell you that life with locks on the doors and bars on the windows isn't living for him!

Michael: Then he should play by the rules.

Kevin: I will. I will, okay? I've learned my lesson, Mikey. Wherever I go, wherever I end up, I'm gonna be a good boy. Mom and I talked about a few things, and, uh... my angry days are behind me.

Michael: Oh, my God. You know, I hope this is true. That's--it's really great. Um, and I don't wanna be anyone's wet blanket, folks, but, um, see... that's not the way things work, not when the police have you in their sights. Sorry.


Paul: No luck?

Joe: Went straight to his voice mail.

Paul: Oh, God. I'm getting a very bad feeling about Kevin.

Joe: Well, trust me, we'll catch him.

Paul: Yeah, I know. That's what I'm afraid of.

Joe: What do you mean?

Paul: Look, the kid is on the run. He's scared.

Eddie: Because he can't handle going back to jail?

Paul: From what I hear, he would rather die in a hail of gunfire.

Eddie: You think if the cops corner him, he might do something crazy?

Paul: Or the cops will. I mean, he is an escaped mental patient.

Eddie: And everyone's convinced he electrocuted that girl.

Paul: But he didn't, and we can prove it. Look, detective, you have men out there hunting this kid down right now. He could be cornered somewhere. I am begging you, please help us get a hold of Weber. Please, before it's too late.


Neil: Drucilla, I just want you to know that whatever you decide I'm behind you 1,000%, all right?

Dru: Sure about that?

Neil: I just told you, 1,000%.

Dru: Bald and unemployed, not attractive.

Neil: Hey, baby, as long as I'm at Newman Enterprises, there will always be a job for you.

Dru: Honey... well, that's right. You are the man at Newman.

Neil: (Hums) you play your cards right, and I can do great things for your career.

Dru: Baby. Baby, you would break a job off for me at Newman if I quit Jabot?

Neil: Mmm, now... wait a minute now. Don't say anything. Donít... but I've been considering a reorganization-- merging Safra and Brash & Sassy into one single cosmetics division.

Dru: Mm-hmm.

Neil: Now I've been witnessing your performance the past year, and I think I could see you in a very significant job over at Newman.

Dru: Significant, like running a division?

Neil: Perhaps. Now have you really decided to jump ship?

Dru: Um... well, you know, I feel a certain level of loyalty to Jabot and to Tuvia, right? And I'm just saying that I just have to put a little more thought behind it.

Neil: Congratulations, Mrs. Winters.

Dru: What?

Neil: You just passed the test.

Dru: What test?

Neil: Now if you'd have just jumped at some vague offer that was just some vague offer, I'd have to question your judgment, maybe even your integrity. But since you didn't, then--

Dru: I get an "a"-plus?

Neil: Look at you, how beautiful you are right now--eyes sparkling--

Dru: Lips puckering.

Neil: Oh. Do you have a job offer for me?

Dru: Why don't you apply and find out?

Ashley: You're talking about Abby?


Jack: With everything I've been going through lately, I keep thinking she's just a kid. What's this gotta be like for her? How's she coping?

Ashley: Well, that's the thing. Nobody really knows. I mean, she seems fine.

Jack: But you don't know what's going on in that head of hers.

Ashley: Unh-unh. That's why we're gonna get a professional opinion, somebody who can clearly say whether or not Victor's involvement is harmful for her.

Jack: I think you know where I stand on this.

Ashley: I know where you stand, Jackie. But it's too late to try to keep Victor out of her life. I have to concentrate on what's best for my little girl.

Jack: Even if it means losing your family?

Ashley: I refuse to believe that's gonna happen. But I guess I'm gonna find out soon enough.

Jack: What does that mean?

Ashley: I have an appointment with a child psychologist this evening. I have to get going actually.

Jack: Uh... look, for what it's worth... I wish you luck.

Ashley: I hope I'm not gonna need it.

Ashley: I'll see ya.

Jack: Yeah.


Jill: Stop it, Esther! Don't talk like that!

Esther: Well, it's true. You should have seen the photographs they showed in my class.

Arthur: Photographs of what?

Esther: Livers totally destroyed by alcohol and brain scans after decades--

Jill: Spare us the details, please!

Esther: My point is that excessive alcohol is murder on a person physically, and another thing.

Arthur: What's that?

Esther: I really think that Mrs. C. has reached a dangerous turning point.

Jill: What do you mean?

Esther: You said it yourself, Jill, she tried to stop drinking and failed, and now she feels hopeless, ready to say, "why bother?"

Arthur: So where does it go from here?

Esther: Straight downhill until she gets to the bottom-- gets cirrhosis, crashes her car--

Jill: Enough with the examples! Dad and I get the picture, all right?

Esther: All I am saying is unless a miracle happens, things look pretty hopeless.

Jill: No! I won't accept that!

Arthur: Where are you going?

Jill: I don't know. But I'm not gonna stand here and listen to all this doom and gloom. I'm gonna do something. I am gonna do something to help my mother!


Daniel: So tell me about this Mackenzie.

Sierra: I don't really know her very well.

Cassie: I do. She used to work at my parents' coffeehouse.

Sierra: Yeah, but you haven't seen her for a long time, right?

Cassie: She left town months ago.

Daniel: But she's back now.

Cassie: Didn't she get married or something?

Sierra: Yeah, Colleen was at the wedding-- big disaster.

Daniel: Mackenzie's married?

Sierra: Well, there was a wedding but no marriage. It's kind of a long story.

Daniel: So what is she, divorced?

Sierra: It was annulled, like it never happened. Colleen told me about it.

Cassie: Oh, my gosh. I really didn't know. That's so sad.

Daniel: So what's the deal with her and J.T.?

Sierra: Well, they've been friends for a long time, since high school, anyway.

Daniel: Who'd wanna be friends with that idiot? I mean, the guy's got a major chip on his shoulder.

Sierra: Hey, if he seems that way now, it's 'cause of Colleen. He really misses her.

Daniel: So why doesn't he slink off somewhere by himself? Why does he have to come here and bother Mackenzie?

Cassie: Bother her?

Daniel: She's busy trying to accomplish something. The last thing she needs is to listen to his whining.

Sierra: Well, what's with you? Got a little crush on Mac?

Daniel: Yeah, right.

Sierra: Well, if you do, she's in college. Good luck.

Cassie: Gee, I just think he likes older women.

Sierra: Daniel, you know you don't have a chance with her, right?

Daniel: Who?

Sierra: Mackenzie.

Daniel: Who says I want one?


Mac: Don't start acting sorry for yourself with me, okay?

J.T.: Is that what I'm doing?

Mac: J.T., Whatever hurt you're feeling, trust me, I've been there.

J.T.: I know. Yeah, I'm sorry. You know, I feel like a jerk.

Mac: Donít. It's just, I've had longer to sort it out. When Billy and I couldn't be together, at first, I felt like I was gonna die. That's how bad it hurt. But looking back on it, I don't regret a moment that I spent with him. And now that some time has passed, those are some of my favorite memories.

J.T.: Mac, you know, even just hearing you say that--

Mac: It takes time, J.T. You can't just speed it up. You have to go through it.

J.T.: I can't imagine ever thinking about Colleen and not feeling like my guts are being ripped out.

J.T.: I miss her.

Mac: I know. Come here.


Lewis: All right, let him go! Let him go, I said! Roberto, please. You tell Sal he's not a man. Now you wanna put up a fight, a big struggle when you know the outcome is already decided. How manly is that?

Bobby: Hey, when your time comes, you do it your way, okay? I've been fightin' my whole life. And I haven't been pushed around by anybody or told who I gotta be, and I'm not about to now!

Lewis: Have it your way. Bo!!

Bobby: Hold on, one thing. Just one thing!

Lewis: All right, all right.

Bobby: I wanna hear Sal apologize for hurtin' Brittany.

Lewis: Why? What's that gonna change?

Bobby: Hey, some people get a last meal. I just wanna hear him apologize for what he did to her. Come on, Sal, you got it in ya?

Sal: I did what I did because it had to be done. Mr. Lewis--he says, "do this," I do it, which is why in five minutes, I'm gonna be alive and you're not.

Brittany: Bobby! Bobby, I couldn't stay away!

Sal: Hold on there, sweetheart.

Brittany: Let go of me!

Sal: Hold on, hold on!

Bobby: Sal, you let go of her right now!

Sal: Oh, I don't think so.

Bobby: Sal, let go!

Sal: Hold on. I tell you what, timing couldn't be more perfect, huh? Two birds with one stone, hey, Mr. Lewis?

Brittany: Get off of me! Let me go!


Gloria: Michael, he cannot go to jail, now don't you get that?!

Michael: I've heard it till I'm sick of it.

Kevin: He thinks I should tough it out.

Michael: You've got no choice!

Kevin: Yes, I do. I do. Look, Michael, for everything that you have done for me or tried to do for me, I will always, okay, I will always be grateful because no one-- and I'm sorry, Mom, but this is the truth-- no one has ever stood up for me the way Mikey has, but you know, it's not enough.

Michael: Okay, fine. I gotta let this go. It's tearin' me up. You guys don't want help. You want magic. I don't do magic. So you go. And don't write, don't call, and don't come back by just-- oh, God, don't come by.

Gloria: Look, Michael, you don't mean that.

Kevin: Yes, he does. And he's right. I'm not mad, Mikey. You're right.

Kevin: I'm more trouble than I'm worth.

Michael: Oh, save the self-pity, too, just go!

Gloria: Good luck, sweetheart.

Kevin: Thanks, Mom. (Knock on door)

Man: Open up! Police! (Pounding on door)

Man: Open up! (Pounding on door)

Man: Open up! Police!


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Ashley: I saw a child psychiatrist.

Brad: And what did the doctor have to say?

Jill: My mother's drinking has gotten out of control, and I don't know what to do.

Bobby: Listen, you don't need to be killin' her, too.

Brittany: Kill me?!

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