Wednesday Y&R Transcript 6/9/04

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 6/9/04 -- Canada, Thursday 6/10/04 -- U.S.A.

By Eric
Proofread by Emma

Victor: Well, how soon could they be here? All right. I'll be waiting. Thanks.

Victor: Anything you need?

Nick: It's kinda quiet out there. Where is everybody?

Victor: I sent everyone home.

Nick: It's not even 5 yet.

Victor: They put in a full day's work. Where have you been all day?

Nick: There was something I had to take care of.

Victor: Care to talk about it?

Nick: Doesn't concern you.

Victor: What do you mean, it doesn't concern me? I thought you and I were supposed to be partners around here, and that I could count on you.

Nick: You can. That's why I'm here. What do you want me to do?

Victor: You waltz in at the end of the day? Don't bother, son.

Nick: Why?

Victor: Because. Just don't bother, all right? You can go home.

Nick: I didn't know I had to punch a time clock.

Victor: What did you say?

Nick: Nothing.

Victor: Son, if you have something to say, why don't you look me in the eye?

Victor: That's what I thought.

Nick: All right. You want to know where I was. I went to see Cameron Kirsten. I accepted his job offer.


Mac: J.T., What are you doin'?

J.T.: Tryin' not to break anything.

Mac: Why? What happened?

J.T.: That little punk Daniel.

Mac: What about him?

J.T.: He's a jerk, that's what. He's an arrogant, know-it-all son of a--

Mac: Oh, my gosh. I leave for a few minutes to take care of something...

J.T.: Well, it was long enough for him to get in my face. He's lucky I didn't knock him out.

Mac: We don't need that kind of excitement around here.

J.T.: Yeah, well, thatís the only thing that stopped me, is knowing that it would cause problems for you.

Mac: What did he get in your face about?

J.T.: He was runnin' his mouth off about me and Colleen.

Mac: Uh-oh.

J.T.: Yeah, get this, the kid goes out of his way to tell Colleen that she and I would never make it, that I would dump her soon as my career took off. Which is totally untrue, Mac. The guy doesn't even know us.

Mac: J.T., Calm down.

J.T.: No, I-I don't want to calm down. I want to kill that guy.

Mac: No, not on my watch. And I highly doubt you're this upset about Daniel. This is about Colleen.


Kevin: Oh... ooh. Wow. Well-- well, that was different.

Gloria: It was. I kinda liked it.

Kevin: You do realize, Mom, I can't be your little boy again?

Gloria: I know. But it sure would be great if we could start over somehow.

Kevin: It isn't going to happen, not the way you mean. But I guess you could say I'm gonna be starting over.

Gloria: What do you mean?

Kevin: Well... I have to leave the country.

Gloria: What?

Kevin: Yeah. Don't try and talk me out of it, Mom. It's the only choice that I have. I have to find a new identity somehow. I'll find a job that pays cash. And who knows? Maybe find a place where I actually fit in, you know? Someplace where I'm not pegged as trouble before I even get started.

Gloria: No, I am not gonna let you do this. As your mother, I forbid it.

Kevin: (Chuckles) hmm.


Raul: Thank you. Are you okay? Can I get you anything?

Raul: What are you thinking about?

Brittany: Are you sure you want to ask that question?

Raul: You don't think I can guess?

Brittany: Can you blame me? Bobby's in danger, and he's mad. People do crazy things when they're mad.


Bobby: Hey.

Bobby: Hey.

Angelo: Hey, somebody say somethin'?

Bobby: What are you, deaf?

Angelo: Bobby?

Bobby: Yeah. You expectin' someone else?

Angelo: No, I'm sorry. I-I, you know, I thought you were dead. Oh, that's right.. you're not dead yet, but you're gonna be real soon. Hey, while I got you here, any special requests for the funeral, you know, flowers, music--

Bobby: Shut up, ange. I'm not goin' anywhere.

Angelo: Get real, man. You tell Sal to tell Mr. Lewis you want a showdown, right? And then you're gonna accuse him of burning Brittany right to his face, and you don't think you're gonna get pounded into the ground?

Bobby: I don't know what's gonna happen, all right?

Angelo: Well, I do. And so do you if you don't get on the phone with Mr. Lewis chop-chop and tell him this whole thing was a big misunderstanding.


Lily: Are you looking for something?

Devon: Uh, yeah. My, uh, my sunglasses. I think I left 'em here.

Lily: Oh.

Devon: Thanks.

Lily: Sure. I was gonna turn them in to Mr. Newman.

Devon: Is he still around?

Lily: Uh, yeah. He's in his office.

Devon: Well, I better get outta here before he sees me then.

Lily: Hey, thanks again for helping me out with that ladder.

Devon: No big deal.

Lily: Well, it is to me. I thought I would never get that stupid thing to stand up right.

Devon: Yeah, well, uh, I'll see you around.

Lily: Um, you know, you never answered me before.

Devon: About what?

Lily: Is Parker making you volunteer over the summer?

Devon: Who's--who's Parker?

Lily: Parker Academy. That's where you go to school, right?

Devon: Yeah. Yeah, that's right. I'm sorry.

Lily: That's okay. So is that why you're here?

Devon: Yeah, yeah. They're, uh, they're real big on community service and stuff like that, so...

Lily: Yeah, same with Walnut Grove. That's why my friends and I are here.

Devon: Yeah, you told me.

Lily: You're right. You know, it's funny. I'm actually starting to like this place.

Devon: Why?

Lily: You know, I think it'll be cool, helping to turn it into a rec center.

Devon: Yeah, well, uh, not me. I'd much rather be doing something fun.

Lily: Well, this can be fun. All depends on how you look at it.


J.T.: Look, Mac, Colleen's gone, all right? It's over.

Mac: J.T., Come on.

J.T.: No. There's no point talking about it.

Mac: Unless it helps you get past some of the hurt.

J.T.: Yeah, you chicks are into that, right, talk, talk, talk? Well, you know what, Mac? Talk isn't gonna change anything.

Mac: You know, I can see right past all this macho stuff. You're not fooling me one bit.

J.T.: Whatever.

Mac: I know how much Colleen meant to you. That relationship changed you in so many ways.

J.T.: Yeah.

Mac: You fell in love. It was the real thing. I thought I'd never see the day that you'd put someone else's feelings before yours.

J.T.: Yeah, well, we can see where that got me.


Kevin: Um, Mom, we're past the point where you can tell me what to do.

Gloria: I don't want you to run away.

Kevin: Big deal. It's what I've been doing ever since I left this place. It's nothing new. It's just another change of scenery.

Gloria: Yeah, but out of the country?

Kevin: You're not talking me out of this, okay? Maybe my life seems awful to you, but I'm used to it. It has its moments, okay? I've had happy times. A few.

Gloria: Yeah, and a lot of lonely, frightened times, too.

Kevin: Well, who said life was a party?

Gloria: Kevin, I'll-- I'll never see you again.

Kevin: Oh, Mom, donít. I have to do this, okay?

Gloria: Okay. At least let me pack you some food to take with you.

Kevin: Thanks.


Paul: You're telling me Weber isn't even here yet?

Man: Like I said, he's out in the field.

Paul: Well, I just talked to him on the phone. I told him we were coming right over.

Man: What can I say, Mr. Williams? Detective Weber is a busy man.

Eddie: Yeah? Well, so am I.

Paul: Can you call him?

Man: There's no need.

Paul: It is important.

Man: I'm sure it is, which is why he asked me to fill in for him.

Paul: Okay, Joe, no offense, but Weber has been working on this case from the beginning.

Joe: Right. Now you said Mr. Praether is here to give a statement about Kevin Fisher.

Paul: Yeah, that's right.

Joe: Well, I think I'm capable of handling that.

Eddie: If you don't mind, I'd rather talk to Detective Weber personally.

Joe: Well, suit yourself, but I can't promise when he'll be back.

.Paul: That's okay. We'll wait.

Joe: Could be awhile.

Paul: Like I said, we'll wait.


Raul: Don't worry about Bobby.

Brittany: That's easy for you to say.

Raul: A guy like him knows about violence. And, obviously, he's pretty good at surviving.

Brittany: Raul, he asked you to take me out of town. That means this is a situation he can't control.

Raul: And if you were around, you would make him more vulnerable. Brittany, if someone wanted to hurt you--

Brittany: What, like I'm a hostage or something?

Raul: I don't know. I don't know. And you know what? I don't really want to know. Bobby's the thug. I'll leave all the thug stuff up to him.

Brittany: Don't be so mean. He's not a thug.

Raul: Oh, no. No,no,no, of course, he's not. Anyone could be in Bobby's shoes right now, dealing with people who do business with fists and guns. It's just another day in Genoa City.

Brittany: I know you don't like him.

Raul: Actually, Brittany, getting to know Bobby Marsino has been a pretty interesting experience for me. Unfortunately, it was something else for you.

Brittany: Stop.

Raul: And if you're thinking of getting involved, I just-- I don't think you should have any illusions.

Brittany: Who's involved?

Raul: Because, you know what? It's a good idea to know who you're falling in love with, Brittany.

Brittany: What?

Raul: So that you don't wake up one morning and go, "oh, my God, I'm with a gangster."

Brittany: Raul, stop it.

Raul: Because hopefully by then, it's not too late.

Brittany: Are you finished?

Raul: Yeah. And admit it, babe, so are we.


Bobby: Look, Ange, I gotta have this showdown.

Angelo: Look, revenge is dumb, okay? It gets you nowhere.

Bobby: It's not revenge. I gotta show people not to mess with what's mine.

Angelo: Hey, look, like Sal was sayin', what happened to Brittany was a one-time thing, Bobby.

Bobby: I wonder how he knew that. Maybe I'll have to find out.

Angelo: Look, I can't stop you, Bobby. Man, I sure wish I could.

Bobby: Well, if I know Mr. Lewis, he should be here any minute now. So if were you, I'd take myself for a nice, long walk, huh?

Angelo: No. I mean, you know, I know I said I didn't want to stick around, but, uh, I can't do that, all right? I gotta stay here, I gotta try and help you straighten this thing out peacefully.

Bobby: No, forget about it, Ange. I thought about it. Me here by myself, I'm not a threat. But if you're here with me, then it's us against them, we got a fight on our hands. Thanks for the offer, but I think it's best if we just do it my way.

Angelo: I don't feel right about this, Bobby. Lookit, we been fighting each other's fights for a long time, man.

Bobby: Don't worry about me. I'll be here when you get back.

Angelo: Yeah, ready to be put in a box.

Bobby: Come on, Ange. I'm too stubborn to die.

Angelo: Be careful.

Bobby: Don't worry about it. Come on, go.


Victor: When did you decide to work for Cameron Kirsten?

Nick: Why does that matter?

Victor: I don't understand something. A few days ago, you were furious with the guy... because he disappeared the way he did. Now you're gonna work for him?

Nick: Well, I still don't trust him.

Victor: But nevertheless, you're gonna work alongside him.

Nick: No, I won't be. He's looking to step back from the day-to-day operations of his company. He wants to leave it in someone else's hands, and that's me.

Victor: Do you know what you're getting into?

Nick: It's nowhere near the size of Newman Enterprises.

Victor: I'm not talking about that, son. I'm talking about the fact that he is under S.E.C. investigation.

Nick: Yeah. I'm not worried about that.

Victor: I don't get any of this. You're about to head a company that is under investigation by federal authorities, and that doesn't bother you?

Nick: That's Cameronís problem, not mine.

Victor: Why are you doing this?

Nick: Because I want the challenge.

Victor: And that's it?

Nick: That's it. I'm a good businessman. You may not think ,, but Cameron does.

Victor: And you don't realize that Cameron Kirsten is taking advantage of the problems that exist between the two of us?

Nick: You assume that's his only motive.

Victor: He's an opportunist.

Nick: So am I. He's giving me the chance to run a company. I'm good at that. It's exciting and new, and I'm gonna take it.

Victor: Have you discussed this with Sharon?

Nick: Why do you ask?

Victor: How will she feel about you uprooting her life and your children's lives by moving to Denver to work for a guy that has treated you so poorly?

Nick: My wife and I are a team. We stick together.

Victor: In other words, you haven't talked to her about it, have you?

Nick: All right. Are we finished yet?

Victor: Son, obviously, I'm rather disappointed, all right?

Nick: What did you think was gonna happen? Did you think I wasn't gonna work anymore? I got a family to provide for.

Victor: I respect that you want to provide for your children and for your wife. I respect that. You're smart enough to know that I took on this project partly because I thought it might give you and me a chance to, you know... iron out our differences.

Victor: Do you know how hurtful this is, to realize that you and i have this kind of relationship? You're my son. Now you're gonna turn your back on me? You're already done that. You gonna do it again?


Devon: So, uh, you always this happy?

Lily: (Giggles) not really. You just caught me on a good day.

Devon: Well, I'll remember that if we run into each other again.

Lily: What do you mean, if? You are coming back, right?

David: Well, that depends.

Lily: On what?

Devon: On if I got anything better to be doing.

Lily: Well, you won't get school credit if you don't show up.

Devon: Yeah, I know. I was just... I was just kidding around.

Lily: Okay. So what do you like to do for fun?

Devon: You know, the usual stuff.

Lily: Oh. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Devon: Yeah, I got five.

Lily: Five?

Devon: Yeah, three brothers and two sisters.

Lily: Wow. What is that like? Do you guys fight a lot?

Devon: You know, you sure do ask a lot questions.

Lily: Well, I'm curious. I mean, I'm an only child.

Devon: Yeah, we get along just fine.

Lily: Your house must be crazy all the time.

Devon: Yeah, I guess, you know, crazy, but we got this big place, so it's easy to sneak off and find some peace and quiet.

Lily: Hmm. Where do you live?

Devon: In, uh, Calhoun Heights.

Lily: Are you serious? I love that neighborhood. Those houses are so gorgeous.

Devon: Yeah, yeah. My Mom's a designer, too, so she fixed up the whole place.

Lily: Wow. What does your Dad do?

Devon: He's a lawyer. Works downtown.

Lily: Cool. You know, my friend's and I go for bike rides in Calhoun Heights all the time. Maybe you could join us.

Devon: Um, yeah, sure. But, uh, I really need to get goin' now. I'm gonna be late for dinner.

Lily: Okay. See you later.


Brittany: Raul...

Raul: Don't look at me like that.

Brittany: What do you expect? It sounds like you're breaking up with me.

Raul: Brittany, let's stop foolin' around here. You and Bobby, Bobby and you, you're interested, you're curious, you want to see where it goes. So go. Go. Do it.

Brittany: I can't believe I'm hearing this.

Raul: Oh, what? Why? Because I'm not challenging Marsino to a duel at high noon? That's not me.

Brittany: But you're here with me.

Raul: Because you need protection, Brittany. Now I didn't say that-- that I don't love you anymore. God... (sighs) I'm always gonna love you, Brittany.

Brittany: This is too much. I can't handle this.

Raul: Okay, then. Are you ready to say that you're gonna stop seeing Bobby?

Raul: I wonder what time he's gonna call.

Brittany: I have to go there, Raul. I have to know what's going on.


Brittany: You're being very sweet. I guess I just don't know how to react.

Bobby: Well, I don't have time for you to figure this out, so I'm gonna drop some hints to you.

Brittany: Go ahead.

Bobby: When you gotta say good-bye to somebody that you really care about, you have to let them know that you appreciate them.

Brittany: I don't want to say good-bye.

Bobby: All right. Then I'll tell you what, let's just say good-bye and enjoy it and look forward to saying hello when this whole thing is over with.

Brittany: Bobby...

Bobby: What?

Brittany: Be careful.

Bobby: I'm gonna be careful. This is gonna be okay. Come here.

Bobby: Yeah, it was worth it. No matter what happens, it was worth it.


(Footsteps descending stairs)

Bobby: Hey, Mr. Lewis. Welcome to Marilynís. You look pretty good.

Lewis: I'm not feeling very good, Roberto. After hearing the things you been saying about me, not good at all.


Paul: Well, nothing like bringing the mob down on your head to get the old heart pumping, huh?

Eddie: Yeah.

Paul: You're doin' the right thing, Eddie.

Eddie: I never shoulda lied to the police in the first place.

Paul: Look, don't be so hard on yourself. You are making it right now.

Eddie: How'd you figure out I wasn't tellin' the truth?

Paul: Well, it wasn't that hard. You told Neil Winters that your log on Kevin Fisher's whereabouts was golden, so...

Eddie: Then I did an about-face and backed off.

Paul: It didn't add up. You are the most meticulous P.I. in the business, outside of me, of course.

Eddie: Of course. Yeah, well, let's hope Weber believes me.

Paul: Even if he does, there's no guarantee it'll be enough to exonerate Fisher.

Eddie: You mean because of that Angelo dude's claim, that he saw Kevin at Marsino's the afternoon the girl got zapped?

Paul: Well, that, and the physical evidence they found in the kid's apartment. I mean, it's pretty incriminating.

Eddie: Coulda been planted.

Paul: Well, that's what I think.

Eddie: A setup.

Paul: Well, what better way for the guilty party to turn the heat onto somebody else?

Eddie: They were pretty smart, picking a kid who was already suspected of statutory rape and arson, maybe even attempted murder.

Paul: Everybody bought it, hook, line and sinker.

Eddie: One thing's clear, Paul.

Paul: What's that?

Eddie: The way these thugs leaned on me so hard, scared me into lyin' to the cops, proves they were in this thing up to their ears, which means that Fisher's innocent.

Paul: Well, he's claimed that all along. Only no one, including me, would listen to him. (Cell phone rings)

Paul: Excuse me. Williams.

Lauren: Paul, it's me. Something terrible has happened.

Paul: What? What is it?

Lauren: Kevin escaped.

Paul: Oh, my God, from the psych ward? Fisher's escaped.

Lauren: He attacked one of the orderlies and took off. The police have issued and all points bulletin on him.

Paul: Does Baldwin know about this?

Lauren: I don't know. I can't get a hold of him. Paul, I don't know what's going on, and I am so worried about Kevin.

Paul: Oh, man.


Gloria: Okay, here you go.

Kevin: Thanks. Wow. I feel like I'm off to camp or something.

Gloria: You have to leave today? I mean, you could at least spend the night.

Kevin: Thanks, but, uh, I should hit the road.

Gloria: I was in such a hurry to let go of the past, I overdid it.

Kevin: What are you talking about?

Gloria: I let go of the bad but also the good.

Kevin: Which was?

Gloria: You. Mikey. My boys.

Kevin: I don't have anything good to offer you, Mom. I wish I did.

Gloria: But you do. And that's why I want you to stay in touch, and I won't tell anybody where you are. But look at you. For a Mother to know that her boy is big and strong and healthy, and that he's alive somewhere and livin' his life... okay, so you're not some big, hotshot tycoon.

Kevin: (Chuckles) no, I'm--I'm sure not. I hope you weren't expecting me to be.

Gloria: Well, every Mother thinks about things like that, but I'm not disappointed.

Kevin: You should be.

Gloria: Well, I'm not. There's a lot to like about you, Kevin Fisher.

Kevin: Knock it off.

Gloria: I mean it.

Gloria: I'm proud of you. I am.


Lily: Hey.

Jamal: Hey. Hey, Lily, you going home?

Lily: Yep. My friends are waiting for me outside.

Jamal: All right, you have a good night. Thanks for your help.

Lily: Yeah, sure.

Jamal: All right.

Lily: Oh, um, Jamal.

Jamal: Yeah.

Lily: How well do you know Devon?

Jamal: What, the kid from New Promises?

Lily: From where?

Jamal: The group home a few blocks from here.

Lily: Oh, no, no, no. I'm talking about someone else. Devon's a volunteer, and he lives in Calhoun Heights with his family, and he goes to Parker Academy.

Jamal: I don't know who you mean. As far as I know, there's only one Devon working here. Excuse me.


Nick: I don't know when I have to go to Denver.

Victor: But you will be moving?

Nick: I don't have a choice. That's where Cameronís company is based.

Victor: I wish you'd come to me before you accepted.

Nick: If I had, would you have made me C.E.O. at Newman?

Victor: No, not now.

Nick: Well, then it would have been a waste of time for both of us.

Victor: At least now I know the lengths you will go to get away from your father.

Nick: That's not what this is about.

Victor: Really? You move halfway across the country to work for a man that you obviously don't respect at all. Meanwhile, you shatter any possibility of you and I repairing our relationship.

Nick: I have my reasons for doing this.

Victor: I'm sure you do. You tryin' to send me a message or what?

Nick: No, not at all.

Victor: Then why can't you stay around here, son? I mean, there are companies other than Newman Enterprises in Genoa City that you could be working for. Why work for Cameron Kirsten?

Nick: I just have to.

Victor: Son, is there something you're not telling me?

Nick: Just trust me, all right? I gotta do this my way.


Raul: Brittany, we're staying here until Marsino calls. That's the plan. We're stickin' to it.

Brittany: What if he's hurt?

Raul: Then somebody else is gonna call for him. I don't know, Brittany. We haven't even been gone that long. Let's see what develops first.

Raul: You really do love him, don't you?

Brittany: Why are you asking me that?

Raul: Answer the question.

Brittany: I canít.

Raul: What, you think I'm gonna be shocked? Or do you really not know?

Brittany: Maybe both.

Raul: That's a cop-out. That's a cop-out.

Brittany: Can we please talk about something else?

Raul: Sure. Let's talk about your scar.

Brittany: Why?

Raul: Those treatments that I was reading about, you know, there's gotta be one that's gonna work for you, maybe a couple, a combination. You know, we just gotta find the right one for you. It's gonna take a lot of research and time and commitment.

Brittany: Raul, what is it with you? One minute you're handing me over to another man like I'm some Christmas present, and the next minute, you're talking about holding my hand while we find a way to get rid of my scar.

Raul: Hey, calm down. It just makes sense.

Brittany: No, it doesnít.

Raul: Yes. Sure. I made a deal to see you through this scar thing.

Brittany: A deal, with who?

Raul: Myself. You got hurt on my watch, and I can't just walk away and let you handle it on your own.

Brittany: What are you, a saint?

Raul: Yeah, yeah, that's what I am, Brittany.

Brittany: You're not mad at me?

Raul: You bet I'm mad. I wanted you to love me forever.

Raul: I'm mad, and I'm jealous. And, um...

Brittany: Raul.

Raul: Mnh-mnh. No. I'm not going there. Um, no.

Raul: You remember when Bobby came over that one time, and you and I had just finished making love? He knew it. He knew it. He had to know. But he still didn't go ballistic.

Brittany: Yeah, we talked about it. And he said he thought it was good for me. It meant that I was coming back to life.

Raul: You see? You see? I admire that. I want to be cool like that.

Raul: It has been... an amazing experience, being with you, Brittany Hodges.

Raul: You were my first, and that's a big deal. And maybe I thought that-- that it was gonna last forever. But everybody thinks that, don't they?

Brittany: Now you're making me cry.

Raul: No, no, no, that's-- that's the last thing on earth that I want to do, is make you cry.

Raul: But... babe, just listen, deep down... I think Bobby's a pretty decent guy, you know. But, uh, you know, he was raised a lot different than you and I were. And a lot of people that he knows, they're really dangerous, they're really bad. So be careful, okay?

Brittany: I love you, Raul.

Raul: Yeah. Uh, yeah. I love you, too, Brittany.


Bobby: Mr. Lewis, I only say what I think is the truth.

Lewis: And that makes it all right?

Bobby: It does in my book.

Lewis: That's not a very good principle to live by, not in this world.

Bobby: Yeah, young girl was hurt, her face scarred for the rest of her life. Now we don't do that kind of thing.

Lewis: Yet, you're saying we did do it.

Bobby: Somebody in your outfit did hurt that young girl.

Lewis: Nobody in my outfit does anything unless I say I want it done.

Bobby: That's true.

Lewis: So what you're really saying-- I burned this girl.

Bobby: Buck stops with you.

Lewis: Right. (Sighs)

Lewis: Last time we talked, you asked me to bend the rules. You asked me to let you turn this place into a cabaret, even though you'd already made your plans without asking me in advance. And that kind of thing, frankly, I would not usually stand for. But you were apologetic. You talked a good game. So I said to myself, "let Bobby try this. Let him do something on his own. Let's see how it turns out. Because I like Bobby. I want to see him succeed."

Bobby: And I was grateful.

Lewis: Was. You're not anymore, though.

Bobby: Mr. Lewis, did you order the hit on Brittany?

Lewis: It wasn't a hit. If it was, she'd be dead.

Bobby: So what you're saying is that you would do something like that to a young girl?

Lewis: It's a shame, too. Because you didn't get the message. But you're gonna get the message now, Roberto. Loud and clear.


Kevin: It's a little late to be doing all this.

Gloria: I always loved you.

Kevin: I'm sure, Mom. All right, look, I really have--

Gloria: No, I mean it. You remember the bad times, okay? You remember being locked in the closet, you remember when Tom hit you. But you don't remember all the good times that we spent together. We used to go to the zoo, movies.

Kevin: Yeah, but, Mom, trips to the zoo don't make up for being beaten.

Gloria: I know. I know that. And I'm so sorry.

Kevin: Mom, don't, okay?

Gloria: Okay.

Kevin: (Sighs loudly) I'll try, I promise. I will. When I... when I look back and when I think of you, I'll, uh, I'll remember those times.

Gloria: Will you?

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Gloria: You're not really gonna leave now, are you? Hmm?

Kevin: Yeah. I have to.

Gloria: Then come on.

Kevin: No, no, no, no. We, uh, we already did all that. Than f for, uh, thanks for the food. And thanks for reminding me of all that. It was, uh, it was good.

Gloria: Oh.

Kevin: All right. So I guess one of these days you're gonna get a postcard from... I don't know, dog sled country.

Gloria: (Chuckles)

Kevin: Mush, mush.

Gloria: (Chuckles)

Kevin: Take care, Mom.

Gloria: Okay.

Kevin: Michael?

Michael: Going somewhere, Kevin?


Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Ashley: There's something else we need to discuss.

Jack: Okay. What's that?

Ashley: I'm firing Drucilla.

Brittany: I wanna face those guys who did this to me.

Lewis: Have it your way boys.

Bobby: Hold on! One thing.

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